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									     Guide to Classes, Lessons,
       Ensembles, Concerts
Find your voice in the musical community of the Portland
Conservatory. Students of all ages study at PCM to devel-
  op skills and a love of music in private lessons, group
 classes, and ensembles. Instruction offered year-round
includes classical, contemporary, jazz and popular styles.

              Portland Conservatory of Music
                    202 Woodford Street
                    Portland, ME 04103
During the last 12 months, the Portland Conservatory of Music
taught over                    and                                to more
than                 ranging in age from                  . We hosted a
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er, employed                 , gave                     ,a
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play-ins, and provided inspiration and education to
          on the PCM campus and in workshops and tutorials
with the Portland and Cape Elizabeth Public Schools. Our stu-
dents come from           ,                ,            ,            ,
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             , and              . PCM is a lively and dynamic insti-
tution with expert faculty and a committed student body. Join us
and let’s play!
                                               Deirdre McClure, D.M.A..
                                                     Executive Director

If you would like become associated with our musical mission
to provide quality musical education and programming in our
area, please consider a gift of your time or a donation to help
support this important institution. Or you might consider becom-
ing a host family for a visiting artist or student. Becoming
involved with the Conservatory can be a rewarding experience
in many ways. Let’s work together for music in Portland.
Conservatory Membership
Membership is required for any student taking weekly private les-
sons, but most classes also have non-member rates.
   Benefits of Membership
       Free admission to all regular Conservatory concerts
       Reduced rates for classes and programs, including Music Theory
       Use of practice rooms
       Feeling of community with other music students
       Access to the highest quality faculty in Portland
       Performance opportunities in recitals and other Conservatory events
       Payment Plans and paying by credit card
       Annual Enrollment option

Royal American Conservatory

PCM faculty will follow the Royal American Conservatory curric-
ulum on request. The curriculum provides high-quality musical
instruction that can be measured by examination based on RACE
(Royal American Conservatory Examinations) standards. If you
are interested, ask your teacher if the curriculum is right for you.

 2007-2008 Semester Dates
       Fall Term:                  September 10-January 13
                                         (16 weeks)

      Spring Term:                      January 21-May 27
                                            (16 weeks)

    Summer Term:                       June 3-September 1
                                           (13 weeks)
2007-2008 Course Offerings
                Ensembles at-a-glance
Rock Ensemble (2 sections to choose from)
       Mondays 7:45-9:00 (Johnstone)
       Tuesdays 7:45-9:00 (Zoidis)
Jazz Ensemble
       Thursdays 7:00-8:15 (Johnstone)
Blues Ensemble
       Mondays 6:30-7:45
Early Music Ensemble
       Call for times and dates (Albert)
Choral Skills
       Fridays 3:30-4:30 (Albert)
Beginning Strings
       Tuesdays 6:00-7:00 (Kahill)
Intermediate Strings
       Thursdays 6:00-7:00 (Kahill)
Advanced String Quartets (Portland String Quartet)
       Mondays or Thursdays 6:30-7:30
Cello Ensemble (Jellis)
       Saturdays 11:00-1:00

           Children’s Music Programs

Early Childhood Music Education
In addition to helping build strong bonds between children and their
parents/caregivers, early childhood music classes help children develop
language skills and physical abilities. Parents and caregivers also enjoy
interaction and mutual support.
Family Music for Babies, 0-18 months
All babies are born with an aptitude for music. Research shows that their
aptitude diminishes if it is not nurtured. The best way to nurture a child's
music aptitude is through active music making. This 45-minute class (30
minutes instruction/15 minutes social time) offers adults the opportunity
to play with their babies in a musical setting, experiencing music and
movement activities designed to delight the child and awaken his or her
curiosity about music. By singing, dancing, bouncing, and rocking, the
child's music aptitude is being carefully nurtured, laying the foundation
for beat awareness, vocal production, and aural discrimination. Activities
include singing, bouncing songs, rocking songs, dances, finger plays,
body awareness games and echoes.
Tuesdays 9:00-9:45 am OR Fridays 10:45-11:30 am

Family Music for Toddlers 16 months to 3 ½ years
This 45-minute class (30 minutes instruction/15 minutes social time) is
designed to bring the joy of music and movement to toddlers and their
caregivers. Activities include singing, dancing, focused listening and sim-
ple instrument playing, creating an environment in which the child's mu-
sic aptitude is nurtured and skills are developed. Home materials
include: CD with music from class, Parent Song/Activity book, and
rhythm instrument or scarf.
Tuesdays 9:45-10:30 am OR Fridays 9:00-9:45 am

