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Thousands of people are arriving in New York, joining with
those who live here to make our voices heard in an important
moment for democracy. As the Republican Party meets...
26465Alt 8/16/04 3:50 PM Page 2 Madison Square Garden, the focus of the world's media
 will be New York City – including us...yes, us. We all have a
 huge responsibility. What do we have to say? How are we
 going to say it? How is the rest of the country and the world
 going to perceive our efforts?

 Many of us have come to protest the policies of the Bush
 administration: the war in Iraq; the attacks on working
 people and trade unions; the lack of health care and human
 services; contempt for the environment, for civil rights, and
 on and on. There is no lack of targets for protest.
  Protest is American, a fundamental part of        culture and the arts, The Imagine Festival       CONTENTS
  living in a democracy. It is about engaging all   (, see our calendar on          1 November 2
  of us in a movement to make our world             pages 6-8) will help produce more than 175       1 Ten Documentaries You Don't Want to Miss
  better and to speak truth to power. But with      events in a glorious celebration of what New     2 Wake Up Call For 2004
  protest comes a great responsibility to           York is really about. Let's mix our politics     2 Election Protection 2004
  connect with those who can't be here; to          with our art. Let's have a great time, and       3 The Big Scan
  clearly communicate our values and make           take care of each other at every moment.         3 Unfair and Unbalanced – Fighting Fox
  sure that our methods do not obscure our                                                           4 American Band Stands
  message. Let's ensure that those in the           This NYC Guide is published by the Indepen-      4 When the Heat Is on You
  states across our land, who are open to           dent Media Institute, a non-partisan, not-for-   5 The Line
  hearing the truth, are inspired by what we        profit organization which includes               5 New York City
  do this week.                           , the well known Web             6 Where It's At, When It's At: 8.28-8.29
                                                    magazine of news, culture and views, as well     7 Where It's At, When It's At: 8.29-8.31
  Many millions of people across the country        as, a great commu-           8 Where It's At, When It's At: 8.31-9.02
  and around the globe will be with us. We are      nications training program for grass roots
  desperate for change. But as angry as we          groups. Our mission is to help ensure
  are, let's not be provoked. With the continued    that diverse opinions are part of the public
  hype of terrorist fears, we will be operating     discourse. Our role this week is to help
  in the American version of a police state.        everyone express themselves in protest, art,
  Staying cool, patient and on message is our       community and friendship in the spirit of
  responsibility.                                   social change.

  Protest is only one element of change. Much       AlterNet is particularly concerned with the
  of New York will be engaged in celebrating        subversion of journalism for corporate power
                                                    and profits. We have challenged the Fox
                                                    News trademark ”Fair and Balanced.” We
                                                    hope you will support us in our Fight Fox
                                                    campaign (see article on page 3 and the ad
                                                    on the back cover).

                                                    Don Hazen
                                                    Executive Editor,

  Executive Editor: Don Hazen
  Editor: Deanna Zandt
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     Voting is supposed to be easy in America, the                                                             To that end, a brand new movement is afoot. A
     self-proclaimed beacon – and exporter – of                                                                profoundly straightforward and potentially
     democracy in the world. But tell that to the 1.9                                                          effective pro-voting campaign called november 2
     million Americans who cast ballots in 2000                                                                has been launched by National Voice, a coalition
     that no one counted. Or the millions more who                                                             of non-profit and community groups working
     were turned away, scared away, or couldn’t                                                                to maximize public participation in the demo-
     register in time.                                                                                         cratic process. The campaign, developed by the
                                                                                                               crack advertising firm of Wieden and Kennedy
     It seems pretty clear there are many Americans                                                            (famed for its work for Nike), is clever in
     who want to vote, but face obstacles, and there                                                           its simplicity. It's all about branding november 2
     are others in positions of power who don't want                                                           on t-shirts, billboards, computer screens,
     people to vote. This is a disgrace.                                                                       bumper stickers and connecting it to the
                                                                                                               logos of numerous organizations people trust:
     Nothing welds a person to the values of demo-                                                             november 2 on the front of the t-shirt,
     cracy more than exercising one’s franchise           bring about dramatic change. Yet, in the 2002        and naacp, or Sierra Club, or League of Women
     at the ballot box and having an impact; voting is    national elections here, at least 100 million        Voters, or acorn on the back. As Billy Bragg
     powerful, it is affirming and it is a subversive     Americans over the age of 18 didn’t go to the        sang satirically: “The revolution is just a
     activity that can collectively shift power and       polls. That is not acceptable.                       t-shirt away.”

     Documentaries are the new black, as they say.        tion’s party line, Al Jazeera correspondents were    and Saddam Hussein to the shoddy information
     Revealing truths left and right – from the Iraq      asking the real questions. A lesson in balanced      on the non-existence of Iraq’s weapons of mass
     War to corporate greed to that delicious             journalism.                                          destruction, ‘Uncovered' uncovers what was
     Big Mac – movie theaters are all a-stink with the                                                         once (and no longer is) covered.
     smell of dirty laundry this fall. Inhale deeply.     Fahrenheit 9/11 (
                                                          What need we say that others have not said
                                                          already? The saddest, funniest, most desperately
                                                          necessary movie of the year.

                                                          Super Size Me (
                                                          Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock eats McDonald’s so
                                                          you don't have to: the results aren’t pretty. Want   Persons of Interest (
                                                          fries with that heart attack?                        Delving into the dank, dark world of post-9 /11
                                                                                                               detentions, ‘Persons of Interest’ speaks to people
     The Yes Men (                The Corporation (             whose civil liberties were pretty much entirely
     Those wacky subversive protesters do their           Look around: the corporation is everywhere. In       abrogated pretty much entirely due to the color
     earnest best to infiltrate the World Trade           fact, it may have more rights than you do. The       of their skin.
     Organization. Watch them don their suits and         corporation is the modern-day god and king
     transform from anti-corporate activists into         before which we bow. Fear it.
     upright citizens with the interests of mega-
     corporations first on their minds.                   The Hunting of the President
     Outfoxed (                          The vast right-wing conspiracy, revealed. The
     This documentary by Robert Greenwald reveals         smear campaign against former President
     that there is another news show out there other      Clinton started well before Kenneth Starr
     than the Daily Show, and it calls itself “fair and   discovered Monica's privates; this film hunts
     balanced” while almost single-handedly fueling       down the culprits.                                   Motorcycle Diaries (
     the right-wing propaganda machine. (It’s Fox                                                              Take the Basketball Diaries to Cuba, substitute
     News, by the way.)                                   Uncovered: The War on Iraq                           Gael Garcia Bernal for Leonardo diCaprio and
                                                          (                             remove mention of poetry, heroin, or Jim
     The Control Room (          One of the first films to publicly question the      Carroll. El Che, before he was the Che of Urban
     While American journalists were (are) lying          events leading up to the War on Iraq. From the       Outfitter t-shirts, goes on a Sunday drive and
     down in supplication to the Bush administra-         shadowy non-connections between Al Qaeda             discovers his revolutionary heart.

