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									                                                                                               Quarterly publication of Barwon Health

Issue 01                                                                                                                           MARCH 2005

                                                      first           Barwon Health’s
                            Message Welcome toforthe2005. edition offorward, you can
                                     newsletter             Going
                                                                                                         In this issue, you will read about the
                                                                                                         redevelopment of Grace McKellar Centre, hear
                                     expect to see the newsletter produced on a                          about some new appointments and be updated
                            from the quarterly basis in June, September, December
                                     and March.
                                                                                                         on the latest happenings around Barwon Health.
                                                                                                         I look forward to working with you throughout
                            CEO      With the beginning of a new year, the newsletter
                                     has been given a new look and name that reflect
                                                                                                         2005 for the health of the Geelong community.
                                                                                                         Sue De Gilio
                                                        the dynamic nature of Barwon Health.             Chief Executive

 Grace McKellar Centre Redevelopment

                                                             ON TRACK
 The Grace McKellar Centre’s 100-bed
 Rehabilitation Inpatient Facility commenced
 operating in the first week of December 2004
 with 84 patients. The new facility is purpose-
 built for rehabilitation, geriatric evaluation and
 palliative care patients. It will be managed as an
 integrated service within three Clinical Wings:
 North – geriatric evaluation management and
 palliative care, South – orthopaedic and
 amputee and Central – neurology and geriatric
 evaluation management.
 The majority of services that are currently
 provided for inpatients will be housed under one
 roof in the new Rehabilitation Inpatient Facility.
 This means that patients will have short
 distances to travel to the gym, group therapy and
 clinical consulting/treatment areas.
 Clinical areas are located adjacent to bedrooms
 in each Clinical Wing. Patients are
 accommodated in single and double bedrooms
 with en-suites, and have access to a comfortable
 lounge and dining rooms along with quiet rooms
 and a relative’s room (in palliative care).
 Other significant features include a
 contemporary nurse call and security system,           conditioned and each clinical unit has an        Community Rehabilitation Centre and
 ceiling mounted rails/lifting equipment, oxygen        adjacent garden area.                            Ambulatory Clinics, along with building a 108-
 and suction at the bedside, telephone and                                                               bed high care residential aged care facility, a 90-
                                                        The second stage of the Redevelopment will
 television for each patient and a laundry for                                                           bed secure dementia and an aged care
                                                        commence shortly with the refurbishment of the
 personal items. All areas of the building are air-                                                      psychiatric residential facility.

                                                      page 2                       page 3                       page 3                           page 4

 inside                                               Staff
                                                      to quit
                                                                                   PhD for
                                                                                   Dr Valerie
                                                                                                                Staff party
                                                                                                                at Skilled
                                                                                                                                                 Best first
    New                                                                                                Barwon Health staff are
    appointments to                                                                                    challenged to quit
    Executive Team                                                                                           couch smoking but now I can't sit still. I am
                                                                                                             just so full of energy".
    Barwon Health is pleased to announce that we                                                             This is no small achievement for a lady who
    have a new Executive Medical Director, Dr                                                                smoked 15 to 20 cigarettes a day for 15 years.
    Max Alexander and a new Executive Director                                                               She was fully supported in her quest to quit by
    Nursing, Lucy Cuddihy.                                                                                   the StaffCare Clinic. "It was great to know
    Dr Max Alexander brings extensive strategic        Have you made a new year’s resolution to quit         someone was checking my progress and
    and operational experience to Barwon Health        smoking? Now is the time to do it! By joining         genuinely interested in how I was going," she
    from his previous role as Deputy CEO at ACT        the Barwon Health Smoke Free Challenge,               said. Christine's advice to other Barwon
    Health. His previous work in the clinical field    smokers have an opportunity to set a goal to          Health smokers is simply, "If you are thinking
    has been at the Alfred Hospital, Sandringham       quit and to be supported in their efforts to do so.   about quitting, just do it!"
    Hospital and Caulfield Medical Centre. Dr          In taking up the challenge, Barwon Health staff       For staff not quite ready to quit, Dr Rudi
    Alexander has a strong focus on performance        are provided with individual assistance and           Gasser at the StaffCare Clinic recommends the
    management and clinical outcomes.                  advice from trained staff at the StaffCare            use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. It allows
    Lucy Cuddihy is a registered nurse and             Clinic. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is         staff to receive nicotine in a way that doesn't
    midwife with qualifications in paediatric and      also offered at a discounted rate of $1 a day for     interfere with their work and is much cheaper
    neonatal intensive care. She has a strong          the first six weeks.                                  than cigarettes. Barwon Health staff are able to
    background and extensive experience in             Christine Binney, a Community and Mental              obtain nicotine patches, lozenges, gum or an
    leading strategic initiatives, managing            Health receptionist, has taken up the                 inhaler at cost through the StaffCare Clinic.
    specialist nursing workforce issues and            Challenge and has not smoked since mid-               For further information on the Barwon Health
    developing nursing education. Lucy is              October last year. Christine said, “I feel great!     Smoke Free Challenge, contact the StaffCare
    committed to achieving outcomes with a             I used to spend my leisure time sitting on the        Clinic on (03) 5226 7628.
    multi-disciplinary focus.

