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									                                                                                                                     JULY 2010

Four ‘n’ Eight
President’s Message                                                                         Contents
In my last message I said that there was a real sense of excitement around the Club.        Presidents Message            1
That buzz has heightened with the Australian Junior Four in full training, alongside very   New Members                   1
large and enthusiastic boys and girls squads. We have also had a great start to the JB
                                                                                            Australian Senior Team        2
Sharpe Regatta series. This is traditionally dominated by the Bay Clubs around Iron
Cove, but Mosman is looking to upset that tradition and win the overall point score         Youth Cup                     2
with good results for the rest of the series. Many members of the junior squads are         2011 Tours – USA, Poznan      2
having their first races in Mosman colours, and it is great to see the Club spirit being    New website and systems       2
displayed.                                                                                  Australian Masters            3

Welcome to New Members                                                                      NSW Awards                    3
                                                                                            Club Social plans             3
The success of the junior winter squads has brought an influx of new members.               NSW Masters                   4
I extend a very warm welcome to the following new members:
                                                                                            Safety Note                   4

Guy Beever
                                                                                            Coaching                      5
                               Will Newnham                    Kate Hundleby
Zachary Bengtsson              Lachlan Pullar                  Rachael Kiely                Ski Racks                     5
Andrew Bernerius               Bart Rollins                    Rosie Jeavons- Fellows
Toby Davies                                                                                 Club Centenary                6
                               Robert Van Hagan                Elizabeth Foxton
Hugh Delaney                                                   Sarah Ludowici               Gym News                      7
Matt Donnellan                 Maddeleine Battersby            Jackie Morbey
Rory Glover                                                                                 Future Newsletters            7
                               Coco Bryant                     Kate Molloy
Jake Grave
                               Isabelle Colla                  Lucinda O’regan              Photo Gallery                 8
Mitchell Keogh
                               Adrienne Crumpton               Mia Pritchard
Henry Lees
Chad Mayer                     Bridgette Donnellan             Esther San Miguel
Maxwell Mann                   Emmaline Fick                   Lucy Sutherland
James Montgomery               Georgie Gotch                   Lily Waller
Rob Morris                     Amelia Halley                   Emma Willson
                                                                                                      MOSMAN ROWING CLUB

                                              Australian Senior Team and travellers
                                              Dan Noonan (left) has recovered from           While on the topic of tourists, popular
                                              some injury problems and is back in the        masters champion Professor John “Doc”
                                              Australian quad scull crew.                    Myburgh is at the Henley Royal Regatta
                                                                                             this week for the 30th anniversary
                                              The crew finished fourth in the World
                                                                                             reunion of his South African crew which
                                              Cup in Munich, but Nick Garratt reports
                                                                                             was very successful over many years at
                                              that this was under a full training load,
                                                                                             Henley. In 1978 they made the final of
                                              and with Dan in the 2 seat. He is keen to
                                                                                             the Wyfold Cup for coxless fours, were
                                              be back in the stroke seat for the final
                                                                                             also finalists in 1980 in the prestigious
                                              World Cup in Lucerne on 10-11 July.
                                                                                             Ladies Plate for eights, and in 1984 won
                                              Our Vice President, Will Liley will be in      the Thames Cup for eights - by any
                                              Lucerne to cheer him on and we look            measure an outstanding performance,
                                              forward to Will’s usual detailed report.       and well worth celebrating.

“Let’s have a big cheer squad at Penrith to support these fine young athletes in the next step of
                                                                  their representative careers”

Coming soon!                                  Youth Cup
A New Boat Booking                            The Youth Cup is on at SIRC from 9 to 11 July. This event is an important stepping stone
System and Club Website                       in the development path that bridges the gap between International Junior and Under
                                              23 Teams.
Our IT Committee of Peter Spasojevic and
                                              Mosman will be represented by Jake Waller and Eliza Flint, together with Jess Buttel
Mark Lewarne have been working on an
                                              and Emily Brown from Queenwood. Alfie Young and Chris Holliday are coaching the
electronic boat booking system to replace
                                              Youth Cup squad.
the old white board. This will enable all
members to book boats, organise training      Let’s have a big cheer squad at Penrith to support these fine young athletes in the next
                                              step of their representative careers.
sessions and communicate with each other
online. This will be up and running soon.     We extend our best wishes for success in the Regatta.

