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                 web professionals and web companies.

                 This guide was created to help connect those who can make online magic
                 happen with those who need it to happen for their business or individual

                 The guide is in a beta release, which is another way of saying that a far more
                 comprehensive version will be released shortly, as soon as all the information is
                 collated and edited. Basically, I am using this release to show you, and others,
                 of the potential of a guide like this.

                 To that end,
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                 Also, please note that a listing in this guide should not be considered a
                 recommendation of the individual or the company. As a web strategist, I have
                 worked with many of the people listed here, or know them personally, but
                 I cannot vouch for their work. Any suspect listings, or those who show an
                 obvious disregard for business ethics will be removed, but you are encouraged
                 to make your own investigations.

                 Thanks for reading,
                 Eve Dmochowska

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                     * Design, Page 5
                     * Development, Page 6
                     * Full House Agencies/Studios, Page 14
                     * Hosting, Page 15
                     * Marketing, Page 16
                     * Podcasts, Page 21
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Kerry-Anne Gilowey
             Company Name                    August Sun Projects

             Email                           kerryanne@augustsun.co.za

             Tel Number                      083 500 1230

             Website                         http://augustsun.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Cape Town

             Twitter Name                    @ kerry_anne

             My area of Expertise            I run August Sun Projects, one of the few South Afri-
                                             can copywriting agencies focusing almost exclusively
                                             on web content. As a content strategist and web
                                             copywriter, my job is to plan, structure and create ef-

                                             fective content that engages, informs and persuades
                                             your visitors.

                                             Services offered by August Sun Projects include:
                                             content strategy, copywriting for websites, blogging,
                                             updating social media channels, writing sales emails
                                             and autoresponders, creating email newsletters, gen-
                                             erating articles, editing or rewriting existing copy, and
                                             translating content from Afrikaans to English.

             My past work                    I have a broad range of experience in both print and
             projects                        web copywriting, as well as in translation and editing.
                                             I’ve written press releases, email and print newslet-
                                             ters, wine labels, web content, promotional mailers,
                                             brochure copy, festival programmes, radio ads and
                                             more, for a diverse group of clients that includes life
                                             insurers, medical service providers, hotels and guest-
                                             houses, and educational institutions.

                                             I’ve consulted on content strategy for a range of
                                             companies, including an innovative online job portal,
                                             a large life insurer, a medical aid, and a provider of
                                             outsourced consumer finance systems.

             Other Links                     http://capetowndailyphoto.com

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Tom Dickinson
             Company Name                    Unboxed Consulting
             Website                         www.unboxedconsulting.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Cape Town/ London

             My area of Expertise            I’ve worked on a variety of different digital and print
                                             based projects ranging from stationary for architec-
                                             ture firm Atlas Industries, to a blog and online retro-
                                             spective archive for broadsheet journalist Minette
                                             Marrin. I’ve also provided design consultancy to a
                                             number of clients leading to a complete redesign of
                                             their online branding, in particularly children’s cloth-
                                             ing manufacturer Osgood textiles. I’m currently work-
                                             ing on an automated grants application for multina-
                                             tional medical equipment provider Maquet.

             My past work                    London 2012 Olympic Games (LOCOG) - Sound and
             projects                        print installation for the launch ceremony of the Ol-
                                             ympics’ education initiative.

                                             BBC Television - Interactive motion graphics film, pro-
                                             jected onto the Royal Festival Hall, London

                                             Nike/Showstudio.com - “The Art of Football”. Design-
                                             ing concept and visuals for a graphic design compe-
                                             tition between The Chelsea College of Art & Design
                                             and Central Saint Martins.

                                             Alberto VO5/Euro RSCG - Working to concept and
                                             design VO5’s 3 international websites and associated
                                             marketing campaigns, including viral videogames
                                             and social networking strategies.
             A bit about how I               I’m a dedicated perfectionist with a true passion for
             work                            design and communication. My methodology and
                                             design practice is based in creativity, analysis and
                                             research, working to produce vital, relevant and clear
                                             communications for the clients I work with. I often
                                             think the best results in design are found through
                                             hard work and determination for quality and constant
                                             improvement, as well as a strong understanding of
                                             contemporary trends and changing visual cultures,
                                             both in society and design.