                                                       Spreading some Christmas cheer
                                                      Every Christmas Day for some time now,
                                                      Eugene Bratanavicius (PSA BW7) dresses
                                                      in full Santa regalia and spreads cheer
                                                      through the Geelong Hospital on his city
                                                      hopper bicycle. As he travels through the
                                                      wards, Eugene rings his bell like a town
                                                      crier, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas
                                                      and giving gifts to most patients. Eugene
                                                      has an array of famous one-liners for
                                                      patients such as, “ I requested that you be
                                                      given breakfast in bed today and as a
                                                      special treat, many of you can have lunch
                                                      in bed as well". Eugene is to be
                                                      congratulated for doing such a great job
                                                      and for being so generous with his time.
    Photo courtesy of Geelong News

                                                        Gather, Greet & Go initiative
                                                        Employees concerned about their personal             Go         in these groups to their cars.
                                                        safety when walking to their cars can now
                                                                                                             It is intended that this initiative will grow as
                                                        participate in the Gather, Greet & Go initiative
                                                                                                             employees take advantage of this basic
                                                        coordinated by the Acute Occupational Health
                                                                                                             concept of community safety – watching out
                                                        and Safety Committee.
                                                                                                             for each other. It relies on you who participate
                                                        The initiative encourages staff finishing their      to make it a success.
                                                        shifts out of hours to:
                                                                                                             So start the ball rolling in your department,
                                                        Gather at meeting points at the site’s               ward or unit, discuss times and groups and
                                                               major entrances/exits,                        Gather, Greet & Go – as you do so, so will
                                                        Greet each other - determining groups                others and the groups will grow.
                                                              and to

Barwon Health Volunteer Services                                                                    Staff enjoy
- What’s new for 2005?                                                                              festive fun at
The largest volunteer activity in Barwon Health
is the provision of companionship and
                                                                                                    Skilled Stadium
support to patients, residents and clients in all                                                   The Barwon Health Staff Christmas Party was
program areas. New activities and projects will                                                     held on Friday 10 December in the Alex
include:                                                                                            Popescu Room at Skilled Stadium. Judging by
                                                                                                    the photos, a great night was had by all!
• Expanding companionship and support to
  inpatients at Geelong Hospital
• Renaming ‘day ladies’ at the hospital to
  Patient Support Volunteers
• Extending the volunteer stroke support
  service in aged care and rehabilitation
  services                                           Clockwise from top left:
• Growing volunteer palliative care support          Linda Verhoeven, Lorraine Parmenter,
  to the new Palliative Care Unit at the Grace       Nettie Hulme and Amette Hunter
  McKellar Centre and to all residential
  facilities                                                                                         Martin McCall-White
• Auditing and reviewing volunteer activities
  in Community and Mental Health
• Implementing a recruitment campaign to
  encourage more volunteers from culturally
  and linguistically diverse backgrounds
• Setting up a new hospital Departure
  Lounge on Bellerine Level 5 and
• Auditing Volunteer Services Policies and
                                                                                                     Mark Parigi and John Hickey
Barwon Health Volunteer Services looks
forward to continuing its work with staff during     P.S. Don’t forget to buy the recipe book:
2005 and invites you to contact them with any        ‘Breaking Bread with the Amazing Barwon
ideas or feedback.                                   Health Volunteers!’ Available from a
                                                     reception desk near you!

