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									                a message of
                   hope                             THE
                                                        M      E
                                                          “aNd hIS cloThES b
                                                            brIllIaNTly whITrk 9:3
  March 08                                                                 Ma

                                                                              We are all
                                                                              called to
                                                                              be saints!
                                                                              And it is
                                                                              this is the
                                                                              grace of
                                                                              Easter. God
                                                                              loves us so
                                                                              much that He
              Dear friends,                                                   calls each
              Sometimes people have asked me why they paint saints
              with halos. Well I’ve always thought that the saints are
                                                                              and every
              the happiest people in the world, and have you noticed          one of us to
              that people glow when they are happy? I noticed that in
              Mother Teresa of Calcutta and also each time I met with         be happy, as
              Pope John Paul II. Although they were both old and tired,
              you could notice an unmistakable inner glow that flowed
                                                                              happy as we
              from them. The light of Christ shone in them and from           can be.
              them, as to illuminate the world. Of them we can say that
              their clothes became brilliantly white.
              We are all called to be saints! And it is possible: this is
              the grace of Easter. God loves us so much that He calls
              each and every one of us to be happy, as happy as we can
              be. We only find true happiness when we fulfil His plan
              for us. There is a general plan, something that God wants
              for all of us: to be holy, to live a profound and everlasting   IN ThIS ISSUE
              communion with Him, and therefore to be truly happy. But        3 Faith Foundations
              how do we find happiness? How do we know where to find
                                                                              4 Pilgrim Prayer
              it? Well, God has chosen a particular path for you and a
              particular path for me to achieve holiness and happiness.
                                                                              5 Inspired Writings
              That is your personal plan, your vocation. You and me,          6 Testimony of Faith
              we were called from the moment of our conception and            7 Saints and Witnesses
              again at our Baptism and our Confirmation to a particular       8 Place of Pilgrimage
              vocation. And everything in my life, everything in my           9 To Reflect on
              history, everything that I am and have lived, has a purpose     11 Towards WYD08
              in view of the vocation and the mission which God has
              for me.
                                  a message of

                         “aNd hIS cloThES b
                           brIllIaNTly whITrk 9:3
  March 08                                Ma

              To find out what’s God’s plan for you is very important. And that is not just about what
              you would like to do with your life, nor just what others expect of you. It is a much more
              fundamental question. It is to answer the question: who am I? What has God created me
              for? He could have created you to get married and form a family and be a saint in giving
              yourself to your spouse and children. He might have created you to be a priest or to
              consecrate your life to him as a religious, and serve him by cooperating in his mission of
              contemplation and evangelisation to the ends of the earth. Who knows? God knows! And
              He is always lovingly ready to answer us. He talks through several means: people, signs,
              situations in our life, the Scriptures, the Liturgy, but in a special way He always speaks to
              us in the silence of our heart, through prayer.
              Your calling is never an imposition. On the contrary, it is a free answer from the love of God
              to the most profound longings of your being. Christ knocks at the door of your heart; He
              would never kick the door open! Jesus’ death on the cross that we celebrate this Easter
              shows us Christ’s call is an invitation: come, join me in Paradise.
              Some general guidelines for discerning your vocation may include the following:
                 1. Start to develop an intense life of prayer and frequent reception of the sacraments,
                    especially attending Mass often and praying before the Blessed Sacrament
                 2. Listen to God speaking to you in the Scripture readings, homily and prayers at
                    Mass and when reading the Bible in private
                 3. Be attentive to the signs God is sending you, in prayer, through people and in
                    your heart
                 4. Deepen in the knowledge of yourself
                 5. Entrust to Holy Mary your discernment, so that She may guide you to answer with
                    generosity to your calling what ever it might be
                 6. Look for a good adviser or spiritual director to bounce ideas off and help you discern
                    God’s plan for you.
              Some people don’t want to think about their vocation because they fear that God will ask
              too much of them; they are afraid of what Christ might want. To them I would like to
              repeat what Pope Benedict said during the Mass for the inauguration of his Pontificate:
              “Do not be afraid of Christ! He takes nothing away, and He gives you everything. When we
              give ourselves to him, we receive a hundredfold in return. Yes, open, open wide the doors
              to Christ – and you will find true life”.