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Joey da Silva
              Company Name                    FormFunction Digital Consultants (Pty) Ltd

              Email                           joey@formfunction.co.za

              Tel Number                      +27 82 775 5066

              Website                         http://www.formfunction.co.za

              My Location (Town)              Cape Town

              Twitter Name                    @dasijoe

              My area of Expertise            •   Web & Mobile Application Development,
                                              •   Social Media (& other New Marketing) Applications,
                                              •   Innovation (Online Business & Web Technology)

                                              •   Knowledge, Content & Media (Digital Asset) Man-
                                                  agement Applications,
                                              •   Productivity & Workflow Applications,
                                              •   Strategic Communication (multimedia) Applica-
                                              •   eCommerce & mCommerce Enablement, and
                                              •   eBusiness Platform Development.

              My past work                    I’ve been working online since the mid-nineties. I’ve
              projects                        worked with many large corporates as well as .com
                                              styled start-ups. Please see my LinkedIn.com profile for

              A bit about how I               Open, honest, transparent and committed. I prefer to
              work                            under-promise and over-deliver. Often called in when
                                              projects are in crisis or when initial attempts have
                                              failed. I liked to break boundaries!

              Other Links                     http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile=&key=2

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Imel Rautenbach
             Company Name                    Office Reliance

             Email                            imel@officereliance.co.za

             Tel Number                      0448020400

             Website                         http://www.officereliance.co.za

             My Location (Town)              George

             Twitter Name                    imel

             My area of Expertise            Joomla sites, including technically complex integra-
                                             tions with other systems like CRM, billing, etc.

                                             Web application development using MySQL, PHP, etc.
                                             Remote monitoring and alerting applications, inte-
                                             grating into a wide variety of hardware and software
                                             Standard web and graphic design.

             My past work                    Large web based database application for SanParks.
             projects                        Various sites for the local municipalities.
                                             Call center systems integration into web based con-
                                             trol panels.
                                             Systems monitoring and alerting applications.

             A bit about how I               I prefer to work on technically complex systems, and
             work                            have a wide range of experience covering many oper-
                                             ating systems and applications.
                                             I have a team of graphic designers, programmers
                                             and other skilled people in my team so can handle
                                             projects from small to large.

             Other Links                     http://imel.co.za

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Sam Fourie
             Company Name                    Propono

             Email                           samfourie@gmail.com

             Tel Number                      0820973820

             Website                         http://propono.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Alberton - Gauteng

             Twitter Name
             My area of Expertise            I specialize in providing all round services for individ-
                                             uals as well as small and medium sized businesses by
                                             getting them on-line presence where they are able to
                                             maintain the websites themselves as well as update
                                             and change information as and when they please.

                                             My services includes the hosting, setup and design of
                                             the website.
                                             I use one of three types of content management web-
                                             site systems, making support and the upgrade-ability
                                             a transparent for the future.

             My past work                    My pride and joy is “Too Much Coffee” a blog which
             projects                        won two second places and a third, South African We-
                                             blog of the Year, Most Humorous South African Blog &
                                             Best SA Blog about Politics.
                                             Other past and current clients include “The Grill
                                             House” a restaurant in Rosebank, the “Global Wrapps”
                                             fast food franchise and the “Mexican Kitchen” in Cape

             A bit about how I               I offer a full service starting with registration or trans-
             work                            ferring the domain, setup, installation and the design
                                             of the template to suite the clients taste. The second
                                             stage is outsourced to a woman who creates a skel-
                                             eton layout using one of the three CMS systems on
                                             offer after which the website and all documentation
                                             and manuals is handed over to the client for use with
                                             user-name and password access. I do offer 24 hour
                                             telephonic support to all my clients.
             Other Links                     http://diedorpshuis.co.za/