Barwon Health shines in
Midwife of the Year awards                                                                           Karyn Folwell and Barry Daniels
Twenty maternity services staff at Geelong           Ackland, Kath Andrews, Dianne Bartlett,
Hospital were nominated by patients for the          Corrine Benstead, Margaret Conisidine, Maree
Johnson & Johnson "Midwife of the Year"              Dell, Judy Delalande, Ann Evans, Johanna
award. Barwon Health's maternity unit had the        Ferres, Angela Howe, Eliza Leake, Athalie
highest number of nominations within the             Madden, Paula Major, Sally Marendaz,
State of Victoria as a ratio of the annual birth     Veronica McDonald, Anne Pett, Lynne Pyke,
rate. Congratulations to all, it is lovely to know   Annette Reder, Claudia Russelhuber and
our consumers are happy with the service we          Andrea Smith.
provide. Those nominated were Marie
                                                                                                     Wendy Whatman and Debbie Nelson-Ford

Dr Valerie Zielinski awarded a PhD
Congratulations to Valerie Zielinski, Manager Nursing Education Services
who was awarded a PhD in September 2004. Her thesis was titled, “Clinical
Nurse Leadership: A critical ethnography of emancipatory action through
transformational leadership education”. The aim of the study was to gain an
understanding of the complexities of the Clinical Nurse Leaders’ world within
the social, cultural, political and economic constraints of a major regional                         Maree Dertien, Carol Mioduchowski
public teaching hospital in Victoria.                                                                and Kathleen Doole

                                                Will to paddle
                                                James Cumming and Wayne McElroy have both
                                                received tremendous support from the Andrew
                                                Love Cancer Centre over the years, with loved ones
                                                once using the service. To show their gratitude, the
                                                recreational paddlers kayaked an amazing 58
                                                kilometres from Melbourne to Geelong, to raise

                                                more than $15,000 for the Andrew Love Cancer
                                                Centre Appeal. The ten-hour expedition entitled
                                                ‘Will to Paddle’ was dedicated to loved-ones who
                                                had been diagnosed with the disease.
    Foundation Events
    Peter Pan and Wendy
                                                NEWS IN BRIEF
    Over 60 original illustrations by Robert
    Ingpen, from Peter Pan and Wendy, will
    be displayed at the Geelong Arts Gallery,
    from February 12-April 10 2005.

    Worlds Longest Lunch
    This years World’s Longest Lunch will be
                                                                                            Artistic flair
    held on Friday 11 March 2005 at the
    Geelong Botanic Gardens and raise funds
                                                                                            on display
    for the Andrew Love Cancer Centre                                                       Geelong Hospital’s Heath Wing 3 desk has been
    Appeal. Tickets are $85 dollars and can                                                 brightened up through the creative talent of artist
    be purchased through the Barwon Health                                                  Veronica O’Hehir. The exterior of the desk has been
    Foundation on 5260 3355.                                                                painted with colour abstracts of children from other
                                                                                            countries. The artwork enables parents and children
                                                                                            to focus on art therapy during their stay.
    Barwon Banks Challenge
    The Foundation and the Highton Rotary
    Club are inviting walkers, runners and
                                                New appointments
    cyclists to take part in the “Barwon        Dr Anne Hotchin is the new Divisional Medical Director, Women’s Services for an initial period of
    Banks Challenge” on Sunday 20 March         12 months. She will continue the great work done by Michael Koutsakis who undertook the role
    2005. The Challenge is conducted on         on a part-time basis over the past year. Dr Damien Holdaway has also commenced at Barwon
    separate courses, along Geelong’s           Health as a vascular surgeon.
    Barwon River in support of the Grace
    McKellar redevelopment. For further
    information please contact Zoe Nott on
                                                Best first time
    5260 3013.                                  presenters
    Geelong Independent                         Drug Information Pharmacist, Jaclyn Baker and
                                                Clinical Pharmacist, Rachel Baltetsch won the “Best
    Grace McKellar Golf Day-                    First Time Presenter” award at the Society of
                                                Hospital Pharmacists of Australia Conference held
    Ambrose Competition                         last November. Their paper titled, “Think P: a case
    Will be held at the 13th Beach Golf         report of pergolide induced pleuro-pulmonary
    Links and Resort, Barwon Heads on           fibrosis” described the role of the Pharmacist in
    Friday 18 March 2005, for an 8am start.     detecting a rare pulmonary side effect of pergolide,
    There is a $100 entry fee, which            a medication used for treating Parkinson’s disease.    Rachel Baltetsch and Jaclyn Baker
    includes, course entry, cart if required
    and lunch. There are only 120 places
    which are filling up fast, please contact
                                                Recognition of service
    Kerry O'Sullivan on 5279 2282 to secure     Congratulations to all 154 Barwon Health staff who were individually recognised for their long-
    your place.                                 standing service in December 2004. Each staff member received a certificate and lapel pin to
                                                recognise 10, 20, 30 or 40 years of service.


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