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									Dugan’s Travels Agent Handbook

                 Agent Handbook
                            Updated June 2009

         Please note: The information contained in this handbook is
         meant solely for travel agents that are currently active with
         Dugan‘s Travels. By reading and obtaining this handbook,
          you agree that you will not distribute to outside parties or
                   share the information contained within.

Page 1
Quick Reference Sheet

Accounting                     Freshbooks (
Address                        132 Rover Blvd., Los Alamos, NM 87544
Admin Emails                   Goggle Groups
Agency Phone                   505-672-0777
Agency Email         
Agent Only Website   
Booking Form         ; ―Made a Booking?‖ page
Booking Form, change 
Charge Fee, Agent Fees         (change numbers at end in red to change amount)
Charge Fee, Service Fees       (change numbers at end in red to change amount)
Chat List                      Yahoo! Groups (
CLIA & IATA #                  32669490
CLIA, Old Number               00555866
Commission ?s        
Commission List                Google Groups—Due by 8th of the Month, 5pm MST
Fax, to Claim        
Fax for Jennifer               505-672-0779
Fax for Suppliers              505-672-5144 (arrives in email format)
Freshbook Help       
Manager/Training               Barbara Cerbie (
Owner Name                     Jennifer Dugan (
Password Needed      
Specials Notification          Google Groups

                                IMPORTANT DATES
1st of the month        Commission List posted on Google Groups page
8th of the month        Claim commissions due date
15th of the month       Quota qualifications due to Barb@...
                        Commissions paid via Direct Deposit & PayPal
                        Support Fees due
25th of the month       Support Fees invoice posted (for the following month)
                        Commission checks processed & mailed via FedEx

Page 2
                                                       Table of Contents

                            Table of Contents
Introduction   7

Chapter 1      Getting Started      9
                      Who to Contact       10
                      What You Can Book 11
                      Where to Find the Answers   12
                      Licensing     13
                      Errors & Omissions 13
                      Read Your Email!     14

Chapter 2      Training & Orientation       15
                      Appendix Section      15
                      Training Exercises    15
                      Supplier Account List 16
                      Acrobat Reader        16
                      Step-by-Step Guide 16
                      Training Timeline     16
                      The Monthly Fee—Pay On Time!     17

Chapter 3      Accounting 17
                     Freshbooks 17
                     Invoices       18
                     Late Payments or Failure to Pay   19
                     How to Pay an Invoice        19
                     Reaching the Quota 20
                     Disputing an Invoice 21

Chapter 4      Client Rates & Payments      22
                      Reading a Supplier‘s Statement  22
                       EXERCISE: Net versus Gross Payments 23
                       EXERCISE: Adding Commission to a Net Rate   24
                      Discounting Packages or Cruises 24
                      Collecting Payments 25
                      Charging Service Fee 26
                      Agent Related Fees 27

Chapter 5      Booking Forms       27
                     Completing the Booking Form       27
                     Tracking Your Bookings     30

                                                                   Page 3
Table of Contents

     Chapter 6    Commissions 31
                       Commission Split     31
                       Getting Your Commission 32
                       Claiming Commissions       32
                       Common Mistakes when Claiming Commissions          34
                       How to Claim Commissions 34
                       Missing Commissions        37
                       Incomplete or Late Commission Claims 38
                       Commission Questions       39

     Chapter 7    Booking Online        39

     Chapter 8    Airline Tickets        41
                          Where to Find Airfares        41
                          Using Airlines‘ Websites      41
                          Commissionable Options        41
                          Air Fares      41
                          Guaranteed Fares       42
                          New Reservation Requirements          42
                          Making Reservations 43
                          Payments       43
                          Non-Refundable Tickets        44
                          One-Way Airfares       44
                          Security & Identification Requirements      44
                          International Air Tickets using an Air Consolidator 45
                          EXERCISE: Book an air ticket from Albuquerque, NM to
                                  Frankfurt, Germany 46

     Chapter 9    Train Tickets 48

     Chapter 10   Car Rentals 48
                        Car Sizes     48
                        Pricing & Commission         48
                        Questions to Ask your Client 49
                        When to Call In a Booking 49

     Chapter 11   Hotels        50
                           EXERCISE: Finding a Hotel in Hawaii     52

Page 4
                                                       Table of Contents

Chapter 12   Tour Packages          52
                    Common Terms           52
                    Classifications        54
                    EXERCISE: Locating and Booking Through A Tour
                            Company        56
                    Cancellation Policies 58
                    How to Refine Your Search 58
                    EXERCISE: How to Get Information On An Inexpensive
                            Trip to Hawaii    61

Chapter 13   Cruises Part I: All About Cruises  61
                    Cashing In on the Cruise Market     62
                    Building Your Business with Cruises      62
                    The Ideal Vacation 64
                    Have Your Cake and Eat Two!         65
                    What Does the Cost of my Cruise Included 66

Chapter 14   Cruises Part II: Booking     67
                    Qualify Your Clients 67
                    Type of Cruise Lines 69
                    Searching the Web 70
                    Quoting the Rate to the Client      70
                    How to Quote a Cruise Price 70
                    Booking the Cruise 71
                    Stateroom Location and the Relationship to Price    72
                    Assign or Guaranty? 74
                    Guest Details 74
                    Add-On Features       75
                    Confirming the Reservation 76

Chapter 15   Cruises Part III: Cruise Tickets, Travel Documents & the
             Embarkation Process 78
                    Pre-Cruise Check-In 78
                    Cruise Tickets         78
                    Travel Documents       79
                    Embarkation Process 80

Chapter 16   Cruises Part IV: Additional Cruise Information     82
                    Cancellation Penalties        82

                                                                        Page 5
Table of Contents

                         Commission 83
                         When to Book 83
                         Where to Find More Information         84
                         Training and Education     84

     Chapter 17   Group Cruises        87
                        Online Training       87
                        Types of Groups       87
                        Inventory Management        88
                        Group Rates and Discounts 89
                        Tour Conductor Credits      89
                        Group Amenity Points (GAP)     90
                        Setting Up Group Cruise Space  91
                        EXERCISE: Booking Group Space 91
                        Ideas for Affinity Groups   93

     Chapter 18   Travel Insurance     94
                         Medical Coverage     94
                         Trip Delay and Missed Connections 95
                         The ―Never Get Sick‖ Group 95

     Chapter 19   The First Request     96
                         Qualifying the Client 96
                         Researching the Request        96
                         Confirming the Reservation     98
                         Client Payments       98
                         Booking Form          98
                         Follow-Up with Client          98
                         Travel Documents      99
                         Late or Lost Documents         100

     Chapter 20   Shoppers and Losing a Sale 101

     Chapter 21   Practical Exercises     102
                          Exercise 1:   Las Vegas        102
                          Exercise 2:   Disneyland       104
                          Exercise 3:   Carnival Cruise Lines   106
                          Exercise 4:   Hawaii 107
                          Exercise 5:   Your Dream Vacation     108

Page 6

Chapter 22     Miscellaneous Questions       108

Epilogue       A Final Word of Encouragement         109

Appendix A     Yahoo! Groups and the Chat List       116
Appendix B     Sample Forms           119
Appendix C     Agent Benefits         128
Appendix D     Senior Citizens Travel     130
Appendix E     Supplier Descriptions      131
Appendix F     Popular Cruise Lines 141
Appendix G     Useful Websites        143

             Introduction: Welcome to Dugan’s Travels!
My name is Jennifer Dugan and I have been an agent for over 14 years. I am a
mother of two; Dillon is 10 and Travis is 8 years old. I have been a home-based
agent for 12 years. I am constantly asked about being a travel agent from home
and my agency has currently over 600 independent agents working with it. As a
result, I have dedicated myself to helping others who want to work from home.

I strongly feel being a home-based travel agent is the way to succeed in today‘s
environment. Storefront agencies are not able to offer travel agents a very good
income. Even those in top positions tend to generate lower incomes that other
top professionals. Without the overhead and cost of running a business outside
the home, you have the advantage of helping customers who now find
themselves agent-less.

Despite all the challenges one can face as a travel agent, I still believe it is a
great career. First, you can specialize in something you enjoy. If you love golf,
you can arrange golf vacations. Booking enough of them, you can go for free!
And second, the opportunities are endless. How many people say ―I need a
vacation?‖ (I know I say it once a week!) For vacationers, you get the chance to
bring romance to newlyweds, joy to families, and adventure to thrill seekers.
For business travelers, you play a key role in helping them succeed by getting
them to where they need to go to get their job done. Whatever the reason for
traveling, there are millions of people needing someone to help with their travel
plans. You just have to be willing to go after them!

                                                                            Page 7

     The key to being a successful agent is not dependant on whether you have gone
     to a travel agent school. Agents who have been in the business for 20 years will
     tell you the same thing; your success is based on your desire and passion about
     what you do. It is based on your willingness to research multiple potential
     destinations for your client until you find the one that fits their wants and desires.
     You have to be willing to call various suppliers and not just book with the one
     that offers the higher commission. And you have to be willing to go after the
     business; not be afraid to hand out your card and let people know about your
     business. It is important to remember that you are providing people a service.
     You are not selling something that they don‘t want. You are selling a dream, a

     It takes time to build any business. You will have times where you are slow and
     times when you are busy. But if you stick to these three key points, you will be
     successful and your business will grow.

     1. Constantly Promote Your Business.
     Start with family and friends. Expand into your local community and think of
     new ways to get your business out in the area for everyone to know. A huge part
     of this is self-promotion and building your client database one
     step at a time. Every day do something for your business and
     get yourself recognized. With time, people will start
     contacting you for bookings and your business will begin to
     grow on its own.

     Think of ideas that will help your business. Find ways for
     people to be referred to you. Swap ads, articles, share links,
     network with people online, and develop relationships with
     local businesses. For example, visit a local tanning salon and
     talk to the owner or manager about an opportunity that would
     benefit both businesses. You could give coupons to the salon
     to booked clients to use before they go on their vacation, while
     the salon could set up a display with tropical destinations and
     brochures. Or, team up with local businesses involved in wedding planning,
     such as florists, hairdressers or caterers. Work together to create a one-stop
     service for engaged couples. I know when I was planning my honeymoon I
     would have jumped for joy if someone had handed me a folder with companies
     who were willing to help me plan my wedding.

Page 8
                                         Chapter 1—Getting Started

2. Practice, Practice, Practice!
I can‘t say it enough. Practice making quotes for people even if
you have to make up itineraries. It will teach you so much.
Pretend you have customers. Get on the phone and call suppliers.
Search around websites and look at brochures. The simple fact is
you can read all you want, you can investigate all you want, but
unless you make a booking you will not learn. If you want to get
some extra hands on experience, contact us. When our agency
needs a booking completed or our agents get busy and need help,
we‘ll send work your way.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
NEVER turn a client away because of fear of the unknown. Use the chat list for
help. I developed Dugan‘s Travels‘ Host Agency Program so that there was a
lifeline for new agents. We have over 500 agents working with us. Many of
them started out exactly in the same shoes you now wear. Barbara Cerbie was
the first agent to join our program. She had no experience at all. She would
send me what she was looking for and I pointed her in the right direction. Once
she found something, she would send it back to me to double-check. So, Barb
was completing the research and just sending me the work to double check.
Today, she is our Training Manager. She is where she is because she took a leap
of faith and started making bookings. We have a number of experienced agents
with a wealth of information ready and willing to help you. You just have to

I really want to see you succeed. Please feel free to contact me if you have
questions; I am happy to answer them. And again, welcome to Dugan‘s Travels.

Jennifer Dugan
Dugan‘s Travels

                       Chapter 1—Getting Started

This chapter contains the who, what, and where of Dugan‘s Travels. It is very
important that you know who to contact for what; this is the fastest way to get an
answer to your questions.

                                                                            Page 9
Chapter 1 - Introduction

     Who to Contact
     Jennifer Dugan, Owner
     The best way to reach Jennifer is by email. If you need to talk to her the best
     thing to do is email her and arrange a time to talk on the phone. Jennifer deals
                 Document delivery—travel documents will be sent to Jennifer. She is
                 the only one with access to them. Based on the booking forms
                 submitted, Jennifer will arrange for the documents to be sent out.
                 Payments to suppliers—Jennifer processes checks that need to be
                 issued to suppliers.
                 Direct deposit, PayPal, accounting, and administrative issues.
                 Problems with the agency or other agents.
                 Bonus commission coupons.

     Barbara Cerbie, Manager and Training Coordinator
     Barb is responsible for:
                Training and Chat list issues.
                Shared Bookings (If you want to have her help you on a booking and
                split commission.)
                Finding the right supplier for a client.
                Group sales including cruises.
                Setting up accounts with suppliers.
                Tax forms for suppliers.
                Marketing and other general questions.

     Yvette Mullins
     Yvette‘s primary responsibility is our relationship with suppliers. She also:
                Website login issues
                Relationships with suppliers
                Help with bookings with 50/50 commission split

     Shari Speer
     Shari is in charge of our agent get-togethers and coordinating training with

Page 10
                                                  Chapter 1 - continued

General Help Desk
General help or don‘t know who to contact.

Questions on commissions, including checks or anything commission related.

As you can imagine, we get many faxes and confirmations every day. If you are
waiting on a fax from a supplier, you can email with
the following information:
             Supplier name
             Confirmation or booking number
             Client name(s)
             Your email address
             Your fax number
Then if we get it, we will forward it to you. We will try to send them via email
but some things come into Jennifer's fax number of 505-672-0779 so it is easier
just to fax it.

There are other resources available for help in doing something that you may be
unfamiliar with.

What you can book for your clients
So now that you are ready to start your business, you probably want to know
exactly what it is that you can sell to your clients.
          Airline Tickets
          Rental Cars
          Tours (sightseeing, park tickets, shows, sporting events)
          Train Tickets
          Disney World Passes
          Travel Insurance

                                                                          Page 11
Chapter 1 - continued

     Where to Find the Answers
     1. The Handbook
     This book explains everything; how to do airline tickets, how to book cruises
     (and even group cruises) how to work with suppliers, and so much more
     information. You can search for what you are looking for by going to Edit on the
     tool bar and ―Find in Page‖ and type in what you are looking for. If you print a
     copy, highlight things you think will be useful. And finally, be sure you always
     have the latest posted edition.

     2. Agent Only Website (
     This is becoming a one-stop place for information. It has
     the information that you need for bookings. Need help
     booking a cruise? Go to cruise page. It has all the
     information including links to the booking engines for the
     cruise lines. It also offers information on our group space
     with and who to call if you want to book a
     group cruise.

     Look through the files and database for tons of info. The account list in the
     Database folder is the most up-to-date list. Once you have completed your initial
     training and orientation, you will want to reference this list, not the one you
     saved for training purposes. Search the chat list if you cannot find login details
     on the account list or the user name/password don‘t work.

     3. The Chat List
     This should be your last choice because no one wants to get a ton of emails on
     things that you should already know from reading the handbook, going to or searching the chat list or that may have been recently
     discussed on the chat list. So, before you post a message, search the old ones to
     see if your question has already been asked and answered. Type in what you are
     looking for then hit NEXT if something does not come up or you are looking for
     more information.

     Be considerate of others because when you send a message out, you need to
     make sure you took the time to look up the answer first. The chat list isn‘t to
     answer every question you have. This is what we have all the above tools for. To
     help you answer the questions yourself and if then you need help because you
     didn‘t find the answer, use the chat list.

Page 12
                                                     Chapter 1 - continued

Save messages from the chat list that you think may be helpful in the future.
Build a resource with the account list and anything else you may need. Think of
how you would figure things out if there was no chat list? It is important that you
feel that you can find the answers yourself. There will be times that no one can
help you or as soon as you need help. Some times the chat list goes down. You
have all the resources you need to be able to service your clients quickly and
efficiently. You just need to learn how to find the information.

Here is additional information you need to consider as you begin your new
business adventure.

If your state or county government requires you have a business license to
operate a home business, make sure you get one. They are usually very
inexpensive. Each state will have different requirements that make your
business legal. You can contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Small
Business Center. They will help you identify what you need.

In New Mexico, I contacted the county I live in and they had me fill out
paperwork to get assigned a tax identification number for the state and once I
had it I was able to apply for a license under my business name for $25.00 a
year. Some states like California require you have a license with the state to sell
to customers in California. Ask your host agency if they have one or if they
have been an ARC agency for 3 or more years, they do not need it.

Also, you are responsible for paying your own taxes. At the end of the year you
will receive a tax form (1099-MISC) reporting the commission earnings. We are
required to file a copy of this form with the IRS. You are responsible to
claiming your commissions as income when you file your taxes. Save all your
business related expenses. We are not tax specialist and cannot tell you want
expenses can be deducted. Many cities have small business help centers who
offer advice and guidance in deductible expenses and completing your tax forms.

Errors & Omissions
Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) provides valuable coverage for owners
and employees of travel agencies and tour operators in the event of any errors
and omissions claims. It only takes one angry customer to file a case against you
to create a financial nightmare; whether or not the facts actually support their
allegations. Even if someone sues a cruise line for a problem such as a fire, as
the travel agent, you can be named in the suit.

                                                                             Page 13
Chapter 1 - continued

     Most liability coverage of this type protects you or the agency against claims that
     may involve either actual or perceived errors, catastrophic losses involving
     injury or death to your clients while traveling and even charges of libel, slander,
     false arrest, detention or imprisonment. For example, your clients could be
     imprisoned if they do not possess the proper passports or travel visas. The E&O
     insurance will also coverage legal defense expenses.

     Mistakes do happen. Even agents with years experience make mistakes. But
     you need to understand as an agent, you are responsible for the accuracy of the
     reservation. Any mistakes you make that cost money to fix will be your
     responsibility. So it is important to verify all the information with your client.
     The best method is to get your clients to approve the itinerary within 24 hours in
     writing before you ticket the reservation. (Include ―Reply Required‖ in the
     email subject line often helps.) If you run an airline ticket, send them a copy
     right away. If there are mistakes such as date errors or names misspelled you
     can fix it right away.

     With cruises or tour packages, once you make a deposit you enter a contract with
     the supplier. Review everything with your client before posting the deposit.
     Make sure the month is correct, the day of the week…even the year. Make sure
     the names match those on their travel documents (driver‘s license, passport).
     And confirm the cancellation penalties with the supplier and with your client.
     For the best coverage, have you client sign the booking or itinerary as
     confirmation that they have review all the information and accept the terms and

     Even though you are now under Dugan‘s Travels‘ E&O Insurance policy, you
     should keep a small fund available for minor mistakes or errors. Get a credit
     card or build up some savings. The insurance policy is really meant for big
     expenditures (it has high deductibles). The compensation to fix the mistake must
     be worthwhile to justify filing the claim.

     Read Your Email
     Make sure you read your emails on a regular basis. We use email to send
     everyone important information. We know it may seem overwhelming to get so
     many emails from the chat list but it is still important to read them. Even if you
     have to do it once a week where you read 100 or so emails… it is important to
     read what comes over the chat list. So many agents don‘t read their emails and
     ask the same questions over and over on the chat list. This frustrates the others

Page 14
                            Chapter 2—Training & Orientation

because it shows they are not reading their emails. Those who do take the time to
read their emails get upset that others do not because it hurts the agency when
agents do not read their emails. If you get in a regular habit of reading your
emails, you will not feel so overwhelmed.

Find a way to organize your email messages. You will get a number
of messages through the chat list that you will want to keep for future
reference. If possible, create folders to store the messages (PIC 2.1).
Organizing your messages will allow you to find answers quickly.
           Agency Information
           Booking Forms Submitted
           Ticketing Issues
           Rental cars
           Miscellaneous Information                                    PIC 2.1: Organizing emails
                                                                                  using folders

                 Chapter 2 - Training and Orientation

Here is a brief guide to how your training process will go and what you need to
do to get ready to complete the Handbook.

Appendix Section
The section at the back of this book contains useful information and sample
forms. Appendix A refers to the Yahoo! Group web page and has the guidelines
for the chat list. Appendix B contains sample forms you can use during the
course of your training and in your business.

Training Exercises
There are sections in the Handbook that contain exercises designed to help you
learn more about the travel industry, the suppliers and how to book travel
arrangements. Be sure you complete each one. If you want them reviewed, a description of the exercise along with your response.

                                                                           Page 15
Training & Orientation cont’d

     Supplier Account List
     Here you will find passwords to websites and any information you need when
     calling suppliers. A copy of the list is available on the same web page that you
     found this handbook. Go to the site and click on the NEW
     AGENTS HERE button. Save a copy of the Account List to your computer for
     access during your training. Once you have successfully completed your
     training and have access to the Yahoo! Groups site, you can use the database file
     of the account list. It is updated more frequently.

     Install Acrobat Reader
     If you have not done so already, install the latest version of Acrobat Reader.
     Almost all suppliers will send confirmations,
     itineraries, documents, invoices, etc in a PDF file
     format. Acrobat Reader allows you to read this file

     Step-by-Step Guide
     A copy of this guide is available in the New Agents Here section of the Dugan‘s
     Agent website. You can download (save a copy) to your computer for future
     reference. You will follow this guide during your training and orientation. It
     provides additional information after you have completed the quiz. (The
     Handbook is to help you pass the quiz.)

     Training Timeline
     The first part of this handbook will review Accounting related issues; our
     policies and procedures. Next, you will begin to learn about the different types
     of travel you can book. Finally, putting it all together, what to do when you get
     your first call. The handbook is designed to teach you how to make travel
     bookings as well as how to search for information you need to complete a travel
     package for your client.

     When you have completed the handbook and VAX training exercises, send
     Barbara Cerbie an email to let her know you are ready to take the quiz. She will
     give you a password for the quiz. The quiz is available online at the New
     Agents Here section of the Dugan‘s Agents website. Barb will also send you a
     few questions to test your research skills and make sure you have a general
     understanding of booking travel and where to find answers.

Page 16
                                                   Chapter 3—Accounting

When you have successfully answered the quiz and the supplemental questions,
Barb will give you access to the online group websites; Yahoo! Groups and the
Google Groups page. Be sure to also review the appendix section on the Yahoo!
Group and the Chat List; there may be questions on the quiz that reference these
items. Instructions for logging in and getting started are included in the Step-by-
Step Guide.

You can take as long as you want to complete your training and orientation.
However you are required to successfully complete the quiz before you can
make reservations. This way we ensure you understand our policies and
procedures as well as the basics of the booking travel. And to make sure you
focus on this training, your monthly service fee is waived during the first two
months. (If you are unable to complete your training in the suggested time
frame, contact Barb immediately.)

The Monthly Support Fee – Pay on Time
After the two months, you will be charged your first support fee; $10 will be
due. Invoices for the support fee are posted by the 25 th of the month and are due
by the 15th of the following month. For example, you joined on January 11 th.
Your first invoice will post on March 25th (for the time frame of March 1 to
March 31) and you will have until April 15th to pay the invoice.

The support fee and other accounting related issues are discussed further in the
next chapter. It is important that you understand the seriousness of the monthly
support fee. We do not charge exuberant start up costs or ask that you make
unreachable sales numbers. We set up the support fee to be as low as possible.
In return we ask that you pay your invoice on time; you have three weeks to pay
it. Failure to pay the invoice on time will result in a late fee. Continued failure to
pay can lead to termination.

                           Chapter 3—Accounting

This is the accounting system for invoices between you and Dugan‘s Travels.
Your account will be created for you once you have passed the quiz. You will
be given a user & password via email. Once you log in you can change them on

                                                                               Page 17
          Accounting cont’d

                                                         the Profile page. Be sure to include your
                                                         email address. The system will send you
                                                         an email when an invoice is posted to
                                                         your account. This will help you stay on
                                                         top of your payments.

                                                         In the Invoice section of Freshbooks, you
                                                         can view your invoices (paid and unpaid),
                                                         see your payment history and get a
                                                         statement of your account. This section is
                                                         where you‘ll conduct the majority of your
PIC 3.1: Freshbooks Home Page                            transactions.

                  Invoices are generated to your account any time you owe money to Dugan‘s
                  Travels (not commission related). Examples include monthly support fees*,
                  shipping charges, direct deposit fee. On the 25th of each month everyone will
                  receive an invoice for support fees whether you anything or not.
                  *As previously mentioned invoices for support fee (currently $10) are posted on
                  the 25th of the month and are due by the 15th of the following month. For
                  example, you joined on January 11th. Your first invoice will post on March 25th
                  (for the time frame of March 1 to March 31) and you will have until April 15 th to
                  pay the invoice (that’s three weeks).

                  Agents who reach $3000 or more in sales during the month, will have the fee
                  waive. But you need to go into Freshbooks and dispute the invoice. We have no
                  way of tracking your sales progress so you need to let us know when you reach
                  the quote and are eligible to have your monthly fee waived. (See ―Reaching the
                  Quota‖ below for more details.)

                  Paid ahead? If you think you have paid ahead, please log in and make sure your
                  balance is zero. It could be a mistake or there could be charges you forgot such
                  as postage or your yearly E&O renewal. If the pre-paid amount does not show
                  on your account, send Barb and email of the amount and date you paid.

                  If you cannot get into Freshbooks for some reason, you can still send us your
                  payment. Refer to the section below titled ―Agent Related Fees‖. When you pay
                  an invoice this way, make sure you email to let us
                  know you paid the invoice.

          Page 18
                                                         Accounting cont’d

Anything you owe the agency will first be deducted from your commission
payments. If you do not want anything deducted, you need to pay or dispute
your invoice BEFORE claiming your commissions. If you plan to pay the
invoice from your commission payment, send us an email
( and let us know. This will help avoid late fees or

Late Payments or Failure to Pay
Invoices not paid by the due date are subject to a $5 late fee. Failure to pay on
time or in full can lead to the termination of your contract with the agency. If
you can't afford to pay on time, email us ( We will
work with you to help stop incurring more fees or risk being terminated. We
want you to succeed and we are here to help you; we need to know what is going
on though in order to help.

Avoid late fees or termination by paying in advance. Several agents have been
terminated for failure to pay their fees in a timely manner. Many of them asked
the decision be reversed. If we allowed everyone to simply pay when they felt
like it we wouldn‘t be able to continue operating and we would have to close our
doors. Please understand, terminations for failure to pay or pay on time will not
be overturned. Everyone has until the 15th at 5pm MST to pay their fees. If you
don't, you need to be prepared for termination.

Rather than risk being terminated, we strongly encourage you to pay your fees in
advance. We‘ll even give you a discount; 12 months of support fees is only
$100 when you pay in advance. Add another $50 and you have your E&O
renewal fee also covered. To do so, go to the Agent Related Fees (see the Quick
Reference Sheet, page 2). When you have submitted your advance payment, let
Barb know so the credit can be applied to your Freshbooks account

How to Pay Invoices
Your account home page will show all recent activity as well as your account
status. When an invoice is created it will post here. Click on the invoice number
to open it. (Note: On the right side of the home screen there is a link to “Pay
your balance”. This link will give you options for payment but not to dispute the

                                                                           Page 19
           Accounting cont’d

                   When the invoice is opened, you will see a number of links across the top. From
                   here you can save or print a copy of the invoice (you may need a copy later for
                   tax purposes). Freshbooks is set up to accept online payments using:
                               PayPal account
                               Credit or debit card
                               Amazon Payments
                                                           You can also pay by check; just make sure
                                                           you send it out in plenty of time to reach
                                                           Dugan‘s Travels by the due date.
                                                           1. Open the invoice to pay.
                                                           2. Click on the ―Pay Invoice‖ link located
                                                           near the top.
                                                           3. Click the payment type.
                                                           4. For credit/debit card, select ―Pay with
                                                           5. Next, under ―Payment Method‖ select
                                                           the card type. Enter your address, credit
                                                           card information (if applicable), and other
                                                           necessary information to make your
PIC 3.2: How to Pay an Invoice, Step #5.                   6. For PayPal or Amazon Payments,
                                                           select the appropriate link. Next, click the
                                logo. This will take you to the billing screen. You will need to log
                                into your PayPal/Amazon account to continue paying the invoice.

                     Reaching the Quota
                     As an incentive for making $3000 or more in sales in one month, Dugan‘s
                     Travels will waive your monthly support fee. But you need to let us know you
                     have reached this goal.
                     Since support fee invoices are posted on the 25th, you need to let us know before
                     the 15th (10 days before the invoice is posted) that you reach the quota. For
                     example, if you booked over $3000 in commissionable sales during the month of
                     July, you need to let us know by August 15th how you met the quota. To do so,
                     enter the following information about the reservation in the ―Dispute
                     Comments‖ window (PIC 3.3):
                                 Supplier / Company Name
                                 Client Name
                                 Booking or Confirmation Number
                                 Date of Travel*

           Page 20
                                                           Accounting cont’d

           Amount of the Trip or Service Fee Charged
*Unlike claiming commissions, you do not have to wait for the month of travel
to count towards the quota; quota amounts are based on what you sell during that

Only commissionable items qualify; a non-commissionable airline ticket does
not qualify, but if you charged your client a $30 fee for booking the ticket, that
fee does count. Show the reservations that add up to $3000. (You do not have
to show all sales for the month; just show enough to add up to the quota

Disputing an Invoice
The only reason you should dispute an invoice is because you reached the sales
quota for the month and are eligible to have the support fee waived.

Do not dispute invoices if you paid your fees in advance. When you pay in
advance, you will have sent Barbara an email letting her know and a credit will
have been applied to your Freshbooks account. (More details in the next chapter
under ―Agent Related Fees‖.)

To dispute an invoice, click on the link. A box will drop down (PIC 3.3). Enter
QUOTA REACHED and then list the supplier name, passenger name, and
amount of the bookings that total $3,000. Do not list the booking numbers and
do not list bookings once you‘ve shown you have reached the quota. We do not
need to know all the bookings you made during the month, just that you reached
the $3,000 mark. Then click SEND. You will then see on the screen a green
box indicating the invoice was disputed and another box with a copy of your
comments. When you go back to the
list of your invoices, you will see the
status of the invoice change to

                                         PIC 3.3: Disputing An Invoice

                                                                              Page 21
           Chapter 4—Client Rates and Payments

                                             Chapter 4—Client Rates and Payments

                                     Reading a Suppliers Statement
                                     Before you send a quote to your client, it is important that you
                                     understand how to read a reservation statement and are able to
                                     correctly calculate the rate to charge the client.

