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					                                 Beginners Guide to
                                    Compiled by Kim Mason and Cris Ashcroft

                                 Welcome to Triathlon
• Equipment – If you are
  just starting out, you         Triathlon is not just a sport;     camaraderie that           this
  only need the basics.          it’s a lifestyle. Whether you      fantastic sport offers.
                                 are a novice or a seasoned
• Cycling – your helmet is       triathlete, young or old, male     Swimming, Cycling and
  one of the most                or female, an elite or a           Running are the three
  important safety               recreational athlete, triathlon    different disciplines of
  purchases you will ever        is one of the few individual       triathlon making triathlon a
                                 sports that allow us all to        unique ‘one sport’.
                                 participate and compete
                                 together.                          Triathlon provides a number
• Race Briefing – The race
                                                                    of distances so whether you
  briefing is extremely          While your improving your          are 7 or 70+ there is a race
  important and is               fitness and wellbeing, you         for you.                          your aim is to simply ‘get
  compulsory for all             can also have fun, and make                                          active’ triathlon welcomes
  competitors                    the most of the great social       Whether you compete to win,       you…
                                 environment            and         for the personal challenge or

                                 Setting your Goals. What do you want to achieve?
Page Highlights:
                                 Well, you have obviously           Club                              for a check up before you
                                 established that you want to       1km      30km      8km            start any form of exercise.
 Where can I go for              do a triathlon or you are at
 information?                    least a little bit interested in   Classic                           The most important thing to
                                 one, or you wouldn’t be            1.5km 40km        10km            remember is to go at your
 What equipment do I             reading this.                                                        own pace, listen to peoples
                                                                    1/2 Ironman                       advice, but be realistic,
 need?                       2   No matter what your                1.9km 90km        21.1km          everyone is different and
                                 background, age or current                                           what might be good for
 Nutrition, Swimming         3   level of fitness, there is a       Ironman                           Johnnie who is 6ft weighs
 Cycling, Running            4   race for you.                      3.8km 180.2km 42.2km              90kilos and has already
                                                                                                      completed an Ironman is not
 Running cont.., What            Following is a list of             So… the first thing you need      going to be right for Kate who
                                 distances,       which   are       to do is decide on what           is 5ft and weighs 60 kilos and
 happens at a race?              ‘standard’ distances in            distance you wish to              has never exercised.
                                 Triathlon. There are races         conquer, and set yourself a
 Registration                5
                                 that a shorter than these for      time frame in order to            So just remember to set your
 Transition, Race Briefing,      young children and longer          achieve this. (If you are not     own     goal,     make       it
                                 such as the Ironman for the        active at all I would suggest     challenging but achievable,
 Nutrition & Hydration 6         endurance athlete looking for      starting out with the ‘Enticer’   and with a little bit of effort
                                 a bigger challenge and of          or if you are semi active the     and dedication you will get to
 Pre Race Points,                course there are variations        ‘Sprint’       distance      is   achieve your goal.
                                 on all of these.                   achievable.) then the ‘sky is
 The Race                    7
                                                                    the limit’ from there on in.
 Drafting, Post Race         8   Standard Distances
                                                                    Check out the Triathlon NSW
                                 Enticer                            website
                                 250m    10km       2.5km           for the latest race calendar to
                                                                    find out when a race is on.
                                 750m     20km      5km             Triathlon NSW advises to
                                                                    see your medical practioner
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                          Where can I go for Information?
                          There are several places you       NSW members.                       Your local swimming pool will
                          go for information; you can                                           have squad training sessions
                          start with your State              Triathlon Clubs are a great        and if your going to get really
                          Association.                       source of camaraderie, there       serious you may wish to
                                                             is plenty of support and of        track down a certified
                          On the Triathlon NSW               course ‘club races’ are a          Triathlon Coach. Of course
                          website there is a list of Local   great place to compete in          lets not forget there are some
                          Clubs, also entry forms for        your first triathlon. Following    great triathlon Magazines out
                          you to download, the racing        on from that you may have a        there, which offer you
                          calendar for you to decide         friend of a friend who is          invaluable information on the
                          which race you would like to       involved in triathlon and can      latest news and views from
                          compete in, contacts for           point you in the direction of      the triathlon world.
                          coaches, latest news, and of       your local bike shop.
                          course the all important
                          Triathlon NSW Membership           Your local bike shop
                          Form. When you join the            generally has entry forms
                          association you will have 24-      and will always have bike
                          hour insurance, and access         mechanics to help you with
                          to discounts and benefits          your bike.
                          only available to Triathlon

