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Injection Mould Calculations Xls by mjs17436

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Injection Mould Calculations Xls document sample

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									: plastic tooling solutions
 Dedicated tools for the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulds
: one vision
 shaping your world

                                                       : tooling solutions

Everything we do is driven by a desire to make your work more productive
through the development of intuitive and specific software.

: the complete process...
    moulding the future

Survival and competing in a global market may depend on a single
competitive advantage or highly skilled knowledge built over many years.

Vero provide both, combining unique and dedicated applications for tool
design and manufacture with a knowledgeable development team striving
to keep Vero at the leading edge of technology.

The VISI suite of software is unique in that
it covers all aspects of the plastic
injection process - from model
analysis and flow simulation
through to 3D tool
design and

                                                                                                : tooling solutions
Based on the industry standard            Mould makers and moulders alike            3D tool design is made simple using
Parasolid kernel, flexible solid and      will benefit from using Vero’s hybrid      a parametric tool structure that allows
surface technology tools combine with     meshing technology for plastic injection   the designer to quickly construct
intelligent geometry healing tools to     simulation to achieve cost effective       a mould layout using libraries from
provide the ideal platform for managing   and reliable mould designs and the         leading suppliers. The repetitive tasks
the most complex data. The extensive      optimum moulding conditions.               of the designer are greatly reduced
range of data translators ensures                                                    by the use of intelligent standard
that users can work with data from        Understanding how moulding                 components from over 35 different
almost any supplier. Very large files     conditions will affect the final           suppliers.
can be handled with ease and users        component provides invaluable
working with complex designs will         information to the tool designer.          2D & 3D toolpaths can be created
benefit from the simplicity with which    Before any tool design is started,         directly from the 3D model with
their customer’s CAD data can be          preventative analysis can detect           automatic recognition of complex hole
manipulated.                              potential manufacturing issues; such       and pocket features. All toolpaths are
                                          as welding lines, air traps and best       tailored towards high speed machining
Dedicated tools for the analysis and      gate location etc, providing the           and designed to minimise retracts,
evaluation of model data prior to core    maximum possible time frame for a          maintain a constant tool load, minimise
and cavity creation ensure that any       corrective solution.                       any sudden direction change and
potential design issues are spotted                                                  automatically smooth the CNC code.
early within the design process.          EDM electrode creation can be one of
                                          the most complex and time consuming        Many complex moulds contain cavity
                                          projects for any mould maker. VISI         areas with small radii that can only be
                                          Electrode is an automated module           machined using small diameter tooling.
                                          for the creation and management of         5 Axis toolpaths allow the programmer
                                          electrodes and their holders, providing    to approach from a different angle
                                          a step change in productivity.             allowing the usage of shorter tools
                                                                                     to increase rigidity and ultimately
                                                                                     maintaining a more consistent and
                                                                                     higher quality surface finish.

                                                                                     The underlying technology makes it
                                                                                     easy to successfully program high
                                                                                     speed machine tools using VISI.

: knowledge driven
 automating the design process using applications
 based on extensive experience

                                                                                                  : tooling solutions

Ever shortening lead times and the increase in global competition have had
a dramatic impact on the tool making industry.

