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									Interview Form

                              INTERVIEW GUIDE FORM
                            CANDIDATE FOR SALESPERSON

CANDIDATES NAME:______________________________

INTERVIEWER’S NAME:____________________________

DATE OF INTERVIEW:______________________________

As you interview a candidate, focus on evaluation the person on the job-related criteria
shown on this interview guide form. Be sure to take notes during the interview in the
space provided. After the interview, rate the candidate by circling the appropriate arrow
        Rate candidate on each job-related criterion
        Give candidate overall rating at end of this form

NOTE: Arrow up= Positive rating
     Arrow level (sideways)=Average rating
     Arrow down=Negative rating

Job-related criterion                                             Ratings and Notes
Assertiveness                                                     Note:
_____Takes charges of projects or tasks
_____Does not back off
_____Expresses opinions firmly
_____Lets interviewer know his/her viewpoints                     Rating:
Prefers working solo                                              Notes:

______Enjoys working alone
______Seldom mentions working with others
______Gives minimal praise to group work efforts
______Describes being most productive when alone
Persuasiveness                                                    Notes:

________Sways others’ opinions or actions
________Sells interviewer on himself/herself
________Describes influencing others of diverse interpersonal styles
High Energy                                               Notes:

_______Is tireless
_______Shows great stamina
_______Likes being very busy
________Remains highly energetic throughout interview             Rating:

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Interview Form

Being a self-starter                                              Notes:

______Gives examples of showing initiative
______Has history of taking responsibility & being a self starter
______Mentions doing tasks without being prodded
______Dislikes being told what to do                        Rating:

Planning skills                                                   Notes:

_______Mentions long term plans
_______Explains achievements in terms of executing plans
_______Sets priorities, timetables, deadlines            Rating:

Organizing skills                                                 Notes:

_________Mentions getting work done in logical manner
________Pays attention to workflow and processes
________Sees how strategy for accounts works into overall company goals Rating:

OVERALL RATING OF CANDIDATE                                       Rating:

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