                                     As you are making the reservation, you will be able to see what
                                     the package price is and what it includes. In our example (PIC.
                                     4.1), you can see the price broken down per person as well as
                                     the deposit amounts and when they are due. We can also see
                                     what the commission details are. In this example, the
                                     commission is included in the total the client will pay.

PIC. 4.1: Supplier’s Statement      Once you put the reservation on hold, you will receive a
          Showing Package Price     confirmation again, detailing the pricing:

                    In looking at the payment information (PIC. 4.2), you will see two different
                    amounts listed:
                           Vacation Amount:       $5170.40
                           Net Agent Amount: $4609.95
                           Difference             $ 560.45

                            PIC. 4.2: Pricing, Commission & Payment Information from Supplier
                    The difference between the two amounts is the Commission Total. If Dugan‘s
                    Travels was to send a check payment to this supplier, they need only send the
                    ―Net Agent Amount‖. Dugan‘s Travels withholds the commission. Otherwise,
                    the vacation is paid for using a credit/debit card; the full amount is charged and
                    the supplier later mails back the commission amount ($560.45) to Dugan‘s
                    Travels. Dugan‘s Travels would then send you, the Agent, your portion.

           Page 22
                                  Client Rates & Payments cont’d

When you look at the total trip cost on a reservation, be sure that you give the
client the ―gross‖ rate; the net amount plus the commission. (It will be the
higher priced option.)

EXERCISE: You book an air + hotel package to Cancun for a couple. You
hold the itinerary and receive a copy of the reservation (PIC. 4.3). Using this
information, answer the following questions:

                               If Payment by Credit Card Your Total is

PIC. 4.3: EXERCISE: Net versus Gross Payments. Answers provided at the end of this section.

   1. What is the full amount the couple will pay for the trip?
   2. The couple wants to pay by check. How much do they make the final
      payment check for?
   3. Who is the check payable to?
   4. How much will Dugan‘s Travels mail to the supplier?
   5. Today is 04/15/09. Can the couple send a check?
   6. If the couple paid by credit card, how much will be charged to the card?
   7. You are at 75% commission split with Dugan‘s Travels. How much
      money will you receive for making this booking?

Use a Credit Card Authorization Form when collecting card information from
your clients. Some suppliers will require it, while some may not. Either way, it
protects you by showing who authorized the charge. Some companies
(especially hotels) require a copy of the card (front and back) along with a copy
of the card holder‘s driver‘s license. Be sure you confirm the supplier‘s
requirements prior to making the payment. (Sample forms can be found in
Appendix B and on the Yahoo! Groups website under the Files section.)

                                                                             Page 23
Client Rates & Payments cont’d

     If the supplier only shows a net amount, then you need to add the commission to
     the rate you quote your client. (You will get this with a lot of air consolidators).
     Just remember, when calculating the commission to add, use the base fare, not
     the total amount. You do not earn commission on taxes.

     EXERCISE: Using the information below, calculate the rate to quote your
     client (using 10% commission rate) and the amount of commission you will
     receive from Dugan‘s Travels. You are at a 75% commission split with Dugan‘s

                               Net Rate                 $3244.69
                               Tax                       $459.60
                               Total Net Rate:          $3704.29

     (Be careful not to send your client an agent copy of the booking. This usually
     shows a net amount due and may cause problems in collecting the payment from
     your client.)
      (Commission amount).
      g) $274.10. ANSWERS FOR NET RATE: $4028.76 (Quote amount) and $243.35
      close to the due date; suggest pay using credit/debit card. Or overnight money order. f) 2140.00
      ANSWERS FOR CANCUN: a) $4641.60 b) $2140.00 c) Dugan‘s Travels d) $1774.54 e) Very

     Discounting Packages and Cruises
     There will be times you want to discount packages and cruises; either to beat a
     price, match a price or just as an incentive to book with you. You can do this by
     ―dipping‖ into your expected commission. The discounted rate will be what is
     either posted to the client‘s credit card or paid via check. A supplier will send us
     the documents as long as the net amount is paid in full.

     For example: You have a Disney Cruise priced at $1300 with the commission
     amount of $175. (Let‘s say the net amount is $1125.) You decided to give the
     client a $25 discount.

     Paying by credit card
     You post $1275 to the client‘s credit card using the cruise line‘s online booking
     tool ($1300 - $25). You can also call in the payment to the cruise line. You do
     not have to tell the cruise line you are discounting the rate. Just tell them to post
     a payment of $1275 to the card. The cruise line will then send $150 ($175 - $25)
     to the agency as the commission.

Page 24
                                   Client Rates & Payments cont’d

Paying by check
Have the client mail Dugan‘s Travels a check for $1275. Dugan‘s will send the
net amount to the cruise line ($1125) leaving a balance of $150 for commission
(to be paid once travel is completed.)

IMPORTANT: Not all suppliers allow you to discount the rate. If you plan
to discount a lot of packages or cruise rates, send an email to Jennifer first to get
approval. Jennifer will have the up-to-date details on which suppliers deny
discounted payments and what amounts are authorized. Also, you cannot
discount airline tickets, hotel stays or rental cars. (Discounts for $25 or less do
not require Jennifer‘s approval).

Collecting Payments
Most clients will pay for their reservations with a credit or debit card. You will
collect the card holder details and forward it to the supplier by phone or through
their online booking tool. You do not need a merchant account to make these
types of transactions. You are not the one posting the charge to the card.

You can accept checks, but only if you have enough time (usually more than 30
days prior to departure). Tours and Cruises are a little easier
than airline tickets because usually you have more time to
work with. Unless the client has less than 30 days prior to
departure and then you only have a couple of days to work

There is a lengthy process involved in sending a supplier a
check for payment. For customers who wish to pay by check
or money order, it is important that you stress to them that
while you can accept the form of payment, the client needs to
be able to send the payment sooner than if they were paying by
credit card. Most suppliers will not accept personal checks;
only agency checks.
        1. Client makes the check payable to ―Dugan‘s Travels‖ and includes
            the booking or confirmation number on the check (memo field).
        2. The check is mailed to Dugan‘s at the New Mexico office (132 Rover
            Blvd., Los Alamos, NM 87544.)
        3. Dugan‘s Travels deposits the check.
        4. When the check clears the bank, our agency will then write check and
            mail it to the supplier.

                                                                               Page 25
Client Rates & Payments cont’d

            5. If time dictates that Dugan‘s Travel needs to FedEx the payment to
               the supplier, the agent making the booking will be responsible for the
               shipping charge.

     As you can see, between snail mail and bank processing times, check payments
     take some time to get posted to the supplier. Try to get your client to pay using
     their debit card instead, or have them send a money order or cashier‘s check
     (they don‘t have lengthy clearance times).

     Non-Accepted Payment Types
     Dugan‘s Travels cannot accept payments via PayPal. Also, we will not charge a
     credit card to mail in a check to the supplier. These processes involved merchant
     fees that are charged to us, Dugan‘s Travels. In order to keep costs down, these
     fees will be passed on to you if this is the only method of payment available to
     the client. You must submit a request to Jennifer BEFORE telling a client that
     you will accept this form of payment.

     Charging Service Fees
     Some agents will charge a client a fee for certain services; researching potential
     vacation itineraries is a perfect example. Again, you do not need to go out and
     set up a merchant account. We have a credit card machine in our office and can
     post charges on your behalf. All you have to do is submit the information
     through our secured webpage.

     The system is designed to only collect the information. It does not actually
     charge the card. When you complete the online form, we receive a secured
     receipt of the information and then manually enter the transaction on our
     machine. This is a safe, efficient way for this information to be delivered to our

     To have a charge posted, go to:

     This web address is pre-set for the amount you want to charge. You can have
     any amount posted; you just need to adjust the number on the end in red. For
     example, $50 will be charged if you use this link:

Page 26
                                      Chapter 5 - The Booking Form

And $62.50 will be charged if you use this link:
(and so on…)

Do not use this link to charge payments for the client. Those need to be called in
directly to the supplier or charged using their online booking tool. When a
charge is posted using the payment link above, you (the agent) will receive your
commission percentage split (just as you would if it was a commission from the
supplier). Using the last example above, you will later submit a claim for the
$62.50 service fee you charged your client. $46.88 (or 75% of the $62.50) is the
amount due to you. (Any questions about payments that can be posted through
this link, contact Jennifer via email.)

Remember to inform clients the fee will post as ―Dugan’s Travels‖ on their
credit card statement. You will also want to make sure you have all your back up
authorizing the charge to the credit card; authorization form, copy of card/
driver‘s license, etc. If the bank/credit card company charges back the fee, it
will be your responsibility to pay the amount and any related bank fees.

Agent Related Fees
Posting charges to credit cards for agent related fees is a different link (postage,
fees, advance payments, insurance, etc.) Use this link (difference between the
links is instead of ―Service+Fee‖ you have ―Charge+Agent‖):

Again, you can change the amount to be charge by changing the numbers at the
end of the link.

                      Chapter 5—The Booking Form

Completing the Booking Form
When you make a booking for a client you need to let us know by completing a
booking form. The form is located at on the ―Made a
Booking‖ page. Send it in as soon as you make a booking and either make a
deposit or pay it in full.

                                                                               Page 27
           The Booking Form cont’d

                     For reservations that you are able to hold before making a deposit, wait until you
                     have posted a deposit before completing the form. Frequently these types of
                     reservations are changed or dropped before making a payment. If you are
                     booking something that does not require full payment up front (such as car
                     rentals or hotel reservations), send in the booking form as soon as you confirm
                     the reservation. We look at each reservation and make sure there is not a bonus
                     commission coupon we can use to get you more money. It will also help direct
                     us if the documents come to us; we‘ll know how to direct them towards.

                                     Step 1: Your name and the supplier (PIC. 5.1)
                                     Enter your name, your email address. Next, scroll down and
                                     click on the supplier you booked. If you booked multiple
                                     suppliers for one trip, you will need to complete separate
                                     booking forms for each one. Note the special circumstances:
                                    1. If you booked a non-commissionable airline ticket and are
                                    charging a fee as the commission, select AIRLINE, CHARGED
                                    SERVICE FEE.
                                    2. If you did not book any travel and are only charging a fee for
                                     your time, you need to select SERVICE FEE WITHOUT
                                     3. If you do not see your supplier listed, scroll to the bottom
                                     and select either SUPPLIER NOT LISTED or HOTEL NOT
PIC. 5.1: Booking Form, Step 1
                                           Step 2: Booking Details (PIC. 5.2)
                                           Provide details of what you booked. For example:
                                           NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE, NORWEGIAN
                                           MAJESTY SAILING 04-APR-09 ON A 7-DAY
                                           BAHAMAS/FLORIDA CRUISE, INSIDE ROOM/CAT.
                                           II .

                                           Answer the Outrigger question.

                                           Next enter the date the passengers depart, followed by the
                                           day they return. (REQUIRED FORMAT YYYY-MM-

                                           Enter the booking‘s confirmation number.
                                           Enter the lead passenger‘s name.
                                           You may enter with either first name or last name first.
PIC. 5.2: Booking Form, Step 2

           Page 28
                                               The Booking Form cont’d

   Whichever way you enter it will be how it appears on the commission list.

Finally, enter the day you made the booking. (REQUIRED FORMAT YYYY-

Step 3: Booking Price and Commission (PIC. 5.3)
When entering payments you must include the full amount (dollars and cents).
DO NOT INCLUDE SYMBOLS OR COMMAS. Just enter the numbers and
the decimal point. For example:
Incorrect entry:       $23,452.90 (included $ and comma)
Incorrect entry:       23,452.90 (included comma)
Incorrect entry:       $ 23452.90 (included $ and a space)
Incorrect entry:       23453 (rounded off; did not include actual cents paid)
Correct entry:         23452.90

Enter the total price of the booking. This is the full
amount the client is paying for the trip/reservation.
From our Norwegian Cruise example, the customer
paid $2,862.50. You will enter 2862.50.
                                                          PIC. 5.3: Booking Form, Step 3
Next, enter the total commission the supplier is to pay. This is all the
commission that is due from the supplier (not just your part). Using our example
from above, the base fare is 2800.00. The supplier pays 15% commission.
Therefore you would enter 420.00 (2800x15%). You will enter your portion
when you actually claim the commission. Right now we just need to know what
the total amount we should be received from the supplier should be.

NOTE: If you booked a non-commissionable airline ticket and charged a service
fee, the full amount of the service fee is the amount you need to enter as the total

If after you have submitted a booking form and the total price or commission
amount changes before the client departs, send an email to This will let the agents know there will be a change
in the commission amount. Your email subject line should include the booking
form number (e.g., Change to Booking Form #5330808) and include what the
new amounts should be in the body of the message.

                                                                              Page 29
          The Booking Form cont’d

                    Step 4: Documents and Submit (PIC. 5.4)
                    Select which method documents are to be delivered to the client.

                                                Next, include a mailing address in the event the
                                                documents arrive at the agency. You must enter
                                                information in this box. You can enter the client‘s
                                                address and should anything be sent to the agency,
                                                they will mail it directly to the client on your behalf
                                                (postage will be invoiced via Freshbooks.) Or, you
                                                can enter your address.

                                                Finally, enter your email address again so that you
                                                receive a copy of the information you just entered.
                                                This will help you track your bookings.

                                                Click the SUBMIT button. You will then receive
                                                two emails; one to confirm the information was
                                                received, the other will be a copy of the booking
PIC. 5.4: Booking Form, Step 4                  form.

                    Tracking Your Bookings
                    You will need to keep track of the bookings you submit. There are sample forms
                    in the Yahoo! Groups ―Files‖ folder (see ―Forms, Letters & Organizational

                    While it happens rarely, there has been the occasion when two or three agents
                    attempt to claim the same item; there are a number of John Smiths in the world!
                    You need to be able to show that the commission belongs to you. Without proof,
                    it can get tricky! Keep your file up-to-date with the information you submitted
                    on the booking form. (Enter it exactly as you did on the booking form. This will
                    make it easier for claiming commissions later.)

                    You should also include what commission amount you expect to receive. And
                    add columns to note which claim report the commission was on and when you
                    received payment. This is also important when it comes to researching missing
                    commissions. If you don‘t have the information recorded and up-to-date, we
                    will not know that a supplier has not paid Dugan‘s Travels the funds due. The
                    more information you keep and the more organized you are, the better we can
                    help you in the event of a discrepancy.

          Page 30
                                             Chapter 6—Commissions

                        Chapter 6—Commissions
For the most part, the money you earn as a Home-Based Travel Agent comes
from commissions paid by suppliers. Suppliers have an agreement to pay a
percentage of the trip cost to the agency. Most of the commission rates are listed
on the account list of suppliers found on the Dugan‘s Agents website. You can
also find commission amounts and rates on booking confirmations and on agent
only parts of the suppliers‘ website. Some suppliers, such as many cruise
lines, give us a higher commission rate because of the amount of sales we
conduct with them on a yearly basis. You will also find suppliers‘ who
pay a higher commission rate if you book online instead of over the
phone. When you get ready to make your booking it is important to keep
these factors in mind.

Suppliers vary in when they pay commissions. Some pay when final
payment is made, but most pay after the travel has been completed (7-30
days is the normal time frame). Each month, Dugan‘s Travels puts together a
list of all the commission that we received the previous month for bookings that
have completed their trip itinerary. (We pay after the trip to avoid accounting
problems should a client request a refund after the commission has been paid.
This way we don‘t have to come back to you and say, ―Sorry, but you need to
give us that commission back.‖)

The commission list is then posted for all agents to access. Agents have one
week to ―claim‖ commissions on the list that belong to them. From the amount
paid by the supplier, the agency (Dugan‘s Travels) will pay the agent their
percentage split and keep the remaining amount. These claims are submitted
online and are paid out to the agents before the end of the month (depending on
your delivery method).

Commission Split
At Dugan‘s Travels, we offer a 75/25 split with our agents; as the agent, you
collect 75% of the commission paid by the supplier. This includes service
charges, bonus commission and tour conductor credits. (Most agencies offer
50—70%.) Agents who stay with our agency for three years or more, move up
to a 80/20 split. We also offer the chance to claim 100% of the total
commission. It is a one-time fee of $5,000. After this, you will no longer have
to pay the monthly support fee. You would only need to pay the annual renewal
fee if you have your E&O Insurance through us.

                                                                           Page 31
Commissions cont’d

     Getting your Commission
     There are three ways you can receive your commission; direct deposit, PayPal
     and regular check.

     Direct Deposit
     There is a $20 one time fee required to set up your direct deposit payments. You
     will need to complete the form and send it to us to begin processing this with
     your bank. It takes time for our bank to make the arrangements with your bank.
     As such, we suggest completing this form a month before the trip itinerary is
     completed. Once established (and provided you correctly claim your
     commission by the due date), your commission will be directly deposited into
     your account within seven (7) days. The required form is available on the
     Dugan‘s Agent website on the ―Commissions Page‖.

     Receiving commissions through PayPal is a two step process. After you have
     submitted your commission claim form, you need to send a ―Request for
     Payment‖ from your PayPal account to The
     amount for the payment is the amount due to you that you entered on your
     commission claim. Again, provided you correctly claim your commission by the
     due date, your commission will be delivered within 7 days.

     There are no fees from Dugan‘s Travels for having commissions paid to your
     PayPal account. However, PayPal may charge you a fee based on the type of
     account you have. It is your responsibility to find out what fees, if any, PayPal
     may charge you. Also, you are responsible for paying the fees; Dugan‘s Travels
     will not pay them.

     We no longer offer checks unless you have a FedEx account. You can set up an
     account at Checks are not issued until the 25 th of the month
     and sent by FedEx at your expense within the next day or two, depending on
     how many there are to process. For this reason, we strongly encourage all agents
     to use either direct deposit or PayPal for commission payments.

     Claiming Commission
     We cannot stress this enough: Because of the way our system is set-up it is
     very important that you follow these instructions carefully to properly submit
     your claims. Otherwise, you will experience delays and incur fees.

Page 32
                                                       Commissions cont’d

First, here is a list of the general guidelines for claiming commissions. After this
you will see a step-by-step guide to filling in the form.
        1. A claim form must be submitted for you to receive your commission;
             regardless of how you wish to get paid. The form is located at
             Dugan‘s Agents website on the Commissions page. Do not email,
             fax or call-in commission claims. They will not be processed.
        2. The commission list is posted on the Google Group web page on the
             first day of the month. (Unless otherwise mentioned.)
        3. Agents have until the 8th of the month to submit claims. Claims
             received after 5pm MST on the 8th will not be processed until the next
             cycle. (Unless otherwise noted.)
        4. Questions about commissions must be sent to
    They will not be accepted
             or read if sent to anyone directly.
        5. If you have questions about a claim, submit it before making the
             claim to avoid delays.
        6. Anything you owe the agency will automatically be deducted from
             your commission prior to sending you your payment. If you do not
             want anything deducted, you need to pay or dispute your invoice
             BEFORE claiming your commissions.
        7. Submit all of your commission for the list on one form; do not fill out
             multiple forms.
        8. List commissions exactly as they appear on the
             statement. Failure to do so will result in a $10 processing fee.
        9. Only claim your commissions. Sounds obvious but we won‘t have to
             say it if it didn‘t happen!
        10. Do not submit claims for commissions that are not on the list, even if
             the supplier says they paid it.
        11. Double check your math before submitting.
        12. If the total amount of commission you claim is less than $20 the
             payment will be credited to your Freshbooks account.
        13. Commissions must be claimed within six (6) months of being listed
             on the report or they will not be paid. (If the supplier doesn‘t pay
             until 8 months after the travel return date, you have 6 months from
             when it is on the list to claim it.)
        14. Commissions sent to PayPal require both the claim form AND the
             ―Request for Payment‖ from your PayPal account.

                                                                             Page 33
    Commissions cont’d

                Common Mistakes When Claiming Commissions
                       Assuming you will be automatically paid the commission and don‘t
                       file a claim.
                       Submitting a claim as soon as the reservation is made instead of
                       waiting to see it on a list.
                       Claiming commissions not on the list.
                       Claiming after the due date and time.
                       Filing a Missing Commission claim because the commission is not on
                       the list immediately following the client‘s return date.
                       Submitting multiple claims for commissions on the same list.
                       Waiting more than six months and filing all claims (current and old)
                       on one submission.
                       Emailing Jennifer directly with a commission question.

                How to Claim Commissions
                Log into Google Groups ―Dugansadmin‖ to view the commission list.
                       1. Go to the FILES section and select the commission list for the
                          appropriate month.
                       2. Save a copy of the list in your commissions‘ folder on your computer.
                          This way you can highlight the commissions that are yours or
                          reference it later if you need to.

                The commission list is in alphabetical order by supplier, along with the client‘s
                name, total commission received and date of travel (PIC. 6.1). Agent name
                (your name) will not be listed. You will need to go through the list to find all the
                suppliers you booked. Keep in mind; some suppliers take longer to pay than
                others (so you could have commissions from a few months back) and another
                agent may have booked the same supplier for a client with the same or similar
                name. This is why it is important to receive a copy of the booking form you
                submit. You can refer back to it to see exactly how you entered the client‘s
                                       Claim by November 08, 2008
     Supplier                 Client name            Amount             Date of Travel         Agent
 Alamo               WAYNE, JOHN                                3.8           9/28/2008
 Budget              WAYNE, JOHN                              10.06          10/13/2008

 Carnival            WAYNE, JOHNATHAN                         435.2             9/5/2008
 Holiday Inn         WAYNE, J                                 35.60              9/28/08
PIC. 6.1: Sample Commission List

    Page 34
                                                        Commissions cont’d

An example: Let‘s say your client John Wayne (Jonathan Wayne is his legal
name) travels a lot. In September, you booked him and his wife on a Carnival
cruise. He then had a hotel (Holiday Inn) and car (Alamo) in late September and
just a car (Budget) booked in mid-October for business travel.

After review the list these are the only commissions you are able to claim for this
listing. Here is what you see on the commissions listing.

You need to now fill out the commission claim report available at under the COMMISSIONS tab.

Fill in the top portion of the form with your name and email address, and select
the correct answer regarding your quote for the month. It is important that the
next part of the form be completed correctly. Fill in the commission exactly as it
appears on the list (PIC. 6.2)

                                     Claim by November 08, 2008
     Supplier                Client name           Amount               Date of Travel         Agent
 Alamo              WAYNE, JOHN                                  3.8           9/28/2008
 Budget             WAYNE, JOHN                               10.06           10/13/2008

 Carnival           WAYNE, JOHNATHAN                          435.2              9/5/2008
 Holiday Inn        WAYNE, J                                  35.60               9/28/08

 PIC. 6.2: Listing commissions exactly as they on the commission list. Failure to do so will
 result in penalty fees and delayed payments.

                                                                               Page 35
           Commissions cont’d

                       Reference picture 6.3 for the following instructions:
                       Complete the rest of the form:
                                                       1. Total Commission:
                                                       3.80+10.06+435.20+35.60 = 484.66 (Enter
                                                       exactly like this; no commas, no dollar symbols.)
                                                      2. What % are you at?
                             2                        Select the percentage split you are at.

                   3                                  3. The Amount Due to You (your portion of the
                                                      $484.66 x 75% = 363.50 (Enter exactly like this;
                                                      no commas, no dollar symbols.)
                                                      4. Deductions:
                                                      Are you deducting anything from this
                       5                              commission payment? If so, enter the amount. If
                                                      not, LEAVE BLANK.
                                                      5. Amount Due to You:
                                                      If you were deducting something, such as an
                                                      outstanding postage invoice you will need to
PIC. 6.3: Completing the rest of the commissions      subtract the deduction to get the value for
claim form                                           Number 5.

                       6. Payment:
                       Select how you are set-up to collect commissions. Keep in mind, so of these
                       methods take some time to establish, so enter how you are currently set-up, not
                       how you wish to be for this particular commission. If you select ―check‖ you
                       will also need to enter your FedEx account number.

                       CLAIM BEING REJECTED and A FEE INCURRED.

                       Remember…Questions or assistance regarding commissions MUST be sent to

                       If you‘ve double checked everything then go ahead. . .    SUBMIT
           Page 36
                                                      Commissions cont’d

Missing Commissions
Make sure to keep good records of your commission. Suppliers can be bad about
paying commissions. One part of being a travel agent will be tracking down your
commissions. If it has been more than two months since your client returned
from their trip and you still have not seen the commission, you need to do some

When the supplier sent the commission can affect when it is posted on the
commission list. If they sent the payment towards the end of the previous month
it may not be on the list because the check has not yet cleared. Before a
commission is posted on the list, the check is recorded in our bookkeeping
system and deposited in the bank. We also have to wait for the check to clear. It
may not have completed this process prior to the commission list‘s cut off date.
In order for us to post the list on the first of the month, we have to look at
commissions that have cleared the bank by the 20th of the month. If the
supplier‘s payment arrived on the 16th, chances are it did not clear the bank in
time; the commission will be posted on next month‘s list.

Step 1: Verify the Payment is Missing
Send an email to Also, double check at
least two previous commission lists to make sure you have not overlooked it.

Step 2: Contact the Supplier
If the supplier says the commission has been sent, you need to get the following
            When was the check issued?
            Does it show cashed? If so, when?
            What was the amount of the check?

If the supplier confirms the payment was sent (and cashed) to Dugan‘s Travels,
then you have a ―missing‖ commission. This means the payment was received
but for some reason we neglected to post it on the commission list. Dugan‘s
Travels will need to research to find the payment and get it sent to you.

Research can be a lengthy process and unfortunately our system is not an error
proof process; please be patient with our staff. We try very hard to make sure
our agents get paid on time and correctly. Unfortunately sometimes things
happen. Notify us of a missing commission and we will work very hard to get
you paid as quickly as possible.

                                                                           Page 37
Commissions cont’d

       Step 3: Post the Missing Commission
       You then need to post the missing commission. The Missing Commission list is
       posted in the Yahoo! Groups web page under the ―Database‖ folder (PIC. 6.4).

       You will need to ―Add Record‖ to enter your information. Remember, the more
       information you have about the reservation and when payment was sent to
       Dugan‘s, the easier and faster it will be for us to research and send payment.

 PIC. 6.4: Posting a Missing Commission in the Yahoo! Groups database.

       Incomplete or Late Claims
       If your claim comes in after the 8th of the month, it will be held for the next
       payment cycle. Mark your calendar and make it a point to review the
       commission list on the first day it is available. This way you will have time to
       go through the list carefully, double check your math and submit the claim in a
       timely manner.

       Commissions must be claimed within six (6) months of being listed or they will
       not be paid. Do not cumulate your commissions and then submit then all at once
       months later. Because of the time involved for our staff to go back to each
       report and research the claim, these claims will not be processed in the normal
       time frame. This will only cause further delay in receiving your money.

       Incomplete commission claims take longer to pay. We have to go back and
       collect the missing information from the list. If you do not respond by the 8 th,
       the claim will be held over for the next payment cycle.

Page 38
                                         Chapter 7—Booking Online

Commission Questions
If you have questions or need help with something regarding commission you
must send it to If you send an email
directly to a staff member it will not be processed or answered.

                       Chapter 7—Booking Online

The general rule of thumb is book online whenever possible.

VAX Vacation Access
This is an online booking tool you will frequently reference. With more leading
leisure travel suppliers, flexible vacation options, and tools to grow your sales,
VAX VacationAccess has the tools you need to be more productive and
profitable. Vacation Access:
            Find the vacations your customers want when you choose from
            industry-leading vacation tour operators, airlines, hotels and cruise
            Impress your customers with exclusive deals, promotions, and
            unbeatable rates to popular destinations.
            Sell and up-sell using our detailed destination and hotel information
            including videos, photo galleries, Frommer's travel information, and
            interactive maps.
            Customize your packages by adding car rental, activities, theme park
            passes, show tickets, spa services, lift tickets, and more.
            Add your professional fees seamlessly with the VAX VacationAccess
            Set Commission tool.
            Earn more while working less with timesaving reservation
            management tools.
            Increase your destination knowledge and be your customer?s most
            valuable resource with free VirtualFams.
            Book it the way your customers want it with our flexible booking
            tools: Vacations, Hotel Only, Air Consolidator, Adventure, and

Before taking the quiz you will need to also complete the VAX training at under the ―New Agents Here‖ page. Until you get your own

                                                                           Page 39
Booking Online cont’d

     user name and password (email after you have
     passed the quiz) use the following to access
            Account:        32669490
            User:           Jennifer Dugan
            Password:       dillon

     Yvette will actually give you a login for which will
     provide you with access to Vacation Access via VAX.

     You can book the following tour companies using AgentNet VAX:
            Adventure Tours
            Air Jamaica Vacations
            Future Vacations
            Mirage/MGM Vacations
            Southwest Vacations
            Town and Country Tours
            United Vacations
            USAir Vacations
            Universal Studios Vacations
            And more..

     IMPORTANT: You can get a higher commission if you book these tour
     companies using VAX at Once you are logged into
     AgentNet click on the AgentNet VAX tab on the left side and it will take you to
     VAX VacationAccess website.

                        VAX Training is available online at the
               site under the New
                        Agent tab. You will need to complete the
                        training lesson before you take the quiz.

Page 40
                                            Chapter 8—Airline Tickets

                        Chapter 8—Airline Tickets
The truth of the matter is since the majority of the airlines went to a 0%
commission policy, there is no longer any money in booking airline tickets. But
there are still a lot of requests. If you‘re lucky, you can incorporate air with a
package or use a consolidator and collect a commission from the sale. But for
the times your clients need air only, here‘s what we suggest.

Where to Find Airfares
Use the account list for web addresses, log-in and password details, and
information about any commissionable options. On the list you will see air
consolidators, airline companies, airline group department, and air related
suppliers. There is also a list of airline websites on the site
under ―Airline Tickets‖.

Using the Airlines Website
If you end up booking air directly with the airlines, make sure you go online and
use the travel agents section. Even though you will not get a commission from
the airline, it is still important to list the reservation under our IATA number.
This will cover the reservation under our E&O Insurance policy. And
remember, you can still make a profit from the air reservation by charging a
service fee. (Refer to Chapter 4 on charging client fees.)