                          What Equipment do I need?
                          Triathlon can become a very        must wear a singlet or shirt,      and pairing them with either
                          expensive sport, if you ’just      and for the females a              a bra top (females) or singlet
                          have to have’ all the latest       swimsuit or bra top is fine        top (males) and wearing this
                          gear. However, if you are          General items: Sunglasses,         outfit from start to finish
                          just starting out you only         sunscreen, hat,                    therefore you just need to
                          need the basics.                                                      change your shoes during
                                                             Of course this list can be         the transition
“Remember, it’s not a     To get you from the start line     added to, some people
                          to the finish line, all you need   complete the whole race in a       The less you have to think
fashion statement it’s    are the following items:           bike jersey and bike pants, or     about in the transition from
all about finishing and                                      a ‘tri suit’ others wear a         Swim to Bike and Bike to
                          Swim: swimsuit, goggles,           wetsuit in the swim and then       Run the more you can
      having fun”         cap, towel, wetsuit (optional)     wear their swimsuit for the        concentrate on your race.
                          Cycle: Bicycle (mountain           entire race, it all depends on     For those that may be
                          bike, road bike, touring bike),    what distance you are going        conscious of their size or
                          Bike helmet (must be in good       to race and what you feel          shape, male or female, think
                          condition & have an                comfortable wearing and of         about wearing a t-shirt or
                          Australian Standards sticker       course this will only come         loose singlet top for the cycle
                          on it) Water bottle, tri suit or   with time after you have           and run.
                          bike pants & jersey (optional)     competed in a few races.           REMEMBER: It’s not a
                          Run: Running shoes, socks                                             fashion statement it’s all
                          (optional) shorts please note:     You can think about                about finishing and having
                          it is compulsory to have your      purchasing a ‘tri suit’ or bike    fun.
                          torso covered so all men           shorts with a towelling gusset

                          Training Programs
                          This is where you need a           You must make sure you             Triathlon Coach.         As
                          little time to sit down and        allow for rest days especially     previously       mentioned
                          work out when you can fit          after a demanding training         Triathlon NSW advises that
                          ‘training’ into your already       session. Remember anyone           you see your medical
                          busy week. It is important to      with a basic level of fitness      practitioner for a check up
                          remember to increase your          can complete a ‘sprint’            before you start any form of
                          training load slowly.              distance triathlon.                exercise.

                          Allow your body to adapt to        If you wish to have someone
                          training sessions. Some days       to assist you in your training,
                          will be harder than others,        please contact the Triathlon
                          you will have easy sessions        NSW office and we can
                          and demanding sessions.            direct you to an accredited
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The most important thing to        hydrated.      Keep up your       On race day, once again
remember here is to listen to      water intake before, during       make sure you have plenty of
                                   and after training and racing.    fluids, when it comes to food
what the majority of
                                   The recommend daily               intake your diet pre race
Nutritionists say, and that is                                       should be light however this
                                   allowance of hydration is 6-8
to have a ‘balanced diet’ that                                       is a very individual thing.
                                   glasses per day for average
includes all the major food                                          You should test diet and fluid
                                   activity so if you are training
groups. Carbohydrates are                                            intake out during your
                                   and racing, this fluid intake
important which include                                              training sessions.
                                   will need to be increased.
breads, pastas, fruit and                                                                                  ”have a
                                                                     Never experiment on race
vegetables. Protein is also        There are many electrolyte
important as protein helps to      replacement drinks on the
                                                                     day.                               balanced diet,
repair muscles and tissues         market now which can be                                            that includes all
                                   taken during and after                                              the major food
this includes diary products,
                                   training sessions, these
lean meats, eggs, chicken          drinks help replace the                                                 groups”
and fish.                          sodium, potassium and
Extra fluids will be important     carbohydrates that you loose
also.       It is extremely        from your body during
important to keep the body

