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									         “JEREMIAH, WHAT DO YOU SEE”?
                Prophetic Words from Abba
Jeremiah 1:11-19: ―And the Word of Yahuweh came to me saying: `Jeremiah,
what do you see?’ And I said, `I see the branch of an almond tree’. And
Yahuweh said to me, `You have seen well, for I am watching over My Word to
perform it’. And the Word of Yahuweh came to me a second time saying, `What
do you see?’ And I said, `I see a boiling pot and it is facing away from the
north’. And Yahuweh said to me `Out of the north evil is set loose on all the
inhabitants of the land’‖. This prophecy goes on to show us the typical two levels
of prophecy: This was fulfilled in the attack on Jerusalem by King
Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BCE, but it is also a prophecy that will be fulfilled most
likely in under two years from today.
The almond tree is the first to put out leaves and produce ―fruit‖ in the land of
Israel—it is called ―the harbinger of spring‖. He tells Jeremiah that, like the
almond tree, His Word will be fulfilled first and foremost.
Called ―the weeping prophet‖, Jeremiah saw clearly, and because he was faithful
to obey Yahuweh, he was given the secrets of Yahuweh to proclaim to His
Yahuweh showed Ezekiel the reason for why He had to judge the nation and
destroy the Temple: Ezekiel 8:5-6, 12. He gave His secrets to Daniel: Daniel
2:17-22, 29-30. He showed Zechariah the times of the end, and the two
witnesses of Revelation 11. (Zechariah 4:2)
He speaks to those who will listen. He shows His secrets to those who will see.
He is close and intimate with those who live in His Presence. He shows the few
what He cannot show the many. (Matthew 13:10-16; 17:1)
Today He is showing the few what He is doing, and is about to do--what the
enemy is doing, and is about to do. He is very vocal, very close, and very
intimate in His desire to communicate to those who put Him as their priority.
Some are having dreams and visions, which are always a precursor to times of
His judgment, for He does nothing ―in a corner‖ or ―under the table‖ – He is very
open with those whom He can trust to hear and to see.
I see all too clearly. I live with what I see--knowing His heart is breaking for
what He sees! What is so difficult is that I have to keep much of what I see to
myself, until I am with those who also see, and then we can share and rejoice.
It is difficult to see what He sees and not be able to get others to see it. I know
some of you understand. But, then, I have to remember Isaiah 6:8-13, which
I wrote about in ―The Stump‖. He is faithful to warn those who have wisdom to
see, and to share His secrets with those who have understanding (Daniel 2:21).
The prophets are raised up before imminent judgment, as watchmen, as
gatekeepers, as mouthpieces for Yahuweh’s Word. But, across board, the true
prophets are mocked and loathed, and their message is not received except for a

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very few. (Refer to ―The Message of the True Prophet‖) The false prophets have
millions who love to hear them, for they proclaim words that comfort man in his
sin. Thus the true prophet lives with a broken heart. His job is to give the word
of Yahuweh, whether anyone listens or not. (Ezekiel 3:7-11; 33:30-33) To
see the fate of those who refuse to listen, like those who mocked Noah’s building
of the ark, brings great grief. All too many have a critical spirit, a judgmental
spirit, a self-righteous spirit. They see a little and they play ―prophet‖ in their
consternation, condemnation, and proclamations of judgment. But, their heart is
not the broken heart of Abba Yahuweh.
Abba is all who are seeing and hearing what is about to come—what is to come
from the enemy, and what is to come from Him. It is a lonely walk when so few
see and so few hear. I get e-mails from quite a few with a broken heart over
this. Lutheran Sister Basilea Schlink, in her 1974 book Patmos, shared what He
showed her regarding the ―Bridal souls‖ – the Bridal remnant -- who will be alive
and remain when He comes. She said that theirs will the hardest life of all,
because they will live to see the judgment of their Beloved on His people and
they know His heart is breaking, but they can do nothing about it except stand
with Him in love. They have entered into the ―fellowship of His sufferings‖, and
so suffer with Him.
Abba Yahuweh has to do what He has to do – and if His people are playing
party-time, there is nothing He can do but destroy them with the wicked.
(Ezekiel 21:3-7 as an example)

What do I see?
I see the fulfillment of Scripture by those calling themselves His
people, but who follow the lies and deceptions of Lucifer. Not only will
their rebellion against Yahuweh cost them their physical lives, but it
will cost them their eternal lives, for they mock truth, rejecting truth,
and proudly refusing to listen to truth and act on it. They follow man,
and so with the ones they follow, they will die.

Jeremiah 5:27-28, 31: "As a cage is filled with birds, so their houses are
filled with deceit. Therefore they have become great and grown rich. They
have become fat, and they are sleek. They also overlook the deeds of the wrong.
...The prophets have prophesied falsely, and the priests rule by their
own hand, and MY PEOPLE HAVE LOVED TO HAVE IT SO. And what are
you going to do at the end of it?

