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									Premiere Issue
   Fall 20 04

                                                      Alberta Optometrists
                                                         and the Canadian
                                                      Diabetes Association
                                                      have partnered to offer
  In Recognition                                       uninsured adults, with
                                                       diabetes, between 19
     of World                                         and 64, free eye health
                                                          assessments in
   Diabetes Day                                          optometric offices
                                                        throughout Alberta.

               FREE Eye Health Assessments
      What is Diabetes Week?
     During the week of November 14 – 20th
 participating optometrists throughout Alberta will
  donate their professional services for a day to
provide people with diabetes with a free eye health
   assessment, including a dilated fundus exam.

 Your provincial health care plan excludes adults
  from 19-64 from coverage for optometric eye
 examinations…optometrists want to provide the
 opportunity for people with diabetes, in this age
category, to receive an eye health assessment at
                    no charge.

        How do I schedule an
    If you would like to take advantage of this
opportunity, please contact the Alberta Association
 of Optometrists at 1-800-272-8843, and they will
 put you in touch with a participating optometrist
                     near you.

           Your Eyes Deserve an Optometrist
Healthy Eating On The Run.                    evening’s meal. Leftover salad turns
It Can Be Done!                               into individual-sized servings, and
                                              cold slices of roast chicken make for
Does packing a lunch sound like a good        great sandwiches. When grilling veg-
idea - but it never happens? Want to          etables, put a few extra on the BBQ
eat healthier lunches, but won’t get          for use as fillings for sandwiches for
your act together? The Canadian Dia-          the next day.
betes Association offers some easy
ways to shift to healthier eating that        Buying A Healthy Lunch
wonít slow you down.                          OK, you can’t always be that orga-
                                              nized. Here are some tips from the
Go Portable!                                  Canadian Diabetes Association to
Fruits such as apples, pears and banan-       make healthier choices at the lunch
as are easy to carry, loaded with nutri-      counter. Choose whole grain sand-
ents and come wrapped in their own            wich bread over bagels, and mus-
packaging. Pre-washed ‘baby’ carrots          tards and salsa spreads over mayo
or celery sticks, broccoli or cauliflow-       or butter. Choose lower fat natural
er florets are good vegetable choices.         meats instead of smoked or pro-
Prepackaged natural (not processed)           cessed meats such as smoked ham
cheese snacks or an occasional hard           or salami. Ask for water, milk, real
boiled egg are good protein choices,          fruit juice or a vegetable juice as a
as is a baggie of nuts and seeds (raw         nutritious alternative to pop.
almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds).
Nuts are nutrient-dense but pack a ca-        For more information about how
loric wallop, so limit the portion to the     healthy eating can help cut your risk
size of your palm.                            of type 2 diabetes, visit the Canadian
                                              Diabetes Association at www.diabe-
Bag Lunch At Dinner                           tes.ca and click on ‘About Diabetes’
Get the job half done the night be-           and ‘Nutrition.’ n
fore. Make lunch preparation a breeze
by having containers on hand when
putting away the leftovers from the

       PARAMOUNT                                  ON       JASPER
               PARAMOUNT                        ON    JASPER
 The Paramount on Jasper
 10233 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
 PH: 780.429-1109 Bookings: bookings@paramountonjasper.com
 Information: info@paramountonjasper.com   ASK US ABOUT OUR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION RATES

Fall 2004                           DIABETES COMPASS                                        3
2      Free Eye Health Assessments                                                                      Dedicated to Finding a Cure
       Alberta Association of Optometrists
3      Healthy Eating on the Run                                                                        Mission: to find a cure for diabetes and its
       Canadian Diabetes Association                                                                  complications through the support of research.

