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					                              Refugee Health Assessment – Department of Human Services and General Practice Divisions Victoria

Refugee Health Assessment – Organisational Flowchart
Initial Preparation                                         1st Clinical Visit                 2nd &/or 3rd Clinical                Please Note:
                                                      1. Review current medical                       Visits
                                                         concerns                                                                   1. It may take more visits to
      Download Refugee Health Assessment                                                                                              complete all the – Information                                                      1. Review any new current                  information for the
                                                      2. Record/Update Clinical                medical concerns
       Management > IM Resources > MD                                                                                                  assessment.
       templates                                         Record
                                                          Social/Family history            2. Check Investigations and
                                                          Smoking/alcohol                                                          2. Item 712 or 714 can be
      Install template into Medical Director                                                  discuss results
                                                          Medications                                                                 claimed before test
                                                          Past History                                                                results have been
      Record patient demographics into                                                     3. Check/Record/Update
                                                          Allergies/Warnings                   Patient details                       checked.
       Practice Management software
                                                          Immunisations                        Family and Social
                                                          Obstetric History                      History                           3. The health assessment is
                                                          Examination                          Past history                          recommended for all
                                                                                                Medications                           immigrants and asylum
                                                      3. Order investigations                                                          seekers from resource
                                                                                            4. Open and complete                       poor countries, although
                                                      4. Commence catch-up                     Refugee Health                          some may be ineligible
                                                         immunisations if needed               Assessment template and                 for items 714 or 716.
                                                                                                Pre-departure screening            4. A Practice Nurse may
       GPMP and TCA                                                                             Nutritional Hx                        assist in the collection of
       (Items 721 & 723)                                    Practice Nurse                      Mental health                         information and the
                                                            Immunisation                          assessment                           recording of
 Mental Health Care Plan,                                      (Item 10993                      For children -                        measurements.
  Review, Consultation                                                                            developmental
   (Items 2710, 2712, 2713)                            Practice Nurse Wound                       assessment                        5. It is recommended that
                                                            Management                          Problem list and plan                 all refugee health
 Home Medicines Review                                         (Item 10996                                                             assessments be bulk
          (Item 900)                                                                                                                   billed.
   45-49 Health Check
          (Item 717)                                        Pathways to other item numbers                        This tool was developed by
                                                                                                                  General Practice Victoria

                                                                                                                             A GP and Practice Nurse Resource Sheet

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