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PV LP Specifications


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                        VEHICLE SPECIFICATIONS
Make               MaximB
Type               MaximB Personnel Vehicle (PV)
Profile            Low Profile
Manufacturer and   NCS Engineering     Postal Add                   PO Box 667, Nigel, 1490
Supplier                               Physical Add                 24 5th Street, Vorsterskroon, Nigel, 1490
                                       Tel                          011 8146407
                                       Fax                          011 814 1145
                                       E-Mail                       ncseng@icon.co.za
                                       URL                          www.maximb.co.za
Engine             Make                Cummins
                   Model               B3.3-65
                   Type                Naturally Aspirated Diesel
                   Power /@rpm         48 kw / 2600 rpm
                   Torque /@rpm        214 Nm / 1600 rpm
                   Cooling Type        Water Cooled
                   Cooling Fluid       Antifreeze that meets the chemical composition of GM6038M
                   Engine Oil          Oil SAE 15W40
Hydraulic Pump     Make                Bondioli Pavessi
                   Model               M4PV65 Variable Displacement Pump
                   Capacity            65 cc
Drive System       Axles               Manufacturer                 NCS Engineering
                                       Type                         Solid - Front and Back
                   Drive Motors        Type                         Hydrostatic
                                       Make                         Black Bruin
                                       Model                        BB03
                                       Capacity - Front             250 cc
                                       Power - Front                25 kW
                                       Torque - Front               1120 Nm @ 300 bar
                                       Capacity - Rear              400 cc
                                       Power - Rear                 25 kW
                                       Torque - Rear                1790 Nm @ 300 bar
                   Steering            Type                         Dual Steer
                                       Front                        Hydraulic
                                       Rear                         Hydraulic
Braking System     Manufacturer        NCS Engineering
                   Make                MaximB
                   Model               RM200
                   Type                Failsafe
                                       Fully Enclosed
                                       Spring Applied, Hydraulic Release
                   Fitment             On all 4 wheels
                   Hydraulic Oil       SAE 30, SAE 10W40 Hydraulic Oil ISO/VG 32 or ISO/VG 68
                   Power Pack Oil      Hydraulic Oil ISO/VG 32 or 68
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Suspension           Type - Front             Leaf Springs and Shock Absorbers
                     Type - Rear              Leaf Springs and Shock Absorbers
Fuel and Capacity    Fuel Type                Diesel
                     Tank Capacity            60 Litres
Hydraulic Oil and    Oil Type                 Hydraulic Oil ISO/VG 32 or 68
Capacity             Tank Capacity            60 Litres
Vehicle Dimensions   Length                   5.485 m
and Clearances       Width                    1.95 m
                     Height                   1.45 m
                     Wheelbase                2.90 m
                     Ground Clearance         0.260m (Unladen) / 0.210 (Laden)
                     Exit Angle               17 deg (Unladen) / 13 deg (Laden)
                     Entry Angle              18 deg (Unladen) / 14 deg (Laden)
                     Turning Radius           < 10m
Vehicle Capacities   Weight (Unladen)         2,800 kgs
                     Weight (Laden)           4,100/4,200 kgs
                     Personnel                Driver + 15 Passengers
Vehicle Speed        Drive                    Forward and Reverse
                     Forward Drives           Single (Low Range) or Dual (Low and High Range)
                     Single Speed                                           16 kph
                     Dual Speed               Low Range                     16 kph
                                              High Range                    33 kph
                     Note: This vehicle has had the High Range speed selection disabled.
Tyres and Rims       Tyres                    Manufacturer                  Firestone ATX
                                              Model/Type                    215R15
                                              Inflatable Pressure           3.0-3.2 bar
                                              Load Rating                   1030 kg/tyre but approx 1700 kg/tyre at speeds
                                                                            below 25 kph
                     Rims                     Manufacturer                  NCS Engineering
                                              Size                          15"
Other                All additional information can be obtained directly from the manufacturer and supplier.

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Contacts   Direct Contact Numbers

           1. Chris Wilcock     Sales and Marketing
                                083 627 3637

           2. José Gil          General Manager
                                083 271 2010

           3. Phinda Xhakaza    Sales and Marketing
                                082 553 7693

           4. Dewald Snyman     Technical Services
                                083 449 4900

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