; ASTRATEC M29 M29 M29 M29 M29 AUTOMATIC BATTERY - M29 data sheet
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ASTRATEC M29 M29 M29 M29 M29 AUTOMATIC BATTERY - M29 data sheet


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                                                                                   Accurate battery testing made easy.....
1.   Is the M29 accurate? The M29 is very accurate, the battery is fully
     discharged during the test to prove the performance.
                                                                                      ASTRATEC M29 AUTOMATIC
                                                                                   BATTERY PERFORMANCE CHECKER
2.   Does the battery need to be fully charged? Yes it does, the M29
     will tell you if the battery is not charged.
3.   Can I test any battery with this tester? Yes any 12 volt lead acid
     (including AGM and GEL types) in the range 10-100 Ah can be tested,
     including unknown far eastern brands.                                                *Easy to use, no technical knowledge required!
4.   Will manufacturers understand and accept these results? Astratec
     have been producing battery testers for more than 25 years, our
     products are well known to battery manufacturers and we can provide
     technical support as needed.

♦ Lead acid batteries should not be left for long periods in a discharged
     state - recharge your battery as soon as you can after use. This will
     extend its life.
♦ If during the winter you do not use your battery, charge it up for a day
     every month, this will keep it in good condition.
♦ Don’t leave your battery on charge all winter (unless your charger
     instructions says this is OK).
♦ Once fully charged, batteries self discharge very slowly and can be left
     for a month or so without any need to top them up.
♦ Keep the battery cool, don’t place in bright sunshine or next to a boiler,
     this may reduce the life of your battery.

Need advice on battery testing? Contact us on the number below.

All Astratec products are made in the UK and are covered by a comprehen-           *Ideal for testing: Golf trolley batteries, Electric Scooter batteries,
sive 12 month warranty.                                                            Wheelchair batteries, Garden equipment batteries, Electric bike
                                                                                   batteries .... and many more.
Astratec Electronics Ltd                                 T: +44 (0) 1327 705936
                                                         F: +44 (0) 1327 300665
2-3 James Watt Close, Drayton Fields,
Daventry, Northants, NN11 8RJ, England
                                                         E: sales@astratec.co.uk
                                                         W: www.astratec.co.uk
                                               ttery erfor
                                    utomatic Batter Performance Check
                               M29 Automatic Batter y Perfor mance Checker
                                                                                              FAN COOLED
WHAT IS THE M29?                                       EASY TO                                DISCHARGE      TESTING A BATTERY WITH THE M29
                                                       FOLLOW                                 LOAD
The M29 is a unique, accurate, easy to                 OPERATING                                             The M29 has been designed to be really easy
use Battery Performance tester that                    GUIDE                                                 to use!
enables you to accurately check the
capacity of 12 volt sealed lead acid                                                                         Simply charge up the battery you want to test,
batteries.                                                                                                   connect up the M29 (crocodile clip connec-
                                                                                                             tions) to the battery, select the battery make
Any battery from 10-100 Ah can be                                                                            and model (M29 PRO) or the battery Ah rating
tested. The M29 discharges the battery                                                                       (M29 and M29 PRO), the rest is automatic.
and at the end of the test shows the %
capacity available from the battery.                                                                         The M29 automatically selects the appropriate
                                                                                               COMPACT       test setup and shows the progress of the test
The test process is fully automatic and
                                                                                               SIZE,         on the front panel LCD. The test ends auto-
no technical knowledge is required to                                                          WEIGHS        matically and the LCD displays the details of
                                               LCD SHOWS                                       JUST
use this tester.                                                                                             the battery and the % capacity it provided.
                                               BATTERY                                         500 gms
The M29 takes the guess work out of
                                               SELECTION                                                     For most applications, batteries below 80%
battery testing, enabling you to decide        AND TEST                                                      should be replaced.
when and if a battery is faulty and needs      RESULTS


                                                                                                         Battery voltage     12 volt (polarity protected)
                                                                                                         Battery type        Lead Acid,
HOW DOES IT WORK?                                                                                                            (Lithium 14.4v,Nicad, NiMH
                                                                                                                             versions available).
The M29 is a compact microcomputer controlled battery                                                    Battery range       10 - 100 Ah.
discharger. The energy held by the battery is carefully                                                  Power Source        12 volt battery being tested.
drained and measured by the microcontroller, which                                                       Case                Painted aluminium.
then calculates the expected discharge performance                                                       Connection          Via croc leads.
                                                              2 WIRE                       SIMPLE,
and compares this with the actual energy produced by                                                     Size                185mm depth x 115mm width
the battery. These measurements are then converted            CROC CLIP    PC/PRINTER      SINGLE
                                                                                                                              x 40mm height.
to produce an easy to understand % Battery Capacity           CONNECTION   OUTPUT ON       BUTTON
                                                                                                         Weight              500 gms.
result.                                                       TO BATTERY   M29 PRO MODEL   OPERATION     Discharge current   8A resistive load.
                                                              (POLARITY                                  Display             4 x 20 line LCD.
At the end of each test, the test results and test param-     PROTECTED)                                 User interface      Via a single front panel push
eters are shown on the LCD display, additional test                                                                          button and LCD display.
details can also be viewed by pressing the front panel                                                   Results             Shows battery % and battery
push-button.                                                                                                                 test time.

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