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Autoresponder Sample #1 (British/Australian spelling)
Subject:       You’re on your way to thinking big!

Hi (insert name)!

Thanks very much for signing up to my new and exciting e-course, “XXXX”.

You know, not so long ago, I was pretty jaded about this whole concept of MLM and network
marketing. I had friends who were members of MLM companies and it seemed like every time I
saw them, they were flogging some lotion or potion.

Put simply, it was driving me mad – but worse, it was driving them even crazier!

For too long, MLM and network marketing have copped a real serve when it comes to

Too many rogue companies existed – and still do – and although many were quite good with
recruiting people, they weren’t so good with the marketing systems or coaching.

And the result?

About 90% of people starting out in MLM crashed and burned big time!

But because you have taken action and dared to think big with network marketing, you’re on
your way to succeeding in it!

Network marketing is a fantastic concept and when applied the right way, the possibilities will
blow your mind!

I know that now because I got educated and know what works and what doesn’t.

And now I’m sharing that knowledge with you – so you can unleash the power of network
marketing for yourself and change your life for the better!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s email where I’ll talk to you about working smarter, not harder.

In the meantime, keep smiling and have a great day!

Yours in thinking big,


Subject:       Working smarter DEFINED!

Hi (insert name)!
Perhaps you have heard of the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” Sounds great doesn’t it?
But have you given any thought to what it actually means?

Like me, you probably know exactly what working hard is all about. After all, you’re most likely
working in a day job and slaving away doing the Monday to Friday thing. Maybe you’re doing
Monday to Saturday – or worse, perhaps even seven day weeks?!

If that’s you, then you know what working hard is. And chances are, you’re fed up!

And so you should be – because you should live life on your own terms!

In recent years, many people have given more thought to what they really want out of life.
Most won’t take action because of fear – fear of failure, fear of income loss, etc – but some are
making the change.

And central to that change has been implementing the “working smarter, not harder” model of

Working smarter and not harder is best summed up by one word: leverage.

You know that you can only work so many hours a day...

…And you know you are getting paid $x for every hour you work. But you can only do so many
hours, so that means there’s a limit to how much you can earn when you work this way – the
working harder way.

What if you could multiply what you make in an hour by ten – and make that in just one hour?
How would you feel about that?

That’s what working smarter is. You’re increasing how much you make, but not increasing how
long you work.

And here’s how network marketing works smarter, not harder!

Rather than recruit new members on your own, with a good network marketing model,
everybody you recruit who succeeds in recruiting others makes you money!

And in turn, they also make you money when they recruit people to your downline.

As opposed to working very hard on your own, when you join a network marketing system that
is sound in every way, all of the people in your downline also contribute to your income. It’s
not just you – but others too!
You may want to work just ten hours a week, but by working smarter, you can leverage the
work of 1000 other people, to create a 10,000 hour work week!

Imagine the income potential with that?!

This is how the wealthy get wealthier – and good network marketing models utilize this way of

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment where I’ll reveal how to avoid the hard sell PERIOD!

But if you can’t wait and want to get stuck into discovering how to really think big with network
marketing, feel free to check out my book, “XXXX” at (insert url)!

Yours in thinking big,


Autoresponder Sample #2 (American spelling)

Subject:       Heading in the Right Direction!
Hi (insert name)!

Congratulations! Because you’ve signed up for our free e-course, you’re moving in the right
direction when it comes to realizing your pregnancy dreams!

As you know, getting pregnant isn’t always as simple and straightforward as many people think.
Sometimes there are obstacles that get in the way and prolong the process.

Sure there have been advances in medical science that help couples fall pregnant, but there are
things you can do today that can dramatically increase your chances of achieving your dream
for a baby.

In this e-course, we’ll touch on just a few of those things you can start doing today.

Forget expensive programs, consultations, DVD’s, books…I’m talking here about everyday
things you can start doing right away on your own - without the need for expensive medical

Over the next nine days, you’ll discover a few ways you can increase your pregnancy chances –
and it’s nowhere as difficult as you may think.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s email where I’ll talk to you about how your diet can help you fall

In the meantime though, you can check out plenty of do-it-yourself tips to increase your baby
chances in the ebook, “XXXX”. It’s available for purchase and instant download at (insert url)!

