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									                                                                                         Board of Trustees
                                      June 2006                                        Ron Lenington, DVM, President
                                                                                        Richard Craft, Vice-President
                                                                                      Sam Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer
                                                                                      Fred McAdam, Frank Salisbury,
                      A Communication
                                                                                  William McCormick, Dwane Kessinger,
                   Service To Our Members                                           Mack Chrisman, Patrick Steward

                                                                                    The Caney Valley Electric
                                                                                     Cooperative Assn., Inc.
                                                                                        P.O. Box 308, 401 Lawrence • E-mail:                       Cedar Vale, Kansas 67024
               In Case of an Outage, Please call 1-800-310-8911                  Phone (620) 758-2262 • Fax (620) 758-2926

From the Manager’s Desk…
     We want to thank those of you who were able to             representative        “We had another
attend our 58th Annual Meeting at Cedar Vale May 2.             system work as
     There was outstanding attendance at the meeting,           it should. The
especially considering the time of the year with so             other board            Annual Meeting
many school activities happening.                               nominees were:       and hope you can
     Prior to the meeting, members were treated to              District 1: Dale        join us again
gospel entertainment provided by the County Liners,             Coffman, Cedar          May 1, 2007.”      Allen A. Zadorozny
a group of members which included Shirley Brown,                Vale; District
Verne Sweaney, Lowell Harp, Don Cox, Dale Steward               2: James David
and Barry Harp.                                                 Perkins, Howard; and District 3: Raymond Williams,
     One of the most important functions of the meet-           Sedan.
ing was the election of three Board members. The                     During the meeting, the cooperative recognized
Trustees re-elected were Ron Lenington, DVM, Cedar              two employees for their years of service to Caney Val-
Vale; Dwane Kessinger, Grenola; and Mack Chrisman,              ley. Debbie Wall has worked for Caney Valley for 25
Sedan.                                                          years, and J.D. Sanders for 45 years.
     The other members who ran for the Board posi-                   The Annual Meeting requires help and coopera-
tions are to be commended and properly thanked                  tion from many sources. At the risk of accidentally
for their willingness to serve on your Board. These             omitting anyone that should be thanked, we extend our
members assisted us in making the cooperative’s                 appreciation to the following: The Caney Valley Elec-
                                                                                 tric Cooperative, Assn. members; the
                                                                                 Cedar Vale Lions Club; the County
                                                                                 Liners; Cedar Vale Schools; Doug
                                                                                 Shepherd, Kansas Electric Coopera-
                                                                                 tives, Inc.; Steve Parr, Kansas Electric
                                                                                 Power Cooperative, Inc., (KEPCo);
                                                                                 Tom Grennan, KEPCo; member door
                                                                                 prizes, Brett Champlin; the Caney
                                                                                 Valley Board of Trustees, Attorney,
                                                                                 and employees. We would also like to
                                                                                 thank Sarah Massey, Macy Warburton,
                                                                                 Erin Champlin and Aubrey Wilson for
                                                                                 providing child care at the meeting.
                                                                                      We hope that you can come to the
                                                                                 next year’s Annual Meeting on May 1,
                                                                                 2007, at the Sedan fairgrounds.
The 336 members present at the Annual Meeting enjoyed great information, fabu-
lous entertainment and a good meal.                                                         Allen A. Zadorozny, Manager
2006 Cooperative Youth Leadership Camp                                        Participate in
    Each July Caney Valley
Electric sponsors an all-expense-
                                      elect directors and ambassadors,
                                      and participate in small group
                                                                              Peak Control
                                                                                  June - September
paid trip to Steamboat Springs,       assignments. Trip highlights
                                                                           What is Peak Control?
Colorado, for an area student to      include trips to Mt. Werner, Fish
                                                                               Peak Control is a voluntary
participate in Cooperative Youth      Creek Falls, the Trapper Coal        program in which our members can
Leadership Camp. This event           Mine, and the Craig Power Plant.     participate to hold down electricity
is sponsored by electric coop-            Caney Valley Electric has        costs to both Caney Valley ECA and
eratives in Colorado, Wyoming,        sponsored this trip since 1995.      themselves.
Oklahoma and Kansas. This             This year we are very excited
contest is open to all current high   to send two youth to camp. The       What Can Members Do To
school juniors in Caney Valley’s      lucky winners of this year’s trip    Participate in Peak Control?
service area, whose parents or        are Ryan Hubert, son of Dan and          Members can participate by
                                                                           voluntarily monitoring when they use
guardians are members of the          Paula Hubert, Sedan; and Jessica
                                                                           electric equipment and appliances
cooperative.                          Ellis, daughter of Charley and       which require larger amounts of
    The youth form a coopera-         Linda Ellis, Grenola.                electricity.
tive, learn about members’ roles             Congratulations
in rural electric cooperatives,           Ryan and Jessica!                When Do Members Need to
                                                                           Participate in Peak Control?
 Caney Valley Awards Scholarships                                               Members need to participate
                                                                           during the hours of 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
     Caney Valley Electric awards
                                        Scholarship winners                every weekday from June 1 through
seven $600 scholarships each year
                                                                           September 30.
to seniors going to college or a         for 2006-2007 are:                     The actual peak demand for June,
technical school.                                                          July, August and September deter-
     Students with a full-time          Wendie Clubine, Caney Valley       mines the billing demand for each
status of 12 credit hours or more         Katie McKinley, Cedar Vale       respective month. Special emphasis
are considered. Leadership ac-                                             is placed on July and August, as the
tivities, financial need, GPA and            Victoria Kill, Dexter         peak electricity demand registered
ACT scores are also considered in                                          by the cooperative during those two
                                            Beth Williams, Dexter          months drives the electricity billings
determining the winners.
                                                                           for the following eight months. Be
     Unclaimed or undeliverable            Amanda McCoy, Sedan             aware of days that have high temper-
capital credit refunds are used to                                         atures forecasted above 90 degrees;
fund the scholarship program.             Charley P. Stettler, Sedan
                                                                           these are the type of days when peak
Scholarships given to date total        Frank A. Salisbury III, West Elk   demands usually occur.
                                                                           What Benefit May the Members
                         Operating Statistics                              See From Taking Part in Peak
 For Month Ending:                    March 2005          March 2006       Control?
 Customers Billed                        5,193               5,234              By helping hold the line for
 Kilowatt Hours Sold                   3,975,792           4,116,574       the KW demand charges on Caney
 Total Revenue                         $ 452,184           $ 487,489       Valley’s wholesale electric bill, the
 Purchased Power                       $ 218,724           $ 278,552       member will also limit the amount
 Operating Expenses                    $ 126,910           $ 124,247       of the resulting power cost adjust-
 Depreciation Expenses                 $ 44,067            $ 41,861        ment (PCA) charges added to his/her
 Interest Expenses                     $ 36,796            $ 35,467        electric bill.
 Other Expenses                        $     535           $     443            Please contact our office at (620)
 Operating Margins                     $ 25,152            $ 6,919         758-2261 or 800-310-8911 for any
 Non-Operating Margins                 $ 6,956             $ 9,554         questions you may have. We thank
 Total Margins                         $ 32,108            $ 16,472        you for your participation in this
 Margins Year-to-Date                  $ 240,925           $ 193,641       program.


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