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                                 user-friendly             diagnosis

Automotive Injection Service Solutions
   Carbon Zapp, Automotive Injection Service Solutions,
    was established in 1989 in Athens, Greece by Bill Pan-
    tazis. Starting with a small network of suppliers and
    engineers, and the great need to reduce emissions
    produced by vehicles due to stringent environmen-
    tal regulations worldwide, he started manufacturing
    equipment to clean the internal combustion engines
    with the use of treatment detergents. In 1991, a team
    of engineers designed and developed the first ma-
    chines for gasoline fuel injectors, using test benches
    and cleaning by means of ultrasonics. By the year
    2001, these machines had already been through four
    generations of development and upgraded for gaso-
    line Direct Injection systems making them the most
    advanced machines in the global market. Starting in
    2002, and while leading the gasoline sector in fuel
    injection testing and cleaning equipment, Carbon
    Zapp entered strongly in the Diesel world providing
    compact, standalone, economic and unique servicing
    and testing solutions. Five years later, the company
    has presented innovative testing capabilities, such as
    multiple injections and metering methods not offered
    yet by OEM. The fast growth in common rail technol-
    ogy within the last years has intrigued Carbon Zapp
    to become more competitive and gain a respectable
    position in this niche market.

    Until the year of 1994, the sales network had expanded mainly in Greece and Cyprus. Participating in the Auto-
    mechanika automotive industry shows in Frankfurt was the passport and a vital tool for exporting in European
    and Middle Eastern countries. Since the year 2000, Carbon Zapp has constantly been expanding worldwide and
    participating in most local and all International major shows through its continuously expanding sales network.
    After years of growth and experience in manufacturing fuel injection system equipment and products, there is
    now a structured, holistic process of overall planning and operation for everything starting from its own product
    design, production, marketing and system development. Carbon Zapp is the largest growing fuel injection system
    equipment brand due to its excellence in up-to-date technology, worldwide marketing networks, customer sup-
    port and sales network.

      Comprehensive Customer Service
    From 1998, Carbon Zapp’s customer service has showed significant progress in fulfilling explicit goals
    and strategic decisions. The assembly line was re-designed in order to increase output capacity and to
    simplify diagnosis, service and repair of the equipment produced. Knowledgeable technical staff will an-
    swer the phone, reply to a fax or e-mail within 24-hours all year round. Carbon Zapp prides itself on a
    1-hour average response time to any problem or concern there may be.

    “We believe that we have earned our position because of our commitment to customer service; service
    that emphasizes quality products and consistently prompt order handling and delivery. If we fail to pro-
    vide satisfaction to our customers, we forfeit our right to their business. Carbon Zapp’s Management and
    staff commitment to this business makes it a win-win situation” says Mr. Bill Pantazis, General Manager
    of Carbon Zapp.

      Strengthening Customer Competiveness
    Carbon Zapp combines innovative technology with thorough manufacturing experience to create quality
    equipment and products for our customers both local and worldwide. Using the latest trends in technol-
    ogy electronics and manufacturing with continuously incorporating automotive future enhancements in
    the fuel injection field, has assisted Carbon Zapp in strengthening its customer’s competitiveness and
    creating positive results to all stakeholders affected.
        Focused Business Objectives
    Carbon Zapp remains competitive by focusing on key advantageous products and constantly renovating its tech-
    nological expertise. Currently, Carbon Zapp has one electronics assembly plant, partially two manufacturing
    plants and one final assembly and testing plant. A separate Carbon Zapp location is holding its logistics and

        A View into the Future
    Focusing on providing solutions on Gasoline and Diesel fuel systems, Carbon Zapp has created a sustainable
    business strategy. Having attained a competitive edge in the fuel injection repair industry, and with our unyielding
    focus on creating quality innovative products, we at Carbon Zapp will continue to reinforce our sales network, re-
    search technologies and upgrade our products. We believe that with clear strategic direction, strong technological
    fundamentals and a stable financial foundation, we will achieve above exceptional results.

        CARBON ZAPP’s Strategic Direction
    •    Innovate with cutting edge technology on diesel and gasoline injector’s test benches,
         diagnostic service tools and special tools.
    •    Focus on products and equipment that enhance competitiveness
    •    Implement cost effective yet quality equipment
    •    Fulfill customer needs and grow along with our customers
    •    Collaborate with strong and large manufacturers

    Future Developments at Carbon Zapp

    •    Manage existing resources, specific customer and industry needs and technological
         knowledge to create new products and equipment.
    •    Engineer, manufacture products and services revolving around Diesel Common-rail
         technology and gasoline direct injection systems.

        Excellent Research Team
    Recognizing that “innovation” is the key to sustained growth and a competitive advantage, Carbon Zapp
    encourages its research team to keep a high ambition level and continuously work on their research de-
    velopment and technical skills. On an annual basis, Carbon Zapp invests more than 20% of its operating
    revenues on research and development. Carbon Zapp has built up an extensive group of intellectual prop-
    erty and talented personnel throughout the years. Strategic agreements, world-class component suppliers
    and manufacturers, contribute in developing advanced technologies and products, and furthermore Carbon
    Zapp has achieved credibility and loyalty throughout its network.

    The objectives that have been accomplished were made possible not only because of the research and de-
    velopment efforts, but also from the dedication and teamwork of Carbon Zapp’s dedicated staff. Since 1989,
    Carbon Zapp has been attracting new customers and has always been satisfying its international sales
    network. This steady growth is an acknowledgment of Carbon Zapp’s effective business and management
    strategies and a source of pride and honor to the Carbon Zapp staff.

