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									                                                                                                                        Graphic Designer / Photographer: Roch Coulombe /

                                                                                                                           printed in CAnAdA

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showrooms: Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Montreal, Ottawa, Portland, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington
Creators of the suspension system…
Think about it. Your office chair is where you spend the most important part of your work day.
With Desire, we offer you an opportunity to spend it in a highly comfortable, fully ergonomic chair.
Its patented suspension system, combined with a cozy, inviting design featuring enveloping lines
that support and coddle your body, will leave you strain-free and tension-free all day long.

                                                                                                       DESIRE MONO
                                                                                                       The monoshell version is an ideal seating choice for conference or executive settings. Its pure,
                                                                                                       voluptuously contoured design supports the natural curve of your back perfectly. DESIRE MONO:
                                                                                                       a chair that transcends comfort and well-being.

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