              Happy Easter!

              bIShoP aNThoNy fIShEr oP,
              wyd08 coordINaTor
                                                                                               Ea ster
                                                                           H appy
                 f oundations
              coNSEcraTEd lIfE, rElIgIoUS lIfE aNd
              vIrgINITy for ThE kINgdoM
  March 08
              By the water of Baptism, the new Christian is both purified and made
              new. From that point onwards, he or she begins new life, a lifelong

              transformation by grace into the love and likeness of Jesus Christ.

              Through Baptism each of us             These counsels particularly
              is dedicated, belongs or is            embody the sacrificial way in
              consecrated, to Christ. We             which Jesus Christ lived himself
              receive the gifts and fruits of the    – chaste and unmarried, without
              Holy Spirit and are joined to the      property or a stable home (Luke
              task of building up Christ’s body      9:58) and totally on call to his
              (The Church) and of taking Jesus       Father.
              Christ to others in the world (our
                                                     This way of life is eschatological-
              missionary vocation).
                                                     it is a sign of our future
              Some Christians receive a              resurrection “where there will
              special gift or “charism” to           be no marriages”. There we
              live a particularly radical form       hope to be glorified and fulfilled
              of consecration and life-long          in God. All good marriages and
              devotion. They freely choose           families are a reflection of this
              to profess (promise, form and          fulfilment. Jesus refers to the
              dedicate) their love of Christ         chosen “sign” of the virginal and
              before the Church by taking on a       unmarried way of life: “… there
              distinctive way of life. The form of   are eunuchs who have made
              life which they choose to live can     themselves eunuchs for the sake
              vary widely: for example, people       of the kingdom of heaven. He
              who live in observant cloistered       who is able to receive this, let him
              communities might be monks             receive it.” (Mt 19:11-12)
              or nuns; those in a particular
                                                     Religious or consecrated life is
              religious family join an Order to
                                                     not a reproach to the goodness of
              become religious, men or women
                                                     the vocation to marriage or family
              who live in solitude can be
                                                     life. Marriage and consecrated
              hermits; those who work in the
                                                     life are complementary and
              world might belong to a secular
                                                     mutually supportive to the other
              institute or make promises in a
                                                     in the life of the Church. Pope
              new ecclesial movement.
                                                     John Paul II called them both in
              All these forms of life are            their distinctive ways, “conjugal”
              universally founded upon the           (wedded) because they are both
              three great evangelical counsels       a “bodily personal donation”
              of:                                    to a life of fidelity, conversion,
                                                     generosity, self-giving love and
              a) poverty (detachment from
                                                     Christian service.
              b) obedience (a willingness to
              serve God, Church, community)                           “aNd hIS cloThES b
                                                           E                             E”
                                                                       brIllIaNTly whITrk 9:3
              c) chastity (the choice to love
              without marriage or sexual             T                                Ma

    March 08

               PrayEr for vocaTIoNS
               by Pope John Paul II

               Oh Jesus, our Good Shepherd, bless all our parishes with numerous priests,
               deacons, men and women in religious life, consecrated laity and missionaries,
               according to the needs of the entire world, which You love and wish to save.

               We especially entrust our community to You; grant us the spirit of the first
               Christians, so that we may be a cenacle of prayer, in loving acceptance of the
               Holy Spirit and His gifts.

               Assist our pastors and all who live a consecrated life. Guide the steps of those
               who have responded generously to Your call and are preparing to receive holy
               orders or to profess the evangelical counsels.

               Look with love on so many well-disposed young people and call them to follow
               You. Help them to understand that in You alone can they attain to complete
               fulfilment. To this end we call on the powerful intercession of Mary, Mother
               and Model of all vocations. We beseech You to sustain our faith with the
               certainty that the Father will grant what You have commanded us to ask.


                   M    E
               THE                   EcaME
                   “aNd hIS cloThES b
                    brIllIaNTly whITrk 9:3

               writings                                              M     E
                                                                 THE                     EcaME
                                                                       “aNd hIS cloThES b
                                                                         brIllIaNTly whITrk 9:3

    March 08

               ExcErPT froM vITa coNSEcraTa, PoPE JohN PaUl II
               Click here to access the excerpt

               The evangelical basis of consecrated life is to be sought in the special
               relationship which Jesus, in his earthly life, established with some of his
               disciples. He called them not only to welcome the Kingdom of God into their
               own lives, but also to put their lives at its service, leaving everything behind and
               closely imitating his own way of life.

