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Lucasfilm Ltd.: SWOT Analysis & Company

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Published: Aug 2010

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Lucasfilm Ltd.


Lucasfilm Ltd. - Company Overview

Lucasfilm Ltd. (Lucasfilm) is one of the world‟s largest independent film and entertainment companies. The company,
along with its subsidiaries, is engaged in offering licensing, special effects, and software services. Its principal business
activities include film production and television programs. Lucasfilm conducts its business through seven divisions,
namely, Licensing, Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light & Magic, Animation, Lucasfilm, LucasArts and Lucas Online. The
Letterman Digital Arts Center of the company integrates motion picture, visual effects and gaming technologies in one
digital arts campus. The company operates across various geographies and has principal operations in the US. Lucasfilm
is headquartered in San Francisco (California), the US.

Lucasfilm Ltd. - Key Facts

Lucasfilm Ltd., Key Facts

                                  1110 Gorgas Avenue, San
                                  Francisco, California (CA),       Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                                                                           N/A
                                  94129, United States

Telephone                         + 415 662 1800                    No. of Employees         N/A

Fax                               N/A                               Financial Year End       N/A


Industry                          Media

Locations                         United States

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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Lucasfilm Ltd.


Lucasfilm Ltd. - Business Description

Lucasfilm Ltd. (Lucasfilm) is a US-based film company, engaged in the production of films and television programs. The
company‟s some of the key business activities include licensing, audio visual effects, digital effects, video games, and
online content, among others.

The company operates through seven business divisions namely, Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound,
LucasArts, Lucas Licensing, Animation, and Lucas Online.

Lucasfilm division is involved in the production and promotion of the company‟s various television, theater and
entertainment operations. The major film entertainment properties of the company include Star Wars, the Indiana Jones
trilogy, the “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”, Tucker: A Man and His Dreams, Willow, and Labyrinth, among others.

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) division provides post production visual effects services. ILM provides various techniques
such as model making, computer-generated imagery, matte painting and digital animation principally to motion pictures,
trailers, commercials, music videos and other special venue projects. ILM is associated with 15 movies which received the
Oscar for Best Visual Effects and was also awarded 19 technical achievement awards from the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences. The current projects of the subsidiary in 2010 include Iron Man 2, The Last Airbender,
Endhiran, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In addition, ILM is currently working on upcoming projects such as
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Transformers 3, Cowboys & Aliens, and The Avengers.

Lucasfilm‟s Skywalker Sound division provides various solutions for the post production. It principally offer six fully
equipped mixing studios, picture and sound editing rooms, Foley/ADR stage, and audio and video transfer services. In
addition, it also provides scoring stage and the breathtaking Stag Theater. It holds 18 Academy Awards and 12
nominations for best achievement in sound and sound effects editing. The respective segment holds its clientele across
several categories such as big budget films, IMAX, independent films, commercials, theme rides, games and websites.

LucasArts division is engaged in developing and publishing interactive entertainment software principally for videogame
console systems and personal computers. It operates through its partner companies that include NaturalMotion Ltd. and
Pixelux Entertainment. The major platforms on which it is currently working include PLAYSTATION 3 and PLAYSTATION
2 computer entertainment systems, PlayStationPortable system (PSP), Xbox 360 video game system from Microsoft,
Windows, Wii, and Nintendo DS.

Lucas Licensing division undertakes the licensing and merchandising operations related to its major film entertainment
properties such as Star Wars, the Indiana Jones trilogy, the “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”, Tucker: A Man and His
Dreams, Willow, Labyrinth and others. It offers action toys (best selling boys) and books over 60 million in 100 nations.

Lucasfilm Animation division operates through its subsidiary, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. It is an animation studio that
provides animation content principally for films, television, and games. Lucasfilm Animation‟s current projects include
“Clone War Series”.

Lucas Online division is an electronic media based portal that offers services related to education and reference,
entertainment and online retailing related to the company's businesses and intellectual properties. It includes news,
interactive content, online video streaming, and related others. This business segment presently maintains,,,,,,, and

„The George Lucas Educational Foundation‟ called Edutopia is owned by the company. It provides new ways of learning
to kids and parents, teachers and administrators, policy makers and the people through its Web site,
Edutopia magazine, and Edutopia video.

The company‟s „The Letterman Digital Arts Center‟ integrates motion picture, visual effects and gaming technologies in
one digital arts campus. It holds four low rise office buildings, 865,000 square feet, on the remaining 6 acres.


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Lucasfilm Ltd.


Lucasfilm Ltd. - Major Products and Services

Lucasfilm Ltd. is an American film production co
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