II Timothy 4:3-4: "For there shall come a time when they shall not bear
sound teaching, but according to their own desires they shall heap up for
themselves teachers tickling the ear, and they shall indeed turn their
ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to myths". THIS IS NOW!

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II Thessalonians 2:9-12: ―The coming of the Torahless one is according to
the workings of Satan, with all power and signs and wonders of falsehood, and
with all deceit of unrighteousness in those perishing, because they did not
receive the love of the truth in order for them to be saved (delivered,
rescued). And for this reason Elohim sends them a strong working of
delusion for them to believe the falsehood, in order for them to be judged
who did not believe the truth…‖
Yes, this is referring to all who never put trust/faith in Messiah Yahushua’s death
and resurrection for their salvation, but it is also speaking to those who say they
are ―believers‖, but who have only a belief system with no true new birth (Refer
to the article ―The True New Birth‖—for the forty things that Yahuweh’s Spirit
does in a person to make them a new creation with the nature and mind of
Messiah, and to ―The Message of the True Prophet‖, to learn to distinguish
between the real prophets of Yahuweh and the false prophets of Christianity and
the Messianic Movement)

What do I see?
I see Yahuweh‘s people at King Belshazzar‘s party, drinking wine from
the golden bowls from His Temple. I see the right hand of Yahuweh
(Yahushua) coming with judgment--writing on the walls of the church,
the synagogues, the congregations, and all the lofty assemblies of
man: ‗MENE, MENE, TEQEL UPHARSIN‖. (Daniel 5)

These are the words spoken to King Belshazzar of Babylon, and these are the
words spoken to all those who are partying with the king of end-time Babylon:
―MENE, MENE‖: ―Elah has numbered your reign and put an end to it‖. (Double
―TEQEL‖: ―You have been weighted in the scales and found lacking‖.
PERES: (Upharsin): ―Your reign has been divided and given to the Medes and
the Persians‖ (Southern Russia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and Iran).

That very night, Cyrus the Mede diverted the water system under the city of
Babylon and his army came in undetected. Daniel 5:30: ―In that night
Belshazzar, sovereign of the Chaldeans was slain‖.
While the everyone slept comfortably in bed, the empire of Babylon fell, and
the empire of the Medes took over. No one died in the fall of ancient
Babylon! Yahuweh told no one to flee out of ancient Babylon! Yet the mocking
fools of end-time Babylon, without Word-study or research into history, without
prayer, without knowing the mind of Yahuweh, declare arrogantly and with
pride: ―America is not Babylon‖. Babylon was a safe-haven for His people even
in their captivity, just as the world of the West has been for the House of Israel
and the House of Judah in our captivity. But, because few want the responsibility

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of obeying Yahuweh past their comfort zone, few are listening. Yet, His Word is
adamant regarding end-time Babylon/America: ―Flee for your lives‖. He says in
our day that He will, once again, call for the Medes. But this time, to destroy
end-time Babylon to the ground without one inhabitant remaining. (Jeremiah
50 and 51; Isaiah 13, 14, 18, 47; Revelation 18).

Isaiah 13:17 (Read the whole chapter and see the context): ―Behold I will stir
up the Medes against them, which shall not regard silver, and as for gold, they
shall not delight in it. Their bows shall dash the young men to pieces, they shall
have no compassion on the fruit of the womb--their eye will spare no children.
And Babel, the splendor of kingdoms, the comeliness of the Chaldean’s pride,
shall be as when Elohim overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. She shall never be
Jeremiah 50:40, 51:28-29: ―`As Elohim overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah’
…declares Yahuweh, `so no one would dwell there’…`Separate the nations
against her with the kings of the Medes…so that the land shakes and withers in
pain’. For every plan of Yahuweh shall be established against Babel, to make the
land of Babel a ruin, without inhabitant‖.
This is not talking in context of ancient Babylon. Isaiah 13 is now! Jeremiah
50 and 51 is now—speaking to a nation post 1948, the superpower of the
world—―the hammer of the whole earth‖. If you’ve done your homework in the
Word and in honest research to find truth, then you know--the countries of the
ancient Medes are on all of America’s borders, and also in power on the inside!

