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               July 2010
 Open Day



My Fair Lady
Welcome to the July edition of Theatre & Z”Arts.
Well a new financial year is here... boring !!! haha... but what is very exciting is the
amount of awesome and quality productions on out and about all over the state.
I can’t stress enough how much I want to hear from all the regional theatres, art galleries,
bands, clubs, playwrights and authors - anything to do with our vibrant WA performing
arts scene.
For example I have heard of a show that will be presented in
Dowerin in October... and I look forward to telling everyone about
it... I may even have to get the TAZ Trips going again and organise a
group of Perth theatre lovers for an adventure.                                                 Factoid 1)The Eagles lead singer
                                                                                                     is also their drummer.
If it’s on in Western Australia, we want to know about it. So get in
                                                                                                     Factoid 2) The original title
touch and tell us your fabulous news and events, no matter how big
                                                                                                    for the Beatles' "Yesterday"
or small TAZ Entertainment wants to help promote you.
                                                                                     Cheers,         was.... "Scrambled Eggs".
Don’t forget that when you go to see a show - tell them                                          It was the only lyric McCartney
                                                                           Melanie DeCull            thought of that scanned
                       “TAZ Told Me To Go!”
                                                                                                          with the melody.

                           WRITING:   AWGIE Nominees                                               Factoid 3) Country superstar
                                                                                                 Waylon Jennings was in Buddy
Scriptwriters for WA productions Addicted to Money and Lockie Leonard, WA Screen Academy        Holly's band the "day the music
student Magda Wozniak, as well as WA ex-pats, Ian Meadows and Sarah Shaw, have all been          died", and as he was only in the
nominated for this year's Awards.                                                                band, he was stuck with riding
                                                                                                  the bus whilst the stars of the
The AWGIE Awards, presented by the Australian Writers' Guild's (AWG), recognise excellence in   show (Holly, the Big Bopper and
screen, television, stage and radio writing. The 43rd annual Awards will be presented in              Richie Valens) got to fly.
Melbourne on Friday August 20.                                                                      Holly jokingly remarked to
                                                                                                     Jennings- "hope you get
                                  PROFESSIONAL THEATRE:                                          frostbite". Jennings countered;
                                                                                                "Yeah, hope your plane crashes."
                2010 Maj Monologues - The Winners                                                             Whoops.
                            Over the last month or so the 2010 Maj Monologues Competition
                                                                                                 Factoid 4) Deep Purple's hit song
                            has taken place at His Majesty’s Theatre in the city.
                                                                                                 "Smoke on the Water" details to
                            Winner of the $3,000 Judges’ Choice & the $1,000 Peoples’ Choice       almost forensic accuracy the
                            award was won by Therese Edmonds for her monologue Shelley            occasion when Frank Zappa's
                            Kelly’s Day O’ Destiny performed by Arielle Gray. The $500 Astrid    band the Mothers Of Invention
                            Jackson Encouragement award went to Chelsea Anderson-Crowe          had to flee a gig due to someone
                            for A Brush with a Hood performed by Alison Van Reeken.                   lighting a flare indoors.

2                                                     Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010
     WA AUTHORS:       Indigo Journal to shut doors                                  Inside:
                                              It’s been a rough year for
                                                                                     From the Editor........................................................................... pg 2
                                                                                     Writing: Awgie Nominees....................................................... pg 2
                                              In their recent funding round The
                                              Department of Culture and the          Prof. Theatre: Maj Monologues Winners.............................. pg 2
                                              Arts     (DCA)     declined   the      Eliot’s Music Trivia....................................................................... pg 2
                                              opportunity to fund the                                           to shut doors - Roleystone Theatre
                                                                                     WA Authors: Indigo Journal Sweeney Todd ......................... pg 3
   Putting on a brave face                    production costs for part of
   Donna Ward and Jaine Konarik               volume 6 and all of volume 7 of        WA Performer : Quote of the Month .................................... pg 3
   (Tactile Books) pic by Abigail Harman      indigo journal.                        Stage Door School of Performing Arts expands ............. pg 4
While they considered indigo an important literary project for WA, they felt it      Literary: Punctuation & Proofreading Workshop ............ pg 5
was not well known in the Eastern States and should receive submissions              WAAPA Open Day ...................................................................... pg 6
from around Australia. This, they believe will promote WA writing and writers        Com. Theatre: Stage Left Troupe receive R4R funding... pg 6
more successfully.
                                                                                     Music: Blake Williams Jazz Trio in Geraldton...................... pg 7
Despite all efforts, reliable funding for core operations, or host organisation      Prof. Theatre: Eileen.................................................................... pg 7
to permanently house indigo has proved impossible to secure. And in the last
6 months indigo has experienced significant challenges to its stability, not         Exhibition: Wall Paper................................................................ pg 8
least of which was the flooding of its offices in March.                             Community Radio: Living Histories ..................................... pg 9
Consequently, indigo have decided not to publish after volume 6.                     Com. Theatre: My Fair Lady..................................................... pg 9
                                                                                     Art: Pollinate Series 2010 ......................................................... pg 9
Indigo’s editor Donna Ward said “this has not been an easy decision and while
our thinking was, in fact, to take a pause after volume 6 and explore the            Professional Theatre Shows Touring WA in July 10
feasibility of becoming a national journal, DCA’s decision has demonstrated          What’s On in July:
the folly of expanding a project which can not acquire solid, continuous
funding in its home state.”
                                                                                          Music Clubs, Centres & Festivals 12
Indigo has proved the necessity for a prestigious independent journal of
creative writing in WA as a compliment to the existing academic publication,             WA Bands Touring WA, CD Launches & 13
Westerly, but it is impossible for such a journal to flourish on a voluntary basis        Radio & Television Arts 13
without ongoing funding.                                                         14
This decision by DCA should not go without comment from the community                Film: WA Screen Editors come 15
it seeks to serve.                                                                   Com. Theatre: ITA Photographic 15
If you are disturbed by this decision you are encouraged to express your             Classifieds 15
views to any or all of the following:
                                                                                      TAZ Entertainment is seeking contributors who can
* The Honorable John Day, State Minister for Planning, Culture and the Arts,          effectively provide content on various West Australian
13th Fl, Dumas House, Havelock St, West Perth, 6005.                                  artforms. We are particularly seeking content providers
* Alana Lucas, Director General, DCA, P.O. Box 8349, Perth 6000,.                     for WA Film, WA Artists and WA Authors.
* The Editor, The West Australian Newspaper, Letters to the Editor, WA                Further enquiries please contact Melanie DeCull via email
Newspapers, GPO Box N1027, Perth WA, 6843. Fax 9482 3830                    
* You can also approach your local member to ask a question in Parliament.            Sponsorship and Advertising
                                                                                      Please contact the TAZ office for further details and
                                                                                      tailoring a package for your needs.
            WA PERFORMER:         Quote of the Month                                 Contributors:
                                                                                     Melanie DeCull, Chris Thomas, Ursula Andinach,
    "I think the internet                                                            Eliot McCann
  has taken the romance                                                              Layout:
          out of life.                                                               Melanie Ones - Stage Left Theatre Troupe
                                                                                     The YoungDeCull, Greenman Graphics.Goldfields
    We used to woo our                                                               Deadlines: Submissions and advertising for
   lovers, now it’s just...                                                          possible inclusion in forthcoming editions of
                                                                                     Theatre & Z’Arts need to be in by 15th of the
     Hey let’s go back to                                                            previous month. August deadline - 15 July 2010
  Myspace so I can Twitter
  all over your Facebook"                                                            TAZ Entertainment
                                                                                     PO Box 4072, Swan View, WA 6056
      ~ Jimmy James Eaton
                                                                                     p: 08 9255 3336 f: 08 9255 3395
       Stand Up Comedian                                                             e:

                                                          Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010                                                                                                      3
                                STAGE SCHOOL:      Stage Door School of Performing Arts expands
                               The Stage Door School of Performing Arts under its                          Summer Fun with Stage Door
                               Director Ian Westrip OAM will be reopening its doors
                               in the Northern suburbs this winter, now located at
                               Perth Modern School.
                               This amazing opportunity for all of their students has
                               occurred after an invitation from Dr Robyn White of
                               Perth Modern School allowing Stage Door the use of
                               their heritage buildings located right on the campus.
                               Dr White says, “We are supportive of performing arts
                               at Perth Modern School and are pleased to welcome
                               Stage Door. We are looking forward to a very positive relationship.”
                               This fabulous chance to expand has been accepted with great excitement from all involved with Mr
                               Westrip saying, “We are so pleased to be able to offer our programs to the school and the community
                               through the auspices of Dr White,”
                               Stage Door was originally located in the heart of Subiaco, however due to the proposed closure of the
                               Lords Centre they accepted an invitation by Kent Street Senior High School (situated in Victoria Park)
                               to move onto their campus. Still wanting to be positioned in the Northern suburbs those working at
     City of Swan presents
                               Stage Door are enthusiastic about the move to Perth Modern. It means that all aspiring artists have
      Les Murray               the opportunity to attend classes that they believe to be not only a preparation for stage and
                               possible further studies but as a preparation for life.
    Australia's leading poet
                               Now Stage Door will carry out its classes at both locations. “We will retain our lease with Kent St
      Midland Dinner           Senior High School but this new agreement will allow us to expand our successful programs,
                               including classes for persons with a disability.” Westrip says. “The old heritage buildings will need
        Friday July 9
                               some refurbishment but the big open spaces will allow our after hours, singing, acting and dancing
     Midland Town Hall         classes to be available once again to clients north of the river, from Term 3 this year.”
                               For more information on Stage Door and their courses go to
      byo dnner/drinks
              &                           LITERARY:    Punctuation & Proofreading Workshop
       Student Event
                               Editing your own and other’s work
       Sunday July 11
    Midland Junction Arts      There is more to editing than computer spellchecker and grammar checker. You need to be able to
                               express yourself clearly and succinctly and to link ideas in a logical way so that the reader grasps your
                               meaning at once.
    $5 students $10 adult
                               The workshop includes exercises in punctuation, written expression and clarity. We will discuss
                               spelling conventions and spell-checker traps as well as sentence and paragraph length, the use and
     Bookings: TAZ Tix
                               reporting of direct and indirect speech, and especially the importance of linking ideas so the narrative
        9255 3366              flows.
                               Great writing is a collaborative work of writer and editor. Authors cannot look objectively at their own
                               work, so often miss errors that are obvious to a reader. That’s why they need an editor. The workshop
                               is designed for aspiring writers, editors, proof readers and journalists as well as all people who want to
                               improve their written communication skills, especially writers of non-fiction, short stories, novels and
                               other narrative writing.
                               Participants should have written at least one story or article intended for publication, and preferably
                               bring it to the workshop.
                               Frank Smith has more than 30 years experience in writing, proofreading and editing. He has worked in
                               government, industry and universities in both Australia and the US.
                               As a writer he has contributed paid articles to more than 30 magazines and newspapers in four
                               continents. He regularly writes for The Countryman, Have a Go News, Australian and New Zealand
                               Grapegrower and Winemaker, Grapegrower and Vignerons, Olive Grower and Processor and
                               His special skill is in helping writers improve the readability – the ease with which a reader
                               understands the writer’s message – of their work.
                               The workshop will be at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers
                               Centre, 11 Old York Rd, Greenmount on Saturday 17 July from 1pm to
                               4pm. You can rsvp by phoning the centre on 9294 1872 or emailing
                      $25 for KSP members and $40 for non-members.
                               Booking and payment in advance is essential.

4                                                   Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010
                               WAAPA Open Day 2010
The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, as part of Edith Cowan University’s Mount
Lawley campus, is opening its doors to the public on Sunday 25 July from 10am until 3pm, for its 30th
Anniversary Open Day event. Showcasing its wide range of performing arts courses and
state-of-the-art facilities for prospective students, the WAAPA Open Day offers the perfect
opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at Australia’s premier performing arts academy.

WAAPA offers full-time courses in Aboriginal Theatre, Acting, Arts Management, Broadcasting,
Costume, Dance, Design, Lighting, Contemporary/Jazz Music, Classical Music, Music Theatre, Props
and Scenery, Sound, and Stage Management. Entry is highly competitive, requiring audition and/or

In addition to gaining information on these WAAPA course, the Open Day provides opportunities to
meet staff and students, visit rehearsals and classes, view exhibitions and watch performances.

                                                  Visitors will be able to sit in on voice and movement
 Julia Hern & Murray Jackson
                                                  classes from the Acting program, open rehearsals of
          in The Boys
                                                  Jazz/Contemporary Music and Classical Music
                                                  ensembles, and open classes and displays of
                                                  student works from the Dance program.

                                                 Students from the Production & Design program
                                                 will present guided tours all day. The Behind the
                                                 Scenes tour explorees the machinations of
                                                 theatrical production encompassing the sound and
                                                 lighting studios, props and scenery workshop,
costume and design studios, and the Academy’s state-of-the-art theatres. The costume department
will present two fashion parades in the Roundhouse Theatre whilst Lighting and Sound students
have collaborated on a Son et lumiere (sound, light and AV show).
All WAAPA departments will hold talks on
preparing for auditions, interviews and portfolio
submissions; essential information for anyone
aspiring to study at WAAPA.