                                                                                                                                A LT E R N E T ' S G U I D E T O N Y C   1
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     WAKE UP CALL FOR 2004
     You and the people you try to get to vote in the
     2004 elections don’t have to wait until November
     2nd to cast your vote. You can vote early! Most
     people don't know that even if they plan to be in
     their home town on Election Day, they can cast
     mail-in ballots (same thing as absentee ballots)
     well in advance.

     Voting by mail is dead simple – and it’s a great
     way of maximizing your time when you go out
     to canvass voters. It is as easy to order mail-in
     ballots online as it is to register to vote, and when
     you are canvassing to register new voters, you
     can make sure they’ll vote at the same time.
     Why drag out the process into two parts for new
     voters? It’s best to make the process as easy
     as possible. Plus, mail-in ballots don’t have the       aware as you are. Think about finding elderly         request form will need follow-ups to remind
     chance of being miscounted by electronic voting         people who have difficulty leaving their homes,       them – it’s part of the process.
     machines, so mail-in votes are sure to be               your reluctant neighbors, family, or friends.         3.) Once the absentee ballot form is filled out,
     counted!                                                                                                      print it out, sign and date it, then mail it – with
                                                             Here's How:                                           a stamp – using the address indicated.
     If you don’t have time to canvass and help people       1.) Go to,
     send in absentee ballots early, e-mail all the          and click the “Absentee ballots” link in the          note: If you or the person you are registering is
     people you know and share this information with         “Register to Vote and Go Vote” section. Check         a first-time voter, a copy of a form of proper
     them. Mail-in ballots are a means of enabling           the regulations on deadlines for registering          identification must be attached when you mail
     people to vote who wouldn’t do it otherwise –           to vote and for mailing absentee ballots in your      it. If you have time, print out copies of request
     you’d be surprised by the number of people who          area – the rules depend on the state.                 forms at and
     would vote if they didn't have to leave their           2.) You and other voters can fill in registration     have them filled out as you canvass. Offer to send
     houses on Election Day.                                 and absentee ballot forms at     them in on their behalf, and remember to follow
                                                             Or you can print out request forms for mail-in        up. Think of all your night-owl, lazy friends who
     While you may know for sure that there’s an             ballots and pass them out. Go to                      would vote, if only it were easier. Well, it is.
     election happening and that you are going to vote, and find the form
     it’s not safe to assume that other folks are as         for your state. Anyone who gets a mail-in ballot

     Help make sure the voters pick the winners              deploy tens of thousands of volunteers at polling
     this election year, not the Supreme Court.              places in primarily Black and Latino areas where       NATIONAL VOICE
     Call 1-866-our-vote or visit the website                rights are most at risk. It will take the efforts                              of ordinary citizens, lawyers and law students
                                                                                                                    National Voice ( will help you
                                                             to ensure voters’ rights are protected on election
                                                                                                                    find where you can get involved with voter
     Join People for the American Way’s campaign             day. Call or e-mail to sign up – volunteers are
                                                                                                                    registration efforts in your state.
     to ensure that minority voters can exercise their       needed at as many at-risk precincts as possible
                                                                                                                    If you aren't involved with a voter registration
     right to vote like the rest of America.                 to observe the voting and blow the whistle
                                                                                                                    group already, go to the National Voice website.
                                                             if voters rights are threatened.
                                                                                                                    There you will find a map of the 50 states. Click
     The truth is that getting more people to vote
     in this election means more than getting them           If you aren’t a lawyer or a law student, you can       on your home state, and you'll find a complete
     registered. In 2004, minority voters across             pass this on to a family member or friend who is.      list of the groups working in your area to regis-
     America face the same problems we had in                Election Protection 2004 is there to ensure that       ter voters with all of their contact information.
     Florida in 2000, and new ones – including un-           all voters have a fair chance at the ballot box.       It's that easy to get involved.
     familiar machines, new identification require-                                                                 If you're feeling picky about the group and you
     ments, and voter intimidation and suppression           If you are a lawyer, law student, or a citizen         only want to work with a group that has more
     activities in minority communities.                     interested in voting, go to                            vowels than consonants or starts with the letter
                                                             electionprotection, or call                   "L," you'll probably find it.
     Election Protection 2004 aims to train and              1-866-our-vote.

     2    A LT E R N E T ' S G U I D E T O N Y C
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     You are invested in this election, right? You want          Now, three questions:                                        – A box checked if they’ve filled out and sent
     the people in your world to vote, yes?                      – Do you know if these people are registered                   a mail-in ballot request form.
                                                                   to vote?                                                   – A third box checked when you convince
     Do a 360 degree scan:                                       – Are they aware that they can vote early by                   them to do this little exercise, too.
     ok, get a piece of paper and a pen and write your-            mailing in their ballots, and have you given
     self in the middle of the page. Now in a circle               them mail-in ballot request forms? Check the               Now, start talking. The ice breaker could be:
     around you – your orbit, so to speak – write the              wake up call for 2004 section of this paper                “Hey, are you planning to vote in November?”
     names of the people who are closest to you, who               on page 2 for how to go about this.                        Or, “What do you think of all this campaign
     you have the most contact with, who you care                – Are they engaged in the election? (i.e., can               stuff so far?’’ Then go in with, “Wait, are you
     about, who you wish you saw more of. Scan your                you do this exercise with them and help them               registered to vote?”
     life thoroughly: family, friends, neighbors, co-              develop their own personal outreach plan?)
     workers, colleagues, gym pals, the grocery clerk,                                                                        Go through your list and try to get as many
     the bartender, dentist and staff, haircutter, play          Now it’s time for your plan. Make your list, and             boxes checked as you can for each person. Follow
     group moms, basketball team, yoga partners, the             leave room for three check boxes next to their               up with people who promise to register to vote
     barista at the local café... This is your extended          names. Prioritize by listing the names of people             in a couple of weeks (but be aware of the dead-
     voting clan! Your list could be twenty, fifty               about whom you lack the basic information at                 lines for each state); if you get people to agree to
     people or more. You’ll have to tape together                the top. Then fill out basic information about               do this exercise, then follow up with them in a
     several pieces of paper or get one really big               each person:                                                 couple of weeks, too. Also, encourage your
     piece of paper.                                             – A box checked next to their names if they                  extended voting clan to take a 360-degree look
                                                                    are registered.                                           around of their own.

