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                Connect with the natural choice
Feeling the natural attraction                                                                                              Natural gas — clearly preferred
Natural gas offers             Lower costs                    Natural gas is the              Greater selection             Today’s discerning         Now with the installation      It’s a winning concept.
homeowners                     For your highrise or multi-    efficient choice for            When homes are built          homebuyers want more       of individual gas              Homeowners enjoy lower
many advantages                family development,            today’s homes                   with natural gas in mind,     from the multi-family      meters for multi-family        strata fees, gain control
                               individual natural gas         Natural gas is one of the       owners have a broader         housing market — more      developments, you can offer    over their utility costs
Nothing adds more to           meters make sense. You         cleanest burning, most          choice of appliances          value, more convenience,   homebuyers the comfort         and choose the natural
a warm, cosy feel than         don’t compromise your          efficient fuels, offering       and heating systems.          more comfort and           and convenience of natural     gas appliances they want.
natural gas. Whether           design or sacrifice large      savings over other energy       From cooktops, ranges,        more options.              gas without compromising       And you have a project
it’s the fireplace that’s      amounts of saleable            sources. About 60 per cent      dryers and fireplaces, to                                design, or sacrificing large   with expanded market
lit when a prospective         space. Residents can           of a household’s energy         home and water heating                                   amounts of saleable space.     appeal.
buyer walks through the        conserve energy and            costs go towards heating.       systems, natural gas allows
door, or the chef-worthy       save on consumption            Today’s natural gas furnaces    homebuyers to create
range that gleams in the       because they only pay for      are technically advanced        the home they want,
kitchen, natural gas heating   the gas they use. There’s      and up to 97 per cent energy    how they want.
and appliances bring a         no “subsidizing” of their      efficient, so a homeowner
contemporary look to           higher energy-consuming        could save money on their       Whether your market
new homes, immediately         neighbours, and everyone       heating bill year-after-year.   is families, working
enhancing their appeal.        enjoys lower strata fees.                                      professionals or empty
                                                                                              nesters, natural gas offers
                                                                                              the savings, comfort and
                                                                                              freedom-of-choice your
                                                                                              customers demand.

                               Quick fact
                               Research shows homebuyers prefer natural gas as the fuel
                               of choice for space-heating equipment.
                                                                                                                                 Quick fact
                                                                                                                                 Research shows prospective homebuyers prefer natural gas equipment, fireplaces

Individual metering                                                                                                              and appliances.

made easy
Individual                       Individual meters offer
metering                         many advantages:
                                  • can be incorporated
Individual metering is              easily into any design
easily incorporated into          • have minimal impact on
your design giving you the          saleable floor space
natural advantage over            • increased market appeal
your competition, without         • provide greater cost
sacrificing form for function.      and budget control
We will work closely with           for homeowners and              Minimal work,                   Maximum flexibility,
your architects and engineers       strata councils                 minimal space                   maximum appeal
to tailor our metering            • deliver the quality and
system to your project.             reliability you can trust       We install all the gas work     Individual metering offers
                                                                    up to and including the         design flexibility and
                                                                    gas meters, which are           gives you the opportunity
                                                                    installed in compact meter      to offer innovative
                                                                    closets. Closet size is kept    options for heating and
                                                                    to a minimum. All your          cooling systems such as
                                                                    contractor needs to install     combo systems. Strategic
                                                                    is the piping between the       meter-closet locations,
                                                                    meter closets and the suites.   tailored to your project’s
                                                                                                    requirements, keep your
                                                                                                    piping runs to a minimum.

