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From the International Surgery Desk


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									                           From the International                                                                 Department of Surgery

                               Surgery Desk                                                                               October 2010

Message from Associate Chair, Education
                                For many years, the Department of Surgery has included among its
                              faculty a number of individuals quietly dedicated to the pursuit of
                              improving health care in the developing world, some on a full-time basis
                              and others combining careers in Canada with international stints. There
                              has also been a steady stream of residents and medical students into our
                              Department who have demonstrated an ever-increasing presence in
                              international activities, many of them bringing their pre-medical school
                              experiences with them, all of which encourage and inspire us.
                                These activities are mirrored in other Departments such as Anesthesia,                    Development
                              Obstetrics/Gynecology, Medicine and Pediatrics. As such, a more                               Education
                              formalized group within the Department of Surgery will facilitate                              Service
                              collaborative activities in the Faculty of Health Sciences and across the                Knowledge Translation
                                The Department of Surgery, recognizing the incredible contributions and
                              potential within its members, has sought to support the activities                      Upcoming Events
                              surrounding International Surgery by forming the International Surgery
                              Desk under the office of Education. This has allowed for the placement of
administrative assistance and a framework for coordinating, collating, and encouraging Department                  October 14, 2010 at noon
member activities. The Department of Surgery is intent on assisting the International Surgery Desk                  Pediatric Grand Rounds 4E20
in fulfilling its vision of coordinating the clinical, research and educational activities of its members           Dr. Abdur-Rahman (Nigeria)
and encouraging all Surgical Divisions to participate through the ISD Advisory Committee in
addition to individual efforts.                                                                                    October 19-20, 1-9 pm
  We are delighted to have Dr. Brian Cameron appointed as the Director of the International                         Course: From EBM to OR
Surgery Desk, supported by Ms. Kathy Wilson as his Administrative Assistant and Gillian Wood as
editorial staff. The strong presence of the International Surgery Desk has already been felt within
the Department, and is reflected by the myriad activities detailed in this newsletter. Please join me              October 19, 2010 at 7 pm
in congratulating Dr. Cameron.                                                                                      ISD Journal Club
                                                                                 Susan Reid, MD, FRCSC,
                                                          Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Education.         October 25, 2010 at noon
                                                                                                                    Pediatric Grand Rounds, 4E20
UBC SURG 510 by Dr. Jola Omole, PGY4 (Gen Surg)                                                                     Dr. Dan Poenaru (Kenya)

                                                                                                                   October 25, 2010 at 4:30 pm
                                        The 12-week curriculum was           philanthropic idealism or an           Global Health/ISD Seminar
  Access to basic health care         implemented using nine modules         ethical rhetoric, but a legitimate     MDCL 3020
interventions has increasingly been with three assignments for               international obligation and
the focus of global health, but       submission and review, as well as      should be tenet in any
essential surgical services have      readings and exercises and online      international health policy.
not,. However, in recent years        discussion. The online discussion
surgery has been recognized as an was pivotal in the course as it
indispensable part of global health. broadened our understanding of the       Visiting scholar from Nigeria
This is mainly due to the inclusion concepts in the course material and
of Surgeons, Anesthesiologists and it provided a forum in which to            Dr. Lukman Abdur-Rahman MPH,
other global health advocates in      share experiences and generate new      FWACS is a Senior Lecturer and
the prioritization of basic health    ideas that can be implemented in        Consultant Pediatric Surgeon at the
care needs to address the global      future endeavors.                       University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He will be
burden of surgical disease.             In completion of the course I         visiting McMaster‟s Division of
  Indispensable to the shift in       expanded my understanding of the        Pediatric General Surgery for 2-3
paradigm is educating future          global status of unmet surgical need    months as a Visiting Scholar supported
leaders in surgical care. SURG 510 and developed new perspectives on          through a scholarship from the World
offered by UBC Branch for             the continuum of involvement in         Federation of Associations of Pediatric
International Surgery is an entirely international surgical care and the      Surgeons.
online graduate level course that is ethical issues that are inseparable      Dr. Abdur-Rahman has over 35
a unique in Canada. It establishes    from global surgical care.              publications on a range of topics
an essential foundation to the           Finally, it became evident that a    including trauma, Hirschsprung‟s disease and imperforate
emerging discipline of international commitment to delivery of basic          anus. He will be delivering Pediatric Grand Rounds on
surgery to future leaders in the      health care that embraces surgical      Thursday October 14th at 12 noon in 4E20 as the CAPS
field of international surgical care. care in low and middle socio-           Visiting Professor. We welcome Dr. Abdur-Rahman to
                                      economic countries is not               Hamilton.
          Page 2                                         From the International Surgery Desk