VISI Modelling is the foundation for all   ensure that users can work with data        Model Analysis
of the design tools. Using the industry    from almost any supplier. The ability to    VISI Analysis provides a suite of
standard Parasolid kernel, true hybrid     skip corrupt records during the import      dedicated tools for the validation and
solid and surface modelling provides       process provides a platform from            preparation of model geometry. Finding
a dynamic structure from where it          where even the most inconsistent data       potential problems at an early stage
is possible to work with either solid,     can be managed. Very large files can        within the project will greatly simplify
surface, wireframe (or a combination of    be handled with ease and companies          the task of the designer and generate
all three) without restrictions.           working with complex designs will           huge time savings further into the
                                           benefit from the simplicity with which      design process.
Solid modelling has become the             their customer’s CAD data can be
fundamental cornerstone of design but      manipulated.                                VISI Analysis is an automated module
is often limited to prismatic or basic                                                 for the preparation and validation of
geometry. Solid modelling commands         Small gaps between surfaces on              model data before starting the tool
include boolean technology such            imported models can be automatically        design. Dedicated options for the
as unite, subtract, extrude, revolve,      healed, preventing the time consuming       mould designer include the ability
sweep, cavity, intersect and hollow.       process of rebuilding very small surface    to check a new model revision for
                                           patches. Where surfaces are corrupt         design changes. Any design change
Surfacing technology provides a            or missing VISI will automatically create   is highlighted using a colour graph
different set of tools and techniques      the edge curve geometry making it           to clearly represent the geometry
for more organic, free-form geometry       easy to rebuild new faces using the         deviation from the original model.
creation. Surface modelling functions      comprehensive surfacing suite. To
include ruled, lofted, drive, sweep,       ensure the new surfaces are within          Automatic split line creation and parting
n-sided patch, drape, tangent, draft,      tolerance, the new and the old surfaces     face tools ensure that the designer
revolved and piped surfaces.               can be compared to check for min/           can quickly analyse the model for
These modelling commands combined          max distance and curvature deviation.       mouldability before starting the core
with advanced surface editing              Closing a surface model to produce          and cavity design.
tools make it easy to heal imported        a solid body eliminates construction
geometry or construct the most             problems later in the design process        Dynamic part splitting allows the user
complex 3D data.                           and immediately brings the benefits of      to represent the moulding process
                                           solid modelling to the user. The ability    and animate any moving components
An extensive range of data translators     to seamlessly switch between solid and      within the moulding cycle.
including Parasolid, Catia, UG, Pro-       surface technology provides unlimited
Engineer, Step, Acis, Iges, Solid Works,   freedom.
Solid Edge, Vda, Stl and DXF/DWG

: intelligent automation
       plastic flow analysis > 3D tool design

Mathematical analysis and simulation of the flow of plastic material through
the injection moulding process. A high level application which saves an
enormous amount of time in the estimation of the mouldability of any

The creation of the parting and shut        VISI Flow is a unique prediction tool,       Post-production analysis
off faces are often one of the most         ideal for pre and post-production            When a component is already in
time consuming and difficult tasks          analysis and concurrent engineering of       production and not performing as
that any designer can face. Providing       injection moulded plastic components.        expected, moulding simulations can
help by removing the laborious tasks                                                     help the operator better understand
will release the designer and fully         Initially introduced to the injection        the conditions inside the mould
utilise their experience and maximize       simulation market over 25 years ago,         cavity during the moulding cycle.
their productivity. Using the traditional   VISI Flow presents a user friendly           This can help the operator judge the
benefits of solid modelling and the         interface; combining short model             effectiveness of any corrective actions
unlimited flexibility provided by a         preparation and calculation times with       and help them produce the most
surface modeller, core and cavity           the powerful versatility of VISI Modelling   effective improvements to the moulding
construction is made easy.                  and the undisputed result accuracy           results.
                                            of Finite Element Analysis. VISI Flow
Keeping the model within the same           provides the complete solution for part-     Concurrent engineering
product environment throughout the          mould designers and plastic injection        Pre-production and post-production
complete design cycle from design           moulding technicians; from filling           analyses can certainly be very helpful
to manufacture guarantees data              analysis, to warpage calculations and        but they do not guarantee the
consistency and greatly smoothes the        thermal optimisation analysis.               complete optimisation of the part/
design process.                                                                          mould/moulding process. This is only
                                            Pre-production analysis                      made possible through an integrated
Plastic Flow Analysis                       Before any tool design is started,           CAD/CAM/CAE analysis.
All areas of moulded component              preventive analysis can detect
creation can benefit from the               potential manufacturing issues – such        An uninterrupted data exchange
optimisation of the mould tool design       as welding lines, air traps, best gate       between the design and the analysis
and moulding process parameters.            location, etc, providing the maximum         environment provides the ability to
Part designers, mould makers and            possible time frame for a corrective         identify possible critical situations,
moulders will all benefit from using        solution                                     set the most effective moulding
Vero’s patented technology for injection                                                 parameters, optimise the runners and
simulation to achieve cost effective,                                                    cooling layout and predict problems
reliable mould designs and the                                                           concerning any part of the plastic
optimum moulding conditions.                                                             component creation process.