4      Dedicated to Finding a Cure                                                                    How your community is helping:
       Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation                                                          Your local JDRF chapter’s staff and
                                                                                                      volunteers help to organize events, galas,
5      Leading the Way, Understanding Heart Disease & Stroke
       Heart & Stroke Foundation
                                                                                                      advocacy, public awareness initiatives
                                                                                                      and private donations. We welcome you
6      Diabetes and the Eye                                                                           to join us in finding a cure. You can help
       Alberta Association of Optometrists                                                            by supporting any of our programs:
7      5 Ways To Cut Your Diabetes Costs                                                              Golf Tournaments, Barbeques and other
       by Leslie Dawson, Diabetes Author                                                              unique events
8      Resource Station                                                                               These fun, seasonal events provide the
       Helpful Local Diabetes Resource Listings                                                       opportunity to enjoy recreational outings with
                                                                                                      friends, neighbours and business associations.
8      Signs & Symptoms
       Kidney Foundation                                                                              Walk to Cure Diabetes
                                                                                                      This annual event brings out thousands
9      Diabetes? Me? Feature Profile
      by Eileen Bell
                                                                                                      of participants Canada wide. Walk routes
                                                                                                      of 5 km attract corporate and family walk
10 Become an ADF Member or Volunteer                                                                  teams, and individual walkers alike.
       Alberta Diabetes Foundation ADF
                                                                                                      Research Partnership Program . . .
12 Tasty Bison Roast                                                                                  Closing in on a Cure
       A Healthy Red Meat Recipe                                                                      With a contribution of $10,000 or more
12 Diabetes Education and Management Program Listings                                                 organizations and individuals share the
       Aboriginal Diabetes Wellness Program ADWP                                                      opportunity to fund Canadian research
13 Solutions to Vision Loss
       CNIB                                                                                           Tribute and Memorial Gifts
                                                                                                      are a meaningful way for individuals or
14 Empowering People with Diabetes
        Interview with Diabetes Nurse Agnes Cheng, by Leslie Dawson
                                                                                                      groups to honour the memory of loved ones or
                                                                                                      friends, or acknowledge special occasions.
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2A7 Phone: 780-970-0060 email: diabetescompass@shaw.ca                                                Check with your personnel office to find
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Do not substitute it for advice of a qualified health care professional. Before you make any changes
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4                                                                  DIABETES COMPASS                                                        Fall 2004
The Heart & Stroke Foundation
      Leads the Way
. . . Towards greater understanding of
the root causes of heart disease and
stroke. Almost 40% of Canadians will
develop some form of heart disease
or stroke over their lifetime. With
our aging population, it’s critical to
understand the underlying causes of
these diseases.
     This knowledge allows for earlier
                                                       diabetic dental health
diagnoses and better treatments,
while providing Canadians with
critical information on how to protect
their health.                            ask the
     The Heart and Stroke Foundation
is one of Canada’s largest funders of
heart and stroke research with hun-
dreds of hospital and university-based
research teams depending on us year
after year. Millions                     Q   What oral health problems can
                                             be associated with diabetes?
of Canadians look to
the Foundation for in-
formation on how to                      A   The most common oral health problems
                                             associated with diabetes are:
                                                 • tooth decay
prevent and manage                               • periodontal (gum) disease
these diseases. n                                • salivary gland dysfunction
                                                 • fungal infections
                                                 • delayed healing
                                                 • taste impairment

                                             Preventive oral health care, including
                                             professional cleanings at your dental
                                             office is important if you are to control
                                             the progression of oral health problems.

                                             If you have any questions regarding this
                                             or any other dental concerns please call
                                             us at the SmileZone.

                                             8742 -109 street, tel. 989-5733
                                             cosmetic and general dentistry

Fall 2004                        DIABETES COMPASS                                        5
                                             Stan Wlodarczyk, B.P.E.
                                                 Certified Prosthetist
                                                                               Foot ulcers due to
                                                       Canada & USA            complications from diatetes?
    Todd Saucier
    Certified Orthotist
                                                                               Our professional re-hab
                                                                               team will help you!