        Respectful Customer Service and
        Well-Established Sales Network
    The key success factor in Carbon Zapp’s excellent collaborations with business partners and continuous
    ability to sustain a competitive edge is its globally integrated sales support capability. Being customer-
    centered, Carbon Zapp operates at all times with the customer in mind, focusing on quality, innovation and
    value. This is evident in its corporate philosophy, research and design approach, manufacturing processes
    and its global sales and customer support system. The company’s sales network today extends globally
    in all 5 continents, which ensures that it delivers the best products and support corresponding to its cus-
    tomer’s needs.

        Corporate Philosophy and Values
    Our unique corporate philosophy by which we manage and operate, contributes to our success as one of the
    industry’s leading Automotive Injection Service Solutions. At Carbon Zapp, we fully understand and embrace the
    importance of these corporate values. A key element of our growth and success is implementing our corporate
    philosophy into our business processes and customer needs to leverage our exceptional and effective work prac-
    tices. This organizational culture improves our operational effectiveness to meet business objectives.
 DIESEL injector equipment

Diesel Tech
Series                                        The unique, compact, economic and
                                              advanced solution for every workshop to
                                              service diesel injection systems.
The Common Rail innovative testing solution

 Piezo
 Solenoid
   Dual - Solenoid

 application
   Injection Volume Metering (IVM)
    Accurate and repeatable electronic measurement of dis-
    charged and returned volumes.
    The only mass metering device available in the market
    today, that does not require filtering and temperature
    calibration. Multiple-Injection-Metering (MIM) is effec-
    tively accomplished.
    measuring in mg/strokes (mm3/stroke)
    resolution 0.2mg, accuracy 0.2%

   Embedded Control Panel
–   Piezo, Solenoid & Dual-Solenoid    –   Injector Coding option
    actuation                              ( future upgrade)
–   9 Multiple Injections              –   Upgradeable and Expandable
    (programmable)                         (Attachment units)
                                                                             features
–   Full Automatic, Semi Auto and      –   Electronically controlled test
    Manual modes                           pressure
                                       –   Test Results (PC, USB device)    – Up to 1850Bar system
–   Variable & Customizable                                                 – Quality & robust
    Test-Plans (independent for        –   Safety features
                                       –   Customer filing                  – Clear protective test bench
    every injector)                                                           cover with dual cut-off switch
–   Manufacturer Injector Database     –   Printer connection
                                       –   Touch screen LCD                 – Spill free quick-connectors
    DTP (upgradeable)                                                         for Discharge and Return hoses
–   User Injector Database UTP         –   Linux based PC
                                       –   On-display guide                 – Glass level indicators
    (expandable)                                                            – Filtered injection fumes
–   Measurement of Injection           –   User-friendly
                                       –   Language localization              extractor and collector
    response time (IRTS-optional)                                           – Ergonomic and dynamic design
                                                                            – MACC – Advanced chemical
                                                                              treatment and flushing of the
     DS2                                                                      injector
                                                                            – Short testing time required
 application
   Volumetric Tubes
    Precise, Graduated and led illuminated tubes are used
    for efficient diagnosis of uneven flow rates for both dis-
    charged and returned volumes. Automatic drainage af-
    ter each test.
    resolution 1ml, accuracy + 2ml/130ml

   Embedded Control Panel
-   Piezo and solenoid actuation
-   3 Multiple Injections (programmable)
-   Automatic / Manual modes
-   Variable and customizable test-plans
-   Expandability (Attachment units)
-   On-display guided set-up
-   Injector protection function
-   PCB protection circuit
-   User-friendly interface
-   Language localization
                                                                       Adapters kit
                                                                       A complete set of adapters, fittings and
                                                                       electrical connectors is supplied with the
   Spray Chamber                                                      machine for all types of Bosch, Delphi,
                                                                       Denso and Siemens Common Rail injectors.
    Illuminated (high intensity LED)                                   A wide range of CRIN adapters for most
    and fumes-clear spray chamber                                      commonly used commercial vehicles
    for clear view of injected pattern.                                and trucks are available (optional)
    You can virtually see the multiple
    Diagnosis of: incorrect spraying,
    leaky or seized injectors

   PIR – Piezo Injector Return
    Correct operation of Piezo injec-                                  Ultrasonic Device UB15e / UB15s
    tors is only achieved when return
    pressure is regulated to the spe-                                  Ultrasound waves interact through a
    cific system requirements.(0-15                                    special fluid to provide safe & detailed
    Bar)                                                               cleaning of fuel injector components.

                                                                       features

                                                                   - Automatic function
                                                                   - 42 kHz
   Dual fluid-hydraulic system                                      frequency range
                                                                   - Electronic Heat control
    Filtered at 2microns for testing and                           - Sweep technology
    8microns for cleaning injectors                                  (UB15e)
                                                                   - Degas action
                                                                     (UB15e)                    UB15s

                                                                       Portable Stand
                                                                       features
   Injector Clamp
    Ergonomic, robust, fast & sim-                                 - Compact & Lightweight
    ple clamping with self position-                               - Accessories cabinet
    ing function                                                   - Modern design

DSC                                        The Only Diesel Injector Treatment Solution Available Today…
                                           Every Diesel workshop that already has an Injector testing solu-
                                           tion should be able with minimum cost and effort to efficiently ser-
                                           vice diesel injector problems. The DSC unit along with the treat-
                                           ment detergent will activate the inert carbon molecules, resins,
                                           varnishes and gums that accumulate inside the diesel injector
                                           and flush them while operating the injector in different loads. For
                                           optimum cleaning efficiency, the use of Carbon Zapp’s ultrasonic
                                           baths and detergents are recommended.