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Danny Kopping
             Company Name                    Danny Kopping Consulting

             Email                            danny@dannykopping.co.za

             Tel Number                      0849414422

             Website                         http://www.dannykopping.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Sydenham, Johannesburg

             My area of Expertise            I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Flash CS3 Profes-
                                             sional, Flex 3 & AIR. My areas of expertise include
                                             Flash, Flex & AIR development with advanced integra-
                                             tion between the aforementioned and PHP, MySQL
                                             and Apache. I am a Flash Platform Consultant based
                                             in Johannesburg and I love what I do.

             My past work                    I have worked on several projects that involved ad-
             projects                        vanced integration between Flash and PHP & MySQL,
                                             which also required customization at every stage to
                                             fulfill the clients’ needs. I have a deep understanding
                                             of the Flash Platform (Flash, Flex & AIR) and this allows
                                             me to solve most problems presented to me.
                                             My most notable and complex project is Pixelock

             A bit about how I               I’m a young, passionate developer and I love what I
             work                            do (and I do it for about 16 hours a day!). I work from
                                             home, usually with Pink Floyd or 702 blaring in the
                                             background. I often help old colleagues and ac-
                                             quaintances with their Flash-related problems during
                                             the day. I love to teach and I often give comprehen-
                                             sive Flash training courses when they’re requested.
                                             I love Philosophy, Psychology, the study of Cognition,
                                             Visual Arts and music.

             Other Links                     http://www.ria-coder.com

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Lantz Mattinson
             Company Name                    AFROmedia

             Email                           afromedia@gmail.com

             Tel Number                      0836819281

             Website                         http://www.afromedia.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Johannesburg

             Twitter Name                    @ afromedia

             My area of Expertise            website building, wordpress and joomla are my
                                             strongest areas.

             My past work                    •   http://nickygreenwall.co.za/

                                                                                                           Page 10
             projects                        •   http://africanqueen.co.za/
                                             •   http://www.vuvuzelasouthafrica.co.za/
                                             •   http://hunting.afromedia.co.za/
                                             •   http://www.mongezimtati.co.za/

             A bit about how I               I am just crazy about building websites but what even
             work                            lights my fire more is the client being very involved in
                                             the process.

             Other Links                     http://www.google.com/profiles/afromedia

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Aubrey Kilian
             Company Name                    Blue Archer

             Email                           aubrey@bluearcher.co.za

             Tel Number                      +27-82-771-0711

             Website                         http://www.bluearcher.co.za/

             My Location (Town)              Cape Town

             Twitter Name                    @buge

             My area of Expertise            •   Web Development
                                             •   Custom PHP development
                                             •   Wordpress install, configuration, customisation
                                                 and plugin development

                                                                                                           Page 11
                                             •   Infrastructure monitoring and alerting
                                             •   Process automation
                                             •   System Administration
                                             •   Database design
                                             •   Certified MySQL database administrator
                                             •   Certified Zend PHP Engineer
                                             •   SMS-enable software, open-source and propri-

             My past work                     http://www.newworldwinemaker.com - Complete
             projects                        custom CMS
                                             http://www.edureach.co.za - Wordpress customisa-
                                             tion, converting HTML to Wordpress theme
                                             http://www.iol.co.za - Lead developer, backend work
                                             http://classifieds.iol.co.za - Part of systems architect
                                             team of site
                                             Several other IOL websites

             A bit about how I               Technophile, father, geek. Internet development is a
             work                            passion, providing solutions is the goal. I work by my-
                                             self doing small projects, I especially love Wordpress
                                             as it is extremely versatile, and its plugin architecture
                                             allows for an infinite amount of customisation op-
             Other Links                     http://www.dociletree.co.za/

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Charl Norman
             Company Name                    Blueworld Communitie

             Email                           charlnorman@gmail.com

             Tel Number                      0833517917

             Website                         http://www.bwcom.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Cape Town