Commissionable Options
There are some suppliers that offer air only options and pay a commission. is a great company to try. They don‘t offer all airlines
but they do offer 3% commission on the ones they have. is
another supplier. They may have options that will fill your client‘s needs.

Whichever supplier you use, we suggest charging a fee for air tickets, period.
It‘s your choice, but experience shows you will spend a lot of time and work
researching air tickets. And remember, your time and effort is worth money. Be
sure you get paid for your efforts.

Air Fares
Fares for airline tickets are based on the city pairing, where you fly from and
where you are going. Between the city pair, some airlines will offer the same
fare, while others may have something lower. There may also be requirements
on the fare; in order to get the fare, the air passengers has to make sure that

                                                                            Page 41
Airline Tickets cont’d

     certain qualifications are part of their trip. For example, the ticket may have to
     be booked a certain number of days in advance. A Saturday night stay may also
     be required.

                      Here‘s an example of the advance-booking requirement. Mr.
                      Sanders calls on February 14th (Monday) for a ticket flying to
                      Las Vegas on February 21st. The fare you quote him requires a
                      7-day advance purchase. This means for a trip departing on
                      February 21st, Mr. Sanders must purchase the ticket on or
                      before February 14th. If he calls back on Tuesday, February
                      15th, the same fare is no longer valid; he would have to now
                      depart on February 22nd in order to get the previous fare
                      (provided it is still being offered).

     So how can you compete with online fares and still make a descent commission.
     Use consolidators as much as possible. They offer lower fares and pay better
     commission. If you find a low fare that does not pay commission you can still
     offer it to your client without the commission (or a service fee). Keeping the
     fare low will help your secure the sale. Many agents will do this to show the
     client what they can offer. The next time the client needs an air ticket; they will
     contact you because they believe you are able to get them the best rates. You
     can then add a commission or service fee at that time.

     Guaranteed Fares
     There is no such thing! Airline fares constantly change. The fare is only
     guaranteed when the ticket is actually purchased. It is very important that you
     tell your client this. Make sure they understand that if they call back two weeks
     later they cannot expect the same rate. When the airline sets a fare they only
     assign a set number of seats; once those seats are sold, the fare is no longer

     It is also important to know that airlines have been known to misquote fares to
     travel agents. There are a number of different ways to calculate airfare; there are
     not just two rates (first class and coach). If you‘re lucky, the airline will honor
     the misquoted rate.

     New Reservation Requirements
     It is now required that airline reservations contain full passenger names as they
     appear on the government issued identification they will be traveling with. This
     is considered the first step of a multi-phase program (―Secure Flight‖) that will

Page 42
                                                      Airline Tickets cont’d

shift pre-departure watch list matching responsibilities from individual aircraft
operators to TSA.

Effective August 15, 2009 passengers will be required to enter their date of birth
and gender when booking airline flights. Once Secure Flight is fully
implemented in early 2010, enhanced watch list matching will be done by the
government. Airlines will collect a passenger's full name, date of birth, and
gender when reservations are made, to determine if the passenger is a match to
the No Fly or Selectee lists. By providing the additional data elements of gender
and date of birth, Secure Flight will more effectively help prevent
misidentification of passengers who have similar names to individuals on the
watch list and better identify individuals that may pose a known or suspected
threat to aviation.

Making the Reservation
(For instructions on using an air consolidator, use the
exercise at the end of this chapter.)

To make a reservation online, you will need the city
pairing, flight times, class of service your client wants
(coach/lowest, business, first class). Log onto the website
and use the search option for flights. Once you find the
flights that meet your client‘s request, proceed through the
booking process (usually click ―next‖ or ―continue‖ to

And finally, a form of payment. If you are booking the
reservation online through the airline‘s website, you will
almost always need a credit card to pay for the            PIC. 8.1: Example of an electronic ticket
reservation. And e-tickets will almost always be issued (PIC. 8.1)

The easiest way to purchase the airline ticket is online using a credit or debit
card. A ticket cannot be issued without payment. If your client wants to pay by
check or money order, they will need to send it to the agency. The ticket cannot
be run until payment is received; this can cause problems if the airfare increases
between when you hold the reservation and when payment arrives. If you have a
business credit card, you can have the client send you the cash and then issue the
ticket using your business credit card.

                                                                             Page 43
Airline Tickets cont’d

     In addition to your client‘s travel information, you will need the cardholder‘s
     name and billing address, the expiration date and the CVC number on the back
     of the card (3-digit code; AMEX cards are 4 digits and located on the front of the
     card.) If mailing address is different from the billing address, you will need to
     note this online or tell the agent if booking over the phone.

     Non-Refundable Tickets
     Tickets are always non-refundable (unless otherwise noted). If the passenger
     cancels the air itinerary, they can use the value of the ticket towards the purchase
     of a new ticket (change fee involved). To be valid for an exchange at a later
     date, the reservation must be cancelled before the scheduled trip. For example,
     Jamie purchased a ticket for $350 on Delta Airlines. A week before the trip she
     cancels the trip. Delta‘s change fee is $100; when Jamie rebooks her trip, she
     will have $350 minus $100, or $250 available towards her new ticket.

     There will be a time frame involved; the new ticket will need to be issued before
     a certain date. Make sure you confirm that date with the airline and let your
     client know. Also, the ticket can only be issued in the same passenger‘s name
     and on the same airline. (Of course there is always an exception; Southwest
     Airlines is more flexible with the exchange rules.)

     One-Way Airfares
     When booking a one-way trip, you need to complete the first part of the itinerary
     or select one-way option when searching online. One-way air trips are
     expensive, especially when flying internationally. Always use an air
     consolidator, when possible and avoid going directly through the airlines; air
     consolidators save you (and your clients) money.

     It is illegal to book a roundtrip airfare with the intent or knowledge of only using
     it for one-way, even though round-trip tickets are cheaper. However, if a client
     tells you they ―need‖ a round-trip ticket, you are obligated to book what they
     request. (This is a tricky part of the business, so be careful. Contact us at if you have questions or need clarification BEFORE
     contacting the client.)

     Security & Identification Requirements
     Effective June 21, 2008, adult passengers (18 and over) are required to show a
     U.S. federal or state-issued photo ID that contains the following: name, date of
     birth, gender, expiration date and a tamper-resistant feature in order to be
     allowed to go through the checkpoint and onto their flight.

Page 44
                                                      Airline Tickets cont’d

Passengers who do not or cannot present an acceptable ID will have to provide
information to the Transportation Security Officer performing Travel Document
Checking duties in order to verify their identity. Passengers who are cleared
through this process may be subject to additional screening. Passengers whose
identity cannot be verified by TSA may not be allowed to go through the
checkpoint or onto an airplane.

Acceptable Forms of Documents:
          U.S. passport
          U.S. passport card
          DHS "Trusted Traveler" cards (NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)
          U.S. Military ID (active duty or retired military and
          their dependents)
          Permanent Resident Card
          Border Crossing Card
          DHS-designated enhanced driver's license
          Drivers Licenses or other state photo identity cards
          issued by Department of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent)
          that meets REAL ID benchmarks (All states are
          currently in compliance)
          A Native American Tribal Photo ID
          An airline or airport-issued ID (if issued under a TSA-approved
          security plan)
          A foreign government-issued passport
          Canadian provincial driver's license or Indian and Northern Affairs
          Canada (INAC) card
          Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

Non-US/Canadian citizens are not required to carry their passports if they have
documents issued by the U.S. government such as Permanent Resident Cards.
Those who do not should be carrying their passports while visiting the U.S.

International Airline Tickets using Air Consolidators
Booking international air tickets require no more effort than booking local
tickets. So don‘t be scared; they provide a great amount of commission with
great rates and they are easy to book. We‘re going to go through this with you
so you can see how easy it is. There is a list of consolidators on the account list.
We suggest using Consolidator Shopper to conduct your research; they have
several consolidators in one search engine.

                                                                              Page 45
Airline Tickets cont’d

     Air consolidators almost all work in ―net prices/fares.‖ They do not have
     commission already added; you have to add commission to the fare when you
     send the quote to your client. Most consolidators will charge more slightly more
     if the fare is paid using a credit card. They may also require documented back
     up for the use of the credit card; fax a copy of the credit card authorization form,
     copy of driver‘s license or other forms they require. Before you quote your
     client, confirm both rates (paying with check and with credit card), add the
     commission amount and make sure you know everything the supplier needs to
     complete the transaction.

     Here‘s an example: Trans Am Travel quotes you $500 net fare if paid by check
     and $560 net fare if paid by credit card. You decide $60 is the commission
     amount you want to add to the fare. Your quote to the client will read:
            $560 if paid by check. Please make your check payable to ―Dugan‘s
            $620 if paid by credit card. Please complete the attached authorization
            form and return it with a copy of your driver‘s license.

     If the client pays by check, Dugan‘s Travels will forward the $500 to the
     consolidator. If they pay by credit card, the consolidator will later forward a
     commission check for $60 to Dugan‘s Travels. You will be paid your
     percentage via the commission claims procedure (Chapter 6).

     EXERCISE: Book an international ticket from Albuquerque to Frankfurt
     traveling 10 August returning 17 August for one adult.

     Using the account list, log on to
            1. Go to ―Power Search‖.
            2. Enter the trip information from above.
            3. In the next screen you will get your responses. This website searches
                many consolidators. ―Green‖ indicates the fare is available on the
                dates you have requested.
            4. Selected the lowest fare offered in green and click NEXT. (Do not
                quote the fare to the client.)
            5. Select the flights and click NEXT. You need to select the flights to
                get a more exact fare.
            6. The fare now displayed is a net fare; it does not include commission.
                At this point you need to determine how much commission you wish
                to charge your client. You will add the commission to the amount of
                the fare listed when you send the quote to your client.

Page 46
                                                      Airline Tickets cont’d

There is no certain amount of commission to charge. We would like to see at
least 10% (on the base fare before taxes) so that both you and Dugan‘s Travels
make some type of profit. When determining a commission amount, consider
how much time you put into helping the client. If they are making other
arrangements with you, you may consider a lower amount as a way of saying
―Thank you‖ for choosing to work with you. Remember to look at the big

        7. Click on ―Credit Card‖ and then continue. This will show you the
           fare if paid by credit card.
        8. Enter a name (you can use a fake one at this point) and go to ―Total
           Amount Charged on Credit Card‖ to see if the fare changes. You
           now have two fares, one if paid by check and one if paid by credit
           card. Remember to add the commission amount before sending the
           rates to your client.

Hold the reservation while you send the quote to your client. You can go back
and cancel it if the client declines the quote. Without holding the reservation,
the fare you quote to your client may go up. Just make sure before it is ticketed
that the names on the reservation are correct; matching the passenger‘s travel
documents. Also, select enter ―Check Payment‖ for the reservation. More than
likely you don‘t have the card information yet; you can go in later and change
the payment type or call the consolidator directly. If the client decides to pay by
credit card, make sure you get all the required forms/paperwork the consolidator
requires for credit card payments.

It is a good idea to double-check the consolidator‘s website for a lower option.
Remember, we used Consolidator Shopper to make the reservation. If
Consolidator Shopper said the best fare was with Trans Am Travel, go to Trans
Am‘s website and make sure there isn‘t a lower fare being offered.

When you have completed the reservation and posted payment, your next step
will be to submit a Booking Form. This will let the agents at the office know
where to send the tickets when they arrive. Try to get the consolidator to ship
the tickets directly to you or the client. You will not have to ticket right away in
most cases, so you have time.

                                                                              Page 47
Chapters 9 & 10—Trains & Rental Cars

                                Chapter 9—Train Tickets
             You can book Amtrak through (select RAIL from the
             menu then US Amtrak) and earn a commission on individual and group

             Rail Europe also offers commissionable fares at http://
    (You will need to use our old CLIA number for
             this supplier.) Each rail company has a different way they charge their
             fares and time frame in which you need to purchase.

             Additional suppliers and their details are available on the Supplier
             Account List.

                                Chapter 10— Rental Cars

     Rental cars that are booked on their own (not in a tour package) do not have to
     be paid until picked up at the rental location. A major credit card (NOT a debit
     card) and a driver at least 25 years or older is required to rent a car. There are
     some companies who rent to younger drivers for an additional fee.

     Car Sizes
     There are many different sizes of rental cars. Here is an idea of the cars but all
     car sizes. Keep in mind the makes and models can be different and these are not
     all the sizes possible, but are the most popular:
                  Economy- Geo Metro
                  Compact- Cavalier
                  Intermediate- Contour
                  Full-size- Taurus
                  Luxury – Towncar
                  Sport Utility- Explorer
                  Minivan- Windstar

     Pricing and Commission
     Generally speaking, the smaller the
     car, the cheaper the price while sport cars and convertibles cost much more.
     Taxes are not included in the price quoted. Reservations are made by either
     calling the car company or booking on their website.

Page 48
                                                        Rental Cars cont’d

Most companies pay 10% commission. If the customer is using a corporate
account, a discount certificate or AAA discount, the car company may reduce or
eliminate the commission. Double check to see if the booking you make will be
commissionable. If there is little or no commission you can charge a service fee
to make it profitable. Again, each company is different so be sure you double
A great place to look for rental car prices is This website
will compare rates of different rental companies‘ websites. If you find
something, then log into the car company‘s website as an agent or put in our
IATA number so that we receive the commission. does not pay

Important Questions to Ask your Client:
      1. Size of car needed - how many adults/children and baggage will there
      2. Do they need special equipment - infant car seats, toddler seats, ski
         rack, etc.?
      3. Do they prefer in-terminal pick up, or is a shuttle to a different
         location acceptable?
      4. Age of driver - there is an additional fee for drivers under 25 years,
         keep this in mind for honeymooners!
      5. Are they ‗members‘ of any particular rental company - this may
         qualify them for discounts?
      6. Will they be leaving the state with vehicle - many companies offer
         unlimited mileage, as long as you stay in that state. Watch out for
         rentals that are close to a state border.
      7. Any other memberships they may have to qualify them for a discount
         - AARP, Sam‘s, Sr. discounts, etc. They will need to present proof
         when picking car up to receive discounts.

When to Call in a Booking
         To verify special equipment - some of the websites do not list the
         special equipment that they have available, or how much is added to
         the daily rate for the addition.
         If vehicle is needed for disabled driver and/or passenger - make sure
         that they can meet all of your clients needs.

                                                                          Page 49
Chapter 11—Hotels

                When a full size van (or special car model) is needed - some websites
                do not list prices even if they offer the vehicles. You may need to do
                some calling to find the best rate for your client.

     For more information go to the Dugan‘s Agent page for ―Rental Cars‖.

                                Chapter 11— Hotels

     Your options for booking hotels are as follows:

     Using the hotel’s website
     (For example: for Comfort Inn‘s etc)
     When using a hotel‘s website to make a booking, there must be a place to enter
     our IATA number or we will not get the commission. The only exception to this
     rule is if you have already entered a travel agent only section using our IATA
     number and they know it is us who is making the booking.

                        Calling the hotel directly
                        Be careful doing this because it is harder to collect our
                        commission when we call things in. You can definitely do it,
                        but be sure to document whom you spoke with and the time.

                         Using an alternate website
                         These websites offer us negotiated discounted rates with
                         various hotels along with a commission. Some of the
                         bookings are not LIVE so they will be emailing you to let you
                         know if the price and/or room is available for the dates you
     select. Sometimes they will have higher or lower prices than showed. Either
     way, they will email you to let you know what they can offer and how to make
     the reservation. Here are some examples, remember, user name and passwords
     can be found on the account list.
                 CCRA International (
                 Hotel Rewards (
                 One Minute Booking (
                 Utell (

     For more information on hotels visit, ―Hotels and Rental
     Cars‖ page.

Page 50
                                                                     Hotels cont’d

To make booking a hotel easier, you need to know where your client needs or
wants to be. If they need to stay in Chicago find out if they need to be in the
suburbs or by Navy Pier; Chicago is a big area. You also need to know the price
range your client is looking for. Some people want the cheapest possible and
will stay in a Super 8 hotel. Others prefer to pay a little more to be in a Marriott
or to be right next door to where they need to go. Find out what type of room
they need, a room with two doubles or a king bed, a nonsmoking room, or a
smoking room. And, find out how many people will be in the room including

Many times you will find cheaper hotel rates when you book the hotel as part of
a package through a tour company. This works great for cities like Las Vegas
and Orlando. A two night minimum stay is usually required. Also, many of
these tour companies will offer LAND ONLY packages that you can use to sell
someone a hotel. A normal hotel booking does not include taxes, but tour
packages for land only do include taxes.

Hotels can be booked directly with a hotel or through package companies or
discount companies. You can book them online or by calling the hotel directly.
Whenever you book over the phone, take good notes. Document what you are
told, by who and what action you took. Get the name of the person who made
the reservation, confirmation number, confirm they have our information to send
us commission, put the date and time you spoke to the reservationist. This way if
you don‘t get your commission in a timely matter you have the information and
can research it easier.

Question: I have a client who needs a hotel in Kona, Hawaii for two nights.
After further discussion, the client decides they want to stay at an Outrigger
property. How do I handle this request?

Response: First, find out what rates are available at the
hotel. You can use their website or call them directly. You
find out the rate is $210 per night without taxes. (Keep this
in mind when you calculate rates for your customer.)

Next check with some of the tour companies (experience
will later help you decide which companies to look at).
Let‘s try Pleasant Holidays at

                                                                              Page 51
Chapter 12—Tour Packages

     You find they offer the hotel in a package for a total of $428.24. This price
     includes a lei greetings, breakfast and taxes.

     EXERCISE: Check a few of these popular Hawaii suppliers and see what you
     can find. This is mostly an exercise in getting use to moving around suppliers‘
     websites and finding information. If you have questions about what you see
     online, call the supplier directly. (You might as well get use to calling them now
     as there will be times you need to do it in the future.) Blue Sky Tours, Apple
     Vacations, Runaway Tours, Funjet, All About Hawaii, and Happy Tours are
     good companies for Hawaii reservations.

     This is a good example of how you need to look at things. Don‘t just take the
     first rate you get, you‘ll find great rates if you are willing to do the research.
     Sometimes there is nothing you can do- but it is rare. The only time you should
     look at just booking a hotel is when the hotel will be in a city that is not offered
     in a package or if the client is only staying one night as most tour companies
     require at least a two night stay. Las Vegas is a prime example.

     When you compare the rate given directly by the hotel and the rate offered
     through tour companies, you‘ll be amazed at how much you can save your client.

                             Chapter 12—Tour Packages
     Bundling travel components for your clients can save them money and provide
     you with higher commissions. Airfare, rental car, hotel and other options can all
     booked at one time, through one supplier, as opposed to booking each
     component separately, through multiple suppliers.

     Because all components are ‗bundled‘ together, tour packages offer better prices
     and streamline your efforts. In addition, some tour companies offer specials that
     are not available if you book components separately. For example, Southwest
     Vacations once offered a promotion where kids flew free with a paying adult to

     Common Terms for Tours
     Various types of tours have been developed to meet the needs of an increasingly
     sophisticated travel public. They cater to both the mass market and to specific

Page 52
                                                     Tour Packages cont’d

segments of the market. There are tours tailored to attract the young, singles,
families, and senior citizens. There are tours organized for special groups with
special interests and special needs. There is no industry wide accepted definition
of these various types of tours, but the following designations and definitions are
widely used. Learning the types of tours and their classification helps you find
the right tour for the right client.

Prepaid, Prepackaged Tours
       1. Independent
              Typically the independent offers just air travel, hotel
              accommodations and one other feature.
              Choice of specific hotels and class of hotels is frequently
              No group departures and no scheduled group activities.
              These packages allow the traveler a great amount of
              independence and flexibility while still being able to take
              advantage of the low rates.
              This tour is the least structured of the tour types.
       2. Hosted
              These prepaid, prepackaged tours add the feature of a host to the
              independent tour option.
              A host is available at each major destination on the tour to assist
              travelers in arranging sightseeing, tickets, etc.
              These hosts are frequently found at desks in the lobbies of major
              Hosted tours are often used for conventions and conferences.

       3. Fully Escorted (now frequently labeled ―Independent‖ or
              The fully escorted tour offers your client a structured program
              including air and/or ground transportation, accommodations,
              meals and sightseeing, including taxes, tips, and service charges.
              Tour members assemble at an initial destination city and travel
              together, often to many destinations, accompanied by a tour
              Escorted tours are popular with older clients and when the
              destination is unfamiliar in custom, language, etc.
              With recent trends, tours labeled ―Independent‖ now frequently
              include a host.

                                                                             Page 53
Tour Packages cont’d

     Custom Made Tours
           1. Domestic Independent Tour (DIT)
                 Custom designed tour of the United States/Canada prepared by a
                 highly skilled travel agent for a particular client(s).
                 Because the preparation of this kind of tour takes a great deal of
                 time and expertise, it is no longer cost effective and not
                 encouraged by most agencies.

            2. Foreign Independent Tour (FIT)
                   A customized tour to foreign destinations, but is also time
                   consuming, and therefore, not cost effective.

            3. Group Independent Tour (GIT)
                  Can be foreign or domestic and is also prepaid. This kind of tour
                  can be highly profitable if negotiated and sold properly.

              Classified by Purpose
                      1. Special Interest
                   Highly specialized tours that attract people with a common
                   interest such as cooking, bird watching, photography, and
                   religious pilgrimages.
                   The tours include activities that pursue these interests.

                      2. Incentive
                   These prepaid, prearranged tours are for employees who have
                   earned or won the trip through their business performance.
                   The incentive tour can be set up as an independent, hosted or
                   escorted tour.
                   They are paid for by the employer and usually includes air,
                   transportation, hotel, meals, and one or more activities.
                   The destination is of prime importance, as is a smooth operation,
                   and cooperation between the agency, tour operator and
                   sponsoring company.
                   It has become a great marketing tool.

            3. Convention
                  These tours are marketed to a particular group or groups who are
                  members of clubs, associations, trade unions, etc.

Page 54
                                                   Tour Packages cont’d

              The travel agent, tour agent, group and convention committees
              work together to accomplish a convention tour.

       4. Relaxation
              A sandy beach, good food, and perhaps nightly entertainment are
              typical of the relaxation type tours available to the Caribbean,
              Mexico, and Hawaii.
              Limited sightseeing and/or sports and recreation might be
              included, but usually the tour has one main destination.

       5. Sports and Recreation
             These packages or tours are for those who want an active vacation
             of golf, tennis, skiing, biking, or even walking.
             Spectator sports packages would include tickets to the World
             Series, Super Bowl, etc.

       6. Scenic Tours
              Often included with tours of relaxation and with city and country
              tours to places like Hawaii, Mexico, and Switzerland.

Classified by Method of Transportation
        1. Fly & Drive
               This package may or may not be prepaid.
               Usually provides confirmed, prepaid airline tickets, and
               confirmed car reservations.
               May or may not contain hotel/motel arrangements.

       2. Air & Sea
              The air and sea package or tour uses air transportation one way
              and ship one way, or air transportation at the point of
              embarkation, then a cruise, then air transportation back to home

Classified by Destination
        1. Area Tours
               These are generally foreign tours with a small amount of time
               spent in each stop on the itinerary.
               Examples include Rail Tours, Wine Tours, Fall Foliage Tours,

                                                                          Page 55
Tour Packages cont’d

            2. Single City or Country
                   These tours are generally shorter tours that involve just one city
                   or country.
                   They could be independent fly/drives, group or incentive tours
                   that are fully escorted.

            3. Multiple Cities or Countries
                  Same as above except for visiting two or more main destinations,
                  such as Edinburgh, Scotland and London, England.

     Types of Packages
                  Air/Hotel – Airfare and hotel are included in one package price.
                  Air/Hotel/Car – Airfare, hotel and car are included in one package
                  Fly/Drive – Airfare and car are included in one package price.
                  Options – Most packages offer options that you can ‗add on‘ to
                  the base package, such as insurance, sightseeing tours, cars, etc.

     EXERCISE: Locating and booking through a tour company; departing
     Orlando, FL traveling to Las Vegas, NV.

     Step 1—Locate the lowest priced airfare between the departure and
     destination cities.

     Action: In addition to locating the best airfare, this identifies carriers that offer
     flights to your client‘s destination. At this point, you may eliminate certain tour
     operators from your research who do not offer flights to the destination you
     need. Most of the major airlines offer tour packages. Searching first to see
     which airlines fly between your city pair can help you eliminate certain tour

     Results: Your Internet search has identified Delta as lowest air carrier.
     Southwest Airlines was 2 nd cheapest. Both these air carriers offer tour packages
     you can include them in your search. On the other hand, American Airlines had
     the highest airfare; do not include American Airlines Vacations in your VAX

     Step 2: Check and compare the following tour operators.
     Action: Go to VAX Vacation Access (

Page 56
                                                    Tour Packages cont’d

        Delta Vacations
        GoGo Vacations (they offer bulk fare on most airlines)
        Southwest VacationsMirage/MGM Resorts Vacations (Only for Treasure
        Island, Mirage, Bellagio, MGM, New York New York or Golden
Results: Your research identifies that Southwest Vacations offers the best price
and fulfills the client‘s needs.

Step 3: Quote the client the package.
Action: Put together a formal email outlining what you are presenting to your
client. Be sure to note what is included in the price you are quoting. Also note
how long the quote is valid and what is required to confirm or book the
Results: The client accepts the quote and would like to proceed with the

Step 4: Booking the package
Each tour company is different, but most will allow you to book a tour package
without a deposit, as long as the departure date is at least 45 days out.
Departures less than 45 days away usually require full payment upon booking.
Action: Your booking process should consist of the following steps:

   1. Review the travel dates, price, flight times, lodging, spelling of traveler‘s
      names, and tour options with the client. (If you book over the phone, be
      sure you also review the reservation with the tour company.) Ensure that
      all of these details are correct, as any changes after booking will cost you
      money. An increase in the cost of the tour may require that you obtain
      approval from your client before booking.
   2. Obtain either a deposit or full payment from the client in the form of a
      credit card (preferred) or check. (Chapter 4)
   3. Book the tour either by calling the supplier or booking online. Note:
      Some suppliers will offer a higher commission rate for booking online
      versus calling.
   4. Some tour operators will allow you to change the document delivery
      address during the booking process. If this is available, take advantage
      and have the documents mailed directly to the client. This will allow
      documents to arrive at their destination quicker and save you money in

                                                                            Page 57
Tour Packages cont’d

        5. Complete the booking claim form online at .
            The booking claim form must be completed as soon as you confirm the
            booking with the supplier and obtain payment from the client. Do not
            wait to send the booking form in until after the final payment! This will
            cause you to lose money from bonus commissions that are due when
            deposit is made. Additionally, the booking form ensures that if the
            documents are mailed to Dugan‘s Travel we will be able to promptly and
            correctly mail them to the client. (Chapter 5)
        6. If the client made a deposit, inform client when final payment is due.
        7. Confirm your booking directly with the airline, hotel, or car rental
            company. This is to ensure that the supplier has done their job correctly
            and all of the arrangements with the various components are correct.
     Results: The booking is complete through Southwest Vacations.

     Step 5: Ensure that travel documents are delivered to the client.
     Action: Documents are usually sent two weeks prior to the customer‘s
     departure. Some suppliers will send to you or your client directly if requested.
     Some will only send to Dugan‘s Travels. If travel documents, are mailed
     directly to you, the agent, we recommend reviewing all documents for accuracy
     before delivering to the client.
     Results: Travel documents arrive to client. Client has all necessary
     documentation to complete their trip.

     Cancellation Policies
     Each tour company maintains their own cancellation policy. This information is
     usually located on their website. If you cannot find this information on their
     website, call the supplier directly. You can also offer insurance to customers
     either from the tour company or through a travel insurance company such as
     Travel Guard or Travel Insured. (Chapter 18 covers travel insurance.)

     How to Refine Your Tour Company Search
     Most of the questions on the chat list are on booking packages. The main
     question is what tour company to contact. With thousands of tour companies out
     there one cannot check all of them. Here is help on making it easier on you.

            1. (
                  On the home page, enter your choices in the gray box labeled
                  ―Search our Comprehensive Directory of Tours and Vacation‖.
                  The site will return with a list of tour companies that offer what
                  you are looking for.

Page 58
                                            Tour Packages cont’d

       The tour companies listed may not offer the exact itinerary that
       you want but you can contact them to see if they would offer
       anything you could use.
       This tool is invaluable. You can choose price range- land only or
       land with air- departure dates when searching.

2. (
      This website offers specials and other helpful information.
      At, your faxes and e-mail from cooperating
      suppliers are copied, saved and indexed for your easy retrieval.
      This is FREE to travel agents.

3. Official Travel Agent Directory (
       This is an excellent Reference Book with phone numbers and
       contacts of everything travel related.
       You won‘t have to ask for a phone number again!
       Everything you need is in this book.

4. Find out who is offering specials
       Use the web and all the resources to find specials.

5. Locate what airlines fly from and to your cities
      The first step in finding a tour operator for where your client
      needs to travel to is to find out who flies from their city or origin
      to where they need to go.
      For example: Your customer needs to fly from Milwaukee to Las
      Vegas. You find that the airlines that travel to and from this pair
      are Northwest, Continental, American, United, and Delta.
      Look up what dates they want and find Northwest offers the
      lowest fare. Visit Northwest Vacations to see what packages are
      Be sure to also check familiar tour companies like GoGo, Apple
      Vacations, Funjet, Mirage Vacations, and others.
      You may also want to compare with the other airlines who offer
      vacation packaging, like Continental Vacations or United
      This might seem like you are going to do a ton of checking but
      you don‘t have to. If you have time, it is great to look into as
      much as you can so you can get an idea of who offers the best

                                                                    Page 59
Tour Packages cont’d

                   prices. You will soon pick three or four that you look at on a
                   regular basis.
                   Finally, look into air and hotel separate. Many tour companies
                   will do land only. For example, you find a really good price on
                   air. Visit one of the tour companies that offer hotel only options,
                   such as Transglobal Vacations or It might
                   end up cheaper than all the packages you looked at.

