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AL-KO   (Single/Tandem Axle)

          AL-KO International VIC               AL-KO International QLD
          67 Nathan Road,                       6 Parramatta Road,
          Dandenong South, VIC, 75            Underwood, 49
          Tel. (0) 9767 700                   Tel. (07) 86 600
          Fax (0) 979 0877                    Fax (07) 808 79

          AL-KO International NSW               AL-KO International NZ
          4 Toohey Road,                        Airpark Drive, Airport Oaks,   From Swabia around the world
          Wetherill Park, 64                  Mangere, Auckland
          Tel. (0) 8784 9400                   Tel. (09) 55 56               AL-KO‘s success story began in 9 when Alois Kober founded a locksmith’s in Kötz in Swabia, Germany.
          Fax (0) 975 4557                    Fax (09) 55 56                Handbrake cables were manufactured in series production as early as 95. AL-KO manufactures the first
                                                                                 tested overrun braking device in Germany. From 96 the company started foreign subsidiaries, in order to
                                                                                 be nearer to the market and to serve customers better locally.
                                                                                 Austria was followed by Italy, England, France, Switzerland and Spain. AL-KO founded a company in the
                                                                                 USA in 98, and a few years later in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and then finally in Africa.
AL-KO                        (Single/Tandem Axle)

Contents                                                                                                    Dear Customer,

A                                      L                                S
                                                                                                            Your vehicle is fitted with an amc-chassis conversion supplied and fitted by AL-KO International.
Accessories                   /4    Lifting                   6     Snow chains                       As a result the base vehicle has undergone certain changes.
Air suspension                7       Load per axle             8     Spare Parts              5          The purpose of this manual is to familiarise you with your vehicle. Please read the instructions
                                       Low frame                 8/9    Spare wheel              4         printed in it carefully, as proper, regular care and maintenance will ensure that your vehicle keeps
Base vehicle manufacturers    5        Lubrication                    Steering                 7         its value - in many cases regular maintenance is also a prerequisite in respect of warranty claims.
Brakes                        7
                                       M                                T
C                                      Maintenance               5/   Towing                   6         May we wish you a safe journey - wherever you may travel.
Changing the wheel            4/5    Maintenance regulations        Trailer and car weight   8
Characteristic data                  Model overview            8     Trailer coupling         0
Chocks                        4                                        Trailer load             8         AL-KO International
                                                                        Trailer operation        0
F                                      Nameplate                 
Front wheel load              8                                        Turning circle           9
                                       O                                Tyre pressure            /
Front wheel suspension        7
                                       Onboard tools             4     Tyre pressures           
                                                                                                            Warranty Conditions
G                                      Ordering spare parts      5                                          The User Manual and the Maintenance Instructions supplied by by the manufacturer of the base vehicle, continue to
Gross vehicle weight          8                                        W                                   be applicable.
                                       P                                Warranty                 5
H                                      Payload                   0
High frame                    8/9                                       Weights                  8         The conditions laid down by the base vehicle manufacturer are only met if the correct spares are used; the manufacturer‘s
                                                                        Wheelbase                9         recommended spares are your guarantee that the necessary requirements are met.
I                                                                       Wheels and tyres         //
                                       Rear axle                 7                                         Maintenance work that may be required on the AL-KO rear axle (see page 0 for more details):
Instructions for Use                                                  Workshop lift            6
                                       Rear axle load            8                                         Lubrication must be carried out every 0,000 Km or once a year, which ever comes sooner.
J                                      Rear wheel suspension     7
Jack                          5/6    Repairs                                                            Note: Country specific regulations must be taken into consideration.
4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       5
AL-KO            (Single/Tandem Axle)

    Kilometres             Date         Specialist workshop   Signature   Kilometres   Date   Specialist workshop   Signature

6                                                                                                                               7
AL-KO                           (Single/Tandem Axle)

AL-KO                                                  AL-KO
Single Axle Chassis                                    Tandem Axle Chassis

Description of                                         Description of
Conversion                                             Conversion
The orginal rear frame                                 The original rear frame
has been replaced by a                                 has been replaced by a
hot-dip galvanised AL-KO                               hot-dip galvanised AL-KO
lightweight chassis.                                   lightweight chassis.
This chassis is connected                              This chassis is connected to
to the cab by means of a                               the cab by means of a special
special bracket assembly.                              bracket assembly.
The original rear axle with                            The orginal rear axle with
leaf springs has been replaced                         leaf springs has been re-
by an AL-KO axle with torsion                          placed by an AL-KO axle
bar suspension or optional                             with torsion bar suspen-
AL-KO Air suspension axle*,                            sion or optional AL-KO
this is integrated in the chassis                      Air suspension axle*,
frame side member.                                     this is integrated in the
*Dependent on version:                                 chassis frame side
must be specified at time of order.                    member.
                                                       *Dependent on version:
                                                       must be specified at time of order.