                                                                                                  : tooling solutions

3D Tool Design                              Libraries of mould bases and               rendered and 2D drawings. Importantly,
VISI Mould provides the complete            intelligent components accelerate          standard catalogue components
mould tool design solution based            the manufacture and documentation          will also have the correct detail
on industry specific automation that        of a tool design with automatic            representation within a section view.
guides the user through the mould           view creation and accurate B.O.M.
development process.                        generation.                                A change in the solid model will result
                                                                                       in a modification to the 2D view along
VISI Mould optimizes the mould design       Cooling channels can be inserted           with any fully associative dimensions.
process by guiding the user through         in 3D with automatic alignment and         Parts list table items and their
the design sequence following a             graphical positioning. As the cooling      respective balloon references can be
simple question and answer wizard.          channel is inserted it is possible to      added to the drawing using dedicated
Dynamic operation previews provide          check for interference with the model,     assembly management tools.
the designer with a ‘real time’ view of     standard library components and other
how component changes will affect the       cooling channels. Any cooling circuit      Automatic milling and drilling cycles
tool design.                                can be exported as a design template       can be produced directly from the 3D
                                            and re-used on a different tool design.    model using VISI MFR.
Total control over the tool definition is   If the bolster sizes are different, the
retained with the ability to update and     cooling circuit can be automatically       Streamlining the design process by
modify any component at any time with       adapted to coincide with the new plate     removing the laborious tasks and
the complete tool assembly adjusting        sizes. Water fittings are attached to      helping the designer with intelligent
to take into account the design             the cooling channels to represent an       decisions will generate huge cost
changes.                                    accurate and complete solid model of       savings.
                                            the water cooling system.
Comprehensive libraries of standard                                                    Like all modules within VISI, VISI Mould
components from leading suppliers           A complete set of 2D detailed drawings     is a completely integrated solution; all
and the ability to create user defined      can be generated directly from the         the functions of VISI Modelling and VISI
assemblies and tooling templates allow      solid tool assembly. This includes fully   Analysis are available at any stage of
the user to produce a complete mould        editable 2D and isometric section          the design process.
assembly in minutes as opposed to           views, automatic plate dimensioning
hours. Repetitive tasks are greatly         and hole-type position tables.
reduced by the use of intelligent
standard components from over 35            Individual details can be created from
different catalogue suppliers.              any component within the assembly
                                            and displayed as a mixture of 3D

: electrode design
       dedicated electrode design

Even the most experienced electrode designer will benefit from the
combination of knowledge based automation and user interaction provided
by VISI Electrode. The combination of solid and surface technology will
provide a step change in productivity.

EDM electrode creation can be one of       An intuitive interface guides the user     piece, electrode, multiple electrode
the most complex and time consuming        through the creation of the electrode      positions, vertical, horizontal and
projects for any mould or die maker.       nose. An option is available for           angled simulation, collision checking,
                                           adding an extension height with either     HTML and EPX output. To ensure
VISI Electrode is an automated module      a vertical or tangential extension.        compatibility with other CAD/CAM
for the creation and management            For open-sided electrodes, multiple        systems, each electrode can be
of electrodes and their holders.           extrusion directions are available for     automatically exported relative to the
Comprehensive holder design,               side extension.                            correct workplane using a neutral data
simulation and collision checking                                                     format such as IGES, STEP or STL.
ensures that the electrode will operate    The electrode base and stock are
right first time.                          interactively added to the electrode.      Once the electrode has been designed,
                                           Electrode name, material, burning          it can be machined directly (without
After identifying the areas which need     operation type, identification marks,      any unnecessary data transfer)
to be manufactured with an electrode,      edge chamfers, position and rotation       using VISI Machining. A datum
enclosing the area with a 2D or 3D         can all be applied.                        for machining and positioning the
boundary provides a quick and simple                                                  electrode is automatically created to
way to arrive at the required electrode    Holders can be constructed manually        ensure continuity throughout the entire
geometry. Graphical face selection is      by applying width, depth or height, or     manufacturing process.
also available to permit easy extraction   by simply selecting from an extensive
of the more complex areas.                 library. Where access for the electrode    Machining templates containing
                                           is limited by neighbouring surfaces, the   tooling, tool path operations, feeds,
Understanding that VISI Electrode is       holder can be offset from the centre       speeds, depth of cut, etc, can all be
a tool to compliment the experience        of the electrode to provide enough         stored for re-use on similar electrode
of electrode designers, VISI combines      clearance for the EDM machine to           families. Applying them to a new
automation with the ability to manually    operate. Dynamic animation and             electrode will automatically create a
construct geometry and apply it to the     collision checking ensure that the         new set of toolpaths using the same
electrode. This technology combination     complete electrode does not violate        settings, greatly reducing programming
provides the user with the freedom to      the part geometry.                         time and using company standards
edit the design and ensures that it will                                              which have already been proven on a
always be possible to complete the         VISI Electrode provides the operator       previous job.
electrode design.                          with a tool to manage the work

