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Human Resources

Candidates for Interview Form

Please complete and return this form to HR Services, to arrive at least 10 full working days
prior to the agreed interview date. If you require any assistance in completing this form, please
do not hesitate to contact the HR Services team (
Please note that the booking of the room(s) and any AV or other equipment for the
interviews and skills test/presentations is handled by you/your department.

Job Title and Department:

Interview date:

Interview Venue (Room number,

Candidates should report initially to
(location and/or person):

Skills Test/Presentation Venue
(Room number, Building):

Duration of test/presentation:

Nature of skills test or topic for
Please note that this information will form the
basis of instructions given to candidates in
the letter inviting them for interview.
If candidates are required to give a presentation, please indicate what AV/technical or other
technical equipment you will be providing:

 OHP                     Flipchart               Whiteboard    other – please specify

PowerPoint facilities including:                   PC/Laptop     Data projector & screen

Candidates to bring presentation on:  USB Memory Stick                CD         Own laptop

Please provide title, full name, contact address (including area number if applicable) of the
members of your selection panel. For panel members external to the University, please
provide the full postal address:
1(Chair)                                                4

Email:                                                  Email:
2                                                       5

Email:                                                  Email:
3                                                       6

Email:                                                  Email:

November 2007
Time and date for Panel Pre-Meeting:

Name of Candidate                        Skills Test /            Interview Time        Tour of
                                         Presentation Time                              Department
                                                                                        (if applicable)






Reserve Candidates (will be automatically invited if other candidates withdraw, providing that they
can be given adequate notice)

It is advisable to leave a small amount of time (eg 10 minutes) between each interview in case
interviews run slightly longer than anticipated or candidates arrive slightly late, and to enable notes
to be completed etc.

Wherever possible, please bear in mind candidates’ travelling times to York when scheduling
presentation and/or interview times. Overnight accommodation for candidates will be offered and
arranged as appropriate by HR Services.

If you wish to make any catering arrangements for the interview candidates, please include details
of venue and timings below so that they may be included in the letter of invitation to candidates.
Such arrangements must be organised, and paid for, by the Department.

If you wish the candidate to receive additional information with the interview letter, please attach
any relevant paperwork to this form.

An interview schedule and other associated paperwork, will be sent to the Selection Panel
shortly before the interviews are due to take place. However, please make sure that your
Selection Panel has kept a copy of the short-listed applications.

Email address:

Telephone number:

                  Please complete and return to HR Services, Heslington Hall

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