               6. Use the account list (
                   Our account list offers a great place to find suppliers.
                   Keep in mind that not all suppliers are on the account list. If there
                   is a supplier not on our account list that works with travel agents,
                   we can set up an account with the supplier. (Contact
                   Once you complete your training and get on the chat list, go to the
                   Some of our favorite tour companies are:
                        Funjet, GoGo, and Apple Vacations (variety of destinations).
                        Pleasant Holidays, Blue Sky, Runaway Tours, GoGo, Custom
                        Vacations, United Vacations (good for Hawaii).
                        Southwest Vacations, Funjet, Mirage Vacations, GoGo,
                        American Airlines vacations, Delta Vacations (Las Vegas).
                        Travel Connection, Southwest Vacations, Funjet, United,
                        GoGo (California).
                        GoGo, Funjet, Delta Vacations (Florida).
                        Walt Disney Company, Gala Tours (Walt Disney World, and
                        Disneyland and San Diego)

            7. Read the chat list
                  Many agents will share ideas and information on suppliers on the
                  chat list.
                  Do a search for the destination you need on the old archives and
                  you will get some great info.
                  For more information on searching the chat list visit Appendix A.

     Practice (and research) makes perfect when it comes to handling packages. You
     will start to learn the market better each time you look up prices. Keep in mind,
     many tour companies will also match other tour company‘s prices. You just need
     to be willing to look around for your customers. Look through magazines like

Page 60
                                    Chapter 13—All About Cruises

the Travel Agent magazine for tour companies and start a file on tour companies
you can easily reference.

EXERCISE: Training Exercise: ―I have a couple that would like to travel to
Hawaii. They are interested in an inexpensive package, which includes airfare,
hotel, rental car and island hopping, if possible. They are considering leaving on
July 23 for 2 weeks.‖

Collect more information from your client. You need to know where they are
departing from and which island they wish to go to. Try to get as much
information as you can; do they want to fly into Honolulu then go to other
islands? How long do they want to spend at each island.

Take a look at our Hawaii suppliers that are listed on the account list. Contact
them and tell them what your client is looking for. They will help you put a
package together. Pleasant Holidays, Blue Sky Tours, Suntrips, Happy
Tours, Apple Vacations, Runaway Tours are just a few Hawaii suppliers.

                          Chapter 13—Cruises
                         Part I: All About Cruises

The cruise industry is the most exciting vacation category in the United States
and Canada. Its average rate of growth has been far greater than any other
category. Over the past 10 years, the industry has responded to extensive market
and consumer research that has guided the addition of new destinations, new
ship design concepts, new on-board/on-shore activities, new themes and new
cruise lengths to reflect the changing vacation patterns of
today‘s market.

Whether a frequent or first-time cruiser the cruise experience
consistently exceeds passenger expectations on a wide range of
important vacation attributes. On a comparative basis versus
other vacation categories, cruising consistently receives top
marks. The on-going challenge for the industry is to convert
cruise prospects into new cruisers.

                                                                            Page 61
           All About Cruises cont’d

The Cruise Line      Cashing in on the Cruise Market
International As-    Cruising is an important vehicle for sampling destination areas to which
sociation (CLIA)     passengers may return. 80% of cruise passengers agree that a cruise vacation is
has reported an      good way to sample destinations that they may wish to visit again on a land-
average annual       based vacation. Nearly 40% of cruise vacationers state that they returned to
passenger            vacation at a destination port visited by cruise. Cruisers are not exclusively
growth rate of       cruisers; rather they are frequent vacationers who cruise as part of their vacation
7.4% per an-         mix.
                     The North American cruise market is strong across all 50 states and Canada.
Since 1980:          Today‘s array of airlift options and streamlined port processing has opened up
150+ million         cruising as a vacation alternative to more and more individuals. The addition of
passengers           new North American embarkation ports provides cruise vacationers more
have taken a
                     options and opportunities to drive versus fly. In fact, 72% of Americans indicate
                     that the convenience of over 30 ―Close to Home‖ North American embarkation
cruise (2+ days).
                     ports increases their likelihood to cruise within the next three years.
Of those,
    61% = gener-
    ated in the      From a capacity standpoint, utilization is consistently over 100%. In 2007 the
    past 10 years.   CLIA industry occupancy rate was 105.7%. The Caribbean and Bahamas
    37% = gener-     represents the number one destination with almost 37% of capacity development.
    ated in the      The Mediterranean, Europe, Alaska, and Mexico follow the Caribbean in
    past 5 years     popularity.
                     The cruise industry has a very close working relationship with the travel agency
Of the 51 million    community. A vast majority of cruise passengers use the services of a travel
North Americans      agent to book their cruise vacations. Cruises are profitable to sell and generate a
who indicated        high repeat rate. The most successful and productive agencies are those that
their intent to      place a premium on selling cruises and training their personnel. CLIA provides a
cruise, approxi-     wide portfolio of travel agency training programs considered among the best in
mately               the travel industry including live classroom seminars, seminars at industry
19.9 % of the        conferences and events, online training, DVD training and textbooks.
U.S. population
has ever             [Source for statistical information: 2008 CLIA Cruise Market Overview. 2009. CLIA.
cruised.    (accessed March 8, 2009)]

12.8 million         Building Your Business with Cruises
guests were          As you can see from the information provided above cruises represent an
welcomed             unparalleled opportunity for travel agents. In fact, the opportunity has never been
aboard in 2008.      better for travel agents to build their business selling cruises. A recent poll
                     conducted by the Newspaper Association of America showed that nearly nine

           Page 62
                                                All About Cruises cont’d

out of ten cruisers used a travel agent to book their cruise. However, cruising
still represents just 2% of the total leisure travel market. That means there is a
huge potential cruise market available right now from the other 98% of the
people who already take vacations. And, many of these vacationers are already
your clients!

        1. Become Lean and Mean
Travel agents rely too much on brochures and have too many sitting around that
they don‘t use. Put the brochures you do keep in a file cabinet or storeroom.
Don‘t just hand clients a brochure and tell them to call you when they make a
decision. YOU are the travel expert, not the brochure. You want your clients to
come to you for the answers and to rely on your knowledge, experience and
guidance. The brochure is a tool to help you inform your client and sell the

        2. Focus
There are 30 different cruise lines, with 131 ships. It‘s impossible to know all of
them. Focus on the best lines to meet the needs of your particular market. Pick a
slate of no more than six cruise lines that will provide the best range of price and
product. Then, focus on selling your preferred lines. Remember that the best
retailers concentrate on a select group of products.

        3. Get Educated
Learn your preferred suppliers‘ products and policies. Participate in ship
inspections, go on FAM trips, and attend conferences and events such as the
CRUISE-A-THON and Cruise3Sixty. You can also visit CLIA‘s website for
training opportunities. Bone up on your partners‘ policies so you won‘t be like
the agent who needs to make six phone calls to close a booking.

        4. Get Help
All of the cruise lines are ready, willing and able to help you sell cruises. Take
advantage of that help. Work closely with your cruise line sales representative to
develop promotions. Take advantage of cooperative advertising programs. Use

                                                                              Page 63
All About Cruises cont’d

     the cruise line‘s videos as a ―pied piper.‖ Send the videos home with your
     booked clients so they can show their friends and family the great cruise they‘re
     going on. The friends and family just may come along, too.

             5. Stop, Ask and Listen
     Before you do anything else, sit down with your clients and start asking
     questions. Wait for their answers and listen. They will provide you with a wealth
     of information about the vacations they enjoy the most. Ask open-ended
     questions requiring them to tell you more than just ―yes‖ or ―no‖. You will be
     providing your clients with the best service by understanding their needs and
     actively making recommendations that satisfy their needs within the cruise
     products on which you have decided to focus.

             6. Recommend Cruises
     Your clients may not consider taking a cruise unless you are recommending a
     cruise at every opportunity. After you‘ve listened to what kind of vacation they
     enjoy and what their interests are, recommend the cruise that will fit those needs
     and interests and then ask for the business. Call your preferred cruise line
     partner, about whose products and policies you have already become
     knowledgeable, and book that cruise right then.

             7. Go the Extra Mile
     Customer service begins and ends with you. Call clients before they leave to
     answer any last minute questions. Make them feel as pampered by your agency
     as they do on the ship. Have a bottle of champagne or box of chocolates in their
     stateroom when they get on board. Send a ―Welcome Back‖ note so it is there
     when they get home. And follow up with a phone call to get their feedback.
     Keep in touch with them; send birthday cards and anniversary wishes. Make
     them as though they are your only client and give them a ―heads up‖ on specials
     fares or upgrade options. Give them everything they need to say ―yes, book me
     another cruise.‖ After all, statistics show, they will cruise again.

     Following these basic steps will help you get well on your way to cashing in on
     the boom in cruising.

     The Ideal Vacation – Value Combined with Ease
     A cruise ship is like a huge resort that moves from destination to destination.
     Each day you wake up to a new destination. There is no getting in the car,
     loading the luggage or shuffling the kids off to a new hotel; you sleep and you
     are there.

Page 64
                                                  All About Cruises cont’d

It is the value of the cruise that makes this type of vacation popular. Let‘s
compare one night at a hotel to one day on a cruise ship. We find an incredibly
low package price on hotel and air at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas ($240).
Since we got up early for the flight, we‘re ready for a full lunch ($22). We settle
into our room and watch a first run movie ($10) as we get ready for a night on
the town. We head out and tour the area (free since we‘re walking). We get
dinner ($65) and take in a popular Las Vegas show ($60). We check out some of
the casinos and then head to the midnight buffet with more entertainment ($32).
In the morning, we hit the hotel‘s health club, check out of the room and enjoy a
full breakfast before heading back to the airport. Your portion of the trip came
to $412.

In comparison, you book a 7-day cruise for $2814 (double occupancy). Once
you get onboard, you head to the restaurant for a bit to eat. You tour the ship
before going back to your room. You grab your bathing suit and go to the pool.
While enjoy the sun, the Cruise Director and DJ get things going with a salsa
lesson; you join the group. You decide to head back to your room for a little
R&R before dinner and catch the latest blockbuster on your in-room television.
You get ready and head to the dining room. The menu offers a variety of options
at five-star quality. You are a little hungrier than you thought and order a second
helping. After dinner you take in the evening‘s show, you visit the lounge and
enjoy the comedy act and then go dancing. As if dinner was not enough, you
grab a quick bit at the midnight buffet before trying your luck at the casino.
When you finally turn in for the night, you promise yourself to visit the health
club in the morning to work off all the food you ate! Your portion of the trip
came to $1,407 or $201 a day.

Have your cake and eat two!
On a cruise, almost everything is already included in the
price of the trip. You can have as much food as you want,
whenever you want it. You can enjoy any (or all) or the
shows, lounge acts or comedy shows. You can jump in
the pool, relax in the hot tub or visit the fitness center. Or
you can rest on the deck and relax. No matter what you
do, it is all paid for prior to the vacation. (Not included are
such things as, but not limited to gambling, shore
excursions, specialty restaurants, and spa/salon
                                                                  PIC 13.1: Midnight Buffett

                                                                                Page 65
All About Cruises cont’d

     The world-class food and décor in the main dining rooms makes them the perfect
     choice for groups both large and small! From heavenly appetizers and entrées to
     delectable desserts, this is fine dining that everyone can enjoy. It is a great time
     to try everything on the menu and not have to pay the bill! If you want to try all
     4 appetizers, 1 salad and 2 of the main entrees - have at it! Just remind your
     clients to save room for dessert because they will want to try each one!

     The menus also feature items which are low in fat, as well as vegetarian options
     and a selection of kids' favorite foods. Kosher meals are also available if
     arranged in advance. The menus change daily throughout the cruise and can
     vary from ship to ship. The ships will also modify dishes seasonally to use the
     freshest ingredients available. What I great way to experience different tastes
     from award-winning cuisine! It's all there to choose from and is all included in
     the cruise rate.

     What Does the Cost of My Cruise Include?
     For many people, a cruise's price structure can be a foreign language. You will
     get a number of questions about how the rate is determined and what is included.
     It is therefore very important to fully understand cruises price structure.

     What really is behind the price on the cruise line's web site?
     When you look at a rate on the internet, the cruise line will list the rates based on
     double occupancy, in the smallest, most remote room on the lowest deck they
     have available, AND they have not yet included all the additional charges that
     come with making the reservation, such as government taxes, fuel supplemental
     charges and gratuities. By the time you book your window room above sea level
     the rate is not the same as you were initially lead to believe. (That's why they
     say, "Rooms from….")

     Why is a single rate so much money?
     Single occupancy rates on a cruise ship work a little differently than at a hotel.
     The company says, "OK, if you are going to take both beds in the room, then you
     need to pay for both beds." (They consider the loss of revenue that an additional
     person could bring in via onboard purchases.) As such, a single occupancy room
     rate is calculated by adding the base fare of two people with one port charge and
     one government tax rate.

     What meals are included in the cruise price?
     All of your meals are covered and there are a number of dining facilities you can
     choose from without additional charges. In addition to a casual setting dining

Page 66
                                    Chapter 14—Booking a Cruise

option, the formal dining rooms are available for breakfast, lunch and of course,
dinner. Coffee, tea, water, iced tea or lemonade are standard beverages included
in the price of your cruise. Specialty beverages, beer, wine and soda are offered
at current bar menu prices. Unfortunately, those "no fat, double caff" lattés with
a shot of Bailey's will cost a little extra. (The key words to remember here are
"alcohol" and "specialty"!)

What activities and entertainment included?
Guests can enjoy the swimming pools, whirlpools, sauna or world-class fitness
center and use all the state-of-the-art equipment without additional cost; but
there are some "specialized fitness classes" that may have a charge. There are
also some onboard activities such as the ice skating rink and the rock climbing
wall that have a minimal charge. Souvenirs, shore excursions, salon/spa
treatments, Internet use, photographs and dry cleaning are some examples of
items not included in the cruise price. Be sure to review the Daily Compass
sheet in the Appendix section for an idea of what an average day at sea is like.

                           Chapter 14—Cruises
                         Part II: Booking a Cruise

The booking process is the area most agents are afraid of but is one of the easiest
and best ways to make your business a success. A common statement is ―I was
so scared to book my first cruise but after I did it and realized how easy it was…
I now love to book them because they are easy and quick cash.‖ Cruise line
booking agents can be very helpful. Don‘t be afraid to call them, tell them that
you are new and ask for help.

When you have a customer who says they want to go on a cruise there are a lot
of things to consider. You need to qualify your client to determine what will be
the best cruise for them. Remember to listen to your client‘s answers.

Qualify Your Client
Have you cruised before? If so on what cruise line and did you like it?
If they have never gone a cruise, ask them what type of hotels they prefer.
Someone who likes Holiday Inn‘s or Best Westerns will be a different type of
client than someone who usually stays at a Westin or Crowne Plaza. Cruise lines
have a similar set-up; the Holiday Inn guests would feel more comfortable

                                                                             Page 67
           Booking a Cruise cont’d

                     onboard Carnival or Royal Caribbean. While the Westin/Crowne Plaza guests
                     would probably prefer a more luxury cruise line like Holland America Line or

                     Do you have a budget or particular price range you would like me to work with?
                     If someone has a certain budget, you will want to come in at that price or under.
                     You may feel uncomfortable asking this question, but it will help you find the
                     right cruise for your client. Remind them what the rate includes (meals,
                     entertainment, shipboard activities). You can offer some other options that are
                     higher than they want to spend, but make sure to have a quote for their asking
                     price (or close to it).

                           Where do you want to visit?
                           Find out locations they would be interested in. Find out what particular
                           places they want to visit on the cruise or if there are places they have
                           already been to. If they have always wanted to sail to St. Lucia, you want
                           to find an itinerary that offers St. Lucia. It is a good idea to keep a map
                           handy. View an itinerary on a map to get an idea of how long it takes to
                           go places (PIC 14.1). For example, in order to get to St. Lucia on a 7-day
                           cruise, you will more than likely have to leave from some place in the

                            Where are you located?
PIC. 14.1: 7-Day South-     Someone located in California should try to go out of locations such as
ern Caribbean Cruise sail- Los Angeles, Galveston, and New Orleans before Miami because flying
ing from San Juan, PR.     there would be cheaper. Suggesting an itinerary that sails from a convenient
                           port may help keep airfare low.

                     What are the ages of those traveling?
                     This can be important because you don‘t want to put a couple in their twenties
                     on a ship or itinerary that usually has older couples. Or vice-verses for that

                     When do you want to travel?
                     Don‘t let them just say next spring. Narrow down to a month or even better a
                     date range. Some cruises only go certain times of years, the weather can be a
                     factor and the season can affect the rate.

                     How long do you want to cruise?
                     There are cruises from 2 days on up, so find out how long they have to cruise.

           Page 68
                                                 Booking a Cruise cont’d

What type of stateroom do you want?                                                   CRUISE LINES BY
We suggest starting by recommending an outside stateroom. If they were going            CATEGORY
to a hotel, it would have a window. If cost is their main issue and are not           Mainstream
                                                                                      Carnival Cruise Lines
concerned about the type of stateroom they are in, an interior room will work.        Costa Cruises
                                                                                      Disney Cruise Line
Search for Sailing                                                                    Norwegian Cruise
The information you collected form qualifying your client will help you narrow          Line
                                                                                      Royal Caribbean Int’l
down the of cruise lines to search. Obviously, if they have a preference you‘ll
only have to search one cruise line. But if they don‘t, here are some factors to      Premium
consider:                                                                             Celebrity
                                                                                      Holland America Line
Type of Cruise Lines                                                                  Princess Cruises
                                                                                      Oceania Cruises
Just like hotels, cruise lines are grouped into different price brackets. Your
client‘s budget will help direct you to which group of cruise lines to start your     Luxury
search with. Mainstream cruise lines have big ships and many activities.              Azamara Cruises
Mainstream lines include Carnival, Costa, Disney, Norwegian Cruise Line, and          Crystal Cruises
Royal Caribbean.                                                                      Cunard Line
                                                                                      MSC Cruises
                                                                                      Pear Seas Cruises
Premium cruise lines also tend to sail large ships, but focus on a slightly more      Regents Seven Seas
upscale experience. These cruise lines tend to attract adult families, and older        Cruises
travelers. Premium lines include Celebrity, Holland America, Princess, and            Seabourn Cruise Line
                                                                                      Silversea Cruises
                                                                                      Niche or Specialty
Luxury cruise lines cost upwards of $300 per day per person. Ships tend to be     Aggressor Fleet
(but aren't always) smaller and carry fewer passengers, and staterooms tend to be   (scuba)
larger. A focus is often placed on fine dining, unusual ports of call, onboard    Hertigruten (formerly
                                                                                    Norwegian Coastal
education, and spas. Luxury cruise lines include Crystal Cruises, Cunard,           Voyage)
Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Silversea, and Windstar.                             Orient Lines

Of the cruise lines listed on the right, here are the top lines and what percentage   Sailing Ships
                                                                                      Sea Cloud
they make up of the cruises sold annually.
                                                                                      SeaDream Yacht Club
        Carnival & Royal Caribbean – more than 20% each                               Star Clippers
        Princess – 15%                                                                Windstar
        Holland America – 9%
        Norwegian – 7%                                                                Riverboats and
        Celebrity & Costa Cruises – 6% each                                           AMA Waterways
                                                                                      Euro River Cruises
                                                                                      KD River Cruises
                                                                                      Majestic America Line
                                                                                      Viking River Cruises

                                                                              Page 69
            Booking a Cruise cont’d

                       Searching the Web
                       There are a number of websites that you can use to search for cruises. Whenever
                       possible, thought, you should book the cruise directly with the cruise line. This
                       will not only ensure that we receive the commission, but it will also help
WARNING: Using         increase our commission rate with the cruise line. (Chapter 16, ―Commissions‖)
online companies
such as Orbitz can     Online search engines you can use include or
be tricky. Your You can also visit for group space that you
initial search         can book into or try (under Resources you‘ll see ―Cruise
results will display   Centre‖). For AgentNet, you will need to note the rate or promotional code in
the lowest price       order to get the special rate when you book the cruise. Check the cruise line‘s
available. You will    booking tool to see if the special rate is offered; if not, you will need to call in
need to continue       the reservation to the sales department. And finally, once you get access to
through to see the     Yahoo! Groups check the database section for a listing of group space agents
actual rates for
                       have that you can also book into.
each sail date.
                       Quoting the Rate to the Client
                       If you are not familiar with cruises, we suggest calling the cruise line and
                       making the reservation with an agent over the phone.

                       “Hi, this is ________ from Dugan’s Travels. I need help finding a cruise for a
                       client and I am new to booking cruises.” You will need to provide the agent with
                       Dugan’s Travels phone number (505-672-0777) to verify the agency you are

                       All the cruise lines have helpful agents. Should you find the agent un-
                       informative or who seems unwilling to help, cut the conversation short and call
                       back. You will get a different agent. You can also use the online tools, but
                       sometimes you will need to talk directly to an agent; the website may be offline
                       or you may need information not found on the web. Once you get more familiar
                       with the process, then we suggest turning to the online booking tools.

                       How to Quote a Cruise Price
                       Cruise prices are made up of the base fare (commissionable), port charges (often
                       referred as ―non-commissionable‖), and government taxes. They may also
                       include surcharges that may be assessed by any governmental agencies. For
                       example, a high price in oil resulted in many cruise lines implementing a ―fuel
                       supplement charges‖ to compensate for the increase in oil prices. Once the rate
                       returned to normal, the charges were no longer added. Finally, the price is
                       usually quoted on a per person basis and is based on double occupancy.

            Page 70
                                                 Booking a Cruise cont’d

There are a number additional add-on features that can be included in the cruise
price. Air itineraries, ground transportation, travel insurance and gratuities can
be added to the price, if not already included by the cruise line. (Some luxury
cruise lines include some of these options in the cruise price.)

When you present the price to your client, it is very important that you note what
is and is not included in the price. You also need to note any items that might be
subject to change without notice.

Booking the Cruise
Now that client has selected the cruise, it is time to make the reservation. You
will need to pull up the sailing the client has selected. Next, select the desired

Types of Staterooms
After a day of exploring the world, its exotic cuisine and interesting cultures,
there's nothing better than returning to the comfort of one‘s private stateroom.
Staterooms are designed to be a comfortable, relaxing place to rest. While
staterooms vary by cruise line and ship, generally every room offers a television,
telephone, private bath, shower, vanity and even a hair-dryer. These rooms are
divided into four main types of staterooms; inside, outside, balcony and suites.

        1. Inside
Inside cabins are located inside the corridors of the ship and have
no windows (PIC. 4.2). These nicely appointed rooms are an
excellent value as the least expensive rooms. Guests can spend
their days onboard by the pool or on the sports deck. Then relax
at night in the comfort of their room.

There are two possible features of inside cabins, which you
should know about before hand. Some inside cabins may have
only upper & lower berths and some older ships have some real     PIC. 4.2: Inside stateroom
closet-sized inside cabins. Newer ships‘ inside rooms are usually
identical to standard window rooms.

Passengers in inside staterooms are afforded all the same ship‘s amenities as
passengers in window rooms while taking advantage of price savings. However,
without daylight, one can wake up and not know if its morning or the middle of
the night, or what the weather is outside.

                                                                              Page 71
            Booking a Cruise cont’d

                                         2. Outside (PIC. 4.3)
                                  Outside staterooms are located on the outside wall of the ship and
                                  have a window. These rooms give guests the chance to explore the
                                  world by day, and then return to their room to enjoy the amazing
                                  views from the window. Having a view of passing tropical isles or
                                  massive glaciers while lounging, dressing or romancing is a special
PIC. 4.3: Outside or Window
                                  Be aware that windows on ships can vary from port-hole size to full
                                  length picture windows affording a spectacular view. Additionally,
                     not all window rooms provide unobstructed views. The Coast Guard requires all
                     ships to have life boats. These must hang along the sides of the ship, usually up
                     high and can obscure the view from some window rooms.

                                           3. Balcony/Verandah
                                   Imagine opening your balcony door to see a new and breathtaking
                                   part of the world each morning. A stateroom with a balcony is a
                                   great way to make a cruise adventure even more memorable and
                                   the chance to truly take in the destination.

                                              4. Suites
                                      Suites offer more room, more comfort and private balconies.
PIC. 4.4: Balcony or Verandah         Guests staying in suites have access to priority boarding and a
          Stateroom                   variety of perks throughout their journey. Some suites even
                                      include complimentary concierge service, dedicated entertainment
                      seating, priority departure privileges, full breakfast, lunch and dinner dining
                      room menus available for in-room dining and more. Suites are a great way to
                      travel in style and give families more space, while keeping everyone together.
                      Some suites can accommodate up to eight people.

                     Stateroom Location and the Relationship to Price
                     Like a hotel, a ship can be 10 or more decks (floors) tall. Unlike a hotel,
                     however, the public rooms, restaurants, theatres, lounges, pool, library, spa, and
                     other entertainment facilities are interspersed with the passenger cabins.

                     With very few exceptions, there is no difference in the services offered to
                     passengers based on their stateroom type. That is, there is no first class, second
                     class, etc. All passengers have access to all facilities on board ship. The
                     exceptions may include special services offered to those who occupy suites, such
                     as butler service and access to a special dining room.

            Page 72
                                                Booking a Cruise cont’d

 Some cabins are on decks that are just below or above the public areas. This
location can make them more convenient and more desirable especially if you
have any difficulty walking. Some cabins are closer to stairways and elevators.

This is a convenience for those who do not want to walk too far to the public
decks. For others, the added traffic in these areas might be a distraction.

On older, smaller ships, ―mid-ship‖ is preferred because there is less of a
sensation of ―rocking‖ should seas become rough. On newer ships, which have
highly sophisticated computer-controlled stabilizers, there is rarely any rocking,
so a mid-ship location is more a matter of convenience to public rooms for both
forward and aft.

The deck plan to the left is from Carnival‘s Splendor (PIC. 4.5). The categories
are color coded. Along the interior, you‘ll see three different colors of rooms,
beige (1A), pink (4D), and green (4E). Each of these rooms has a different
cruise base fare. Carnival Cruise Line labels their interior rooms with the
number ―4‖ and then adds a letter for each level up. So a ―4A‖ room is an

interior room located on the first deck, and is the lowest price. (Note: On
Carnival, a 1A room is an inside room with one upper and one lower berth and
considered a category in its own.)

Assign or Guaranty?
During the booking process, you will be asked to either assign a specific
stateroom or agree to let the cruise line select one at a later time. Assigning a
stateroom means you select the room the clients will occupy onboard.
Reference the cruise ship‘s brochure or online tools to view the deck plans and
see exactly where the room is located.

One way to get more than you paid for is to accept a guaranteed booking. This
is when you let the cruise line select the room on your behalf. Simply stated,
you pay for a certain category within a type of stateroom (i.e., interior to
interior). You are guaranteed a stateroom on the ship in a specific category or
better at the price specified at time of booking. If your client books far enough

in advance they could receive an upgrade within the category by one or two
categories. (Upgrades are assigned based on availability and only after the
reservation has full deposit and names applied.)

                                                                               PIC. 4.5: Deck Plan of
                                                                               Carnival’s Splendor

                                                                             Page 73
Booking a Cruise cont’d

     Guest Details
     It is important to list the names on the reservation exactly as they appear on their
     travel documents. Almost all cruise lines request legal first and last names only,
     no middle names. Hyphenated last names should be listed as the passenger‘s last
     name. You will also need to list their age/date of birth, along with their country
     of citizenship.

     Bed Configuration
     Cruise ship beds are referred to as ―berths‖; similar to trains. Most cruise lines
     offer upper or lower berths. Lower berths push together for a double or queen
     bed. Upper berths usually fold down from the wall for sleeping then are folded
     up during the day (again like on a train). Some rooms have two lower beds that
     cannot be moved together. There are also some rooms with one lower and one
     upper berth. Finally, third, fourth, & fifth berths in a stateroom may be a
     convertible sofa bed, upper berths, or both.

     Dining Preference
     Most cruise ships offer multiple dining times. These are in addition to room
     service and alternative cafes or restaurants that may also be available onboard.
     Dining times vary by ship and itinerary but will be posted in the daily ship
     activity sheets once onboard. Some cruise lines have opted for a more flexible
     approach to dining; freestyle or anytime dining. A downfall to this option is that
     you may have to wait longer for an available table, especially if you are part of a
     large group. Norwegian and Princess are two such cruise lines that offer this
     option, in addition to the more traditional style of dining.

                At the time of booking, guests need to select their dining preference.
                The dining time along with table number (if applicable) will be
                indicated on the passenger‘s shipboard card/room key. Some cruise
                lines will also allow you to indicate a preference for table size. You
                can request a table for 2, 4, 6 or 8. If you are a couple, a table for two
                means you will dine alone. However, if you choose a table for 4 (not
                recommended for a couple), 6 or 8 then you will be seated with other
                cruising passengers. Most find dining with shipmates leads to
                interesting conversation and many long-time friendships and travel-
                mates have resulted.

                HINT: For a honeymoon couple, try to secure a table for two. If one
                is not available, select a table of 6 or 8. This way there is a greater
                chance they will find someone with common interests.

Page 74
                                                 Booking a Cruise cont’d

Add-On Features
Almost all cruise lines provide additional items that can be added to the cruise
reservation. Some of these items are commissionable, while others are not.

Flight Arrangements
Getting to the city where the cruise will embark may involve flying. Most cruise
lines offer some type of Air and Sea package that can be added to the cruise
reservation. There are however, pros and cons to doing this.

Generally, when you make air travel bookings with the cruise line it means:
           Common flight arrangements are provided for guests staying in the
           same stateroom, so long as guests are booked a the same time, for
           travel from the same gateway city (based on airline availability);
           Usually no more than one connection from the gateway city;
           E-tickets are available for selected carriers; and
           You can obtain your flight itineraries as much as 60 days prior to
           cruise departure.

For the most part, air transportation will be arranged to allow for same-day
departure. However, guests may be required to travel on red-eye flights or arrive
up two days before sailing. Guests may be required to make connections with
different airlines and the flight may require guests to make connections and/or
stops en route to your final destination. Additionally, the cruise line reserves the
right to select the carriers, flights, routes and layover city (if any).

To avoid cris-crossing the country in the middle of the night, guests can opt to
―customize‖ their air arrangements, for an additional fee. You should also know,
almost all cruise lines no longer offer commission on the air arrangements.

The main reason air is frequently booked independently of a cruise is the cost.
Be certain to check with the cruise line for flight time guidelines. You want to
make sure guests arrive in time to collect their bags and get to the cruise
terminal. And for the return flight, make sure your clients have enough time to
get off the ship, clear customs, collect their bags and transfer to the airport.
Booking a flight too early can ruin an otherwise wonderful vacation.

