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         WARD 02



Section                          Page
Executive Summary                3
Introduction                     4
Methodology                      4
LAP tools                        4
Historical Timeline              4
Asset Mapping                    6
Service provider: Venn Diagram   6
Community Needs                  5
Mbazwana                         5
Mtanenkosi                       7
Oqondweni                        9

Executive Summary

In terms of section 29 of the Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000, a municipality must
“through appropriate mechanisms, processes and procedures established in terms of
Chapter 4, allow for the local community to be consulted on its development needs and
priorities; and   the local community to participate in the drafting of the integrated
development plan;

Mhlabuyalingana local municipality engaged in the Local Area Planning (LAP) process
from the 1st to the 30th October 2008. The local area planning exercise is by nature one
of the IDP processes that is based on participatory planning principles. A key objective
of local area planning is to enhance the participation of communities in local
development processes, and the outcome that is being strived for is a deepening of
democracy at a local level.

The local area plan process was conducted using a variety of tools to facilitate maximum
participation of communities in ward 02 where the following subwards participated:


The Local Area Planning process was conducted in all five subwards on the 17th and 16
October 2008.

1. Introduction

This report is going to outline four main areas that were covered during the local Area
planning process. These areas include the historical background, community assets
identification, service provider’s analysis and priorities.
2. Methodology
The LAP process engaged into involved using some of the Participatory Rural Appraisal
(PRA) tools. These tools include the Historical Timeline, Venn Diagramm, Asset
Mapping and Prioritisation. Participants are put together in a group to discuss and write
up their ideas on the flip chart. Each group discusses a different subject using a different
tool and then present it to other groups for them to make their input.

3. 1. Historical Timeline:
This is useful in trying to create a picture of community trends and dynamics. It is also
useful to get a sense of what has worked and what has not worked over the years. Not
only do they help with exploring the relationship between poverty and events but they
also help in understanding the frequency of events and their impact (example natural
disasters as well as policy changes.

3.2. Venn Diagramm or stakeholder Analysis
A Venn diagram is also useful in assessing key stakeholders in the context of service
provision. It is a useful facilitation tool, and may be used in a workshop environment to
extract information required for the stakeholder analysis required above. In the case of a
stakeholder analysis occurring outside actual community work (e.g. at the IDT prior to
out engagement with key stakeholders on this Lap process) then it is not necessary to
utilize a Venn diagram. An examples of a facilitated process using a Venn diagram can
be found in the section under PRA tools.

3.3. Mapping

This tool is useful in situational analysis. It helps the community draw a map of its area,
and helps it identify the location of spatial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and

threats.   It also helps to locate the position of key physical infrastructure, areas of
environmental stress etc

3.4. Prioritization
Prioritisation helps the community to rank their outcomes in order of importance in
relation to limited resources. Voting is done by an individual by ticking of his or her own

4. Project shortcomings
LAP is an intense participatory process which is taxing in terms of time and need at least
two days meeting before a plan is completed. Due to The final stage which has been
omitted is the strategy development which was going to give an indication in terms of
vision, goals, objectives and specific projects. However, the information gathered during
the LAP is enough to provide one with a status qou of the areas for situational analysis
and priority needs of the people.

5. Situational Analysis

         5.1. Mbazwana

5.1.1. Historical Timeline

Year       Events            Impact                        Implication and solutions
1984-6     Floods               Lost of stock          The previous did nothing, but
                                Flooding of swamp neighbours assisted each other
                                areas                  to rebuild houses,
                                Houses destroyed
                                New dams develop
                                Spread     of  malaria
                                which led to malaria
                                deaths and cholera

1990       Hurricane                  Schools, houses      Government           provided
                                      and      churches    containers for schools, some
                                      were destroyed       schools are still teaching in
                                      Water tanks were     containers
                                      flown away
2006-8     Wild Fires                 Houses burned        Local government provided
                                      People died          food parcels, burial assistance
                                      Businesses were      and building material;
                                      also affected        Business people also provided
                                      AN     plantations   food
                                      were destroyed

1983      First   school Pupils stop learning under More        children    attended
          build     with the trees                  schooling and the Community
          wood                                      came together and put in
                                                    money to buy building blocks
                                                    for better learning environment
Sources of the formate: LAP (CBP)

5.1.2 Asset Mapping

   Manzibomvu High School
   Mpiyake School
   Moses High School
   Mbazwana Primary
   Police Station (too far from the community )

Natural Reosurces
         Mbazwana River
         Sodwana bay
         Stores and Tarvens
Projects and Infrastructure
         Milling (not functional )
         Taxi Rank

5.1.3   Stakeholder ANALYSIS

Satisfactory service                              Justification
         Primary School
         Masibumbane Project
         Education Centre
         Less satisfactory
         South African Police Services Water      SAPS : not available in the community
         Clinic                                   Water: pipes installed but water not
         Pension payouts                          coming out
         Thusong centre                           Clinic: Closes on weekends
         Thandokuhle Market                       Thandokuhle: not attracting the visitors
         Home Affairs                             Home Affairs: (not enough shelter for
         Councilors & municipality                pensioners, old people wait in the sun
                                                  and rain)

            Transport                            not reliable
            Mbazwana        Taxi     association
            Chemise (does not have all the
            medication and closes early)

Dissatisfactory service
         Impiyakhe high School                             (bad matric results)
         Moses High School                                 (bad matrict results)
         Plantation                                        (no longer helping        the