                                                                               • Orthotics for shoes
                              Gerry Martin                                     • Off-loading braces
                          Registered Technician
                                                                               as well as
            Prosthetics &
                                                                               • Comfortable artificial limbs
                                                                               • C-Legs, Myoelectrics
                                                                               • Vacuum -assisted socket systems
            Orthotics care                                                     Free parking
              Company, Inc.                                                    Free assessments
                                                                               Pre-surgical consultations welcome

       10613 - 82 St., Edmonton, AB Canada T6A 3N2

        www.prostheticsandorthoticscare.com                                    (780) 448-1281
                                                                                                                        Option 2
Diabetes and the Eye

People with diabetes often have many                                     detect this condition, an annual eye
health challenges within the battle to                                   health examination by an optometrist
control the disease. Unfortunately, one                                  or an ophthalmologist is essential. An
area that is often overlooked is eye care.                               eye doctor will use eye drops to di-
People with diabetes are at greater risk                                 late the pupils and will examine the
for developing a number of eye condi-                                    retina with special lenses. If diabetic
tions such as cataracts (clouding of the                                 retinopathy is found, prompt referral
lens in the eye), glaucoma (raised eye                                   to a specialist for laser treatment can
pressure), or large shifts in nearsight-                                 prevent further vision loss. Eye health
edness or farsightedness. The most                                       care is critical for people with diabetes.
serious complication is called diabetic                                  Makes an eye examination part of your
retinopathy where the blood vessels                                      annual health check up! n
in the retina can start to leak or bleed.                                             Phone: 1-800-272-8843 or (780) 451-6824
Early stages may not cause any visual                                                 Fax: (780) 452-9918
                                                                                      Email: alberta.association@optometrists.ab.ca
symptoms but if untreated, diabetic
retinopathy can lead to blindness. To
6                                                   DIABETES COMPASS                                                 Fall 2004
                                                           5    WAYS TO SAVE MONEY
                                                                ON YOUR DIABETES COSTS
                                                                          by Leslie Dawson
 Leslie Dawson                                             1. Prescription Costs Savings. Split your
 Sherwood Park, Alberta                                    pills! Save money by asking your doctor
 Living with Type 1 Diabetes                               to prescribe pills at double strength.
 Since 1980
                                                           Buy a $3 pill splitter. Split your pills to
 Diabetes Writer
                                                           the correct dosage. Check with your
                                                           pharmacist first.
                       How to Save Up to                   2. Pay Less on Your Monthly Alberta
                       $3000 a Year on                     Health Care Premium. Do you qualify?
                       Your Diabetes Costs                 Apply for a Premium Subsidy with Alberta
                       “If you, a family member, or a      Health and Wellness Health Insurance.
                       friend has diabetes and are         Application forms? Ask for the Premium
                       struggling with the costs of        Subsidy 2004/2005 form. Call 427-1432
                       staying healthy, getting this
                                                           or print a copy from their website: www.
                       book could be the best
                       investment you ever make.”          health.gov.ab.ca/ahcip/forms.
                                          -amazon.com      3. Free Mental Health Care. Do you
Financial smarts for just $11.40.                          need to talk to someone now? Adults
Discover savings on medicine, food, supplies &             call the Adult Crisis Response Team at
doctor visits. By Sherwood Park author Leslie Dawson       482-0222. Children call the Childrenís
Available at Laurie Greenwoodsʼ Volume II 12433-102 Ave.   Crisis Response Team: 427-4491. The
                                                           Distress Line is also a cost-free option.
    2 DAY DIABETES WORKSHOP                                Adults call: 487-4357. Children can call
             For Health Professionals                      the Kids Help Line at 1-800-668-6868.
              November 18 & 19, 2004                       4. Free Flu & Pneumonia Shots. The flu
    DIABETES QUICK HELP INSTITUTE                          shot season is nearly here. Seniors and
   Phone: (780) 437-5075     For More Information          people with diabetes in the Capitol
                                                           Health Region qualify for free influenza
                                                           and pneumonia shots. Watch for
                                                           immunization clinic announcements.
                                                           5. Attend Health Fairs. Local health fairs
                                                           are often a great way to get free advice
                                                           from health educators. Free scanning for
                                                           other diseases may also be offered. n
                                                             HASSLE FREE COMPUTER REPAIRS
                                                             Fast Expert Computer Solutions to Your Door
                                                                                •   Same Day Service!
                                                              M  obil           •   No Lugging
                                                                                •   No Travel Charges
                                                                                •   Minimize Your Downtime