Ground Transportation
Almost all cruise lines provide transportation between the airport and the cruise
terminal. ―Cruise-only transfers‖ can be purchased in advance for round-trip or

                                                                             Page 75
Booking a Cruise cont’d

     one-way transportation. Most cruise lines even provide guests the opportunity to
     add transfers to the airport while onboard, should a change of plans occur.
     Usually just outside the security gates or in the baggage claim area, cruise line
     representatives direct passengers to the buses. They will have a passenger
     manifest and will confirm the pier and cruise ship the passengers need to go to.
     Cruise-only transfers usually operate within a set time frame. Be sure to confirm
     the hours of operation before booking independent air arrangements.

     Pre- and Post-Cruise Arrangements
     If the cruise departs from a city of interest, passengers may want to arrive early
     or stay late and visit the city. The cruise line also has hotel partners with special
     rates for cruise passengers to take advantage of. Hotel, car and even local tours
     and excursions can be an exciting add-on feature that enhances your client‘s
     experience. All these options can be added to your client‘s cruise reservation.

     Travel Insurance
     (Travel Insurance is fully discussed in Chapter 18)
     Another add-on feature is travel/trip insurance (often referred as ―vacation
     protection‖ by the cruise line). Many people refer to it as ―trip cancellation‖
     insurance even though coverage goes beyond just cancellation protection.
     Whether booked with the cruise reservation or independently through a third-
     party, travel insurance is an important feature that should be offered to any travel
     arrangements you make. Carefully review the cruise line‘s terms and conditions
     and compare them to a third-party supplier. You may find better coverage at
     lower rates from the supplier.

     Confirming the Reservation
     Once you have completed the reservation, the cruise line representative or online
     booking tool will confirm the payment amounts and their due dates. You will
     also receive a confirmation number you will need to give to your clients so they
     can complete the online check-in process and book and shore excursions of

     Deposit and Final Payments
     The ―deposit‖ is a portion of the total cruise cost required to secure the
     reservation. A few cruise lines will split the deposit into two payments; an
     ―initial deposit‖ and ―full or remaining deposit‖. Most cruise lines require full
     deposit within a few days of making the reservation. The amount of the deposit
     will vary based on the length and type of cruise, and even the room type
     reserved. Most three to five day cruises required $200 per room while a longer

Page 76
                                                Booking a Cruise cont’d.

cruise may require $500 to $700 per room. Special cruises, such as Christmas or
New Year‘s sailings or ones with a unique itinerary may require higher deposit
amount within a shorter period of time. A room with four passengers or a
special suite type may also require a higher deposit and/or in a shorter period of
time, since there are a limited number of them available.

The remaining balance of the total cruise cost (―final payment) is usually due at
the cruise line at least 60 days prior to sailing. The same factors affecting the
deposit can also affect the final payment. For example, 7-night or longer cruise
vacations usually require final payment 70 days while holiday sailings are due at
least 90 days prior to sailing. If you are making the reservation inside of the
inside of the 60, 70 or 90 day mark, the total cruise cost may be required at the
time of booking. Most cruise lines will work with you to provide you and your
client with some options.

Since the money is due to the cruise line at that time, it is a good idea to get in
the habit of requesting payment from your clients two weeks in advance of the
official final payment date. (Keep weekends, bank and postal holidays in mind
when selecting a due date.) This is especially true if paying by check.
Paying for the Cruise
There are two ways to pay for the reservation: credit or debit card (all major
companies accepted) or check. Credit cards are used as form of payment about
95% of the time. You will collect the card information from your client and
relay it to the cruise line or post the payment using the cruise line‘s online
booking tool. Keep track of all payments made on behalf of your client.

The cruise lines are particular about receiving checks, making
this form of payment a bit more complicated and risky. For
the most part, they will only accept checks from the travel
agency (Dugan‘s Travels) or directly from the passenger, in
other words, not a third-party. There are only a few cruise
lines and a few situations where you, the agent, can provide a
check to the cruise line. Before agreeing to accept a check, be
sure to confirm with the cruise line the guidelines for
submitting a check as payment.

The time involved in getting checks cashed and issued can cause problems. If an
agency check is required, it is important that you have your clients make the
check payable to Dugan’s Travels and mailed directly to the office in New

                                                                              Page 77
Chapter 15—Cruise Ticket, Documents, etc

     Mexico. Dugan‘s Travels will then deposit the check and issue a new check to
     the cruise line once your client‘s payment has cleared. Again, timing is
     everything; make sure your client mails the check in a timely manner to avoid
     cancellation of any reservations. (Review Chapter 4, if necessary.)

     In the event of cancellation, reservations paid by credit card will have any
     applicable refunds credited back to the card. Check payments will be returned to
     Dugan‘s Travels for distribution.

                             Chapter 15—Cruises
               Part III: Cruise Tickets, Travel Documents & the
                             Embarkation Process

     Pre-Cruise Check-in
     Cruising passengers can now expedite their check-in process by registering for
     their cruise in advance, online. The information provided is required by the
     Department of Homeland Security and may be shared with government agencies
     as required by law or as requested by such agencies.

     Almost all cruise lines now have online pre-cruise registration capabilities. Each
     passenger will need the following information:
                Ship, sailing date and confirmation or booking number
                Passport or appropriate proof of citizenship and identification
                Home address
                Emergency contact name with phone number for while you are on the
                Travel plans before and after your cruise
                Credit card for the Onboard Expense Account

     Once you have completed the information and printed their boarding pass,
     passengers simply go through a document verification check after arriving at the
     cruise terminal.

     Cruise Tickets
     Almost all cruise lines now offer electronic documents. Electronic documents
     (―e-docs‖) provide an alternative to the traditional cruise booklet. They
     significantly improve the distribution process providing travel agents and guests

Page 78
                       Cruise Ticket, Documents, etc. cont’d

with immediate real-time access to their travel documents. This also helps
reduce distribution costs for travel agents and the cruise line. The benefits of e-
documents are:
           Convenient and easy 24-hour online access
           Always up-to-date
           Safe and secure
           On demand printing of cruise documents
           Access within 75 days prior to sailing (after final payment)
           Timely flight information for passengers with air add-on options
           Reduced paperwork, lost tickets and enhanced communication

The traditional paper documents (booklets) are generally prepared 30 days
before sailing and mailed to the travel agency. It is important that you complete
a booking form so that agents working in the office know to who and where to
mail the tickets. When you receive the tickets, review them for accuracy.
Because of the time frames involved, e-documents are strongly encouraged.

Travel Documents
Government regulations for U.S. departure ports require that a final departure
manifest be submitted 60 minutes prior to departure. Guests must provide the
required information prior to embarkation. The easiest and most convenient way
is to complete the pre-cruise check-in process at least (3) three days prior to
departure. Guests that do not complete the registration process prior to
embarkation are required to check-in at least 90 minutes prior to the published
sailing time.

In addition, U.S. Customs and Border Protection will no longer be accepting oral
declarations to satisfy the requirements for identity and citizenship
documentation. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to identify and obtain all
required travel documents and have them available when necessary. These
appropriate valid travel documents such as passports, visas, inoculation
certificate and family legal documents are required for boarding and re-entry into
the United States and other countries. (Review Chapter 8, ―Security &
Identification Requirements‖ for a list of accepted forms of documents.)

Be sure to advise your clients well in advance of their departure to familiarize
themselves with the required travel documents. Guests who do not possess the
proper documentation may be prevented from boarding their flight or ship or
from entering a country and may be subject to fines. No refunds will be given

                                                                              Page 79
Cruise Ticket, Documents, etc. cont’d

     to individuals who fail to bring proper documentation. For complete
     information on the required travel documentation, visit the U.S. Government
     website (

     Documentation for Minors
     Should the last names of the parent and minor child traveling with them differ,
     the parent is required to present the child's valid passport and visa (if required)
     and the child's birth certificate (original, a notarized copy or a certified copy).
     The name of the parent and the child must be linked through legal

                                 Adults who are not the parent or Legal Guardian of
                                 any minor child traveling with them are required to
                                 present the child's valid passport and visa or the
                                 child's birth certificate (original, a notarized copy or a
                                 certified copy) and an original notarized letter signed
                                 by at least one of the child's parents. (Some cruise
                                 lines have a specific form that must be completed and
                                 faxed to the cruise line prior to departure. The
                                 original must accompany the minor at check-in. Be
                                 sure you confirm relationships with your client.)

     The notarized letter from the child's parent must authorize the traveling adult to
     take the child on the specific cruise, must authorize guardian to sign legal
     documentation/waivers for participation in any activities requiring them and
     must authorize the traveling adult to supervise the child and permit any medical
     treatment that must be administered to the child. If a non-parent adult is a Legal
     Guardian, the adult must present a certified certificate of Guardianship with
     respect to the child.

     Embarkation Process
     Security Checkpoint
     Once guests arrive at the cruise terminal, they will pass through the X-ray
     Security Machines with their carry-on bags. Luggage larger than 24" x 16" will
     not be permitted through the security machine and
     must be checked-in with a curbside porter.

     Check- in
     Guests will proceed to the Check-In area. The
     embarkation process will include submitting cruise

Page 80
                       Cruise Ticket, Documents, etc. cont’d

documents, showing proof of travel documentation and issuing a card (if
applicable) for their onboard account (e.g., called ―Sign & Sail‖ on Carnival).

           PIC. 15.1: Passengers embarking on Carnival’s Elation in San
                      Diego, CA.

All guests must activate an onboard account card, with a credit card (Amex,
Visa, Discover, JCB, Visa/ MasterCard gift cards and MasterCard) or opt to pay
with cash. The credit card must be present at embarkation and the cash is
deposited on board at the Information/Purser‘s Desk. Onboard the ship, the card
is used as a cashless system for purchases and services.

Each guest will be issued an onboard account card, which is used to (1) purchase
items or services while on the ship, (2) access their stateroom (key) and (3) get
on/off the ship. Some of the older cruise ships will provide guests with an
onboard account card and a separate stateroom key.

Embarkation Photo
Guests will have a "Welcome Aboard" photo taken by the ship‘s photo staff. The
photo will be on display later in the cruise for purchase. The Security Personnel
will take guest‘s onboard account card and with the onboard security system,
imbed a full color, digital photograph together with personal database
information directly onto the onboard account card.

Great job! Your guests are now onboard and ready to cruise.

                                                                            Page 81
Chapter 16—Additional Cruise Information

                             Chapter 16—Cruises
                    Part IV: Additional Cruise Information

     Cancellation Penalties
     Depending on when the cruise is canceled, a cancellation charge may apply. It is
     important that you review the cruise lines‘ policies with your clients. The
     penalty amounts differ by cruise line, passenger count, and type of sailing. Also,
     cancellations charges for groups may differ from those for individual bookings.
     Almost all cruise lines will have a copy of their terms and conditions, including
     the cancellation policy on their website or listed in the back of their brochures/
     agent guides.

     The following chart will give you a general idea of what the per person charge
     amounts will be based on when the cancellation is made. The general rule of
     thumb is cancellation charges begin the day after final payment is due.

     1 to 5 Night Cruise
             60 days or more before sailing       No cancellation charge
             59-30 days before sailing            Charge equals the deposit amount*
             29-8 days before sailing             Charge equals 50% of total price
             7 days or less                       No refund issued

     6 to 8 Night Cruise
             70 days or more before sailing       No cancellation charge
             69-30 days before sailing            Charge equals the deposit amount*
             29-8 days before sailing             Charge equals 50% the total price
             7 days or less                       No refund issued

     9 or Longer Night Cruise
            70 days or more before sailing        No cancellation charge
            69-30 days before sailing             Charge equals the deposit amount*
            29-15 days before sailing             Charge equals 50% the total price
            15 days or less                       No refund issued

     Holiday Cruises (New Year‘s, Christmas, etc…)
            90 days or more before sailing      No cancellation charge
            89-30 days before sailing           Charge equals the deposit amount*
            29-8 days before sailing            Charge equals 50% the total price
            7 days or less                      No refund issued

Page 82
                                        Additional Cruise Info. cont’d

Remember these numbers are to give you a general guideline. You must review
the cancellation penalties for the cruise line you work with.

These penalty rules are contractual; no matter how sad your client‘s case may be,
it is very unlikely the cruise line will waive any penalty terms. Cancellation due
to illness, injury, and death is exactly why guests should purchase travel
insurance. All cruise lines offer the insurance for a fee, and all cruise lines highly
recommend that you get some form of cancellation coverage. Deciding to not get
insurance and accepting the risk is a personal decision. Many agents will have
clients sign a waiver if they choose to decline coverage. A sample waiver is
available on the Dugan‘s ―Agents Only‖ website. (You will get access to the site
once you have passed the orientation program.)

Dugan‘s Travels has accounts with almost all cruise lines. Standard commission
rate is 10%. However this rate can increase based on the yearly sales our agency
books with the cruise line. Carnival, for example, gives us a 6% commission
override, meaning we collect a total of 16% on the base fare of all cruises
booked with Carnival directly when our CLIA number is used. As of July 1,
2009, commission rates for the more frequently booked cruise lines are as
         Royal Caribbean/Celebrity 16%
         Princess Cruises             15%
         Norwegian Cruise Line        15%
         Holland America Line         13%
         Disney Cruise Lines          11%
NOTE: If our sales with a particular cruise line fall below the required amount,
this percentage may change. Also, these commission rates stay the same,
regardless of the type of booking you make, whether individual or any type of

When to Book
This is a complex subject, but the answer boils down to ―as early as possible.‖ It
is not unusual for some cruises to sell out almost a year in advance. In general,
the price of a stateroom will go up the closer you get to the sailing date. This
typically happens in several $50 or $100 per person increments.

The thing to keep in mind is the sooner the reservation is made, the more
availability. For example, since there are a limited number of staterooms that

                                                                               Page 83
Additional Cruise Info. cont’d

     offer third and fourth berths, they will sell out sooner than double occupancy
     rooms. Also, most of the air add-on flights have a limited number of seats and
     thereby will sell out sooner than the staterooms.

     Even if a last minute sale does come up for a cruise that you have already
     booked, it is usually possible to have your cruise re-priced to the lower cost.
     Also, guests having some flexibility on their departure date can save money.

     Where to Find More Information
     One of the best places to get information on cruises is the online service. Major
     cruise magazine websites include and Both of these sites offer a wealth of information and
     articles on cruising. Arthur Frommer is a cruise travel writer whose books,
     columns and articles have been widely published. Whether you will be taking
     your first or 100th cruise, you would do well to get and read a copy of his
     Complete Guide to Cruising and/or one of Berlitz‘s Guide to Cruising, written
     by Ward. These books contain both general information on what taking a cruise
     is all about and detail insightful descriptions and ratings of the entire passenger
     cruise ships afloat.

     Training and Education
     Cruise Line Training Programs
     To further your commitment to being a successful travel agent, we recommend
     completing these training programs. They will benefit you and your clients as
     well. These programs will also make your job easier by helping you become a
     better advisor and consultant to your clients, while providing them with quality,
     fun vacations.

     Take your time and work through the course at your own pace. You will find
     much of sales directed information is the same, just tweaked differently for each
     cruise line. Also, some of the programs refer to online resources associated with
     the cruise line. Remember, the more you explore, the more you will learn.

          Carnival Cruise Lines

          This is Carnival‘s online booking tool and agent resource center. In order to
          make reservations online, you will need to learn how to use this system.
              1. Log in to (user: jdugan, password: travel).
              2. On the home page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the ―User
                  Support‖ link.

Page 84
                                   Additional Cruise Info. cont’d

Under the BookCCL Resources is a copy of the ―User Manual‖ for making
reservations with this online tool. You can save a copy to your computer to
easy access. Using, read through the manual and
complete the required instructions. If available, you can complete an online
webinars on how to use the booking tool for individual and group

Carnival Cruise Lines University (
For additional training on Carnival and booking cruises, enroll in Carnival‘s
online university program. This option provides in-depth information on
identifying clients, the sales environment, marketing and the onboard
experience. Much of this information can help book cruises on any cruise
line for your clients. (Complete after you take the Dugan‘s Travels quiz.)

Holland America Line
These classes provide good information beyond just the brand name. It is
also a good introduction to Premium cruise lines.
    1. Go to and register as a new user.
    2. Under the Travel Agency information you will enter Dugan‘s Travels
    3. Complete the Core Courses listed. You can take the advanced
        courses later if you wish.

Royal Caribbean International
Use the account list for a log in to
   1. Click on ―Working with Us‖
   2. Select ―Royal Caribbean Training & Certifications‖.
   3. Start with the Virtual Headquarters and then take the Expert Program.

This is a good program to provide you with the basics. Once you‘ve passed
the cruise you can return to this site and take additional Royal Caribbean
courses or the Celebrity 5-Star Academy.

Princess Cruises
Log in to Princess‘ One Source Academy (user: DUGANSAGENTS,
password: dillon1) at Create your own sign in account by going to the ―Edit Profile‖
and then ―Add User‖ to complete your own profile.

                                                                        Page 85
Additional Cruise Info. cont’d

          Once you have your own profile, re-log in and you can begin taking the
          Princess courses. Again, you do not have to complete all course right now;
          we suggest the following as part of your initial training:
                 Fleet Overview
                 Onboard Experience
                 Dining Options
                 POLAR online (This is especial important as HAL, Cunard and
                 Princess all use this system as their online booking tool.)

          Norwegian Cruise Line
          Log in to (user: ACA46, password: dillon) and visit their
          Training Center for travel agents.

          Travel Agent Academy
          Complete available cruise line courses.

     Go Cruise!
     New agents are often afraid of handling cruises because they have never
     experienced one. Get on a cruise ship if you haven‘t. You don‘t need to go on a
     expensive one or even on a long one. Find a cruise that would be closer to your
     area. Example, if you live in the Southwest find a cruise out of Los Angeles,
     Galveston or New Orleans. These ports mean less of a flight to get there and
     usually mean you do not have to stay the night before in order to make it to the
     ship on time.

     Travel Agent Discounts, Seminars at Sea and More
     There are also seminars at sea and travel agent appreciation fares. Carnival is
     the easiest to get on for travel agent discounts. Most of the time, you can get
     them at the last minute for about $35 per person, per day. At this great rate,
     these provide a great opportunity to take family or friends with you. (You can
     also watch for travel agent discounts.) There are also Ship
     Inspections that give you the chance to tour a ship without going on a cruise.

     Guidelines on Price Structure
     Here are some general guidelines regarding the price structure:
            The closer you get to the sail date, the higher the rates, the less
            availability, and the fewer amenity points. (Chapter 17)
            The shorter the cruise, the lower the rate (for example: 3 and 4 night
            versus a 9 night sailing). The exception: special or holiday sailings.

Page 86
                                          Chapter 17—Group Cruises

       There are 2-day cruises to ―nowhere‖ that just sail out to sea and come
       back. These are great for business clients looking for a special incentive
       or guests who have never been on a cruise before.
       Older ships will have lower rates than the same itinerary on a newer ship.
       The beginning and ending part of a season will offer lower rates than the
       middle part. For example, the Alaska cruise season runs May to
       September. July and August are the peak months offering higher rates.

                        Chapter 17—Group Cruises

Group Travel can be very profitable, especially group cruises. Since we just
covered cruising, the majority of this section will be based on groups traveling
on a cruise together. They are easy to manage and have a number of additional
benefits for you, your client and Dugan‘s Travels. For most cruise lines, 8
staterooms or more define a group. A lot of this information can help you with
other forms of group travel.

Online Training for Group Cruises
According to HAL, the percentage of group business a successful agent produces
is at least 35 percentage of their overall business. Booking groups can help your
business grow; it is a great way to attract first-time cruisers and create repeat and
loyal customers. Group cruises will elevate your profits.

Log into the HAL Academy and complete Course 201: ―Advance Strategies:
Growing Your Business through Groups.‖ This course will cover many of the
advantages to selling groups and the general guidelines, and can be applied to
almost all cruise lines, with a few adjustments and/or exceptions. You will also
need to complete Princess‘ One Source Academy course on booking Groups.

Types of Groups
There are three types of group space; Affinity, Promotional and Incentive. An
Affinity Group is one where the group is your client. For example, the local
Girl Scouts wants to take the girls and their parents on a cruise. A Promotional
Group is when you sell the rooms as individual bookings. There is no common
relationship between the passengers sailing. An Incentive Group is usually for
business clients who use the cruise as a reward; the company pays for the cruise.
Incentive groups have different structures and usually require them to be book
through the company‘s incentive department.

                                                                              Page 87
Group Travel cont’d

     Inventory Management (Cruises)
     Experience with groups will help you better define the inventory you should
     hold for each group. Always hold more than you think you‘ll need or the client
     says they will need. It is easier to drop rooms before final payment then it is to
     try to add rooms later. As the sail date approaches, rates will increase; this also
     applies to groups. While the rooms may still be available later, they may not still
     be at the same rate. Also, consider holding a few triple and quad occupancy
     rooms. These are highly desired by family groups. There are a limited number
     of these on each ship. Some cruise lines may require full deposit upfront or
     sooner that the double occupancy rooms in order to hold these rooms in your
     group space.

     More than often, a client thinks they will have enough people to book groups but
     later finds many people are backing out. There are few options available to you.
     First, you can sell the remaining rooms in the inventory as promotional space.
     Reach out to your client base and offer the opportunity to take advantage of the
     low rate and amenities (see GAP below) being offered on the sailing. Second,
     you may be able to book another group on the same sailing. And third, use your
     amenity points to see how you can adjust things to keep the space together as a
     group. There are advantages to having the space defined as a group (see TC
     Credit and GAP below) so if possible, try to keep it together.

     If you have a five rooms that you know will sell, go ahead and hold group space
     as early as possible. Hold the minimum number required for group space.
                 The earlier you book the better the rate.
                 The earlier you book the more amenity points available.
                 You can release the unsold rooms later before penalties begin.
                 If you only sell 5 rooms and cannot keep it as a group, the cruise line
                 will change the reservations to individual bookings and release any
                 amenities, but the bookings will keep the same rate (very rare
                 situations where this would not happen).

     It is very important that if your group is not going to sell, or sells only a couple
     of rooms, that you release the group space. Agencies are limited in the number
     of groups they can hold on each sailing with each cruise line. If you are holding
     space that is no longer selling, call the sales department and cancel the space.
     This will allow other agents the chance to book groups on the same sailing.

Page 88
                                                        Group Travel cont’d

Group Rates and Discounts
Most cruise lines now offer the same rates to individual and group bookings.
The advantage to booking rooms as a group is the amenities and the TC Credit.
Sometimes there are outstanding incentives for guests booking individual
reservations. You should always check this before confirming group space as
the incentives may out way the amenities and tour conductor credits.

So if the rates are the same, how can you attract customers to your group space?
Some agents will use part of their commission and take a deduction off the group
cruise rate. You can also use the amenity points (see GAP below) to collect
bonus commission in order to offer a reduced rate. You must be familiar with
the cruise lines‘ policies when it comes to offering or advertising discounted

All cruise lines have strict guidelines in how you can advertise your
promotional space. You can review most of them online. These guidelines
involved legal, copyright issues, so it is very important, as an independent
agent of Dugan’s Travels; contact Jennifer Dugan or the cruise line if you
have any questions.

Another option is to keep the rate the same and offer some of the other amenities
to entice customers to book into your group. Onboard credits are popular
because guests can use the amenity towards the purchase of a number of items or
services once on the ship.

Tour Conductor Credit
Cruise only tour conductor credits are earned based on each cruise lines‘ criteria.
Generally, one cruise-only TC is earned for every 16 full fare guests (based on
double occupancy; i.e., third and fourth guests in a stateroom do not count
towards the 16 guests). Single passengers paying 200% (pay for both berths in
the room) count as two guests for TC purposes.

The value of the credit is determined by the cruise lines and varies in method of
determination. Some cruise lines determine it by the category most sold within
the group, while others use the lowest category sold. Either way the value is the
base fare minus the commission. You do not earn commission on a berth you do
not pay for.

This credit can then be applied to a specific booking within the group or can be
deducted from the balance due to the cruise line for the group space. As the

                                                                             Page 89
Group Travel cont’d

     agent, there are a number of things you can do with this credit; give it to one of
     the guests within the group, use it for your own reservation within the group, or
     consider it part of the commission amount collected at the end of the cruise and
     thereby raising your profit from the group booking. Some cruise lines are
     specific about how the credit is used; again, you need to review the policies for
     the cruise line you have the group space booked with. Do not assume a policy is
     the same for every cruise line.

     When negotiating a hotel for a group of rooms the hotel may offer something
     similar to this, but usually at a higher ratio, as 1for every 40 or 50 room nights

     Group Amenity Points (GAP)
     Most of the cruise lines offer some type of additional amenities for being part of
     a group. These points allow you to customize the group cruise experience. For
     example, HAL has a special program for Family Reunions; for family groups of
     eight (8) or more staterooms, guests enjoy:
                 Head of the Family Reward (a complimentary upgrade from an
                 outside to a Verandah room (based on availability – so book early!)
                 Fountain Soda Card (for all family members) – good for 20 glasses of
                 fountain soda
                 Pinnacle Grill Lunch (for all family members)
                 Family Photo - one photo per stateroom

     Each cruise line will have point assignment structure; a GAP sheet is usually
     available online for reference. When the group space is booked, the cruise line
     will provide you with the number of points your group will receive. Generally,
     the more groups already booked on the cruise, the fewer points available. (This
     is another advantage to booking group space early.) Simply choose the
     amenities until the point value adds up to the total number of points given to
     your group. Some agents pick the amenities; some give the group leader the
     opportunity to select the amenities. The point value of each amenity differs by
     type and by the length of the cruise as do the requirements for getting and
     keeping the amenity points/items. Most cruise lines require selections be made
     before the final payment date. They can be change up until that date, but not
     after. If they are not assigned, they are usually released.

     One amenity usually included is the chance to lower the tour conductor ratio.
     This comes in handy if the group has fallen below the required number of guests.
     For example, you have a group sailing to Alaska in May on a 7– day itinerary

Page 90
                                                        Group Travel cont’d

with 6 amenity points and a 1 for 16 TC credit. You use the amenity points and
offered the group a $50 shipboard credit per stateroom (points=4) and the Alaska
book and map set (points=2) provided they book eight (8) staterooms or more.
With two in each room this equals 16 full fare guests (and one earned TC).

A month before final payment is due, three of the ten rooms sold have to cancel
their reservations. The group now has only 7 rooms/14 guests. At this point, the
group space no longer qualifies for a TC credit but by using the amenity points
you can still generate a good profit from the group.

In reviewing the Carnival Fun Points sheet in the Appendix section, you notice
that two points can also be used to lower the tour conductor ratio to 1 for every
14 guests. This still leaves 4 points; you can keep the $50 shipboard credit, but
not the Alaska book and map. The group is happy; they still get the group rate
and the shipboard credit and you are happy, still being able to collect the TC
credit in addition to the commission. (A sample point sheet is included in
Appendix B, ―Sample Forms‖.)

Setting Up the Group Cruise Space
EXERCISE: Find a Royal Caribbean cruise to Mexico that offers the best rate
for the summer season.

It is good to check what promotions are running when you make a booking.
Sometimes the cruise lines will offer bonus commissions and other incentives to
book individual cruises that result in better savings and options for your clients.

Holding group space is even easier with today‘s online resources. RCI, HAL,
Princess and Cunard have the capabilities to set up a group using their online
booking tool. Carnival, still requires you to call in to hold group space, but once
set up, you can manage the space on line. (Note: BookCCL is working to
change this and may be in affect by the time you start your training.)

EXERCISE: Now, call Royal Caribbean‘s group department and hold space on
the cruise you selected from the exercise above.

When you call the cruise lines‘ sales department:
  1. Identify yourself as an agent with Dugan‘s Travel needing to hold group
  2. The sales agent will need the agency‘s phone number (505-672-0777)
      and maybe our CLIA number (#32669490).
  3. Give the ship name, sailing date and itinerary to the sales agent.

                                                                             Page 91
Group Travel cont’d

     If there is group space available, the sales agent will ask you how many rooms
     and what category you wish to hold. If there is no space available, ask the agent
     for the next sailing to Mexico offering the best rate.
          4. Give the sales agent the inventory you wish to hold.
          5. You will need to assign a name to the group. Since you are working with
             a large volume of agents, we suggest including some type of identifier in
             the group name. For example, hold the Girl Scouts space with your last
             name (―SMITH‘S SCOUTS‖) or using your company name
             (―SUNSHINE TRAVEL SCOUTS‖). This will help the agents in our
             office direct any paperwork or calls that come in from the cruise line.
          6. The sales agent will review the payment due dates, the amenity points the
             group gets and provide you with the Group ID number. You will need
             this number when you make changes or post payments to the group

     Before hanging up, make sure you get the answers to these questions:
            a. How many cabins will you need to sell in order to keep the group
            b. Ask the cruise group reservation agent what can be sent to help
               promote the group? The cruise line can send items such as postcards,
               flyers, and even ads to use in the paper. Some will pay for a portion
               of the advertising too.
            c. What are the amenities you can offer the group (or ask them to send
               you a current amenities list)?
            d. What are the due dates (deposit and final) and how much is due for
               each person?
            e. Do they have any forms they can send you to help manage the group?
               (Most cruise lines have these available on their agent only access
            f. Who will you need to contact regarding changes or payments?
               (Some cruise lines assign you a coordinator. Get their direct
               extension or email address.)
            g. What is the current availability on the sailing like? (This will give
               you an idea of how flexible the cruise line will be in getting due dates
               adjusted or adding more rooms at the group rate.)

          7. The sales agent will then either fax or email a confirmation to you.
          8. If it is your first time booking space on the cruise line review the
             confirmation fully. Any questions can be directly to the group sales

Page 92
                                                        Group Travel cont’d

   9. Once you have received the confirmation on the group space and had a
      chance to review it and get any questions answered, call back the groups
      department and cancel the space.

The group department at the cruise line will help you from start to finish. They
even have forms they have created to make it easier on you to handle your
group. The group department will frequently contact you for progress updates
on the space. If the cruise line does not hear back from you and the required
deposit amount has not been applied to the space, the cruise line will cancel the
group and release the inventory. Remember, if you realize before the due date
that the group will no longer be going, call the cruise line and cancel the space as
soon as possible.