5.4.    Community Needs
Priority needs                                Votes
1. Community Hall                             44
2. Playground
3. SAPS                                       22
4. Banks                                      14
5. Imigwaqo                                   13
6. Community library                          8
7. Internal roads                             4
9. Creche                                     2
10. Extension of the clinic                   2
11. Toilets
14. public toilets in town

5.2. Mtanenkosi

5.2.1. Historical timeline

Year       Events             Impact                     Implication and solutions
1978       Force removal         Lost of land and No solution , people still want
           of people from        heritage               their land back,
           their                 School children were
           forefathers           affected,    schooling
           land                  stopped

1990      Hurricane                   Schools, houses Government              provided
                                      and    churches containers for schools,
                                      were destroyed

2006-8    Drought                  Death          of Hunger
1983     Cattle           Death of cattle and people No solution
         deseases         were affected
Sources of the formate: LAP

5.2.2 Asset Mapping

           Bhukwane School
           2 Borehole (not functioning)
           Oqondweni Clinic
           Hlulabantu School
           Manzibomvu Primary
           Engwenyeni Primary
           Siyabonga Store

5.2.3. Stakeholder analysis

Satisfactory service                      Justifications
   Siyabonga Store
2. Less satisfactory service

                                                   Municipality does not provide
          Home affairs                             support with water,
          Roads                                    Not profiting for people
          Department of Education
3. Dissatisfactory service
          SAPS                                     Police do not respond in time
          ESKOM                                    when called
          Social Development                       No electrity

5.2.4 Community needs

Priority needs                               Votes
1. Electricity                               33
2. Houses                                    18
3. Water                                     14
4. Hall asinayo                              14
5. Imigwaqo                                  13
6. Project                                   8
7. Internal roads                            4
9. Creche                                    2
10. Clinic                                   2
11. Toilets
14. public toilets in town
15. Support farmers
16.Shelters for pensioners
17. Sportfield

OQondweni area was visited on the 22 October 2008 .It is situated under INkosi N. J .
Nxumalo , induna M.J. Nxumalo . It was named against the tree called uQondo . This
tree was an important one to this community . The first school was started by the Dutch
Reformed Church . the kids who were Sunday School became the first grade in the new
school . The school is also called oQondweni .

The tragic event was the eviction of people from their area by the Government with the
promise that they will be compensated only to find that up to now there is no
compensation. The eviction took place in 1979.

YEAR                   INCIDENT               IMPACT               SOLUTION
2000                   Cholera                                     Department of health
                                             Community             intervened .
                                             members got sick
                                             and some died .
2000                   Out     break      of Sickness    and NGO`s             and
                       HIV/AIDS              death of loved Department           of
                                             ones             Health    intervened
                                                              through awareness
                                                              and treatment .

1998                   Storm                 Buildings    were     No solution
                                             destroyed      and
                                             some       people
                                             were injured .
1995                   Malaria Fever         Out break of the      Health Department
                                             serious      fever    intervened .
                                             which          cost
                                             people to be sick
                                             and some died
2004                   There was a young People get sick           No solution even
                       man who broke to and some died .            SAPS did nothing
                       people’s home at                            even after the case
                       night and kill people                       has been reported to
                       for no reason                               them several times

Satisfactory service                     Justifications
         Municipality                              Provides food parcel to the
         Department of Agriculture                 needy people and kids
         Department     of      Social             Provide health service in the
         Development                               community.
                                                   Municipality is doing good to
                                                   this   community.      Provides
                                                   feedback and information.
2. Less satisfactory service

                                                   It is doing a great job to the
                                                   learners but they must improve

                                                  salaries for the teachers .
3. Dissatisfactory service
          SAPS                                    It is ill treating the community
          KZN Wild life                           and does not care about their
                                                  Home Affairs is providing bad
                                                  service to the community. ID
                                                  documents and birth certificates
                                                  takes years to come back to the
                                                  Home Affairs : their computers
                                                  are always down.


This isigodi is situated between Hluhluwe and Mbazwane .There is a big community hall
which is situated next to Oqondweni Clinic.

         Hlulabantu primary School ,
         Oqondweni primary School ,
         Bhukwana School .
         Mozi River and Nhlangano Bridge

                   1. Water and sanitation
                   2. Compensation for the removal of people from their area as a
                       result of inception of the Game reserve
                   3. Housing
                   4. LED project
                   5. market
                   6. Electricity
                   7. Supermarkets
                   8. Aerial for cellular
                   9. Co-operatives
                   10. Access roads

               11. Job opportunities
             12. Increment in Zibambele project

     In most izigodi visited there is an outcry of the poor service rendered by
     Home Affairs. Theirs computers are always having a problem of network or
     not working at all. The applications for various documents like Home Affairs
     always takes time like ID documents an applicant waits about 1 to 2 years
     before receiving it .
     There is also a lot of victimization of applicants by this office. People are
     shouted and despised by the Home Affairs officials .

     There are cases of bribery and fraud that are reported by the community
     members. They report that in order for your application to be fast you need to
     pay something to the officials.

     The Municipality need to intervene in this problem as Home Affairs resides in
     the MPCC managed and assisted by the Muncipality .

     There has been a serious out cry especially from OQondweni, Mtanenkosi
     and Vimbukhalo . They were evicted in their areas by the government due to
     the inception of the Game Reserve and the Wetlands .The community
     members were promised that they will be compensated but up to now there is
     no compensation given to them. Some left their areas in 1979 / 1976.

     The areas they were taken to is so barren. The soil is sandy in such a way
     that it is difficult to cultivate the soil and yield good harvest. The community
     feels that this issue needs to be taken up in fact they are sick and tired of any
     official to come ask them about their needs, even this LAP process made
     them to be very angry.


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