“ECU and WAAPA’s Open Day is a great opportunity
to learn about how to become part of one of
Australia’s best known and respected performing
arts training institutions,” says WAAPA Director,
Julie Warn. “As well as finding out more about the
specific courses on offer, prospective students,
their families and any interested member of the
                                                                ECU/WAAPA Open Day
public can have a good look over ECU’s Mount
                                                                 Sunday 25 July, 2010
Lawley campus.”
                                                                     10am to 3pm
                                                             WAAPA, Edith Cowan University
                                                               2 Bradford St, Mt Lawley

   “Sometimes you have to go places with characters and emotions within yourself you don't
   want to do, but you have a duty to the story and as a storyteller to do it.” ~ Hugh Jackman
  “It's funny that you spend all your time when you first graduate from drama school thinking,
   'I wish someone knew who I was', so you could get a job. But then, when you start to become
        known, you work just as hard to be seen differently. Basically, I do it because I like it.
  It isn't something I've chosen to do for fame. It's my job and I take it seriously.” ~ Lisa McCune

                                                       Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010                       5
          COMMUNITY THEATRE:   Stage Left Theatre Troupe Goldfields
                        receive Royalty for Regions Funding
                                                   HERE’S to a home of their own !
                                                   Stage Left Theatre Troupe are overjoyed that Royalties
                                                   for Regions will assist the Boulder community theatre
                                                   troupe with $130,000 in financial support to assist in
                                                   the acquisition of their building in Burt St they
                                                   affectionately call the ‘Barracks’.
                                                   President Lisa van Oyen said “we are thrilled to hear
                                                   the news. We’ve generously been allowed to use the
                                                   building for nearly two years rent-free, under the
                                                   agreement that once we sourced the funding we will
                                                   purchase it permanently,” Ms van Oyen said.
    “This money from Royalties, together with a generous donation from local mining company KCGM,
    plus our own resources and fundraising means we will now be able to secure our beloved
    headquarters and look forward in calling home.
    “We are still waiting to hear about the annual round of grants from the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder so
    we can finalise the purchase in full, and then comes the exciting part – raising funds to renovate the
    building and finish the transformation into it becoming a purpose-built community theatre to suit
    our needs.
    “Every day and night of the week the Barracks is in use – be it for rehearsals, improvisation
    workshops, Shakespeare classes, the kids’ theatre group SLAY (Stage Left Acting Youth) or sharing it
    with other community groups for their activities or events.”
    Kevin Blair, Frank Cotter, Phil van Oyen and         Look out for our August edition of Theatre &
    Richard Burrowes                                     Z’Arts as we’ll be profiling this exciting
                                                         community theatre in regional WA that has an
                                                         exceptional camaraderie and why so many
                                                         people from metropolitan Perth travel to see
                                                         and be part of Stage Left Theatre.
                                                         Discover what Rubber Duck Day and Theatre in
                                                         the Bush is all about plus more !
             Stage Left’s 2009 world stage premiere
                    performance of The Young Ones

                  MUSIC:    Blake Williams Jazz Trio in Geraldton
    Blake Williams is a familiar face
    in the Perth music and
    entertainment industry.       His
    vocal talents in both the jazz
    and popular domains are well
    known, and he has developed a
    strong reputation as the front
    man     for    the    successful
    corporate band PROOF.
    Blake also presents on Perth’s
    only locally produced chat
    show, ‘The       Couch’,    and
    broadcasts live on Perth’s most
    successful radio station MIX

    His trio comprises the incredibly talented jazz guitarist, Tim Jago and electric bassist, Matt Staples.
    All three performers are graduates of WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) and
    perform a wide range of tunes from traditional Jazz standards to Crowded House masterpieces
    infused with a jazz vibe; providing the best kind of entertainment for a wintry Sunday afternoon.
    Blake Williams Jazz will be performing at Geraldton’s L’attitude 28, cnr Chapman Rd and Mabel St on
    Sunday 18 July from 4.30pm, entry is free.

6                      Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010
                                PROFESSIONAL THEATRE:         Eileen
Dawn Pascoe has more reasons than one to be flying high these days as her theatre company
Natural Wings, takes off, in part, to a $4,500 arts grant awarded by the WA Department of Culture and
This talented and vivacious young woman, who has honed her spectacular craft within the world of
theatrical, Circus and aerial dance, is taking a three-member troupe to one of the largest festivals in
Norway, this August.
“It was thrilling to learn we had been awarded the grant as it will enable us to perform in Europe for
the first time, “said Dawn who, at 27 and recently married, is also set to offer one of her most
compelling and emotional theatre acts – Eileen to Perth in July.

                                                                Depicting the life of Eileen, her
                                                                eccentric     grandmother,      Dawn
                                                                dramatically portrays a woman of
                                                                grace, beauty and a sense of humour
                                                                that depends on her inner strength to
                                                                survive when her world spins out of
                                                                control and others claim her soul.
                                                                Eileen grew up in the bush with her
                                                                four brothers, cared for by her father.
                                                               When she married an engineer her life
                                                               changed – for the worse. Only referred
                                                               to as HIM, the husband not only
                                                               abused her in every way, put their five
children into foster care but organized for Eileen to be institutionalized and receive electric shock
Regular beatings at the institution saw Eileen fight back but it was an unforeseen tragedy that sent
her over the edge.
“Every trapeze routine shows the emotion of Eileen and what she is going through, rather than
watching a pretty trapeze act,” said Dawn who, by using the trapeze and her body, magnificently
wrings every emotion from torture, betrayal, grief, making love and rape, and offers it to the
The use of monologues, music and narration add emphasis to the story. Singer, musician, actor and
brother of Dawn, Clint Strindberg adds a new dimension to the performances as these siblings
showcase their talents.
All this innovative talent, energy, and passion has produced a
gutsy, emotion-filled, powerhouse of choreography and
creative imagery that will leave audiences speechless at the
event but talking about it for weeks.
Having honed her skills as an actress at WAAPA, Dawn shifted
her focus to circus and aerial dance after gaining a place at
CircoArts, New Zealand where she stayed for three years
developing her new found skills and performing in circus
theatre shows throughout the country.
Her natural ability to combine her skills with her passion for
this art, Dawn was funded to take part in the International
Aerial Dance Festival in Colorado, USA.
Dawn’s first self-devised show The Life of Eileen now reworked
and re-titled, Eileen stole the “Best Solo Show’ at the Wellington
Fringe Festival in 2006. It has since been performed in
Christchurch and will be entertaining audiences in Perth for
four nights from July 14 – 18 at The Chapel Space, North Perth,
commencing at 7.30pm
This show has adult themes and suitable for 15+.
Tickets are available from BOCS Ticketing 9484 1133
Prices: $20 Concession: $18.50