You’ll be surprised at just how much you can on your own to increase your chances, so check it
out now – and keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s email!

Subject:       Increasing Your Fertility with a Balanced Diet!

Hi (insert name)!

Did you know that diet can play a critical role in fertility for both men and women?
It’s true!

According to a Nutritional Survey in 1995, it was discovered that the average person in Britain
was significantly deficient in 6 out of 8 important vitamins!

And even more alarming was the finding that less than 1 in 10 people receive the
recommended daily allowance of Zinc – essential for women with hormone problems and of
extreme importance for a man’s sperm production!

Any wonder more and more people are encountering problems with fertility!

It highlights the fertility power of a balanced diet, and that’s why in your quest for increased
fertility and children of your own, you need to enjoy a balanced diet every day.

In today’s ever-increasingly busy society, the biggest enemy of a balanced diet is processed
food. In the interests of convenience, we are sacrificing our own bodies and sadly – all too
often - our fertility!

But as detrimental as all of this sounds, hope is at hand. There are easy-to-implement tips that
can help us get all the vitamins and nutrients we need to increase our fertility.

To find out more about what you can start doing today, check out my ebook, “XXXX”. It’s
available for purchase and instant download at (insert url) and at $x, it’s a whole lot cheaper
than expensive alternatives that are out there!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s email where I’ll talk to you about the dangers of trans fats and how
they can decrease fertility for women.

Autoresponder Sample #3 (British/Australian spelling)

Subject:       Opportunity is knocking now!

Hi (insert name)!
Thanks very much for visiting my website and requesting further information about an exciting
opportunity that might very well change your life.

Did you know that today in the UK alone, more than half the work force is dissatisfied with
what they’re doing?

That’s right – they’re completely dissatisfied with that Monday to Friday slave train to work.

They’re sick and tired of living pay cheque to pay cheque, and equally sick of spending most of
their precious time at the office.

With the fastening pace of 21st Century life and the rising cost of living, any wonder people are
fed up.

And perhaps you feel the same?

If that sounds like you and you want to do something right away to:

      Increase your income!
      Increase your free time!
      Increase your wellbeing and happiness!
      Enhance your long-distance relationships with friends and family!

Then you’ve come to the right website.

Over the next few days I’m going to share with you some information that might very well help
you achieve this and much more.

Stay tuned for my next email where I’ll talk to you a little more about what’s involved to help
you determine your suitability for joining this incredible team.

In the meantime, be sure to check out (insert url) for more information about what this
opportunity is all about!

Kindest Regards,


Subject:       Got what it takes to change your life today?

Hi (insert name)!

Just yesterday I was in touch with you about an exciting opportunity that has changed my life
for the better.
And chances are it could change your life for the better as well.

First though, I need to make one thing perfectly clear. This opportunity – as you may have
already guessed – isn’t for everybody.

When it comes to business opportunities, you know as well as I do, that there are plenty of
them around.

I mean, just go to Google and type in “business opportunity” and you’ll know precisely what I

Too many people who operate these business opportunities just let anybody join them with
disastrous results.

That’s because many people just aren’t realistic about getting into business for themselves.
And that’s exactly what you do when you pursue a business opportunity and run with it.

Before I go into further detail in future emails about this business opportunity, I want to make
sure you’ve got what we’re looking for.

We’re looking for people who:

     Have a burning desire to succeed in their new business!

     Have the desire to work hard to achieve great results!

     Understand that to succeed in business means working hard!

     Understand that there’s no such thing as ‘getting rich quick’!

     Understand that there’s no such thing as making money without effort!

     Are willing to work as part of a team to achieve success!

     Are keen to learn how to be a success in business!

And of course in addition to the above, we want people who:

    Want to increase their income!

    Want to increase their free time!

    Want to take complete and total control in their lives!

    Want to do all of the above and help others at the same time!
If all of that sounds like you, then you’ve got what it takes to join our team!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s email where I’ll introduce you to the growing industry that makes
this opportunity so great!

In the meantime, feel free to check out (insert url) to get the scoop on this opportunity!

Kindest Regards,


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