To get started in swimming         seek advice from your local       breathing, kicking, your arm
you need a few basic items:        pool or the shop assistant.       pull etc. The best thing to do
                                                                     to begin with is just get in
Swimsuit – purchase one            Fins/flippers – if you are        there and swim, swim, swim.
that     is    comfortable,        swim training on a regular        You can only improve and
practicable for swim training,                                       then when you feel a bit
                                   basis, these will assist you
you don’t want it too tight as                                       more confident in the water,
it may rub and cause               with the development of kicks     join in the swim squad at
chaffing. Note: all swimsuits      and make it easier to             your local pool. There you
will wear down from the            performs drills and of course     can learn more about
chlorine so try and purchase       provide variety whilst you are    technique, increase speed &
one that is a little more          swimming your laps. Note:         confidence and receive
chlorine resistant as it will                                        professional advise from a
                                   the fins are commonly known
last longer.                                                         qualified swim coach or an
                                   as ‘swim fins’ or ‘boosters’      accredited triathlon coach.
Swim Cap – this will keep          they are smaller and shorter      Please note: You cannot use
your hair off your face and        than the flippers that are        pull buoys, paddles or fins in
out of your eyes; it also          used for scuba diving.            a race
protects your hair from the
chlorine of the pool. Tip –        There are other swimming
make sure you dry your cap         accessories like pull buoys &
and turn it inside out, sprinkle   paddles, etc and as you get
some talc powder on the cap,       more confident in the water
this will help to prolong the      you can add these to your
life of your cap.                  swim training.

Goggles – make sure you            The most important thing to
purchase goggles that fit          remember whilst swimming is
your face so they do not leak      to relax in the water.
and let water in. There are        Swimming is all about
lots of different goggles on       technique, and there is a lot
the market; you may wish to        to think about, stretching,
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                          To get started on the bike the    addicted you will get and            The first points to remember
                          most important two items are      you’ll find yourself visiting the    when cycle training is to put
                          your helmet and of course         bike shop more often, looking        your helmet on. Ride in the
                          you need a bike.                  at all the latest gadgets and        cycle lane or as far left of the
                                                            accessories.                         road as possible and obey all
                          Helmet – this is the most                                              the road rules. Remember,
                          important safety purchase         You don’t need to purchase           cars are much bigger than
                          you will ever make. I cannot      clip in cycle shoes straight         you.
                          stress enough how vitally         away, even if you are
                          important this is. Make sure      confident on the bike. Have          When you first go out
                          your helmet has met with the      a few months worth of                training, try and find
                          Australian Safety standards,      training sessions, learning
                                                                                                 someone who has some
                          (the sticker/label will be on     about       your       bike,
                          the inside of your helmet.)       manoeuvring in the traffic,          experience and knowledge to
                                                            and learning the road rules          go with you. This will be
                          Bike – you don’t need to          first.    Once you have              invaluable, to help with the
                          purchase the latest, lightest     mastered this, purchase your         little ‘tricks of the trade’.
                          frame with the most               cycle shoes and all the other        Make        sure   you    are
                          expensive components in the       nick knacks available.
                                                                                                 positioned on your bike
                          shop. Purchase one that is a
                          perfect fit, has good             Oh… by the way…when you              correctly, when pedalling, try
                          componentry and one you           do purchase the ‘clip in’ cycle      to pedal smoothly, ‘spinning’,
                          can learn to ride on. The         shoes, don’t worry about             rather than the push up, push
                          most important point to           falling off, because I don’t         down action. And… After
                          remember when purchasing          know anyone who has not              you have been cycling for a
                          your bike is to make sure it      fallen off there bike at some        few weeks practice running
                          fits ‘you’. The ‘bike fit’ is     stage of there cycling career.
                                                                                                 off the bike.
                          crucial, to having a              Don’t worry though, it is
   “Make sure your        comfortable ride, prevents        usually when you have                Once again the only way to
                          injuries and of course, so you    slowed right down and you
                                                                                                 gain confidence on the bike
    helmet has met        will enjoy riding your new        forget to ‘unclip’ your pedals
                          bike.                             before stopping. You just            is to get out there and ride.
 with the Australian                                        have to practice ‘clipping’          Joining friends, your local
 Safety Standards’.”      Most bike shops have              your foot in and taking it out       triathlon club or a cycle group
                          packages for frame, forks,        of the pedals.                       is a good way to learn more,
                          components, & wheels. You                                              and of course there is always
                          can add the accessories           The      most       important        safety in numbers.
                          slowly, just make sure the        accessories to purchase
                          ‘bike fits you.                   straight away when you buy           Finally, many triathletes
                                                            the new bike would be your           belong to cycle clubs as well,
                          Accessories – pump, spare         pump, spare tubes and a
                                                                                                 these are a great way to
                          tubes, tyre leavers, Speedo,      ‘spare kit’. Get the staff at the
                          Cycle shoes, tri bars, Bicycle    bike shop or maybe even a            learn about specific cycle
                          pants, gloves, rain jacket, the   friend to show you how to            skills & technique and of
                          list goes on.      Cycling is     change the tyre, as you              course once again, you can
                          definitely one of those sports    never know when you’re               always seek direction from
                          that has lots of extra’s, and     going to get that flat!!             an accredited triathlon coach.
                          the more you ride, the more