                                                        Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010                      7
                                        EXHIBITION:   Wall Paper
    Twenty seven local artists were provided with a scroll of textured
    or patterned wall paper and asked to transform it into an original
    Print, draw or cut as they may, these four metre swatches are more
    than decoration, each one is modified in a unique way.
                                                                             Sweeney Todd - Roleystone Theatre
    Works for sale are by artists, designers and photographers: P James
    Bryans, Cat Critch, Susanna Castleden, Harry Hummerston, Jo
    Darbyshire, Linda Banazis,Toogarr Morrisson, Penny Bovell, Paul
    Uhlmann, Mark Datodi, Philippa Nikulinsky, Anna Dunnill, Eva
    Fernandez, Trevor6025/Emma McPike, Sue Codee, Gregory Pryor,
    Little Design Horse, Clare McFarlane, Alex Spremberg, Annabel
    Dixon, Marzena Topka, Perdita Phillips, David Turley, Caitlin Yardley,
    Brendan Hibbert and Rebecca Dagnall.
    The exhibition is on show 12 - 31 July at Gallery Central, located at
    12 Aberdeen St in Northbridge. Weekdays 10am - 4.45pm and
    Saturdays 2pm - 4.45pm and is proud to be a partner of the City of
    Perth Winter Arts Season.

                              COMMUNITY RADIO:         Living Histories
    Kalamunda Community Radio 102.5 FM
    has shown its initiative and launched a
    new program which is believed to be a
    first of its kind.
    Working in conjunction with the
    Department for Communities, over the
    past few months a number of presenters
    at KCR have been quietly pre-recording
    a number of stories from the Living
    Histories series of personal memories of
    life during the 1950’s. There are close to
    800 stories in the series, this was
    obviously quite a mammoth task.              Hon. Robyn McSweeney MLC
                                                 with presenters at KCR 102.5FM
    The Department for Communities
    initially invited members of the public to write their memories of life in the 1950’s and these were
    initially published in 2007 in hard cover ‘coffee-table’ book form. The response was so great that a
    further invitation resulted with a colossal amount of wonderful stories that not all would fit into the
    printed form. Therefore they were recorded to disc for viewing as an e-book which was published in
    One of those entries was written by KCR presenter Denni Cee, who instantly saw an opportunity too
    good to pass up. She proposed that KCR record and broadcast these stories individually as a
    mini-segment of approximately 10 minutes each.
    Denni said “initially I thought it would be a simple process, in fact it became a huge undertaking and
    the project itself has been of mammoth proportions”    .
    The Living Histories Broadcast Project was officially launched on June 30 at the station by The Hon.
    Robyn McSweeney, MLC in her capacity as Minister for Communities, Volunteering, Seniors, Child
    Protection, and Women’s Interests. She praised the work of all involved at KCR, not only in the
    production of this project, but also for their very considerable commitment to the day to day
    functioning of a community radio station, all of which is offered and undertaken on a voluntary
    Denni will continue to co-ordinate readers for the stories. She plans to approach local community
    theatre groups with a view of accessing additional readers with good speaking voices to volunteer to
    read a few stories each.
    The Living Histories stories are now being broadcast on Kalamunda Community Radio 102.5 FM on
    Wednesdays and Sundays at 12.45 pm.
    If you would like to volunteer to read a few stories for this project, you can contact TAZ Entertainment
    and we will put you in touch with Denni Cee, ph 9255 3336 or email

8                        Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010
                              COMMUNITY THEATRE:             My Fair Lady
Classic musical brought to life with a more-than-fair lady

DESCRIBED as “the perfect musical” My Fair Lady is coming to Roleystone Theatre this July.
Based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, it follows Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle who becomes
a lady after speech lessons from professor Henry Higgins.
The original 1956 Broadway version of My Fair Lady was a smash hit, followed by the famous film
version with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, and numerous stage revivals.
Kimberley Harris as Eliza Doolittle and Darren Bilston as Professor   Director John Ramsell, a 28-year theatre
Henry Higgins                                                         veteran, chose to direct the Roleystone
                                                                      production because it was the first show
                                                                      he ever appeared in.
                                                                      While My Fair Lady is extremely
                                                                      well-known, Ramsell said he had no
                                                                      intention of simply copying the film.
                                                                      “Our production is, of necessity,
                                                                      performed on a small stage and a much
                                                                      smaller scale,” he said. “I have tried to
                                                                      remain true to what I saw as the writers’
                                                                      original intent.

“The main challenges are accuracy in the music and the presentation of accents, idiom and costume.”
Mainly involved with Roleystone Theatre, Ramsell has also worked with the Gilbert and Sullivan
Society of WA, Playlovers and Omnibus Productions.
He said the appeal of My Fair Lady came from the fact it was now regarded as a classic, thanks to its
music receiving a large amount of radio airplay in the mid-1950s and 1960s when the show’s
popularity was at its height.

“The story isn’t just about Eliza’s transformation
– a romantic attachment develops between her
and the professor, given their close working
relationship,” Ramsell said.
My Fair Lady plays at 8pm July 23, 24, 28, 30, 31,
August 4, 6 and 7 with a 2pm matinee on July 31.
Tickets are $20 adults, $15 children – book on
9399 4016 or through BOCS on 9484 1133.
Roleystone Theatre is located at 587 Brookton
Highway, Roleystone.

                                  ART:   Pollinate Series 2010
Propel Youth Arts WA is excited to announce the re-launch of Pollinate Series ‘10 - a series of art
networking forums geared to connect Perth’s art community together to discuss, connect, and of
course socialise!
Propel is thrilled to be working with Hyper in presenting Pollinate #19 Digital Art Forum & Hyper
Digitalism Workshop Series for young people aged 12 – 25 years.
Featuring VJ artist's Bonnie Davies and VJzoo (Jasper Cook & Kat Black) and anima-
tor Steve Aiton, this interactive presentation is an amazing opportunity for you to meet Perth’s finest
digital artists and explore the awesome concept of Digital Art including animation and VJ-ing. The
forum will in TWO weeks, Saturday 10th July, 10.30am - 3pm.
Following on from Propel’s Forum, attendees will have the opportunity to extend their digital art
skills with the Hyper Digitalism Workshop Series held in the week of July 12th – July 18th.
Places are filling up fast! Register online now @! Places are limited.
Pollinate #19 Digital Art Forum and Hyper Digitalism Workshop Series proudly presented by Propel
Youth Arts WA, Hyper, City of Swan & Festivals Australia.