Ideas for Affinity Groups
These ideas can be applied to any type of group travel, not just for cruising:
        Families – Families like to get together and a cruise is a great way to do
        things together and there is something for everyone, no mater what age.
        Better yet, no cooking or cleaning for 20 guests!
        Church groups – whether sailing for fun or as a fundraiser.
        Business travelers – Meetings at sea offer a far greater value for seminars
        or meetings than a land-based hotel.
        Friends – There are a number of resources here; school reunions,
        bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings at sea, bowling leagues, Super
        Bowl party.
        Senior Citizens – This is a great group to book travel for; they
        are very loyal customers, they like to interact with other people
        and have lots of time to travel. (Check out the Appendix
        section for more information on working with seniors.)
        Car dealerships – Giveaway a free cruise to anyone who buys a
        new car.

The best way to learn about booking a group cruise is by doing it. You
will never learn more from anything than by doing it. You will read this a lot in
the handbook but it is really true. Hopefully this exercise will help you feel
more comfortable about making your first booking. It will give you the
confidence of going out there and doing a group. There are several of us who
have arranged group cruises and are willing to help. You just have to ask.

                                                                             Page 93
Chapter 18—Travel Insurance

                           Chapter 18—Travel Insurance
     Travel Insurance goes beyond covering canceled travel plans. They provide trip
     delay or interruption, lost or damaged luggage, and most importantly medical
     coverage. It protects the investment made for the trip and it protects the

     Let‘s say you are taking a long-awaited vacation with someone special. If you
     are involved in a car crash, injure yourself, lose your luggage during your trip,
     become ill, have to cancel, or are delayed en route and miss your connection,
     your ordinary health insurance policies may not protect you! While it‘s true that
     many cruise lines offer travelers insurance, and some credit cards include
     baggage protection and flight insurance, those policies are usually limited, and
     don‘t protect you or the traveler from many serious risks.

     Most third party insurance companies offer high-quality travel protection plans
     with comprehensive coverage for all the travelers, and with several plans to
     choose from. Once you have completed your training and passed the quiz, we
     strongly encourage you to visit one of our insurance suppliers for webinars or
     other training opportunities. There are many other advantages to insuring with a
     third-party provider, such as protection from financial insolvency of the travel
     supplier. Most third-party providers also have some type of concierge service
     and 24-hour emergency assistance from anywhere in the world. Plus, many
     cruise line and tour operator insurance plans only cover you during the time and
     place they are hosting you, and usually offer credit rather than cash in the event
     of a claim. A third-party provider will cover you before, during and after your
     trip and make cash payments.

     Medical Coverage
     “Obtaining medical treatment and hospital care abroad can be expensive, and
     medical evacuation to the U.S. can cost more than $50,000. Note that U.S.
     medical insurance is generally not accepted outside the United States, nor do the
     Social Security Medicare and Medicaid programs provide coverage for hospital
     or medical costs outside the United States.” (This quote is from the U.S. State
     Department‘s website on ―Health Issues‖.)

     Most people do not realize almost all cruise ships are foreign registered. This
     means the minute you step on the ship, you are on foreign soil and more than
     likely no longer covered by your American health insurance provider. Most

Page 94
                                                 Travel Insurance cont’d

standard plans offered by third-party providers cover emergency and sickness
medical expenses, emergency air evacuation, and repatriation of remains (if

Trip Delay and Missed Connections
Trip delay insurance most commonly comes into play when guests miss
embarkation because of airline flight delays or cancellations. Many clients
falsely believe if air is purchased as an add-on feature to a cruise package, they
will receive special treatment and priority rerouting. This is not true. Read the
cruise line‘s terms and conditions and you will see cruise line has no legal
responsibility for airline‘s performance or lack thereof. Although there are other
good reasons to book your flight through the cruise line, missed sailing
reimbursement is not one of them.

Such coverage purchased through a third-party provider will also provide
options in the event guests miss their cruise or trip departures as a result from
cancellations or delays by other suppliers (e.g., airlines) or inclement weather.
Most coverage provides benefits to cover additional transportation expenses
needed to join the departed cruise or trip, reasonable accommodations and meal
expenses as well as non-refundable payments for any unused portion of the trip.

The ―Never Get Sick‖ Group
Lastly, some people decline the travel insurance because ―they never get sick.‖
But even the healthiest travelers experience accidents and unforeseeable events;
an auto accident on the way to the airport, food poisoning at one of the ports of
call, the airline your flight home is booked on went on strike.

Keep your travelers happy; offer and explain
travel insurance to them. You don‘t have to push
the sale, but make them aware of insurance and
what it covers. Moreover, protect yourself even
further by having them complete a waiver if they
choose not to purchase any insurance (sample
form in Appendix).

                                                                            Page 95
Chapter 19—The First Request

                           Chapter 19—The First Request
     Now that you know about the different types of travel arrangements, it is time to
     learn how to handle your first call.

     Qualifying the Client
     This is the first step in being able to book a trip for your client. In this context,
     ―qualifying the client‖ is the process of understanding the clients preferences; the
     answers to your questions will help you find the best fit. Qualifying helps make
     your job easier because it allows you to rule out options that you know will not
     be of interest to your client.

          The trick to getting the most out of your client is by asking open-ended
          questions. In other words, ask questions that require full descriptions and
          cannot be answered with just a ―yes‖ or ―no‖. For example,
              When do you want to travel?
              Where are you traveling from? Where to?
              How many people will be traveling with you?
              What type of trip do you want to take? Cruise, eco-adventure, visit
              What do you want to do during your trip?
          The best way to start qualifying a client is to use some type of trip request
          form. (A sample is available in the Appendix section of the Handbook.
     You can also create your own.) When you get a request from your client, simply
     use the form and fill in the sections one-by-one.

     When you‘ve completed the form and have a good understanding of the client‘s
     needs, let them know you will research some options and get back to them. Give
     them a time frame when you‘ll call back or email. Be sure to contact them again
     by the time you promise. If you are not able to get any answers by that time, let
     them know you are still working on the request. Don‘t leave them hanging or
     they will find someone else to help them.

     Researching the Request
     Now that we know what our client wants, we need to go out and find it. Looking
     at your Travel Request Form, one of the first things you should be able to
     determine is the type of travel involved in the request. If the client needs to fly
     to Kansas City (tickets only, no hotel or car) then we can rule out cruise lines
     and hotel companies. On the other hand, if your client is looking for a package
     to Las Vegas, then a tour operator will be the suppliers you want to contact.

Page 96
                                               The First Request cont’d

The next step is to use the account list to narrow down which suppliers to
investigate further. The account list will provide you with information on areas
the supplier specializes in. Some suppliers will be a better fit for a package to
Vegas than others. Do not rely sole on the supplier‘s website; call the supplier.

Nobody knows more about what they offer than the supplier themselves. The
reservationists are trained on the areas they sell and are a great source of
knowledge. They will also know about specials and can suggest packages for
your clients. Let them know you are a new agent and they will bend over
backwards to help you. Agents are eager to share their knowledge; their
product and their company. And if you find they are not so nice, say thank you,
hang up and call again. You get someone who is having a better day!

Call the competition. If you got a quote on a package to Hawaii, call Pleasant
Holidays and tell them what Blue Sky Tours is offering your client. Ask if they
can offer anything cheaper or other suggestions for the clients. Some agents will
call the competition first. Let‘s say a preferred supplier (they pay Dugan‘s
agents higher rates) offers a package at the hotel the client wants. The agent will
first contact other suppliers offering the same package. If they get a quote back
from a supplier who pays a lower commission, the agent will take the quote to
the preferred supplier and ask if they will match or beat the price. (Ask for
quotes to come via email or fax so that you have a written back-up for the
preferred supplier. Manage you time, too. Email or fax the details to the top
five suppliers you want; while you‘re waiting for replies work on other client
requests, work on your business, take online training class.)

Most suppliers now offer a higher commission if the reservation is booked
online. But this doesn‘t mean you cannot call suppliers to get help with
bookings. Call the supplier, talk to an actual person and get a price quote. Then
log into their website to book the reservation at the higher commission rate.
Booking the reservation online will allow you to access the booking anytime to
make changes or print confirmation. It will also help if you need another
agent to review the booking for you.

Expecting a faxed quote from suppliers?
If you are expecting quotes from supplier they will send them to the
agency fax number. You must send an email to
to tell the agents handling faxes to send you the fax. Include the your
name, email and fax number, the name of the supplier, the confirmation
number and your client‘s name.

                                                                             Page 97
The First Request cont’d

     Confirming the Reservation
     You have researched options and found the best rate for your client. The next
     step is to present what you have found to your client and have them approve it.
     Almost all suppliers do not guarantee a rate until purchased (or at least
     deposited). You need to forward a copy of the reservation to the client. Make
     sure that you have an understanding of the rate on the quote so that you don‘t
     short change yourself (quoting net instead of gross rate – Chapter 4, ―Client

     Make sure you let your client know about the terms and conditions of the
     reservation and especially any details from the supplier about the how long the
     rate is good for. You need to make sure your client understands that they cannot
     confirm the reservation 3 months later and expect the same rate. The client
     needs to give you the go-ahead to book the reservation and confirm that all the
     information is correct; dates, names, cities, hotels, times, etc. Do not assume
     children have the same last names. Verify everything with your client. If
     everything is correct and the client approves, you are ready to move into the next
     step; applying payments. (it is best to cover your bases by getting a written
     confirmation from your client, approving the reservation.)

     Client Payments
     Review Chapter 4. This would also be the time when you send your client
     information about travel insurance.

     Booking Form
     Once your client approves the trip and you have gotten the deposit or full
     payment to a supplier, you need to submit a Booking Form, available at (Full details available in Chapter 5 and in the Step-by-Step

     At this point you‘ll also want to record the booking in your files. Visit the
     ―Files‖ section of the Yahoo! Groups web site for sample forms for tracking
     your booking. You want to make sure you include at least the supplier name,
             client name, confirmation number, dates, and amount of the commission
             you expect. Keep good records; it will make life easier!

            Follow Up with Your Client
            Send your client a thank you note or letter and include a few business
            cards. Always make sure your client has your contact information. If
            your client has a problem during their trip they need to know how to

Page 98
                                              The First Request cont’d

reach you. If they call the supplier, they will get directed to Dugan‘s Travels.
Since we did not book the arrangements we will not be able to help them either.
This is part of taking care of your clients.

Travel Documents – The Last Step
Electronic Documents
Today‘s advance technology has actually allowed many suppliers to move to
electronic documents. Most cruise lines now issue e-documents as a standard
practice. They are always up-to-date and easy to get to your clients. Almost all
of them download in a PDF format (viewed with Acrobat Reader). You can
print and mail them or email them directly to your client. The nicest thing about
electronic documents; if your client looses or misplaces them, another copy can
be printed quickly.

Paper Documents
If e-documents are not available, the supplier will send paper packets (usually
for tour packages and air consolidator tickets). The supplier will mail them
directly to the agency unless you advise them otherwise. This is one of the
reasons it is important to complete a booking form when you make the
reservation. The booking form tells us about the reservation and where to send
the documents. If possible, have the documents sent to you or directly to the
client. (Some agents like to check them over for accuracy before sending them
to the clients.) This is easy to do if you used by changing
the shipping address. You can also call the supplier directly.

If the supplier will only ship the documents to the agency then make sure they
have the correct mailing address. It should be:
                Dugan‘s Travels
                132 Rover Blvd
                Los Alamos NM 87544

Changing mailing address for VAX reservations:
If you booked a package via VAX ( you can
change the document shipping address easily online.
     1. Under ―Member Services‖ click ―Retrieve Reservation‖ and enter in
         booking number or the client‘s last name.
     2. Once the reservation is pulled up, click on Change Document Delivery
 It‘s that easy!

                                                                           Page 99
The First Request cont’d

     Late or Lost Documents
     Stay on top of document delivery. If it is the week before your client‘s travel
     date and your client still has not received their documents, you need to make this
     a priority or you could incur many charges.
     Check with Dugan‘s Travels to confirm whether the documents were delivered
     to the agency and if so, when they were sent out to you/the client. If Dugan‘s
     Travels has not received the documents, and the supplier is a tour operator (such
     as Funjet), call the supplier immediately and let them know the documents have
     not arrived. They will need to re-issue them.

     If time is an issue, make sure the supplier sends them directly to the client.
     Explain to them you work through a host agency from home. Some suppliers
     can even arrange for airport or pier pick up. Many situations are different; we do
     not know the suppliers policies. You need to call them and find out what can be
     done to get the documents to your client on time.

     For lost airline paper tickets a Lost Ticket Application will need to be filed with
     the airline. Each airline differs in how much they charge to file the form (usually
     between $75 and $150) and their filing procedure. The application must be
     made no later than 30 days after the ticket‘s expiration date and most airlines
     process the claim in 90-days. This does re-issue the ticket. New tickets may be
     required. This would be one of those times you have to dip into your savings
     account.. Once you‘ve confirmed the ticket is lost contact the airline and advise
     them the ticket has been lost in the mail.

     Dugan‘s Travels will not mail any documents that incur fees if lost; they will
     only be sent using your FedEx account number. If we are concerned about
     getting them to you/the client on time, we will first contact you about sending
     them via FedEx. Written authorization will be required if you insist they be sent
     using US Postal Service without a means of tracking in such a situation (email
     your approval to And any additional shipping/
     postal charges will be billed to your Freshbooks account. Dugan‘s Travels will
     not pay for lost tickets or any fees incurred from something getting lost in the

Page 100
                 Chapter 20—Shoppers and Losing a Sale

    Chapter 20—Shoppers and Losing a Sale: Getting Clients
Every request you get is not going to lead to a sale. This is something that can
frustrate new agents.

The Shopper
When you get calls for quotes, ask them if they have already
received quotes from other agents or websites. If they got a quote,
ask them to forward you a copy. This can be extremely helpful,
especially if it is directly from another supplier by cutting down
your research time. Dipping into your commission and offering a
small discount can make all the difference. Better yet, what if you
find an even better deal from another supplier? For example, you
can book Funjet Vacations through VAX
may have a lower rate.

Building a relationship with your potential clients is important. Once you show
your clients the rates and service you can provide, you will have a client for life.
And, they will be your best marketing tool; referrals go a long way. Treat each
customer with the thought of all they can bring to your business.

Something else to keep in mind; cheapest is not always the best. At first glance
it may appear that supplier A offers the same package at $250 less. Make sure it
is exactly the same as what you are comparing. Further research may reveal that
the package rate is lower because the flight times have the client with long
layovers in multiple airports. Saving the client a day in airports may help you
secure the sale.

Losing a Sale
A big part of being an agent is educating your friends and family. They need to
know that you are losing money by them booking their own travel or using the
internet to book their travel. They don‘t do it to avoid you, they just don‘t
understand. Tell your friend and family to contact you before they book online.
Ask them to give you the change to match or beat the price. If you match the
price, you make a little money. If you beat the price, you make a little money
AND have a new client.

Here‘s a good exercise; have the person send you all the details of what they
booked online. Just tell them you want a little practice. Get a price quote from a

                                                                              Page 101
Chapter 21—Practical Exercises

     supplier. If it is the same price or comparable, use your commission and mark
     down the price. Then, go back to the person and show them what you could
     have offered them. When you tell someone who thinks they got an awesome
     deal that you could have saved them $50, they will contact you next time and
     they will tell others. When they ask you how you are able to beat the rate, let
     them know that you work with preferred suppliers and some suppliers who don‘t
     work with the general public.

                          Chapter 21—Practical Exercises

     New agents are often a little intimidated to get their business going because they
     are afraid of what to do for those first customers. So to get started, let try a few
     practice exercises by booking pretend trips. After all, who wants to put Aunt
     Suzie on a flight to Portland, Oregon when she wanted to go to Portland, Maine!
     This is a great way to brush up on your skills and keep you updated on what
     suppliers are offering. Let‘s try a few ―popular‖ destinations and one you pick;
     Las Vegas, Disney, Carnival, Hawaii and your dream spot!

     It takes some practice to find out which supplier will offer what, but it is all a
     learning experience. There is no way to learn every supplier for every
     destination, but practice will help you find the ones you prefer, the ones that
     offer great service and the ones that are known for services a certain destination,
     for example MGM/Mirage Vacations offer tour packages to Las Vegas for
     Treasure Island, NYNY, Bellagio, Golden Nugget, and of course, the MGM and
     the Mirage.

     Before you begin, have your Travel Request Form available and open the
     supplier account list for easy reference. If you want someone to review what
     you‘ve put together, send a copy of the exercise and your response to

     EXERCISE 1: Las Vegas
     For Las Vegas, you need to know where your client is flying from to know
     which suppliers you will be able to use. For example, if your client is not flying
     out of a city that Southwest Airlines flies to, there is no point in looking at that
     supplier. Here are a few of the more popular suppliers for Las Vegas tour

Page 102
                                            Practical Exercises cont’d

       Southwest Airlines Vacations (only if your client is flying out of a city
       that Southwest flies out of)
       Future Vacations (offers good land-only prices)
       MGM/Mirage Vacations (properties available are Treasure Island,
       Mirage, MGM, New York, Bellagio, Golden Nugget)

Now that you have some guidance in where to start, grab a notepad and pen and
start looking at the sites. We‘ll do the first one together. Use your hometown or
nearest airport as the departing point.

Go to Funjet‘s agent website and use the login details provided on the
account list you opened earlier. (Excel User Hint: Once the
spreadsheet is open, type CTRL + F for the FIND command and enter
FUNJET. Click enter until you find the entry you want.)

To search for rates and availability, we‘re going to visit; if you were going to book the reservation, we would
use VAX. (Separate VAX training to follow.) On the left of the home
page you will notice a search option. Go ahead and fill in the details for the
Vegas Package. (Choose any date, but stay 3 nights for 2 adults.) After you
click ―Search‖ a number of options will be displayed.

Take you time and go through a couple of these options. See what the price
includes, when the payments are due; get as much information as you possible

If you‘re client told you which hotel they wanted to stay at, that would be easy,
but what if they just said, ―We want to stay in the heart of the action.‖ Would
you be able to recommend two or three options? What if they also mentioned
they were taking a romantic weekend away from the kids. What ADD-ON
features could you include in the package. And finally, how will your clients get
to the hotel and back to the airport? Play around in the Funjet website until you
are able to answer these questions.

Now, take a look at each of the other suppliers previously listed as Las Vegas
suggestions and see how their packages compare to the ones you found on Makes notes of the suppliers and what they‘ll want to be
able to locate the package again, quickly, when your client decides which option
they want.

                                                                            Page 103
Practical Exercises cont’d

     EXERCIE 2: Disneyland (provided by fellow agent Shari Speer)
     Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California, and is the original Disney theme
     park built by Walt Disney in 1955. It is about one hour south of Los Angeles, 2
     hours north of San Diego, and easily accessible by I-5 freeway, John Wayne /
     Orange County Airport (SNA, 10 minutes) or Los Angeles International Airport
     (LAX, 1 hour).

     I have put together a list with notes from my experience booking Disneyland
     packages. Most of this research was done online instead of by phone, as I prefer
     to work late at night and tend to lean towards providers with online access and
     booking tools. In the list I have included add-ons and additional options for
     most suppliers. I have found this will often help me decide which supplier will
     best fit my client’s desires.

               For example, your customer wants a 5-day Disney Flex Pass as well
               as tickets to Legoland. Most suppliers do not offer both options. What
               I would recommend is that you price vacations with as many suppliers
               as possible to get a feel for what they offer and their price structure.

     I have been to Disneyland tons of times and stayed at quite a few different hotels
     nearby. If anyone wants more information, I would be happy to help. If you want
     thoughts on specific hotels and locations, just let me know. I hope this
     information is helpful to you all! -Shari

     NOTE: All supplier contact information is located in the Appendix and updated
     frequently on the Supplier Account List at Only comments,
     notes, and additional options are included below.

     Travel Connection
     Top Supplier for Disneyland is Travel Connection. They offer some of the best
     prices and 12% commission. You can use them online or call (800) 862-0862.
     They are always happy to help you put together a trip. They also offer packages
     to many other destinations.

     Basic Information: This is a great basic site because they offer a lot of different
     airline choices and a fair amount of options. This is my favorite site for air
     inclusive vacations and my second choice for land only. Use their website to
     check prices, then book via VAX to get higher commission. Funjet offers
     options for Disney 1, 3 or 5 day Flex pass, Universal Studios, Disney character
     breakfast, lunch and dinner, Knott‘s Berry Farm, Southern California Value

Page 104
                                            Practical Exercises cont’d

Pass. No true add-ons; offer packages to many different locations, so you could
put multiple packages together.

Southwest Airlines Vacations
Basic Information: This is my favorite site for air-inclusive vacations from the
western US. Disneyland Options: Disneyland 1, 3 or 5 day, Universal Studios,
Knott‘s Berry Farm, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park,
Legoland. No true add-ons; offer packages to many different locations, allowing
you to put multiple packages together. This is another supplier that you will
need to book through VAX, but you can check prices and package options at

United Vacations
Benefit to this supplier is they fly from almost anywhere to just about anywhere.
They are closely competitive with Southwest Vacations for packages from the
West Coast with more flight time options. Disneyland options include 1, 3, 5
days, Universal Studios, Southern California Value Pass. There are no true add-
ons, but they do offer packages to many different locations, so you could put
multiple packages together. Book through VAX; higher commission for online

Delta Vacations
Disneyland options include 1 or 3 day, Universal Studios, Knott‘s Berry Farm,
Sea World/San Diego Tour, Tijuana Tour, Catalina Island, Adventure Tour, LA/
Hollywood Experience Tour. No true add-ons; offer packages to many different
locations, so you could put multiple packages together. Use their site for price
checking and then book via VAX or Travel Impressions.

Walt Disney Travel Company
This is a great place to call for information because they do know Disney! They
also run specials, which can really help with pricing. Previous specials have
included such savings opportunities as kids fly free, 4th night hotel free and a 5-
day Flex pass for the price of a 3-day Flex pass. And, they are available 7-days a
week. Of course, there has to be a down side...their airfare tends to be on the
higher end.

In addition to all the Disneyland options, you can also visit Knott‘s Berry Farm,
Sea World, Legoland, Universal Studios, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild
Animal Park, Queen Mary/Aquarium, Catalina Island, Los Angeles by Night,
Los Angeles/Hollywood Tour, Los Angeles/Movie Stars‘ Homes Tour, San

                                                                            Page 105
Practical Exercises cont’d

     Diego City Tour, Old Town Trolley Tours, Tijuana Shopping Spree. You can
     add-on San Diego, San Francisco, too. has more
     information and also links to make online bookings.

     USAir Vacations
     You can book there under the travel agent section. Disneyland and Universal
     Studios options available. There are no true add-ons, but they do offer packages
     to many different locations, so you could put multiple packages together. Use
     their site for price checking. Book online via VAX for a higher commission rate.

     Continental Vacations
     Disneyland options available 1 and 3 day, Universal Studios, Knott‘s Berry
     Farm, Sea World/San Diego Tour, Tijuana Mexico Tour, Catalina Island
     Adventure Tour, LA/Hollywood Experience Tour. No true add-ons; offer
     packages to many different locations, so you could put multiple packages
     together. Use their site for price checking. Book online via VAX for a higher
     commission rate.

     Alaska Airlines Vacations
     This supplier has good air from the northwest. They tend to also run the same (or
     similar) promotions as the Walt Disney Travel Company. Use their site for price
     checking. Book online via VAX for a higher commission rate.

     GOGO is a great supplier for most other packages, but not a favorite for Disney
     packages. I find there is not much flexibility with their packages and while they
     do offer a few options you can‘t price or book them on their website. Moreover,
     it has been challenging to say the least trying to reach them on the phone.
     Disneyland options are available as well as Universal Studios, LA City Tour &
     Movie Star‘s Homes, Knott‘s Berry Farm. You can add-on trips to San Diego,
     San Francisco, Los Angeles/Hollywood, Yosemite, Central California, Lake

     EXERCISE 3: Carnival Cruise Lines
     Using what you‘ve already learned, put a Carnival Cruise on hold using some of
     the suppliers already mentioned or on the account list. Try and Pleasant Holidays (see supplier list for log in
     references). Then compare what you find to Carnival‘s website using

Page 106
                                            Practical Exercises cont’d

EXERCISE 4: Hawaii—You Pick the Island
Using the account list, find some supplies for Hawaii and put a package together.
Decide whether your clients are coming from the east or west coast and which
island they will stay on. If you want to take the exercise a step further, compare
the cost of one island to the other. Keep the information you gather close by;
you will probably refer to it later with actual clients.

When working on these exercises, here are some things to keep in mind.
Some tour operators offer charter airfare. Charter airfare is when a tour operator
has an air company that will fly from one city to another. This is usually not on
normal airlines. For example, MLT Vacations offers a direct flight from Las
Vegas to Honolulu. Get your clients a cheap fare to Las Vegas and then connect
them with the charter package. Southwest Airlines offers a number of flights to
Las Vegas.

Southwest Airlines will not check luggage through to another airline.
If you book your clients on Southwest for a situation like the one
mentioned above, make sure they understand they will need to collect
their bags in Vegas and recheck them with the charter airline. And,
when you schedule their flights, be sure you give them plenty of time
to get this done.)

Sometimes booking with a tour operator is not that simple. Your client may
request a specific hotel and you end up having to work with them directly.
That‘s fine. Find out if the hotel will pay a commission; if not, add a service fee
to the rate. Your client may also request a destination not offered by any tour
operators. In this case you can put a package together by booking the items
separately. If you have to do this, remember, the airlines do not pay
commission, so again, add in your service fee. Also, if you book directly with
the airlines, use the travel agent links (i.e., enter our IATA number) so that you
and the reservation are covered under the E&O insurance policy. Additionally,
several of the rental car companies do not pay commission if a client uses a
corporate account or AAA discount. Double-check the reservation to see if it
will be commissionable. Again if you want to make something on the reservation
and it is non-commissionable, charge a fee.

And probably the most important thing to remember when working with
supplier…if you have questions about their products/services, payments,

                                                                            Page 107
Chapter 22—Miscellaneous Questions

     policies, call them directly. Don‘t be afraid to ask for help. You will be amazed
     at how much you learn during your first year by calling. Also, there are many
     agents who will help you and many who started out just like you did. No one
     knows it all. We all have learning to do.

     EXERCISE 5: Your Dream Vacation
     Taking what you‘ve learned from the other exercises, put together your dream

                      Chapter 22—Miscellaneous Questions

     I have completed the Handbook. What is the next step?
     First, make sure you also read the Appendix sections. There may be information
     you will need for the quiz. Next, return to the Dugan‘s Agents website and
     complete the VAX training. (You can download from the ―New Agents Here‖
     page.) When you complete the VAX session and feel ready, email Barb and let
     her know you are ready to take the quiz. The quiz is also located on the ―New
     Agents Here‖ page; you will need a password from Barb.

     Is there additional training I can take?
     The travel industry is constantly changing. We strongly encourage you to keep
     up with current changes through webinars, online training sessions and
     magazines (online or print; check out Appendix for list of publications.) There is
     a ―Training‖ page on the Dugan‘s Agent website and in the Step-by-Step Guide.

     Is there someone who can help me make my first booking?
     There are plenty of agents who are willing to team up and split commissions.
     You can ask for help on the chat list. You can also ask Barb for assistance or
     one of the other agents in the office at You just have
     to ask. You can also call suppliers; no one knows their product or services
     better. At some point we were all in your shoes; someone helped us and we are
     eager to return the favor. You may be hesitant when you first get started, but
     during your first year you will learn so much and will soon realize how easy it is.

     How do I get brochures?
     It is a good idea to have one or two brochures from particular suppliers. Almost
     all suppliers will send brochures directly to you since you are a home-based

Page 108
               Epilogue: A Final Word of Encouragement

agent; it usually just requires a phone call. You can also order brochures sent
directly to you via This is our consortium and they allow us to
have brochures mailed directly to our agents.

Keep the order to a minimum. Many brochures have expiration dates; rates and
policies frequently change. There is no point to order 20 of them to keep on
hand unless you have a marketing idea. We want to help our suppliers keep their
expenses low so that we can continue to get great rates. When it comes time to
throw out old brochures, recycle them or find a way to get more use out of them.
(Day care centers and school teachers like the use the pictures.)

Some suppliers will limit the amount of brochures they send out in a year to each
agency. Again, only order what you need. If a client wants a brochure, give
them yours and order another. If you use our limit in one order, other agents will
miss out.

             Epilogue—A Final Word of Encouragement

Be Positive.
A positive attitude is very important in this business. I attended a conference
during the peak of agency closures. The speaker made a very important
comment. She said the agencies that were closing their doors most likely
were never meant to be in the business in the first place. She continued
that it was time agents stopped whining about the situation and realized
they held the future of the industry in our own hands. I could not agree

There is nothing worse than getting excited about taking a trip to the
Caribbean and only to have the agent go off on a tangent about the
troubles they are experiencing. People do not like dealing with upset or
angry people. They want to know your business is solid and that you are
confident it will succeed. If clients ask you how a change or economic times are
affecting your business, remain positive. A simple answer is to say that support
from your clients and the referrals they continue to give have kept you busy.
This shows the client that you are doing well, and that others have confidence in
you and your business.

                                                                            Page 109
Final Word of Encouragement cont’d

     Constantly Promote Your Business.
     What you do today for your business will affect your sales in six months.
     Marketing your business is an important part of succeeding. A common mistake
     made by new agents is not keeping up with their advertising or promoting
     efforts. They start full force and then when customers start contacting them,
     they either forget or they feel they no longer need to promote their business.
     Marketing your business is something you need to do regularly. Whatever
     methods you use to promote your business is fine, just make sure you exercise
     them regularly. You want to make sure you still have clients down the road.