                     In a July press conference jointly          “Fox’s claim to be ‘fair and balanced’ is a slap in          shaken up Fox,” says Hazen, “because it unveils
                     hosted by, Common                the face, not only to us, but to the many honest             secret internal memos and ‘confessions’ from
                     Cause, and, it was             journalists who devote their lives (and sometimes            Murdoch’s own former staffers that expose how
                     announced that legal proceedings            even lose their lives) to gathering and reporting            Fox cynically distorts and manipulates the news
                     had been filed to cancel Fox’s              news that truly is fair and balanced.”                       to benefit the Republican Party.”
                     widely promoted trademark
                     registration (“Fair and Balanced”)          “But what really rubs salt in the wound,” says               “outfoxed should have as devastating an effect
     on the legal grounds that it is “notoriously mis-           Hazen, “is that Fox has actually registered those            on the ethically corrupt Fox News empire as
     descriptive.”                                               three words – ‘fair and balanced’ – as its signature         Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9 /11 is having on
                                                                 trademark. Which means no other journalist or                the corrupt Bush administration,” adds Hazen.
     To cheers, laughter, foot-stomping, and hearty              news organization can legally describe their own             “This legal challenge is a well-deserved punch in
     applause from what is ordinarily a sedate                   work as fair and balanced. How fair is that?”                the nose to Fox for misleading the American
     audience of MoveOn members, reporters and                                                                                public – and then having the chutzpah to adopt
     film crews from cnn, The Wall Street Journal                The AlterNet challenge, filed with the u.s.                  ‘Fair and Balanced’ as its trademark.”
     and other major media, Don Hazen, the Execu-                Patent and Trademark Office, is supported by the
     tive Director of AlterNet, explained what the               findings in Robert Greenwald’s controversial new             For more information on the Fight Fox campaign, please visit
     challenge to Fox was all about.                             documentary, outfoxed, which has been a No.1       
                                                                 Bestseller on “The film has really


     UFPJ - United for Peace and Justice                         Axis of Eve                                                  Billionaires for Bush                                                              
     This is the group – a coalition of over 800 local and na-   The ladies of the Axis of Eve call their work "irreverent"   With the government spending the last 50 years or so
     tional organizations opposed to "policies of warfare and    and "exciting," but that's putting it mildly, to say the     taxing the rich, protecting the environment and abusing
     empire-building" started in 2002 – that organized major     least. Having created an entire line of protest panties      corporations, the Billionaires have decided to fight
     rallies around the world opposing the Iraq War. They're     with slogans like "Weapon of Mass Seduction" and             back. Using humor and satire to engage voters and
     building coalitions and linkages across groups devoted      "Ballot Box," the Axis also coordinates mass flash pro-      draw attention to election issues, they've done every-
     to peace, the environment, education, healthcare and        tests (the next one is on September 1st in Battery Park      thing from passing out thank you notes to New Yorkers
     more to mount a broad movement dedicated to establish-      City) and PantyWare parties that anyone can throw in         sending their tax dollars (so that Billionaires don't
     ing peace and justice through nonviolent means.             the comfort of their own home.                               have to) at the Post Office on Tax Day to campaigning
                                                                                                                              to privatize Union Square Park.

                                                                                                                                                  A LT E R N E T ' S G U I D E T O N Y C   3
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     “Voting is the new not-voting,” says Damian           Jurassic 5, James Taylor, Babyface, Pearl Jam, and     The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network
     Kulash, singer and guitarist with ok go, the band     Ben Harper. “A vote for change is a vote for a         ( is a coalition of musicians orga-
     that toured with Ira Glass for live performances      stronger, safer, healthier America. It is our duty     nized by Russell Simons, working with Smack-
     of the radio show This American Life. “The            to this beautiful land to let our voices be heard.     down Your Vote (
     disaffected non-involvement that so many of us        That’s the reason for the tour. That's why I’m         to get two million new 18-to-30-year-olds to
     have been a part of needs to stop. It has stopped.”   doing it,” explains Dave Matthews. Organized           register and cast their vote. Join their March on
                                                           by MoveOn’s political action committee, the            New York for Freedom, Justice & Equality on
     Indeed, the ballot boxes should expect a collec-      proceeds from the Vote for Change Tour will            August 30 with a focus on reforming drug laws
     tive punch this November from America’s               go to America Coming Together's voter mobili-          and reducing mandatory minimum sentencing.
     younger demographic, who are currently being          zation efforts.
     educated and inspired to vote by hundreds of
                                       bands across
                                                             CHECK OUT OUR CALENDAR
                                       genres – from
                                                             OF CONCERTS AND EVENTS
                                       the Dead to the
                                                             BEGINNING ON PAGE 6
                                       Dixie Chicks,
                                       nofx to Death
                                       Cab For Cutie –     Music For America (
                                       with the help of    is a coalition of musicians, tour coordinators and
                                       dozens of           band managers hoping to get one million new
                                       supporting          youth voters to vote this November. mfa has
     organizations. If all goes as planned, more 18-to-    joined a wide range of artists and youth political
     30-year-olds will turn out to vote in November        organizations to form Involver Alliance
     than ever before.                                     ( Involver ’04 has concerts
                                                           scheduled throughout the rnc convention in
     Recording artist Moby takes a pragmatic view:                                Manhattan at the Knitting
     “It’s important for everyone to vote and be                                  Factory, as well as Sleater     The summer and fall will be exploding with
     involved in the political process. Democracy only                            Kinney and David Cross on       events, concerts and festivals where musicians
     functions when people participate, obviously.”                               August 31 at the Beacon –       and bands will encourage political education and
                                                                                  and mfa will continue on        voter registration. Catch Moby, Lewis Black,
     A variety of groups have been created to help                                tour in the battleground        Joan Osborne, Nellie McKay and more at the
     musicians and organizers reach out to young                                  states afterward.               Beacon Theater on August 30th for Planned
     music fans and encourage them to participate in                                                              Parenthood’s Stand Up for Choice concert. You
     social change through voting.                         PunkVoter ( was created in           can catch the music and politics in New York
                                                           early 2001 by Fat Mike (Mike Burkett), bassist         during the convention, but afterward, these
     Vote for Change Tour (          and vocalist with nofx. “I was upset about the         groups are taking their music to the battleground
     will blanket nine states with 34 shows in 28          2000 Presidential election. I thought that Florida     states.
     cities over the course of one week (October           was rigged,” states Mike. “I figured I had to use
                                                                                                                  John Malkin is a journalist and musician who hosts a weekly program
     1-8). Participants include r.e.m., Dave Matthews      my connections and celebrity to get other bands
                                                                                                                  on Free Radio Santa Cruz (
     Band, Bruce Springsteen, the Dixie Chicks,            and kids involved in the upcoming election.”

     If you are going to protest the rnc, you have a       What do I do if I think I am being arrested?           with friends, family, or fellow prisoners. You do
     fair chance of being arrested. So it’s worth being    Ask the officer “Am I free to go?” If the officer      not have to give your name to the officer who
     prepared before they cuff you.                        says yes, then get out of there. If the officer says   arrests you, but if you refuse, you will be held
                                                           no to the question above, state “I am going to         without bail until your identity is determined. It
     How can I prepare for being arrested in New           remain silent, I want to speak to a lawyer.”           is a crime to give a false name, so don’t do it.
     York? Write the phone number of the National          Repeat this to anyone who asks you questions,          Remember officers’ badge numbers and patrol
     Lawyers Guild on your wrist or ankle:                 and don’t believe what the police tell you, as it’s    car numbers. Write down everything you can
     212-679-6018. Call them when you are arrested.        legal for them to lie. After you have said this to     remember asap.
     Carry quarters and phone cards for calls, and         the officer arresting you, give your true name
     carry only one photo id with an accurate address.     and show one piece of photo id, and allow              After you are released: Call the National
     Make sure you are not carrying anything on            yourself to be photographed and fingerprinted,         Lawyers Guild when you get out of jail.
     you that you wouldn’t want found (phone books,        since it allows you to be released earlier. Speak      To find out more about the legal procedures taken for
     valuables, illegal drugs, or weapons).                about your arrest only with your lawyer, and not       an arrest, go to or