Cycle of the Seasons          3 to 5 years
This 60-minute class (45 minutes instruction/15 minutes social time) is
designed to nurture the emergent independence of the 3 and 4 year old.
Activities include lots of singing, chants and rhymes, listening games,
patterns to echo, and movement games, all of which nurture the child's
musical development while satisfying the child's need to learn in a holis-
tic environment. Parents stay for the class, although some of the activi-
ties are designed to have the children participate independently of their
parents. Home materials include: 2 CDs with songs, nature sounds and
stories from class, song/activity book, and manipulatives per unit.
Two imaginative units based on the seasons, animal friends and weath-
er, are offered over a one-year time frame: Wind Dancers (fall) and Sun
Catchers (spring).
Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 am OR Fridays 9:45-10:45 am

All Together Now        0 to 4 years old
This 60 minute class (40 minutes instruction/20 minutes social time) re-
captures the magic of nursery rhymes (a wonderful part of our cultural
tradition featuring delightful language and playful rhythms) in a versatile
mixed-age curricula for children birth to four. There is lots of movement
for those toddlers, while three year-olds and older will learn language
skills and use their imaginations in fun new ways. Each program is full of
music, movement, imagination, and class time fun. The unique Music for
Movement compositions on the CDs will enable children to explore walk-
ing and jumping (Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the can-
dlestick), twisting and turning (Oliver Twist, you can’t do this!) and many
more concepts which are just right for your toddler movers and shakers!
Parents will receive a family packet with CD, parent book and either an
instrument or manipulative.
Two semester programs available: 1. Nimble & Quick 2. Twist & Turn.
Saturdays 10:30-11:30 am

Flutophone Class
Your child can learn to read and appreciate music using this little
recorder made just for children. The flutophone has been used to teach
young people for generations, is sized small to fit into their hands,
inexpensive, and easy on a parent’s ears. For children ages 5 and 6.
Flutophone I Thursdays 4-4:30 for 10 weeks
Flutophone II Thursdays 4:30-5:00 for 10 weeks

Suzuki Instruction
The Suzuki method is arguably the best and most reliable way to get stu-
dents playing music. Group instruction, private lessons, and parental in-
volvement are essential components of this internationally acclaimed
approach, taught at music schools all over the United States. Students
experience success in small steps, cultivate the ear, and learn to play
with a beautiful tone.

Suzuki Guitar (4+ years)
Nathan Kolosko/Darrel Blackwell
Individual lessons by arrangement
Group lesson times: Thursdays 5:15-6:00,

Suzuki Violin and Viola (age 4+)
Margaret Hopkins/Heather Kahill
Individual lessons by arrangement

Group lesson times: Thursdays
Pre-Twinkle and Early Book 1: 4:00-4:45
Late Book 1 and above: 4:45-5:30

Suzuki Cello/Viola (4+ years)
Robin Jellis
Individual lessons by arrangement
Group lesson time: Saturday 10:00-11:00

                     Private Lessons
The Conservatory provides private music lessons in most instruments
and voice in 30-minute, 45-minute, and 55-minute increments. Most les-
sons are taught weekly, but special lesson schedules are available.

Music Theory
As part of an effort to deepen and enrich the musical experiences and
skills of its students, the Conservatory offers music theory classes to
students 8 years and older at an exceptionally low cost of $5.00/class.
Course materials are structured to conform with the certification program
of the Royal Conservatory Examinations.
Preliminary Rudiments Wednesdays 4:45-5:15 for 10 weeks
Grade 1 Rudiments Wednesdays 4-4:45 for 10 weeks

Songwriting and Improvisation
Robert Gans (12+ years)
This course will stimulate musical creativity through formal (songwriting)
and informal (improvisation) means in a non-judgmental atmosphere.
Improvisation will be used to engage the student’s creative energy in a
Songwriting and Improvisation
Robert Gans (12+ years)
This course will stimulate musical creativity through formal (songwriting)
and informal (improvisation) means in a non-judgmental atmosphere.
Improvisation will be used to engage the student’s creative energy in a
way that makes the student feel safe to explore new musical ideas with-
out fear of playing the “wrong” note. Listening skills, sensitivity, and re-
sponsiveness to other performers will also be emphasized.
Mondays 5:00-6:00 10 weeks

Choral Skills
Michael Albert (10+ years)
For the amateur singer who would like to participate in a chorus or im-
prove basic skills. Learn to read music, hold your own part in a round or
part song. Relax and enjoy singing using movement to complement your
voice! Get pointers on how to find your way through a chorale. Special
emphasis on rhythm and vocal technique.
Fridays 3:30 to 4:30 10 weeks

Beginner/Intermediate Open Strings
Heather Kahill (12+ years)
Just getting back to your instrument or learning to play a new one? Join
this ensemble and play accessible music with others at your skill level.
Enjoy the camaraderie and the tunes. Tuesdays 6:00-7:00 10 weeks