                                                                                Call 780.970.1618
Fall 2004                                     DIABETES COMPASS                                             7
                    RESOURCE STATION

Diabetes Health Professionals (Private)           Nutrient Express 970-6701
West Edmonton Diabetes Centre                     Safeway Pharmacy - Call your local pharmacy
   Dr Philip Hardin 452-1999 (By Referral Only)     Diabetes Meter Training & Grocery Store Tours
Bowering Diabetes Health Centre                   Not For Profit Agencies
   Dr Bowering 944-9589 (By Referral Only)        Alberta Diabetes Foundation 447-2643
Independent Diabetes Consultants                  Alberta Association of Optometrists 451-6824
   Denise Paquin, CDE 465-9433                    Asian Diabetes Info Line (CDA) 1-888-666-8586
Events                                            Canadian Diabetes Association 423-1232
National Diabetes Week November 14-20             Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Free Eye Health Week November 14-20                 (CNIB) 453-8323
   Call 1-800-272-8843 (See Page 2)               Heart & Stroke Foundation 451-4545
Fitness                                           Juvenile Diabetes Research Fdn 428-0343
Flaman Sales 474-2222                             Kidney Foundation 451-6900
GMCC Active Living with Diabetes 497-5134         Seniors Caring About Seniors 465-0311
Grey Nuns Rehab Outreach Services 450-7121        Travelling Diabetes Program (CDA) 423-1232
Fundraising                                       Psychology
Kidney Car Line 453-2288                          Dr. Marianne Miles 447-2614
Team Diabetes (CDA) 423-1232                      Cornerstone Counselling Centre 482-6215
Miscellaneous                                     Sexual Dysfunction (E.D.)
Alberta Diabetes Initiative 495-8710              Dr. J.B. Metcalfe, Urologist 407-7372
Capital Health Diabetes Booking Line 401-2651     Support Groups
Diabetic Nephropathy Clinics 407-1443             Edmonton Diabetes Support Group
Diabetes Quick Help Institute 437-5075              Jason Turner 461-5947
Home Care Network 483-6550                        *POKED Parents of Kids Enduring Diabetes
Low Carb Gallery 988-2279                           Jette Badry 435-8830

    Kidney Disease: Signs and Symptoms

    During the early stages, there may be no warning signs or symptoms of kidney
    disease. In some cases, the problems may go undetected until the kidneys are
    severely damaged.

    Some signs and symptoms to watch out for are:
      � High blood pressure
      � Passage of bloody, cloudy or tea-coloured urine
      � Foaming in the urine or protein in the urine
      � Frequent passing of urine during the night
      � Passing less urine or difficulty passing urine
      � Puffy eyes, hands and feet
      � Fatigue
      � Nausea and vomiting                                 Northern Alberta & the Territories
      � Poor appetite and weight loss                                (780) 451-6900
      � Muscle cramping                                            info@kidney.ab.ca
      � Bad taste in mouth
      � Decreased sexual desire                                www.kidney.ab.ca
    One or more of these signs may mean you have a problem with your kidneys.
    You may want to discuss this with your family doctor.