Peter and Mark will provide further details
at briefings and demonstrations of the new
                                              2011 Tours - USA, Poznan and Boston
system.                                       For the junior girls and boys squads, we would like to organise a trip to some early
                                              season regattas on the West Coast of the USA, shortly after the end of the next season,
Work has also started on a fresh new Club     when Australian Championships and Head of the river commitments are finished. This
website with loads of new content,            is something to look forward to for our young members.
Facebook links, and more.
                                              The Masters F Troop is already planning their assault on the FISA Masters Regatta in
                                              Poznan, Poland, in September 2011. No doubt there will be a large and well drilled
The team is looking for a capable web
                                              Mosman contingent at this massive regatta, where old friendships and rivalries are
developer to help get the new site up and
                                              renewed annually.
running. If you know of anyone who can
                                              Plans are also well advanced for a return to the Head of the Charles in Boston in
help please contact Peter on 0412 399 400.
                                              October 2011, after our Masters 8 came so close to a win in 2008.
 MOSMAN ROWING CLUB                                                                                                                      3

                                                                                              NSWRA Annual Dinner
            Silver Medal – Mens A Quad Scull – Australian Masters Champs
           Paul Webster, Jonas Matos Da Silva, Mark Campbell, Sean Abbott                     Sydney Rowing Club hosted the largest
                                                                                              ever NSWRA Annual Dinner on 9 June, with
                                                                                              over 250 guests. Mosman won the Kevin

Australian Masters Championships                                                              Webb trophy for the NSW Sprint
                                                                                              Championship Point Score.
A small contingent made the trek to Perth to race at the new Champion Lakes course
in Perth in early June. Some varying winds made the starters job a bit testing at times,
                                                                                              Individual Achievement Award winners
but on the whole the racing was close and fair. The new venue came through with
flying colours, and all had a most enjoyable time. Phil Titterton had organized boats
to be sent on a well stacked trailer, shared by several Sydney clubs, and driven across
                                                                                               Dan Noonan – Oarsman of the Year
the Nullabor and back by Peter Trives and Dave Hogan from Leichhardt. Our thanks to
Peter and Dave for a mighty effort, particularly when their speed was limited to about         Robert Wright - Coxswain of the Year
80kph for much of the trip due to the size of the load.

The highlight of the Mosman racing was the emergence of Sean Abbott as a National              Gonzalo Briones – Schoolgirl Coach of

champion sculler in his first season of rowing, winning 5 medals at the                         the Year.
Championships. Sean is an elite kayak paddler, having represented Australia in two
World Championships. He was inspired to try rowing after seeing Australia win gold            Congratulations to those winners.

medals in Beijing. In his first serious regatta, he made the final of the A single scull at
the World Masters Games in Sydney in October. In Perth, rowing with Paul Webster,
he won the B double scull over some very classy opposition, then narrowly took silver
in the A double scull. Sean topped that off with silver in the A quad and bronze              Social Functions
medals in the C quad and double. By any measure this was an outstanding
                                                                                              We hope to start a regular Club social
performance, and I look forward to Sean dominating masters sculling for some years
to come.                                                                                      dinner in the near future, with a quick and
                                                                                              inexpensive dinner in the new clubhouse,
The irrepressible Brazilian, Jonas Matos Da Silva, kept the crowd entertained with his
                                                                                              followed by a speaker or entertainment.
Usain Bolt impersonations, backflips and moonwalks on the presentation dais after
winning a silver medal in the A quad and a bronze in the mixed 8.

Marg Small and Anne Taylor (“you only live once so why not enjoy it”) flew to Perth
just to race in one of their favourite events, the F double scull. In a very hot field they
just missed a medal in the final.
4                                                                                                       MOSMAN ROWING CLUB

Australian Masters (continued)
Mark Connaghan was an enthusiastic first time
tourist, bringing home a pile of medals. Alice has
let it slip that that he has them longingly polished
in pride of place in his bedroom.

Peter Mayoh and Phil Titterton each snared 7
medals including gold in the F four (they also
dragged Mark Williams up into that lofty age
category for the ride).

