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CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group: SWOT
Analysis & Company Profile

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Published: Oct 2010

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CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group


CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group - Company Overview

CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group is a US based company operating in the aerospace industry. The group, a privately
held subsidiary of CIRCOR International, Inc., engages in the manufacturing of components, sub-systems and products
for aircrafts. It offers wide range of products which includes aircraft hydraulic, fuel, pneumatic, and wastewater systems;
and actuation systems: landing gear, miscellaneous actuation, brake and steering control, and hydraulic power packs.
The company caters to the various markets like Aerospace, Military, Marine, Space and Aftermarket with its wide product
portfolio. It has operations in US, France and Morocco. CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group is headquartered in Corona,
California, US.

CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group - Key Facts

CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group, Key Facts

                                  2301 Wardlow Circle, Corona,
                                  California (CA), 2881, United     Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                                                                             N/A

Telephone                         + 1 951 2706200                   No. of Employees           N/A

Fax                               + 1 951 2706201                   Financial Year End         N/A

URL                                Revenue (in USD Million)   113.38

Industry                          Aerospace and Defense

Locations                         France, United States

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group


CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group - Business Description

CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group, a subsidiary of CIRCOR International, Inc., offers components, products and sub-
systems for aerospace, defense and space industry. The company’s product portfolio includes Fluid Systems and
Components Design, Landing Gear Systems and Components, Valves and Solenoids and Planetary, Spur Gear Systems.
The company principally focuses on providing fluidic control and undercarriage components and subsystems.

The company operates through its four business units namely, CIRCOR Aerospace, Inc.; Industria, S.A.S.; Bodet Aero;
and Motor Technology.

CIRCOR Aerospace, Inc., one of the business units, owns brands such as Loud Engineering and Manufacturing;
Aerodyne Controls; and Circle Seal Controls. It manufactures custom fluid control components; and aircraft landing gear
and components for the aerospace industry. The company offers check valves; hand valves; relief valves; solenoid
valves; motor-operated valves; pressure gauges; regulators; manifolds; fill and drain valves under the Circle Seal Controls
brand. The Loud Engineering and Manufacturing specializes in the manufacturing of landing gear systems and
components for application in rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft. It also designs and manufactures steering systems and
components; shock strut service units; struts; solenoids; and actuators for aircrafts. Additionally, it also provides repair,
maintenance and overhaul services for rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft.

Aerodyne Controls, engages in designing and qualifying fluid control products, inflation system components and motion
switches. Its products include pneumatic control components and systems; pressure regulators on cold gas thruster
systems; valve manifolds for pneumatic weapons ejection and flotation-recovery systems; PSI regulators for the next
generation of automotive hydrogen fuel cells; mercury-free motion switches; emergency lighting systems; impact switches
for cockpit voice recorders; medical devices; and acceleration switches for weapon systems. It also owns the Survival
Engineering, SEI brand, a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality inflation systems and pneumatic controls for
aerospace, defence and marine; as well as for industrial inflatable products and the life raft industry.

Industria, S.A.S. manufactures wide range of fluid process components and equipment primarily serving the aerospace,
marine, and aftermarket industries. Its products include pressure switches, self-sealing couplings, solenoids, solenoid
valves, electrodistributors, manifold blocks, and motor-operated valves. It also provides rescue power systems, door
detectors, laser welding (cutting, drilling, marking), repair and overhaul.

Bodet Aero engages in designing and manufacturing of electromechanical actuation sub-systems for extreme aerospace
environmental conditions. Its range of products include tachometers, brake pedal transmitters, electromechanical
actuators, electromagnetic sensors, shock absorbers, wheel speed indicators, wheel speed measurement, optical
encoders, brushless DC motors, mini gearboxes, electric actuators, high pressure regulators, machined aerospace parts,
hydraulic controls.

Motor Technology provides a range of motors for aerospace; military; medical fields; space; petroleum; industrial;
computer; instrumentation; robotics; and servo. It provides DC Fractional Horsepower Gearmotors, DC Motors, DC
Brakemotors, DC Custom Motors and Motor Devices. It also provides Rapid Response Engineered Solution; and
Dedicated R&D Prototype Assembly.

Recently, Bodet Aero, a business unit of the company, acquired assets of France-based Ateliers de Navarre (ADN). The
acquisition will expand the company’s product range in motors (AC & DC), stator, rotor, solenoid and bobbin assembly.
The company also expanded its manufacturing capabilities and opened a manufacturing facility in Hauppauge, New York,
US which will be used as a hub for manufacturing of pneumatic and electromechanical products.


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CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group

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