                          The beauty of running, is that    is an ‘impact’ sport, and if         around, talk to friends, read
“Your running shoes are   all you need is a good pair of    you don’t invest wisely you          literature and ultimately you
                          running shoes, a pair of          can do all sorts of damage to        decide. Don’t let the shop
   a very important       shorts, bra top and or a          your body. So, make sure             assistant talk you into ’just
       purchase.”         shirt/singlet, pair of socks,     you shop around, get some            anything’, and if you find you
                          hat, sun block and your… out      professional advice, get             have feet problems, see a
                          the door.                         someone to look at your feet,        podiatrist or sports physician;
                                                            so they can decide whether           you may need to invest in
                          Shoes – your running shoes        you pronate, supinate, need          orthotics.
                          are a very important              extra shock absorption, need
                          purchase. Running shoes is        added stability etc.                                        Cont…
                          one area, which I would
                          suggest not to ‘skimp on’.        Don’t necessarily buy the
                          The reason for this… running      most expensive shoe, shop
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Running cont…
Clothing – people run in all      Vary your running, variety is     Once again, if you get totally
sorts of clothing, it just        important, hills are great for    hooked you can always get
depends on what you feel          strengthening             and
                                                                    an accredited triathlon coach
comfortable in. There is          conditioning, venture off road
specific running clothing on      – but be careful as you can       to help with your technique,
the market, shorts, singlets,     trip and fall on the uneven       and ‘run specific’ training.
bra tops, t-shirts etc.           surface, run on the sand at       Another tip…. when you can,
However… you may feel just        the beach, go down to the         purchase an extra pair of
as comfortable in your            track and do some sprint          running shoes, so you can
favourite board shorts and        training.
                                                                    alternate them. The shoes
old singlet. There are also
lots of water bottle holders,     When running make sure you        will last & wear longer, and of
running caps, socks etc on        keep your fluids up, always       course if it rains, you will
the market specifically           carry water with you, unless      always have a dry pair.
manufactured for running.         you know where the taps are
                                  on your run route of course.
Running is one of the few         And be prepared for all types
sports where equipment            of weather, in summer, try
plays a small role. The first     and run in the cooler parts of
thing to remember about           the day, put sunscreen on
running is to start of slowly.    and wear a cap. In winter all
Depending on your level of        you have to do is dress for it,
fitness you may need to start     perhaps wear long tights,
off with a walk/run system        and if it’s really cold you may
before you can go straight        require gloves and a beanie.
into running.

What happens at a race?

