Conventional QSL's by suchenfz


									                  Are You Still QSL’ing?
Gone are the days when mailing a card cost 3 cents…
            QSL’ing today …
                     is expensive !

 Paper QSL Card + Envelope
 Outgoing Postage
    – $0.96 to the U.S.A.
    – $1.60 International
   Return Envelope + Return Postage
    – “Green Stamps” ($US2 + )
    – IRC’s (1 or more @ $3.50/ea)
    – U.S. Return Postage (72-cent U.S. stamp)
                  Alternatives …

   QSL Bureaus
    – Slow
       » Like, sometimes really slow
    – Not always reliable
    – Not everyone uses them
    – Some countries don’t have them
   QSL Service
    – e.g., WF5E
A Modern Approach to Confirmations ...
Start by keeping an electronic log…
Electronic Logging …
Electronic QSL Cards … …
                      Using eQSL …

   Upload your Log in ADIF Format
    – You can also enter QSO’s manually (not practical)
   If your contact is an eQSL user, eQSL card left in his Inbox
   You can eMail your eQSL to non-users
    – if you know their eMail address
   ARRL does not accept eQSL’s for their awards
    – DXCC, WAS, etc.
   eQSL have their own awards
    – eDX100, eWAS, etc.
    – “Authenticity Guaranteed” required for awards
ARRL’s Logbook of the World …
Using Logbook of The World …
     Upload your Log in ADIF Format
      – use secure “digital signature”
     LoTW attempts to match your QSO’s with
      other LotW users
      – each match counts as a verified QSL
      – no QSL card option
     LoTW QSL’s count for DXCC and WAS
      – can be combined with paper QSL’s
      – LoTW keeps detailed awards statistics
Going Electronic…
    Why Do It ?
    You might discover some confirmed contacts you
     didn’t know about
    You might make someone else happy who needs
     your QSL
    You will raise your Amateur Radio contact
     statistics to a whole new level
    It’s fun !

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