CREW - Commercial Real Estate Women Silicon Valley by suchenfz


									                      CREW Silicon Valley November 6th Event
                                     Preliminary List of Registrants
                 Current as of:                   2/25/2011
                                         Total Registrants: 205
     Last Name       First Name                   Company                          Member Status
Abel Borrillo    Franceen         Abbott, Stringham & Lynch                GUEST
Aberin           Maria            Heritage Bank of Commerce                CREW SILICON VALLEY
Adams            Helaine          Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Agbuya           Rebecca          Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Andersson        Elaine           Boston Properties                        CREW SAN FRANCISCO
Arnold           Linda            Exchange Strategies Corporation          CREW SILICON VALLEY
Arsenlis         Alexandra        Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Assunto          John             Turner Construction Company              GUEST
Babb             Nancy            McCandless Management Corp               CREW SILICON VALLEY
Bangs            Mike             Adobe                                    GUEST
Bartholomew      Ellen            Legacy Partners Commercial, Inc.         CREW SILICON VALLEY
Beatty           Todd             CPS                                      GUEST
Bell             Andrea           Allsteel                                 GUEST
Benevento        Michelle         Renoir Staffing Services, Inc.           GUEST
Berys            Flavia           DLA Piper                                GUEST
Brandt           Nancy            Berliner Cohen                           CREW SILICON VALLEY
Bunel            Danielle         Nexsentio, Inc. Facility Services        GUEST
Campi            Joe              First American Title Insurance Company   GUEST
Canaris          Carol            NAI BT Commercial                        GUEST
Cannatelli       Linda            Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Cantrell         Gregory          PacTrust                                 GUEST
Cardoza          Kevin            CRS Roof Consultants                     CREW SILICON VALLEY
Carpenter        Ben              Standard Parking                         GUEST
Caso             Carole           Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Castle           Lauren           Brook Furniture Rental                   GUEST
Cathey           Cathy            Brook Furniture Rental, Inc              GUEST
Chambers         Anna             Bank of America                          GUEST
Cheng            Elizabeth        Hopkins & Carley LC                      CREW SILICON VALLEY
Christian        Ben              RREEF                                    GUEST
Churich          Ken              Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Cisneros         Pat              Ritchie Commercial                       GUEST
Claure           Andres           Wayne Mascia Associates                  GUEST
Clonts           Peter            247 Workspace                            CREW SILICON VALLEY
Cockett          Sheryn           Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Collen           Arian            Standard Parking                         GUEST
Collins          Jill             The Muller Company                       CREW SILICON VALLEY
Connors        Will          Equity Office Properties               GUEST
Conrad         Katherine     Mercury News                           GUEST
Crosby Gerth   Barbara       Adobe Systems                          CREW SILICON VALLEY
Culbertson     Debra         1031 Exchange Options                  CREW SILICON VALLEY
Cullivan       Kari          NAI BT Commercial                      CREW SILICON VALLEY
Damato-Jay     Maria         The Swig Company                       GUEST
Daugherty      Scott         Client Solutions                       GUEST
De Fever       Don           Jensen Landscape Services, Inc.        CREW SILICON VALLEY
Debardeleben   Toni          Equity Office Properties               GUEST
Del Debbio     Darlene       Stonebrook Asset Mgt                   GUEST
Denham         Mark          247 Workspace                          GUEST
DeVaney        Rachel        Abbott, Stringham & Lynch              GUEST
Donoghue       Tom           Equity Office Properties               GUEST
Easterbrook    John          Silicon Valley Law Group               GUEST
Eastman        Eva           KNOLL                                  GUEST
Ebertowski     Gene          Flora Terra Landscape Management       GUEST
Edgar          Dave          Iron Construction, Inc.                GUEST
Edmiston       Carol         Equity Office Properties               GUEST
Eigenbrod      Joann         RNM Properties                         CREW SILICON VALLEY
Escano-James   Gem           Winthrop Management, LP                CREW SILICON VALLEY
Escobar        Joanne        The Rockefeller Group                  CREW SILICON VALLEY
Eshel          Shirie        Real Estate Executive Search           CREW SILICON VALLEY
Farzami        Leila         Flora Terra Landscape Management       GUEST
Fedor          Jodi          Ellman Burke Hoffman & Johnson         CREW SAN FRANCISCO
Firpo          Craig         Equity Office Properties               GUEST
Fischer        Aimee         Pivot Interiors, Inc.                  CREW SILICON VALLEY
Folzman        Claudia       Iron Construction, Inc.                CREW SILICON VALLEY
Fontanilla     Robert        Alfa Tech Cambridge Group              GUEST
Fordham        Jane          Aai                                    GUEST