                                                         : tooling solutions

: design > manufacture
    intelligent toolpath creation

VISI creates intelligent toolpaths on the most complex 3D parts. Dedicated
high speed milling techniques and built-in smoothing algorithms create
highly efficient NC code. Intelligent toolpaths will reduce cycle times on
your machine, improve productivity and continuously produce high quality

: 2D, 3D & 5 Axis
       toolpath generation directly from the 3D model

Vero have been providing world class        recognition. If any inclined features are   minimise the number of retracts,
CAD/CAM solutions since 1988 and            detected, a new datum is created for        maintain a constant tool load, minimise
VISI Machining offers all you need to       each setup and automatically filtered       any sudden direction change and
increase productivity, maximise cutting     against the physical machine limits.        automatically smooth the CNC code.
capacity and reduce delivery times.
                                            If a non standard feature is found, it      The underlying technology makes it
Mould machining is not necessarily          is possible to force the system to use      easy to successfully program high
about cycle time. It is how to achieve      a particular machining process or           speed machine tools using VISI.
the highest possible surface quality and    existing cycle, providing an open and
reduce EDM and manual finishing time.       configurable system for automatic plate     Adaptive clearance toolpaths allow
                                            machining.                                  the tool to rough the part in a unique
Using VISI Machining it is possible to                                                  way - by roughing out from bottom to
machine directly from the 3D model          Cutter radius compensation capability       top. The principle behind this method
or from 2D construction data. A             provides practical CNC code for use         is to machine large steps utilizing
combination of intelligent toolpath         on the shop floor. When the cutter          the full flute length of the tool with
automation, user-defined cycle              cannot machine tight internal radii,        a small stepover and then machine
templates and powerful editing tools        the system will automatically create        the intermediate levels back up the
ensure the operator is always in            residual stock geometry (defined by the     part. The tool remains on the part as
control.                                    previous tool) and enable re-machining      much as possible and the toolpath
                                            with a smaller diameter tool.               automatically switches to a trochoidal
A highly graphical interface guides the                                                 type motion when necessary. This
user through machining parameters,          The system will automatically avoid         ensures there are never any full width
cutting conditions and holders for          user defined clamps and fixtures            cuts guaranteeing a constant tool
selected tooling providing a practical      during machining operations. Obstacle       load. Tool wear is spread evenly
and intuitive CAM solution.                 management ensures collision                across the cutting surfaces and the
                                            avoidance, and helps to reduce              centre of force is half-way up the tool,
Automatic feature recognition detects       the cycle time on the machine by            reducing deflection and the potential
complex holes and pocket features           eliminating unnecessary Z retract           for vibration.
directly from the solid model. Extraction   moves. Optimisation of the toolpath
of diameters and depths from the            ensures the shortest distance for tool      Using adaptive toolpaths, the cycle
model makes it easy to enter drilling       travel and reduces cycle times offering     automatically adjusts for efficient and
parameters and eliminate the possibility    maximum productivity.                       safe machining; improving cutting
of MDI errors.                                                                          conditions and allowing higher
                                            Intelligent 3D toolpaths can be             machining speeds to be maintained.
For every standard component added          created for the most complex parts
to the tool design, CAM feature data        with toolpaths tailored towards high        The result is savings of up to 40% in
is applied to the model for feature         speed machining and designed to             actual cutting time.

