; Rexam PLC: SWOT Analysis & Company Profile
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Rexam PLC: SWOT Analysis & Company Profile

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Business Review’s Rexam PLC contains a company overview, key facts, locations and subsidiaries, news and events as well as a SWOT analysis of the company.

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									Rexam PLC


Rexam PLC: SWOT Analysis & Company

Reference code: BRPK0081CP10-Q2

Published: Nov 2010

Business Review
John Carpenter House
7 Carmelite Street
London EC4Y 0BS
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7936 6400
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7336 6813


Rexam PLC - SWOT Profile                                                            Page 1
Rexam PLC


Rexam PLC - Company Overview

Rexam PLC (Rexam) is engaged in providing flexible and rigid packaging solutions to the customers. The company offers
a wide range of different packaging products to various markets, including beverage, personal care, healthcare and food.
Its product portfolio comprises line of beverage cans and plastic packaging, including sprayers, cases and closures,
containers and as well as drug packs. Rexam operates 105 manufacturing plants located in more than 20 countries
across Western Europe and North America. The company’s operations are also distributed in the regions including Brazil,
China, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland and Russia. It is headquartered in London, the UK.

Financial Performance

The company reported revenue of GBP 4866 million during the fiscal year ended 2009. The company's revenue grew at a
CAGR of 16.08% during the period 2007-2009 with a year on year growth of 5.37% over fiscal year 2008. During the fiscal
year 2009 its operating margin was 1.89% as against the operating margin of 8.23% in fiscal year 2008. During the fiscal
year 2009 the company registered a net profit margin of -0.6% as against the net margin of 3.72% in the fiscal year 2008.

Rexam PLC - Key Facts

Rexam PLC, Key Facts

                                  4 Millbank, London, , SW1P
                                                                    Ticker Symbol, Stock       REX (London Stock Exchange
Corporate Address:
                                  3XR, United Kingdom               Exchange                   (LON))

Telephone                         + 44 20 72274100                  No. of Employees           22,900

Fax                               + 44 20 72274109                  Financial Year End         December

URL                               www.rexam.com                     Revenue (in GBP Million)   4,866.00

                                  Medical Equipment , Paper and
Industry                          Packaging
                                                                    Revenue (in USD Million)   7,603.13

                                  China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, France,
Locations                         Iceland, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Egypt, United States

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


Rexam PLC - SWOT Profile                                                                                            Page 2
Rexam PLC


Rexam PLC - Business Description

Rexam PLC (Rexam) is engaged in the manufacturing of beverage cans and plastic packaging products. The company
offers a wide variety of packaging solutions for different industries, using different materials and technologies. It employs
22,900 people. The company carries out its operations through two reportable segments, namely, Beverage Cans and
Plastic Packaging.

The company's Beverage Cans segment is one of the leading suppliers of beverage cans in the world. It offers beverage
cans at various sizes, under different categories, making sure that customers have the opportunity to choose the most
suitable format for their products. These beverage cans comprises of both aluminum and steel cans that are available for
packaging applications. In the Europe & Asia, the company makes aluminum and steel cans in 18 different sizes, which
includes small stubby cans, slim models, large pint-size ones and 1 liter cans. The company’s cans are used for different
types of beverages including beer, carbonated soft drinks, juices, sports and energy drinks, dairy, water, wine and spirit
mixers as well as iced tea and coffee and functional drinks. In South America, the company manufactures and offers
aluminum cans in three different sizes for a broad range of beverages including beer, soft drinks, juices, energy drinks,
Flavored Alcoholic Beverages (FABs), wine and tea.

Geographically, Rexam’s beverage cans are divided into two parts namely, Beverage Can Europe & Asia and Beverage
Can Americas, includes Beverage Can North America and Beverage Can South America. The company has 18 can
plants and four can end plants in the Europe; one can plant each in Egypt and China; and partnerships in both South
Korea and India. The company also has 14 can plants and two end plants in the US, two plants in Mexico and Guatemala,
11 plants in South America, seven can plants and two end plants in Brazil, and two can plants in Argentina and Chile.
During the fiscal year 2009, the segment contributed 74% towards the total revenues of the company, generating GBP
3,573 million, an increase of 8.63% over the previous year.