                                              application systems
                                           –   Common Rail Diesel Injectors (Solenoid & Piezo)
                                           –   Common Rail Commercial Vehicle Diesel Injectors CRIN
                                               (solenoid & piezo)
                                           –   Mechanical Conventional Diesel Injectors
                                           –   Unit Pump Diesel systems EUI/EUP (all Makes)

                                              features
                                           –   Up to 1100Bar system
                                           –   Full range adaptability
                                           –   Ergonomic and dynamic design
                                           –   Spill free quick-connectors for Discharge
                                               and Return hoses
                                           –   MACC (Advanced chemical treatment and
                                               flushing of the injector)
                                           –   Quality & robust
 Diesel Tech Series
 Technical Specifications                                                                                    CRU.2                   DS2                 DSC
                                                               standard  optional  not applicable
Diesel Injector Testing Spray Pattern / Atomization                                                                                                      
Diesel Injector Testing Discharge volume                                                                                                                 
Diesel Injector Testing Return volume                                                                                                                    
Chemical cleaning and injector treatment for all types (MACC)                                                                                            
Diesel Injector Piezo driver                                                                                                                             
PIR- Piezo Injector Return regulator                                                                                                                     
Injector Driving characteristics for Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens CR                                                                                 
Programmable Injector Driving Volts (V / 1 step)                                                               1-150                 1-150               1-150
Programmable Injector Driving peak & hold Ampere function (A / 0.1 step)                                       1-30                   1-35                1-35
EUI Injector Driving characteristics for Cummins, CAT, Detroit Diesel, John Deere                                                                        
EUI Injector Driving characteristics for Scania, Volvo, Iveco, VW                                                                                        
EUP Injector Driving characteristics for Mercedes Actros / Atego / Mack                                                                                  
Clear Protection cover for all machine operations                                                                                                        
Digital indication of High Pressure                                                                                                                      
Electronic Pump control and regulator                                                                                                                    
Spray tube Fumes Extractor (vacuum clearing)                                                                                                             
Fumes Extractor Filtered exhaust to the Environment                                                                                                      
High intensity Led lighting                                                                                                                              
Automatic / Semi Automatic / Manual modes (testing programs)                                                 //                  //               //
User-programmable sector                                                                                                                                 
CR customizable Multiple Injections activation (Pre-Main-Post)                                                                                           
CR customizable Multiple Injections activation (9 multiple injections)                                                                                   
Step-by-step instructions (LCD)                                                                                                                          
Interface [HMI] / Linux OS                                                                             8.4” Touch LCD TFT /                              
Future updates and upgrades                                                                                                                              
Automatic draining of volumetric tubes                                                                                                                   
Electric coil condition and (Ω) Ohm testing                                                                                                              
Testing of electrical Coil Inductance / Piezo Capacitance                                                      /                   /                 /
Operating pressure (Bar / 1 Bar=10Kpa)                                                                        0-1800                 0-1800              0-1000
Automatic adjustment of Pressure to system tested                                                                                                        
Injector operating frequency (strokes in increments of 10)                                                  10-10,000               30-6000             30-6000
Injector pulse width (μs / increments of μs)                                                              100-50,000 / 10       200-200,000 / 100   200-200,000 / 100
Operating time (seconds)                                                                                     1-Infinity             5-60,000            5-60,000
Injector Dynamic and Static tests                                                                                                                        
Volumetric measurement in graduated glass tubes (ml with 2% tol.)                                                                   5-130                 
Dynamic electronic mass metering (Res.0.2mg / Acc. 0.2%)                                                                                                 
Diagnose Injector Uneven flow rates/ bad spray pattern / electrical failures                                                                             
Diagnose Weak or Defective injector nozzle springs / leaky or seized injectors                                                                           
Standard Adapters CRI / DI / CRIN (All Makes*)                                                               //                  //               //
Adapters EUI / EUP / UI / UP (All Makes*)                                                                   ///                ///             ///
UB15e Ultrasonic bath exclusive (Automatic, Sweep tech 31-42kHz, Degas, Heat control)                                                                    
UB15s Ultrasonic bath Standard (Semi-Auto,42Khz, Heat control)                                                                                           
Compressed (Purified) Air Supply Input (Bar)                                                                   6-10                   3-10                3-10
Avg. air consumption (Lt/min) / Max. air consumption (Lt/min)                                               500 / 1200              350 / 700           150 / 300
Testing Oil Tank / Cleaning detergent Oil Tank (L)                                                            4 / 2.5                4 / 2.5             / 2.5
Testing Oil Tank / Cleaning detergent Oil Tank Filtering (μm)                                                  2/8                    2/8               /8
Tightening torque for HP lines (Nm)                                                                            26-32                 26-32               26-32
Flexible HP / LP Hose (Burst pressure / Operating pressure) (Bar)                                           4000 / 2500            4000 / 2500         3500 / 2000
Adjustable Injector Clamp for 8-45 mm                                                                                                                    
HP injector connection M12 and M14                                                                                                                       
Input power (Volts) / Power Consumption (Watt)                                                            100-250 / 370           100-250 / 250      100-250 / 200
Operating Frequency (Hz)                                                                                       50/60                 50/60               50/60
Easy Access Emergency Stop Switch                                                                                                                        
Packaged Dimensions WxDxH (mm) / Weight (Kg)                                                            605/702/925 / 84        605/702/1015 / 67   510/430/670 / 35
Language localization                                                                                                                                    

