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					Innovative Fleet Management

   Valuable management of Cash In Transit

             Intelligent surveillance
                         Vehicle tracking
                         Driver tracking
              Status messaging
              Remote monitoring of vehicles
              Remote control of vehicles
              In car navigation
              Route management
              Flexible route control

 Fleet Management enhances your security and management of Cash In Transit
                        Enhanced monitoring of Cash In Transit

         Overview                                                 SATCOM    -   TCP/IP   -   GSM/GPRS   -   UMTS -   TETRA

Innovative Business Software
offers valuable fleet management
that combines enhanced security
and task handling on a single

Fleet Management provides
the control room with optimal
conditions for managing Cash In
Transit and handling any critical

                                                                        Alarm monitoring
                                                                         Fleet Management and alarm handling enhances
                                                                         the overview and provides outstanding alarm
                                                                         monitoring facilities. GPS positions from vehicles,
                                                                         drivers, valuables and from sites are displayed on
                                                                         the same digital map. The system enables you to
                                                                         monitor installations in vehicles such as doors and
                                                                         lets you take control of the vehicle in case of an
                                                                         emergency. Special procedures to remotely verify
                                                                         vehicle integrity prevent your security from being
                                                                         compromised. The enhanced overview of vehicle
                                                                         positions and status is vital in critical situations.

                                    Optimized workflow

     Fleet Management digitizes the workflow by integrating with third party route planners. The solution lets you dispatch
     driving tasks to vehicles either via a manual or automated process. You can monitor the progress of each vehicle and view
     status information. The system will notify you in case the workflow changes unexpected. The system registers when the
     vehicles reaches its destination and automatically updates all logs for your documentation and quality assurance.
           Protection of vehicles, crew and valuables

Reliable and fast communication

          Simple communication tools make it           Bring your security of vehicles to a higher level
          easier for the control room and drivers      with remote monitoring. Fleet Management
          to exchange information. The driver          monitors position and status of your vehicles
          receives information on screen and           and their installations. Your control room is
          uses push buttons for status reporting.      alerted immediately should any unexpected
          Interaction is more efficient and phone      incidents occur. Fleet Management lets your
          calls are reduced to a minimum.              operators stay in control and provides remote
                                                       control of the vehicle and its installations.

                                                       Advantageous navigation
                                                       Route plans sent from the control room
                                                       are available in the vehicles navigator and
                                                       the driver is navigated effectively to the
                                                       destination. You benefit from effective
                                                       productivity and faster drives. The solution
                                                       is based on standard components that make
             GPS surveillance improves driver’s        fleet management and communication
             security and the security of your valu-   navigation cost effective with increased
             ables. With Fleet Management you          accuracy.
             always know the current position and
             status of crew and valuables.
        Increased security of your vehicles, crew and valuables
        Enhanced overview and ability to react in critical situations
        Improved workflow and customer service

        Looking for the most advantageous solution for alarm handling and fleet management
        Innovative Fleet Management has successfully added significant value to the Cash In Transit
        Investment in Fleet Management is an investment in enhanced security, increased efficiency
        and reduced cost. The essential benefit is the remote monitoring of vehicles, installations, crew
        and valuables.
        The digitized workflow reduces administration time for handling routes, for providing informa-
        tion and for upload of addresses to the navigator. The instant navigation in vehicles increases
        productivity and reduces waiting and driving time and cuts down fuel expenses.
        Innovative Fleet Management successfully enhances your protection and helps your fleet of
        vehicles to reach the destination faster at lower risk.

              Your investment provides

        A better protection of your vehicles, crew and valuables
        An enhanced overview in the control room and alerting in critical situations
        A reduction of administrative time for route planning and dispatching
        Increased efficiency and reliability
        Reduction of your driving time, fuel expenses and waiting time

              Innovative Fleet Management helps you by

        Displaying of positions and status from vehicles, drivers and valuables
        Letting the control room respond to critical situations
        Letting the control room monitor and manage vehicles and their installations
        Improving quality of communication with digital communication tools
        Letting operators dispatch tasks with minimum interference
        Providing tasks to GPS navigator and helps the driver to reach the destination fastest possible
        Improving your quality assurance by historical driving routes, stops and presence statistics

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