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					Crowd Productions: Report 50 on progress of research, design and construction work to 28.01.2004

50                      11.02.04
ACMI Screen Lounges Progress report on construction

From Crowd Productions: A report on progress of research, design and construction work to 28.01.04

01.] Report on construction progress: Reinstallation of Screen Lounge pod 01 inflatable ceiling.

13.01.04. On Tuesday 13 January Crowd replaced the inflatable ceiling in Screen Lounge pod 01 in order to repair the original ceiling,
as it has a very fast leak. This will be returned to Bedggood Canvas for repair.

02.] Report on construction progress: Installing the vinyl skin in Memory Grid pod 05.
17.01.04. On Friday 17 January Better Floors began to install the vinyl skin to the lower sections of Memory Grid pod 05. Once this has
been completed the final chassis fit-out can commence and these sections can be prepared for transportation to Federation Square.

Above: Templating and installing the inner vinyl skin for Memory Grid pod 05 at Crowd Productions studio.

03.] Report on construction progress: Completing the chassis fit-out of Memory Grid pod 05.

17.01.04. On Saturday 17 January David Poulton began the final fit-out of the lower chassis of Memory Grid pod 05. The Internal struts
to support the Plasma monitor in the open seater configuration were installed. The fibreglass skins were trimmed to final length, the
tread-plate end trims fitted and the lower wall internal skins trimmed to length.
                                                                                                              Left: Completion of the fibreglass
                                                                                                              component trimming. Each
                                                                                                              fibreglass element needs careful
                                                                                                              trimming at each end once it has
                                                                                                              been fitted so that it lines up with
                                                                                                              the other skinning components.
                                                                                                              Centre: Completion of
                                                                                                              background painting of all
                                                                                                              shadow-line areas. Right: David
                                                                                                              Poulton assembles and installs
                                                                                                              the support system to anchor the
                                                                                                              AME plasma monitor mounting
                                                                                                              structure to the pod.

Crowd Productions: Report 50 on progress of research, design and construction work to 28.01.2004

04.] Report on construction progress: Adjustments to the inflatable ceilings
19.01.04. On Monday 19 January the last two inflatable ceiling were returned to Bedggood Canvas for further work. Both ceilings are
deflating. Bedggood will source the leaks and seal them. The ceilings will then be installed on their respective pods at Federation

Square to complete this part of the project.

05.] Report on construction progress: Final painting of components for Memory Grid pod 05

19.01.04. On Monday 19 January the seat frame and external skin louvres were delivered to Checca Paint for surfacing in silver. These
are the last components of Memory Grid pod 05 that require coating. We anticipate that these components will be finished this week
and will be collected by Crowd in preparation for final sub assembly.

06.] Report on construction progress: A meeting with ACMI Communications and Marketing and Crowd
22.01.04. On Thursday 22 January Michael Trudgeon from Crowd met with Brendan Wall, ACMI Communications Manager, Alex

Tayor, ACMI Marketing Coordinator, Andi Moore, ACMI Communications Coordinator and Carmen Rossito to discuss the Screen
Lounge project, it’s genesis and key objectives and ideas and opportunities for the promotion of the project and the related ACMI
curated programs. The project encapsulates ACMI’s interest in evolving and prototyping new platforms for experiencing new media

and the ACMI archive. As this project is not an imitation of existing typologies, it is both prototypical and an adventure. One that can
be exploited to attract new ACMI members and general public awareness of
ACMI programming and facilities. Crowd presented its ideas for a possible

launch scenario extrapolated from the idea of ACMI owning the future of public
media programming and collecting. We all agreed to maintain communication on
developing strategies for promoting the Screen Lounges. Crowd brought a folio

of images taken of the Screen Lounge pods for Alex and Brendan to select an
image that ACMI could best use. Crowd has prepared a CDRom with an image
by Peter Clarke for use by ACMI. This has been delivered to Alex Taylor.

07.] Report on construction: Delivering Memory Grid pod 05
23.01.04. On Friday 23 January Crowd Productions delivered the main components of Memory Grid pod 05 to ACMI and assembled

them in order for Michael Parry from PIVoD to commence the electronic commissioning of the pod and for Matt Mulcahy from ACMI to
fit the plasma display screen and the LCD control screen. The top stainless steel trims were installed in readiness for the assembly of
the AME support structure for the plasma monitor, the Scissor Arm and rotating knuckle connector for mounting the LCD control

screen were installed and the Mantle Boot was fitted. Crowd will install the external aluminium skins, stainless steel end trims and
commission the floor and entry lights from the fibre optic loom once Michael and Matt have finished their main installation.

Above: Securing the fibreglass seat to the chassis. Preparing pod 05 for transportation to ACMI. The sections are mounted on the wheels chassis and loaded into the truck.