* Some makes are subject to availability within normal delivery periods.
Dimensions and weight values are subject to change without notice
DIESEL UnIT injection systems equipment

Diesel Tech Series
UA2                                             The easy, compact, economic and
                                                complete solution for every workshop to
                                                service diesel unit injector/pump systems.
Ingenuity in servicing Unit Injection Systems

    (DS2 & CRU.2* attachment device)

   Piezo
   Solenoid
   Dual - Solenoid

    Servicing of unit injection systems
    for the first time is made possible
    not only for the Diesel Specialists, but
    also for every workshop.

 application
    Heavy Duty & Light Duty Trucks,
    Passenger Cars, Marines, Trains,
    Mining and Industrial Equipment

   Spray Chamber
    Illuminated (high intensity LED) and
    fumes-clear spray chamber for clear
    view of injected pattern. You can vir-
    tually see the combined spring-valve-
    nozzle operation of the Unit System
    as it is performed. Control Panel can
    change the Unit Timing Signal [T]
    and also simulate different Cam Lobe
    Widths [W] for optimum testing of the
    Unit. Diagnosis of: incorrect spraying,
    proper operation of the control valve,
    leaky or seized injectors

   Volumetric Tubes
    Attaching to the DS2 series machine,
    the UA2 can precisely measure the
    unit system discharged volume.
    Graduated and Led illuminated tubes
    are used for efficient diagnosis of un-
    even flow rates. Automatic drainage
    after each test.

    resolution 1ml, accuracy + 2ml/130ml
    resolution 0.2mg , accuracy 0.2% Elec-
    tronic measurement (CRU.2)

   Unit System Mounting
    Ergonomic, sturdy, fast & simple            features	
    mounting with drawer style self po-        – Fast mounting and dismounting of injector/pump
    sitioning function. The spray cham-        – Pneumatic operated unit (Conventional test bench
    ber moves backwards for volumetric           or motor is NOT required)
    testing phase. Adjustable Cam stroke       – Requires DS2 or CRU.2* to operate
    5-24mm with the use of shims.              – Clear protective injector assembly cover
                                               – Cummins Low Pressure supply system
   Adapters kit                               – Spill free quick-connectors for Discharge and
    A wide range of UI/UP adapters, fit-         return hoses
                                               – Low pressure fluid control & indication (0-10 Bar)
    tings, adjusting rods, shims and elec-
                                               – Electrical positive displacement fluid handling pump
    trical connectors for most commonly        – Dual-Fluid system (testing and chemical treatment)
    used systems are available (optional)      – Filtered injection fumes extractor and collector
                                               – Delphi E3 dual solenoid system (optional CRU.2*)
    systems:                                   – Piezo actuation for all EUI’s
    Volvo (Bosch & Delphi), John Deere         – MACC (Advanced chemical treatment and flushing
    Delphi, Scania/ Yanmar, Iveco, CAT,          of the injector -optional )
    Cummins Celect, Cummins Mechanical,        – Ergonomic and dynamic design
    Detroit Diesel, Mercedes (Actros &         – Short testing time required
    Atego), Mack, VW PDE (Bosch &              – Expandable for HEUI systems*
    Siemens), etc.                             – Quality & robust

    * Future Upgrade
GASOLInE injector equipment

Carbon Tech
                              The proven workshop solution
GS Series                     for every fuel injector.

 service & repair	
–   Increased exhaust emissions                    The efficient and cost-effective
–   Reduced engine performance
    (Power, Torque)                                way to bench test and service
–   Increased fuel consumption                     every fuel injector.
–   Poor driveability situations
–   Direct injection systems failure
    (Leaks, Pressure drop)
–   Rough idle and periodic stall
    of the engine
–   Conditions that lead to long-term
    catalytic converter damage
–   Extended engine start-up
–   MIL - check engine light-up.

     GS8                                                    GS4

 application	
	 GDI / FSI / HPI                                               Ultrasonic Device UB15e / UB15s
    DISI / SIDI (Direct injection)                              Ultrasound waves interact through a
                                                                special fluid to provide safe & detailed
    MPFI / SPFI / L-JETRONIC                                    cleaning of fuel injector components.
    (Multi-port fuel injection)                                features
                                                            -   Automatic function
    CSFI / CPFI (Central port injection)                    -   42 kHz frequency range
    TBI / CFI (Throttle body injection)                     -   Electronic Heat control
    K-JETRONIC (Continuous Injection)      UB15s            -   Sweep / Degas technologies (UB15e)
    Other: Marines, Motorcycles, LPG,
    Alternative fuels                                           Injector Accessories
                                                                Injector components are continuously
 features	
                                                                defecting from dirty fuel and air supply
–   GDI Capable                                                 and high engine temperatures.
–   Spray test                                                  CARBON ZAPP offers a wide range of:
–   Volume test                                                 o-rings, filters, caps, retainers and
–   Automatic function                                          grommets, for the complete service
                                                                of the injectors.
–   Variable and customizable
–   Repeatability                                               Portable Stand
–   Reverse flushing
                                                               features
–   Adaptability
                                                            - Compact & Lightweight
–   On-display guide                                        - Accessories cabinet
–   Fast mounting                                           - Modern design
–   Ease of use
–   Quality and robust
                                                  Spray Chambers
                                                   Illuminated spray chambers (high
                                                   intensity LEDs) for clear view of
                                                   pattern. Unique operation programs
                                                   for static and dynamic spray test.
                                                   Diagnosis of: incorrect spray pat-
                                                   tern, leaky or seized injectors