8                                                                                            9
AL-KO                       (Single/Tandem Axle)

Towing with a Trailer                                            Suitable rear view mirrors, in accordance with road traffic regu-    Wheels and Tyres –   Tyre Pressures (Cold) (bars)
                                                                 lations are to be fitted.
General Notes:                                                                                                                        Model        Basic vehicle            Tyres                  Twin axle             Triple axle
Vehicles with an AL-KO Chassis are approved for use with a                                                                                                                                 front          rear   front         rear
trailer.                                                         Driving Information/Trailer Use
                                                                 To achieve optimum results when towing a trailer, please             AMC 5L                               5/70 R5C    4,            4,5
Technical Requirements:                                          observe the following points.                                                      5 Light                5/70 R5C    4,            4,5
                                                                                                                                      AMC 7L                               5/70 R5CP   5,0            5,5
If retrofitting a tow bar, ensure it is fitted correctly.        - Refer to base vehicle handbook for towing limits.
                                                                 - Do not tow with the vehicle empty and the trailer loaded.
                                                                   If this is unavoidable, please drive slowly to allow for the
                                                                   unfavourable weight distribution.                                  AMC 5H       5 Heavy                5/75 R6C    4,5            5,0
           The electrical functions and the electrical
           circuit diagram will be found in the operating        - Always locate heavy objects close to the axle and secure.          AMC 8H                               5/75 R6C    4,5            5,0
           instructions supplied by the base vehicle             - Maximum speed limit is 00kph.
                                                                 - Ensure tyre pressure of vehicle is set at, fully loaded setting.   AMC 5HA      40 Heavy                5/75 R6CP   5,5            5,5
                                                                 - Use low gear when travelling downhill to avoid constant            AMC 40H
                                                                   braking.                                                           AMC 4H
You should ensure that the maximum train weight as shown in
the registration documents, is not exceeded.
                                                                                                                                      AMC 45HT                              5/75 R6C                          4,5          ,8
Towing a trailer also reduces the maximum gradient capacity of
                                                                                                                                                    40 Heavy                5/75 R6C                          4,5          ,8
the vehicle.
                                                                                                                                      AMC 50HT                              5/75 R6CP                         5,5          ,8

AL-KO                      (Single/Tandem Axle)

Information                                                            Wheels and Tyres
     We recommend using camping tyres for all mobile                   The correct tyre pressure not only affects the life of the tyre, it
     homes.                                                            also affects vehicle safety, since it changes the behaviour of the
                                                                       vehicle on the road.
                                                                       The pressure of every tyre including the spare should be checked
     Tyre pressures should always be checked with cold tyres.          regularly, and especially before you undertake long journeys.
     Do not forget to check the spare wheel!
                                                                       Incorrect tyre pressure causes irregular tyre wear, see illustration.

     In order to make sure that tyres wear uniformly, we               The tread depth should be at least mm, although legislation only
     recommend rotation of the tyres between front and rear            specifies .6mm minimum tread. Signs of wear in the tread (see
     axle every 0,000 - 5,000 kilometres. Change tyres diagonally.
                                                                                                                                                     A           B           C
                                                                       arrow on diagram) at .6mm depth, signal that the European-
                                                                       wide legal limit has been reached.

     On tandem axle conversions, tyre wear may increase slightly.      The lower the depth of tread, the greater the risk of skidding. For     A - Correct tyre pressure:
                                                                       this reason we recommend that the tyre is replaced when the                 Uniform tread wear
                                                                       remaining tread has been reduced to mm.
     Never travel with the vehicle overloaded: This can cause                                                                                  B - Tyre pressure to low:
     serious damage to the vehicle and to the wheels and tyres.                                                                                    Excess wear at the shoulder

                                                                       Snow chains                                                             C - Excessive tyre pressure:
                                                                       Snow chains must only be fitted to the front tyres (drive wheels)           Increased wear at the centre
                                                                       according to Individual Country Regulations. Please also follow             of the tread
                                                                       the instructions for use provided with the base vehicle.

