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Work Experience Information for Students


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									         Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning
                      Information for Students

What is Work Experience?
A work experience placement is a student’s short-term, unpaid participation in the workplace as a
learner and as an observer. This forms part of a student’s broad career development and is not
required to be linked to a specific course of study.

What is Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)?
SWL is the unpaid, workplace component of a nationally recognised industry specific Vocational
Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) programme. It provides supervised learning activities
which may contribute to the assessment of competence and achievement outcomes and
requirements of a particular training package.

Students and Work Experience
To make the most of this opportunity here are some points to remember:
 before your placement begins, find out details of start/finish times, special clothing and lunch
  break arrangements (adhere to these arrangements)
 show you are willing to observe and learn and do any tasks required
 make notes when given instructions
 ask questions or seek help/advice
 if you are unable to attend, notify the host organization, Work Experience Coordinator or SWL
  Coordinator as soon as possible
 maintain high standards of privacy/confidentiality
 observe all safety rules and inform your workplace supervisor of any accident or injury promptly
 complete your Work Experience Log Book (for Work Experience ONLY).

Aims & Objectives
This opportunity will help you to:
     foster their personal career development
     understand career and training pathways and the role of work in society role of work in
     relate school learning to life outside the school in an authentic learning environment
     assist the transition from school to future training and/or work
     gain industry standard competence related to your VET in schools course (this applies to
       SWL only).

Guidelines & Requirements
‘Experience Counts’ the ACT Department of Education and Training Guidelines and Requirements
on Work Experience in the Government schools and SWL Placements in both Government and
Non-Government schools have been designed to provide direction for participants in work
placement programs while maximising the educational benefits for students *15 years of age or
over (with written consent of a parent/guardian/carer).

* A young person under the age of 15 may participate provided the work experience program
complies with the ACT Children and Young People Act 2008.
     Timing and duration of placements - Work Experience and SWL placements usually occur on
     school days. Special consideration may be made for placements during school holidays and

     Work environment - Students should only be placed in work environments where adequate
     supervision is provided by host organisations to ensure effective learning and the safety and
     security of students.

     Hours and conditions - Attendance should be for the full working day rather than school hours
     and not be outside the working hours of 7 am – 7 pm, unless otherwise approved, as specified by
     an Act or Industrial Award.

     Payment - Students must not be paid.

     Job displacement - There should be no reduction in work or job opportunities available to paid
     employees or prospective employees as a result of work experience placements.

     Industrial dispute - If an industrial dispute occurs during the placement then the student will be
     withdrawn immediately.

     Approval - Before a Work Experience or SWL placement begins schools are required to arrange
     both Department and union approval through the ACT WEX Administrator (6205 9352) or the ACT
     SWL Administrator (6205 7960 or 6207 6344)

     Equal Opportunity - Work Experience and SWL broadens the career horizons of both boys and
     girls, and encourages the exploration of non-traditional occupations and assists disabled and
     disadvantaged students in their transition from school to work or further training.

     Transport – Students are expected to make their own transport arrangements.

     Insurance Arrangements
     Insurance Cover for ACT Government Schools - The ACT Department of Education and
     Training has indemnification insurance through the ACT Insurance Authority for approved Work
     Experience and SWL placement activities for ACT Government schools ONLY.

     For further information regarding these provisions contact either the ACT Work Placement
     Administrator on 6205 9352 or the Manager, Risk Management and Audit Section on 6205

     Insurance Cover for ACT Non- Government Schools – All ACT Non-Government Schools are
     responsible for organising their own insurance arrangements for any of their students who
     participate in Work Experience or SWL programs.

     ACT/NSW – interstate placements
     The Department’s Insurance arrangement only covers work placements in NSW and the ACT.
     No work placements may be undertaken in any other state/territories or outside Australia.

For Further Information Contact

ACT Structured Workplace Learning Administrator              ACT Work Experience Coordinator
Transitions, Careers & Vocational Learning                   Transitions, Careers & Vocational Learning
ACT Department of Education and Training                     ACT Department of Education and Training
PO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601                                PO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601
     (02) 6205 7960 or 6207 6344                              (02) 6205 9352
     Fax (02) 6207 2980                                       Fax (02) 6207 2980

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