Crowd Productions: Report 50 on progress of research, design and construction work to 28.01.2004

A section of the pod is put into final position on the trolley/chassis in the Memory Grid at ACMI. David Poulton fits the stainless steel top trims. The Mantle Boot is fitted and
the Scissor Arm attached ready for the mounting of the 17” LCD monitor.

08.] Report on construction: Completing the assembly of Memory Grid pod 05
03.02.04. On Tuesday 03 February Crowd Productions and David Poulton finished the installation of the principal physical build

component of Memory Grid pod 05. The headphone jack bezel apertures were cut out, the stainless steel end trims were fitted, black
silicon edge filling was applied to these, the external aluminium skins were fitted, the external seat end trims and stainless steel mesh
grills were fitted and the entry light was fitted. Once Michael Parry and Matthew Mulcahy have finished commissioning the computing

and display systems we will install the floor, fibre optic loom, commission the floor lights and install the internal seating. Kim

Above and left: Installation of the aluminium skins onto Memory Grid pod 05 with the initial application of bonding compound and fixing tape. The skins are clamped for 24
hours while the bonding compound cures. The skins are fitted with a 3mm tolerances.

Crowd Productions: Report 50 on progress of research, design and construction work to 28.01.2004

                                                                                                   Left and below: Application of the 3M tape
                                                                                                   used to secure the stainless steel end trims.
                                                                                                   The stainless steel end trims in place. The
                                                                                                   Memory Grid zone with the two Memory Grid
                                                                                                   pods in place.


                                                                                                   Above: Detail of the edges and corners of the
                                                                                                   stainless steel trims which Crowd has carefully
                                                                                                   rounded off at the request of Bob Barber of

Montgomery has also contacted us on the 28.01.04 about a request from Bob Barber from ACMI to look at the sharp edges and
corners on the stainless steel trims and the upper corners of the aluminium skins. Crowd has looked at Memory Grid pod 04 and 05 to

review the edges and corners of these pods and has undertaken work to soften those corners and edges [see photograph].

09.] Report on construction progress: Fabrication of the footstools

As detailed in Report 42, crowd has been contracted to design and produce 6 footstools for the Screen Lounge pods. Work has
commenced on this contract variation and we anticipate that the footstools will be ready shortly. Shown are the selected upholstery
materials, chosen for consistency with the Screen Lounge colour schemes and a prototype footstool chassis.

            Right: Selection of fabrics being
            looked at for fabrication of the ACMI
            Screen Lounge foot stools. The
            prototype footstool chassis

Crowd Productions: Report 50 on progress of research, design and construction work to 28.01.2004

10.] Report on construction progress: fabrication of the internal wall panels for Memory Grid pod 05
07.02.04. On Saturday 07 February Crowd Productions took receipt of the

finished internal wall panels for Memory Grid pod 05 from Eliza Upholstery.
These panels will not be installed immediately on Memory Grid pod 05 as Kim
Montgomery and Gael McIndoe from ACMI have had this pod installed in the

open seater configuration for the launch period.

Right: The finished internal wall panels for Memory Grid pod 05 at Eliza Upholstery.

11.] Report on construction progress: Practical completion

As requested by Colin Knowles of CMR Crowd Productions has furnished them with the following report on the delivery of the final
Memory Grid pod 05.
The pod was delivered on Friday 23.01.04. We were informed by ACMI in the week of the 26th Jan. that as Matt Mulcahy did not think

that it is wise to move the pods at all with the plasma monitors attached and therefore could we move the pod into its final position as
Matt could not install the plasma monitor if there was to be any further movement. This needed to be done prior to Michael Parry from
PIVoD being able to commence commissioning of the computers in the pod. Crowd arranged with Kim Montgomery to meet and

supervise the move to the exact final position, with Gael McIndoe, on Tuesday 03.02.04. At this time all remaining trims and skins were
The first pod was delivered to site at ACMI, Federation Square on Thursday, May 08 2003, nine months ago and has been in constant

use since early July 2003, that is in use for six months.

12.] Report on construction progress: Installing the Blister Pack Image Wall in Memory Grid pod 04

10.02.04. On Tuesday 10 February Crowd Productions installed the fibre optic loom and the images into the Blister Pack Wall in
Memory Grid pod 04. The setting up of this exhibition component of the Screen Lounge pod design is an exacting job requiring six
people in total to complete. The task took 7 hours.

              A1                  A2             B2                  B1

                   A3                                           B3

    A4                                 A5   B5                                 B4                         Above left: The layout of the Blister
                                                                                                          Pack Exhibition images for Memory
                                                                                                          Grid pod 04. Above: Glynis Teo lays
                                                                                                          out the exhibition images and connects
         A6                                                               B6
                                                                                                          the optical fibre loom. A team of six
                                                                                                          seconded from ACMI help us do the
                                                                                                          final installation lift. Left: The finished
                        A7                                 B7                                             Blister Pack wall.
         A8                                                               B8

                             A9                       B9