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                                                                                     Music & Instruments

                              Musical Instruments
                      Plastic Cluster with Bells
                                                                                      Age: 1+           R55.00
                      A fun plastic cluster with bells.

                                                                                      Age: 1+           R75.00
                      Diameter = 8.5cm

                                                                                      Age: 3+           R275.00
                      One octave Xylophone, supplied with 2 beaters and
                      a song booklet. Superb quality.


          To order or for any queries, please e-mail : tania@kityascreations.co.za
                                                                                                 Music & Instruments
                                         Musical CD’s & DVD’s
                            Sing A Long Songs                                                     All ages          CD
                                                                      Hush Little Baby
                                                                      Grand Old Duke
                            Theme A                                   Yankee Doodle
                            Wheels on the Bus                         This Old Man                                  Book of
                            Three Blind Mice                          Five Green Bottles
                            Old MacDonald
                                                                      Letter to My Love                             R20.00
                            Baa Baa Black Sheep                       Tauya Kuzoona Mary
                            Tinovaka Temberi                          Farmer’s in the Den
                            If You’re Happy                           Rock A Bye Baby
                            Where are you going?                      Theme B
                            Twinkle Twinkle
KJ-J001 (CD)
KJ-J001b (Book of Words)
                            More Sing A Long Songs                    Little Bo Peep              All ages          CD
                                                                      Lippity Lop                                   R80.00
                            Michael Finnigin
                                                                      Frog Went A Courtin’
                            Lou Lou Skip….
                                                                      The Animals went in 2
                            Jack and Jill
                                                                      x2                                            Book of
                            Over in the Meadow                                                                      Words
                                                                      Hickory Dickory Dock,
                            I can Sing a Rainbow
                                                                      Apusski Dusky                                 R20.00
                            Here we go round the Mulberry Bush
                                                                      She’ll be Coming
                            There was an Old Woman
                                                                      Round the Mountain
                            Little Miss Muffet
                                                                      I’m a Little Teapot
                                                                      There’s a Hole in my
KJ-J002 (CD)                                                          Bucket
KJ-J002b (Book of Words)                                              I’d Like to Teach the
                                                                      World to Sing

                            Josephine’s Action Songs
                                                                      The Prehistoric             All ages          CD
                            Bananas in Pyjamas                        Animal Brigade
                                                                      The Wise Man and
                            Five Little Frogs
                            Let’s go Shopping                         The Foolish Man
                            Where is Thumbkin?                        Put your Finger on                            Book of
                            The Music Man                             your Head                                     Words
                            The Guard Song                            The Baby Kangaroo                             R20.00
                            Ten Fat Sausages                          Teddy Bear, Teddy
                            The Wheels on the Bus                     Bear
KJ-J003 (CD)                Hokey Pokey                               Six Little Ducks
KJ-J003b (Book of Words)                                              Do Your Ears Hang
                                                                      One Potato, Two
                                                                      Ten in the Bed

                      To order or for any queries, please e-mail : tania@kityascreations.co.za
                                                                                                 Music & Instruments

                            Josephine’s Songs of Faith
                                                                                                  All ages          R80.00
                            Ain’t no Rock                             We Have a King who
                            Touch your Finger, Touch your             Rides a Donkey                                (no book)
                            Thumb                                     Jesus Loves Me
                            Undignified                               Everything is
                            In Right, Out Right                       Beautiful
                            The Jumping Song                          I’m in the Lord’s
                            You Showed me the Way                     Army
                            He’s Got the Whole World in his           Use Me Today
KJ-J004                     Hands                                     Get Ready to Fly
                            Father Abraham                            Use Me Today
                                                                      The Wise Man and
                                                                      the Foolish Man
                            Christmas Time is Here                                                All ages          CD
                                                                      All I Want for
                                                                      Christmas is my…..                            R80.00
                            Christmas Time is Here
                            Sleigh Ride                               Santa Claus is
                            Here Comes Santa Claus                    Coming to town                                Book of
                            I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus           O Christmas Tree                              Words
                            Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer            The Little Drummer                            R20.00
                            Frosty the Snowman                        Boy
                            The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)            God Rest ye Merry
KJ-J005 (CD)                                                          Gentlemen
KJ-J005b (Book of Words)    Jingle Bells
                                                                      Good King
                                                                      Ding Dong Merrily
                                                                      Silent Night
                                                                      Mister Santa

                            Josephine’s Quiet Times
                                                                                                  All ages          R80.00
                            What a Wonderful World                    Mother Nature
                            Dolphins                                  A New Day (Twinkle                            (no book)
                            Walking on the Moon                       Twinkle)
                            Just Breathe                              A Quiet Place
                            African Drum                              It’s Okay to feel the
                            Sailing                                   Feelings
                            Colours                                   Noise
                                                                      Wriggle Song
KJ-J006                                                               All the children of
                                                                      the World
                            The Adventures of Goggles the Goose
                                                                                                  Age: 5+           R80.00
                            Join Josephine & Goggles on a musical story adventure.
                            Sing, dance, scream and shout. Visit the world of
                            imagination and listen to the animated Goggles Story.
                            Learn how Goggles goes from Zero to Hero with
                            Josephine’s help.
                            An uplifting and inspiriting, feel-good DVD with a
                            powerful message for all ….Everyone is different but it
                            these differences that makes us Special.
                            Find out why Goggles says ….’ I am Special!!!.
                            NB – the animated story in the DVD is the exact copy of
                            the book – Hooray for Goggles.
KJ-J008                     The DVD is available in English, Afrikaans and Zulu.