8                                     DIABETES COMPASS                                    Fall 2004
                                Me?                              by Eileen Bell

   I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes just before Christmas 2003. At 45,
I had been overweight since early childhood. Dr. Susan Low has been my
physician for the 20 years I’ve lived in Edmonton. I had never seen her look
so somber. As she started talking about peripheral neuropathy, kidney failure
and lipid levels, the room seemed to spin.
   After leaving her office, I drove to work at 630 CHED in a daze. I psyched myself
up for an entertainment segment I was doing that day on “The Lesley Primeau
Show. I pushed my diagnosis and its implications as far away as I could.
   The next day reality set in. My friend Chantelle, whose dad is diabetic, mis-
interpreted my stupor. She thought I wasn’t taking my diabetes seriously and
tore a strip off me. “From now on you have to stop thinking of food as fuel, and
think of it as medicine!” Somehow that message clicked. But I was so mad!
None of the warnings about the possibility of developing Type 2 diabetes had
prepared me for what was to come.
   That night was the CHED Christmas party. My date had been diagnosed
with Type 2 several years earlier. He brought his glucose meter with him.
When he told me I would have to poke myself to test my blood everyday, I
didn’t believe him at first. But sitting on my sofa in a floor length gown, I met
my first lancet.
   Dr. Low had put me on a diabetes-friendly diet immediately, and over the
holidays I started losing weight. Once more, blood work came back from the
lab. She prescribed Actos®— one pill, once a day.
   With encouragement from family and friends, I resolved to do all I could to
fight the negative impacts of my diabetes. I am blessed to have the support
that I do.
   Radio host Lesley Primeau allows me to chronicle my journey during visits
on her CHED program. Lesley and I have discussed my diagnosis, my origi-
nal fury and frustrations, my first trip to a podiatrist, and even a dinner date
spent analyzing the menu for low glycemic choices. Lesley even patiently al-
lowed me to jab her with my lancet, milking enough blood from her fingers
to test her glucose level.
Fall 2004                         DIABETES COMPASS                                9
                                                               ...Eileen Bell cont’d
   The response has been tremendous. After each segment, my inbox fills with
emails, and my phone rings off the hook. People who recognize me in public,
or at church, share their stories. The most gratifying call came from a woman
who had been recently diagnosed. She was having a hard time with it, but said
that hearing my story encouraged her.
   My own results have been wonderful! Dr. Low was able to take me off the
Actos® in June, and I now control my blood glucose with diet and exercise.
I have lost 65 pounds since Christmas, and hope to lose another 60. I get up
in the morning and go for walks around my neighbourhood. I plan to use the
treadmill at work once the weather turns cold.
   I know now that diabetes is not the monster that I feared. As weird as it sounds,
so far my diabetes has been nothing but a blessing for me. n

             BECOME AN ADF MEMBER OR VOLUNTEER. Alberta Diabetes Foundation
             12834 – 163 Street NW Edmonton, AB. T5V 1K6 email: info@afdr.ab.ca
             www.afdr.ab.ca Phone: (780) 447-2643 Toll Free: 1-800-563-2450
10                             DIABETES COMPASS                            Fall 2004
                                   MARKET PLACE

                                                                     COPING SKILLS
                                                                              Dr. Marianne Miles
                                                                           Diabetes Talk Therapist says:
                                                                “I Live a Quality Life with Diabetes. So Can You!”

                                                                    Covered By Most Private Health Plans
                                                                  Phone Dr. Miles (780) 447-2614
                                                                H.J. McLeod, Ph.D. & Associates Ltd.
                                                                     11440 Kingsway Ave, Edmonton, AB

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                                                                  MEDICAL TRAVEL INSURANCE?
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Fall 2004                                          DIABETES COMPASS                                                        11
¾ cup
           Dijon Mustard
           Cloves Garlic, chopped fine
                                            YOUR HEALTHY RED MEAT CHOICE