Global Health Seminar:                                                                                        Research
Monday, October 25th 2010, 4:30—7:30 pm                                                                       Pemberton J, Gordon M, Prashad
                                                                                                              C, Rambaran M, Cameron B.
  On October 25th the                                                    courage and perseverance in          Evaluating the long term impact of
McMaster Office of Global                                                the alleviation of human             the Trauma Team Training
Health, in partnership with                                              suffering”.                          program in Guyana: A mixed
                                                                           Dr. Foster founded and             methods approach. Canadian
the International Surgery
                                                                         currently serves as Medical          Surgery Forum. September 3,
Desk will present Surgical                                                                                    2010, Quebec City, Quebec.
Training and Education in                                                Director of the 46-bed Centro
Africa                                                                   Evangelico de Medicina do
                                                                         Lubango (Angola) which                       Note to all
  One of the guest speakers,
Dr. Dan Poenaru, (pictured)                                              which opened in 2006 and                 We welcome your
is a Canadian pediatric                                                  serves an area of over one
surgeon and missionary,                                                  million.                                    experiences in
Adjunct Professor of Surgery                                                                                     international surgery.
and Pediatrics at Queen‟s                                                  The Global Health Seminar
                                                                         will be held in MDCL 3020.           Please share your stories
University and Clinical
Director of BethanyKids at                                               Please RSVP to
Kijabe Hospital, Kenya. This
                                                                         leeminj@mcmaster.ca                             with us!
unit is dedicated to providing
                                 the College of Surgeons of East,
“healing and hope” for
children with surgical
                                 Central and Southern                Report from Haiti
                                 Africa and the Pan-African          by Dr. Carolyn Levis (Plastic Surgeon)
conditions and disabilities in
                                 Academy of Christian Surgeons
Africa. BethanyKids also
                                   Also speaking at the seminar is      Three weeks after the
operates mobile clinics at 15
                                 Dr. Stephen Foster, Clinical        earthquake that devastated
sites across Kenya,
                                 Associate Professor with            Haiti, Dr. Brad Petrisor and I
including refugee camps
                                 McMaster‟s Department of            visited Port-au-Prince with a
near the borders of Ethiopia,
                                 Surgery and 2010 recipient of       group from St. Joseph's
Somalia and Sudan.
                                 the Royal College Teasdale-         International Outreach
  Dr. Poenaru is also
                                 Corti Humanitarian Award. This      Program (SJIOP) led by
program director of East
                                 award recognizes the efforts of a   anaesthesiologist Dr. Alez
Africa‟s first accredited
                                 Canadian physician which go         Dauphin. We spent two
fellowship training program
                                 above and beyond the norm by        weeks at Hopital de La Paix
in pediatric surgery, in
                                 exemplifying „altruism and          providing the care that we
                                                                     could with the limited
                                                                     resources, including a lack of
                                                                     electricity and fresh water in       In October, Dr. Levis and
                                                                     the first few days.               Dr.Petrisor are returning to
  The McMaster Department of Surgery is an Institutional                Of course our challenges       Haiti to do surgical training,
Member of the Canadian Network for International Surgery.            paled compared to those           with funding from the Canada-
  The CNIS will be conducting a two-day Essential Surgical Skills    facing the Haitians. Many         Haiti Academic Projects
(ESS) Instructors Course in Ottawa this October (22-23). The         hospital staff died or were       Scholarship program co-
instruction this Course provides in basic surgical techniques has    severely injured therefore        ordinated by the International
proven invaluable to many medical practitioners, including           many wards did not have           Surgery Desk and McMaster
medical students, working in low-income countries.                   nurses and there was no           Office of Global Health.
  Further information on the Course as well as the latest            functioning radiology
newsletter can be found at www.cnis.ca.                              equipment.
                                                                        Once surgical instruments        International Surgery Desk
                                                                     were located and the existing
                                                                                                            Contact Information
                                                                     sterilizer was repaired, we
                                                                     operated with Dr. Brad
                                                                     Weening (McMaster Ortho             Dr. Brian Cameron, Director:
                                                                     Grad). The 'Brads' repaired         cameronb@mcmaster.ca;
                                                                     five, three-week old femur          905-521-2100 Ext. 75231
                                    The CASTED Emergency
                                                                     fractures and got those
                                  Department Orthopaedics                                                Kathy Wilson, Admin Assistant:
                                                                     patients ambulating in the few
                                  course is being offered at                                             kawilso@mcmaster.ca;
  Visit www.inmed.us for                                             days postoperatively. It was
                                  North York General Hospital.                                           905-521-2100 Ext. 73696
course information on                                                an experience that had a
                                    For more information follow
Sustainable Healthcare For                                           major impact on us both             Gillian Wood, Editorial Staff:
                                  this link:
Those Most Poor as well as                                           professionally and                  woodj@mcmaster.ca;
other INMED resources                                                personally.
including their newsletter.

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