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									                                                  Yamaha Marine
                                                  Monthly by Allison Naidoo
                                                                                                January 10
                                                                                          Volume 3 Issue 01

                          Yamaha’s 2010 WaveRunners are setting the
                                         bar high
                        Building on the massive success of the ’08 /’09 models, the 2010 Yamaha Wave
  1   Yamaha’s 2010
      WaveRunners       Runner line up delivers on every expectation of incisive riders and then some. From
      are setting the   recreational models for novices and water sport enthusiasts to ultra-high performance
      bar high          sport models and even functional fishing craft – all models feature reliable marine
                        engines, superb-handling hulls and a host of technological advancements.
  2   Courageous
      Coast 2 Coast 4   Recreation – VX Series (VX Sport, VX Deluxe, VX700)
      expedition…       The market inspired innovations of Yamaha’s award winning marine technology have
                        materialized this year through the range of VX models that have made a huge dent in
  3   Yamaha
                        the global PWC market in past years. The VX series has been the most fuel efficient
      academy surges    and best selling watercraft range in the global boating industry since 2005 and the
      ahead…            good news is that the updated models will save consumers up to an additional 10% in
                        fuel costs compared to the already economical previous VX models. Further to this,
  4   In & Around       all models in the VX series, barring the VX700, feature Yamaha’s exclusive Low RPM
  5   Summer Sizzler
                        Mode™ that can reduce consumption by up to 26% on average annual use.
      update            Conveniences such as the Multifunction Electronic Information cockpit provide the
  6   Technical Tip
                        rider with vital information for safe riding, including a quick read on speed, RPM, fuel
                        level and low fuel / oil pressure / overheat warning. Resulting from Yamaha’s
  4   This ‘n That      ongoing program of intensive ergonomics research, riding positions on all models have
                        been further refined for even greater comfort. The reverse levers have also been
                        enhanced to be more user-friendly and the redesigned convex dual mirrors provide a
                        clear rear view – perfect for towing wakeboarders and skiers. A newly designed
                        metallic deck and sleek hull finish give these craft a modish look, which will make
                        them the envy of the water.
    “A newly            The combination of a powerful & dependable Yamaha marine engine, comfortable
    designed            multi-rider seating, ease of maneuverability and user-friendly operability - all at a
 metallic deck          very affordable price - adds to the irresistible appeal of the VX range. “The VX series
 and sleek hull         has been the top seller in the industry because in addition to its features, comfort
   finish give          and performance, it delivers the best overall value in the industry,” says Scott
  these craft a         Watkins, product manager of Yamaha’s WaterCraft group.
 modish look,
which will make
them the envy
 of the water.”

                          2010 Yamaha VX Deluxe                      VX Security Remote
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High Performance – FX Series (FX SHO, FX Cruiser SHO, FX HO, FX Cruiser HO)

Incredible performance, ultra-comfortable passenger seating and impressive storage facilities, make
the FX models the ultimate sports-touring and/or fishing watercraft in the market. All FX models
feature the industry’s largest displacement, high-output 1812cc, either normally aspirated, or in the
case of the FX SHO (2008 Watercraft of the Year) supercharged marine engine. The FX SHO has been
purposely designed with a supercharged high output engine in place to focus on delivering exceptional
performance but also features full-house, family leisure craft capabilities - giving you the best of both
worlds. The FX HO non-supercharged version still delivers comparable performance and speed whilst
featuring exceptional comfort and handling. These integrated features are particularly conducive to
family utility and the emerging “jet ski” fishing market. Together with the award-winning NanoXcel™
hull, decks and liners, these PWC’s are considerably lighter, stronger and faster than competitor
models in the same class. Several features including an Electronic Throttle control, Cruise Assist & No-
Wake Mode features as well as the Sports car-style dash panel and built in security system all
contribute to making the FX model the most illustrious craft on the water today and of all time.

