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                      16th November 2010 - Minutes
Members of Group
Bus Operators: (in grey = apologies)

Colin Simmonds                   Country Hopper
Ron Weston                       Total Travel
Eileen Jackson                   Nigel Jackson Travel
Martin Barks                     Roberts Coaches
Ken Williams; Andy Harris        Confidence Coaches
Bryan Garratt                    Abbey Travel
Andrew Webster                   West End Travel
John McDonald                    Beaver Bus
Anthony Winson                   Paul Winson Coaches

LCC Staff:

Dave Smith,(Chair) Team leader, Quality Team
Mark Watters, Team Leader, Business Development & Support
Simon Noakes, Transport Officer, Contracts Team
Simon Garratt, Transport Officer, Safer Travel / Quality team

1.        Introductions & Apologies. DS

2.        Minutes of last meeting. DS

         Mark Watters updated the group on the historic exceptions process, the scrutiny
         committee are still meeting and a conclusion should be reached by Christmas.

         Dave Smith informed the group of the recruitment of 2 School Bus tutors to start on 6th

         John McDonald raised concerns over students receiving transport entitlement that have
         made false declarations of address or course details at the chosen college. Mark
         Watters will pass on all details and concerns to CYPS as these are brought to light.
         Contractors urged to report any suspicions to Mark.

         Minutes were noted and agreed.

3.        Requests to investigate complaints. DS

         Dave Smith explained how complaints were processed from initial call from complainant
         to how the quality team are then notified via the defect database. John Mc Donald
         raised concerns over the quality of the complaints that were sent to him, Dave
         reassured that this would be resolved through further training – with the aim of clearly
         identifying what the complaint was about. Dave Smith and Simon Garratt asked all
     operators to encourage their drivers to report any instances of poor behaviour
     immediately and gave their assurances that any report would be investigated.

4.    Driver CPC – Round table on progress DS

     Dave Smith asked the group for updates on the progress of their drivers CPC;
     All members of the group confirmed they were on target. Dave Smith informed the
     group that LCC were looking into the possibility of having our own accredited training
     course, concentrating on the school run therefore counting towards CPC.

     John McDonald raised the issue of CRB checked drivers, indicating that drivers coming
     to him from other companies did not have a drivers badge from LCC. Dave Smith
     assured him that all companies are aware of our policy regarding CRB checks.
     Contractors are required to inform the Council of drivers leaving or joining so that the
     driver registration can be updated and the contractor informed if the driver is subject to
     suspension or ban.

5.    Variance on School bus pick ups and times DS

     Dave Smith asked that all operators inform us of any changes that are made to pick up
     points or pick up times, to ensure that the appropriate changes are made to the official
     schedule, including pick up points that are shown where no students catch the bus. This
     is to ensure that if the contract is taken over for any reason it will operate „as normal‟.
     Contractors are asked to ensure that their drivers report any stops they have ceased to
     serve or observe due to no demand.

6.    Local Bus Service monitoring forms. MW

     Mark Watters informed the group that revised monitoring forms will be sent out to all
     operators of LBS contracts in the near future, operators were encouraged to be as
     accurate as possible when completing these forms, as errors may lead to delays in

7.    E Auctions update. MW

     Mark Watters reminded the group that the registration process for eAuctions closed on
     the 12th November and that there had been a good response.

     The training package is still available until midnight on 30th November where operators
     can compete in dummy auctions, so that they are familiar with the system.

     The live auction starts at 10am on 1st December, a reminder that although this has been
     called a „pilot‟ it is a real auction, for real contracts. Winning operators on this day will
     receive a conformation email on the day or day after. After that the usual formal award
     will be sent in writing along with the schedule. Any queries please contact Mark Watters
     or Ashley Holland. For technical queries please contract Bravo Solutions helpline 0800
     368 4850.

8.    Invoice Payments. MW

     Mark went through the „Quick guide for taxi/bus operators - preparing and sending
     invoices‟ (attached below, see page 5 and also available on the LCC website), which
     contains some updated information following the change to the way LCC manages its
     financial processes.
          Please read the attached document with particular reference to the section on
          contractual terms –

          “Whilst we currently regularly exceed our contractual payment terms for passenger transport
          contracts, operators should note that from 1st April 2011, all invoices will be processed on a strict
          30 day payment schedule as per „Schedule 2‟ Contracts Conditions.”

          This means that payment will usually be received by you 30 days after the date of receipt
          of a valid invoice. (A valid invoice will consist of correct information which refers to
          journeys that have already taken place).

          Please note the PTU will not be able to accelerate invoice payment.

9.          Driver relationships with students DS

          Dave Smith informed the group that, due to recent events, LCC will be updating the
          drivers guidelines regarding the use of social networking websites e.g. Facebook.