The NSW coxswain of the year, Robert Wright,
steered the NSW women’s 8 to a nail biting silver
medal, losing by 0.04 sec in a photo, after the
commentator had called a victory for NSW. Robert
                                                                      Australian Champions – mixed coxed four, quad scull and eight -
added another 8 medals to his tally, including 4
                                                                     Robert Wright ( cox of four and eight), Dianne Williams and Deanna
gold.                                                                           Fekete ( LRC), Mark Campbell,Mark Williams

Mixed racing has, perhaps surprisingly, become a pretty serious feature of Masters Championships. Mark Campbell and Mark
Williams joined NSW representatives, Deanna Fekete and Dianne Williams of Leichhardt for tight wins in the four and quad. Anne
Parbury and Angela Conry, also State representatives, made up a mixed 8 and had to fight hard to win over a Banks crew containing
4 Olympians.

The Interstate Quad was a disappointing 4th. On paper we thought it was the best chance of breaking Victoria’s unbeaten run of 9
victories in this event. But it was not to be, so it’s back to the drawing board and try to win the 8 next year.

NSW Masters Championships
A beautiful weekend in Grafton saw some tight racing on the Clarence River. A solid contingent of Mosman masters made the trip to
Grafton. A standout performance was the Women’s quad scull of Anne Taylor, Marg Small, Liz Burrows and Cathy Alexander winning
the E final for the 4th year in a row. Gretchen Kellner then replaced Cathy and the crew dominated a very competitive field to win the
D quad scull as well, beating fancied Leichhardt and Queensland quads full of Interstate representatives. Annie and Marg also won the
F double scull.

On the men’s side, Stuart Sincock had a field day, winning the A and B single scull with hard fought victories over fitness guru and
multiple national champion, Rick Kranen. Stuart joined Mark Campbell for a good win in the C double scull. James Taylor, John “Doc”
Myburgh, John Dollisson and Mark Williams had a win in the E quad scull and joined the F troop to win the F eight.

        Safety, care of boats and responsibility for damage to Club equipment
        Safety of our rowers is paramount. Our fleet of boats is a very expensive asset, and members must take as much care with
        club boats as they would with their own private boat. Collisions with other boats, obstacles or debris put lives and boats at
        risk. A detailed safety and boat care policy will shortly be published on the website and circulated to all members. I urge
        everyone to take particular care to follow the traffic rules, and keep a proper lookout at all times. We have had a number of
        incidents recently that have involved the need for expensive boat repairs. We should do everything we can to avoid this. It is
        better to be spending money on new boats than repairing damage which is avoidable. The most important point to note is
        that the Club does not presently have insurance for damage to boats caused by collisions on the water. If a boat is damaged,
        the Committee may require the members at fault to pay some or all of the cost of repair. Full details of this policy will be on
        the website.
  MOSMAN ROWING CLUB                                                                                                                 5

                                                                                            Surf Ski Storage
                                                                                            Ocean ski paddling is a new and growing
                                                                                            sport, and you will see many on Middle
                                                                                            Harbour when out training in the morning.
                                                                                            From our contacts with World Champion,
                                                                                            Dean Gardiner, and dual Olympic kakyak
                                                                                            paddler, Yanda Nossiter from Ocean
                                                                                            Paddler at Manly Vale, we have a long
                                                                                            waiting list of ski paddlers looking for
                                                                                            somewhere to store skis.

                                                                                            From 1 July we will be opening a ski storage
                                                                                            facility, using mobile racks built by Club
                                                                                            member John Doyle. The first rack was
                                                                                            completed this week, and John will be
    Aussie Junior Four - Louis Snelson ( stroke), Michael Bernerius, Aaron Wright,          constructing further racks once we see if
                      Tom Gunton ( bow). Coach: Tom Laurich
                                                                                            there are any teething problems. The racks
                                                                                            will be kept in the secure area between the
                                                                                            two boatsheds. This will be another
Coaching                                                                                    important source of revenue for the Club,