                                                               Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010                       9
                                                         PROFESSIONAL THEATRE SHOWS
                                                          TOURING WESTERN AUSTRALIA
                                                                  JULY 2010
                                                                                                                       Sweeney Todd - Roleystone Theatre

            THREE BLOKES                                     LYING CHEATING BASTARD
                                                          the intriguing tale of a young man being drawn into the
          AND THEIR BARBIES                                  seedy underbelly of Sydney, the story of infamous
 The three blokes in this delightful and wicked comedy      con-man Jimmy Garcia aka 'the Cricket', and how he
   view beer as the answer to the meaning of life and     became the most successful con-man in Australia by the
   consider the love of a good woman no match for a                                age of 27.
           Sunday spent in the tinnie fishing.
                                                          Sat 3 July - Margaret River Cultural Centre
      Thurs 1 July - Perenjori Hall                             51 Walcliffe Rd, MARGARET RIVER
                PERENJORI                                              Bookings: 9758 7316
           Bookings: 9973 1002                                Wed 7 July - Queens Park Theatre
    Fri 2 July - Coorow District Hall                              Cathedral Ave, GERALDTON
                 COOROW                                                Bookings: 9956 6662
           Bookings: 9952 1266                              Fri 9 July - Matt Dann Cultural Centre
Mon 5 July - Merredin Reg. Comm. Centre                          Hamilton Rd, SOUTH HEDLAND
                 MERREDIN                                              Bookings: 9158 9361
   Door sales only, Enquiries: 9041 1611
    Tues 6 July - Corrigin Town Hall
           Bookings: 9063 2203                                     SHORTER + SWEETER
                                                          The show features nine short plays, all of them winners or
  Wed 7 July - Dumbleyung Town Hall                          finalists selected from more than 1,000 short plays
              DUMBLEYUNG                                    performed at Short and Sweet theatre festivals in the
           Bookings: 9863 4012                                                  past seven years.
 Thurs 8 July - Hopetoun Shearing Shed                      Fri 16 July - Matt Dann Cultural Centre
       RAVENSTHORPE/HOPETOUN                                     Hamilton Rd, SOUTH HEDLAND
           Bookings: 9838 3078                                         Bookings: 9158 9361
     Sat 10 July - Don Russell PAC                              Sat 17 July - Walkington Theatre
          Murdoch Rd, THORNLIE                                       Dampier Rd, KARRATHA
           Bookings: 9493 4577                                         Bookings: 9159 6860
                                                            Thurs 22 July - Carnarvon Civic Centre
                                                                    Camel Lane, CARNARVON
 MENOPAUSE® THE MUSICAL                                                Bookings: 9941 0000
 The hilarious celebration of women and the change!
      Tues 27 July - Queens Park Theatre                          Sat 24 July - Don Russell PAC
           Cathedral Ave, GERALDTON                                   Murdoch Rd, THORNLIE
              Bookings: 9956 6662                                      Bookings: 9493 4577
       Fri 30 July - Koorliny Arts Centre                         Wed 28 July - Mandurah PAC
             Sulphur Rd, KWINANA                                     Ormsby Tce, MANDURAH
              Bookings: 9439 0290                         Thurs 29 July - Margaret River Cult. Centre
          Sat 31 July & Sun 1 August                            51 Walcliffe Rd, MARGARET RIVER
     Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre                             Bookings: 9758 7316
                Blair St, BUNBURY                            Fri 30 July - Bunbury Reg. Ent. Centre
            Bookings: 1300 661 272                                      Blair St, BUNBURY
                                                                     Bookings: 1300 661 272

           The Young Ones - Stage Left Theatre Troupe Goldfields

10                                                             Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010
                                                            What’s On In July
                                                              - THEATRE