     2010 Yamaha FX SHO                                     2010 Yamaha FZS

 Sport – FZ series (FZR, FZS)
 Boasting daring new colours, a quick glance of the new FZ’s will have your engines revving. Powered
 by a 1812cc supercharged 4-stroke DOHC engine, coupled with the increased performance derived
 from the lightweight NanoXcel hulls and decks, its no wonder that these beasts have left the
 competition in its wake in the global racing scene. The industry’s first 3-position telescoping steering
 column allows the driver to choose a riding style that best suits him in order to achieve optimum
 results. With edge-to-edge handling and unprecedented predictability, these watercrafts connect
 driver and machine like never before. The two-seater 2010 FZR is available in crimson red metallic
 and the three-seater FZS in velocity yellow.
 Race – SuperJet
 Created for the world’s leading pro racers and even right down to the novice racers, the legendary
 Yamaha SuperJet is designed for competition-winning performance. Powered by a high performance,
 2-cylinder, 701cc Yamaha 2-stroke engine, sporting Yamaha’s proud racing stripes, the 2010 Superjet
 will continue the winning legacy of its predecessors.

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Courageous Coast 2 Coast 4 CANSA expedition on the
cards, powered by Yamaha

                                             Left: Barry Lewin, Russel Symcox and Mark Addison about to do a training
                                             ride from Umkomaas to Port Edward and back, a distance of 225 kilometres

In mid-April this year, six intrepid adventurers on jet ski’s will travel over 2800km’s of coastline in 3
Southern African countries in order to increase awareness and raise funds for the Cancer Association of
South Africa (CANSA) as part of the Coast2Coast4CANSA (C2C4C) campaign. The expedition, which is
expected to last for up to four weeks, requires the pilots to be in peak physical and mental condition,
as they will be encountering extreme ocean conditions on almost every step of their epic journey.
The pilots, professional surfski paddler Barry Lewin (Umhlanga), ex-Protea cricketer Daryll Cullinan
(Gauteng), world renowned big wave surfer Jason Ribbink (Durban North), ex-Protea cricketer Lance
Klusener (Mount Edgecombe), marine conservationist Mark Addison (Widenham) and former Dolphins
cricketer Russel Symcox (Clansthal), will begin their journey on their Yamaha WaveRunners on the
Mozambique border on the 20 April in 2010. Over the next four weeks, man and machine will travel up
to 300km each day, with the aim of creating awareness, educating and raising funds for CANSA.
“CANSA plays an important ‘watchdog’ role for South Africans by acting proactively and educating the
public on protecting themselves against cancer and this inaugural event will help to spread the word
about making informed choices, such as safety in the sun, not using any tobacco products and
encouraging South Africans to eat five fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Up to 40% of cancers can
be prevented by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We are very excited to be joining the expedition in
the fight against cancer”, says Sue Janse van Rensburg, CANSA’s CEO.
The journey, which will begin on the East Coast border of Mozambique and end at the West Coast
border of Namibia, is “inherently dangerous, physically gruelling and challenging on every level” said
expedition leader and event organiser Russel Symcox. However, according to Symcox, a mission of this
magnitude is justifiable as “it will attract the necessary media attention which in turn will provide a
platform to raise funds and create awareness for cancer, its prevention, early detection and treatment
as well as encouraging all South Africans to pursue a healthy balanced lifestyle”.
The approximately 1511 nautical mile journey involves more than just the six-strong “core” jet ski
crew, as they will be accompanied by four support vehicles manned by support crew members, medical
and safety personnel, a television and media production crew, media liaisons and logistics co-
During the treacherous journey, the crew will stop over in the major South African cities of Durban,
East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, and make use of the opportunity to promote cancer
awareness. On these particular stop over days, media interviews with local radio stations and regional
or community newspapers will be facilitated through the media liaisons and, with the assistance of
CANSA, educational visits to schools, hospitals, clinics and special care facilities will also be organised,
all designed to promote awareness about cancer and draw attention to the objectives of the C2C4C
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With the entire journey being documented by cameramen and photographers, for both the land- and
sea-based expeditions, this provides an ideal opportunity to produce lasting memories and the video
footage will be produced into a broadcast quality package for television, downloadable video clips on
the website and a DVD which will generate further awareness and income for the campaign. The
photographs of the journey will also be featured on the campaigns official website and other online
social media sites.
For more information about sponsorship opportunities, to donate or simply just to track the progress
of the crew both in the build-up and throughout the C2C4C campaign, log on to the official website at
www.coast2coast4cansa.co.za or on the CANSA website www.cansa.org.za to get the latest updates,
news, pictures and videos.
About The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA)
CANSA’s purpose is to lead the fight against cancer in South Africa by offering a unique and integrated
service to the public and all people affected by cancer. As a leading role-player in cancer research,
the scientific findings and knowledge gained from our research are used to realign our health
programmes as well as focus our watchdog initiatives to the greater benefit of the public. CANSA has
more than 330 staff, 12 000 volunteers, 51 offices as well as 12 interim homes countrywide.
For more, please contact Lucy Balona, Head: Marketing and Communication at CANSA or email:
lbalona@cansa.org.za or call 011 616 7662 or toll-free 0800 22 66 22 www.cansa.org.za

The Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) was established some five years ago in order to provide the
best technical training and expertise on Yamaha products for Yamaha technicians around the world;
incredibly high standards of education and training being the cornerstone of the YTA strategy in
order to uphold the level of quality in servicing and repairing the range of Yamaha products that
Yamaha owners have come to expect.
Under the auspices of the YTA in Japan, Yamaha Distributors South Africa initiated the YTA in South
Africa three years ago, offering three, year long courses to Yamaha technicians from dealerships
around the country in the technical intricacies on the whole range of Yamaha products. Students
are required to attend regular lectures throughout the year, where both theoretical and practical
training is undertaken, guided by qualified instructors. At the end of the course a written
examination is instituted whereby students are required to achieve a minimum of 70% in order to
Three levels of qualification can be attained, with each level encompassing a full year of training. A
qualified first year technician is awarded a Bronze certificate for his efforts, whilst qualified second
and third year technicians are awarded Silver and Gold certificates respectively. The closing of the
2009 calendar year symbolised the successful completion of three full years of YTA training in South
Africa, and as a consequence has provided the first group of Gold Certificate awardees in selected
Yamaha dealers around the country. Too date YTA South Africa has awarded a total of 105 Bronze
certificates, 52 Silver certificates, and 18 Gold certificates to qualified students, bringing the total
175 highly qualified Yamaha technicians in Yamaha dealerships in Southern Africa.
At the recently held Johannesburg awards evening the following Yamaha technicians were honoured
for their efforts:
Linex Yamaha - Randburg
Wesley White     Bronze              Roger Stanley Silver          Ronnett Gafane         Bronze
Stuart Broadbent Gold                Lee Russon     Silver         Lindani Mtambo         Gold
 Marine Monthly                                                                                    Page 5

Shimwells Yamaha – Springs
Braham Botha         Gold           Zac Botha                  Gold
Johannesburg Yamaha – Edenvale
Jarrod Dobor         Bronze         Rhett Crock                Silver
Dean Henderson       Silver         Derick Robertson           Gold
Centurion Yamaha – Centurion
Ettienne Scholtz     Silver         Brendon Van Aswegen Silver
Wilrogate Yamaha – Roodepoort
                                                                            Yamaha Marine Dealer Awardees
Llewellyn Nickels    Silver         Adrian Nel                 Silver
Andre Nel            Gold
Rudamans bike & Marine – Nelspruit
Michael Kok          Bronze
Novel Yamaha – Windhoek
Tommy Gous           Bronze.

Separate awards evenings for Cape Town and Durban are planned to honour those qualified Yamaha
technicians from those regions.
Yamaha owners can now send their pride and joy in for service or repair at their Yamaha dealer confident
in the fact that the technician working on their bike is highly trained and capable of delivering the best
possible expertise and service available to them.                                        - Red Cherry Adv -

                                          In & Around
Yamaha’s Pro VMax Bass Fisherman, Morne
De Beer, has done well to soak up the
limelight in the bass angling elite circles
over the recent months. Seen here on the
December cover of the prestigious SA Bass
magazine, Morne is the respected voice
behind the magazine’s know-how angling
columns. Also featured here, is a picture of
him at the Cast-for-Cash Champion of
Champions Event at the Bronkhorstspruit
Dam last year, where he was placed 3rd
overall, even without his regular trusted
teammate, Mrs. De Beer.