             Twitter Name                    zoopedup

             My area of Expertise            Search marketing (search engine optimization, ppc
                                             campaign management), web design, layout design,
                                             webmaster, affiliate marketing, social media strategy,
                                             project management, public speaking, product man-

                                                                                                           Page 12
                                             agement, freelance journalism

             My past work                    Currently I head up operations and tech related stuff
             projects                        for Blueworld Communities (BWCOM), a company I
                                             founded with partners. BWCOM operates online com-
                                             munities in South Africa and was acquired by Me-
                                             dia24 in a land mark local internet deal early in 2008.
                                             BWCOM’s stable includes leading locally owned social
                                             network Blueworld and Zoopedup, a motoring en-
                                             thusiast network which boasts high user engagement
                                             metrics. BWCOM’s internet technology also powers
                                             internet properties within 24.com such as Speaker-

                                             I blog on my personal online presence and own a
                                             blog network including titles such as Carblog which
                                             is consistently ranked in the top 3 blogs in South
                                             African (stats) and a tech blog, BandwidthBlog, which
                                             was nominated for Best Technology Blog in the 2007
                                             and 2008 SA Blog Awards.

             Other Links                     http://www.charlnorman.com

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Tym Moore
             Company Name                    Unboxed Consulting

             Website                         www.unboxedconsulting.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Cape Town / London

             My area of Expertise            I have worked in IT for over 30 years and my overrid-
                                             ing passion is to help business get real benefit from
                                             IT investment and have experience in IT providing
                                             business solutions.
                                             The majority of my time has been in waterfall devel-
                                             opments but in the last 4 years I have worked exclu-
                                             sively in the Agile development world developing
                                             and delivering application solutions and deploying
                                             into production every 4 weeks.
                                             I have gained considerable experience in the entire

                                                                                                           Page 13
                                             Agile Development process including roles of Devel-
                                             opment Manager for a team of 32 paired developers,
                                             and also have worked on projects involving Business
                                             Process Design and Implementation, Change Man-
                                             agement, Programme and Project Management.

             My past work                    3 separate divisions of Sky IT needed to improve their
             projects                        production deployment cycle to ensure monthly pro-
                                             duction delivery. I achieved this through:
                                             • Introduction of an improved release management
                                                 processes, including design and documentation
                                                 of processes and procedures.
                                             • Improving communication between all parties
                                             • Upgrading the test environments and kit to sup-
                                                 port the release timescale and non functional test

             A bit about how I               I love to get the best out of people and having held
             work                            many management roles in the last 30 years I realised
                                             my success was entirely dependent on those I worked
                                             with. Treating everyone as an adult really helps as
                                             does trusting people to do the right thing and en-
                                             couraging people to let you know when there are
                                             problems. Coming across Agile was a real revelation
                                             to me as many of the behavioural beliefs I hold are
                                             embraced in Agile and allows for individuals to learn
                                             and improve.

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                                                                                        Full-House Agency / Studio

                            Company Name                    Unboxed Consulting

                            Contact Person                  Richard Stobart,

                            Website                         www.unboxedconsulting.co.za

                            My Location (Town)              Cape Town / London

                            Area of Expertise               We are a web development consultancy specialising
                                                            in Ruby on Rails and the latest Agile development
                                                            techniques. Both enable us to deliver real business
                                                            benefit early on in a project.
                                                            In addition to web applications, we also have the
                                                            expertise to develop iphone applications.
                                                            We offer Agile consulting and mentoring for Clients
                                                            who are seeking to become more Agile in their ap-
                                                            proach to I.T.