                                                  Volumetric Tubes
                                                   Graduated tubes for efficient
                                                   diagnosis of: uneven flow rates,
GS2                                                weak or defective nozzle spring.
                                                   Automatic drainage after each

                                                  Embedded Control Panel
                                                   User friendly interface, guided
                                                   set-up, auto/manual modes, in-
                                                   jector protection function, auto
                                                   diagnosis for drive selection,
                                                   language localization, simula-
                                                   tion programs customization,

                                                  Reverse Flushing
                                                   Device for flushing water particles
                                                   and ultrasonically cleaned deposits
                                                   from inside the injector


   Standard Kit
    Set of Fuel Rail & Adapters for all
    makes and types of Top-Feed

   TBI Kit
    Set of Fuel Rail & Adapters for all
    makes and types of throttle body
    and Side-Feed injectors.
    (One injector per test)

   Exclusive Kit
    Complete set of Fuel Rail & Adapters,
    special designed for simple adaptation
    to all makes and types of Top-Feed,
    throttle body and Side-Feed Injectors.
    (Set of injectors tested simultaneously)
 Carbon Tech GS Series
 Technical Specifications                                                                               GS8             GS4             GS2
                                                             standard  optional  not applicable
Testing and cleaning FSI , HPI, GDI                                                                                                     
Testing and cleaning MPFI, TBI                                                                                                          
Testing and cleaning LPG, MARINE, MOTORCYCLES                                                                                           
Testing and cleaning CIS                                                                                                                
Saturated Switch driver automatically selected                                                                                          
Peak & Hold driver automatically selected                                                                                               
High intensity Led lighting for every spray chamber                                                                                     
Automatic functions and operations                                                                                                      
Manual functions (semi-auto)                                                                                                            
User-programmable sector                                                                                                                
Spray pattern & atomization view                                                                                                        
Step-by-step instructions (LCD messages)                                                                                                
Future upgradeable                                                                                                                      
Automatic draining of volumetric tubes                                                                                                  
Acceleration/ Deceleration mode simulation test                                                                                         
Rich/ Lean mode simulation test                                                                                                         
Electric coil condition and (Ω) Ohm testing                                                                                             
Operating pressure (Bar / 1Bar = 10 KPa)                                                                 0-10            0-8             0-8
Filtered Fluid supply system (pre-pump and after)                                                                                       
Automatic adjustment of Pressure to system tested                                                                                       
Injector operating frequency (rpm in 100rpm increments)                                               500-16,000      500-16,000       500-9900
Injector pulse width (ms in 0.1ms increments)                                                          0.9-100         0.9-100          0.9-80
Operating time (Adjustable 5seconds - 20minutes)                                                                                        
Injector pulses option                                                                                                                  
Dynamic and Static tests for all injector types                                                                                         
Volumetric measurement in graduated glass tubes (ml with 2% tol.)                                       5-130           5-130           5-130
Language localization                                                                                                                   
Standard Adapters Kit (top feed injectors adapters)                                                                                     
TBI adapters Kit (throttle body and side feed injectors adapters kit)                                                                   
Exclusive Adapters (All top & side feed injectors easy adapters kit)                                                                    
UB15e Ultrasonic bath exclusive (Automatic, Sweep technology 31-42kHz, Degas, Heat control)                                             
UB15s Ultrasonic bath Standard (Semi-Automatic, 42Khz, Heat control)                                                                    
Input power (Volts) / Power Consumption (Watt)                                                       100-250 / 350   100-250 / 200   100-250 / 200
Operating Frequency (Hz)                                                                                50/60           50/60           50/60
Packaged Dimensions WxDxH (cm) / Weight (Kg)                                                         67X44X72 / 49   51X43X67 / 38   60X44X55 / 31
Consumable Fluids (testing & cleaning)                                                                                                  
Injector Accessories Kit (screen filters, caps, o-rings, etc..)                                                                         
Portable Stand with cabinet                                                                                                             

Dimensions and weight values are subject to change without notice
DIESEL & GASOLInE equipment

Engine Equipment
                              Modern engine servicing, calls
& Tools                       for time-saving, easy-to-use and
                              cost-effective solutions.

  ES-20 / ES-10
  Diesel & Gasoline - Engine Treatment Unit

     application (systems)	
    		 Common-Rail and conventional Diesel
         Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI, FSI, HPI)
         Conventional Fuel Injection (MPFI / TBI / CIS)
         Truck / Bus / Train
         Industrial / Mining / Agricultural

     features	
    -	   Dual-Tank system (ES-20)
    -	   Automatic Pressure adjustment
    -	   Adaptability to all makes and models
    -	   Automatic /manual functions
    -	   On-Display guide
    -	   Language localization
    -	   Upgradeable
    -	   User-friendly
    -	   Portable & Lightweight
    -	   Quality & robust

     benefits	
    -	   Exhaust emissions reduction more
         than 70%
    -	   Maximum restoration of engine’s
    -	   Reduction of fuel consumption
    -	   Common-Rail system cleaning
    -	   High Pressure pump’s conditioning
    -	   De-carbonization of the combustion
    -	   Optimum fuel combustion
    -	   Blocked valves and piston rings release
    -	   De-carbonization of the catalytic converter
    -	   Improved idle-speed stability
    -	   Disappearance of engine knocking
    -	   Prevention of long term expensive repairs.

                                                                                                                            The ENGINE TECH detergent
                                                                                                                            activates the inert carbon
                                                                                                                            molecules, resins, dust varnish
                                                                                                                            and gums that accumulate
                                                                                                                            inside the engine components,
                                                                                                                            and burns them with the
                                                                                                                            combustion process.

