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Deputy Grand Knight's Message


Joseph Krenn Council # 8629                                January Newsletter 2011
St. Bernadette Parish                                                 Volume 25 Issue 12
6543 132 St .Surrey, BC
Phone: (604) 596-1833
Fax:    (604) 597-9534

Deputy Grand Knight                         Event of the Month:                Other upcoming Events:
Gary Klose                   Web Site:      General Meeting:      Jan. 06/11   Every Wednesday Evening
604-596-1376                                         “Badminton” games
E-Mail:                        Major Degr Meeting Jan, 15/11
                                                                               Membership Drive
                                            Executive Meeting: Jan. 20/11      “ „Pro-life” Baby shower.
           Field Agent                      Signal Hill Presentation
       James Vukets                                                            (All the month of January)
      604-616-9692                                                Jan. 27/11    4th Degree Exemplification                      Major Degree,         Jan. 29/10   Feb. 05/11

                             Deputy Grand Knight’s Message
            Brothers, I hope you your families and friends all had a wonderful Merry Christmas
     celebrating the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s Birthday, that all are now on a
     journey to a very Blessed New Year. I pray, that as a community we grow spiritually finding a
     closer connection with God, family and our friends.
            Some of you may have already heard that Our Worthy Grand Knight John Punzo has
     resigned. The giving of a persons time to help others is a truly a gracious gift. I would like to
     personally thank our Brother John Punzo and his family for the time he has spent as Our Grand
     Knight. On behalf of the Joseph Krenn council 8629 I wish Brother John and his family all the
     best !
            The executive has informed me as well the Grand Knights Handbook Page 46 states “In
     the absence of the Grand Knight , the Deputy Grand Knight presides at council meetings and
     functions as the Grand Knight would.” As we are now into January, Council 8629 will follow this
     protocol until our council’s elections in June.
            I would like to thank all who attended our Christmas Dinner as well those who also helped
     in setup /organizing and in the kitchen making it a great success! There was an attendance of
     approx 105 people. At the dinner our council through our gaming account was able to donate
     monies to some very worthy causes.
            I would like to extend a special thanks to Brothers Steven Shaw and Brother Oswald
     Rego for their efforts with the Knights of Columbus Keep Christ in Christmas campaign.

             January 29,2011 Our Council will be hosting a major degree in the ST.B Parish Hall. After
     the ceremonies all will attend the 5 o’clock mass. I am requesting that if any brothers are
     available for either the ceremonies or the mass to please attend.
             I look forward to seeing you the first Thursday of the month January 6, 2011 for our
     regular meeting! Please remember that the Saint Vincent de Paul Food Bank still needs our help
     so if your able bring a non perishable food item to the regular meeting.

     God Bless
     Deputy Grand Knight
     Gary Klose

                                    “Charity Appeal”
 By this time we have only one good month left of our Charity Appeal drive. The next push is, Get
those tickets return “SOLD” as soon as possible. The DEADLINE for the” Early Bird” draw, is
January 09/11. I will be in the gathering room after all Sunday Masses to collect the members sold
tickets. The DEADLINE for the “MAIN DRAW” is January 22/11. Return all your books to
Brother Nelson, Remember, any “LOST” Tickets, the Council has to pay for. Again, thanks to
those, who have returned their book(s).We all need to help to create the funds NEEDED for our
Charitable Donations.
P/S Brother Steve Shaw could use some more help in selling after the Masses on Saturday &

Nelson Pluff F.S.

                    From the Desk of the Financial Secretary:

Let me begin by wishing everyone a Happy & Health New Year. By now you should have received
your 2011 membership billing, by email for those members that have provided us with an email
address, and regular mail for members that do not have email. If you did not receive your 2011
membership billing please contact me by phone at 604-590-0494 or email at and I‟ll
verify your contact information.
The option of paying by two post dated cheques is now available, however both cheques must be
received by January 15, 2011 as explained on your statement.

Vivat Jesus,
Nelson W. Pluff F.S.
Joseph Krenn Council 8629
Surrey BC

                            Agape gift bags for street women
Thanks to all those who donated to this worthy project.
Again, through donations and monies raised from Pancake Breakfast, we where able,
to fill about 165 gift bags in support of the Agape‟ Street Ministry.

                                      Membership Drive

Brother John Hartnett has taken on the position as MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN.
This is a great responsibility as a Council can not grow without new members.
To be successful in organizing this, please make yourself available to him.
All you need to do, is BELIEVE IN THE K OF C. and talk to those you meet, or give him names of
 people you think would like to join the K of C
Brother Knights, as you see, we NEED many hands to be involved.
Come out and be part of the success of our Council.
                                          “Santa‟s visit”
Again, this year Santa took time out of his busy schedule, to make a stop at St. Bernadette’s Parish hall on
December 5, 2010
With many families bringing their children, to visit with Santa, they also took the opportunity to enjoy our
Pancake Breakfast.
The whole “Pancake Crew” are to be congratulated, for a job well done.
We serve a total of 245 meals, and by having children tickets, there was less waste.
A BIG thank you, Goes to Brother John Macken, for a splendid job, done on the time limited to him.
As the pictures indicated, every one had a great time. Thanks again Brother John.
Next Pancake Breakfast will be on January 9, 2011

                                 “Signal Hill presentation”
The new date for the Signal Hill presentation is set for Thursday January 27, 2011.

Special thanks to our committee who developed many helpful ideas at our last meeting :

The following was decided:

The time of the presentation will be 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM with refreshments following .

We will print tickets, which will be used to promote registrations & get a commitment for
attendance by parishioners and other guests at our event.

    Early registrations will be needed to plan for seating and refreshments being provided .
When the signs and hand-outs are ready, we can arrange to have sufficient quantities printed for
 our committee who will be seeking registrations after masses at our parish and through other

We will be contacting all members of the committee to discuss final draft of promo materials and
                     will also set time of our next meeting in early January.

                                         Merry Christmas to All.

                               To all 3 and 4rd Degree members,
                                The 2 tuxedos are still available,
                                      At no cost. Size 44 tall.
                                    Call Frank: 604 597 2919
    On New Year's Day
and the whole year through,

     I hope the kindness
    you've given to others
 returns many times to you.
 May hope, love, and warmth
be in your heart's possessing,
    and may the New Year
     bring you and yours
       many blessings.

  Happy New Year!!!

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