Fordyce        Craig         Colliers International                 GUEST
Frambach       Julie         Hopkins & Carley                       CREW SILICON VALLEY
Gidel          Lance         Gidel & Kocal Construction Co., Inc.   GUEST
Goldstein      Aimee         McPharlin, Sprinkles & Thomas LLP      CREW SILICON VALLEY
Goyette        Anne Lawlor   Griffiths, Castle & Lawlor Goyette     GUEST
Grado          Kirsten       CB Richard Ellis                       CREW SILICON VALLEY
Grado          Mike          CB Richard Ellis                       GUEST
Green          Dale          Sleepy Hollow Management Co.           CREW SILICON VALLEY
Griffith       Christine     Ellman Burke Hoffman & Johnson         CREW SAN FRANCISCO
Gross          Cory          Pro-Formance Painting, Inc.            CREW SILICON VALLEY
Guandique      Marianella    The Sig Company, LLC                   CREW SAN FRANCISCO
Guterman       Alan          CPS                                    GUEST
Hagopian       Harout        Equity Office Properties               GUEST
Hallgrimson    Erik          CPS CORFAC International               GUEST
Hansen             Donna       Contract Office Group                    GUEST
Hattley            Kelly       Boston Properties                        GUEST
Hedrick            Todd        Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Hemeryck           Michele     West Valley Properties                   CREW SILICON VALLEY
Hemlock            Deborah     SC Management Company                    CREW SILICON VALLEY
Henderson          Jefrey      CBRE                                     GUEST
Hernandez          Michelle    Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Hibbs              Deborah     Contract Office Group                    CREW SILICON VALLEY
Hooton             Lisa        Prologis                                 GUEST
Horton             Steve       CPS                                      GUEST
Huesby             Ken         Hillhouse Construction                   GUEST
Hurwitz            Jerry       J&J Air Conditioning, Inc.               CREW SILICON VALLEY
Hvidt              William     Grubb & Ellis Company                    GUEST
Kennedy            Art         Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Kennedy            Mary Kay    First American Exchange Company, LLC     CREW SILICON VALLEY
Kincheloe          Trisha      Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Kline              Kelly       City of Cupertino                        CREW SILICON VALLEY
Klipfel            Anne        Legacy Partners Commercial               GUEST
Kocal              John        Gidel & Kocal Construction Co., Inc.     CREW SILICON VALLEY
Koontz             Steve       LandAmerica Commercial Services          CREW SILICON VALLEY
Kuang              Jenny       CB Richard Ellis                         GUEST
Labicane           Susan       Abbott, Stringham & Lynch                GUEST
LaBlanc            Steven      Cosco Fire Protection                    GUEST
Laguna             Sheila      Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Landsittel         Scott       Boston Properties                        GUEST
Lapidus            Kathleen    Haworth Inc.                             GUEST
LaRocco            Ann Marie   Sperry Van Ness                          GUEST
Lezin              Carol       NAIBT Commercial                         GUEST
Li                 Philip      Amtech Elevator                          GUEST
Lieberman          Jill        Allsteel                                 GUEST
Liggett            Carey       Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Lindorff           Carla       Colliers International                   GUEST
Lofrumento         Lucy        Silicon Valley Law Group                 GUEST
Lough              Patrick     First American Title Insurance Company   GUEST
Macaluso-Kearton   Lisa        Reel Grobman & Associates                GUEST
Marion             Sharon      Gidel & Kocal Construction Co., Inc.     CREW SILICON VALLEY
Marks              Teresa      Equity Office Properties                 GUEST
Martinez           Art         Bank of America                          GUEST
Matteoni           Bradley     Matteoni, O'Laughlin & Hechtman          GUEST
Mauro              Gloria      Brook Furniture Rental, Inc.             GUEST
McBurnie           Electra     Equity Office Properties                 CREW SILICON VALLEY
McCarty            Debby       Hillhouse Construction, Inc.             CREW SILICON VALLEY
McGill             Patty       Meade Construction Group                 CREW SILICON VALLEY
McPherson     Craig         RREEF                                      GUEST
McSwain       Maryanna      CPS Commercial Property Services           CREW SILICON VALLEY
Meckenstock   Brenda        RREEF Management                           CREW SILICON VALLEY
Melton        Jean          CMD Builders, Inc.                         CREW SILICON VALLEY
Miller        David         Thoits Insurance                           GUEST
Mocas         Mary          The Mocas Group Art Consultants            CREW SILICON VALLEY
Moe           John          Equity Office Properties                   GUEST
Monaco        Paul          First American Title                       GUEST
Morales       Natalia       Equity Office Properties                   GUEST
Morgan        Catherine     CIBC World Markets                         GUEST
Morse         Jenny         AP + I Design, Inc.                        CREW SILICON VALLEY
Morse         Nancy         Grubb & Ellis Company                      CREW SILICON VALLEY
Mulkerrins    Rich          Able Building Maintenance                  GUEST