                                                                2                                                                                            3
Benefits of natural gas and individual metering
For developers:                                                      For architects:                    For mechanical
Competitive                     Construction heat                    Design
advantage                        • Use natural gas for                • Out-of-sight gas                Flexibility
 • Your installation               construction heat and                metering won’t impose            • With individual             • The header and
   costs may be as low             save at least 50 per cent            on building design.                metering, you have more       metering system are
   as only the basic new           over bottled propane.              • Minimized meter closets            options for heating and       engineered and installed
   service and application         Tie into the building’s              save you space.                    cooling systems such as       by Terasen Gas to meet
   fees. We’ll provide             gas system for access to           • Individual meters                  combo systems.                or exceed local seismic
   a free estimate for             a continuous fuel supply             eliminate the need for           • Every residence can           code, for increased
   your project.                   without hauling or                   banks of meters on the             be designed with              safety and reliability.
 • Shorter gas piping runs         storing bulky cylinders.             outside of the building.           independent mechanical      • With individual
   mean you only contract        • Quick connections and              • Compact heating/cooling            systems so a failure in       metering, the header
   for piping from the             15-metre hoses make                  systems can be wall or             one system doesn’t affect     system is all-welded
   meter closet to the suite.      placing construction                 floor-mounted or hidden            the entire building.          steel pipe, so it’s
 • Appliances such as              heaters a simple task.               in the ceiling space.            • Design conditions for         strong, stable and more
   ranges and dryers                                                  • With natural gas                   gas-delivery pressures        earthquake-resistant
   require 110 V AC                                                     heating systems you                can be made on a              than threaded-pipe
   electrical supply instead                                            get true floor-to-ceiling          project-by-project            alternatives.
   of the usual 220 V and                                               design capabilities.               basis to meet your          • The multiple valving
   may eliminate the need                                                                                  requirements.                 can easily isolate supply,
   for an electrical unit                                                                                                                so you have better
   substation – saving you                                                                                                               control over the gas
   thousands of dollars in                                                                                                               supply to the building.
   electrical capital costs.                                                                                                             Now you can shut the
                                                                                                                                         gas off quickly in an
                                                                                                                                         emergency, or when
                                                                                                                                         servicing equipment.

                                Quick fact
                                Economical natural gas construction
                                heaters never run out of fuel.

                                                                 4                                  5
The new standard of living
Comfort, control,               Natural gas ranges also             Besides layout options, there   Why do people prefer                                                                                                            Dryers
convenience                     come in a variety of styles         are self-cleaning models        to cook with natural
                                and sizes to accommodate            (better insulated and energy    gas?                                                                                             • features such as             Natural gas dryers are the
Offer homebuyers a wide         almost any design layout            saving), continuous-clean or     • instant heat for                                                                                adjustable burner            smart choice for new homes.
range of natural gas options.   and are available with built-       manual-clean models.               quicker cook times                                                                              controls, push button        They only require 110 V AC
                                in downdraft exhaust fans.                                             and precise control                                                                             spark ignition, and easy-    and standard metal venting.
Ranges                                                                                               • a direct, variable flame                                                                        to-clean cooking grates      Innovative design and
                                Styles include free-standing                                           with infinite variations                                                                      • quick-connects provide       control features dry clothes
Natural gas is preferred by     ranges (oven and range top                                           • today’s automatic                                                                               a flexible hose for easy     faster than electric dryers,
homebuyers because of its       are enclosed in a metal                                                pilotless ignition                                                                              placement and storage        and moisture sensors
outstanding performance         cabinet) or built-in ranges                                            models can save up                                                                            • new models are loaded        prevent over-drying. These
and sophisticated features.     (unit is set into a wall or                                            to 30 per cent on                                                                               with options like            shorter cycles are gentler
A natural gas range in          island). All ovens feature                                             appliance energy use                                                                            rotisseries, warming         on fabrics, so clothing lasts
the kitchen immediately         broilers – some located                                              • completely sealed                                                                               racks and woks, and          longer, with less static and
suggests high-value             beneath the oven and others                                            burners make for                                                                                are less costly to operate   fewer wrinkles. The cost
and is almost always a          located at the top to free                                             easy clean-up              Barbecues                                                            than propane models          savings of natural gas dryers
homebuyer’s preference.         storage space beneath.                                               • configurations suit                                                                                                          make them the smart choice
                                                                                                       any kitchen layout         Unlike propane models,         Why do homebuyers                                                  to install, and will enhance
                                                                                                       (stand-alone, wall         natural gas barbecues have     prefer a natural gas                                               the sophistication and
                                                                                                       oven, cooktop)             no tanks to store, refill or   barbecue?                                                          efficiency of your homes.
                                                                                                                                  transport. A “quick-connect”    • ability to enjoy cooking
                                                                                                                                  hook-up taps into the home’s       outdoors all year round
                                                                                                                                  natural gas supply, making      • constant supply of fuel
                                                                                                                                  this an attractive option          means never running out
                                                                                                                                  for projects that feature       • no tanks to lift or refill
                                                                                                                                  balconies or rooftop patios.       and no messy charcoal

                                                                                                                                                                 Quick fact
                                                                                                                                                                 In the case of a power outage, many gas ranges and
                                                                                                                                                                 fireplaces operate even without electricity.