                                                 Left: Yamaha
                                                 Marine Dealer
                                                 Arend Brink from
                                                 West Coast

                                                 Right: Robin
                                                 says why “Roe”
                                                 when you can
                                                 Jet Ski?
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Yamaha WaveRunner / Jet ski fishing workshops -
Eastern Cape
If all goes well, 2 scheduled dealer workshops on WaveRunner or
Jet ski fishing will take place in the Eastern Cape region at Kretz
Marine in Port Elizabeth on the 10th of Feb. and Leisure Marine in
East London on the 11th. All will be welcome including dealers,
customers as well as the media. Plans for these workshops have
been in the pipeline for some time now, as the public interest in
the area has been demanding. We’re hoping that all enthusiasts
will make full use of this opportunity and that a few more Yammies
will be on the water in the months to come.

                           Summer Sizzler update…
Important reminder: If you are a boat package sales person and in the race for the ultimate luxury ship
cruise, on board the MSC Sinfonia, fully sponsored by Yamaha Marine SA, you only have a few days left –
competition closes on the 15th of February 2010. Our records show no change from last month’s tallies
although there have been a few boat packages sold since. Make sure that if you have sold a qualifying
unit, you have submitted a points claim form or face the reality of bitter disappointment.

Positions so far: -
   1. Dudley Hardman – Anchor Boat Shop
   2. Richard Partridge – Brilliant Bass Boats
   3. Neil Hardman – Anchor Boat Shop
                                                Best of luck!

                           Technical Tip of the month
What to check on a 4-stroke engine?

Items to be checked on a four-stroke engine
The main items to be checked on a 4-stroke engine are the engine oil*, engine oil filter, timing belt
and valve clearance. Checking these items on a regular basis is the key to getting the optimum
performance from your engine. (Always turn off the engine before checking.)
For further information, refer to the owner’s manual supplied with your outboard.
Be careful not to splash anti-corrosion agent or oil on the timing belt. It will cause the timing belt to
slip and reduce its life.
*As a rough guide, oil must be replaced after 100 hours of use.
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                                                This ‘n That
                                               A man in a bar…
There's this little guy sitting inside a bar, just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half-an-hour.
Then, this big trouble-making truck driver steps next to him, takes the drink from the guy, and just drinks
it all down.
The poor man starts crying.
The truck driver says: "Come on man, I was just joking. Here, I'll buy you another drink. I just can't see a
man crying."
"No, it's not that. Today day is the worst of my life.
First, I overslept and was late to an important meeting. My boss, outrageous, fired me. When I left the
building to my car, I found out it was stolen. The police, they said they could do nothing. I got a cab to
return home, and after I paid the cab driver and the cab had gone, I found that I left my whole wallet in
the cab. I got home only to find my wife had left me. I left home and came to this bar.
And when I was thinking about putting an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison ..."

                                                                  TOP HEALTH TIPS FOR 2010 contd…
                                                                  The secret to living a healthy life starts with a
                                                                  healthy mind.

                                                                  5. Happiness is the least known health tip. It’s
                                                                  not that unhappy people will always live
                                                                  shorter lives. But when an individual has a
                                                                  happy life that is well balanced with family,
                                                                  love, a great career and interesting hobbies,
                                                                  they will live longer.

                                                                  6. My best advice: Restrict your calories. You
                                                                  can make up all the stories you want about
                                                                  different diets, but the only thing that truly
                                                                  counts is how many calories you eat a day.

                                                                  PASCAL GOLDSCHMIDT, MD
                                                                  Dean of University of Miami Miller School
                                                                  of Medicine

 7. Wellness is a verb. Think of health not as a target, but as a journey that has no end.

 8. Avoid smoking. That’s something we all know about and give lip service to, but it’s just truly devastating
 what smoking can do to people, and yet amazing what quitting smoking can do to people.

 Cardiologist and WebMD resident cardiology expert
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           Do not forget small
         kindnesses and do not
         remember small faults.
           Chinese Proverb

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