                                                                                                   : tooling solutions

High-speed finishing requires the same       this process can be repeated as many       Many complex moulds contain deep
fundamentals as high-speed roughing -        times as required to make it possible      cavity areas and small radii which
consistent tool loading, lighter cuts,       to successfully machine with very          need to be machined with small
minimising any sudden direction              small cutters. The toolpath can work       diameter tools. Generally this would
changes, optimising NC code and              from the outside to the centre or from     involve the use of tool extensions or
reducing stress on the machine tool.         the centre to the outside providing        longer tools, which would increase the
Many of the strategies can improve           a smooth and flowing toolpath and          risk of deflection and provide a poor
the productivity of older CNC’s with         minimising the number of retract           surface finish. By approaching this
dramatically reduced air cutting time        movements, helping to eliminate shock      from a different angle, the head can be
and both roughing and finishing              loading on the tool and keep feedrates     lowered and the collision detection will
toolpaths with smoothing arcs to help        as high as possible.                       automatically tilt the tool and holder
maintain a continuous machine tool                                                      away from the work piece. The major
motion.                                      All toolpaths are gouge checked            advantage of this strategy is the use
                                             against neighbouring surfaces to           of shorter tools which will increase
Finish machining strategies are largely      eliminate the possibility of a tool        tool rigidity, reducing vibration and
defined by the part shape. Traditional       collision. In addition, small smoothing    deflection. As a result, a constant
toolpaths such as ISO-machining,             radii are automatically added to           chip load and higher cutting speed
Raster, Waterline, Radial, Spiral, Offset    internal corners, stopping the tool from   can be achieved which will ultimately
and Curve machining are supported            dwelling in the internal corners, which    increase tool life and produce a higher
by intelligent combination routines that     can cause the tool to pull into the job    quality surface finish. In more shallow
automatically adapt the toolpath to          creating an unexpected gouge, which        areas, larger bull nose cutters can be
suit the geometrical form. This strategy     would not be detected by toolpath          used with a small lag angle. The major
allows steep areas to be machined            verification.                              advantage of this approach is a lower
using a Z waterline method and                                                          number of toolpath passes which also
shallow areas to be machined using           To maximise the deployment of the          reduces machining time and improves
3D constant stepover. This strategy          software, VISI uses multi-threading        surface finish.
operates as a one stop finishing routine     technology to allow multiple operations
including a helical option which creates     to be calculated at the same time and      An extensive library of postprocessors
a single continuous toolpath for steep       batch processing to allow jobs to be       is available to suit most machine
areas with no lift off - eliminating         queued for unattended calculation,         tools and all postprocessors are
witness lines and greatly improving          out of normal working hours. To            fully configurable to suit individual
surface finish.                              further speed up the preparation of        requirements.
                                             programs, individual operations can
Small features on a part will usually        be post processed separately, so           Configurable set-up sheets are
require rest machining with a smaller        that machining can start on roughing       automatically generated as either
tool to completely finish the detail. Rest   operations while finishing operations      HTML or XLS files; including
machining will reliably detect areas         are still being calculated.                information regarding datum position,
left by previous tools, so that they can                                                tooling, cycle times and the entire
be re-machined. For very fine details,                                                  cutting envelope limits.