                                                                                                                       Page 1
                            Our past work,                  www.fwd.five.tv/gadget-show
                            projects and rewards            www.fwd.five.tv/fifth-gear
                                                            Social Networking: Tipped.co.uk www.tipped.co.uk
                                                            Retail: Osgood www.osgood-textiles.co.uk

                            How can we help                 Our team of technical experts develop complex
                            you?                            web applications for clients of all sizes. Our Agile
                                                            techniques ensure the ongoing delivery of software
                                                            throughout a project which means that projects
                                                            are delivered on time and within budget and in an
                                                            environment that is more motivating and inspiring
                                                            for our clients.
                                                            We can integrate online payment schemes, facebook
                                                            applications, google analytics tools, live content feeds
                                                            and list management. We also offer elaborate testing
                                                            facilities and managed support of our web applica-
                                                            If you would like to learn more about Agile, our team
                                                            also offer Agile mentoring and consulting.
P Ruby on Rails
PFacebook Apps              Our typical clients :           Our client base is broad, ranging from start up
P iPhone Apps                                               companies with ambitious plans for their web
PAgile Dev                                                  offering, through to large corporates with complex
PAnalytics                                                  web applications and digital agencies requiring
                                                            technical expertise.

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Hans Viljoen
             Company Name                    Innate Hosting

             Email                           hans@xnets.co.za

             Tel Number                      082 825 8249

             Website                         http://www.innatehosting.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Knysna,

             Twitter Name

             My area of Expertise            InnateHosting provides you with tailor-made hosting
                                             packages to suit your companies growing needs. We
                                             offer a full array of services, including Domain Name
                                             Registration, Email Setup, Database Management and

                                                                                                       Page 1
                                             lots more...

             My past work                    www.houseboats.co.za
             A bit about how I               Work from home.
             Other Links                     www.charismaministries.co.za

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                                                                                     Marketing and SEO

Vanessa Clark
             Company Name                    Twokats Communications

             Email                           vanessa.clark@twokats.com

             Tel Number                      082 335 1117

             Website                         http://www.twokats.com

             My Location (Town)              Cape Town

             Twitter Name                    @ vanclark

             My area of Expertise            Twokats Communications is a marketing consultancy
                                             offering a range of flexible marketing services. The
                                             company takes a common sense approach to market-

                                                                                                       Page 1
                                             ing, communications and branding – ensuring that at
                                             all times the strategy and tactics make good business
                                             Services include:
                                             • Brand strategy
                                             • Marketing strategy
                                             • PR
                                             • Copywriting
                                             • Content creation
                                             • Implementation

             My past work                    Past and current clients include Rennie Property,
             projects                        SparkPR, Jayz Internet Solutions, getclosure (with
                                             MANGO-OMC), DStv Online (with MANGO-OMC) and
                                             TEAMtalk Media (with MANGO-OMC).

             A bit about how I               A journalist by training, I have over 10 years experi-
             work                            ence in a variety of marketing roles spanning PR,
                                             communications, branding, social media and sales
                                             support. I love telling the story of interesting people
                                             and companies, and because I’ve spent the bulk of
                                             my career in the tech industry, I am adept at translat-
                                             ing techno-geek speak into something interesting
                                             and accessible.
             Other Links                     http://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessaclark

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                                                                                     Marketing and SEO

Melt du Plooy
             Company Name                    Virtuosa

             Email                           melt@virtuosa.co.za

             Tel Number                      +267 75218779

             Website                         http://www.virtuosa.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Gaborone, Botswana

             Twitter Name                    meltduplooy

             My area of Expertise            • Search Marketing
                                             • Search Engine Optimisation
                                             • Pay Per Click Marketing
                                             • WebPR

                                                                                                     Page 1
                                             • Social Media
                                             • Social Media Marketing
                                             • Web Design
                                             • Site usability
                                             • Analytics
             My past work                    Ongoing SEO, PPC and Social Media projects while at
             projects                        Virtuosa
                                             Previous company, Manta SEO Solutions

             A bit about how I               Extensive Search Engine Marketing experience in-
             work                            cluding SEO, PPC & WebPR.
                                             • Extensive Social Media Networking, Marketing and
                                             Optimization experience.
                                             • Excellent understanding of online marketing strate-
                                             • Extensive market research and competitor analysis
                                             • Good Web Development and Web Management
                                             • Good knowledge of writing, editing and regular
                                             updating of website copy.
             Other Links                     http://www.google.com/profiles/duplooymelt

