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									                              Beef it up!                                                                 FIRST EDITION

                                                                 STOCKYARD’S NEW LOCATION
                                                                 Stockyard has settled in to its new office located close to
                                                                 the Brisbane International Airport. Marketing and sales,
                                                                 export docs and accounts are housed under one roof in a
                                                                 casual open plan office. A refrigerated retail cabinet and
                                                                 medium sized carton chiller allow us to hold samples and
                                                                 offer meat direct to foodservice and the public. Be sure
                                                                 to look us up or get us to pick you up from the airport.

Welcome to the first edition of “Beef It Up”. Stockyard is
proud to be still serving up the finest grain fed beef           PRODUCT PROFILE: ANGUS CUBE ROLL
available to its customers after 30 years. Our beef has
been a well kept secret in Japan for a long time and I am        One of Stockyard’s favourite selections, is “Stockyard
happy our sales team is now in a position to offer a great       Gold”. This product is derived from Angus cattle, which
product with reliable service into the middle east, south        have been fed on a high energy steam flaked grain ration
east asia, north asia, north America and within Australia.       for a minimum of 200 days, but to an average of 240 days
                                                                 to produce a carcass of around 410kgs.
                                                                 This beef contains ample
                                                                 marbling, is a perfect size
Robin Hart A.M - Chairman                                        for use in fine dining
                                                                 and will
                                                                 exceed your
                                                                 taste expectations.

                                     MLA BLACK BOX EVENT, GOLD COAST
                                     Meat and Livestock Australia held its 3rd Regional Final of the MLA
                                     Black Box at the Gold Coast, Australia in early September 2005.
                                     16 countries competed to prepare a 4 course meal judged on
                                     presentation, creativity and taste. First place went to Burj Al Arab,
                                     United Arab Emirates, second to the RACV Club, Australia and third to
                                     Raffles The Plaza, Singapore. Stockyard was proud to be a major sponsor
                                     and looks forward to being part of further regional Black Box events.

In conjunction with MLA China and our exclusive importer
Fine Line Foods, Stockyard held product launches in
September in Shanghai and Beijing. Mesa Manifesto
was the restaurant venue for the Shanghai ‘Meating’
table. Approximately, 28 people including executive chefs
from some of Shanghai’s finest hotels and stand alone
fine dining establishments attended. With few formalities
the casual evening went extremely well and was a great
opportunity for the chef community of Shanghai to catch
up. Tatiara lamb and Stockyard long fed striploin cooked                                    I   THE BEIJING ‘MEATING’ TABLE: ARIA
on an open grill were the attractions of the menu.
Andrew McKee from Aria restaurant, China World Hotel,
hosted the Beijing launch of Stockyard beef.
In a more formal setting Andrew served a magnificent
4 course meal, including Stockyard long fed cube roll,
to a selection of 5 star hotel executive chefs. It was a
great evening which dragged on until early the following
morning. Butch Walter from Fine Line Foods is your
                 contact for Stockyard beef in China.

                Dirk “Butch” Walter +13801838481
                                          I   THE SHANGHAI ‘MEATING’ TABLE: MESA MANIFESTO

   EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Merrick Blok has been with Stockyard for
   five and a half years. Merrick worked in the meat trade in Casino and
   Inverell before heading to the UK to play cricket and work as a
   commodities trader with J & E Medcalf Pty Ltd. After a stint with
   Perfection Fresh Australia contract buying for McDonalds, Merrick moved
   to Stockyard. Merrick plays a key part in the Stockyard marketing team
   and specializes in the middle eastern, south east Asian and Australian
   markets. He holds agricultural science qualifications and is experienced
   in beef production, processing and end user requirements. Outside of
   work, Merrick is a keen surfer and cricketer.


