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									The Capital Group Companies, Inc.


The Capital Group Companies, Inc.: SWOT
Analysis & Company Profile

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Published: Jul 2010

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The Capital Group Companies, Inc.


The Capital Group Companies, Inc. - Company Overview

The Capital Group Companies (Capital Group) is an investment management company. The company, along with its
subsidiaries, offers investment products and services to individual and institutional clients. Group companies, within
Capital Group, manage investments of the clients through mutual funds, pooled investment funds and separately
managed accounts. Capital Group also operates in the private equity sector through Capital International. The company
has operations in 22 locations across Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan, India, Singapore, the US, Canada and the UK. The
company’s subsidiaries include Capital Bank and Trust, Capital International, American Funds, Capital Research and
Management, Capital International Asset Management, Capital Guardian and Capital International Funds. Capital Group
is headquartered in Los Angeles, the US.

The Capital Group Companies, Inc. - Key Facts

The Capital Group Companies, Inc., Key Facts

                                  333 S. Hope Street, Los

Corporate Address:                Angeles, California (CA), 90071, Ticker Symbol, Stock           N/A
                                  United States

Telephone                         + 1 213 4869200                   No. of Employees              7,500

Fax                               + 1 213 4869217                   Financial Year End            N/A


Industry                          Financial Services

                                  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom,
Locations                         Canada, United States

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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The Capital Group Companies, Inc.


The Capital Group Companies, Inc. - Business Description

The Capital Group Companies (Capital Group) is one of the largest investment management companies with assets
under management of around USD 1 trillion. The company's investments product portfolio includes mutual funds, pooled
investment funds and separately managed accounts. In addition, the company operates in private equity sector. The
company has its operations at 22 locations globally, including international offices in major cities such as Toronto, Tokyo,
London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Singapore. Capital Group employs about 7,500 people.

The company operates through two principal subsidiaries namely, Capital Group International, Inc. (CGI), and Capital
Research and Management Company (CRMC). Through CGI, the company operates and manages Capital Guardian
Trust Company (CGTC), Capital International Limited (CIL), Capital International Inc. (CII), Capital International K.K.
(CIKK) and Capital International S.A. (CISA). CGI and its companies managed assets of USD 130.0 billion, as of June 30,

CGTC engages in asset management business as well as offers trust services to its clients. Services are principally
offered to large corporate clients, consultants, high net worth individuals and families, investment companies, pension and
profit sharing plans, pooled investment vehicles, charitable organizations, corporations, state or municipal government
entities, non-profit organizations, private foundations, private organizations, and foreign governmental entities. It manages
separate client-focused equity portfolios, mutual funds and retirement plans for its clients. It has offices in Los Angeles,
New York, San Francisco, and Washington. CIL has its principal operations in the UK. Its Capital International Limited,
Advisory Services (CILAS) offers financial advisory services and brokerage and securities dealership services to public
and private companies. CILAS also offers retirement planning and tax advisory services.

CII is the investment manager for Capital International Private Equity Funds (CIPEF) within Capital Group. CIPEF's
private equity investment includes USD 2.4 billion in 72 investments within 25 countries and 34 industries. CIKK is
engaged in securities services business through discretionary investment securities investment trust, and investment
advisory services in Japan. At CIKK, investment trust investment advisors' net assets totaled about JPY 553.0 billion and
assets under contract of around JPY 4,177.0 billion, as of March 31, 2009. The company's CISA has operations in

CRMC manages American Fund Distributors, Inc. (AFDI) and American Fund Services Company. The company, through
these companies, offers seven types of funds, namely, growth funds, growth-and-income funds, equity-income funds,
balanced fund, bond funds, tax-exempt bond funds, money market funds, and target date funds. Some of the funds
offered include AMCAP Fund, EuroPacific Growth Fund, The Growth Fund of America, The New Economy Fund, and
New Perspective Fund. The company's American Funds Target Date Retirement fund includes American Funds 2050
Target Date Retirement Fund, American Funds 2045 Target Date Retirement Fund, and American Funds 2030 Target
Date Retirement Fund.

Further, the company's Capital International Asset Management (CIAM) offers three types of mutual funds to individual
investors namely, equity-Canadian-anchored, equity-global/international, and fixed income-Canadian-anchored. Mutual
funds of CIAM are distributed by the Canadian banks and financial institutions. The Canadian financial advisers also offer
the global or international equity mutual funds of the company.

The company's product and services portfolio includes funds, investment management services, and institutional investing
and global private equity services. The company provides mutual funds, personalized services and investment funds to its
individual clients and institutions. Mutual funds are sold through financial advisers and other intermediaries to the
individuals in the US. Investment options for individual investors are provided through the Capital International Funds
(Europe), which are distributed through banks, intermediaries and other financial institutions.

The company offers its investment management services through managed accounts, pooled funds, balanced portfolios
and fixed-income investments. These services are used by corporate retirement plans, public and foundations worldwide.
Capital group companies controls and manages the assets of several corporations, retirement plans, non-profit
organizations and government. The company's institutional investing and global private equity services are offered
primarily to institutions. It also manages the assets for companies worldwide, retirement plans and non-profit
organizations such as endowments and foundations.

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