               Many of the baptised throughout history have been invited to live such a life “in
               the image of Christ”. But this is possible only on the basis of a special vocation
               and in virtue of a particular gift of the Spirit. For in such a life baptismal
               consecration develops into a radical response in the following of Christ through
               acceptance of the evangelical counsels, the first and essential of which is the
               sacred bond of chastity for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. This special way
               of “following Christ”, at the origin of which is always the initiative of the Father,
               has an essential Christological and pneumatological meaning: it expresses in a
               particularly vivid way the Trinitarian nature of the Christian life and it anticipates
               in a certain way that eschatological fulfilment towards which the whole Church
               is tending the Gospel, many of Christ’s words and actions shed light on the
               meaning of this special vocation. But for an overall picture of its essential
               characteristics, it is singularly helpful to fix our gaze on Christ’s radiant face
               in the mystery of the Transfiguration. A whole ancient spiritual tradition refers
               to this “icon” when it links the contemplative life to the prayer of Jesus “on the
               mountain”. Even the “active” dimensions of consecrated life can in a way be

               included here, for the Transfiguration is not only the revelation of Christ’s glory
               but also a preparation for facing Christ’s Cross. It involves both “going up the
               mountain” and “coming down the mountain”. The disciples who have enjoyed
               this intimacy with the Master, surrounded for a moment by the splendour of the
               Trinitarian life and of the communion of saints, and as it were caught up in the
               horizon of eternity, are immediately brought back to daily reality, where they see
               “Jesus only”, in the lowliness of his human nature, and are invited to return to
               the valley, to share with him the toil of God’s plan and to set off courageously on
               the way of the Cross.

               testimony of
                 faith                          M       E
                                            THE                     EcaME
                                                  “aNd hIS cloThES b
    March 08
                                                    brIllIaNTly whITrk 9:3

               EIlEEN lEyNE - caNada                                  At WYD 2002, amidst festivity, prayer, and the
               Currently a Postulant of the Marian                    resounding words of John Paul II, I had my first
               Community of Reconciliation,                           encounter with the Lord Jesus. Having become
               Manchester England                                     accustomed to an increasingly inhuman world, I
                                                                      rediscovered the depth of humanity. I discovered
                                                                      that Jesus was the meaning of life, and to follow
                                                                      him demanded living radically. He was counting on
                                                                      me to be generous, because my response would
                                                                      have consequences for all humanity. I could not
                                                                      remain indifferent.
                                                                      The authentic friendships I formed in Toronto
                                                                      ensured that WYD did not simply become a
                                                                      memory. My friends challenged me to become
                                                                      coherent with what I had discovered and to
                                                                      sincerely seek God’s plan for my life. Two friends
                                                                      from WYD directed me to the Marian Community
                                                                      of Reconciliation (the Fraternas), and in June 2003
                                                                      I flew to Denver to visit the community. There, I
                 “Young people listening                              found women of true joy who yearned to be Christ’s
                                                                      messengers of reconciliation in a ruptured world.
                 to me, answer the Lord                               Yearning to be saints, they had responded to
                 with strong and generous                             God’s call to live a life of obedience and celibacy in
                 hearts! He is counting                               community.

                 on you...”                                           I began to see how the Holy Spirit had been
                                                                      guiding me all along. Within the following months,
               John Paul II, WYD 2002.                                I confirmed that God had created me to be a
                                                                      Fraterna, to be fully available to help Mary in
               With the summer of 2002 approaching, many              her mission of bringing the whole world towards
               people in Canada were busy preparing for the           her Son. Leaving behind the prospects of a PhD
               great international event soon to take place           in engineering, I moved to Denver to begin the

               in Toronto. I was in my last semester as an            adventure of responding to my vocation which has
               engineering student in Montreal and was                now led me to England for my formation period.
               becoming aware of the deep unrest within me.
               I had a scholarship for graduate studies, I was
               living in an exciting cosmopolitan city, but I could
               not silence my yearnings to be happier. As a child I
               never doubted the existence of God. However, here
               I was living in a micro-culture of studies, parties
               and superficiality - a culture where God was
               dead. Yet, despite all my incoherencies, I could not
               entirely cut myself off from God. I clung to the one
               reference to Him I still had, Sunday Mass, where in
               early 2002 I heard God calling me to go to WYD.