After some encouragement from Rocky, regular coaches meetings resumed on 18                 so please make welcome the ski paddlers
June. The first meeting was attended by Mark Williams, John Dollisson, Nick Garratt,        you will see around the Club in the near
Tom Laurich, Steve Gordon, Linda Read, Gonzalo Briones and Chris Holliday. It’s great       future. (We might even unearth some
to see all the coaches working well together, particularly over this winter with the        more converts from ski paddling to rowing
large squads in training. As Nick Garratt always says, this is a coach driven sport, and
                                                                                            like Sean Abbott!) Ski paddlers will be
we are fortunate to have such a skilled and dedicated group of coaches.
                                                                                            signing an agreement for use of the storage
It also took some encouragement to convince the indefatigable Nick Garratt to take a        facility, with an option to use the shower
holiday, but he has decided to take a few weeks well-earned break in Europe, starting       facilities in the old boatshed.
on 4 July. As usual with Nick, it wouldn’t be a holiday without some rowing activity.
As well as talking to Empacher about the purchase of 2 new men’s and women’s
eights, Nick will be catching up with the latest developments in coaching and
competition at Henley Royal Regatta and the final World Cup in Lucerne. We wish
him well and hope that he has a most enjoyable break.

We extend a warm welcome to Craig Williams, a very respected and experienced
coach of Riverview crews. Craig is joining the coaching staff at least for the next term,
partly to cover some of the squads while Nick and Tom Laurich are away from the
 6                                                                                                      MOSMAN ROWING CLUB

Centenary Book
Work is well under way on the Centenary History of the Club .We are unearthing lots of fascinating material about the Club over the
last 100 years. The book committee includes noted sports journalist Tim Sheridan, Stuart Sincock, Sarah Hill, Amy Ives, Candace Lewis,
Tony Blay and myself, together with our publishers and editors, Warwick and Carol Jacobson. We plan to have the book ready for sale
before the Centenary Dinner in May 2011. Apart from being a comprehensive history of Mosman’s success, the book will include
significant sections on our school programmes over the last 20 years, as well as the CBA Regattas. Thanks go out to those members
and former members who have already gone to the trouble of providing valuable archive material.

Centenary Dinner

Our Centenary Dinner will now be held on Saturday 21 May 2011 – please put the date in your diary now. This is a slight change from
the date announced in last month’s newsletter. However it was necessary to take into account various events ranging from National
Championships to the CBA Regatta. The date we have chosen is after the end of the major regatta season and between the State and
Australian Masters Championships. This will be a Black Tie dinner in the Grand Ballroom at the Novotel Manly Pacific Hotel. This is the
largest venue we could find on the North Shore with a capacity of 350 people.

                                     Junior girls “sweeping” all before them at the JB Sharp Regatta.
 MOSMAN ROWING CLUB                                                                                                                7

Gym News
 Steve Gordon and Alexa Liley have organized sessions at 6am
 every Friday morning with a professional fitness coach.

 A big group turned up for the first session on Friday 2 July.
 Everyone is welcome to come along and have fun trying to
 maintain and improve your flexibility and core strength – only
 $5 a session.

Future Newsletters
 For many years the Club issued a regular Newsletter called “Four and Eight” but this has not been published for several years.
 The Newsletter you are reading now is an attempt to get a regular members newsletter going again in a clean new format. This
 will ultimately link up with online member communication, but for now we are looking for volunteers to help gather news,
 photos and other content and help prepare a monthly issue.

 It just needs a couple of volunteers with some communications and basic publishing skills. If you are interested in helping out
 please contact any committee member – your help will be greatly valued.

 All members are encouraged to participate by submitting short articles and photos for publication.

 Mosman Rowing Club
 Spit Reserve, Mosman NSW 2088                     Committee:      Mark Williams – President
 PO Box 58, Seaforth NSW 2092
                                                                   Will Liley – Vice President
 Phone and fax: (02) 9969-6121
                                                                   John Dollisson – Club Captain
                                                                   Sarah Hill – Vice Captain

                                                                   Anne Taylor – Secretary

                                                                   Gretchen Kellner – Treasurer

                                                                   Jane Davidson – Member

                                                                   Peter Spasojevic – Member

                                                                   Bryan Weir – Member

     Photos in this Newsletter are courtesy of our Head Coach (and Master Photographer) Nick Garratt and various members.
8                                                      MOSMAN ROWING CLUB

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