The company’s Plastic Packaging segment includes Rexam’s Healthcare, Closures and Personal Care divisions. The
company, under the Healthcare division, manufactures healthcare packaging and devices for pharmaceutical customers
worldwide. It offers a broad range of products such as pumps and valves for pharmaceutical applications, advanced
asthma inhalers, eye droppers, nasal sprays, pill jars and tablet dispensers. The company offers complete custom
packaging systems such as the container, the closure, and other integral components. Its Healthcare division also offers a
range of healthcare options such as R&D, stage gate process, and decorating. Rexam offers prescription-ware for
pharmacists by providing pharmaceutical packaging products. It also offers a complete line of automated pharmacy
prescription-ware, including Wide Mouth Bottles, Argus-Loc, Quali-Top Fine Ribbed and Ultra-Loc custom imprinted
closures for use in Mail Order, Central Processing, Unit of Use and Repackaging Industries.

The company’s Closures division offers closures for packaging non-alcoholic beverages such as juice, isotonics, CSD and
water. It also offers specialty plastic closures and containers for various industries including food and beverages,
household, and healthcare. The division develops and manufactures high-barrier rigid plastic containers for ambient shelf
stable foods in the US and Europe. Its products include multi-layer high-barrier bowls and trays for baby foods, fruits and
vegetables, ready meals, soups, snacks, sauces and pet foods, among others.

Its Personal Care division manufactures plastic packaging solutions for beauty customers worldwide. It has leading
market positions in spray samplers, lipstick cases, fragrance closures, compacts and fine-mist pumps as well as in dry
powder inhalers, eye droppers and pharmaceutical pumps. It also offers injection molders for precision plastic
components and assemblies for the home and personal care market. It also provides customized manufacturing services,
including extensive product design and finishing services such as packaging assembly and decoration. The company
produces high quality consumer packaging, medical parts and industrial components. During the fiscal year 2009, the
segment contributed 26% towards the total revenues of the company, generating GBP 1,241 million, a decrease of 2.51%
over the previous year.

The company operations can be classified into nine geographical segments namely, the United States (US), Brazil,
Russia, Austria, Spain, the UK, France, Germany and Other Countries. During the fiscal 2009, the US segment has
contributed 39% towards the total revenues of the company, followed by Brazil 12%, Russia 6%, Austria 6%, Spain 5%,
the UK 4%, France 4%, Germany 4% and Other Countries 20%.

In 2010, Rexam reorganized the closure and consolidated its seven plants across the Plastic Packaging operations i.e.,
five in the US and two in Europe as to improve the performance of the company. In Jun 2010, it has introduced new
plastic containers for the park meat products of Tulip Food Company and also produced 12 oz. and 16 oz. aluminum cans
for the US Lion Brewery Beers. Recently, the company installed an integrated packaging solution, including lotion pump,
metal sleeve, cap and bottle for Christian Dior SA’s Capture Totale One Essential, an anti-aging serum. Prior to this, the
company got approved by Pink OTC Markets Inc. to list its American Depositary Receipts on OTCQX. On 28th Apr,
Rexam’s Healthcare division has been awarded “2010 Lilly Global Supplier Award” by Eli Lilly at Indianapolis.


Rexam PLC - SWOT Profile                                                                                            Page 3
Rexam PLC


Rexam PLC - Major Products and Services

Rexam PLC (Rexam) is one of leading consumer packaging companies in the world. The key products and brands offered
by the company include the following:

Rexam PLC, Major Products and Services

Aluminum Cans

Steel Cans

Plastic Containers

Can Ends







Turbo Insert

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research

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