When you arrive at a race,        •   If the race is being          •   Affix your bike number to
registration is the first place       electronically timed you          your bike (this is for
to go. This is where you will         will also need to pick up         security reasons, after
you register your name and            your timing chip. (Your           the race you will then be
pick up your race pack.               timing chip is generally          able to get your bike out     “Make sure you
Following is a list of                either attached to your           of the transition area)
procedures that will happen           shoe or it is strapped to                                       check all entry and
at registration:                      your ankle).                  •   THIS IS THE TIME TO           exit points.”
                                                                        ASK ANY QUESTIONS.
•   Advise registration staff     •   If you are starting in            Make sure you ‘check
    you are competing.                wave starts, you will be          out’ all exit and entry
                                      advised of the time your          points, know the course
•   Registration staff will           swim wave will be                 and know where you are
    cross off your name on a          starting.      (This is           going, all courses should
    list (you generally either        generally organised into          be marshalled. However
    line up alphabetically or         age groups, and each              do not rely on the
    in your age group eg 20-          age group will also have          marshals to give you
    24years, 45-49 years).            a different coloured              directions, make sure
                                      swim cap and start time,          you know where you
•   Pick up your race pack –          eg 8.00am: wave 1 - all           are going.
    which could include:              women, 8.05am: wave 2
    swim      cap,      race          - men 20-24, 8.10am:
    merchandise,       Race           wave 3 - men 30-34 etc).
    number sticker for your
    bike, map of the course,      •   Your legs and arms will
    race number ‘bib’, safety         be numbered with your a
    pins.                             race number.
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                              oYou must register first,          technical officials in the area   allowances for when you
                               before proceeding into the        to direct you if necessary.       finish the race as at the
                               transition area. Once in the      Another tip…. see if you can      majority of races the
                               transition area rack your bike    line yourself up with a           transition area is closed until
                               and set up your race gear.        landmark (eg a tree or pole).     the last person has crossed
                                                                 It's amazing how different a      the line. In some instances
                               Once again, check out all exit    transition area can look          there will be an area
                               and entry points in relation to   during the swim – bike
                                                                                                   provided to place your bag.
                               where you have set up and         transition and bike – run
                               racked your bike, (so you         transition.
                               don’t waste time trying to find
                               out where you are coming          Generally no bags are
                               back in off the bike) There       allowed in the transition area,
                               will always be marshals and       so ensure you make

  Race Briefing

  The race briefing is             not be accepted. P l e a s e
  extremely important, and is      note: there are many rules
  for your own benefit. The        and regulations in triathlon
  race briefing is compulsory      and they are there to ensure
  for all competitors. At the      the safety of yourself and all
  race briefing the Race           your fellow competitors.
  Referee will explain the rules   Remember… our hard
  of the race, the course          working technical officials are
  details, announce any            there looking after you, so
  changes or concerns about        show them some courtesy
  the day.                         and...listen.

  Make sure you listen to the
  race briefing, as an excuse
  that you ‘did not hear’, will

                               Nutrition and Hydration
                                Make sure you hydrate well       allowance of hydration is 6-8
                               throughout the race. There        glasses per day for average
                               will always be water and          activity so if you are training
                               sometimes electrolyte drinks      and racing this fluid intake
                               at the aid stations.      As      will need to be increased.
                               mentioned before, do not try
  “Do not try out              new products or rely on the
 new products or               products provided on the
                               day. Always be prepared
   drinks on race              and take your own, water,
            day.”              drinks and food etc.

                               Once again please note the
                               recommended         daily
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Pre Race Points
•   Keep a log book to                each training session.             distance in all three
    record your progress,                                                disciplines to monitor
    weekly distances and          •   Stretching is extremely            your progress.
    times etc.                        important it will help
                                      prevent injuries and your      •   Most important of all,
•   Make sure you warm up             increased flexibility in the       have fun training, at
    and warm down at every            long term will help with           times it can be a chore,
    training session, this            your           overall             but keep in mind your
    includes stretching and a         performance.                       goal, remember you set
    gradual increase and or                                              yourself this goal, and      “Stretching is
    decrease in pace and          •   Test yourself once every           you knew it would be
    heart rate at the                 four weeks in time trials          challenging, so don’t lose   extremely important
    beginning and end of              over    a     measured             sight of it.
                                                                                                      it will help prevent