 COMMUNITY THEATRE                   The Lady’s Not For              COMMUNITY THEATRE
      METRO                               Burning                        REGIONAL
                                          Stirling Players                                                    Honey Spot
 Musical Theatre Karaoke                  Stirling Theatre               The Spitfire Grill            Yirra Yaakin Theatre Space
                                        Morris Rd, Innaloo          Margaret River Theatre Group
      Thu July 1 - 8pm                                                                                      65 Murray St, Perth
                                      July 9-11, 15-18, 22-24               Cultural Centre
     Ferrara Karaoke Bar                                                                                     July 3-10, 12-17
                                 Tix: $16/$14 BOCS 9484 1133        51 Walcliffe Rd, Margaret River
     67 Milligan St, Perth                                                                             Tix: $35/$25 Bk: 9202 1966
                                   or Morris News 9440 1040                July 9, 10, 16, 17
 Lady Windermere’s Fan                                               Tix: $20/$15 Bk: 9758 7316                Lovebites
        Old Mill Theatre                  Ladies Day                                                       Playhouse Theatre
                                        Harbour Theatre                   Fawlty Towers                      3 Pier St, Perth
  cnr Mends St/Mill Point Rd
                                    Port Cineaste Building                     Theatre 8
          South Perth                                                                                         July 1-4, 6-11
                                   70 Adelaide St, Fremantle             Eighth St, Geraldton
            July 1-3                                                                                           Tix: $45/$37
                                     July 16-18, 21, 23-25,            July 9, 10, 15-17, 22-24
 Tix: $20/$15 Bk: 9367 8719                                                                                BOCS 9484 1133
                                           28, 30, 31                  Tix: $25 Bk: 9956 6662
      Witness for the               Tix: $24/$21.50/$18.50                                                  Rock the Ballet
       Prosecution                      BOCS 9484 1133                   Theatre Triptych                     Regal Theatre
                                                                      A season of one act plays          cnr Rokeby Rd & Hay St
        Marloo Theatre
                                      Double Diagnosis                “Kids”, “The Last Post”,                    Subiaco
   Marloo Rd, Greenmount
                                              KADS                    “Derek Drives a Datsun”              July 1-4, 6-11, 13-17
 July 2-4, 7, 9-11, 14, 16, 17
                                      Town Square Theatre             Goldfields Repertory Club             Tix: $89.90/$69.90
 Tix: $18/$16 Bk: 9255 1783
                                     Barber St, Kalamunda                Brookman St Theatre              Ticketek 1300 795 012
                                 July 16, 17, 21, 23, 24, 28, 30,             Kalgoorlie
 With Friends Like These
                                         31, Aug 4, 6, 7                      July 21-24                      Red Cross
  Graduate Dramatic Society
                                   Tix: Wed & Fri $17/$15 or         Tix: $20/$15 Bk: 9088 6900               The Blue Room
        Dolphin Theatre
                                 Sat $24 incl Fish n Chip supper                                          James St, Northbridge
   University of WA, Crawley
                                    Nightingales 9293 2621               Lipstick Dreams                   July 1-3, 6-10, 13-17
         July 1-3, 7-10
                                                                        Murray Music & Drama           Tix: $25/$20 Bk: 9227 7005
Tix: $25/$20 BOCS 9484 1133          Jonah - the musical            587 Brookton Hwy, Roleystone
                                                                       July 23, 24,, 28, 30, 31,
                                                                                                              Les Murray
The Effect of Gamma Rays             Hackett Hall, Draper St,                                            Australia's leading poet
   on Man in the Moon                                                         Aug 4, 6, 7
                                             Floreat                                                          Midland Dinner
        Marigolds                                                    Tix: $20/$15 Bk: 9397 5730
                                        July 21-25, 28-31                                                      Friday July 9
       Phoenix Theatre           Tix: $25/$20 Bk: 0415 777 173                                               Midland Town Hall
Cnr Carrington+Rockingham Rd                                                                                   Tix: $15/$10
          Hamilton Hill                  My Fair Lady                  INDEPENDENT &                                 &
            July 1-3                   RoleystoneTheatre            PROFESSIONAL THEATRE                      Student Event
Tix: $20/$15 BOCS 9484 1133      587 Brookton Hwy, Roleystone                                                 Sunday July 11
                                    July 23, 24,, 28, 30, 31,            Cabaret Soiree                Midland Junction Arts Centre
      Life is Nothing                      Aug 4, 6, 7                     Carnivale                    Tix: $10 Adult $5 Students
      Without Music               Tix: $20/$15 Bk: 9397 5730            Downstairs @ The Maj          BOOKINGS: TAZTix 9255 3366
 Kalamunda Choral Society                                                His Majesty’s Theatre   
  special guest Alex Manfrin             Bone Chiller                      825 Hay St, Perth
 Kalamunda Performing Arts               Garrick Theatre                      Tix: $48/$42                WAAPA Showcase
            Centre                  16 Meadow St, Guildford                  Hymne A Piaf                   Playhouse Theatre
 48 Canning Rd, Kalamunda          July 23-25, 29-31, Aug 5-7                    July 1-3                     3 Pier St, Perth
           July 3, 4                Tix: $16/$14 9379 9400               A Rhapsody in Red             July 16, 17 Tix: $40/$29.90
   Tix: $15 Bk: 9454 5649                                             - A modern girls guide to             BOCS 9484 1133
                                    A Night On The Town                Love, Laundry, Letters,
         Frog Soup                      Tivoli Club of WA                                                    Twelfth Night
                                                                     Lipstick & The Perfect Gun
   Mandurah Little Theatre       cnr Canning Beach & Kintail Rd                                          Black Swan Theatre Co.
                                                                                July 8-10
  Carleton Place, Mandurah                 Applecross                                                       Playhouse Theatre
                                                                     The Twink & The Showgirl
     July 3, 4, 9-11, 16, 17      July 30, Aug 6, 8, 13, 20, 22,                                              3 Pier St, Perth
                                                                               July 15-17
 Tix: $18/$16 Bk: 9550 3650             27, Sept 3, 10, 12                                               July 24, 26-31, Aug 3-8
                                                                         The Poetry of Love:
                                 Tix: $18/$15/$8 Bk: 9364 5463                                          Tix: $54.50/$44.50/$19.95
                                                                       From Implicit to Explicit
          July Ten                                                             July 22-24                    BOCS 9484 1133
        Pocket Theatre
                                           Boys LIfe
                                          Melville Theatre           Everyone’s Got Something
       Camelot Theatre,                                                  To Hide (Except For
                                  cnr Stock Rd & Canning Hwy
  cnr Lochee & Samson Rd                                                 Me And My Monkey)
        Mosman Park                                                            July 29-31
                                  July 30, 31, Aug 1, 5-7, 12-14
       July 8-10, 15-18                                             BOOKINGS: BOCS 9484 1133
                                   Tix: $17/$13 Bk: 9330 4565
 Tix: $22/$15 Bk: 9319 3303                                     

                                          For National Touring Shows - see page 10

                                                    Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010                                                     11
                        What’s On In July
                      MUSIC CLUBS, CENTRES
                          & FESTIVALS
                CLUBS                       Perth Jazz Society             Fremantle Arts Centre
                                                  Charles Hotel,            1 Finnerty St, Fremantle
        Albany Blues Club                   Charles St, North Perth           - there are currently
            The Stirling Club              5th - Tom O’Halloran Trio             no listed events.
       14 Stirling Terrace, Albany             12th - Mark Earley
         1st - Moondog Project
                                           26th - Jazz Windows 2010
               entry $15/$10                                                         Fly By Night Club
                                         South West Blues Club                 Parry St, Fremantle
         Fremantle Blues &                        Eliot St Bar               2nd - Natasha Bouchard
            Roots Club                         Eliot St, Bunbury               8th - Bruce Mathiske
       Mojo’s - Queen Victoria St,           2nd - The Joe Kings             9th - Motown, Northern &
            North Fremantle                      Tix: $15/$10                        Modern Soul
        Every Wednesday Night                10th - Sugar Blue Revue
                                                                               11th - Mark Lanegan
              Funk Club                    Toodyay Music Club                        16th - Diesel
             Leederville Hotel                     CWA Hall                     22nd - Thirsty Merc
      742 Aberdeen St, Leederville          2nd Friday of the month           24th - Go Wild For The
           2nd - Alphanumeric,                Teddy and Spencer                       Kimberley
     Diger Rokwell, Butter, Mr Starks            ph 95744492                   25th - Shane Howard
     16th - Afrodisia featuring Askari                                     30th - Daryl Braithwaite & Jon
            Afrobeat Orchestra           West Coast Blues Club                         Stevens
                      Rockingham Rams                  31st - Dark Cabaret
                                                  Football Club          
           Hills Folk Club                      Anniversary Park
            Falls Farm Cottage             cnr Hefron St & Council Ave
      Neil Tonkin Park, Cagney Way                 Rockingham
                 Lesmurdie                   17th - Blues Jam Night
                                                                          Lvl1, 13 South Tc, Fremantle
     info - Pauline Tonkin 9291 6026         2nd - 2 Out + 2 “I Hear A
                                                  VENUES                      3rd - Samsara Gypsy
     Jackadders Music Club                                                9th - Daniel Susnjar’s ‘In The
        Woodlands Reserve Hall
                                            Ellington Jazz Club
                                           191 Beaufort St, North Perth              Moment’
       Teakwood Ave, Woodlands                                                10th - Asante with the
                                                   1st - Jon McNeil
        info - Carmel 9446 1558
                                         2nd - Graham Wood/Jon McNeil      Barundian Children’s Choir
                                                 3rd - James Flynn        11th - Rose Turtle Ertler with
         Mundaring Folk n                  4th - Tom O’Halloran, Helen             Ross Bolleter
                                             Matthews & Ali Bodycoat           16th - Jake and the
           Blues Club                      6th - Jamie Oehlers Quartet
        Mundaring Sports Club                                                        Cowboys
                                              7th - Grace Woodroofe
       Coolgardie St, Mundaring                                                  17th - Danumba
                                         8th - Michael Pigneguy Quartet
       3rd Friday of every month
                                                  9th - Allira Wilson
                                                                            18th - Somewhere Near
       16th - Justin Walshe, The                                                    Tapachula
                                               10th - Libby Hammer
     Rambling Bilbies, Paul Bergin,                                       30th - Debra Jaye cd launch
                                                   11th - Jodie Tes,
       Dave Smythe, Blue Celts                                               with the Whistling Dogs
                                              Pugsley Buzzard (Syd)