     Try these simple marketing ideas:
        1. Sit down and think of everyone you can tell about your new business
            venture. Mail each of them a letter and offer to help them plan their next
        2. Think of ten places you frequently visit. Post flyers or leave business
            cards or brochures. Check the spots regularly and replenish the supplies.
        3. Go through your phone book and send flyers or postcards to ten people
                  on a page each week or month.
                  4. Watch for engagement and anniversary announcements in the
                  paper. You can clip out the info, attach it to a flyer offering your
                  help planning their honeymoon or getting family in for the
                  wedding. Or maybe the anniversary couple would be interested in
                  taking a special trip together. If they are having a big celebration,
                  maybe they also need help getting family members in for the party.
                  5. Make sure all your clients have your business cards.
                  6. Leave brochures at your local library and grocery store.
        7. If you belong to any groups, let them know about what you can offer
            them. Some groups have newsletters where you can advertise your
        8. If it is financially feasible, advertise in your local paper. I also requested
            they do a write up about my home business. This really helped to let
            people know I was out there.

     Don‘t get discouraged if at first you don‘t have very many people who contact
     you. It may take a little while. A person referring you to others is the very best
     advertising you can possibly get. Also, remember that everyone who contacts
     you will not necessarily buy a trip.

Page 110
                        Final Word of Encouragement cont’d

Building your client base can be frustrating at times. Many people will waste
your time asking about packages they have no intention of buying.
Unfortunately, there are inconsiderate people in the world; they don‘t understand
or care that your time is money. You will spend endless hours trying to find the
right trip for them. But no matter what you present to them, they never commit
to anything. These are the people you want to avoid. Be especially cautious of
customers who come to you over the Internet. Many are just shopping or
daydreaming of a vacation. Concentrate on people you know and are local; these
will be serious clients who remain loyal. They will be your best customers.

Take Care of the Clients You Already Have.
Have you heard from clients recently? How is Mrs. Jones? Did she have a good
time on her recent cruise? Check in with your clients. Send thank you notes
for using your services or a welcome back card after their trip. Let them know
how important they are to your business. Ask clients about their trips when they
return. Not only does it show you care, but it also gives you the chance to gain
some valuable feedback. This will help you better your clients; current and
future clients.

Return calls and emails promptly. And when you do, always be kind, courteous
and helpful. This will go a long way with your clients; people like to feel as
though you are giving them personal attention. They will continue to use
your services and refer you to their closest friends and acquaintances. Even if
you don‘t have the information ready for your client, at least contact them
and let them know you still working on their request and will get back in
touch with them when you have all the details. Whenever possible, call your
client directly, especially during the early stages of your working
relationship. This will help strengthen the relationship and emphasize the
personal aspect of it. Remember, four to five people will relate a good
experience, while ten to twelve will share a bad one. Keep your clients

Focus on Your Strengths.
The other day I received an email from someone planning a family vacation.
The woman was frustrated trying to find information and was hoping I could
offer some assistance. When I got her on the phone, she told me that she had
tried a number of other agencies, but no one would help her. I knew that if I
took the time to listen and offer some ideas, I might be able to book her trip. I
felt very confident offering her ideas about planning a family vacation. Family
trips are one of my strengths. I have booked many family trips, including my

                                                                            Page 111
Final Word of Encouragement cont’d

     own, and I am always researching new family-friendly place to go. Highlighting
     these strengths to her helped me make the sale. I displayed confidence in my
     knowledge of family vacations and offered great customer service by listening to
     her and agreeing to help. Find something you are good at or have a passion for
     and make it stand out. The more you feel that you have something important to
     contribute to the industry and to clients, the more others will feel the same way.

     Is Cheaper Better?
     It happens to all of us at some point or another. A customer calls to tell you they
     found their trip cheaper on the Internet. There are times when a price is less
     online. How do you compete with online stores? Service is the key.

     Make sure that your customer is comparing apples to apples; clarify what the
     online price includes versus what your price includes. If the price is actually
     cheaper, then this is the time when you sell yourself. Most customers come to
     you because they want to be more than just confirmation number. They are
     concerned with how they will be treated. They want to work with someone who
     is familiar with their preferences and whom they trust, knowing that if something
     happens they can come to you for assistance and they will be well treated.

     I compare it to getting your hair cut. You have a stylist who cuts your hair
     exactly the way you like it. Would you be willing to take a chance with another
     stylist because they are $5 cheaper? Some are willing to take the risk for the
     extra savings while others will not. I visit the same stylist because I know she
     will give me exactly what I want. Your customers will do the same, as long as
     you meet their needs and maintain the level of service they have come to expect
     from you.

     Find Your Niche
     In today‘s travel world it is very important to specialize in a particular area; find
     your niche! You do not need years of experience as an agent; just have
     something you know really well. The idea is to pick something you are already
     interested in or passionate about, such as sport packages or particular
     destinations like Alaska. You can take what you know from your own
     experiences and turn into a successful business. Work with suppliers who fit
     your needs and will make your life easy. With your experience and the help of
     your suppliers, you‘ll be able to stand out from other agencies.

     One of our agents is a Disney nut! She visits Disney many times a year and
     knows the parks, the destinations and the area hotels very well. So, when setting

Page 112
                         Final Word of Encouragement cont’d

up her home-based agency, she decided to specialize in Disney trips and
packages. She found suppliers who now work with her to create memorable
trips for her clients.

The key to being a successful agent is not dependant on whether you have gone
to a travel agent school. Agents who have been in the business for 20 years will
tell you the same thing; your success is based on your desire and passion about
what you do. It is based on your willingness to research multiple potential
destinations for your client until you find the one that fits their wants and desires.
You have to be willing to call various suppliers and not just book with the one
that offers the higher commission. And you have to be willing to go after the
business; not be afraid to hand out your card and let people know about your
business. It is important to remember that you are providing people a service.
You are not selling something that they don‘t want. You are selling a dream, a

Ideas for Specialized Travel
        Handicapped Travel: this is a community of people that can often be
        Theme parks Sea World, Universal Studios, Zoos, Aquariums, and
        National Parks.
        Spa Vacations (I wouldn‘t mind trying these out for clients!)
        Cruises- don‘t forget these. Now many say they want to focus on cruises
        but this is like saying you want to focus on the US- too many choices.
        Try narrowing it down like cruises to Alaska or a certain cruise line in
        Family Travel
        Traveling with pets - something like this is a very good idea. It is
        different than the agency down the street.
        Scuba dive trips

Find New Ways to Make Money.
What are you not selling that you could be? There are a number of supplemental
items you can offer your clients to compliment they travel plans. Travel
insurance is a great example. Insurance is something people do not think about
unless asked. Every time you send a quote, include one for insurance. Detail
the coverage options and remind them that while your client may not be worried
about changing their plans or getting sick, there are other reasons to purchase
coverage. You do not have to push the sale, just suggest it and give them a

                                                                               Page 113
Final Word of Encouragement cont’d

     price. Other items you can consider selling are destination guide books, luggage
     tags, sightseeing tours, tickets to events or attractions, transfers, parking, hotels
     before or after the trip, anything your client might need while on their trip.

     Educate Yourself.
     Knowledge is one of the greatest assets in this business. Take some time to learn
     about the travel industry. Reading up on new product lines, destinations,
     specials, suppliers and what you can offer your clients will keep your business
     moving. Read reviews on hotels, destinations and cruise ships, take an online
     class or get a new book on a destination. Get on email lists of the major trade
              publications so you know when news happens and can learn about the
              latest travel trends. The Internet has so much information and
              opportunities available to help you learn more about travel. As a home-
              based travel agent, it is up to you to educate yourself. The more you
              learn, the more you will be able to service your clients.

               Educate the Public
               Most of the general public has no idea how travel agents make their
               money. People tend to put travel agents in the same category as real
               estate agents, thinking that working without one will save them money.
               The next time you talk to someone who books their own travel, ask
               them why. I had a friend tell me he booked a trip to Las Vegas online
     from Southwest Airlines Vacations. He said it was easy and would do it again.
     He was surprised to learn that I could book him the same package for the same
     price or less, and I would earn a commission from the sale. He didn‘t realize that
     even if an agent is not used, the supplier simply keeps the commission for
     themselves. He was further surprised when I told him that because of a special
     supplier relationship, I was privileged to lower rates or specials not offered to the
     public. Let people know how agents get paid. Write to your paper or send
     letters to your clients. When they see the benefits of using an agent, they will
     start contacting you.

                Get Support From Others.
                There are others in your shoes. Agents should not view other agents
                as enemies. We need each other and we all have something to
                contribute. I found it really strange how many people contacted my
                agency and said that they would ask others for help and were turned
                away. Communication is one of the foundations I built our host
                agency program around. There are many new agents that are scared
                of the future. It is helpful to have someone to talk to and to share

Page 114
                        Final Word of Encouragement cont’d

ideas with. Whether you are a new or experienced agent, everyone has ideas.
New agents can bring new ideas and agents with experience can share their
wisdom. You do not have to give away all your secrets, just be supportive and
offer ideas or suggestions.

Believe In Yourself.
This may sound corny, but it is the truth. My travel agency became a success
when I began to believe I could make it a success. When I first started my
business, it was not much of anything. I was soon faced with an important
decision; I had to either do something with the business or find a job outside the
home and put my son in daycare. I decided to take the business seriously. I
realized that I had the power to make my business successful. All I had to do
was concentrate and believe in myself. I do not feel that I am someone special.
And I know that it‘s not special skills or training that has made my business
successful. No one will make it happen for you. It must be something you do
for yourself. Put your mind to it, and anything you do will be successful.


                                                                            Page 115
APPENDIX A—Yahoo! Groups and the Chat List

              APPENDIX A—Yahoo! Groups and the Chat List
     Once you have completed the Handbook and passed your 20-Question quiz,
     Barb Cerbie will authorize you to access the online group accounts. The chat list
     is in the Yahoo! Group and will provide you with many tools and answers to
     help you with your travel business.

     It is important that you understand how to find answers in Yahoo! Groups. This
     will help you be successful; while there are times you will need to get help from
     other agents, everyone cannot help you all the time. So be sure to learn how to
     do things on your own so that whenever you need to find something, you know
     how to do it.

     Getting to the Groups Page
     You first need to go to and Sign In. (Follow Barb‘s instruction in
     the emails she sends for access.). Next, click on GROUPS on the left side of the
     page and then select DUGANSAGENTS.

     The links on the left in the blue box will take you to the different sources where
     information has been posted for your benefit.
            Messages         The Chat List
            Files            This folder contains a number of different files that will
                             help you operate your business.
            Photos           Pictures for members to share. Some are from
                             familiarization trips and can be useful for clients.
            Links            To useful information
            Database         This is where you will find an updated list of suppliers.
                             This is also where you can post or check for space on
                             group cruises that others are willing to share. Be sure you
                             go into the ―agents‖ table and add your information.
            Polls            Questions agents are looking for responses for.
            Members          Contact details for Dugan‘s Agents
            Calendar         This will show you upcoming event information.

     Chat List Guidelines
     It is important with over 600 agents the chat list needs to be used properly and
     professionally. It is really important that you first search the messages to see
     what context has previously been discussed. More than likely you will find your
     answers there.

Page 116
                              Yahoo! Groups & Chat List cont’d

But when you cannot find the answer, go ahead and post a message. Just make
sure you follow these guidelines or your message will be rejected by a
       1. Messages that bash another agent, are degrading to another agent or
           contain anything nasty or vulgar will not be tolerated.
       2. The chat list is to be used for help, ideas and support. Ask for help,
           but please don‘t ask someone to do the work for you unless you are
           sick or overloaded and are looking to either split the commission or
           have someone take over the booking.
       3. Do not use the website to sell merchandise (such as Mary Kay, Avon,
           Girl Scout cookies, collectables) or ask for donations and such.
           There is a list of all emails on Yahoo groups. You can send such
           messages directly to agents.
       4. In formatting your message, please:
               a. Include a brief concise subject of what is specifically needed,
                    such as ―Disney Help‖ or ―Technical Help Needed for My
               b. Be sure to sign the message (name, agency, phone, email).
               c. Do not use all caps – (this is interrupted as yelling!)
       5. Messages that have already been asked and answered will be rejected.
       6. Messages that could be answered with a little bit of research will also
           be rejected.
       7. Requests for login or account issues messages should be sent directly
           to All login and account information is
           available on the account list in the Database folder. (Searching this
           table is easy: type in the supplier name in the search box (you may
           need to adjust the way you spell the name) and search!
       8. When you have a question/request for the chat list, ―post‖ a new
           message; do not hit reply on older messages.
       9. Any personal request for help or action to be taken should be replied
           directly to the requesting agent. For example, someone requests help
           while on vacation or making phone calls, or a new agent introducing
           themselves to the group; please redirect the response directly to the
           agent asking for assistant. (That‘s why you need to make sure your
           contact information is included in the signature line.)
       10. Conversations between two or more agents that is not of need to the
           entire agency also need to be sent directly to the agents and not
           through the chat list.
       11. A common question is ―Who do I contact‖…more than likely the

                                                                          Page 117
Yahoo! Groups & Chat List

                answer is either in the account list in the database, past messages, the
                handbook, yahoo files or You first need
                to do a search and then if they still can‘t find it request the question
                be posted again.
            12. Finally, send a personal thank you to those that give you help.

     We try very hard to keep the emails down as much as we can. After all, you‘re
     going to have to read through all these postings. (So don‘t be surprised to ask a
     question and have your post be rejected by the moderators because it has already
     been covered.)

     Be sure to proof read your email prior to sending to make sure it is
     understandable or you may risk getting advice that may not be completely
     accurate. And make sure you have included a signature (name and contact

     Searching Prior Messages
     This should be your first choice because no one wants to get a ton of emails on
     things that you should already know from reading the handbook, going to or searching the chat list. So, before you post a
     message, search the old ones to see if your question has already been asked and
     answered. Type in what you are looking for then hit NEXT if something does
     not come up or you are looking for more information.

     Example: You are looking for information on commissionable attractions.
     Response: Type in ―attractions‖. One of your results will be:
        8929 Options for booking attractions etc... Jennifer Dugan Mon 7/15/2002

     On July 15th Jennifer sent this to the chat list. It is there and will always be there
     to use. Then when you get your first results (even if nothing comes up at all)
     click on NEXT. The computer can only search so many at a time so you have to
     keep hitting NEXT to have it search some more.

     Save messages from the chat list that you think may be helpful in the future.
     Build a resource with the account list and anything else you may need. Think of
     how you would figure things out if there was no chat list? It is important that you
     feel that you can find the answers yourself. There will be times that no one can
     help you or as soon as you need help. Some times the chat list goes down. You
     have all the resources you need to be able to service your clients quickly and
     efficiently. You need to make sure you know how to find the information.

Page 118
                                        APPENDIX B—Sample Forms

If You Are Not Getting Messages
If you don‘t get at least one email a day from the chat list, something is
definitely wrong. Check your account profiles. If your email begins to bounce
you will be put on a bouncing list at This indicates emails
that are sent to you are being returned. You have to log in to the website and ―un
-bounce‖ your address in order to resume receiving messages.

When setting up your group message options, if you select ―no mail‖ you are
still responsible for checking the messages by going into the Yahoo! Group.
Please keep in mind there are important things sent to the chat list daily. If you
do not check the messages regularly you may be missing vital information that
could affect the success of your business. If we determine you are not reading
your messages you may be removed from the account.

Use the chat list! That is what it is there for. If you have questions, ideas, have
experiences to share anything that will help your fellow agents; please let us

Send a Personal ―Thank You‖
Everyone likes to get a thank you when they have helped someone out. And
sending a personal thank you to them is so much nicer than just hitting reply and
making it generic. Personally I always send a thank you to that person as soon
as I have read there posting. Remember they have taken the time out of their day
to help you.

                      APPENDIX B—Sample Forms
Following pages contain samples of forms you can use. Additional samples are
available at the Yahoo! Groups web page.

                                                                               Page 119
Trip Request Form

                             Trip Request Form (Sample)

     How many people traveling?

     Full legal names of each person traveling? (Must be as seen on government issued ID)

     Date of birth for each person traveling?

     If traveling aboard, please list passport names and numbers and country issued?


     Trip Dates:

     Alternate Dates:

     Preferred Arrival Airport:

     Alternate Arrival Airports:

     Preferred Activities:

     What and When was the Last Vacation you took:
     What did you like about it?
     What did you not like about?

     What type of vacation are you looking for this time? – Quiet, Relaxing, Active, Cold Weather,
     Warm Weather, Beach vs. Snow, Guided or Independent, Tours or Excursions, Cruise

     Define Your Idea of ―Relaxing‖ (Insert idea from above)?

     Price Range?

     Date Looking to Book?

Page 120
                                                               Booking Check List

                          Booking Check List (Sample)

Task:                           Date Completed:

                                Land              Car            Air          Insurance

Trip Info to Client             __________        __________     __________   __________

Detail Verification by Client   __________        __________     __________   __________

Document Address Changed        __________        __________     __________   __________

Deposit Applied                 __________        __________     __________   __________

Booking Claim Form              __________        __________     __________   __________

Insurance Declined Form         __________

CC Auth Form                    __________        __________     __________   __________

Thank You Sent                  __________

Trip on Calendar                __________

Trip in Outlook                 __________

Final Payment on Calendar       __________

Final Payment in Outlook        __________

Final Payment Applied           __________        __________     __________   __________

Gift Basket to Client           __________

Travel Documents to Client      __________

Docs Received Form              __________

Welcome Home Sent               __________

Trip on KrisCross Booking Record __________

VIP Letter Faxed                __________

Booking Verified w/Supplier     __________

                                                                              Page 121
Quote to Clients

                            QUOTE TO CLIENT (Sample)
                                   (Copy on your letterhead)

     Thank you for requesting a quote from YOUR BUSINESS NAME. Please keep the
     following in mind regarding your quote:
             1. The quoted price is accurate as of the time and date of the quote: ________
             2. The quoted price is never locked in until the vacation is booked and final
                 payment is received.
             3. Airfare and hotel prices fluctuate frequently -the quoted price may increase
                 during the booking process. If you are happy with this quote and wish to
                 book your vacation, please contact me immediately.
             4. The quoted itineraries are those that best fit your preferences and either
                 have the lowest price and/or highest value.
             5. Please let me know if you require any other travel arrangements such as
                 rental car or excursions. I will be happy to provide a quote for any
                 arrangements you may require.

     Please contact me if you have any questions about your vacation package or about the
     destination you are visiting. It is my job to make your vacation experience as pleasant as
     possible, and my expertise is free.

     Payments can be made the following ways:
                Money Order or Cashier's Check payments: I require the payment to be
                received and deposited by my affiliate agency in New Mexico prior to
                making the booking.
                Personal Check payments: I require the check to be deposited and cleared
                by my affiliate agency in New Mexico prior to making the booking.
                Credit Cards: I must receive a credit card authorization form that includes a
                signature of the card holder prior to making the booking.

     In the case of money order, cashier's check or personal check payments, you will be
     responsible for any postage fees related to shipping the payment to New Mexico as well
     as any price increases during the shipping process. For any booking, credit card
     payment is the preferred form of payment. It is the easiest to work with, and it provides
     an extra level of protection for the consumer through the credit card company.

     Thank you again for asking me to research your free quote. I only request that you let
     me know as soon as possible whether or not you wish for me to book your quoted


Page 122
                                                            Credit Card Authorization

                   Credit Card Authorization Form (Sample)
For your protection as well as ours, we will need the following information as authorization to
charge your travel arrangements. Please note the cancellation policy below. Please review the
following, sign, and return to our office at (agency address). Travel documents cannot be
released until our office has received this form. Please provide a copy of front and back of
card for verification.

Cardholder‘s Name             ________________________________________________

Billing Address               ________________________________________________

Home Phone                    ___________________________

Work Phone                    ___________________________

Please charge the following amount to my credit card specified below:

$________________ [ ] Deposit Due_____________________

$________________ [ ] Final Payment Due________________

$________________ [ ] Insurance Due____________________ [ ] Accept [ ] Decline

Card Number         __________________________________________________

Card Type           _________________

Expiration Date _________________

CVC               _________________
(Card Verification Code: 3 digit code on the back of the card; American Express has 4-digit code
on the front.)

Signature of Authorization____________________________________________________

Today‘s Date        ___________________

Please provide a copy of front and back of card for verification.

Cancellation Policy: (enter the applicable policy as it relates to the travel plans)

                                                                                         Page 123
Travel Insurance Waiver Form

                 Travel Insurance Waiver (Sample)

     We believe that your upcoming trip is a significant investment
     which you should protect. For this reason, we strongly recommend
     you purchase travel insurance. If you choose to decline this valu-
     able protection, you are assuming any financial loss associated with
     your travel arrangements.

            ___ I have purchased travel insurance.

            ___ I have not purchased travel insurance, but I would like
                to. Please send me additional information.

            ___ I decline to purchase travel insurance. I understand
                that by declining insurance, I cannot hold AGENCY
                NAME and/or its agents responsible for any expenses
                incurred by me (or guests in my party) resulting from
                delay, cancellation of trip, accident, sickness, death, sto-
                len or damaged luggage or property.

     Name (Printed)      ____________________________________

     Signature           ____________________________________

     Date                ____________________________________

Page 124
                                                                    Cruise Ship Activity Sheet

                                                Sample list of activities from a Royal Caribbean Sailing.
                                              The ―Cruise Compass‖ is a four-page document that provides
                                           times and locations of the activities along with dining locations and
                                                     hours, as well as music and dancing hot spots.

ACTIVITIES                                        SPA & BEAUTY                                             watches? Well, imagine no more. The
Ice Carving Demonstration - Watch a               Secrets To a Flat Stomach - Learn how                    watch store onboard is an authorized
300 pound block of ice transform into a           detoxification and simple body maintenance can           dealer for both and our prices are all tax
piece of art.                                     help you shed those unwanted pounds. See how             and duty-free. Check out our great selec-
Movie - Catch a movie in our Scoreboard           you can lose inches in just one hour without exercise.   tion and prices and don’t forget to ask
Cinema. Today’s movies- National Secu-            Partner Massage Class - This class will                  about our Price Match Guarantee Pro-
rity, What A Girl Wants and Frida.                be beneficial for the rest of your life. Bring           gram. Sale starts tomorrow.
Daily Trivia - Get stumped! Get a copy            your friend or partner and learn some basic              Sharp-Dressed Man - Look your
of today’s Trivia Quiz at the Library on          massage techniques. Leave with some practi-              best with a classic black tuxedo. Full
Deck 9. Complete it at your leisure and re-       cal experience and a bottle of aromatherapy              and partial rentals are available.
turn to check your answers in the Library.        oil to get you started. $49 per couple - sign-           Grand Gala Art Auction - Add to
Latin Dance Hour - Dance to your favor-           up required.                                             your personal collection with pieces from
ite Latin rhythms with Giovanni from your         Ancient Reflexology - The soles of your                  our Grand Gala Art Auction, the finest art
Cruise Director’s staff.                          feet are the pressure point map to the entire            sale at sea. Apply for up to $10,000
Cards & Board Games Available -                   body. Learn more about these highly sought               instant credit,
Come on by, just bring your game face.            after holistic arts with Judy, our onboard reflex-       interest-free for 13 months.
Open 24 hours. (Calcutta Card Room,               ologist.
Deck 6)                                           Formal Night Tonight - For hair and nail                 GAMING
Bellyflop Competition - Oh, the pres-             appointments call 3887. Limited appointments             Casino Royale - Have you been to our
tige, the glamour, the recognition of the         available.                                               Las Vegas style casino? Test your skills at
bellyflop! Come make a splash with your                                                                    Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and more.
Cruise Director, Bill, for this unique event by   FOOD & DRINK                                             And enjoy a late night happy hour with
the pool.                                         Drink of the Day - Drink a Sunstroke for                 $3.95
                                                  $4.25 and keep the glass.                                drinks.
SPORTS & FITNESS                                  Chops Grille - A juicy, tender NY sir-                   Feeling Lucky? - Sign up today for
ShipShape - Today’s ShipShape classes             loin cooked to perfection accompanied by a               tomorrow’s huge Blackjack and Slot tour-
are Sunrise Stretch Class, *Pathway to Yoga       vintage Merlot. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?               naments. See our friendly cashiers for de-
and *Wheels in Motion, and Core Motion.           So what are you waiting for? Call Chops                  tails in the Casino Royale.
*Classes have a nominal fee. ShipShape            Grille now and make your reservation.                    COLORFUL CRUISING
dollars are awarded for all classes.              Wake Up and Get Lucky - Bloody
                                                                                                           What better place to use Crayola colors
Walk a Mile - Start out your morning with         Marys, screwdrivers and mimosas, just $3.25
                                                                                                           like Caribbean Green and Sunset Orange
fresh air and breathtaking ocean views during     each. Enjoy one and try your luck this morning!
                                                                                                           than on a Royal Caribbean Cruise? Ad-
a one-mile walk on deck.                          Drinking Games - Throw the “ball”
                                                                                                           venture Art by Crayola, offered through
Golf Simulator - Practice your swing on           and you could win with every drink you buy!
                                                                                                           our complimentary Adventure Ocean
famous courses from around the world with         See Brad at Scoreboard Sports bar for de-
                                                                                                           Youth Program, allows kids to get creative
our interactive golf simulator. Reservations      tails.
                                                                                                           and have fun while learning about the
required. Nominal fee. Sign up on RCTV            Martini Moments - Sip a swanky gin or
                                                                                                           places they’re visiting. And with five differ-
in your stateroom or at the Country Club,         vodka martini as you tap your feet to the sounds
                                                                                                           ent supervised groups (ages: 3-5, 6-8, 9-
Deck 12 Aft.                                      of the Radiance of the Seas Orchestra.
                                                                                                           11, 12-14 and 15-17), your kids are sure
                                                  ONBOARD SHOPPING                                         to make some friends their own age.
                                                  Watch Sale - Could you imagine saving
                                                  15% to 20% off Gucci and Tag Heuer
                                                                                                                  Page 125
Amenity Point Sheet

Page 126
                                      APPENDIX C—Agent Benefits

                     APPENDIX C—Agent Benefits

Magazines and Newsletters
With today‘s technology there is a lot of information available online; easy to
find and very useful. Here are some publications available.

       Budget Travel magazine (small fee for subscription)

       Travel Age West Magazine (especially good for West coast agents!)

       Travel Agent Magazine

       Travel Weekly

       Travel Trade


You can also subscribe to many online newsletters through CLIA, Modern
Agent, and the Home-Based Travel Agent. Just visit their websites.

Travel Benefits
It use to be that all you needed was a business card with the title ―Travel Agent‖
and the benefits were endless. Nowadays, suppliers are more careful with their
product and are limiting the ―freebies‖. They found that many people were
taking advantage of the services and not learning or even purchasing their
products. Most suppliers now have more structured requirements for agents,
such as proof of industry affiliation (IATAN or CLIA card) or the commitment
of future sales or bookings.

Once your commissions reach $5000 a year, you qualify for an IATAN card.
This card will allow you access to discounted travel arrangements (air, hotels,
rental cars, cruises and tour companies). Many people love this part of being in

                                                                            Page 127
Agent Benefits cont’d

     the travel industry. You can get a CLIA card when you join the host agency that
     is accepted by some suppliers as identification for discounted trips. However,
     many times being paid the commission on the trip works out better than taking
     the discounted rate.

     When agents book their own travel plans, many simply book their reservations
     as normal clients and consider the commission as a refund from the supplier.
     Some suppliers like cruise lines and hotels along with companies like Disney
     still recognize the importance of the agent-supplier relationship and offer
     additional perks when experiencing their product (upgrade, fruit basket, etc.).
     Many cruise lines offer agents a 50% discount from the brochure rate and even
     more if they are able to travel in less than 30 days. (CLIA card almost always

     A popular way to become familiar with a certain product or destination is
     through a Familiarization Trip (referred to as FAMS). They usually involve site
     visits, tours and/or meetings in order to participate and can last two to three days.
     These are offered at little or no cost to you. A city‘s convention and visitors‘
     bureau may put such a trip together. Various suppliers who work in the area will
     provide services to the group or be included as a tour on the agenda. Because
     many suppliers are donating their product or services for such events, it is
     important to be professional and considerate. In other words, don‘t drag the kids
     along and show up in Bermuda shorts and a tank top!

     Cruise lines offer additional benefits to agents through such events as ship
     inspections, inaugural cruises or semester at sea training sessions. These
     functions offer a great way to be on the ship, experience cruising and learn about
     the cruising industry. There are also special events and trade shows that may
     give travel agents complimentary passes. These may provide you with
     networking or training opportunities that you otherwise, might not be able to

     Agent Identification Cards
     In order to take advantage of most travel agent discount rates, you will need a
     CLIA card. IATAN cards are no longer needed.

     Up-to-date information on obtaining a CLIA card or online applications for a
     card is available at There are two important requirements for
     getting and renewing your CLIA membership card:

Page 128
                         APPENDIX D—Senior Citizens Travel

   1. ID Card applicants will be required to complete and pass the exam for at
      least one annual recurrent CLIA live training seminar or CLIA online
      training program not previously submitted prior to applying for their
      2009 cards.
   2. 2009 ID card applicants are required to be enrolled in, or to have
      achieved a designation (ACC, MCC, ECC, ECCS) in CLIA‘s Cruise
      Counselor Certification Program.

CLIA cards are mailed to the agency. Once you have sent in your application,
payment and picture to CLIA, send a self addressed stamped envelope to
Dugan‘s Travels New Mexico office so your card can be shipped to you once it

If you reach $5000 in commission in a year you can apply for your IATAN card.
This may not happen the first year you start, although it may happen if you work
hard to obtain customers.

                 APPENDIX D—Senior Citizens Travel
Senior Citizens make great clients; they are loyal, they like to interact with
people and they have more time to travel. It‘s a good idea to read up on what
you can offer seniors. (Check out

Start by contacting senior citizen groups. Any group of senior citizens who share
a common interest offer potential future business. Interest groups are found in
churches, service clubs, alumni & veterans associations, language classes, dance
groups, and many more. Contact the president, activity or recreation director of
the group and let them know about your services. Most of these organizations
have phone directories or membership rosters from which you can identify
contacts and create a mailing list. Give them some reasons to promote group
cruising to their membership. They may consider using the cruise to raise funds
for their activities or charities. Send an initial letter, then follow-up with a phone
call and offer to make a presentation at their next gathering.

