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									CSHP-AB Branch                                                                               Issue #1; Winter 2009

       CSHP-AB Newsletter                                             Issue #1; Winter 2009

           Communicating with Our Membership                                             Inside:
                                                                                 Call for Volunteers

                                                                                 Meet your new Council Members
                                                                                 Awards Committee Update
                                                                               Educational Opportunities

                                                                                 Technician Symposium
                                                                                 New CSHP Fellows                       4
                                                                                 AGM Highlights

                                                                                 Student Membership Drive
                                                                                 Student Mentorship Program             6
 Welcome to the Winter           educational events. If you                      Advocacy Update
 Edition of the CSHP-AB          have any suggestions for our                    External Liaison Update                7
 Branch Newsletter. In the       newsletter, please let me
 future, we hope to regularly    know!
 send out these newsletters to                                       “A dynamic Society… The influential voice for hospital
 inform you of CSHP              Tania Mysak                       pharmacy…Inspiring practice excellence… Fostering
                                                                   leadership and professional growth”
 activities and upcoming         Membership &
                                 Communications Chair

                                       Call for Volunteers!
 CSHP-AB Branch is always looking for volunteers        members and develop our communication strategies
for our various committees. Please fill out our         such as this newsletter and our website!
volunteer form at our website (
under News and Events) if you are interested!           Awards Committee (Chair: Erin Yakiwchuk) – Be
                                                        involved in honouring our deserving members!
Education Committee (Chair: Richard Cashin) - help
plan the educational events offered to our members.     Banff Committee (Chair: Rhonda Roedler) – Help
                                                        plan one of the highlights of the year – the Banff
Membership & Communications Committee (Chair:           Conference!
Tania Mysak) - help deliver our many benefits to our

                              Meet Your New Council: Part 1
Our recent AGM in October              maintaining the bylaws of the
brought some new faces to              branch, branch policies and
council; here’s a brief introduction   procedures, and liaising with the
for those of you who don’t know        Secretary, Treasurer, and Awards
us! Stay tuned to our spring           Committee Chairperson.
newsletter for Part 2…
                                       President Elect: Ian Creurer
President: Sherilyn Houle              This is my first year on Council with
Sherilyn currently works as a          CSHP-AB, and I’m looking forward
Home Care Pharmacist in                to learning the ropes as the
Edmonton. In this role, she            President-Elect, with responsibility
receives referrals to visit patients   for the External portfolio. I have      Stay tuned for the Spring
in their homes and resolve             lived in Red Deer since 1996, and       2009 Newsletter to meet
medication-related issues in           am (for now!) the Regional Director
collaboration with other health        for the David Thompson Health
                                                                                   the other Council
professionals. In her spare time       Region and, like everyone else, am              Members:
she enjoys watching movies,            waiting to see what the transition to         Tania Mysak
scrapbooking, traveling, and           Alberta Health Services will bring to        Sheri Koshman
playing the piano. She is currently    those of us practicing in hospital
the President of CSHP-AB,              settings.                                    Jennifer Cairns
holding the internal portfolio,                                                     Richard Cashin
which is responsible for                                                            Rhonda Roedler
                                       Continued on page 4

                                 Awards Committee Update
           The Awards Committee would like to            candidates for next year’s awards. Do you know
          send out heartfelt congratulations to our      someone who has given a substantial amount of
        2008 award winners!                              time to volunteering for CSHP-AB? Consider
                                                         recognizing their efforts by nominating them for the
          Practitioner Award – Michelle Foisy            $500 Meritorious Service Award. Or nominate that
          Meritorious Service Award – Larry              colleague who has made outstanding contributions
Legare                                                   to the profession for the $1000 Practitioner Award.
Hospital Pharmacy Residency Award, sponsored             If you are currently involved or enrolling in an
by Pfizer – Jennifer Cairns                              educational endeavor to further your practice (such
Future Professional Award, sponsored by                  as a PharmD degree, diabetes educator certificate,
McKesson – Rachel Lim                                    etc), consider applying for the $500 Professional
Professional Development Grant – Ian Hamilton            Development Grant to provide you with some
Recognition Program (Patient Safety) – Karen             financial support.
                                                         The theme for the 2009 Recognition Program is
We would also like to sincerely thank everyone           Enhancing Patient Care through Pharmacist
who took the time to nominate a colleague for an         Prescribing. Consider nominating a colleague who
award. It is an honor to be recognized by one’s          is incorporated the new legislation into their
peers, and the success of this program is thanks to      practice and is using it to improve patient!"#$%&!!
you!                                                     !
                                                         Please see the CSHP-AB website at
Now it’s time to start thinking of deserving             and click on Awards for further information.