                                                                                                                        -   Safe for the user
  Adapters                                                                                                              -   Harmless
                                                                                                                            to all engine parts
                                                                                                                        -   Non-Flammable
  Technical Specifications                                                ES-10                    ES-20
                                                                      [ Common tank ]             [ Dual tank ]         -   Non-Carcinogenic product
Gasoline / Diesel Fuel Filter (FF5074 or equivalent) (μm)                      8                       8/8                  and friendly to the
Fuel Tank Capacity (Lt) (Option to customize tank capacity)                    5                       4/5                  environment
Fuel Feed / Fuel Return Hoses                                            (2) 3m / 10ft             (4) 3m / 10ft
                                                                                                                        -   Efficient
12V Power Cable                                                            3m / 10ft                3m / 10ft
Fuel Pressure Gauge (Gasoline / Diesel)                             (1) 0-10 Bar / 0-150 Psi (2) 0-10 Bar / 0-150 Psi
                                                                                                                            to all types of engines.
Automatic adjustment to system operating pressure                            YES                       YES
Input power (Volts)                                                         12 VDc                   12 VDc
Packaged Dimensions WxDxH (cm) / Weight (Kg)                            62x48x98 / 42             62x48x98 / 46
Dimensions and weight values are subject to change without notice
Diesel & Gasoline - Fuel System Tester

  application (systems)	
 		 Common-Rail and conventional Diesel
      Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI, FSI, HPI)
      Conventional Fuel Injection (MPFI / TBI / CIS)
      Truck / Bus / Train
      Industrial / Mining / Agricultural

  diagnosis	
 -	   Incorrect fuel pressure
 -	   Incorrect fuel flow at the system
 -	   Plugged fuel filter
 -	   Faulty fuel pump
 -	   Plugged fuel pump inlet strainer
 -	   Faulty fuel pump check valve
 -	   Leaky fuel injectors                               Technical Specifications                                          FST
 -	   Incorrect operation of the fuel                  Fuel Pressure Gauge                                           0-100 Psi / 0-7 Bar
      pressure regulator                               Manifold Vacuum Gauge                                     0-30 inHg / 0-100 kPa vac
 -	   Fuel foaming and/or contamination                Exhaust Backpressure Gauge                                   0-15 Psi / 0-100 kPa
 -	   Restrictions in supply/return fuel lines         Scaled Fuel Flow Tube                                0.3 – 3.3 Lt/min // 0.1 – 0.87 gal/min
 -	   Intake manifold vacuum fluctuation
 -	   Exhaust back-pressure for testing                Case Dimensions WxDxH (cm) / Weight (Kg)                         53x43x14 / 5

      catalytic converter operation                    Dimensions and weight values are subject to change
 -	   Turbo-boost pressure operation                   without notice

  features	         	                                 Troubleshooting In The “Engines Heart”
 -	   Compact & Portable                               All automobiles using EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
 -	   Easy readable analog gauges                      system require accurate control of the fuel system. If
      • System Pressure                                the fuel pressure or flow rate fall out of the manufac-
      • Manifold Vacuum
                                                       turer specifications, the engine performance will be
      • Exhaust Back Pressure / Turbo Boost
 -	   Durable clear flow tube                          affected and in extreme conditions, have a no start or
 -	   Quick & safe connectors for all lines            an unacceptable fuel ratio. Testing the fuel system of
 -	   Robust for the work-shop                         an automobile for incorrect fuel pressure, insufficient
 -	   Adaptability for all makes and models            fuel flow, fuel aeration, incorrect manifold vacuum
 -	   Repeatable and fast.                             and other may be informative to avoid long term ex-
                                                       pensive repairs, such as catalytic converter failure, HP
                                                       pump failure, detonation, loss of performance, burned
Di-FST                                                 valves etc. The FST fuel system tester can effectively
                                                       identify fuel system faults.
Gasoline Direct Injection - Fuel System Tester
                                                         Technical Specifications                                        Di-FST
  application (systems)	                              Fuel Pressure Gauge with glycerin                           0-3600Psi / 0-250 Bar
 		 Gasoline Direct Injection                          High Pressure Flexible Lines (2pcs)/Dimensions            20000Psi/1400Bar / 70cm
      (GDI, FSI, HPI) /
                                                       Low Pressure Relief Line / Dimensions                        145Psi/10Bar / 50cm
      Conventional Diesel /
                                                       Case Dimensions WxDxH (cm) / Weight (Kg)                         53x43x14 / 5
      Marine / Truck / Bus
                                                       Dimensions and weight values are subject to change
                                                       without notice
  diagnosis	
 -	   Incorrect fuel pressure (High)
 -	   Faulty fuel pump
 -	   Faulty fuel pump check valve
 -	   HP Pump response
 -	   System Leaks
 -	   Leaky fuel injectors (individual)
 -	   Full Diagnostic capabilities when
      paired with the FST tool

  features	         	
 -	   Compact & Portable
 -	   Dynamic & Static tests
 -	   High Pressure relief valve for safe disconnect
 -	   Easy readable analog gauge for High System
 -	   Robust for the work-shop
 -	   Adaptability for all Direct Injection Systems
 -	   Easy hook for mounting on engine hood
 -	   Repeatable and fast.
CRPT-110             Digital Common Rail Pressure Tester

