Guide To Using Bloomberg by theelixer


									                                  Guide To Using Bloomberg
Bloomberg terminals are in computer carrel      <CRNCY> = foreign currency.
#7 on the first floor of Feldberg Library or
in the Whittemore Computer Lab.                 GREEN keys are actions:

LOGGING IN                                      <GO> = activate a function.
                                                <NEWS> = news
Tuck students should use their own login        <HELP> = define terms, formulas &
and password for the computer in carrel #7      applications; perform keyword lookups.
to insure printing to the queued printers in    <MENU> = back up to previous menu.
carrel #10. No printing is available under      <PAGE UP> = move forward one page.
the generic login.                              <PAGE DOWN> = move back one page.
                                                <PRINT> = print screen.
Launch the Bloomberg icon on the desktop
and press the RED <CONN/DFLT> key.              RED keys are stop and abort:
Enter the Bloomberg username & password
and press the GREEN <GO> key.                   <CONN/DFLT> = to log on/off.
                                                <CANCEL> = abort function/reset screen.
Look in Tuckstreams under Bloomberg for
the username & password.                        BLUE keys

LOG OFF                                         <PANEL> = move back & forth between
Press the RED <CONN/DFLT> key.
                                                IMPORTANT NOTES
                                                      The computer mouse or the
YELLOW keys are market sectors:                        Bloomberg keyboard can be used
                                                       for selection and navigation.
<GOVT> = securities issued by national
governments & quasi-governmental                      Typing KEYWORD(S) and
agencies.                                              pressing the GREEN <HELP> key
<CORP> = corporate bonds.                              is a quick way to start.
<MTGE> = mortgages & collaterized
mortgage obligations.                                 Pressing the GREEN <HELP> key
<M-MKT> = money market information.                    while viewing a screen provides
<MUNI> = trading, descriptive &                        help in context and useful
settlement information on municipal & state            descriptions.
<PFD> = preferred stock of public                     Pressing a YELLOW key and the
companies.                                             GREEN <GO> key will display the
<EQUITY> = historical & intraday price                 main menu for the market sector.
record for common stock, options & SEC
filings.                                              Any items that appear in gray are
<CMDTY> = commodities and their futures                not accessible.
& options.
<INDEX> = generic interest rates &
economic indices.

Feldberg Library, Dartmouth College                                             msm 1/27/04
                                  Guide To Using Bloomberg
NOTES CONTINUED                                 COMPANY INFORMATION

        Downloading of data is not possible    Type COMPANY NAME or TICKER and
         with academic accounts. Copy and       press the GREEN <HELP> key. Then
         paste individual screens.              choose 10) Companies: EQTY & Debt.

        To print a screen press the GREEN      FIND A COMPANY TICKER
         <PRINT> key. To print multiple
         pages type the number of pages to      Press the YELLOW <EQUITY> key and
         print and then press <PRINT>.          either type TK followed by a company name
                                                and press the GREEN <GO> key OR select
        To email an image of a screen type     the option, 1) Finding & creating securities
         GRAB and press the GREEN <GO>          and then the option, 1) Ticker Symbol
         key.                                   Lookup, and then enter the company name.

        Codes in WHITE on a menu are           COMPANY FINANCIALS
         shortcuts that can be typed at the
         cursor to go directly to the desired   From the company menu select option, 9)
         content.                               Fundamentals and Earnings Analysis, OR
                                                enter company ticker and press the
        Highlighted parameters can be          YELLOW <EQUITY> key and type FA and
         changed by tabbing to the              press the GREEN <GO> key.
         parameter, making the change and
         pressing the GREEN <GO> key.           SHORTCUTS USING COMPANY
        Typing BU and pressing the
         GREEN <GO> key displays a menu         Analyst recommendations = type company
         of training resources including        ticker, press the YELLOW <EQUITY> key,
         Bloomberg’s online interactive         type ANR and press the GREEN <GO> key.
         tutorials and the product
         certification program.                 Balance sheets = type ticker, press
                                                <EQUITY>, type CH3 and press <GO>.
        Typing EASY and pressing the
         GREEN <GO> key displays a menu         Cash flow = type ticker, press <EQUITY>,
         of tips and shortcuts. Select 1)       type CH6 and press <GO>.
         Bloomberg shortcuts OR 6) Most
         frequently asked help desk             Company description = type ticker, press
         questions.                             <EQUITY>, type DES and press <GO>.