One effective way to develop the senior citizen market is through cruise night
parties. Any organization that holds regular meetings is a prospect for a cruise
night. You‘ll find that most groups are looking for programs for their meetings.
Cruise lines will even give you suppliers for the meeting; PowerPoint

                                                                               Page 129
APPENDIX E—Supplier Descriptions

     presentations, DVDs, you may even be able to get some promotional items.
     Contact the District Sales Manager; they can help you put on a professional
     presentation that informs and motivates your audience.

     Direct mail is the most effective advertising medium for senior citizens. Mass
     mailings can be made to your client list or to a list purchased of just senior
     citizens. Individually addressed mail is more effective because it has a person-to-
     person touch. Cruise lines have shells available online; you imprint your
     message and create a professional looking promotion piece at a low cost. You
     can also print your own newsletter and keep your senior groups advised of
     upcoming cruises or other group travel opportunities. Some mobile home parks
     and condominiums have their own monthly newsletters in which you can
     purchase advertising space.

     In considering the possibilities of the senior market, remember that 80% of all
     people who take a cruise say they want to cruise again. Satisfied clients
     recommend cruising to their friends, thus creating even more business for travel
     agents. The potential for great success is there. All you have to do is go out and
     make it happen.

                         APPENDIX E—Supplier Descriptions

     (This is not all the available suppliers, just the ones we have profiled. Some may
     no longer be in existence.) Links shown are usually the public‘s version so be
     sure to look at the account list for web addresses to the agent login pages.
     Note: Those that state they are sold in VAX mean they are sold at which is a website you will be using often.

     AAT Kings -
     DESTINATIONS: Australia and New Zealand.
     SPECIALTIES: Options include premium and low cost escorted holidays, camping adventures,
                   small group outback adventures, independent touring packages, sightseeing
                   tours and charter coaches and specialist itineraries to suit the specific touring
                   needs of clients. Award winning company: AAT King‘s has received many
                   awards of merit through the years. They are a two-time winner of the
                   prestigious Australian Tourism Award for Best National Tour Operator. Their
                   outback expertise has also been recognized by the Northern Territory
                   government as a five-time winner of the Brolga Award for excellence in
                   outback tour operations.

Page 130
                                              Supplier Descriptions cont’d

Adventure Tours USA - Sold in VAX
DESTINATIONS: Mexico, Caribbean, Costa Rica
SPECIALTIES: Ski, Dive, Family, Golf, Honeymoon, Spa and Group Travel
ADD‘L INFO: Vacations by Adventure Tours has the advantage of being able to offer you
              specialty vacations such as, honeymoon packages, destination weddings, golf
              getaways, luxurious spa vacations, and much more. You‘ll have the selection
              of luxurious all-inclusive hotels, convenient local departures with nonstop
              flights to all of our destinations, and round-trip transfers to and from your

Alaska Airlines Vacations -
Sold in VAX
DESTINATIONS: Alaska, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Asia, Vancouver/Victoria, Disneyland, Palm
                Springs, CA Wine Country, San Diego, San Fran., Europe, Orlando, Hawaii,
                Mexico, Nevada, and WA
SPECIALTIES: Escorted European tours, Ski Packages
BASIC INFO: This supplier has good air from the northwest. They are also running the same fall
                promotion as the Walt Disney Travel Company.
PHONE:          1-800-468-2248
CHECK PRICES: 1-800-468-2248
BOOKING:        1-800-468-2248
ACCOUNT:        32669490

Apple Vacations -
DESTINATIONS: Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Europe, and Ski.

Australian Pacific Tours -
DESTINATIONS: Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Europe and Russia, Fiji,
                 Egypt, South America, and China
SPECIALTIES: Classic Coach / Motor Coach Touring, Cruises and Tours of the World, Day
                 Tours in Australia, Garden Tours of the World, with Botanica World
                 Discoveries, River Cruises of Europe, Russia and Egypt, Short Breaks /
                 Independent Packages in Australia, Small Group 4-Wheel Drive Adventures in
                 the Kimberley, Cape York, and on Kangaroo Island, Small Ship Luxury
                 Cruising of Australia, New Zealand and Europe, Fully Escorted Vacations
                 from North America
ADD‘L INFO: With 80 years of touring experience in the South Pacific; ranging from day
tours to our most popular first class, fully inclusive escorted vacations. As APT International,
also offers a complete range of fully inclusive vacations throughout the United States and
Canada, plus newest range of tours to the United Kingdom and Europe.

Blue Sky Tours -
DESTINATIONS: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, the Big Island.
SPECIALTIES: Customized Hawaii vacations, offering an outstanding selection of hotels,
                condominiums, rental cars, and tours and activities to suit the needs of each

                                                                                         Page 131
Supplier Descriptions cont’d

     Brendan Tours -
     DESTINATIONS: Europe, Eastern Europe, Italy, Ireland and Britain, US and Canada, Africa
                    and Egypt, Asia, South and Central America, Australia and New Zealand, Fiji,
                    and Tahiti
     SPECIALTIES: Fully escorted coach tours, independent flexible tours, self drives, safaris, stay
                    puts, group travel, river cruises in Europe and Russia, European winter
                    vacations – from budget to deluxe. Also nationwide airport parking and world-
                    wide visa assistance.

     Brian Moore -
     DESTINATIONS: Ireland, Britain (including England, Scotland & Wales), Italy, other European
                    city getaways
     SPECIALTIES: Escorted Tours, Fly Drive Vacations, City Getaways, Golf Vacations, Scenic
                    Tour Vacations, Rail Tour Vacations, Italy Multi-City Vacations
     DETAILS:       Full color 36-page brochure available. Have been bringing Americans to
                    Ireland & Britain for over 30 years.

     Central Holidays -
     DESTINATIONS: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Mediterranean Cruises, River Cruises,
                     Ski Destinations
     SPECIALTIES: Escorted, Hosted, Independent, Fly/Drive, Hotels, Honeymoon, Paradores,
                     Villas, Car Rentals, Culinary, Historical, Cultural, Regional and Winter Sports
     ADD‘L INFO: The unique nature of a Central Holidays tour includes well-located European
                     hotels, free wine, mineral water, and coffee with all lunches and dinners on
                     escorted tours, and use of the increasingly popular ―Hear Clear‖ personal audio
                     system, which allows travelers to hear their knowledgeable tour director and
                     local guides detail the visited sights and attractions, even when standing at a
                     distance. Central Holidays offers first class European tour packages including
                     escorted tours, locally hosted as well as independent travel itineraries, and
                     customized group travel, Mediterranean cruise packages, ski vacations and car
                     rentals. Central Holidays also provides niche-market tour packages, such as
                     cooking classes in Italy, France, Greece, Spain, and Portugal, wine excursions,
                     tours for art aficionados, as well as vacation rentals including castles, villas,
                     chateaux, and farm houses.

     City Escapes -
     CITY PACKAGES: Boston, Branson, Cleveland, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami
                     Beach, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, Pigeon
                     Forge, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Williamsburg,
                     Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria
     SPECIAL EVENTS: Jazz Fest, Rose Parade, Rose Bowl, Super Bowl, Essence Music Festival,
                     Kentucky Derby, Indianapolis Racing, US Open Tennis, Daytona 500, Sugar
                     Bowl, Holidays in Branson, Holidays in NYC/Nashville

     Collette Tours -
     DESTINATIONS: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Egypt,
                      Kenya, Ecuador, Galapagos, Brazil, Chile and Argentina
     SPECIALTIES: Escorted Tours, Cruise programs and Learning vacations to all seven continents

Page 132
                                              Supplier Descriptions cont’d

Contiki Holidays -
Destinations: America, Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand tours, Bali Resort, Mykonos
ADD‘L INFO: Contiki Holidays is the worldwide leader in vacations for 18-35 year-olds.
                More than 100 itineraries to choose from. Contiki‘s products, which include
                Contiki Resorts, are distributed to 35 countries worldwide. With more than 40
                years experience Contiki operates tours in Europe, Australia, New Zealand,
                Canada and the U.S.A. As a market leader, Contiki‘s aim is to give clients the
                vacation of a lifetime, at a price they can afford.

Continental Vacations -
PHONE:           1-800-634-5555
OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Disneyland 1 and 3 day, Universal Studios, Knott‘s Berry Farm, Sea
                 World/San Diego Tour, Tijuana Mexico Tour, Catalina Island Adventure Tour,
                 LA/Hollywood Experience Tour
ADD-ONS:         There are no true add-ons, but they do offer packages to many different
                 locations, so you could put multiple packages together.
CHECK PRICES: or 1-800-634-5555
BOOKING: or 1-800-634-5555
ACCOUNT:         32669490

Delta Vacations - Sold in VAX
DESTINATIONS: Arizona, California, Canada, Caribbean, Colorado, Europe, Florida Beaches,
                Orlando, Walt Disney World Resort, Hawaii, Idaho, Jackson Hole WY, Las
                Vegas, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Latin America, Mexico, New York City, New
                Orleans, Utah Specialties offered: All-inclusive, Family, Golf, Spa, Romance,
                Gaming, and Beach
PHONE:          1-800-221-6666
OPYIONS AVAILABLE: Disneyland 1 or 3 day, Universal Studios, Knott‘s Berry Farm, Sea
                World/San Diego Tour, Tijuana Tour, Catalina Island, Adventure Tour, LA/
                Hollywood Experience Tour
ADD-ONS:        There are no true add-ons, but they do offer packages to many different
                locations, so you could put multiple packages together.
CHECK PRICES: or 1-800-221-6666
BOOKING:        Book on website for more commission. Or 1-800-221-6666 or
       pays better commission if booked online
ACCOUNT:        32669490

DER Travel
DER and the Rail Europe Group feature a full line of travel-related products and services,
            Air (Trans-Atlantic, Latin American, and Intra-European)
            Rail (Rail passes and tickets on high-speed, premier, luxury, scenic, and local
            Hotel (3- to 5-star hotels)
            Car (All categories and sizes at airport, rail station, and downtown locations)
            Extras (Airport transfers, tours, museum tickets, dinner cruises, transportation cards

                                                                                          Page 133
Supplier Descriptions cont’d

                     -including London Underground and Paris Metro)
                 Access to our staff in Europe
                 Professional, knowledgeable telephone sales force
     Almost everything we offer can be purchased stand-alone or assembled into a travel package.
                     Packaged vacation travel combines 2 or more components with flexibility in
                     pricing and accommodation levels. Depending on the package, itineraries may
                     be pre-designed or go-as-you-please.
     DER focuses on FIT travel components and is the only company in North America that offers an
                     unparalleled variety of options in all of these travel segments for premier one-
                     stop shopping:
                 FIT vacations in Europe
                 2-night European city packages
                 A multitude of sightseeing components in the most popular European cities
                 Rail journeys within Europe
                 Consolidated air on more than 23 scheduled carriers to over 300 destinations
                 Hotel chain programs, individual hotel stays and 2-night hotel packages
                 European rail travel including every European Rail pass, point-to-point tickets on
                     high-speed, hotel and specialty trains, seat and sleeper reservations
                 European car rentals with well-known car rental companies and extensive car
                     inventories in 20 European countries

     Freegate -
     DESTINATIONS: Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, South America, Central and
                    Eastern Europe, and Central America
     SPECIALTIES: Inclusive tour programs featuring airfare from the USA, hotel accommodations,
                    sightseeing, cruises, meals, transportation. Special interest programs, including
                    archaeological, religious, culinary, nature lovers, ecotourism. Honeymoon
                    tours, unique custom-made itineraries, upscale tour packages

     Funjet - Sold in VAX
     BASIC INFO: This is a great basic site because they offer a lot of different airline choices and a
                    fair amount of options. This is my favorite site for air inclusive vacations and
                    my second choice for land only.
     PHONE:         1-800-558-3060
     WEB:  (Just for looking. Can‘t book there)
     DESTINATIONS: Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Central America, Calgary AB, California,
                    Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, other US cities, Ski destinations
     SPECIALTIES: Vacation representatives in charter destinations and a 24-Hour Traveler
                    Assistance Center.
     ADD‘L INFO: All vacations are for independent travel (no escorted tours). Packages can
                    combine air and hotel with optional features such as car rental, ground
                    transportation, sightseeing tours, attraction admission tickets, airport transfers.
                    Family vacations, group vacations, weddings and honeymoons, ski vacations,
                    WDW, Universal Orlando, Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts.
     OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Disney 1, 3 or 5 day Flex pass, Universal Studios, Disney character
                    breakfast, lunch and dinner, Knott‘s Berry Farm, Southern California Value

Page 134
                                             Supplier Descriptions cont’d

ADD-ONS:         There are no true add-ons, but they do offer packages to many different
                 locations, so you could put multiple packages together.

Future Vacations - Sold in VAX
DESTINATIONS: Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, Central America, Mexico, USA, Canada, Las
SPECIALTIES: Air-inclusive or land-only vacation packages. Family, golf, beach, spa, all-
               inclusive, ski vacations, and honeymoons.

Globus/Cosmos -
DESTINATIONS: Seven Continents, 71 countries (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North
               America, South America, Antarctica)
SPECIALTIES: More than 75 years of experience in escorted international travel.
ADD‘L INFO: Fully escorted, premium, independent, or river cruise vacations.

GoGo Tours -
DESTINATIONS: Canada, Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Europe, Mexico, USA.
SPECIALTIES: All-inclusive, Beach, Gaming, Couples, Family, Golf, Shopping, History and
              Culture, Luxury, Mature Travelers, Romance and Honeymoon, Scuba, Singles,
              Ski/Snowboard, Snorkeling, Spa, Sport Fishing, Theme Park, Weekend
BASIC INFO: GOGO is a great company for a lot of things, but I don‘t like them for Disneyland
              because I don‘t see much flexibility with their packages. Looking through their
              catalogue, they do offer a few options, but you can‘t price or book those on
              their website – and I have not had good luck trying to get them on the phone
              the few times I have tried.
PHONE:        1-800-899-3999
OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Disneyland, Universal Studios, LA City Tour & Movie Star‘s Homes,
              Knott‘s Berry Farm.
ADD-ONS:      San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles/Hollywood, Yosemite, Central
              California, Lake Tahoe
CHECK PRICES:, 1-800-899-3999
BOOKING:, 1-800-899-3999
ACCOUNT:      Online information is, password: dillon

Happy Tours -
DESTINATIONS: Hawaii, Caribbean, South Pacific, New Zealand, Mexico, Phoenix/Scottsdale
SPECIALTIES: Honeymoons, Weddings, Couples, Golf, Family, Adventure, Spa, and Luxury

Homeric Tours -
DESTINATIONS: Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Central and
               Eastern Europe.
SPECIALTIES: Homeric Tours, America‘s #1 choice to Greece, offers independent & escorted
               packages to Greece, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Cyprus & Central
               & Eastern Europe. Homeric operates the only charter service from New York
               to Athens.
ADD‘L INFO: Highly trained professionals can handle customized vacations as well.

                                                                                           Page 135
Supplier Descriptions cont’d

     Insight Vacations -
     DESTINATIONS: Europe, Britain, Eastern Mediterranean, America and Canada
     ADD‘L INFO: 99% customer satisfaction, more 2/3 night stays on tour, first class hotels all
                     centrally located, strong Eastern Mediterranean product with our own offices.
                     Expert Tour Managers.

     Islands in the Sun -
     DESTINATIONS: Tahiti, Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and
                      Easter Island
     ADD‘L INFO: Islands in the Sun offers a wide range of travel options, from thatched roof
                      bungalows to the casual elegance of the South Pacific‘s finer resorts. They
                      continually investigate the islands for new adventures and take pride in offering
                      the widest, most tempting array of vacations: independent tours, custom
                      itineraries, modules, fly/drive vacations, honeymoons, scuba diving, sailing,
                      cruising, Tahiti Escapes and Fiji Escapes packages for budget-minded

     Isram World of Travel -
     DESTINATIONS: Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Russian, Eastern & Central
                    Europe, Orient, Chican, Indochina, India, Australia, New Zealand, Spain,
                    Portugal, Latin America
     SPECIALTIES: Escorted Tours, Jewish Heritage Tours, Tours for Doctors and their families,
                    Special Interest Programs (Bar & Bat Mitzvah tours, Senior Citizens and
                    Singles tours), Adventure Tours, Cruises and Cruise Tours.
     ADD‘L INFO: Isram offers Independent Flexible Arrangements to: Israel, Egypt, Greece,
                    Turkey, Jordan, Eastern and Central Europe, the Baltics, Russia, Orient, China,
                    South Pacific & India. In addition, Isram World arranges custom F.I.Ts by
                    private car and creates specialized programs for groups to all of the above

     Maupin Tour -
     DESTINATIONS: About 100 tours in more than 40 different countries. Destinations include
                    Europe, Africa & Morocco, Egypt, Australia & New Zealand, Orient, Latin
                    America, Canada and United States including Alaska.
     SPECIALTIES: Winter Holidays, Europe in Bloom, Fall Foliage, Bowl games, Cruise tours, Rail
                    tours, Wine Enthusiasts and Oberammergau vacations.
     ADD‘L INFO: They include a professional tour manager, fine accommodations, most meals,
                    comprehensive sightseeing, special events, entertainment, entrance fees,
                    tipping, luggage handling and international airfare with airport transfers in our
                    air/land packages. Maupintour has a client repeat rate that is the highest in the

     Mirage/MGM Resort Vacations - Sold in VAX
     LAS VEGAS ONLY: Bellagio, MGM Grand, The Signature at MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay,
                  THE hotel at Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Treasure Island-TI, Monte Carlo,
                  New York-New York, Luxor, Excalibur and Circus Circus.
     ADD‘L INFO: MGM MIRAGE Vacations‘ specialty is the complete vacation experience that
                  includes air and hotel accommodation packages, but also car rentals, hotel
                  transfers, show tickets, and more all in one reservation transaction

Page 136
                                              Supplier Descriptions cont’d

Pleasant Holidays -
DESTINATIONS: Hawaii, Mexico, USA, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, the Cook
                Islands, Cruises
SPECIALTIES: From economy to luxury - individuals & groups. Customized holidays from
                U.S. mainland. Exclusive vacation financing program.
ADD‘L INFO: Consistently rated among top travel companies in the world, serving over 4.5
                million customers - under the same ownership since founding in 1959.

Rail Europe -
Largest supplier of European travel services in North America, including rail passes, hotels,
                  rental cars and other travel resources.

Southwest Airlines Vacations - Sold in VAX
DESTINATIONS: Nevada, California, Hawaii, Florida, and other US destinations.
ADD‘L INFO: Complete vacation packages to destinations across the U.S. with flight service
                available from every scheduled Southwest Airlines departure city. Packages are
                available to most leisure destination markets. 24-hour traveler assistance and
                attraction tickets are also available.
BASIC INFO: This is my favorite site for air-inclusive vacations from the western US.
                Southwest has great air prices.
PHONE:          1-800-423-5683
OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Disneyland 1, 3 or 5 day, Universal Studios, Knott‘s Berry Farm, Sea
                World, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Legoland
ADD-ONS:        There are no true add-ons, but they do offer packages to many different
                locations, so you could put multiple packages together.
CHECK PRICES:, 1-800-423-5683,
BOOKING:        1-800-423-5683, (will pay less commission if
                you call them to make booking)
ACCOUNT:        32669490

Sunquest -
DESTINATIONS: Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico, RIU Hotels & Resorts, Italy and Mediterranean
               cruises with MSC Cruises from Canadian gateways.
ADD‘L INFO: Canada‘s # 1 travel provider, operating out of 18 Canadian cities, from Victoria
               to St. John‘s.

Super Clubs -
ALL-INCLUSIVE: accommodations; all meals; Super Snacks and premium brand cocktails; use
               of all land and water sports facilities, with equipment and instruction;
               entertainment; recreational activities; complimentary weddings; hotel taxes and
               airport transfers - with absolutely no tipping!
DESTINATIONS: Breezes Bahamas in Nassau, and Breezes Montego Bay in Jamaica, extend all
               of the amenities of a Super-Inclusive vacation - at a more affordable price.
               Breezes Golf and Beach Resort (Breezes‘ flagship property) caters to golfers,
               tennis players, sports enthusiasts and connoisseurs of great beaches. Grand
               Lido Negril in Negril, Jamaica, an AAA Four Diamond Resort and one of
               SuperClubs‘ three Lido Class flagship resort properties, offers a vacation of
               unparalleled elegance and luxury, evoking the sybaritic refinement of classical

                                                                                          Page 137
Supplier Descriptions cont’d

                       Mediterranean holidays. Hedonism II, also in Negril, is the ultimate Super-
                       Inclusive resort for pleasure seekers, feeding mind, body, spirit and soul with
                       the freedom to have world-class fun. Grand Lido Sans Souci - also an AAA
                       Four Diamond Resort - in Ocho Rios, indulges guests who seek Old World
                       elegance combined with contemporary luxury amid lavish surroundings.
                       Hedonism III is the latest to be added to the SuperClubs resort hotlist in
                       Runaway Bay, Jamaica.

     Swain Tours -
     DESTINATIONS: Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific islands, Asia, Africa and India
     SPECIALTIES: Custom vacations to the world‘s most remarkable destination.
     ADD‘L INFO: Expert trip advisors distinctively tailor inspiring travel experiences that suit the
                    needs and wants of individual and group travelers

     TNT Vacations -
     DESTINATIONS: Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda and Costa Rica
     ADD‘L INFO: TNT Vacations charter departures are currently available from Boston, MA.
                    Scheduled air (via American Airlines, US Airways, Delta, Aero Mexico and
                    United) vacation packages to the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda, Belize and
                    Costa Rica are available nationwide and are marketed by TNT Vacations
                    throughout the United States.

     Trafalgar Tours -
     DESTINATIONS: Europe, Britain, USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia and New
     SPECIALTIES: Escorted motor-coach vacations, offering first-class as well as value for money
                     cost save products. Includes accommodations, daily breakfast, and sightseeing
                     plus escorted by experienced tour escorts. Trafalgar also offers a 21-35 year old
                     product to Europe.

     Travel Bound -
     DESTINATIONS: World-wide
     SPECIALTIES: Hotels, Transfers, and Sightseeing, Rail, and Car rental, Package vacations, Air
                     & Hotel, Luxury Packages, Special-Interest Programs, Pre- and Post-Cruise
                     stays, Leisure Packages, Family Packages

     Travel Connection -
                    WDC ADD‘L INFO: 25 years of service. Provides air-inclusive and land only
                    vacation packages.

     Travel Impressions -
     DESTINATIONS: Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Hawaii, USA, Latin America, Tahiti and
     SPECIALTIES: Provides leisure vacation packages to 150 destinations and more than 1,800
                     resorts and hotels worldwide, departing from cities nationwide.
     ADD‘L INFO: Their air/land tour packages combine all major vacation expenses-including
                     round trip airfare-hotel accommodations, transfers, hotel taxes and U.S.

Page 138
                                             Supplier Descriptions cont’d

                 Departure tax-into one low price for convenient payment. Travel Impressions
                 packages appeal to a wide range of travelers, depending on the specific
                 destination and traveler‘s budget. Customers range from singles to families,
                 young to mature audiences. From the budget-minded who want good value for
                 their money to the more affluent travelers who want luxury and exclusivity.

United Vacations - Sold in VAX
DESTINATIONS: over 110 destinations in Hawaii, America (featuring Florida, California, Las
               Vegas, Reno/Lake Tahoe), San Juan, Mexico City, Orient, Australia/New
               Zealand, Europe and Latin America. Skiing is also offered in California,
               Nevada, Canada, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.
SPECIALTIES: Modular, upscale vacations ranging from FIT to escorted offering travelers the
               vacation of their dreams to destinations around the world.
ADD‘L INFO: United Vacations‘ World Care travel protection, 24-hour Traveler Assistance
               Center, and Mileage Plus Credit for the air portion of all United Vacations‘
BASIC INFO: This is also a pretty good company because they fly everywhere. They are pretty
               competitive with Southwest for the west coast and have more flight time
OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Disneyland 1, 3, 5 days, Universal Studios, Southern California Value
ADD-ONS:       There are no true add-ons, but they do offer packages to many different
               locations, so you could put multiple packages together.

USAir Vacations - Sold in VAX
DESINTATIONS: Over 60 destinations, including Las Vegas, Orlando, Florida beaches,
               California, Arizona, Denver ski, Nashville, Washington D.C., New York City,
               Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Jamaica, Bermuda, the US Virgin Islands,
               Cancun, San Juan, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Munich, Barcelona, Rome,
               Venice, Florence, Milan, St. Maarten and Grand Cayman.
SPECIALTIES: Air-inclusive packages with special value-added inclusions. 24-hour customer
               service and service guarantee.
OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Disneyland and Universal Studios
ADD-ONS:       There are no true add-ons, but they do offer packages to many different
               locations, so you could put multiple packages together.

Walt Disney Travel Company -
Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney
BASIC INFO: Naturally, this is the best place for call for Disney information. They also run
                specials, such as included kids fly free, 4th night hotel free and a 5-day Flex
                pass for the price of a 3-day Flex pass. However, they don‘t offer some of the
                cheaper airlines such as Southwest. Another plus is that they are available 7
                days a week, good if you are working on the weekend!
OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Knott‘s Berry Farm, Sea World, Legoland, Universal Studios, San
                Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Queen Mary/Aquarium, Catalina
                Island, Los Angeles by Night, Los Angeles/Hollywood Tour, Los Angeles/
                Movie Stars‘ Homes Tour, San Diego City Tour, Old Town Trolley Tours,
                Tijuana Shopping Spree.

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APPENDIX E—Popular Cruise Lines

                      APPENDIX E—Popular Cruise Lines
     CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES              FIRST EUROPEAN CRUISES;                  95 Madison Avenue                    Suite 1203
     800-327-9501 (resv.)               New York, NY 10016
     305-471-4700 (fax)                 Phone: 212-779-7168
     800-327-5782 (groups)              Fax: 212-779-0948
     305-406-8654 (group fax) 

     CELEBRITY CRUISES, INC.            HOLLAND AMERICA LINE           300 Elliott Avenue West              Seattle, WA 98119
     1050 Caribbean Way                 Phone: 206-281-3535
     Miami, FL 33132                    800-426-0327 (groups)
     Phone: 305-530-6000                Fax: 206-281-7110
     Fax: 305-384-7354        

     World Trade Center Building        CRUISES
     80 SW 8th Street                   420 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor New
     Miami, FL 33130-3097               York, NY 10018-2702
     Phone: 305-358-7325                Phone: 212-764-4800
     800-662-6782 (groups)              Fax: 212-764-8592
     Fax: 305-375-0676        
                                        NORWEGIAN COASTAL VOYAGE,
     2049 Century Park East             405 Park Avenue
     Suite 1400                         New York, NY 10022
     Los Angeles, CA 90067              Phone: 212-319-1300
     Phone: 310-785-9300                Fax: 212-319-1390
     Fax: 310-785-3891        
                                        NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE
     CUNARD LINE                        7665 Corporate Center Drive
     6100 Blue Lagoon Drive             Miami, FL 33126-1201
     Suite 400                          Phone: 305-436-4000
     Miami, FL 33126                    Fax: 305-436-4120
     Phone: 305-463-3000      
     Fax: 305-463-3010

Page 140
                                        Popular Cruise Lines cont’d

PRINCESS CRUISES                          SEABOURN CRUISE LINE 6100                   Blue Lagoon Drive
10100 Santa Monica Boulevard              Suite 400
Suite 1800                                Miami, FL 33126
Los Angeles, CA 90067                     Phone: 415-391-7444
Phone: 310-553-1770                       Fax: 415-391-8518
800-421-0522 (groups)           
Fax: 310-277-6175
800-544-9032 (POLAR help desk)            SILVERSEA CRUISES, LTD.                110 E. Broward Boulevard
BookingSystem/ (One Source)     Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
                                          Phone: 954-522-4477
ORIENT LINES, INC                         Fax: 954-522-4499
1510 SE 17th Street, Suite 400  
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone: 954-527-6660                       VIKING RIVER CRUISES
Fax: 954-527-6657                                      877-668-4546

600 Corporate Drive                       300 Elliott Avenue West
Suite 410                                 Seattle, WA 98119
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334                  Phone: 206-281-3535
Phone: 954-776-6123                       Fax: 206-281-0627
Fax: 954-772-3763               

Phone: 305-539-6000
Fax: 305-374-7354
800-327-2055 (groups)
800-722-5505 (groups fax)
305-539-4205 (dining fax)
800-529-6918 (customer service)

805 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-688-7555
Fax: 212-688-2304

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APPENDIX F—Useful Websites

                         APPENDIX F—Useful Websites
     A. Cruises Training & Information
     These are good for research:
                Http:// (Travel agents only - then our CLIA number 32669490)
     You can also complete the Cruise West training program for $25. It teaches you
     all about their products and then they send you leads for your area. I have never
     booked anything for them yet- but I used their leads for my local community to
     build up a client list. So I think it is definitely worth it.

     B. Additional Websites
     Acrobat Reader -
     Excel Viewer -

     CLIA- Cruise Lines International Association (
     The CLIA website has so much information on it. Click on travel agents only
     (bottom of page) then CLIA agencies then enter our CLIA number 32669490
     then ENTER. CLIA offers certification programs, online classes, seminars and
     then huge events like Cruise-Fest ,etc… ICTA -
     Education for travel agents. Destination Specialist programs cost $79 each.


     BED AND BREAKFAST LINKS This site offers travel agent
     as an option for doing searches. This will give you properties that pay

     Place to sign up to take courses online. Go to lessons online- then pick one
     Select ―Sign up now‖ in Travel Agent University On-Line (don‘t enter anything
     else and then send). Fill it out with agency info and also fill out home

Page 142
                                                   Useful Websites cont’d

information. You can also sign up for Travel Agent Magazine here. Register
with 32669490 (IATA#) you properties that pay commissions.

You should sign up with Disney at
Click on the AGENT INFORMATION link on the left side of the page to get to
where you register. Then fill out the information for yourself giving your info
(not mine) and your title is outside sales.

These are the seminars that CLIA is offering. I personally do better attending
actual seminars as opposed to doing things online but you may want to do these.

Transportation Security Administration:

Use this link to book tickets for shows, tours, dining as well as hotel, airline and
golf outings, for anything Las Vegas and we will get commission. (Check the
website or the supplier account list for commission amounts or percentages.)

Las Vegas hotel reservations 1-800-449-2876

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