                   saints and
               SaINT PETEr chaNEl
               (PIErrE-loUIS MarIE chaNEl)
    March 08
               Born: In Cuet, Bresse, France, 1802
               Died: Futuna Island, Western Pacific, 28 April, 1841

               Feast Day: 28th April
               Patron of: Oceania, missionaries in the Pacific
               Representation in Religious Art: a priest in the
               white trimmed black habit of 19th century Marist
               Fathers set against palms or tropical vegetation

                Peter Chanel was born into          They suffered illness, delay      began to ask for teaching and
                an agricultural working family      and death along the way.          Baptism.
                of eight children. As a young
                                                    After leaving Bishop              The Island’s King Niuliki,
                man he was a shepherd and
                                                    Pompallier on Wallis Island,      grew jealous of Peter’s
                then joined the seminary to
                                                    Peter and a lay brother           influence among his people
                train as a priest. A gifted
                                                    Brother Marie Nizier              and ordered the people to
                student and teacher, he was
                                                    travelled over 100 kilometres     taunt and threaten him. On 28
                ordained a priest at the age of
                                                    to the Island of Futuna.          April 1841, some of the King’s
                24. He was sent to a run-
                                                    They were the first Christian     warriors fiercely attacked
                down and depopulated parish
                                                    missionaries to arrive            Peter with clubs and axes -
                and quickly brought the parish
                                                    amongst the people who had        chopping at his head and body
                and the faith back to life there.
                                                    been caught up in fierce tribal   and eventually killing him. He
                However, Peter was most             wars for many years.              was soon declared the first
                attracted to the life of the                                          Christian martyr of Oceania
                                                    For over three years, with very
                Catholic missions in remote                                           and shortly afterwards, all
                                                    little in the way of supplies,
                and then non-Christian parts                                          the people of Futuna Island
                                                    the two Marists learned the
                of the world. In 1831 he joined                                       converted to Christianity.
                                                    language and customs of
                the new missionary Society of
                                                    the Futunans. They worked
                Mary (The Marist Fathers).
                                                    in healing and caring for the
                In 1836 the Pope asked              sick. They protected the local

                the Society to establish a          people against swindling
                mission in the Pacific region       European trading ships.
                between New Zealand                 Above all they preached about
                and South America. That             the importance of peace and
                year, Peter began the long          about the love of Jesus Christ
                and dangerous voyage to             and his mother the Virgin
                the region with five other          Mary.
                missionaries including Bishop
                                                    Gradually the locals were
                Jean Baptist Pompallier (who
                                                    attracted by the prayers and
                later became an early bishop
                                                    hymns which Peter played
                of New Zealand). The group
                                                    on his little keyboard. They
                travelled to the remote islands
                                                    named him: “the man with
                of Wallis and Futuna by way of
                                                    the kind heart” and some
                South America and Tahiti.

                 place of
               ThE ISlaNd of fUTUNa
               where: Western Pacific- between Fiji and Samoa
    March 08

                                                                      In our times, the people of Futuna

                                                                      still treasure their Christian faith, the
                                                                      memory of St Peter Chanel and his
                                                                      courage and gentleness. The villages
                                                                      are built around a small church and
                                                                      local catechists (lay Catholics who
                                                                      instruct people in the faith) and the
                                                                      Marist fathers, religious sisters and
                                                                      brothers are important figures in the
                                                                      The island remains remote, and can
                                                                      only be reached by cargo ship or by
                                                                      private or chartered yachts or flights.
                                                                      Wallis and Futuna islands are
                                                                      territories of France, so the President
                                                                      of France is their head of state along
                                                                      with the local King. The 50th king,
                                                                      Tomasi Kuilin died in May 2007.
                                                                      In 1977 the Marist Fathers returned
                                                                      to Futuna Island with the relics of
                                                                      Peter Chanel (the remains of his
               The Island of Futuna is one of a series of volcanic    body), which had been taken to New
               islands on which settlements of Polynesian people      Zealand, Australia and France after
               have lived for many centuries. In the 1500s            his death.
               Futuna became part of the Tongan Empire.
                                                                      Today St Peter’s Shrine is marked
               The Island was discovered by Dutch and English         by the Church of St Peter Chanel
               explorers in the 1600s and 1700s but the first         which is a remarkable multi-storied
               Christian mission to Futuna was that of St Peter       building with a very tall front tower.
               Chanel and Brother Marie Nizier in 1837. The local     The Church is decorated inside with
               people were particularly attracted by the beauty of    indigenous designs in brown and