The Race
Just before you start, go             out of the way.                    must be firmly on your
through your checklist in your                                           head and done up until
mind, make sure you have          •   After you have placed all          you have racked your
everything in place, know             of your swim gear out of           bike in the same position
where your bike is racked,            the way, the first item to         as when you started.
where the exits and entry             remember is to put your            (Make sure your bike is
points are etc. (A good idea          helmet on and do it up             neatly placed, as you
is to check all this out before       before you take your bike          must leave room for
race day. Make a check list           from the rack. Don’t               other competitors to rack
and pack your bag a couple            forget your bike shoes             their bikes in the same
of days before, that way,             and make sure you have             place.) Be courteous,
when you get down to the              at least one water bottle          think      of     fellow
race, you know you have               on your bike.                      competitors.
everything) Don’t be afraid to
ask fellow competitors,           •   Proceed with your bike to      •   Please note: Do not
remember they were all                the ‘Bike Exit’ to the             throw your bicycle into
beginners        once,     and        Mount/Dismount line                the area and run off. If
triathletes are always happy          where officials/marshals           must be placed in exactly    “Don’t be afraid to
to offer some advice.                 will direct you.                   the same place and
                                                                         position as when you         ask fellow
Are you ready…….lets talk         •   Always practice safe               picked it up) finally take
you through it.                       cycling, cycle in the bike         your helmet off.             competitors
                                      lane or keeping left at all
•   The race is about to              times. Stay out of the         •   Put on your running
                                                                                                      questions, they were
    start…                            ‘draft zone’; do not cross         shoes, hat & sunglasses      all beginners once.”
                                      double white lines.                and proceed to the ‘Run
•   You have your goggles,            Always watch out for               Exit’. On the run, make
    swim cap, timing chip (if         police and marshals, pay           sure you hydrate well
    applicable), maybe a              attention      to     their        and follow the run route
    wetsuit and you are               directions and finally,            to the FINISH LINE….
    ready to start the race.          watch out for other traffic.
    All of these things must                                         Congratulations!…You have
    come back into the            •   On return into the             finished…
    transition and placed             transition area, make
    neatly at your area in the        sure you dismount at the
    transition. (Do not throw         Mount/Dismount line,
    your wetsuit, or goggles          and proceed back to your
    etc, just anywhere, they          area in the transition. Do
    must be neatly placed             not undo your helmet, it
                        Your Draft Space                      attempting to overtake         A draft violation statement is
                        Imagine yourself on your              you,     it   is     your      given to you and your race
                        bicycle and you are looking           responsibility to drop         number is recorded. Once
                        at the ground in front of you.        back or you would now          completed you will be
                        Draw a rectangle around               be considered to be in a       instructed to proceed.
                        yourself. Starting at one and         drafting zone. After you
                        half metres on both sides of          have removed yourself          Two or more violations in one
                        your front wheel, extend this         from     the    drafting       event will result in you being
                        1.5m on both sides of you             situation you can then         disqualified.
    Triathlon NSW       around you to 1.5m behind             attempt to overtake.
      P O Box 822       you. This rectangle should                                           As a triathlete it is your
         Glebe          be about a 7metre box…            Drafting Penalties                 responsibility to take the time
   Sydney, NSW 2100     This is Your Draft Space.         A stop/start penalty will be       to read and understand the
                                                          issued to you if you are in        rules in full detail. If you do
        Phone:          •   At no time is anyone          violation of drafting.             not understand the rules and
     02 9518 7766           allowed to be in                                                 would like a complete
                            someone’s draft space         A stop/start penalty is issued     detailed copy of the rules
                            for more than 15 secs.        as follows:     a whistle is       please ask an official or
                        •   You are only allowed to       blown, your number will be         contact the Triathlon NSW
     02 9518 7233
                            be in someone’s draft         called and a yellow card will      office on 02 9518 7766.
                            space if you are              be shown to you. You will
        E-Mail:             overtaking or being over      then be instructed to stop.       taken. Again this can         Once you have safely
                            only be for a 15sec           stopped you will be asked to
                            duration.                     dismount from your bicycle
                        •   If you are being              (on the gutter side) and lift
                            overtaken or someone is       your bicycle off the ground.

  The reasons for
   entering have        Post Race
 nothing to do with     After the race, make sure         last competitor has finished.      your bike and equipment
      winning           you hydrate well and eat the      Therefore you are not              from the transition area. You
                        fruit and drink that is           allowed to take your bike or       are not allowed to take
                        provided to replace all the       any equipment out of the           equipment out ‘over the
                        fluid you have lost. This is      transition area until after this   fence’.
                        the time when everyone            time. Ensure you have a
                        mix’s and mingles and most        change of clothes available.       importantly exchange all the
                        details of their race.            Security is important; to
                                                          enable the security and
                                                          safety of all competitors’
                        You are not allowed into the      equipment, you must show
                        transition area until after the   your race number to retrieve

                        Good Luck… have fun and enjoy your new sport

                        Well I guess that‘s about
                        it…Welcome to the fantastic       triathlon club. Remember….
                        sport of Triathlon. Don’t         it doesn’t matter where you
                        forget to check out the           place. This is all about you.
                        Triathlon NSW website             It’s    all   about   y o u
               for further     accomplishing something for
                        information.                      you.

                        I hope this helps you on your     Stay safe in training and
                        way to the first of many          don’t forget…. moderation is
                        triathlons. . Have fun,           the key to success.
                        perhaps join a swim squad or