• Digital tester for checking operating pressure of
  Common-Rail systems
• Leak testing of the Common-Rail System
• Easy Operation / Robust design
• Electrical Adapters to fit all types of High Pressure
  rail Sensors
• Two measuring pressure ranges available
• Operation Range 0..1500 bar or 0..1850 bar
• Measurement Pressure resolution of 1 bar
• Indication for defective pressure rail sensor
• Fault detection indicated a by red warning LED
• Automatic cut-off after 1 minute
• Power supply by 9 V battery (standalone unit)

 components	
-	   1 basic tester unit
-	   1 adapter cable CRZ01 (Mercedes vehicles)
-	   1 adapter cable CRZ02 (Universal connecting plug)
-	   1 adapter cable CRZ03 (French and Italian vehicles)
-	   1 adapter cable CRZ04 (Delphi CR systems)
-	   Plastic carrying case

CRMK-110             Common Rail Backflow Kit For All Injector Makes

•    Test kit for checking the return flow volumes from Common-Rail Systems
•    Suitable for use with all BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO and VDO/SIEMENS injectors
•    Plexiglass robust container with graduated scales for easy comparison
•    Metal chain hook to hold tester in upright position of the engine hood
•    Full set of adapters to connect to the Injector’s return port

 application	
     Common Rail Systems

 components	
-	   1 plexiglass measuring container with 6
     measuring chambers
-	   6 fuel-resistant, highly flexible hoses,
     each 40 cm long (1ft)
-	   6 adapters for BOSCH injectors
-	   6 adapters for DELPHI injectors
-	   6 adapters for DENSO injectors
-	   6 adapters for VDO/SIEMENS injectors
-	   Plastic carrying case

PIMK-010             Piezo CRDI Backflow Pressure Tester

•    Test instrument kit for testing the return pressure from Piezo Common-Rail injectors
•    Suitable for testing the proper operation of a Common-Rail injector
•    Transparent plexiglass tester to permit view of any air pockets which may be present in the fuel
•    Interchangeable vacuum gauge on the test unit for further testing capabilities
•    Adaptability for most injectors in the market
•    Pressure relief valve for safe removing from engine

 application	
		 BOSCH and VDO/SIEMENS injectors: -1 to +15 Bar
     DELPHI injectors: -1 to +3 Bar

 components	
-	   1 test unit, conical adapter, quick-fit connectors
     and pressure relief valve
-	   1 gauge φ63, measuring range -1 to +15 bar
-	   1 gauge φ63, measuring range -1 to +3 bar
-	   CZ01 set of hoses, for connection to VDO/SIEMENS injectors
-	   CZ02 set of hoses, for connection to BOSCH injectors
-	   CZ03 set of hoses, for connection to DELPHI injectors
-	   Plastic carrying case
Diesel Injection
                   The fast and easy way
Special Tools      to service diesel injectors.

                                                          The economic and correct way to
                                                          dismount injectors from the engine,
                                                          with less effort and time.

01     GV3-500                                                       02       GV3-720
        GV3-506                                                               Complete set for removing
                                                                              PSA HDI BOSCH and
       VAG Group Solution
                                                                              SIEMENS Injectors
       for Injector-Pump System
                                                                             application	
      application	                                                         	 Injectors mounted on:
     	 Injectors mounted on:                                                  PEUGEOT, CITROEN,
       VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA,                                                 FIAT and LANCIA
       and also General Injectors                                             Engines: 2.0 HDI,
       Engines: TDI-PD                                                        2.2 HDI

03     GV3-260                                                       04        GV3-510       Special Injector Puller Solution for New
       GV3-721 (optional socket for SIEMENS Piezo)                                           generation Trucks

       Universal complete set for                                            application	
       BOSCH & DELPHI Injectors                                               SSANGYONG, MERCEDES,
                                                                              Trucks with Injector-Pump
      application	
                                                                              systems or with traditional
     	 Models: MERCEDES, VOLVO,                                               truck injectors
       FORD, RENAULT, KIA, Trucks                                             (VOLVO, SCANIA, MERCEDES,
       (not Injector-pump systems)                                            MAN, RENAULT, IVECO, etc.)
       and General injectors

05     GV3-760                                                       06       GV3-320

       Copper Seal-Ring Extractor                                             MERCEDES / BOSCH Injector Solution
      function	                                                              Extractor specific for MERCEDES
     	 Can remove copper sealing                                              injectors, complete with socket
       rings without damaging the                                             for dismounting the electrical
       cylinder head. Equipped with                                           connection
       a slide hammer for ease of
       operation                                                             application	
                                                                              MERCEDES Models:
                                                                              Sprinter, Vito, Viano, Vario
                                                                              Engines: CDI

07     GV3-490        Complete set for removing MERCEDES CDI           08     GV3-020
                      injectors, specially designed for A & B - Class.
       Simultaneous removal of two injectors without dismounting              Universal Injector Remover with 4
       the valves cover                                                       adjustable feet for JTD Diesel Engines
      application	
                                                                             application	
     	 MERCEDES Models:                                                     	 Models:
       168                                                                    FIAT, ALFA, OPEL,
       (A class old model up to 2004),                                        SAAB, SUZUKI
       169 (245 B),                                                           Engines: JTD
       A class
       (new model from 2004),
       B class
       Engines: 668, 640