               the music and prayers which Peter introduced to        white. St Peter’s body is buried
               them and today still prize their musical celebration   outside near where he was killed -
               of the liturgy.                                        outside the present Church.
               After he was murdered by the warriors of the
               King, Peter’s catechumens (those preparing for
               baptism), the Queen of Futuna and her women
               who were not yet Christian, risking violence to
               themselves- anointed and bound up the broken
               body of the missionary for burial. In the next two
               years, all the people on the island, including the
               man who had broken open Saint Peter’s skull,
               asked to become Christians.

                       reflect on                      THE
                                                           M      E
                                                             “aNd hIS cloThES b
                                                               brIllIaNTly whITrk 9:3
  March 08                                                                    Ma

              On 20 July, Pope Benedict XVI delivered a message to the

                                                                                    You might ask,
              young people of the World on WYD08. The Pope expressed,
              “In this message I gladly offer you an outline for meditation
                                                                                    how can we
              that you can explore during this year of preparation.”                allow ourselves
              Take some time to reflect on these words, to meditate and
                                                                                    to be renewed
              respond to the invitation of the Pope to explore the theme of         by the Holy
              WYD08.                                                                Spirit and
              Excerpt from the Message of the Holy Father Benedict XVI              to grow in
              to the young people of the world on the occasion of the XXIII         our spiritual
              World Youth Day, 2008, dated 20 July 2007                             lives? The
                                                                                    answer, as you
              My dear young friends!                                                know, is this:
              6. The Sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist                   we can do so
              You might ask, how can we allow ourselves to be renewed by            by means of
              the Holy Spirit and to grow in our spiritual lives? The answer,       the Sacraments,
              as you know, is this: we can do so by means of the Sacraments,
              because faith is born and is strengthened within us through the       because faith
              Sacraments, particularly those of Christian initiation: Baptism,      is born and is
              Confirmation and the Eucharist, which are complementary and
              inseparable (cf. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1285).
              This truth concerning the three Sacraments that initiate our          within us
              lives as Christians is perhaps neglected in the faith life of many    through the
              Christians. They view them as events that took place in the past
              and have no real significance for today, like roots that lack life-
              giving nourishment. It happens that many young people distance        particularly
              themselves from their life of faith after they have received          those of
              Confirmation. There are also young people who have not even
              received this sacrament. Yet it is through the sacraments of          Christian
              Baptism, Confirmation and then, in an ongoing way, the Eucharist,     initiation:
              that the Holy Spirit makes us children of the Father, brothers and
              sisters of Jesus, members of his Church, capable of a true witness
              to the Gospel, and able to savour the joy of faith.                   Confirmation
              I therefore invite you to reflect on what I am writing to you.        and the
              Nowadays it is particularly necessary to rediscover the sacrament     Eucharist,
              of Confirmation and its important place in our spiritual growth.
              Those who have received the sacraments of Baptism and
                                                                                    which are
              Confirmation should remember that they have become “temples           complementary
              of the Spirit”: God lives within them. Always be aware of this        and inseparable
              and strive to allow the treasure within you to bring forth fruits
              of holiness. Those who are baptized but have not yet received
              the sacrament of Confirmation, prepare to receive it knowing
              that in this way you will become “complete” Christians, since
              Confirmation perfects baptismal grace (cf. The Catechism of the
              Catholic Church, 1302-1304).

                        reflect on                        THE
                                                              M       E
                                                                “aNd hIS cloThES b
                                                                  brIllIaNTly whITrk 9:3
  March 08                                                                       Ma