3 Tbsp     Fresh Sage, chopped              BISON MEAT IS:
3 Tbsp     Fresh Oregano, chopped           ´   Low in Fat (Very Lean)
1 tsp      Black Peppercorns, cracked
                                            ´   Low in Cholesterol
¼ cup      Water
¼ cup      Balsamic Vinegar                 ´   High in Protein
3 - 4 lb   Sirloin Tip or Inside Round      ´   High in Iron
           Bison Roast, room temp
Preheat oven to 500˚ F Combine the
                       .                              WE DELIVER
first 5 ingredients; rub into roast.           HIGH QUALITY, GOOD VALUE &
                                                    GREAT TASTE !
Place roast in a roasting pan and
into the oven. Add the liquids. Sear        FREE COOKBOOK WITH ORDERS OVER $100.00
roast in oven at 500˚ F for 20 minutes.     FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER $75.00
Reduce oven temperature to 325˚ F   .       10% DISCOUNT ON ALL ORDERS Mention this Ad. Exp Nov 1/04
Roast Bison in a covered roasting
pan. Always use a meat thermometer.         NATURALLY CANADIAN BISON PRODUCTS
Rare 135˚ F Medium-Rare 145˚ F
                                            Phone 922-3782       Ardrossan, AB        Since 1991
Well done 155˚ F n

               Aboriginal Diabetes Wellness Program
                         Utilizing Holistic Approaches to
                      Diabetes Education and Management

All Albertans are welcome to participate     the development of educational
in the following cultural programs:          resources and tools to promote
                                             diabetes prevention and
l 1 or 3 day Basic Diabetes Education        management.
  and Management for adults                l Youth Diabetes Prevention Project
l 3 day Refresher Course providing           called (WOLF) a Way Of Life for
  additional diabetes management             Families –promoting healthy eating
  strategies for adults returning after      and active lifestyles in schools. n
  attending the Basic Course
l Outreach Program – 1-3 day diabetes      Contact: Program Coordinator
  prevention or management in urban        204 Anderson Hall
  or rural centres                         10959 – 102 Street
                                           Edmonton, Alberta T5H 2V1
l PRIADE (Professional Relationships       Phone: (780) 477-4512
  in Aboriginal Diabetes Education)        Fax: (780) 491-5878
  - 4 day workshop for health
  professionals which facilitates
12                               DIABETES COMPASS                                        Fall 2004
                                          Want to know about carbs and
                                          the impact on diabetics?
                                          We offer free Diabetic Introduction Tours
                                          the first & third Wednesday of every
                                          month. Sign up today!

                                          Have difficulty with low carb &
                                          sugar free meals?
                                          Try an entrée from our low carb take-out
   Low Carb Headquarters
                                          menu. We have a large selection including
   Low Carb Gallery                       sugar-free cheesecake.

      10431 - 51 Avenue                   Need a lifestyle change?
       Edmonton, Alberta                  We may have your answers!

                                                blurring. As it advances, broken blood
            Solutions                           vessels can leak and cause scarring,
            to Vision Loss                      creating blurred or dark patches and
                                                leading to more severe loss of sight.
            by Shawna Miller, CNIB
                                                    Losing your vision can be difficult,
    Vision loss is a reality for many           but the CNIB will help you overcome the
people with diabetes. Every year                challenges. Magnifiers can help you read
more than 400 Canadians lose their              printed material such as newspapers,
vision from diabetes, and The Canadian          telephone books, or mail. You may
National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) can     also wish to discuss different lighting
be a lifeline back to independence.             options, computer technologies or learn
    Diabetic for 20 years, Wayne Turnbull       techniques to manage daily tasks such as
knew he would eventually lose his sight         cooking, cleaning or shopping. CNIB’s
and he wanted to prepare. “As soon as I         services are available free of charge to
started having eye trouble, I went to the       help anyone with a vision loss.
CNIB, he said. “They helped me cope                 You don’t have to be blind to come
by showing me all the things I could            to the CNIB – if your vision is a problem,
do – I got a magnifier, I learned to use         CNIB is the one to call! n
computer technology, and I have a cane.   ”                       Phone 488-4871 or
    Diabetic retinopathy is usually the                           check out: www.cnib.ca
cause of vision loss or blindness. In                             12010 Jasper Avenue
early stages, there may be some                                   Edmonton T5K 0P3
Fall 2004                             DIABETES COMPASS                                 13
                                                                            3. “The third problem is in myself.
                                                   Empowering                   We professionals think we know
                                                                                what is best for our patients. We
                                                    People with                 need to have guidelines, but really,
Photo by Leslie Dawson