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                                                                                     Marketing and SEO

Mangosuthu Malinga
             Company Name                    Virtuosa

             Email                           mangosuthu@virtuosa.co.za

             Tel Number                      0766559677

             Website                         http://www.virtuosa.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Johannesburg, South Africa

             Twitter Name                    @ mangofly

             My area of Expertise            Search Engine Optimisation

             My past work                    Worked at Quirk eMarketing - began with an intern-
             projects                        ship and then became part of the team as an eMar-

                                                                                                          Page 1
                                             keting Specialist.( 1 year). Projects worked on:
                                             South African Tourism - SEO
                                             FNB - BrandsEye (Online Reputation Management)
                                             Investec - BrandsEye
                                             Windsor Hotel - Social Media
                                             Currently at Virtuosa - as a Search Engine Marketing
                                             Specialist (past 8 months)
                                             :Holiday Inn Sandton
                                             Werksmans Incorporating
                                             Browns Jewellers

             A bit about how I               Commonly known as Mango, I am originally from
             work                            Zimbabwe. After three years in the UK, I returned to
                                             Cape Town to study at UCT. I started my career in the
                                             digital arena at Quirk eMarketing.

                                             I enjoy working on strategic projects and projects
                                             that include the analysis of website usability. When i
                                             am not at the office, I participate in social sports and I
                                             am very keen basketball and soccer fan.

             Other Links                     http://twitter.com/mangofly

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                                                                                      Marketing and SEO

Christopher Mills
              Company Name                    Freelance

              Email                           chris@imod.co.za

              Tel Number                      0826015488

              Website                         http://www.christophermills.co.za

              My Location (Town)              Cape Town

              Twitter Name                    @ChristopherM

              My area of Expertise            •   adsense optimization
                                              •   blogging
                                              •   php development
                                              •   search engine copywriting

                                                                                                     Page 1
                                              •   search engine marketing
                                              •   search engine optimization
                                              •   social networking
                                              •   web design
                                              •   website analysis
                                              •   web consulting

              My past work                    http://www.2oceansvibe.com/
              projects                        http://www.capestayblog.co.za/
              A bit about how I
              work                            I have an impressive track record in blogging, web
                                              design, development, and web optimization, not to
                                              mention experience in hardware, operating systems,
                                              programming and networking

              Other Links                     http://www.christophermills.co.za

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                                                                                     Marketing and SEO

Walter Pike
             Company Name                    PiKE

             Email                           walter@pike.co.za

             Tel Number                      27824447612

             Website                         http://walterpike.com

             My Location (Town)              Jozi

             Twitter Name                    @walterpike

             My area of Expertise            social media guide. Digital marketing education,
                                             public speaker.

             My past work                    I have been involved in marketing and advertising for

                                                                                                      Page 20
             projects                        more than 25 years and so have and understanding
                                             of classical marketing, I am the founder of the AAA
                                             Digital Marketing Academy and a thinker and strate-
                                             gist in internet and digital marketing.
                                             I deliver Key Words on the Internet Economy on clas-
                                             sic FM.
                                             My approach is to develop and execute integrated
                                             marketing strategy, often led by digital engagement.

             A bit about how I               I am a classical advertising man who gets digital mar-
             work                            keting and social media.