     4    A LT E R N E T ' S G U I D E T O N Y C
26465Alt 8/16/04 3:50 PM Page 7

     Over two million jobs have been lost in the last              American Way and the Imagine Festival of Arts,                expected to turn out between 8:13am and 8:31am
     four years, and a coalition of labor, advocacy                Issues and Ideas, the sidewalks of the city,                  on the morning of the nyc Labor Day Rally, with
     groups and artists are gathering on September                 stretching from Wall Street to Madison Square                 approximately 50 people per block.
     1st to line up for a symbolic unemployment line               Garden, will be lined with 5,000 men and women
     in New York during the Republican National                    standing single file holding pink cards represen-             To participate, please call the New York office of the People
     Convention.                                                   ting the pink slips that have been handed out                 for the American Way at 212-420-0440, ext. 27.
                                                                   since 2000. Members of labor unions, religious
     Organized by the afl-cio, People for the                      organizations, community groups and more are

     Cooper Union and the Great Hall                               Tompkins Square Park                                          City Hall
     (Intersection of Astor Place, Lafayette Street and            (7th-10th Streets between Avenues a and b)                    (Broadway and Chambers Street)
     Cooper Square)                                                It would require volumes to describe the political            Political dissent at City Hall is as old as the
     Peter Cooper built the Union here in the late                 history of this park, but some highlights include             country – the Declaration of Independence was
     1850s to serve as a place of free community                   the unemployment riots of the 1870s, anti-                    read here to the colonial troops in 1776. The
     education for the working class and as the site of            Vietnam War rallies and concerts of the late                  current building was built in 1811, and has
     progressive lectures to people in the area. It is             1960s, and the anti-gentrification riots of the late          been home to demonstrations in favor of the
     currently the only private, full-scholarship college          1980s and early 1990s. The streets surrounding                rights of freed slaves, protests against police
     in the us dedicated exclusively to art, architecture          the park have housed numerous social service                  brutality, homeless encampments and pro-choice
     and engineering. The Great Hall in the basement               agencies, such as the Young Lords, Black                      rallies. In 2000, Mayor Rudy Giuliani issued an
     has hosted Frederick Douglass, Samuel Gompers,                Panthers and charas, major figures of the Beat                edict that all demonstrations on the plaza require
     Peter Kropotkin, Norman Thomas, Susan B.                      Movement, and countless activists since                       a permit, after banning pedestrian access to the
     Anthony, Abraham Lincoln, Amiri Baraka, Max                   its inception. Currently, there is a battle engaged           plaza in 1998.
     Eastman, Margaret Sanger, Allen Ginsberg,                     to save p.s. 64 at 9th Street and Avenue b from
     Victoria Woodhull, Daniel DeLeon and Bob                      being demolished and rebuilt as a 27-story                    For more political history of New York, pick up Bruce
     Rafsky, among others.                                         dormitory. (                              Kayton's Radical Walking Tours of New York City.


     CODEPINK                                                      the culture of fear and to reclaim the government from        shows and street theater, THAW is actively engaged in                                         its current ruling special interests. They've created a       developing the pro-peace culture.
     A women-initiated movement, CODEPINK works for                new Declaration of Independence, read on July 4th at
     positive social change through proactive, creative protest    Federal Hall in New York, decrying current policies and       Books Not Bombs
     and non-violent direct action. They're specifically focused   ensuring Americans' right to "Life, Liberty and the 
     on opposing the Iraq War and consider themselves              Pursuit of Revelling."                                        What if the Bush Administration took half of the military
     "ordinary outraged women willing to be outrageous for                                                                       budget for the War on Terror and redirected it to
     peace." They've traveled to Iraq where they helped to         WW3 Arts In Action                                            declaring a War on Poverty and Failing Education? The
     establish the Occupation Watch Center, handed out flyers                                       NYSPC has drafted the Books Not Bombs agenda to
     at "Fahrenheit 9/11" screenings to engage newcomers           WW3 Arts in Action is an independent collective of            raise awareness of the war and its impact on youth at
     into the political process, and are currently coordinating    artists dedicated to using their work as a voice for peace    home and globally. "We’ve highlighted how our gene-
     a nationwide "pink slip" action.                              in the face of endless war, and to protest injustices         ration is being short-changed by the government’s
                                                                   such as corporate globalization, economic colonialism,        distorted priorities," said Lucas Shapiro. "Every dollar
     1000 Flowers                                                  and the growth of the prison industry. They utilize diverse   spent on deadly weaponry is money denied our schools."                                           expressions: murals, banners, posters, illustrations
     Concerned with the low voter-turnout rate for young           and street theater, in conjunction with direct action         The League of Independent Voters
     single women, this "bunch" of people got together to see      strategies, to communicate their message with optimal
     what they could do to make the ladies "blossom" in the        impact.                                                       Based in New York, the League hosts a number of
     upcoming elections. They're currently producing nail files                                                                  trainings to help channel the energy for protest against
     and other nail salon goodies with slogans like "Don't let     THAW: Theaters Against War                                    the Bush Administration into building and educating a
     this election be a nail biter" and "File your complaint."                                            new voting block of young progressives. "This is the
                                                                   Uniting over 150 theater companies and artists across         clearest moment in recent history to say 'No, we will
     Greene Dragon                                                 New York (and hundreds nationwide), Theaters Against          not allow our nation to continue down a path that leads                                          War stands against aggressive, unilateral foreign policies    away from democracy, away from sustainability,'" said
     Inviting everyone to join in the American Revel-ution, the    and escalating attacks on civil liberties. Presenting all     Naina Khanna, Program Director. Be sure to check
     Greene Dragon celebrates our nation's history as a rag-       kinds of theater arts from staged readings and formal         out the League's book, "How To Get Stupid White Men
     tag band of sparkly patriots who promise to challenge         performance to workshops in political theater to variety      Out of Office."

                                                                                                                                                     A LT E R N E T ' S G U I D E T O N Y C   5
26465Alt 8/16/04 3:50 PM Page 8

     During the days of August 28th – September 2nd, you'll find that there will be more than enough to keep
     you engaged and involved – events inspired by the political climate that you won't want to miss. We've
     got the beat on everything from concerts to protest actions to panel discussions...and everything else in
     between. Below are the top picks for each day; check out the websites for each event to see more.

     Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues & Ideas                                  creativity and passion at numerous venues                            Bowery Poetry Club: Open 24 /7
     Our nation faces profound obstacles and amazing                           throughout the city.                                                 The Bowery Poetry Club will be open 24 hours
     opportunities. We are all concerned about our                                                                                                  from August 29 to September 2 as a creative
     economy, healthcare, education, civil liberties,                          Each day of the festival corresponds to an issue /                   and supportive space during the Convention, and
     environment and global responsibility. The                                theme: Freedom, Community, Justice, Demo-                            will host live music jams, dj parties and general
     Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues and Ideas                                cracy, Prosperity and Future. Through these                          Bowery Madness all night (and all morning and
     addresses these critical issues, bringing together                        themes and events, the Imagine Festival is                           all afternoon) long!
     the best our city has to offer. Through a series                          providing a single, resonating voice throughout                      308 Bowery, between Bleecker and Houston
     of extraordinary cultural happenings, all                                 New York. Visit for more                 
     will come together to share our intelligence,                             information; selected events are listed below.                       212-614-0505

     Every Day Aug 28th-Sept 2nd                            5   24hrs                                           4   12pm – 6pm                                      9    7pm
                                                                Expression National Monument                        A Green World is Possible!                           Margaret Cho's State Of Emergency
     1   10am-5pm                                               (Imagine)                                           PROTEST ACTION                                       World Tour (Imagine)
         The Progressive American                               SPOKEN WORD                                         A festival of non-violence, ecology,                 COMEDY
         Recruitment Center                                     Enormous red megaphone providing a                  democracy, social and economic justice.              Launch of Margaret Cho's new tour at the
         INFORMATION CENTER                                     platform to speak your minds during the             Washington Square Park                               world famous Apollo Theater. $50, $40, $25
         Stop by to regroup, relax and ready yourself           upcoming Election season.                           Fifth Ave, Waverly Place, West 4th &                 The Apollo
         for the events ahead. Up-to-date info on               Foley Square, Lower Manhattan                       MacDougal Streets                                    253 West 125th Street btwn 7th & 8th Ave
         panels and performances, trainings and                 Near Pearl and Centre Streets                                          Box Office: 212-531-5305 or
         teach-ins, across the City, all designed to turn                                                                              
         protestors into organizers. Groups                                                                     5   12pm
         represented include: New Democratic                6   24hrs                                               Freedom Forum: Real Homeland                    10   7pm
         Majority, act, Citizen Action, Democracy for           True Story Project (Imagine)                        Security with Civil Liberties (Imagine)              CODEPINK'S Women Against War
         nyc, Swing the State, Driving Votes, Dem               THEATER, ART AND MUSIC                              PANEL DISCUSSION                                     with Eve Ensler (Imagine)
         Apples, Democracy in the Park and more.                Round-the-clock art and performance in              How do we re-define the issues and the spirit        MUSIC AND SPOKEN WORD
         The Tank                                               window-theatres, as well as on stage and in         of 9 /11? With Sekou Sundiata, Michael               Say no to war and yes to peace and justice,
         432 West 42nd Street                                   the gallery.                                        Ratner, Angelo Falcon, Joe Travis and Mike           featuring Eve Ensler, Amy Goodman, Aya de
         Between 10th and 11th Avenues                          chashama                                            Wallace.                                             León, Cynthia McKinney, Noe Venable, and
                                                                217 East 42nd Street                                Graduate Center, CUNY - Elabash Hall                 the young women of We Got Issues! $10
     2   3pm, 8pm                                               Between 2nd & 3rd Avenues                           Between 34th & 35th Streets                          Riverside Church
         VOTING FOR GODOT by Cliff Hahn                                                                               490 Riverside Drive at 120th Street
         THEATER                                                                                                6   1:30pm
         A red, black and blue comedy about politics,       Saturday August 28th                                    Free! American Oligopoly (Imagine)              11   8pm
         American style! Voter registration, education,                                                             THEATER                                              Reverend Billy and the Church
         and candidacy materials avail. $15                 1   9am-6pm                                             Interactive theatrical performance where             of Stop Shopping First Amendment
         The Theater at The New 14th St. Y.                     Books Not Bombs Youth Convergence                   foreign policy takes the form of a gigantic          Gospel Truth Revival
         344 East 14th Street                                   INFORMATION CENTER                                  adapted Monopoly board game!                         MUSIC AND SPOKEN WORD
         Between 1st and 2nd Avenues                            A space for youth to connect the dots in this       Washington Square Park: Garibaldi Plaza              Reverend Billy and his truth-singing choir
         212-868-4444 or                       decisive year of struggle. Check website for        Fifth Ave, Waverly Place, West 4th &                 show you the light out of consumerism and
                                                                more events.                                        MacDougal Streets                                    censorship. Hallelujah!
     3   5pm-8pm, Monday-Thursday                               St. Mark's Church in the Bowery                          Part the Millennium's Neighborhoods.
         Iraq: Naming the Dead                                  131 E. 10th St (at 2nd Ave)                                                                              St. Mark's Church in the Bowery
         SPOKEN WORD                                                                    7   4pm                                                  131 E. 10th St (at 2nd Ave)
         Telling the stories of the lives and reading                                                               KtP                                        
         out the names of all the war dead.                 2   11am                                                THEATER
         St. Marks Church in the Bowery                         Green Apple Downtown Cycling Tour                   A play about democracy where the audience
         131 E 10th St at 2nd Avenue                            GREAT OUTDOORS                                      democratically decides the outcome.             Sunday August 29th                            Explore the Garden District, greenways,             Presented by The UnConvention and Stage
                                                                riversides, and more. Easy riding; helmets          5150. $12                                       1    9am–11:30am
     4   24 hrs                                                 required for ages 14 and under.                     The June Havoc Theater                               Progressive Jewish Breakfast
         Six Feet Under: Make Nice                              6BC Botanical Garden                                312 West 36th St, 1st Fl                             DISCUSSION AND FOOD
         ART SHOW                                               East 6th between Aves B & C                         Between 8th and 9th Avenues                          Join progressive Jews for breakfast before the
         Julia Scher, Chitra Ganesh, and Nebojsa                RSVP to,                                             United for Peace and Justice march.
         Seric Soba present rnc commentary.                     or 212 674 1631                                                                                          Workmen's Circle
         White Box Gallery                                                                                      8   7pm                                                  45 East 33rd St
         525 W 26th St                                      3   11am                                                Slick Rick, Cut Chemist (Involver)                   Between Park and Madison Avenues
         212-714-2347                                           March for Women's Lives                             MUSIC                                                212-647-8966 x11
                                                                PROTEST ACTION                                      The Ruler is back! He killed it here back
                                                                March across the Brooklyn Bridge to support         in January, and we've got him again! $18
                                                                reproductive health issues. Assemble at             advanced; $20 door
                                                                Cadman Plaza; march to City Hall.                   Knitting Factory NYC
                                                                Cadman Plaza                                        74 Leonard Street
                                                                (End of Brooklyn side of Brooklyn Bridge)           Between Church St. and Broadway