                      To order or for any queries, please e-mail : tania@kityascreations.co.za
                                                                                     Music & Instruments
                Goggatjie se
                Tradisionele Afrikaanse                                         All ages          R95.00
                                                     In Die Dieretuin
                Gogga Deuntjie                       More Oompie More
                Goggatjie Se Tydmasjien              Tannie
                Hoe Ry Die Boere                     Die Kat Kom Weer
                Die Blink Vosperd                    Zoem Zoem Zoem
                Klokke en Diere                      Moeder Hoenderhen
                Die Paddaskool                       Kabouterman
                Fedklokkies                          Sannie Se Lammetjie
                Hoedjies Van Papier                  Goggatjie Gesels Oor
KJ-J012         Klein Ondeug                         Die Slaapdeuntjies
                Die Mannetjie                        Jan Pierewiet
                Hansie Slim                          Afrikaanse Wiegeliedjie
                Goggatjie Oefen 'n Bietjie           Goggatjie se Totsiens
                So Ry Die Trein
                Bobbejaan Klim Die Berg

                Goggatjie se Kinderstories
                                                                                All ages          R95.00
                Bevat 9 gedigte, 3 stories en 2 liedjies. Die stories,
                gedigte en liedjies besit 'n leersame aspek sodat
                die kinders kan luister en leer op dieselfde tyd. Die
                karakter en talent van Mariette Engelen, Michael
                Mayer en Elma Potgieter vul die stories en gedigte
                met energie en gevoel. Goggatjie is al die pad
                teenwoordig, die middelpunt waarom alles draai.
                Goggatjie se Kinderstories is meer as net storie
                vertel - dis 'n ontdekkingsreis.
                Goggatjie se Kinderliedjies
                                                                                All ages          R95.00
                Neem Goggatjie die kinders op 'n liedjie reis met
                20 saamsing liedjies soos 'Ek Borsel My Tande', 'Die
                Alfabet', 'Ons Gaan See Toe', 'Kom Ons Maak
                Musiek' en nog vele meer. Die liedjies leer die
                kinders basiese lewens vaardighede terwyl hulle
                saam wikkel op die ritme van die wysie. Die
                liedjies is almal geskryf en vervaardig deur Graeme
                Sacks en Erika Strydom van Burnt Bread
                Produksies. Dit dien as æn inspuiting van nuwe
KJ-J009         lewe en energie in a genre wat ryp is vir vars

          To order or for any queries, please e-mail : tania@kityascreations.co.za
                                                                                     Music & Instruments

                Goggatjie gaan Wildtuin toe
                                                                                All ages          R95.00
                Gogga Deuntjie
                Goggatjie Gesels Oor Die Wildtuin
                Liedjie: Wilde Diere
                Goggatjie Gesels Oor Die Wilde Diere
                Gedig: In Die Wildtuin
                Goggatjie Gesels Oor Diere Geluide
                Storie: Koning Leeu Verloor Sy Brul
                Goggatjie Gesels Oor Wat Die Diere Eet
                Gedig: Raai Wat Eet Die Diere
                Gedig: Die Bokmakierie-Koor
                Goggatjie Gesels Oor Die Tarentaal
KJ-J011         Storie: Kolletjies Die Tarentaal
                Goggatjie Gesels Oor Drie Diere
                Gedig: Ou Skilpad
                Gedig: Die Swaeltjies
                Gedig: Geitjie Se Stert
                Goggatjie Gesels Oor Die Plaasdiere
                Liedjie: Dis Lekker Op Die Plaas
                Goggatjie Beweeg Soos Die Olifant
                Goggatjie Beweeg Soos Die Veldmuis
                Goggatjie Beweeg Soos Die Leeu
                Storie: Klasie Kraalogies, Die Veldmuis
                Goggatjie Gesels Oor Vriende
                Gedig: Janfiskaal
                Gedig: Die Likkewaan
                Goggatjie Gesels Oor Aandgeluide
                Gedig: Aand In Die Wildtuin
                Goggatjie SO Totsiens
                African ABC Alphabet
                                                                                Age: 1+           R110.00
                13 fun sing-along songs for kids of all ages. The
                songs are an A to Z of things African and are
                composed in vibrant African styles ranging from
                Afro-Jazz, Afro-fusion, Afro-pop, to more
                traditional sounds and a whole lot more! Aside
                from teaching the Alphabet in a novel way, the CD
                exposes kids to wonderful African music and
                culture where they will get to learn about
                Ululating, Soweto, Yebo, Impis, Marimbas and so
KJ-J014         much more.

                Sheet music and lyrics available on request

          To order or for any queries, please e-mail : tania@kityascreations.co.za

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