   Uwe Micheel
Uwe Micheel is the Regional Executive Chef for the
Intercontinental Hotels Group, Gulf Area, currently in charge
of 19 hotels in the Middle East and based at the hotel
Intercontinental Dubai. Chef Uwe was born in Germany,
where he first joined the Intercontinental Hotels Group in 1981.
He has worked in a number of the groups finer hotels
including the UK as the Chef de Partie Saucier in Hyde Park
London, Bahrain for three years, the Intercontinental
Seoul and Executive Sou Chef for Yokohama Grand
Intercontinental. Since 1993 Chef Uwe has been working in
Dubai, holding a post of Regional Executive Chef Gulf and
President of Emirates Culinary Guild. After more than 20
years cooking experience, he still hasn’t selected his favourite
dish. Selected dishes for various occasions depend mostly on
his mood. Chef Uwe is actively involved in Dubai Tourism and
Commerce Marketing activities, which have included cuisine
competitions, junior chefs contests and Guinness Book of Record
cooking records. Chef Uwe was elected as the best chef in a hotel
operated under a corporate hotel brand by a majority of votes
at the Hermes Awards of the World jury in France in November
2002. Through this vote, the jury wished to distinguish a chef,
who despite his experience still has the inquisitiveness of a
child that he shares with his team and
customers on a daily basis.

    Since 2003 the Stockyard Brand has successfully entered the Middle Eastern market through the assistance of
    Australian Quality Plus (AQP)/Barakat International. Based inDubai, AQP has been Stockyard’s exclusive distributor
    of grain fed 120day, 200day+ and 400day+ Wagyu beef. A selection of loin cuts have been chosen by the AQP team
    (headed by Mr. Hamish McKerrow) to service the rapidly growing food service sector of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amman (Jordan),
    Oman, Kuwait and Beiruit.
    For enquiries of Stockyard Beef in theMiddle East, please contact the following:
    Mr Hamish McKerrow
    Mr. R.K Menon    

                FOOD SAFETY
                                                                                STOCKYARD MARKETING
                Stockyard has successfully cleared its
                recent Triennial ISO9001:2000 audit .                           LACHIE HART Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                Ph: +61 (7) 3623 2803
                Stockyard is a quality guaranteed company,
                                                                                Mobile: +61 408 467 803
                which with the backing of AQIS, cattlecare,                     lachieh @
NFAS (National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme), SureTRAK
                                                                                DAVID CLARK General Manager Marketing
and AUSMeat delivers food safe, healthy, disease free,
                                                                                Ph: +61 (7) 3623 2806
hygienic beef on a consistent basis.                                            Mobile: +61 408 467 806
                                                                                davclark @

                                                                                MERRICK BLOK Marketing Executive
                                                                                Ph: +61 (7) 3623 2865
                                                                                Mobile: +61 408 630 165
                                                                                merrick @

                                                                                DIANA PETRIE Marketing Co-ordinator
                                                                                Ph: +61 (7) 3623 2811
                                                                                Mobile: +61 404 023 284
                                                                                dianap @

                                                                                AMY LONG Marketing Assistant
                                                                                Ph: +61 (7) 3623 2855
                                                                                amyl @

KERWEE LOT FEEDERS                                                              RAY FRENCH Financial Controller
                                                                                Ph: +61 (7) 3623 2833
Stockyards award winning feedlot Kerwee, located on                             Mobile: +61 419 713 208
the Darling Downs, 250 km from Brisbane, has been                               fincontroller @

given board approval to expand from its current 7000                            FIONA ABBOTT Accounts Clerk
head capacity up to 14000 head in two stages.                                   Ph: +61 (7) 3623 2822
To cope with Stockyards growing demand, Kerwee                                  fiona @

plans to increase grain feeding numbers of yearling                             CHRIS KROGH Administration Clerk
trade, middle fed, long fed and wagyu.                                          Ph: +61 (7) 3623 2844
                                                                                chrisk @

                                                                                KERWEE FEEDLOT
                                                                                JIM CUDMORE General Manager
                                                                                Feedlot Operations
                                                                                Ph: +61 (7) 4692 2277
                                                                                Mobile: 0417 735 507
                                                                                Fax: +61 (7) 4692 2263
                                                                                jcudmore @

Unit 8/441 Nudgee Road, Hendra QLD 4011 Australia   I   PO Box 1170, Toombul QLD 4012 Australia   I   Ph: +61 7 3623 2800 Fax: +61 7 3623 2805


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