             Other Links                     www.pike.co.za


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Jayne Morgan
             Company Name                    Podcart

             Email                           jayne@podcart.co.za

             Tel Number                      27834507060

             Website                         http://www.podcart.co.za

             My Location (Town)              Cape Town/Grahamstown

             Twitter Name                    @jaynepod

             My area of Expertise            I specialise in the creation of quality audio content for
                                             the web. I help clients provide their customers with
                                             great information and entertainment designed to
                                             make people think ‘this is really great, thanks’. It could

                                                                                                          Page 21
                                             just be simply recording, editing and uploading a spe-
                                             cific speech or interview so that people have access
                                             to vital gen. Or it could be coming up with beguiling-
                                             ly relevant and entertaining ideas for a regular pod-
                                             cast that builds an audience, gives people something
                                             they love (and certainly won’t get on our mediocre
                                             radio stations) and puts that brand right in people’s
                                             ears for long periods of time. The idea is that we also
                                             give customers a chance to talk back and it turns into
                                             that glorious ‘markets are conversations’ thing we’re
                                             all over these days.

             My past work                    I am radio producer by trade (which is why I can be
             projects                        rude about South African radio). I worked for the BBC
                                             in London before coming to South Africa to work
                                             for SAfm and then 702. I went freelance in 2002 as a
                                             writer, producer and media trainer. I started Podcart
                                             in 2007 because I could see how much value there
                                             would be for companies in providing consumers with
                                             the kind of audio content I am passionate about mak-
                                             ing. Since then I have created good stuff for, amongst
                                             others, Old Mutual, Woolworths, UCT, Taj Hotels,
                                             Cape Town Routes Unlimited and Stellekaya Wines. I
                                             started and still produce the Mail & Guardian weekly
                                             podcast. I also train print journalists in the mysterious
                                             ways of getting good audio. You’ll loads of examples
                                             on the Podcart site.

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                                                                                                  Web Strategy

Irene Barnard
             Company Name
             Email                            irene.barnard@live.co.uk
             Tel Number
             My Location (Town)              George

             Twitter Name                    @1rene

             My area of Expertise            I’m a Content Strategist, specialising in Information
                                             Architecture and web editorial strategies, guidance
                                             and training.

                                             Strengths include:
                                             • Writing of web copy
                                             • User Experience recommendations
                                             • Project Management

                                                                                                            Page 22
                                             • Accessibility advice
                                             • Strategy Development
                                             • Corporate Identity guidance

             My past work                    Since finishing my studies in 2004, I have worked
             projects                        as a freelance Web Producer, a consultant Content
                                             Strategist, and spent 4 years working as a Project and
                                             Web Manager for the NHS (National Health Service)
                                             in Stockport and Manchester, England, where I was
                                             either involved in or ran various large online projects.

             A bit about how I               I have a degree in Socio-Informatics and an Honours
             work                            in English from the University of Stellenbosch, and
                                             am a certified PRINCE2 (Project Management) practi-
                                             I’m a bit of a structure-freak; I believe even blissful
                                             chaos has its own symmetry of sorts and so I like to
                                             work as creatively as possible, but always with some
                                             basic structure and format in mind.
                                             To illustrate: for me, CONTEXT + CREATIVITY + EVI-
                                             DENCE-BASED BEST PRACTICE = IDEAL FOUNDATION
                                             for a SOLID STRATEGY (no shouting intended :)
                                             I also do consultancy work on both a once-off or
                                             retainer basis.

             Other Links

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                                                                                                  Web Strategy

Alanagh Recreant
             Company Name                    Uthango Social Investments

             Email                           newmedia@uthango.org

             Tel Number
             Website                         http://uthango.org

             My Location (Town)              Cape Town

             Twitter Name                    @ metaMeerkat

             My area of Expertise            Assisting organisations, professionals, educational
                                             institutions and companies to develop a presence in
                                             virtual worlds such as Second Life - and integrate it
                                             seamlessly with other social media to increase advo-
                                             cacy and collaboration globally.

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             My past work                    Ambassador for Association of Virtual Worlds (AVW)
             projects                        for Africa
                                             metaAfrica (tm) project on Second Life working
                                             closely with various multinational companies and
                                             academic institutions
                                             Project Manager of award-winning local economic
                                             development project on micro-enterprise develop-
                                             ment (recognised by MIT and Harvard University)

             A bit about how I               Executive Director of Uthango Social Investments
             Other Links                     http://slafrica.wordpress.com

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