     6      A LT E R N E T ' S G U I D E T O N Y C
26465Alt 8/16/04 3:50 PM Page 9


     2   10am                                            9    6pm                                              4    6:30pm                                         11   8pm
         United for Peace and Justice March                   Make Out, Not War!                                    Sophocles' Elektra (Imagine)                        OK Go, The Quick
         PROTEST ACTION                                       PROTEST ACTION                                        THEATER                                             (feat Royston Langdon of Spacehog)
         Supporting a peaceful and secure planet              Downtown poets Dawn Saylor and Moon-                  Reading directed by Lawrence Sacharow,              (Imagine)
         through human rights, international law,             shine Shorey want to end the war with                 translated by Anne Carson, featuring                MUSIC
         environmental sustainability, and respect for        smooches. Bring a buddy or make one here...           Marisa Tomei, Kathleen Chalfant, and more.          ok Go's message seems to be: rock ’n roll can
         the sovereignty of all nations.                      Bowery Poetry Club                                    Followed by a discussion with Robert                be fun without being dumb. $12 advanced;
         Assemble between 14th Street and 23rd                308 Bowery                                            Thurman and the cast.                               $14 door
         Street on Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Avenues          Between Bleecker and Houston                          The New York Public Library for the                 Knitting Factory NYC
         March to rally site on West Side Highway                                     Performing Arts at Lincoln Center                   74 Leonard Street
         north of Church Street.                                                                                    Bruno Walter Auditorium                             Between Church St. and Broadway
         West Side Hightway                              10   8pm                                                   Amsterdam Ave @ 65th Street                                          3 Fight Night                               
                                                              MUSIC AND SPOKEN WORD                                                                                12   9pm
     3   12pm                                                 Help Starbucks workers and the industrial        5    7pm                                                 Hip-Hop Party and Protest
         Identity Correction Makeovers                        workers of the world, see fair treatment for          The Moth Presents A Storyslam:                      MUSIC AND SPOKEN WORD
         with The Yes Men                                     the Madison Square Garden Vendors                     Listen Up: Stories of Squeaky                       A night of hip-hop, theater, soul music and
         ENTERTAINMENT                                        Association, and rally with Develop Don't             Wheels (Imagine)                                    spoken word featuring: Playback nyc, Open
         The Yes Men will transform you into an               Destroy                                               SPOKEN WORD                                         Thought, Imani Uzuri, Mtume and more.
         official rnc tour guide. Republican haircuts,        St. Mark's Church in the Bowery                       Hosted by Andy Borowitz, featuring special          Southpaw
         wardrobe, and tour itineraries provided.             131 E. 10th St (at 2nd Ave)                           guest Lewis Lapham and the nyc public with          125 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn
         Union Square                                                                                               five minute tales. $6                               Between Sterling and St. John Streets
         14th Street and Broadway                        11   8pm                                                   Bitter End                                                                    Thalia Follies: Bring It On! (Imagine)                147 Bleecker Street
                                                              THEATER                                               Between Thompson and LaGuardia Streets         13   11:15pm
     4   12pm                                                 Original sketches by e.l. Doctorow, Roy                                     Brothers & Others: The Impact of 9/11
         Million Billionaire March                            Blount, Jr., Calvin Trillin, and Mary Gordon                                                              On Arabs, Muslims & South Asians In
         PROTEST ACTION                                       among others. $15, $14, $13                      6    7pm                                                 America (Imagine)
         Dressed in tuxedoes and evening gowns,               Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater                          Color of War, Fellowship                            FILM
         marchers will proceed towards Madison                at Symphony Space                                     of Reconciliation                                   Focuses on the impact of the September 11
         Square Garden. Formal attire required.               2537 Broadway at 95th Street                          SPOKEN WORD                                         tragedy on Muslims and Arabs living in
         In front of the Plaza Hotel                          Box Office: 212-864-5400 or           Educating communities throughout the                America. q&a with filmmaker follows. $5
         SW corner of 59th & 5th                                                                                    nation on the impact of war and militarism          Barb's                     12   8pm                                                   on Third World communities and poor                 376 9th Street, Park Slope (Brooklyn)
                                                              Unity Ball: A Benefit for                             people.                                             Between 6th and 7th Avenues
     5   3pm                                                  Still We Rise                                         St. Mary's Episcopal Church                         Box Office: 718-965-9177
         Democracy in the Park                                MUSIC AND SPOKEN WORD                                 521 West 126th Street 
         GREAT OUTDOORS                                       Music, speakers, poetry including Movement            Between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue
         Come join us as we bask in the sun and               in Motion, game Rebellion, David Rovics,                                     Tuesday August 31st
         shade, spend an afternoon in the park and use        Mental Notes, Red Clay, Ordinary k,
         our free weekend minutes to call voters.             Majesty, Bands Against Bush and more. $10        7    7pm                                            1    3pm
         Central Park                                         Downtime                                              The Fever                                           War Resisters League Call
         93rd and Central Park West,                          251 West 30th Street                                  THEATER                                             For Civil Disobedience
         just inside the park                                 Between 6th and 7th Avenues                           Play by Wallace Shawn showing one person’s          PROTEST ACTION                                                                                 own socio-economic privilege is brought into        March at 4 pm in a solemn procession from
                                                                                                                    the sharp light of consciousness. Presented         wtc north toward the Republican National
     6   4:30pm                                          Monday August 30th                                         by The UnConvention. $10                            Convention at Madison Square Garden.
         Impacting Our Communities (Imagine)                                                                        The Loft Theater                                    E-mail or call 718-768-7306
         PANEL DISCUSSION                                1    12pm                                                  312 West 36th St, 3rd Fl                            for more information.
         Asif Ullah focuses on the aggressive military        March on NY: Still We Rise                                     
         recruitment of minority youth and is joined          PROTEST ACTION
         by Betty Shamieh, and Bryan Pu-Folkes.               A group of over 35 organizations fighting        8    7pm                                            2    4pm
         Arnhold Hall at The New School                       homelessness, aids, the dismantling of our            Elegaic Feelings for America                        A31: A Day of Nonviolent Civil
         55 West 13th Street at 5th Avenue                    civil rights & civil liberties, and the social        MUSIC AND SPOKEN WORD                               Disobedience and Direct Action +                                    safety-net. This is a permitted march.                John Kruth's mesmerizing show honoring              Decentralized Actions
                                                              Union Square                                          the work of Gregory Corso with poetry,              PROTEST ACTION
     7   6pm                                                  14th Street and Broadway                              music, meditation and activism. $10                 It’s time to plot a new course, to wrench out a
         None More Black, The Loved                                                    Bowery Poetry Club                                  new kind of history – one of solidarity and
         Ones, The Ratchets, & The Shemps                                                                           308 Bowery                                          participation, of compassion and wisdom.
         (Involver)                                      2    4pm                                                   Between Bleecker and Houston              
         MUSIC                                                March For Our Lives!                        
         None More Black (ex Kid Dynamite, Fat                Stop The War At Home!                                                                                3    6pm
         Wreck), The Loved Ones (ex Kid Dynamite,             PROTEST ACTION                                   9    7:30pm                                              Republican New York - An
         Trial by Fire, The Curse), The Ratchets (ex          The Poor People's Economic Human Rights               Fight Fox Night                                     Architectural Walking Tour (Imagine)
         Worthless), The Shemps (ex Indecision /              Campaign is sponsoring this massive poor              MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT                             GREAT OUTDOORS
         Milhouse). $8                                        people's march.                                       Join Robert Greenwald, director of                  Begins in front of the home of Chester
         Knitting Factory NYC                                 United Nations                                        OutFoxed, Arianna Huffington, Don Hazen,            Arthur, passes by Gramercy Park, where
         74 Leonard Street                                    45th Street and 1st Avenue                            editor of, Chocolate Genius,           Samuel Tilden lived, and ends in Union
         Between Church St. and Broadway                                                      Toshi Reagon, media icons, progressive              Square. $15, $12                                                                                    celebrities and more for a night celebrating        Meet at the NW corner of Lexington Ave &
                                                         3    6pm                                                   AlterNet's trademark campaign against Fox           28th Street
     8   6pm                                                  The Books on Bush: Best-selling                       News Channel. free                        
         Soldier of Fortune: Bill Hartung                     Authors Reveal W's Record                             Irving Plaza
         and Ian Williams                                     With panelists Paul Krugman, Molly Ivins,             17 Irving Place at 15th Street                 4    7pm
         SPOKEN WORD                                          Amb. Joe Wilson, Craig Unger, Joe                                               The Forgiveness Project + Defining
         Bill Hartung, author of How Much Are You             Conason, and moderator Mark Green. $33                                                                    Justice Forum (Imagine)
         Making on the War, Daddy? and Ian Williams,          NYU Skirball Center for Performing Arts          10   8pm                                                 SPOKEN WORD AND PANEL
         author of Deserter will speak.                       566 LaGuardia Place at Washington                     Stand Up For Choice:                                Panel to follow performance excerpts from
         Bowery Poetry Club                                   Square South                                          Big Tent Extravaganza (Imagine)                     Forgiveness and Mourning. Panelists to
         308 Bowery                                                            MUSIC AND SPOKEN WORD                               include Eve Beglarian, Eiko and Koma
         Between Bleecker and Houston                                                                               Moby, Lewis Black, Joan Osborne, Nellie             Otake, Paul vanZyl, and Muzaffar Chisti.                                                                                       McKay, Michael McKean, Judy Gold,                   Moderator: Mary Zurbuchen. $15, $10, $7
                                                                                                                    Kathleen Turner, Giancarlo Esposito, &              Asia Society
                                                                                                                    more perform to protect fundamental                 725 Park Avenue (at E 70 St)
                                                                                                                    reproductive rights. $25-$125                       212-517-ASIA
                                                                                                                    Beacon Theatre
                                                                                                                    74th Street and Broadway
                                                                                                                                                                          A LT E R N E T ' S G U I D E T O N Y C   7
26465Alt 8/16/04 3:50 PM Page 10