Intermediate/Advanced Open Strings
Join other musicians in playing traditional favorites and specially com-
posed arrangements under an experienced and congenial teacher.
Thursdays 6:00-7:00 10 weeks

Advanced String Quartets
(Portland String Quartet)
Some of the region’s most highly regarded professionals coach young
players in advanced repertoire, culminating in a recital.
Mondays or Thursdays 6:30-7:30

Cello Ensemble
Robin Jellis
Whether you’re an experienced traditional student or an adult learning for
the first time, the Cello Ensemble is your opportunity to play with other
cellists led by an experienced and well-loved teacher. Parts vary based
on ability/comfort level.
Saturdays 11:00-1

Jazz Combo
John Johnstone (12+ years)
 Learn jazz standards, how to read charts, how to solo, and accompany
with an experienced teacher and performer in a professional manner
End of Semester Performances.
Thursdays 7:00-8:15 for 12 weeks (Instruments only)

Early Music Ensemble
Michael Albert
Early Music Ensemble is open to anyone with a special interest in study-
ing and performing music and instruments of the Medieval, Renaissance,
and Baroque periods. Previous experience with early instruments or ear-
ly music is not required. Both vocalists and instrumentalists are encour-
aged to join. Call for schedule.

Blues Combo
Play music of Blues All stars Robert Johnson, B. B. King, and Eric Clap-
ton and work towards an end-of-term concert. All instruments and voices
Mondays 6:30-7:45

Rock Band
John Johnstone, Ryan Zoidis (12+ years)
Instruments and vocals. Learn classic and contemporary rock music,
learn the structure of a rock piece, and work towards an end-of-semes-
ter performance.
12 weeks Mondays 7:45-9:00, Tuesdays 7:45-9:00,
Thursdays 7:00-8:15

              Fiddling and Folk Music
                            Ed Pearlman

Beginning Fiddle
all ages
For anyone who has never touched a fiddle/violin before. Learn it all
from scratch and come away with several tunes you can play with others,
basics of good sound, learning by ear, and reading fiddle music. A new
world of music and friends awaits!
Wednesdays 5:15-6:30 8 classes
Newcomers after the first class can speak with the teacher about joining
this class after getting up to speed with some private lessons.
 Fiddle for Advanced Beginners all ages
For anyone with some experience on the fiddle, including those continuing from
the Beginning Fiddle class.
Tuesdays 6:45-7:45 8 classes

Tunes for Kids (ages 7-11), beginner/intermediate
Players on all instruments are invited to learn tunes from various fiddle tradi-
tions, especially Celtic, American, and Canadian. This is a sociable class
where kids will learn tunes by ear, with no pressure and an emphasis on enjoy-
ing the process, learning about the tunes, and coming away with several tunes
to play with the others.
Wednesday’s 4:15-5:15 10 classes

Tunes for Teens (& preteens: ages 11-17) intermediate/advanced
Players on all instruments are welcome; learn tunes from various fiddle tradi-
tions, especially Celtic, American, and Canadian. This class will learn at least a
tune a week and will arrange sets for optional performances at an event or two.
Wednesdays 5:15-6:15

Tune Learning (all ages & instruments), intermediate/advanced
Learn a tune (or two) each week and build a common repertoire with fellow mu-
sicians, based on traditional Celtic, American, Canadian music and occasional-
ly other styles. All instruments welcome. Learning is by ear but recordings and
sheet music are provided.
10 classes
Wednesday 6:45-8:00

              Private Lessons with Tamara
Celebrated teacher Tamara Poddubnaya returns for four days of teaching at
PCM. Lessons are available between Thursday, October 25 through October
29. Please call the Conservatory (775-3356) to reserve a lesson time. Lesson
fee $60.00 (members and non-members)

             Workshops and Special Events
                  Coming This Year
•Guitar Improvisation with Al Giusto
•Faculty Recital Series: Ed Pearlman, fiddle and guests. January 12
• Open House January 12 in our New Home!
•Benefit Concert with DaPonte String Quartet January 18
•Faculty Recital: Carol Elowe, piano February 8
•Ocy Downs Competition March 22
•Contemporary Music Festival April 4-6, 2007 Cascophonic New Music Ensemble
               Registration Policies
Registration and Fee Schedule:
       Semester tuition is due in full before lessons commence.
A monthly payment plan is available for a $25.00 charge, and
monthly invoices will be sent, due the 29th of each month. A Late
Fee of $20.00 will be assessed for each month the account is past
due. Late payment will result in our being unable to pay your
teacher so please be sure to pay on time or risk losing your spot.
The annual member ship of $45.00 (family membership $85.00
applies to two or more students of the same family) is not pro-rat-
ed and is due at initial registration.