                                                  13th - Garry Lee              31st - Hot Paprika
                                          14th - Konrad Paszkudzki Trio
          Perth Blues Club
                                          15th - Mace Francis Orchestra
               Charles Hotel,
                                         16/17th - Becc Sanderson (UK)
          Charles St, North Perth
                                                18th - Harry Deluxe
             6th - Naidoc Night                                           For all other music gigs,
                                                19th - Song Lounge
        - David Milroy, Lois Olney,                                           shows, concerts
                                             20th - 22nd - Matt Jodrell
     Derek Nannup, Doreen Pensio,
                                              23rd - Matt Corby (Syd)          please refer to
              Patrick Woodley.
      13th - Pugsley Buzzard Band
                                          24th - Elle Deslandes Quartet       Xpress or Drum
                                            25th - Chelsea Jay Gibson            Magazines.
           and Lee Rosser Trio
                                                26th - Chamber Jam
     20th - Indigo Duck, Gus McKay,
                                          27th - Jeremy Gregory & Roy
             Company of Men
           27th - Men in Blues,
                                          28th - Jamie Oehlers Blowfish
           Resonators, First Cut
                                            29th - Troy Roberts Quartet
      Aug 3 - Ray Beadle Trio, Deja
                                           30th - Libby Hammer & Trent
             Blues, Love Bites
                                            31st - Bronwyn Sprogowski

12                         Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010
                                                     What’s On In July
                                                        - MUSIC

        WA BANDS                                     Radio & Television Arts Programs
WA Bands touring we want to       Arts Collage with Dita Jeavons - Radio Fremantle 107.9FM - Thursdays 9am -12noon
    hear from you - email         Kalamunda Cafe with Denni Cee - KCR 102.5FM - Wednesdays 12noon - 1.30pm
                                  MUSIC SPECIFIC ARTS PROGRAMS
Blake Williams Jazz Trio          Saturday Blues with Flea - 1422AM Wagin - Saturdays 6pm - 11pm
  Sunday 18 July @ 4.30pm         Saturday Jazz - RTR 92.1FM - Saturdays 9am - 11am
        L’attitude 28             Homegrown (WA music scene) - RTR 92.1FM - Saturdays 1pm - 3pm
 cnr Chapman Rd & Mabel St        Saturday Night Reggae with Corby - Radio Fremantle 107.9FM - Saturdays 9pm - 10.30pm
         Geraldton                Nostalgia - Radio Fremantle 107.9FM - Saturday & Sundays 6am - 9am
                                  Play the Blues with Derek Cromb - Twin Cities 89.7FM - Sundays 8pm - 10pm
       Blue Shaddy                True Country with Ken Tilbrook - Radio Ellenbrook 88FM - Mondays 11am - 2pm
 touring Broome & Wyndham         Spoonful of Blues - RTR 92.1FM - Mondays 8pm-10pm
          in August               Hilltop Blues with Larry Houston - KCR 102.5FM - Mondays 10pm-1am
                                  Downunder Country with Derek Cusack - Radio Fremantle 107.9FM - Mondays 1pm - 3.30pm
                                  Roots and Branches - Radio Frematnle 107.9FM - Tuesdays 9pm - 10.30pm
                                  Perth Bands TV - Podcast -
   KNiKi & Mike Beale             The Couch with Fred Mafrica - Foxtel Aurora - Channel 183
          blues rock
   Fri July 30 - Civic Hotel         We know there are many more arts programs out there and this list will continue to grow.
 981 Beaufort St, Inglewood                Know of a show we should be listing ? email
    Tix: $25 entry incl cd
        $17 entry only
    $20 entry at the door                                              Attention Radio & Television Arts Programs?
                                                                     Would you like to receive TAZ What’s On Updates
        Debra Jaye                                                             in advance to the magazine?
          acoustic folk                                              Would you like to interview someone from a show
      Fri July 30 - Kulcha
                                                                     but don’t know how to get in contact with them?
 Lvl1, 13 South Tc, Fremantle
  Presale: $13 or $10 Memb                                                  For a small fee TAZ Entertainment
            Door $15                                                          can provide this service for you.                                                     Contact Melz for more information.
                                                                        9255 3336
        The Frames
      30 yr Reunion Show
          Charles Hotel
     Charles St, North Perth
    Saturday July 10 @ 8pm
Tix: $20 from the bottleshop or
         $25 at the door

          The Jets
      “A Reason to Rock”
          Charles Hotel
     Charles St, North Perth
    Saturday July 24 @ 8pm
  Tix: $35 available from the
          bottleshop or
        BOCS 9484 1133
raising money for Paul Felton’s
        cancer treatment

                                                Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010                                                    13
                         What’s On In July
                              - ART