Nelms         Marlo         Iron Construction, Inc.                    CREW SILICON VALLEY
Nelson        Eric          Double Day Office Services                 GUEST
Pallas        Amy           AMB Property Corporation                   GUEST
Parisi        Paula         South Bay Development Company              CREW SILICON VALLEY
Pearson       Todd          Pro-Formance Painting, Inc.                GUEST
Peatross      Christopher   Equity Office Properties                   SPEAKER
Pester        Bob           Boston Properties                          SPEAKER
Porta         Jonel         Equity Office Properties                   GUEST
Pow           Tamara        Structure Law Group, LLP                   CREW SILICON VALLEY
Quelet        Nikki         TruGreen LandCare                          GUEST

Ralston       Anne          Cornish & Carey Commercial - Santa Clara   CREW SILICON VALLEY
Rebecchi      Diane         Metro Maintenance, Inc.                    CREW SILICON VALLEY
Relyea        Jane          McPharlin, Sprinkles & Thomas, LLP         CREW SILICON VALLEY
Rendler       Katherine     Colliers International                     CREW SILICON VALLEY
Renfro        Byron         Orchard Commercial, Inc.                   GUEST
Reynaga       Verónica      First American Title Insurance Company     CREW SILICON VALLEY
Roberts       Wendy         CPS Corfac International                   CREW SILICON VALLEY
Robinson      Lesley        Equity Office Properties                   CREW SILICON VALLEY
Rocha         Donald        San Jose Redevelopment Agency              GUEST
Roley         Sutton        CPS CORFAC International                   GUEST
Roney         Win           Reel Grobman & Associates                  GUEST
Rosendin      Mike          Colliers International                     GUEST
Ruby          Cynthia       Cynthia Ruby and Associates                CREW SILICON VALLEY
Salles        Jenny         Silicon Valley Law Group                   CREW SILICON VALLEY
Sandman       Carol         AP + I Design, Inc.                        CREW SILICON VALLEY
Schafer       Nancy         Jensen Landscape Services, Inc.            CREW SILICON VALLEY
Schipper      Scott         KBM Workspace                              CREW SILICON VALLEY
Schlutt       Jason         Compass Solutions, Inc.                    GUEST
Schulze       Derek         Able Building Maintenance                  GUEST
Seiden      Gary        Ritchie Commercial                           GUEST
Sekul       Nadine      sii art consulting and services              GUEST
Setzer      Peter       Watson Setzer Real Estate Partners, L.L.C.   GUEST
Shade       Veronica    Hopkins & Carley                             GUEST
Shapiro     Hope        San Jose Redevelopment Agency                GUEST
Shapiro     Sarahann    Pahl & McCay                                 CREW SILICON VALLEY
Shaw        Jami        Equity Office Properties                     CREW SILICON VALLEY
Shea        Rhonda      Equity Office Properties                     GUEST
Shepard     Garin       Able Building Maintenance                    GUEST
Simonson    Sharon      San Jose Business Journal                    GUEST
Simpson     Katrina     Cosco Fire Protection                        GUEST
Slaff       Lee         NAI BT                                       GUEST

Smith       Mitsie      Smith-Wagle Commercial Management, Inc.      CREW SILICON VALLEY
Smoot       Amanda      CPS                                          GUEST
Sotelo      Ginger      Pahl & McCay                                 CREW SILICON VALLEY
Souza       Christina   Equity Office Properties                     GUEST
Stedler     Anne        San Jose Redevelopment Agency                CREW SILICON VALLEY
Steele      Shirley     The Muller Company                           GUEST
Tanner      Annemarie   TannerHecht Architecture                     GUEST
Thomas      Brad        Iron Construction, Inc.                      GUEST
                        Sterling & Associates, Inc. (EH&S
Vaccaro     Genene      Consultants)                                 CREW SILICON VALLEY
Vaughan     Jane        Menlo Equities                               SPEAKER
Verceles    Connie      City of Sunnyvale                            GUEST
Veronico    Betty       Equity Office Properties                     GUEST
Vreeland    Vince       Paragon Mechanical Inc.                      CREW SILICON VALLEY
Vuckovich   Stan        KBM Workspace                                GUEST
Wagle       Mary        Smith-Wagle Management Company, Inc.         CREW SILICON VALLEY
Walters     Julie       Brereton Architects                          GUEST
Weerakoon   Ru          San Jose Redevelopment Agency                SPEAKER
Whittell    Chris       San Jose Construction                        GUEST
Williams    Arisha      Renior Staffing Services, Inc.               GUEST
Wise        Toni        Greenberg Traurig LLP                        CREW SILICON VALLEY
Woest       Teresa      Zetus                                        GUEST
Wong        Lana        Windermere SVP                               GUEST
Woodworth   Byron       CB Richard Ellis                             CREW SILICON VALLEY
Wray        Erica       DLA Piper US LLP                             GUEST
Wright      Dianna      BCCI Construction                            CREW SILICON VALLEY
Yavari      Assal       Turner Construction Co.                      GUEST
Yeats       Brittany    Pivot Interiors, Inc.                        CREW SILICON VALLEY
Yoder       Kelly       Grubb & Ellis                                GUEST
Zimmerman   Steve       Cosco Fire Protection                        GUEST

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