AL-KO                      (Single/Tandem Axle)

Changing the Wheel                                                                                                                          Using the wheel brace makes
                                                                                                                                            it easier to disengage and re-                                        Front:
                                                                                                                                            engage the spare wheel carrier.
Do not use the jack for loads that are greater than the load given on   Onboard tools and chocks are usually located underneath the
the jack rating plate.                                                  driver‘s seat.                                                      Slacken wheel nuts by approx.
                                                                                                                                            one revolution.
Ensure the vehicle is on a level, firm surface.                         The spare wheel is normally located at the rear under the vehicle
                                                                        floor. If the vehicle is fitted with a special body, you may find   Position the jack in the hole
                                                                        the spare wheel is installed in a special compartment. Please       provided as shown on the adjacent illustration.
                                                                        read base vehicle manufacturers handbook in respect of wheel
                                                                        removal.                                                            If the jack is not positioned where indicated, then this may lead
     Changing Front Wheels                                                                                                                  to vehicle damage!
     Select first or reverse gear (or P on automatic transmissions).                                                                                                                                              Rear:
     Apply the handbrake and chock the remaining wheel.                                                                                     If the ground is soft, position jack on a solid support.              The jacking points are
                                                                                                                                            After changing the wheel: retighten the wheel nuts cross-wise.        located in the shock
     Changing Rear Wheels                                                                                                                                                                                         absorber mounts on the
     Select first or reverse gear (or P on automatic transmissions).    Spare Wheel Removal                                                 Torque:              15 inch tyres = 160Nm!                           left and right, in front of
     Do not apply the handbrake but fit chocks under the remaining                                                                                               16 inch tyres = 180Nm!                           the axle.
     wheels.                                                            Use a ratchet spanner and an extension to unscrew the bolts                                                                               For tandem axle vehicles
                                                                        from the spare wheelcarrier. Insert the wheel brace in the seat     Insert the wheel which has been changed in the spare wheel carrier.   always place the jack on
                                                                        provided, disengage the wheel carrier and then lower the spare      Engage the spare wheel carrier with the wheel brace.                  the shock absorber
                                                                        wheel to the ground.                                                Lock the spare wheel carrier using the two bolts provided.            mounts, on the nd axle.

                                                                        Remove the spare wheel from the carrier.                            Now stow the jack and the tool set back under the driver‘s seat.

                                                                                                                                            Check the Tyre Pressures!
4                                                                                                                                          Vehicle Jacking Points                                                                              5
AL-KO                      (Single/Tandem Axle)

Vehicle Jack                                                             Towing                                                                  Front Wheel Suspension
The vehicle jack must only be used when changing the wheel. On           The vehicle is provided with towing eyes at the front right below the   Information on this section can be found in the Operating Instruc-
no account should it be used for repair work under the vehicle.          bumper and at the rear left, at the longitudinal frame member (this     tions of the base vehicle manufacturers
                                                                         rear towing eye is
Workshop Jack/Vehicle Lift                                               not standard on motor                                                   Rear Wheel Suspension
When a workshop jack is used, the vehicle must not be loaded and                                                                                 Independent suspension:
it must be lifted at the points provided on the vehicle sides which      Only attach a tow rope                                                  AL-KO trailing link torsion bar suspension axle with linear indenti-
are illustrated on page 5.                                              or rigid towbar to these                                                fication shock absorber.
                                                                         brackets.                                                               Optional - fully automatic and electronically controlled air suspen-
To prevent damage, a suitable rubber interlayer should be used!
                                                                                                                                                 sion if available(must be specified at time of vehicle build).
When working under the vehicle, the vehicle must be supported
with suitable stands or placed on a vehicle lift.
                                                                                                                                                 Information on this section can be found in the Operating Instruc-
Attention:                                                                                                                                       tions of the base vehicle manufacturers
     Never jack-up the vehicle by the rear axle, front axle, oil sump
     or transmission.                                                                                                                            Braking system
     When working on a loaded vehicle, use a suitable hydraulic lift                                                                             Hydraulic dual-circuit system
     platform or work in an inspection pit.                                                                                                      Front: Disc brake

     Always consider the centre of gravity of the vehicle.                                                                                       Rear: Drum brake or disc brake

     Before driving onto platforms, check for low lying vehicle parts!   Further towing information can be found in the operating instruc-       Option of ABS or Non ABS
                                                                         tions for the base vehicle.                                             Mechanical handbrake operational on rear wheels.
6                                                                                                                                                                                                                      7
AL-KO                      (Single/Tandem Axle)

Model overview X2/50                                                                                                             Turning circle (between pavements)