    12 Aberdeen St, Perth              ART GALLERY                470 William St, Northbridge
        “Wall Paper”                 University of WA, Crawley      Tues - Sat 11am - 5pm
       July 12 - 31                  next to Sunken Gardens          “Nicholas Folland”            Tues - Fri 11am - 5pm
                                           Sun 12 - 5pm
 ART GALLERY OF WA                   “Brian Blanchflower :              ST GEORGES
 Perth Cultural Centre, Perth        space, matter, colour”             CATHEDRAL                 ends Aug 1               38 St George’s Tce, Perth
    “Patricia Piccinini :            10am - 4pm daily
        Relativity”                                                   “St George’s Art”
  Australia’s most acclaimed            GALLERY EAST                      July 28 - Aug 5
  contemporary artist whose             94 Stirling Highway,      A premier annual event in art
 startling sculptures examine             Nth Fremantle          education in Western Australia,
   the connections between             Tues - Sat 11am - 5pm      displaying works by students
  science and nature, art and               Sun 2 - 5pm            in Years 10-12 from schools
        the environment.                “Jennie Nayton”                  across the state.
           till Aug 22              photographic assemblages
                                           July 2 - 25            STATE LIBRARY OF WA
          KULCHA                   The Gallery, Ground Floor
Lvl1, 13 South Tc, Fremantle                                          25 Francis St, Perth
      Mon-Fri 10am-4pm                 FREMANTLE ART                 Perth Cultural Centre
    “Rosina Wonglorz”                     GALLERY                  “The Durack Dynasty”
          $Free                       1 Finnerty St, Fremantle              till Oct 3                 Every day 10am - 5pm
                                             GECKO GALLERY
            PICA                        “Pierre Bismuth”              9 Short St, Broome
    Perth Cultural Centre            Academy Award winning.          Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm
   James St, Northbridge                 May 26 - July 18              Sat 10am - 2pm
   Tues - Sun 11am - 6pm                  “Sensational”                    May 26 - Sept 19
    CENTRAL GALLERY                                                ALCOA MANDURAH
                                       “Fashioning Now”
          “Rounds”                                                   ART GALLERY
                                    changing the way we make
     Nine cutting-edge                                                     MANPAC
                                         and use clothes
   WA artists that radically                                        Ormsby Tce, Mandurah
                                         July 24 - Sept 19
    engage with issues                                              Mon - Fri 9am - 4.30pm
                                   “Nairn Scott: The Glomesh           Sat 10am - 4pm
     of peer influence.
                                            Project”                   “The Syndicate”
    June 25 - August 25
                                          July 24 - Sept 19               ends July 3
                                      “Mark Parfitt: Dream
      “Bevan Honey”
   Your reference to more                    Bore”
                                          July 24 - Sept 19       BUNBURY REGIONAL
      gracious living.                                              ART GALLERIES
    June 25 - August 25                  “Vera Moller:
                                         darkrooming”              64 Wittenoom St, Bunbury
                                          July 24 - Sept 19          Every day 10am - 4pm
    HOLMES A COURT                                           
       GALLERY                                                          CITY GALLERY
 Lvl 1, 11 Brown St, East Perth
                                        ELEMENTS ART                 “Collaboration WA”
         Ph: 9218 4540
                                                                         till July 18
   “Puturru Palyalpayi -                   GALLERY                    CHAPEL GALLERY
      Stringmakers”                 131A Waratah Ave, Dalkieth
                                                                 “Nalda Searles: Drifting in
   Warburton Community                  “Brian Simmonds
                                                                      my own land”
      women artists.                      - Skin Deep”
                                                                        June 4 - July 25
      June 18 - Aug 8                     June 26 - July 11
                                                                       LOWER GALLERY
                                                                     “Noongar Country”
                                                                        June 25 - Aug 8

                    Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010                                                14
                     FILM:   WA Screen Editors come together                                                      TAZ Entertainment is creating a
                                                                                                                        props register
An editors group was recently formed by local freelancers to provide a forum for people in the WA                   Do you or your theatre have
post-production industry to meet and discuss issues of mutual concern. The meetings have been                        unique props you’re willing
attended by local editors with a range of experience from docos to feature films and have been                            to lend or hire?
characterised by a willingness to share experiences and information. The next meeting will take                        contact TAZ 9255 3336
place Wednesday July 14.                                                                                 
The first two meetings have been informal discussions ranging from a comparison of pay scales to
the intricacies of wrangling digital media for the new capture card technology.
One of the issues that was raised in the preliminary discussions prior to the first meeting was the
relative isolation in which editors in WA work. The aim of this group is to facilitate the sharing of
information, ideas and skills to the mutual benefit of the members.
David Fosdick said ‘We envisage this happening both informally through our meetings and more
formally through lectures and workshops which we intend to hold as we gather momentum.”
“We have established a link with the organisation Australian Screen Editors which has a
predominantly East Coast axis - although some of our members are also members of ASE. ASE runs
a number of lectures/workshops each year and we are looking at ways of tapping into that
The next meeting of the editors group will take place Wednesday July 14 at 7:00PM at Clancy's in

                COMMUNITY THEATRE:             ITA Photographic Calender
The Independent Theatre Association are holding a photo competition and are asking for people to
submit their theatre themed photos for possible inclusion in their 2011 calendar for the WA theatre
community. Calendars will ready for the new year and will be available for the public to purchase.
As the calendar will be published, you will need to have the permission of all persons in the photo.
Your photos can be of a theatre building, a play, a set, a costume, maybe a staged photo with people
from your club , the choice is yours as long as it has a ‘theatre’ theme.
The photos should be in landscape layout and can be either in black and white or colour. The
deadline for submissions is July 31. You can send your high resolution photos to

                                                  Classifieds                                                         SUBSCRIBE TO
                                                                                                                    THEATRE & Z’ARTS
    Film & TV Institute                             Lighting                            Punctuating &
   92 Adelaide St, Fremantle               Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm                     Proofreading                  July - December 2010
                                                17 & 18 July 2010                         Workshop
                                              $280 memb / $350 non-memb                                                       $36.00
            July courses                                                                 with Frank Smith
                                           Explore lighting techniques. Through                                       July 2010 - June 2011
                                           this workshop, participants will learn      Sat 17 July, 1pm-4pm                   $72.00
       Camera Skills                         basic lighting principles through      Katharine Susannah Prichard
 Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm                 demonstration, discussion and practical
                                                     shooting exercises.
                                                                                           Writers Centre
       3 & 4 July 2010                                                                     11 Old York Rd,        Online facilities coming soon
    $280 memb / $350 non-memb
 Learn the functions of a digital video    Places are limited to ensure                     Greenmount
    camera, basic lighting set-ups,                                                       rsvp: 9294 1872          to download a subscription
                                           maximum hands-on practice.
cinematography principles, tripod and                                                        form please visit
         hand-held techniques.
                                           More details
                                                                                      see page 4 more details
  Participants will complete practical        Tanya ph: 9431 6703
exercises and gain an understanding of
            visual language.                                                                                             or contact TAZ
                                                   Salsa Classes
                                                     Wednesdays                      Voice Care & Control                  9255 3336
     Sound Production                                                                                   
                                                       KULCHA                         Theatre Thrills & Skills
 Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm
                                            Lvl1, 13 South Tc, Fremantle               with Kathryn Hanlon
      10 & 11 July 2010
     $280 memb / $350 non-memb                      8 week course                      Black Swan Theatre
Learn professional techniques used to              $100 per person                       10 week course
record great sound on location, as well            $170 per couple                   every Thursday evening
 as how to use different microphones,                                                22 July to 23 September
        boom pole techniques,
                                               or $20 per casual class
   trouble shooting when recording              no partner required                 courses open to 16 yrs plus
   sound and requirements for post          Beginners, Intermediate and                  ph: 6389 0311 or
              production.                         Advanced classes           

                                                                 Theatre & Z’Arts - July 2010                                                      15
           more info:

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