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					                           Ag gie News
                     Volume I, Issue 2                            Spring 2011

 High School
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   REVISED-      5
  2011 COLLEGE   6

PLANTS FOR SALE 7                 Thursday, March 3rd
                                    4:30 pm-7:30 pm
                                          Meet your child's teachers.
                                         Be involved in choosing your
                                          child’s classes for next year.
                                               4:30 pm-7:30 pm
                                         LIGHT DINNER/CAFETERIA
                                               5:00 pm-6:30 pm
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                                                                                 Hey, No

New Policy adopted by FCAHS Board of Directors goes into effect!

The Forrest County High School District is com-              tions. “Intentional acts” refers to the individual’s
mitted to providing a safe and civil educational             choice to engage in the act rather than the ulti-
environment for all students, employees, volun-              mate impact of the action(s. False reports or re-
teers, and patrons that is free from harassment,             taliation for harassment, intimidation or bully-
intimidation or bullying.                                    ing also constitutes violations of this policy.

 Therefore, explicit or implicit advances, requests for      Any student, who considers such action as a threat,
favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of an inap-      whether through submission or rejection, should report
propriate action are prohibited. In the event that such      the action to the appropriate school authority. Nothing
harassment occurs, the district will take appropriate ac-    in this policy requires the affected student to possess a
tion, including but not limited to filing of official com-   characteristic that is a perceived basis for the harass-
plaints, seeking legal and law enforcement assistance,       ment, intimidation, or bullying, or other distinguishing
pursuing prosecution to the fullest extent permissible       characteristic.
under the law and termination of employment.
                                                             Further, inappropriate relationships between employees
“”Harassment, intimidation, or bullying” means               and students are prohibited whether consensual or non-
any intentional written, verbal, or physical act,            consensual. Inappropriate relationships as defined by
when the intentional written, verbal, or physical            legal code shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
act:                                                         .
       Physically harms a student or damages                 This policy is not intended to prohibit expression of reli-
       the student’s property; or                            gious, philosophical, or political views, provided that the
       Has the effect of substantially interfering           expression does not
       with a student’s education; or is severe,             substantially disrupt
       persistent, or pervasive that it creates an           the education envi-
       intimidating or threatening educational               ronment. Many be-
       environment; or                                       haviors that do not
       Has the effect of substantially disrupting            rise to the level of
       the orderly operation of the school.                  harassment, intimi-
                                                             dation, or bullying
Harassment, intimidation or bullying can take                may still be prohib-
many forms including: slurs, rumors, jokes, in-              ited by other district
nuendo’s, demeaning comments, drawing car-                   policies or building,
toons, pranks, gestures, physical attacks,                   classroom, or pro-
threats, or other written, oral or physical ac-              gram rules.
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We want to remind parents that the most positive way to ensure your child eats in
the lunchroom and not at the snack vending machines is to open an account on line
and add funds to your child’s lunchroom account.
It’s quick and easy. Just access and click on the link Just follow the simple directions and add money to your child’s account.
If you do not have access to the web, or you do not have a credit/debit card or PayPal account,
please send a check or monies to Mr. Tom Chambliss to insure the monies are noted to the
child’s account. Should you have any questions concerning current account stand-
ing, etc., please call Mr. Tom at 601-582-4147, extension 142. We want our
students to eat a balanced, healthy meal; NOT SNACK FOOD.

                                   Page Will Look Like This
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Report Cards                                   7-January
Progress Reports                                7-January
Holiday—Martin Luther King Day                 17-January
Hog Show 5:30 pm—Annual County and             26-January
District Livestock Show—Forrest County
Multi-purpose Center
Goat Show 8:30 am—Annual County and            26-January
District Livestock Show—Forrest County
Multi-purpose Center
County Sale—Supper 5:30 pm—Sale begins         27-January
6:00 pm Forrest County Multi-Purpose Ctr
Progress Reports                               28-January
Career Fair/Gym/Colleges-Recruiters            28-January
9:00 am—2:00 pm
South Mississippi District Livestock Show     28-30-January
held at Forrest County Multi-purpose Center
Progress Reports                               11-February
ACT                                            12-February
Vocational Career Technical week              14-19-January
NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS THIS DAY                21-February
Varsity Cheer Tryout Clinic                    24-February
Progress Reports                               25-February
Varsity Cheer Tryouts                          26-February
Final/Mid Term Exams                           9-10-March
Spring Break                                   14-18 March
SATP Testing/English II Writing                 23-March
SATP Make-up Test—English II                    24-March
Report Cards                                    25-March
CPAS March                                    29-30 March
CPAS March                                      31-March
  Volume I, Issue 2                                                                                                   Page 5