                                                                                the standards need to be theirs,
                                                   Diabetes                     the patients’ not ours. Cheng’s
                                                                                approach: “I listen to what the
                                                   by Leslie Dawson             patient’s are saying. We will fail if
                              Agnes Cheng
                         Diabetes Nurse Educator                                we don’t listen. I let their standards
                                                                                be the ones until they’re ready to
    Agnes Cheng’s husband refers to                                             change or alter themselves.”
his wife as “A chili pepper - small but                                         Agnes Cheng’s number one wish
hot.” Diabetes nurse educator Cheng                                         for her patients is, “I wish we could
stands just 4 feet 11 inches. However,                                      improve financial assistance — so
this tiny woman makes a powerful                                            that financial issues would not be the
impact on the 50-odd people who                                             reason patients did not test. She adds,
visit her at the Grey Nuns Diabetes &                                       “Patients should take advantage of
Metabolic Centre every month. She                                           the diabetes educators in Edmonton’s
is one of 30-50 diabetes educators in                                       six diabetes clinics.” A diabetes educa-
Edmonton. Nurses, dieticians, doctors,                                      tor can help you explore core issues
and pharmacists also serve as diabetes                                      that may be preventing you from
educators.                                                                  good self-management. n
    Cheng says that diabetes educators
teach patients or caregivers to man-                                                         WEB STATION www
age their diabetes. Ideally, she adds,                                      afdr.ab.ca Alberta Diabetes Fdn
“We empower them. They should feel                                          cha.ab.ca Capital Health
competent and good about them-                                              cnib.ca
selves.” Cheng’s approach to working                                        cornerstonecounselling.com
with patients who have diabetes com-                                        diabetes.ca Canadian Diabetes Assn
bines compassion, common sense, and                                         diabetesquickhelp.ca
technical know-how. She sees three                                          ellisphoto.ca
common problems when patients visit.                                        flaman.com Flaman Fitness
1. “They are so overwhelmed at di-                                          footandanklewellness.net
    agnosis that it’s hard for them to                                      hc-sc.gc.ca/fnihb/cp/adi/index.htm
    learn.” Cheng’s approach: “Give                                             Alberta Diabetes Initiative
    them one-on-one attention until                                         heartandstroke.ca
    they’re ready to learn. Go slow un-                                     jarpharma.com Phloderm Lotion
    til they are ready.”                                                    jasperplacedenture.com
2. “Patients can’t cope with compet-                                        jdrf.ca Juvenile Diabetes Research Fdn
    ing demands-financial responsibili-                                      kidney.ab.ca
    ties, jobs, and schooling.” Cheng’s                                     lowcarbgallery.com
    approach: “I allow patients to                                          prosthethicsandorthoticscare.com
    work through the issues. I’m here                                       morgex.com Morgex Travel Insurance
    when they’re ready.”                                                    optometrists.ab.ca
14                                                                DIABETES COMPASS                           Fall 2004
Do You Suffer From:

                     Book your foot examination today with
                     Dr. S. Chaudhry, DPM
                     (780) 488-4844
 Advanced Foot Care Remedies for People with Diabetes and
             other Chronic Health Conditions
    w   Nerve Testing – Assessment of Peripheral Neuropathy
    w   Evenings & Weekend Appointments
    w   Anodyne Therapy (for Peripheral Neuropathy)
    w   Palliative Care for Feet & Nails
    w   Wide Selection of Multiple Width Shoes
    w   Surgical & Non-Surgical Foot & Ankle Treatments
    w   Registered Massage Therapist

                   DIABETES FOOT TIPS
    ß Inspect Your Feet Daily !
    ß Never Go Barefoot !
    ß Always Have Your Feet Measured When Buying Footwear!

    Foot and Ankle Wellness Centre
         11903 - 111 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
              We Treat You Like Family
              email: info@footandanklewellness.net
         (780) 488-4844 www.footandanklewellness.net

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