                         Educational Opportunities

                                                      Plan to Attend Banff Seminar!!
                                                                       March 20-22, 2009

                                                                                   Register at:



                                                              For more information contact:

                                Rhonda Roedler:

                                       or Ann Thompson:

Keeping Current: New Articles of Interest to Hospital Pharmacists
Courtesy of the AB Branch Education Committee

Lindsay P, Bayley M, Hellings C, et al. Canadian best practice recommendations for stroke
care (updated 2008). CMAJ 2008;179(12 Suppl):S1-S25.

Ridker PM, et al. Rosuvastatin to prevent vascular events in men and women with elevated
C-reactive protein (JUPITER). N Engl J Med 2008; 359:2195-207

Jamerson K, et al. Benazepril plus amlodipine or hydrochlorothiazide for hypertension in
high-risk patients (ACCOMPLISH). N Engl J Med 2008; 359:2417-28.

Ogawa H, Nakayama M, Morimoto T, et al. Low-dose aspirin for primary prevention of
atherosclerotic events in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial. JAMA

Levin A, HemmelgarnB, Culleton B, et al. Guidelines for the management of chronic kidney
disease. CMAJ 2008;179(11):1154-62.

Mehta S, Burry L, Martinez-Motta JC, et al. A Randomized trial of daily awakening in
critically ill patients managed with a sedation protocol: a pilot trial. Crit Care Med

Technician Regulation            Meet Your New Council
Symposium                                                              Congrats to
                                                                        AB Fellows!
    On November 13, a            I completed my Pharmacy
    symposium was held at the    degree at the University of
    University of Alberta to     Saskatchewan in 1987, followed
    discuss the regulation of    by a hospital pharmacy
    pharmacy technicians and     residency at the Royal University
    the impact on pharmacist     Hospital in Saskatoon. I worked
    and technician scopes of     as a staff pharmacist in hospitals
    practice. Sherilyn Houle     in Saskatoon, Kelowna and Red
    attended the event on        Deer, and in Halifax in drug
    behalf of CSHP-AB.           information and also in the          The CSHP Fellows
    Presenting were Heidi        regional adverse drug reaction       Program recognizes the
    Schulz from the Pharmacy     reporting centre. I first moved      long-term, sustained
    Technician Society of        into a management role in 2000.      efforts of pharmacists
    Alberta, Dale Cooney from                                         in service to the
    the Alberta College of       Outside of work, I am an avid        Society, to patient care,
    Pharmacists, Robyn Burns     reader, am interested in             to education or
    who is a practicing          Canadian history and culture,
    pharmacy technician, and
                                                                      research, and to the
                                 and play soccer. I am married,
    Matt Tachuk who              with one son who is in his last
                                                                      profession. Three
    discussed the Pharmacy       year of high school.                 Alberta pharmacists
    Practice Models Initiative                                        were conferred Fellow
    on behalf of RxA. The        I look forward to working on         status with CSHP in
    evening was well attended    behalf of the members of CSHP-       2008:
    by pharmacy students,        AB over the next three years.
    technicians, and             !                                    Margaret Ackman
    pharmacists, and provided    Past President: Erin Cashin          Christine Hughes
    an excellent overview of     Erin’s current job is as a General   Nesé Yuksel
    the changes on the horizon   Medicine/Neurology
    for pharmacy technicians     pharmacist at Red Deer Regional
    as they move towards
                                                                      CSHP-AB would like
                                 Hospital Centre. This is her
    regulation.                                                       to congratulate these
                                 third year on council and her
                                 responsibility is the Vision
                                                                      pharmacists for their
                                 Portfolio, which includes student    accomplishments and
                                 initiatives, CSHP 2015 and           service to the
                                 strategic planning. Erin’s           profession. The new
                                 hobbies are watching hockey          2008 Fellows will be
                                 and football, reading, gardening,    officially recognized at
                                 and baking.                          the 2009 Professional
                                                                      Practice Conference on
                                 Awards Chairperson: Erin             Monday, February 2,
                                 Yakiwchuk                            2009.
                                 Erin is the chair of the CSHP-AB
                                 Awards Committee for the
                                 second year. She graduated