09     GV3-640                                                       10       GV3-620

       Special kit suitable for removing                                      Special kit suitable for removing
       DELPHI Injectors on Diesel Engines.                                    SIEMENS Injectors on Diesel
       Also socket for removing                                               CR Engines
       New DELPHI Injectors
                                                                             application	
      application	                                                         	 Models:
     	 Models:                                                                PEUGEOT, CITROEN,
       SSANGYONG, MERCEDES,                                                   FORD, TOYOTA
       MAZDA, KIA                                                             Engine: 1.4 - 2.0 - 2.2 diesels
       Engine: CDI, Common Rail
11     GV3-230                                                      12      GV3-700       Complete set for removing dCi BOSCH Injectors
                                                                                          without dismounting the cylinder head. Equipped
       Complete special set for                                            with bracket and 2 adjusting screws to easily remove 2 injectors
       removing MERCEDES CDI                                               simultaneously.
       Injectors from narrow and
       restricted engine                                                  application	
       compartments areas.                                               	 Models:
                                                                           RENAULT Espace,
      application	                                                        NISSAN, OPEL
     	 Models:                                                             Engine:
       MERCEDES                                                            2.0, 2.2,
       Engine: CDI                                                         2.5 dCi (G9T, G9U)

13      GV3-710                                                     14      GV3-810

       Special Extracting Tool for                                         Special Extracting tool for
       DELPHI Injectors                                                    DENSO CR Injectors.
                                                                           Works with GV3-260,
      application	                                                        GV3-700 and GV3-710.
       RENAULT and NISSAN                                                 application	
       Engine: 1.5 dCi                                                   	 Models:
                                                                           TOYOTA, MAZDA, HYUNDAI

15     GV3-560         Complete set for removing PSA HDI BOSCH      16      GV3-550        Complete set for removing BMW CR Injectors
                       and SIEMENS Injectors without dismounting                           without dismounting the cylinder head.
        GV3-564        the cylinder head. Equipped with a pulling           GV3-555        Equipped with a blower adapter to clean the
                       bridge and an adjustable screw system to                            injector seats.
       easily remove injectors and a blower adapter to clean the
       injector seats.

      application	                                                       application	
     	 Models:                                                             Engines:
       TOYOTA, MAZDA,                                                      BMW Common Rail
       HYUNDAI                                                             M47TU, M57, M57TU,
       Engine: PSA 2.0,                                                    M87, and M87TU
       HDI DW10 and DW12

     tools                                               The special tools needed to
                                                         service the injection system

01     GV3-470         Set of tools suitable for BOSCH and SIEMENS 02       GV3-780            Kit of tools for BOSCH Injector edge and seat
                       injectors seat cleaning, complete with tool                             resurfacing
        GV3-477        for injector seat resurfacing, injector edge         GV3-790            Kit of tools for SIEMENS and DELPHI injector
                       resurfacing and blowing tool for M10+M8 thread                          edge and seat resurfacing
                                                                          components	
      application	                                                      		 Special tool for
     		 CDI Engines:                                                       BOSCH d-15.5mm,
       MERCEDES, VOLVO,                                                    d-17mm / d-19mm
       FORD, RENAULT, KIA,                                                 Special tool for
       FIAT, ALFA, LANCIA,                                                 SIEMENS d-17mm
       OPEL, SUZUKI, VW,                                                   Special tool for
       PEUGEOT, CITROEN,                                                   DELPHI d-17mm

03     SRA-400                                                      04     CR Nozzle holder Wrench
       Lapping tool kit for
       CR Injector Spherical seat                                        	 Dismounting Wrench for solenoid HEX. 29mm
      function	
                                                                         	 Dismounting Wrench for solenoid HEX. 30mm
     	 Lapping kit that enables to
       rebuild the conic seat of the                                       SRA-491	
       closing valve (CR return                                          	 Nozzle holder wrench for DELPHI Injectors
       valve) positioned under the                                        application
       CR injector solenoids                                               General DELPHI injectors
                                                                           Models: FORD Mondeo (DELPHI system),
                                                                           FORD Transit (DELPHI system)
05        SRA-440                                                         06       SRA-313CR

          Kit of tools to extract and replace                                      Advanced Universal Tool to
          the fiber ring on the control spool                                      dismount and mount all type
          valve of the BOSCH CR lnjectors                                          of Nozzle Holders of all
                                                                                   Common-Rail and
      components	                                                                 EUI/PD Injectors
          Positioning device

07        GV3-317              Complete set for removing                  08       GV3-590
                               M10 + M8 thread glow plugs
      components                                                                  Glow Plug Reaming Kit for
     -			Ratchet Wrench                                                            M10x1 and M10x1, 25
     - Ø9-5,5 mm. double diameters bit,
       piloted drill bit, with extension
     - Puller 10x1 threaded male
     - 1/4” threaded male
     - E10 torx socket
     - Ø 6 mm. guide (2 pcs.)
       1/4” threaded insert (2 pcs.)
       M8x1 threaded male
     - Ø 7-5,5 mm. piloted drill bit

09        SRA-120           Universal Clamp plates to use with vice in
                            order to hold injectors upright and service


      application	
     	 Injector body
          11, 12, 13, 15,
          16, 17, 18,
          19, 20, 22 mm

 accessories                                                     The complete service of injectors
                                                                 requires spare parts at hand.

01         SRB-25            SRB-45         SRB-34          RDV-55        02       SRA-342

          Common-Rail Parts                                                        Anti-magnetic pliers kit

     	 Bosch CR Back-Leak spheres                                                for spheres and parts
        (F00VC05001 / 1,34mm)                                                      replacement
     	 Bosch CR Back-Leak phase 2
        Anti-magnetic spheres
        (F00VC05008 / 1,34mm)
     	 Bosch CR Back-Leak fiber ring
        and flame trap (F00VC99002)
     	 Delphi Injector control valve

03        SRA-503

          Illuminated lens

         with X10 magnification
                                                                                                             photo: George Tzortzis
                                                                           design: Maria Kalofouti
                                                                                    photo: George Tzortzis

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