        Press the GREEN <HELP> key             Company filings = type ticker, press
         twice to email a question to           <EQUITY>, type CF and press <GO>.
         Bloomberg help staff. The word
         “MESSAGE” will flash on the top        Company management = type ticker, press
         right corner when a response has       <EQUITY>, type MGMT and press <GO>.
         been sent. Press the GREEN
         <MESSAGE> key to view the

Feldberg Library, Dartmouth College                                              msm 1/27/04
                                  Guide To Using Bloomberg
SHORTCUTS CONTINUED                             Income statements = type ticker, press
                                                <EQUITY>, type CH2 and press <GO>.
Company news = type ticker, press
<EQUITY>, type CN and press <GO>.               Options = type ticker, press <EQUITY>,
Type CNl for latest news.                       type OMON and press <GO>.

Comparative return analysis = type first        Price/Earnings ratio table = type ticker,
ticker, press <EQUITY>, type second ticker,     press <EQUITY>, type HE and press
press <EQUITY> and press <GO>. Then for         <GO>.
a graph type COMP and press <GO>.
                                                Total return analysis = type ticker, press
Compare against sector peers = type             <EQUITY>, type TRA and press <GO>.
ticker, press <EQUITY>, press <RV> and
press <GO>.                                     CURRENCY MARKETS

Corporate action calendar = type ticker,        Exchange rates by region = press the
press <EQUITY>, type CACS and press             YELLOW <CRNCY> key and type TKC
<GO>.                                           and press the GREEN <GO> key.

Corporate bonds = type ticker, press            Spot and forward rates = press <CRNCY>
<CORP>, press <GO>.                             and type FRD and press <GO>.

Dividends = type ticker, press <EQUITY>,        World currency rates = press <CRNCY>
type DVD and press <GO>.                        and type WCR and press <GO>.

Earning estimates = type ticker, press          ECONOMIC INDICATORS
<EQUITY>, type EE and press <GO>.
                                                Press the YELLOW <INDEX> key OR the
Financial health = type ticker, press           YELLOW <EQUITY> key and press the
<EQUITY>, type ISSD and press <GO>.             GREEN <GO> key, then choose “Economic
                                                Statistics” from the menu.
Financial summary = type ticker, press
<EQUITY>, type CH1 and press <GO>.              Bloomberg’s global view = type STAT and
                                                press <GO>
Historical beta = type ticker, press
<EQUITY>, type BETA and press <GO>.             Country monitors = type IM and press
Historical closing stock prices = type
ticker, press <EQUITY>, type HP and press       Economic statistics by type = type IECO
<GO>. To view as a graph type GP instead        and press <GO>.
of HP. Type GPO for a graph with prices
and volume.                                     World economic statistics = type ECST
                                                and press <GO>.
Hoover’s profile = type ticker, press
<EQUITY>, type HH and press <GO>.

Feldberg Library, Dartmouth College                                               msm 1/27/04
                                  Guide To Using Bloomberg
GOVERNMENT BONDS                                SEARCH TOOLS

Major bonds around the world = type WB          Bond search = type SRCH and press the
and press the GREEN <GO> key.                   GREEN <GO> key

T-bills = type CB and press <GOVT> and          Company search = type DSRC and press
then press <GO>.                                <GO>

U.S. generic bonds = type USGG and press        Equity search = type QSRC and press
the YELLOW <INDEX> key and then press           <GO>. Select “Popular Fields Template”
<GO>.                                           under “Add New Search”.

U.S. Treasury bonds = type CT and press         Fund search = type FSRC and press <GO>.
the YELLOW <GOVT> key and press the             Select “Popular Fields Template” under
GREEN <GO> key.                                 “Add New Search”.

JOBS                                            Money market search = type MSCH and
                                                press <GO>.
Job listings on Bloomberg = type JOBS
and press the GREEN <GO> key.                   New issue monitor search = type NIM and
                                                press <GO>.
                                                More search tools can be viewed by typing
Type LEAG and press the GREEN <GO>              SEARCH ENGINE and pressing <HELP>,
key. Press the GREEN <HELP> for more            selecting 1) Frequently asked questions,
details.                                        then selecting 1) Search engines.


Type MA and press the GREEN <GO> key.
View top deals announced OR select option,
1) Mergers & acquisitions search, for
searching by company name or ticker.


Top news = type TOP and press the
GREEN <GO> key OR just press the

Archival news = type TNI and press the
GREEN <GO> key.

<MENU> to see all the news options.

Feldberg Library, Dartmouth College                                             msm 1/27/04

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