: wire edm
       a cut above the rest

Wire EDM technology is an integral part   Support for unmanned or overnight         Toolpath verification tests whether
of the mould design process as more       machining is possible by leaving          the completed part is removable from
moulds are being designed to have         the slugs attached while all of the       the component and also provides
fewer, but more complicated inserts       preliminary cuts are taken. Numerous      the capability of part comparison.
that are wire-cut.                        strategies are available to cut the       By comparing the target model and
                                          part; for instance, taking all of the     cut part, any potential rest material
Vero provide an intuitive environment     rough cuts before finishing, in which     or gouge issues are automatically
for the comprehensive programming         case all rough cuts are taken while       highlighted.
of all wire EDM machine tools -           leaving the tags attached, then the
supporting an extensive list of wire      tags are removed, and finally the trim    By using the complete solution from
EDM machines from leading machine         cuts are taken. Alternatively, take the   Vero, not only will programming time
tool manufacturers; including JOB         rough and finish cuts while leaving       be minimised, but also the cut-path
and Script for Agie, CMD and CT           the tag in place and then removing        will be far more efficient, saving further
Expert for Charmilles, Brother, Fanuc,    the tag and skimming this area.           time on the machine tool. Add in
Hitachi, Makino, Ona, Sodick, Seibu                                                 the comprehensive simulation and
and Mitsubishi. The advanced              With apertures that decrease in           proofing tools and you have a system
postprocessors aren’t just limited to     size, slug management is more             that not only streamlines day-to-day
the use of generic G and M codes;         complex. Complete ‘no-core’               production, but also reduces costly
special posts are easily configured       pocket destruction cycles and             errors and eradicates the need for
to suit different machine models and      full 3D simulation guarantee valid        dry-runs, giving you a competitive
configurations.                           slug removal. Additional support for      advantage.
                                          cam and gear profile generation is
Wire EDM is extremely accurate and        delivered to DIN/ISO and AGMA
enables the machine to cut internal       standards.
corners with very small corner radii
based on the wire diameter and spark      The completed wire path can be
gap. It becomes easy to cut square        simulated using rendered solid model
apertures without the need of splitting   graphics, including fixtures and target
the mould or producing accurate pin       parts. Any collisions that are detected
holes in a plate after heat treatment.    are highlighted both on the model
                                          and via on-screen messages. As
Strategies for all types of EDM           slugs become detached by cuts, the
machining are supported including         simulation advises the programmer
2-axis, 2-axis with taper and full        that this is the case and graphically
4 axis machining with geometry            removes the part, emulating the exact
synchronisation.                          cutting process on the machine tool.

                                                                                               : tooling solutions

: global presence
       a network of over 70 partners in 40 countries

The VISI suite of CAD/CAM software is written and developed by Vero
Software; part of Vero Software Plc, a UK based public company launched
on the London AIM Stock Exchange in 1998

Vero Software Plc comprises of ten        leading aerospace, automotive,            Service & Support
companies in England, Italy, the United   packaging and medical companies to        Vero has a support network of
States, Japan, China, Canada and          give a clear competitive advantage in     engineers who understand your
France.                                   today’s tough business environment.       business through experience.
                                          Continual software development is core
The company creates, owns and             to the philosophy at Vero; we have an     VISI is a comprehensive suite of
distributes software for aiding the       extensive development team striving       software in one environment with one
design and manufacturing process in       constantly to keep VISI at the leading    interface. Invite our engineers to look
specific sectors of the industry. The     edge of software capability.              at your business to see how VISI can
specific sectors include the design                                                 improve your productivity, quality and
and manufacture of plastic injection      Vero works in partnership with its        performance.
moulds, sheet metal stamping dies,        customers – for the long term.
progressive dies and others.              Understanding the demands of their        The company now has more than
                                          business and providing practical and      6,000 users registered for its annual
The company firmly believes that step     innovative solutions. We listen to our    maintenance services and supplies
gains in productivity can be made by      customers’ requirements and build         products to more than 40 countries
building as much knowledge of specific    answers into the software to meet their   through its wholly owned subsidiaries
design and machining processes            expectations now and for the future.      and competence centres.
within it’s software as possible. This
philosophy of productivity through        With thousands of licenses of VISI        We will guide you through the modules
specialisation has led to new             in use world wide, and double digit       and recommend the most appropriate
applications in the design of mould       growth year on year, Vero Software is     combination of software, training and
tools and progressive dies.               one of the world’s leading CAD/CAM        services that suits your needs.
Since 1988 Vero have been providing
innovative and specialised solutions      VISI has modules for specific
for the engineering industry through      applications. Choose the ones to suit
a network of over seventy partners in     your individual business, yet have the
more than forty countries.                room for growth. Better still, all the
                                          modules are totally integrated and work
VISI is used by the world’s most          in just one environment with one easy
advanced toolmakers, as well as           to learn interface.

Vero Software Plc   tel. +44 (0) 1242 542090
Hadley House        fax. +44 (0) 1242 542099
Bayshill Road       email.
Cheltenham          web.
GL50 3AW
United Kingdom

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