 Model                   Base               Permissible   Perm.             Perm.            Perm.          Max perm                             Single Axle                                           Tandem Axle
                         Vehicle            weight        front axle load   rear axle load   trailer load   gross train weight   Wheelbase (in mm)             Turning circle (in m)   Wheelbase (in mm)       Turning circle (in m)
                                            (kg)          (kg)              (kg)             (kg)           (kg)
                                                                                                                                 000                          ,                    450                    4,
 AMC 5L                 5 Light           500          850              000             000           5500
                                                                                                                                 00                          ,7                    600                    4,6
 AMC 7L                 5 Light           700          850              000             000)         5500                 450                          ,5                    800                    5,
                                                                                                                                 600                          ,                    4000                    5,8
 AMC 5H                 5 Heavy           500          00              400             000           5500                 800                          ,5                    400                    6,4
                                                                                                                                 4000                          4,                    4400                    7,0
 AMC 8H                 5 Heavy           850          00              400             000)         5500
                                                                                                                                 400                          4,9                    4700                    7,6
 AMC 5HA                40 Heavy           500          00              400             000           5500                 4400                          5,5
                                                                                                                                 4600                          6,
 AMC 40H                 40 Heavy           4000          00              400             000)         5500

 AMC 4H                 40 Heavy           450          00              400             000)         5500

 AMC 45HT                40 Heavy           4500          00              500/500        600)         6000

 AMC 50HT                40 Heavy           5000          00              500/500        600)         6000

      Observe permissible car and trailer weights
8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     9
AL-KO                     (Single/Tandem Axle)

                                                                                                                                          Vehicle Characteristics                                                      Maintenance (see page 5)
General cautions for the use of seat belts.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The instructions and recommendations contained in the User
The driver must comply with (and have the vehicle                                                                                         Nameplate                                                                    Manual and the Maintenance Instructions are still applicable.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Additional maintenance work for the AL-KO rear axle assembly:
occupants follow) all the local legal regulations                                                                                         The vehicle is fitted with an AL-KO type plate, which is located on          - Rear axle requires lubricating (re-greasing) every 0,000 Km,
concerning the sue of seat belts.                                                                                                         the front cross member in the engine compartment.                            or once a year whichever comes sooner.
                                                                                                                                          This contains the following information:                                     The grease nipples are situated on the axle tube (see sketch).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The following grease compound must be used for greasing the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       bearings on the axle: Co. CONDA - Cardex 746 SP or a lubricating
       WARNING: Seat belts are designed               WARNING: Care should be taken to           WARNING: Belts should not be                          KOBER AG                                                        grease approved by AL-KO
                                                                                                                                                                          A - EC type approval number for single or
       to bear upon the bony structure of             avoid contamination of the webbing         worn with straps twisted.                             -A-                    tandem axle vehicles
                                               with polishes, oils and chemicals, and                                                                  -B-                B - Stage 
the body, and should be worn low across                                                                                                                                                                                Note:
                                                                                                                                                       -C-                C - AMC sequential series number
the front of the pelvis or the pelvis, chest   particularly battery acid. Cleaning may           WARNING: Each belt assembly must                      -D-        kg                                                   The rear axle must be greased when the rear axle is not loaded
                                                                                                                                                                          D - Total permissible vehicle weight
and shoulders, as applicable; wearing          safely be carried out using mild soap             only be used by one occupant; it                      -E-        kg      E - Total permissible mass for the trailer   If the vehicle is fitted with AL-KO Air Suspension,
the lap section of the belt across the         and water. the belt should be replaced if   is dangerous to put a belt around a child          1-       -F-        kg      F - Permissible front axle loading           the axle is maintenance free.
abdominal area must be avoided.                webbing becomes frayed, contaminated        being carried on the occupant‘s lap.               2-       -G-        kg      G - Permissible rear axle loading (Axle )
                                               or damaged.                                                                                    3-       -H-        kg      H - Permissible rear axle loading (Axle )   Air suspension specific data is to be found in the
                                                                                                  WARNING: No modifications or                Typ      -J-                J - AMC type description                     Instructions of Use - AMC Air Suspension Handbook.
      WARNING: Seat belts should be                                                                                                       	
      adjusted as firmly as possible,               WARNING: It is essential to replace           additions should be made by the
consistent with comfort, to provide the             the entire assembly after it has       user which will either prevent the seat belt
protection for which they have been            been worn in a severe impact even if        adjusting devices from operation to remove                                                                                                                     Rear axle lubrication nipple

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Direction of travel
designed. A slack belt will greatly reduce     damage to the assembly is not obvious.      slack, or prevent the seat belt assembly
the protection afforded to the wearer.                                                     from being adjusted to remove slack.                                                The permissible trailer load
                                                                                                                                                                               or permissible car and trailer
                                                                                                                                                                               weight can be taken from
                                                                                                                                                                               the vehicle logbook.
AL-KO                     (Single/Tandem Axle)

Repairs                                                             AL-KO Original Accessories
Repairs to the AL-KO amc-Chassis and the AL-KO Axle may
only be carried out by specialist workshops!

