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									                   Guide to Internship References
Who are your references?
  • Your references are 3-5 people that know you well enough to recommend you for
  • They should be people who can attest to your character and abilities.
  • Some employers specify what kind of references they are looking for, i.e.:
     personal, professional, academic.
  • Family members cannot be references.
  • Approval should also be sought before listing someone as your reference. When
     asking for approval, provide your reference with an updated resume and a
     description of positions to which you are applying. This information helps them
     frame a personal recommendation. You may also want to “coach” them on some
     of your strengths and weaknesses so they can be more prepared when an
     employer contacts them.

What is a Reference Page?
  In addition to a cover letter and resume, employers will sometimes seek references.
  On a separate page, the reference page will maintain the same heading as your resume
  and cover letter—consistency is key! At the top of the page should have a bold
  heading, “References.” With each of these references, include all contact information
  (i.e., name, title, complete address, phone, and email).

Thank you note:
   References may be an important part of the internship process. Once your search for
   an internship is over, send thank you notes to your references to show them how
   much you appreciated their assistance.

Internship Reference Review
Question 1: I should include my references on the same page as my resume.
             Yes           No

Question 2:   I have to ask for permission to use someone as my reference.
              Yes             No

Question 3: I should update my references on my internship search.
               Yes           No

Question 4: Once my search is over, I do not have to contact my references.
             Yes            No

Correct Answers:

No, it is unprofessional and unnecessary to include your references on your resume.

Yes, you must ask permission first!
Yes, you should always keep them up to date so they can give their best recommendation
of you.

No, you should keep in contact with your references especially if you plan to use them

Sample Reference Page:

                       MAXWELL JONES
                               24255 Pacific Coast Hwy #1234
                                     Malibu, CA 90263
                                      (310) 506-4184


                                        Mr. P. J. Grey
                                    Finance Team Leader
                             Office of Residential Financial Life
                                   Pepperdine University
                                 24255 Pacific Coast Hwy.
                                  Malibu, California 90263
                                       (310) 456-0000

                                       Elsie Olafson
                                   Director of Marketing
                                Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Co.
                                    54321 Main Street
                                Burlington, Vermont 00001
                                      (602) 777-9999

                                     Mr. Akbar Lemon
                                   Sandy’s Surf and Turf
                                      123 First Street
                               Sandy Beach, California 90009
                                      (310) 999-9999

                                    Dr. Arliss Schipperke
                             Professor of Speech Communication
                                  Communication Division
                                    Pepperdine University
                                  24255 Pacific Coast Hwy.
                                  Malibu, California 90263
                                       (310) 456-0009

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