Withdrawal Notice:
        In the event of withdrawal after 4 lessons/classes or failure
to complete the semester for any other reason the student is com-
mitted to pay for the entire semesters instruction. NO REFUNDS
COMES FIRST. Please notify the office immediately in the event
of withdrawal.

Attendance Policy:
         Missed lessons due to teacher illness or weather cancella-
tion will be rescheduled. Teachers provide one make-up lesson
per semester for an excused absence, and the teacher must be
contacted at least 1 day prior to the scheduled lesson. Missed
classes and ensembles are not made up. Missed make-up les-
sons may not be made up. Lessons missed due to missed pay-
ments are considered unexcused absences.

       Holidays:       February Vacation (Feb. 18 - Feb. 23)
                       April Vacation (Apr. 21 - Apr. 26)

Weather Closings:
       Any cancellations will be posted with the proper authorities
as soon as the decision to close has been made. Check major
news outlets (WCSH, WMTW, WGME) or call the Conservatory
Payment Schedule

      Due at first payment: all fees (membership, payment plan,
                            materials, etc)
                            First monthly installment.

      First payment: $             Due at registration
      Second payment:$             Due 29th of
      Third payment: $             Due 29th of
      Fourth payment: $            Due 29th of

      Late payments will be assessed at $20 charge.
      Repeated late payments may result in the loss of your
      lesson slot.
      Prompt payment is required to enable us to pay your
      Automatic billing is available on credit cards.
The Portland Conservatory does not provide instruments to students.
Piano students take lessons on a Conservatory piano and all PCM mem-
bers may use practice rooms whenever they are not being used by a
teacher. Other instruments can be purchased or rented from local busi-
nesses. For the young student, renting is a perfect option as the instru-
ment can be traded in as they grow.

Frost Gully Violins
457 US Route 1
Freeport, ME 04032
Instruments available: violin, viola, cello, mandolin
Sales, Rental, Repair

Music and Art in Falmouth
106 Gray Road
West Falmouth, ME 04105
Instruments available: range of orchestra and band instruments and gui-
Sales, Rental, Repair

Buckdancer’s Choice
248 St. John Street
Union Station Plaza
Portland, ME 04102
Instruments Available: guitar (electric/acoustic), bass, mandolin, banjo
Sales and Repair

Johnson String Instruments
11 John Street
Newton Center, MA 02459
Instruments available: violin, viola, cello, bass
Sales, Rental, Repair
                         PCM Faculty

Piano                          Cello
  Naydene Bowder                 Christina Chute
  Dale Churchill                 Robin Jellis
  Carol Elowe                    Myles Jordan
  Lynda Foster                 Bass
  Robert Gans                    Rafael Keilt-Freyre
  Chiharu Naruse               Guitar
  Gay Pearson                    Darrell Blackwell
Suzuki                           Al Giusto
  Darrell Blackwell              John Johnstone
  Margaret Hopkins               Nathan Kolosko
  Robin Jellis                   Jeff Shaw
  Heather Kahill               Voice
  Nathan Kolosko                 Christina Astrachan
Flute                            Michael Albert
  Krysia Tripp                   Gordon Tweedie
Recorder/Early Music           Harp
  Michael Albert                 Jara Goodrich
Lute/Early Music               Organ
  Tim Burris                     Harold Stover
Flutophone                       Ray Cornils
  Deirdre McClure              Arabic Music
Oboe                             Thomas Kovacevic
  Michael Albert               Children’s Music
Bassoon                          Christina Chute
  Wren Saunders                  Dale Churchill
Saxophone                        Danielle Gorman
  Ryan Zoidis                    Robin Jellis
Clarinet                         Chiharu Naruse
  Julia Frothingham            Ensembles
Horn                             Michael Albert
  Caitlin Ramsey                 Jeff Shaw
Trumpet                          John Johnstone
  Caitlin Ramsey                 Ryan Zoidis
Trombone                         Robin Jellis
  Jeff Ertman                    Heather Kahill
Percussion                       Portland String Quartet:
                                        Julia Adams
Violin                                  Ron Lantz
  Michael Albert                        Stephen Kecskemethy
  Christina Chute                       Paul Ross
  Heather Kahill               Theory/Composition
  Ed Pearlman (Fiddle)           Gia Comolli
Viola                            Robert Gans
  Christina Chute                Harold Stover
  Heather Kahill
My Teacher’s Name is:

My Lesson Time is:

Teacher Contact Number:

Conservatory Information:

Portland Conservatory of Music
116 Free Street
Portland, ME 04101
Office Hours: 10-6 M-F

Deirdre McClure, Executive Director
Michelle Strattard, Office Manager
                               Non-Profit Org.
                                U.S. Postage
                                Permit No. 22
                                Portland, ME

116 Free Street
Portland, ME 04101

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