Because of the product liability obligations, attention is drawn
to the fact that accessories which are not original AL-KO parts
or which have not been approved by AL-KO must not be fitted
to the AL-KO chassis.
AL-KO will not accept responsibility for damage caused by
failure to observe these requirements (including consequential
damage).                                                            AL-KO              -load carrier                                            AL-KO bikepack cycle carrier
Please observe that all details contained in these Instructions       S
                                                                    	 cooters, small motorbikes and even transport boxes can be transported
                                                                      	                                                                         	Easy to couple in place
                                                                      effortlessly on the rear
of Use, use approximate values.                                                                                                                   F
                                                                                                                                                	 ast, comfortable loading and unloading for transporting cycles
                                                                    	 he appeal of the AL-KO load carrier is not only the practical platform
                                                                      	                                                                           on the trailer coupling
                                                                      (008 x 600 mm) but also a payload of a maximum of 50 kg                   Anti-theft device standard for carrier
Alterations to the design, fittings and accessories are liable to                                                                               	
change without prior notice.                                        	Removable – quickly and without tools (quick-action closing mechanism)    	Anti-theft device for cycles standard for bikepack premium
No claims can be made arising from details, illustrations or          R
                                                                    	 amp (974 mm long) with chequered inside enables secure loading
                                                                      	                                                                         	Can be folded up using the foot pedal
accessories published in this operators manual.                       of the load carrier                                                       	Easy to use if you purchase another vehicle with a trailer coupling
                                                                    	 ariable fastening points for lashing straps via various rivet blocks
                                                                      	                                                                         	Quadruple use • Car • drawbar for a caravan
                                                                      in the platform                                                                           • Mobile home • garage wall
                                                                    	Modern design – high quality optical light carrier                          No
                                                                                                                                                	 expert approval (TÜV, DEKRA) required!
AL-KO                         (Single/Tandem Axle)                                                                                                 Notes

AL-KO                                       AL-KO                                              AL-KO Safe
Mechanical Corner Steady                    Electric Corner Steady                             	Optimum protection of valuable goods against
                                                                                                 opportunist access
	Robust construction of the AL-KO Steady   	Integrated swivel mechanism for freeing
  (Load bearing capacity ,000 kg )                                                            	Locking provided by two solid round bolts
                                            	High quality surface protection
	Extremely small lateral movements         	Robust construction of the AL-KO Steady          	Individual fitting (vertically or horizontally)
  (shaking to the side when loaded)           (Load bearing capacity ,000 kg )
	Integrated swivel mechanism for freeing   	Extremely small lateral movements
	High quality surface protection             (shaking to the side when loaded)
                                            	Each Steady is easy to operated using handheld
	 to be used as a vehicle jack
                                              remote control (range 0m)
                                            	Strong electric motors with a robust planetary
                                              gear (easy emergency operation guaranteed
                                              should there be a power failure)
4                                                                                                                                                         5
Notes   See the light… feel the breeze

        The REMItop vario Multifunctional Skylight gives caravanners the best of both worlds.
        The wind-up skylight takes up very little space in the roof. So there’s plenty of room left for other
        appliances that help make caravan life comfortable. Operating the skylight is safe, easy and
        convenient. Simply reach up and push the fold-away handle to release it from the panel. Now wind
        the skylight into the preferred position.

          Available in three sizes: 400 x 400mm, 500 x 700mm and 600 x 900m; adaptable to roof thickness
          Opening angle up to 60° gives maximum airflow; ventilation level exceeds Australian standards
          Plastic frame is lightweight yet sturdy, double acrylic panels provide excellent insulation
          Adjustable, integrated blind system has darkening pleated material
          Close-meshed flyscreen makes for airy, undisturbed sleep                                                                     For stockists, call AL-KO on
                                                                                                                                      1800 035 603
        The REMItop vario Multifunctional Skylight is distributed in Australia by AL-KO as agent for the German manufacturer REMIS.   or visit
AL-KO International
67 Nathan Road,
Dandenong South, 75
Victoria, Australia
Tel. (0) 9767 700
Fax (0) 979 0877

We reserve the right to alter any specification without prior notice.   GB   - 01/2007 - Order No. 1564987

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