          Simon Garratt explained Facebook to the group and encouraged all operators to ensure
          that if their drivers have Facebook accounts, their security settings are set to the highest
          possible so that school children cannot see anything on their page. Also that they must
          not, in any circumstances become „Facebook friends‟ with any student that they carry.
          Failing to adhere to this guidance will result in the matter being passed to child protection

10.       AOB

          Mark Watters reminded operators to check that their email address is still the same
          address that LCC have been given, and to notify us of any changes. Also operators are
          advised to check the LCC website regularly with regard to new tenders and other
          information as emails are not always reliable.

          Next meeting February 2011

          Post meeting

          Keith McNally, Regional Manager of the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK,
          has asked if he can join the Operator Working Group. The feeling of the Council is
          that this would broaden the representation on the group and be a useful channel of
          communication nationally. The views of the current group membership are
          therefore sought prior to inviting Keith to our next meeting.
    4              Quick guide for taxi/bus operators - Preparing and sending Invoices
        The Passenger Transport Unit (PTU) continues to receive a number of invoices that are
        inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise difficult to process. To help us pay you as quickly as
        possible, invoices need to clearly display a number of key pieces of information, as explained




4                                                                                                        6



        To provide the PTU with an appropriate invoice, operators will need to ensure that;

        1) Invoices are addressed correctly to the Passenger Transport Unit, as follows;

                     Business Development & Support Team
                     Passenger Transport Unit
                     Environment & Transport Department
                     Leicestershire County Council
                     County Hall
                     Leicester LE3 8RJ

                     Or email to

           (Please do NOT use our PO BOX address as this will delay delivery of your invoice)

        2) The invoice number is clearly identified.
        3) The appropriate contract number is clearly displayed.
        4) The relevant dates, days of operation and brief description are noted.
        5) Your contact details are provided.
        6) The correct prices are quoted and arithmetic is correct.
7) Journey costs, VAT rates, elements and overall totals are displayed clearly and calculated
   correctly. If only part of the invoice total is subject to VAT, and the whole invoice is more
   than £250, the element incurring VAT must be shown separately.
8) Payee details are provided. If you are registered for VAT, the payee name must correspond
   to the name in which the VAT registration is held. In all cases we will only make payment to
   the supplier we are contracted with and cannot make payments to multiple payees.

Some other important points to remember

      Your invoice should be printed, but clear handwritten invoices can currently still be
      Please declare any journeys that are varied or not operated on the invoice.
      Do not include any unnecessary or irrelevant information on the invoice.
      Multiple contracts may be shown on one invoice, but please note that a query on one
       contract will delay the whole invoice.
      Please send invoices to PTU in good time – late invoices won‟t be paid (12+ months).
      The VAT rate used on the invoice must be that applicable at the tax point (invoice) date -
       i.e. 17.5% for invoices dated 3 January 2011 or before and 20% for invoices dated 4
       January 2011 or after.
      Invoices should not be sent in when some of the journeys shown are still to be operated.
       Processing of an invoice cannot begin until after the time of the last journey shown on the
      In accordance with contract conditions, invoices should not be submitted more frequently
       than once every calendar month.
      Payments will be made by BACS as default. Cheque payments will only be made as an
      PTU are increasing audits across all services (e.g. with schools and parents)
      If you are told by the school or establishment, the service user, or the service user's carer
       of a change in circumstances that will have any effect on the operation of the contract,
       you must inform PTU, either by email or by phone on 0116 305 0001.
      Whilst we currently regularly exceed our contractual payment terms for passenger
       transport contracts, operators should note that from 1st April 2011, all invoices will be
       processed on a strict 30 day payment schedule as per „Schedule 2‟ Contracts
      Failure to follow any of the advice given in this guide may lead to your invoice being
       returned for correction and/or delay in your payment.

Issued: November 2010
                                         PTU CONTACT LIST

Main Helpline: Customer Service Centre 0116 3050002.           Fax 0116 3057181
Invoice enquiries (payment queries only): 0116 3053772
Contracts Team: Deal with tenders, contract changes, allocate users to transport, organise bus and taxi

Team Leader                   Ashley Holland       0116 3056626
Senior Contract Manager       Rob Whittaker        0116 3057256
Transport Officer             Simon Noakes         0116 3057132
Transport Officer (Th-F)      Gab Jurenko          0116 3057887

          North area
          Contract Manager    Sally Gibbs          0116 3057247
          Contract Manager    Sue Lewin            0116 3058119
          Transport Officer   Kat Lowen            0116 3057024
          Transport Officer   Tracy Irving         0116 3057284
          Transport Officer   vacant               0116 3056628
          Transport Officer   Sue Kenney           0116 3058120

          South area
          Contract Manager    Katie Brown          0116 3057248
          Contract Manager    Jo Henry             0116 3057414
          Transport Officer   Rachel Draper        Maternity Leave
          Transport Officer   Helen Richardson     0116 3057346

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