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									                        BEGA CHEESE LIMITED ENVIRONMENT POLICY
                          Working together to deliver dairy products to the world

Bega Cheese recognises the importance of sustainable business growth, efficient consumption
of resources, minimisation of waste and fulfilment of our social and community obligations.

Our strategic objectives of long term business growth and development will only be achieved
through a whole of business approach. With reference to our environmental impact Bega
Cheese will:

•   Ensure that Bega Cheese achieve a level of environmental performance that meets or
    exceeds regulatory compliance for all its operation;
•   Strive to continuously improve the efficiency of our manufacturing operations, with
    particular regard for efficient use of all resources such as water, energy, packaging,
    chemicals, raw material and labour;
•   Strive for ecologically sustainable practices from our milk suppliers;
•   Ensure integration of environmental considerations as a core element of operational
    business activities and the strategic decision making process;
•   Ensure that our staff, contractors, customers, suppliers, investors and our community are
    aware and understand our commitment to a structured holistic environment management
    process and comply with its requirements;
•   Engage in product life cycle assessment activities to clearly understand all areas of impact
    across the supply chain and work with our supplier to improve or products performance from
    design through to consumption.
•   Clearly define our system of performance measurement across our business so all employees
    can measure and take responsibility for their personal contribution to our success.

    Barry Irvin                                                   Elvis Amair
    Chairman of Board of Directors                                Environment & Technical Services

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