CSHP AB Branch AGM Highlights                          Meet Your New Council (Continued)

                                                       from the University of Saskatchewan in 2006 and
This year marked another year of continued
                                                       completed a Hospital Pharmacy Residency with
growth in attendance of our Annual General
                                                       Capital Health in 2007. She currently practices in
Meeting. Those of you that were able to attend
                                                       Internal Medicine at the University of Alberta
the sold out event in Calgary will agree that it
                                                       Hospital in Edmonton.
was an excellent opportunity to learn, network,
and recognize our peers. There were a total of 9.5
                                                       Secretary: Tamar Koleba
accredited continuing education units available
                                                       This is my first year on Council with CSHP-AB, in
that spanned a range of topics including:
                                                       the role of secretary.
diabetes, liability, a review of systematic reviews,
patient assessment, review of recent papers,
                                                       I completed my undergraduate Pharmacy degree at
interpreting laboratory tests for patients with
                                                       the University of Alberta in 2003, followed by a
infectious diseases and a review of practicing
                                                       hospital pharmacy residency with Capital Health in
Pharmacy in Zambia. Needless to say it was a
                                                       Edmonton and a PharmD degree at the University
busy weekend! A special thank you to all of our
                                                       of British Columbia. I have worked in both
speakers who took the time to share their
                                                       community and hospital pharmacy during my
expertise with us. The other highlight of the
                                                       relatively short time in practice. In 2007-2008, I
event was the announcement of our branch
                                                       worked as a volunteer pharmacist at Mukinge
awards for the year. Congratulations to all those
                                                       Hospital in Zambia, and I currently work with the
that won! Of course the event could not have
                                                       Northern Alberta HIV Program at the Royal
happened had it not been for our sponsors -
                                                       Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.
please see the list of sponsors included in this
newsletter. Finally I would like to thank the
                                                       I enjoy volunteering in the community, where I am
entire Education Committee for their hard work
                                                       currently on the board of HIV Edmonton and help
and dedication in organizing all of the details of
                                                       with swimming outtrips for Capital Care
the excellent conference. Next October we hope
                                                       Dickinsfield. I also enjoy running and reading for
that you will take advantage of the opportunity
                                                       my book club. I am hoping to improve my squash
to join us in Edmonton. If you would be
                                                       game in the next year.
interested in helping plan next year’s event or
other CSHP educational activities please join the
Education Committee by emailing Richard
                                                       Student Representative: Joseph Blais
Cashin at
                                                       Joseph is a third year pharmacy student at the
                                                       University of Alberta. He serves as the Alberta
Thank You to the following presenters at the           Pharmacy Students’ Association (APSA)
2008 AGM:                                              representative to CSHP Alberta Council. He has
                                                       worked in community pharmacy and most recently
Tracey Bailey                                          as a Summer Student for the Canadian Pharmacists
Duane Bates                                            Association. In his spare time he enjoys playing
Theresa Charrois                                       intramural sports and spending time with friends.
Bruce Dalton                                           This year, he hopes to encourage student
Dean Eurich                                            involvement in CSHP and to promote the society’s
Tamar Koleba                                           membership benefits to students.
Sheri Koshman
Adrienne Lindblad
Dejan Ozegovic
Lori Romonko-Slack
William Semchuk

CSHP-AB Branch                                                                      Issue #1; Winter 2009
                     School’s In! CSHP-AB Goes Back to Class
On September 22nd, 2008 CSHP-        students a chance to mingle with
AB council members hosted a          our presenters and ask them
student membership drive at the      questions regarding CSHP and
University of Alberta. Jason         practice in hospital pharmacy
Howorko, Sherilyn Houle, Sheri       and related health care settings.
Koshman and Erin Yakiwchuk           Over 80 students attended the
attended the event and               event and received unique
promoted benefits of CSHP            buttons promoting CSHP and a
membership and practice in           draw for eight gift certificates to
hospital pharmacy and related        the University of Alberta
health care settings. Ernest Law     Bookstore was held. Thank you
and Dean Baayens, two fourth         to all our presenters and a           DID YOU KNOW?
year students also spoke about       special thank you to Stan Dyjur,
their experiences in hospital        CSHP-AB University of Alberta
                                                                           CSHP-AB currently has 512
pharmacy over the summer.            Student Representative 2007-
                                                                           members, and 49 of those are
After the presentations, a           2008 for organizing the event.
                                                                           student members!
barbecue was held, giving

  CSHP-AB would like to take this opportunity
  to thank the following CSHP-AB members for
  volunteering for the CSHP-AB Student
  Mentorship Program in 2007 – 2008.