              Confirmation gives us special strength to witness to and glorify

                                                                                         When the Spirit
              God with our whole lives (cf. Rom 12:1). It makes us intimately
              aware of our belonging to the Church, the “Body of Christ”, of             acts, he brings
              which we are all living members, in solidarity with one another            his fruits
              (cf. 1 Cor 12:12-25). By allowing themselves to be guided by the           to the soul,
              Spirit, each baptized person can bring his or her own contribution
              to the building up of the Church because of the charisms given             namely “love,
              by the Spirit, for “to each is given the manifestation of the Spirit       joy, peace,
              for the common good” (1 Cor 12:7). When the Spirit acts, he
              brings his fruits to the soul, namely “love, joy, peace, patience,
              kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control”          kindness,
              (Gal 5:22). To those of you who have not yet received the sacrament        generosity,
              of Confirmation, I extend a cordial invitation to prepare to receive it,
              and to seek help from your priests. It is a special occasion of grace
              that the Lord is offering you. Do not miss this opportunity!               gentleness, and
              I would like to add a word about the Eucharist. In order to grow           self-control”
              in our Christian life, we need to be nourished by the Body and
              Blood of Christ. In fact, we are baptized and confirmed with a
              view to the Eucharist (cf. The Catechism of the Catholic Church,
              1322; Sacramentum Caritatis, 17). “Source and summit” of the
              Church’s life, the Eucharist is a “perpetual Pentecost” since
              every time we celebrate Mass we receive the Holy Spirit who
              unites us more deeply with Christ and transforms us into Him. My
              dear young friends, if you take part frequently in the eucharistic
              celebration, if you dedicate some of your time to adoration of the
              Blessed Sacrament, the Source of love which is the Eucharist,
              you will acquire that joyful determination to dedicate your lives to
              following the Gospel. At the same time it will be your experience
              that whenever our strength is not enough, it is the Holy Spirit who
              transforms us, filling us with his strength and making us witnesses
              suffused by the missionary fervour of the risen Christ.

                      TH                      EcaME
                            “aNd hIS cloThES b
                              brIllIaNTly whITrk 9:3
    March 08

               IT’S all aboUT                   We need your support            volunteers are to making the
                                                to hit that target. Space       WYD week a success. Right
               PrEParaTIoN                      allocation has commenced        now, there are still many
               It’s getting closer to the       for the major events and as     opportunities for pilgrims
               World Youth Day week and         advised in earlier editions,    to volunteer in a whole host
               the pace is picking up. No       preference has been given to    of roles from wayfinding to
               doubt you have finalised         those who have completed        catering. Volunteers will
               your travel arrangements,        their individual registration   receive free registration
               your individual registrations    details.                        for WYD, be provided with
               are complete and your                                            uniforms and have time to
                                                A further preference has
               fundraising is well under                                        attend at least one of the
                                                been applied to those who
               control. Well, we can all                                        major events during the
                                                have paid their registration
               dream can’t we!                                                  week. Details are available
                                                fees. For international
               The topic of this month’s                                        through the website
                                                pilgrims, this can be done by
               ePILGRIMAGE is about                                             www.wyd2008.org/volunteer
                                                credit card. A wire transfer
               exploring your vocation. At                                      If you’ve thought about
                                                option will be introduced
               WYD08, we are having a                                           volunteering but haven’t
                                                in the next week or so.
               Vocations Expo, which is the                                     done so to date – now is the
                                                Australian pilgrims may also
               opportunity for you to explore   use Bpay or direct transfers    time to act.
               your vocation. You can open      from Australian banks and
               your heart and mind to the       credit unions.
               range of possible ways of
                                                Sydneysiders will have the
               living out your baptismal
                                                opportunity to host pilgrims
               vocation. We look forward to
                                                from around the world in
               seeing you there!
                                                their homes. Like previous
                                                WYDs, Sydney will have an
                                                extensive HomeStay program
               ThE wyd08 TEaM’S                 with at least 40,000 pilgrims
               focUS ThIS MoNTh

                                                staying in private homes.
                                                To reinforce the pastoral
               Our major priorities at the
                                                aspects of the program,
               moment are on gathering
                                                HomeStay is parish based
               registrations, HomeStay
                                                with one or more local
               hosts and volunteers.
                                                coordinators in each parish.
               Group registrations are          If you are a Sydneysider,
               still very strong with more      make your fellow pilgrims
               groups continuing to register    feel welcome and ask your
               each week. Individual            parents and friends to open
               registrations are also now       up their homes. Go to
               picking up, recently passing     www.wyd2008.org/homestay
               50,000 and we expect to have
                                                                                              N Syd
                                                                                         yoU I S!!
                                                The experienced WYD
               over 100,000 by the end of
                                                pilgrims know how important          SEE     NTh
                                                                                        4 Mo

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