                               Forrest County AHS Student Dress Code
   CLOTHING               COLORS          MATERIAL                         RESTRICTIONS                        LENGTHS
                                                         Polo or Oxford in solid,maroon,gray,or white in
                      Maroon,Gray,                       color may be used. They must be appropriate size Long, short, or
SHIRTS                White           Knit or Cotton     and tucked in for all students.                  3/4 sleeve.
TURTLENECKS           White           Knit or Cotton     No designs of any kind                            N/A
SHIRTS/VESTS/         Maroon,Gray,                                                                          Appropriate Body
SWEATERS              White, or Black Knit or Cotton   No hoods                                             Size
                                      Uniform quality,
PANTS/CAPRI           Khaki,Gray,     wash-n-wear, or Denim (unless approved by Administration) warm-
PANTS                 White, or Black permanent press ups, wind suits, overalls, or hip huggers.            Properly hemmed
                                                       No designs of any kind. Needs to be tucked in and
UNDERSHIRTS           White           Knit or Cotton   only visible at collar line.                         N/A
                                      Uniform quality,
                      Khaki,Gray,     wash-n-wear, or Denim, warm-ups, wind suits, overalls, or hip hug- Properly hemmed
SHORTS/SKORTS         White, or Black permanent press gers.                                                 and knee length.
                      White, Black,   Uniform quality,
                      or school       wash-n-wear, or Slits should be no more than 1 inch above the         Must be to top of
SKIRTS                uniform plaid   permanent press knee. No Denim                                        kneecap.
LEGGINS               White, or Black N/A                                                                   N/A
                                                       Worn only on Spirit Days as designated by princi- Appropriate
SCHOOL SPIRIT         Maroon,Gray,                     pal. Team/Club shirts must meet dress code           length for body
T-SHIRTS              White, or Black N/A              guidelines.                                          size
                                                       Must be worn with all pants that have belt loops.
                                                       If loops are removed, the article of clothing is not
BELTS                 Brown or Black Leather or Cloth permissible.                                          N/A
                                                       No platform, flip flops, cleats, high heel shoes,
                      Black, Brown,                    slippers, house shoes, shower shoes, rubber          Shoes must fit
SHOES                 White, or Grey N/A               shoes, or stilettos.                                 properly.
                      SOLID Maroon,
                      Gray, White,
                      Black, Brown,
LIGHTWEIGHT           Beige or                                                                              Appropriate for
JACKETS               Camouflage      N/A              No hoods                                             body size
                      SOLID Maroon,
                      Gray, White,
                      Black, Brown,
HEAVY JACKETS         Beige or                                                                              Appropriate for
/COATS                Camouflage      N/A              No hoods                                             body size
                       **********HIGHLIGHTED AREAS DENOTES CHANGE**********
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         Forrest County AHS would like to
             invite our parents to our
                 College Career Fair.

             DATE: JANUARY 28TH
            TIME: 9:00 AM-01:00 PM

         For additional information, please
         call Wanda White at 601-582-4741,
         ext 108. Your hosts for the day will
          be Kim Cruthirds, Counselor and
            Wanda White, Career Center

Page 7                                                                       Aggie News

                SUPPORT OUR
               AG DEPARTMENT

 We will have the following plants

                   for sale
March 1st - - - - - - - - - Vegetable plants

End of March - - - - - Flower bedding plants

End of March- - - - - - Hanging baskets planted
with Assorted flowers and ferns

End of March- - - - - - - Fruit trees and shrubs
will also be available.

            The Junior Livestock Association is raffling a whole hog to be
         processed for the winner. See any of our FFA Livestock Exhibitors
                                 for tickets.

                        Please call
                     601-582-4741 for
                     more information!
Meet our new Principal, Mr. Loren Harris. California boy, turned Mississippi Man! We are so
pleased he chose to come to our school. In a statement made to our students and the faculty, Mr.
Harris stated, “Mississippi has challenges, but we also have great opportunities”! “Challenge
yourself” is what he asked of students and faculty alike. He stated, “Our goal here is to teach all
the students; strive to exceed the student’s potential and make a difference!” “We have great
learning tools with the technology of today that will enable all of us to achieve. Our school’s ac-
countability is at a very high level. We will teach our children at that higher level and commit to
connect, inspire and achieve with each and every student.”!

   Please give Mr. Harris a warm welcome to “Aggie Country”.

          Forrest County Agricultural High School

 215 Old Highway 49 East
   Brooklyn, MS 39425                                  Elizabeth Yankay, Ph.D.
    Phone:601-582-4741                                 Superintendent
     Fax: 601-582-9031

                                                       Mr. Loren Harris
   Go Aggies!                                          Principal

                                                       Mr. Larry Dolan
                                                       Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

                                                 Newsletter paid for with Title I Funds.   Newsletter prepared by Earlene Shirley