     5    7pm                                              Wednesday September 1st                             8    7pm                                              4    6pm
          The Republic in Ruins (Imagine)                                                                           Patriot Acts - Patriots Gone Wild                     Young Voices Of Protest (Imagine)
          MUSIC                                            1   8:13am                                               (Imagine)                                             SPOKEN WORD
          The environment evokes the material and              The Line (Imagine)                                   MUSIC AND THEATER                                     Dance Theater Workshop and Danny
          psychological devastation of war, serving as         PROTEST ACTION                                       An evening of outlandish performance lam-             Simmons (Def Jam Poetry co-founder)
          an emotional terrain for singers, musicians          The afl-cio, People for the American Way             pooning patriotism as consumerism,                    present performances by Urban Word
          and speakers. $15                                    and the Imagine Festival will present a              Conservativism and the Christian coalition.           NYC's Teen Poetry Slam Team.
          Washington Square Church                             symbolic unemployment line; see article              Curated by Taylor Mac. $15                            Dance Theater Workshop
          135 West 4th Street                                  on page 5.                                           PS 122                                                219 W 19th St
          Between 6th Ave & MacDougal Street                   Wall Street, up Broadway to 34th St.                 150 First Avenue @ East 9th Street                    Between 7th and 8th Avenues

     6    7:30pm                                           2   4pm–7pm                                         9    7pm-4am                                          5    7pm
          Baghdad In No Particular Order                       Central Labor Council March:                         Party for the Protesters                              Fog of War (Imagine)
          (Imagine)                                            Labor Day Unity Rally                                MUSIC                                                 FILM
          FILM                                                 PROTEST ACTION                                       Lick Bush Ltd., and             Philip Glass introduces this Academy
          An ambient video essay of life in Baghdad            Top New York City Labor Leaders educate              Bands Against Bush proudly present                    Award-winning documentary examining
          before the invasion and occupation. q&a              and mobilize against anti-labor/anti-worker          Shoplifting, Kid Casanova, Pretty Flowers,            the psychology and reasoning of sending
          to follow with director Paul Chan and                policies.                                            and more.                                             people to war.
          Kathy Kelly.                                         8th Avenue and 30th Street                           Siberia                                               NYU Cantor Film Center
          Parsons School of Design Auditorium                                               356 W. 40th Street at 9th Avenue                      36 E 8th St
          66 Fifth Avenue                                                                                           (Black door/red light)                                Between University and Greene Streets
          Between 12th and 13th Streets                    3   5pm                                                                   
                                      Poets Against the War
                                                               SPOKEN WORD                                     10   8pm                                              6    7pm, 9pm
     7    8pm                                                  Nathaniel Siegel hosts this showcase of              "Who's America" Benefit                               CONTROL ROOM (Imagine)
          BLACK, BROWN AND RED (Imagine)                       political poets speakin' the word, speakin’          MUSIC                                                 FILM
          DANCE                                                the truth as only poets can.                         Aesop Rock, el-p, Jux Crew, Hangar 18, The            A fascinating look at the Arab news net-
          A celebration of Black and Latino Social             Bowery Poetry Club                                   Perceptionists, Dieselboy, Junior Sanchez;            work Al Jazeera during the early days of
          Justice leaders and freedom fighters.                308 Bowery                                           presented by: Definitive Jux/System/urb.              the Iraq war. $9
          Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance                        Between Bleecker and Houston                         $20 door; $17 advanced                                Makor
          841 Barreto Street 2nd Floor                                                Bowery Ballroom                                       35 West 67th Street
          Bronx, NY                                                                                                 6 Delancey Street at Bowery                           Between Columbus Ave and Central
               4   5pm                                                                         Park West
                                                               Constitution Night (Imagine)                                                                               212-601-1000
     8    8pm                                                  SPOKEN WORD                                     11   8pm
          Involver                                             People For the American Way presents a               DEMO: A Demonstration in Words                   7    7:15pm
          MUSIC AND COMEDY                                     public reading of the Constitution, featuring        SPOKEN WORD                                           Urbana's Dark Future Slam
          David Cross hosts an all-star night of music         Alec Baldwin, Walter Bernstein, Lauren               Thirty leading American poets, including              SPOKEN WORD
          and comedy with Sleater-Kinney, The Night            Bacall, Khaliah Ali, Joanne Woodward                 Grace Paley, Katha Pollitt, Cornelius Eady,           Three-time national slam champion team
          Watchmen featuring Tom Morello, and Blues            and more.                                            Eileen Myles.                                         will shine the light on the dark future, plus
 video presentations by Bob          Cooper Union (the Great Hall)                        St. Mark's Church                                     voter registration and other activities. $6
          Odenkirk, Fred Armisian and members of               7th Street                                           131 E 10th Street at 10th Street                      Bowery Poetry Club
          The Daily Show. $33.00-$78.50                        between Third and Fourth Avenues                                 308 Bowery
          Beacon Theatre                                                                                                                       Between Bleecker and Houston
          74th Street and Broadway                                                                                                                              
                               5   6pm                                             Thursday September 2nd
                                                               Sharing Our Wealth & Resources                                                                        8    7:30pm
     9    8pm                                                  (Imagine)                                       1    All Day                                               Laff It Up... And Vote!! (Imagine)
          Nation Books: Laura Flanders                         SPOKEN WORD AND PANEL                                Veterans for Peace, Sept. 11 Families,                COMEDY
          introduces Larry Beinhart                            Playwright Marty Pottenger reads from her            American Friends Service Committee                    Aladdin, Vidur Kapur, Dean Obeidallah,
          SPOKEN WORD                                          play Abundance, and joins Laura Flanders,            PROTEST ACTION AND ART                                and Vijai Nathan focus their wit on encou-