                                                                6                                                                                                                                7
                                                                                                                                                                  Quick fact
                                                                                                                                                                  Natural gas, tank-type water heaters can fully recover their hot water up to three times as
                                                                                                                                                                  fast as an equivalent sized electric water heater.

                                                                                                                                  Combo heating                   These reliable and durable        to provide forced air           Water heaters
                                                                                                                                  systems                         units provide as much             heating with the added
                                                                                                                                                                  space heat as the highest         advantage that the fan          With natural gas water
                                                                                                                                  Condensing boiler systems       efficiency boilers                coils can also provide          heaters, homebuyers
                                                                                                                                  are state-of-the art heating    and furnaces.                     cooling in the summer.          won’t need to worry about
                                                                                                                                  systems that use a gas-fired,                                                                     timing their use of water.
Fireplaces                     Whatever your decorating            be vented through the wall       furnace. Wall furnaces are    high-efficiency, tank-type      The water heater can              Tucked away overhead            They’ll have ample hot
                               style, room size or home            instead of through the roof,     available in heat-only and    water heater to provide both    provide comfortable,              or hidden in the floor, a       water on demand, so a
When it’s time to get cosy,    design, there’s a natural gas       you can install a fireplace      heat/cool models. Heat-only   domestic hot water and hot      steady, evenly distributed        condensing boiler heat          shower no longer puts the
homeowners want to be by       fireplace to suit your taste,       in any room, for even            models can be economically    water for space heating.        space heating in a number         distribution system will not    rest of the household on
a fire that’s warm and         layout and budget.                  greater design flexibility.      upgraded to provide                                           of ways. The heater can           compromise the use of floor     water rations. Natural gas
always ready.                                                      And because these units          air conditioning by the       Adding the hydronic             be connected to in-floor          space the way flush electric    water heaters also have
                               With natural gas, there’s           are sealed, no room air is       homeowner at a later date.    space-heating function          tubing to provide luxurious       baseboard convectors and        quick recovery times –
Realistic flames combined      no wood to chop, no dirt            required for combustion, so      With no required B-venting    reduces the standby heat        and efficient radiant heat.       air registers can.              up to three-times as fast
with the efficient, space-     to clean up, no ashes to            heated indoor air is not lost    and an attractive exterior    losses associated with          Or it can be connected                                            as electric water heaters.
heating of a natural gas       worry about. Without the            to the outdoors.                 grill concealing the direct   constantly maintaining the      to recessed radiators and
fireplace can quickly fill     smoke and ash of burning                                             venting, wall furnaces fit    temperature of domestic hot     hydronic towel heaters in                                         Natural gas water heaters
any room with warmth.          wood, it’s cleaner burning          Wall furnaces                    into any design.              water in a tank when it’s       the bathroom. It can also                                         can also take on a second
                               and allergy-friendly. And                                                                          not being used.                 be connected to a fan coil                                        role as part of a combo
And unlike electric            natural gas fireplaces              Wall furnaces are installed                                                                                                                                      heating system, providing
fireplaces, whose primary      can be connected to a               on an exterior wall and                                                                                                                                          both domestic hot water and
purpose is decorative, your    thermostat, to function             direct-vented outside. Direct-                                                                                                                                   space heating. And with the
gas fireplace will become      like a room heater.                 vent wall furnaces obtain                                                                                                                                        space-saving and compact
the workhorse of your living                                       outside air for combustion                                                                                                                                       water heaters that are now
space, providing heat, light   Natural gas fireplaces              and then exhaust directly to                                                                                                                                     available, you’ll be able to
and ambience in a variety      are available in so many            the outdoors through a built-                                                                                                                                    get more use of the precious
of styles to suit any room     different styles, there’s one       in vent, which means that                                                                                                                                        space in your new designs
in your home.                  to fit your plan. And with          no inside air or household                                                                                                                                       by choosing natural gas.
                               a direct-vent unit that can         heat is used in operating the

                                                               8                                                                                                                                9
  Give your next project the natural gas advantage
                  with Terasen Gas

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