                 Margaret Ackman
                  Dario Alberton
                   Lauren Brown
                   Deon Druteika
                   Michelle Foisy
                  Margaret Gray
                      Jill Hall
                  Jason Howorko
                   Tamar Koleba
                 Christal Lacombe
                 Adrienne Lindblad
                     Diane Lee
                    Andrea Linn
                    Chris McRee
                    Tania Mysak
                    Geoff Norris
                   Scot Simpson
                  Ann Thompson
                     Mary Vilay

      Your participation in the first year of the
           program is very appreciated!

                     Thank You!
  Update on Liaison with External Organizations
ACP/CSHP Joint Meeting
                                                      demonstrate a change in practice and will
The first annual ACP/CSHP-AB Joint Executive
                                                      demonstrate value pharmacists can add at the first
Officer Meeting was held on 19 Sept 2008. CSHP
                                                      point of care. ACP is emphasizing that ‘delegated
information items presented included CSHP 2015,
                                                      prescribing’ is no longer allowed. For hospitals,
and the recently launched “Medication Safety
                                                      ACP asked the following questions. Are
Enhanced by Drug Distribution” advocacy
                                                      pharmacists listed as prescribers within institutions?
campaign. Information items presented by ACP
                                                      Are hospital pharmacists tracking patient outcomes
included a Pharmacy public awareness campaign
                                                      as a result of pharmacist interventions?
(by ACP jointly with RxA and the College of
Pharmacy of BC). Regarding pharmacist
                                                      Pharmacy Technician Society of Alberta (PTSA)
prescribing, ACP aspires to increase the number of
pharmacists with additional prescribing               Jason Howorko, last year’s Past President, attended
authorization. If 15-20% of pharmacists have          the first Annual General Meeting of this newly
additional prescribing authorization, this will       formed technician group.

                                    Update on Advocacy
                                                     admixtures in the Pharmacy using aseptic
                                                     technique and appropriate safety materials and
                                                     equipment is the best-practice for Canadian health-
                                                     care delivery. Technology, automation, and the
                                                     implementation of evidence-based, best-practice
                                                     medication distribution systems will contribute to
                                                     the safer provision of medications resulting in
Medication Safety Enhanced by Drug
                                                     increased patient safety. Enhancing dispensing
                                                     technology will further remove pharmacists from
Letters promoting this CSHP National                 the traditional dispensing role, allowing them to be
campaign have been sent to the Alberta Health        more readily available to work directly on patient
Services (AHS) CEO and to Regional                   care areas within multidisciplinary teams to ensure
Pharmacy Directors, and will be provided to          optimum medication management.
the recently appointed AHS Senior Vice
President, Pharmacy and Diagnostics.                 Pharmacist Role in Patient Safety – The Alberta
The message being shared is that CSHP has            Branch will be participating in an upcoming CSHP
launched an advocacy campaign to increase            National Advocacy campaign regarding the
the awareness of how medication distribution         importance of the pharmacist role in patient safety.
systems in hospitals enhance patient and             This advocacy campaign will be launched in early
medication safety. Only 38% of hospitals with        2009.
more than 100 beds have a unit-dose based
medication delivery system. Safe, accurate,          For additional information on these advocacy
well-designed and efficient drug distribution        campaigns, contact the Branch President-Elect
systems are critical to patient safety and           (External Portfolio) Ian Creurer at
patient care. Further, Accreditation Canada or the Advocacy Committee
Medication Standards support that                    Chairperson Mark Snaterse
compounding sterile medications and IV               (

    A Special Thank You To The Sponsors of the 2008 CSHP AB Branch AGM
                             Benefactor ( > $2000)

                             Patron ($1000-$1900)

                              Sponsor ($500-$999)

                             Supporter ($250-499)


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