          Larry Beinhart, author of The Librarian, will        Aida Rodriguez, and Lewis Cullman.                   All day vigil with Peaceful Tomorrows’                raging young people to take charge of
          speak with Laura Flanders of Air America             Moderator: Martin Fisher                             granite memorial to unknown civilians killed          their future. $12
          Radio.                                               Swayduck Auditorium at The New School                in war and the afsc’s “Eyes Wide Open”                Joe's Pub
          Bowery Poetry Club                                   65 Fifth Avenue                                      exhibit.                                              425 Lafayette
          308 Bowery                                           Between 13th and 14th Streets                        Union Square                                          Just south of Astor Place
          Between Bleecker and Houston                                                   14th Street and Broadway                    
                                                           6   6:30pm–8:30pm                                                                                         9    9pm
     10   9pm                                                  A People's Constitution (Imagine)               2    12pm                                                  Trans Am, Good Morning (Involver)
          This Ain't No Heartland (Imagine)                    SPOKEN WORD                                          Imagining The Future Of Democracy,                    MUSIC
          FILM                                                 Writers, lawyers, activists and others lead a        Politics, & Human Development                         Trans Am employs a wide variety of budget
          The invasion of Iraq, as seen from rural             discussion with the audience about the u.s.          (Imagine)                                             model keyboards whose demo settings
          America. Up close, aggressive, mind-                 Constitution.                                        PANEL DISCUSSION                                      and programmed rhythm patterns provide
          numbing, and divisive. $9, $6.50                     New York Public Library                              Alexis Rockman shares his work on environ-            an inspirational spark for songwriting.
          Pioneer Theater                                      Mid-Manhattan Branch                                 mental issues with Valeria, Mexican                   $12 advanced; $14 door
          155 East 3rd Street at Avenue A                      455 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor                          astrologist, and moderator, Andrew Zolli,             Knitting Factory NYC
                             Between 39th and 40th Streets                        Futurist.                                             Between Church St. and Broadway
                                                                                              Tishman Auditorium at The New School        
     11   10pm                                                                                                      66 West 12th Street
          Open Ear: All Night Music Marathon!              7   7:00pm-9:00pm                                        Between 5th and 6th Avenues                      10   9:30pm
          MUSIC AND SPOKEN WORD                                Code Red: Protest the Attacks                                                   The Forest for the Trees:
          All-night jam session of political rock, jazz,       on Women's Rights!                                   2pm                                                   Judi Bari vs. the FBI (Imagine)
          funk, hip-hop, soul and Lord only knows              PROTEST ACTION                                                                                             FILM
          what else. $8                                        Stop the war on women, workers, people          3    12pm                                                  Film follows the Earth First! v. fbi civil trial
          Bowery Poetry Club                                   of color and other minorities, at home and           Artists & Activists United For Peace!                 by focusing on organizer Judi Bari and
          308 Bowery                                           around the globe, and on the u.s. Consti-            PROTEST ACTION                                        her attorney Dennis Cunningham. q&a with
          Between Bleecker and Houston                         tution.                                              A coalition of progressives bringing attention        filmmaker follows.
                                 Central Park, East Meadow                            to the continued oppression of peoples of             Jewish Community Center
                                                               Enter Through 90thst. and 5th Avenue                 color with Charles Baron, Chuck D., Wise              334 Amsterdam Avenue at 76th Street
                                                                               Intelligent, Nana Soul and others.                    212-505-4444 or
                                                               212-627-9895                                         Harlem State Office Building
                                                                                                                    163 West 125th Street at Adam Clayton
                                                                                                                    Powell Blvd.

     8       A LT E R N E T ' S G U I D E T O N Y C
26465Alt 8/16/04 3:50 PM Page 11


        "What Outfoxed does is detail the specific
         ways, both onscreen and behind the scenes,
         in which the network's conservatism
         shapes its news and opinion programs."


                                           IN STORES NOW!
                  Book in stores: Aug. 16
                 Movie in theaters: Sept. 24

                                                                                       "Stunning... disturbing...
                                                                                       -Senator John Edwards

                                                                                       "No one has uncovered
                                                                                        more about the Bush
                                                                                        Dynasty than Greg Palast...
                                                                                        and lived to write about it."
                                                                                       -Baltimore Chronicle
             "... I don't appreciate it, and you
              wouldn't either."                              DVD in stores: Sept. 28
             - George Walker Bush, U.S. "President"

                                          all titles available at
26465Alt 8/16/04 3:50 PM Page 12

             Help AlterNet strip FOX of its
            ‘Fair and Balanced’ trademark
               and get a free copy of the powerful
                new documentary OUTFOXED
           A feisty media group’s unexpected legal challenge is making
           Rupert Murdoch livid – by helping to expose his influential
             FOX Network as “America’s Most Biased Nam in News”

             lterNet – an award-winning, non-profit internet news
        A    network that distributes articles by Kurt Vonnegut,
        Michael Moore, Ariana Huffington, Bill Moyers, Jim
                                                                         Get your free copy
                                                                           of OUTFOXED by
                                                                         mailing the coupon
        Hightower, Molly Ivins, and others – has launched a surprise     – or get it faster by
        legal proceeding to cancel Fox’s trademark registration (“Fair       going online at
        and Balanced”) on the legal grounds that it is “notoriously
        Does AlterNet’s ‘David-and-Goliath’ challenge to the world’s
        most powerful media empire have a chance of succeeding? You            FOXED
                                                                            OUTFO ED IS A #1 BESTSELL ON A
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        bet it does – so much so that Common Cause and             “... a prize collection of blowhards and
        have joined us as partners, with Al Franken and the rest of                amusing, appalling dissection” – NY TIMES
        America’s progressive community gleefully cheering us on.               Exposes Fox “as enemy #1 in the undermining
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