Isaiah 13: 6-8, 13: ―Howl, for the day of Yahuweh is near! It comes as
destruction from the Almighty. Therefore all hands go limp—every man’s heart
melts, and they shall be afraid. Pangs and sorrows take hold of them, they are in
pain as a woman in labor, they are amazed at one another—their faces
aflame! … So I make the heavens tremble and the earth shall shake from her
place in the wrath of Yahuweh of hosts and in the day of the heat of His
In Isaiah 13:6 the word for ―destruction‖ is ―Abaddon‖ – (Greek:
Apollyon). This is the Beast that rises from the pit in Revelation 9:11 –
the same one who takes the throne in Jerusalem in II Thessalonians
2:3 --the same one of Revelation 17:8.
My friends, the ―Medes‖—mostly Muslim nations--southern Russia, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, parts of Turkey and Syria, Iraq, and Persians (Iran)--are not only sitting
on all of America’s borders, but are inside America and in high positions of power
within the government.
Ancient Babylon was overtaken with no one killed. End-time Babylon will be

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utterly destroyed with no inhabitant left alive! ―Their faces aflame‖ describes
nuclear holocaust. Many have seen this in visions and dreams.
In fact, Abba faithfully has given truth to many for a hundred and fifty years or
more—who have seen the destruction of America, and yet the mockers are
saying ―nothing will happen to us‖.

What do I see?
I see a nation, and a world, of mockers, scorners, unbelievers, who are
fearful, lazy, and pride-filled, that will die horrible deaths in the next
years, just like those who mocked Noah.

I see Christians, Messianics, and Jews, along with seculars, fulfilling II Peter
3:3-5a: ―…knowing this first: that mockers shall come in the last days
with mocking, walking according to their own lusts, saying, `Where is the
promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all continues as from the
beginning of creation’. For they choose to have this hidden from them…‖
Then Peter goes on to describe the coming of Yahushua in the 7-thousandth
millennium, and the coming of Yahuweh in the 8-thousandth millennium.
Soon the golden bowls will turn to the bowls of wrath – and He will say to all
those living it up in end-time Babylon – ―Mene, mene, teqel, upharsin.‖
Messiah warns in Luke 21:34: ―And take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be
weighed down by gluttony (self-centered indulgence) and drunkenness (no self
discipline, no restraint, living for the feelings of the moment), and the worries of
this life (focusing on earthly things, while ignoring the Spirit of Yahuweh), and
that day come upon you SUDDENLY‖. (Italics mine for application)

What do I see?
I see His people dancing around the golden calf, naked and
unashamed, following leaders making golden calves, and saying:
―Tomorrow is a festival to Yahuweh‖.

Exodus 32:2-5, 35: ―`…Take off the golden earrings…and bring them to me’.
And all the people took off the golden earrings…and brought them to Aaron. And
he took this from their hand and he formed it with an engraving tool, and made
a molded calf. And they said: `This is your god (mighty one) of Israel, that
brought you out of the land of Egypt!’ And Aaron saw and built an altar before it.
And Aaron called out and said, `TOMORROW is a festival to Yahuweh’ …
And Yahuweh plagued the people because they made the calf, which Aaron

I see religious leaders, not only condoning their people‘s lifestyle of
unrestrained lusts of the flesh--calling for no repentance, no

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transformation by the Spirit, no walking in selflessness as a servant of Elohim,
teaching no discipleship, and no responsibility to Yahuweh’s Covenant—but
actually promoting what is an abomination to Yahuweh in their own
churches and assemblies.
―Woe to the shepherds destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture…‖
(Jeremiah 23:1)

I see people following what appeals to their flesh--their mind and
emotions, and bodily desires--with no thought as to what Yahuweh
thinks. I see the dramatic rise of the ―I am god‖ arrogance and
haughtiness. I see the Harry Potter mentality among His people—the
Jezebel spirits, rebellion, and witchcraft.
I see and hear the ―Nothing‘s going to happen to me‖ thinking that is
causing mocking against the warnings of Yahuweh’s prophets and watchmen. I
see and hear, and I am deeply grieved--but so is He.
The House of Israel followed Jeroboam without thought—when he set up a new
priesthood, new days for festivals, told the people they did not have to go to
Jerusalem anymore for festivals, and set up two golden calves for the people to
worship—one in Dan, one in Beit El. (I Kings 12)
The Hellenized Jews and Greeks, and other pagans, followed the new
Egyptian/Greek religion of Christianity, and later followed the Roman/Persian
variety without thought. After all, both offered a feel-good religion without
responsibility to Yahuweh’s Torah, without any demands on their time, and
without any interference with their lifestyle. They could keep on believing as they
chose, live the pagan lifestyle, and go to the Elysian Fields (heaven).

What do I see? HALLELLUYAH!!!
I see a tiny remnant of restrainers following the Lamb wherever He
goes--with faithful obedience, with joy and peace, wisdom and
knowledge of His Word, His ways, His nature, and His thinking. I see
those born of His Spirit who are acting on what He has said, and He is
leading them with miracles. I see those loving each other, helping each
other, caring, and sharing His goodness. I see the tiny remnant that
He will preserve alive at His coming—and take to be with Himself in His
City forever. I see a tiny, but powerful Gideon‘s 300, who walk in
humility, contriteness, with a servant‘s heart, with no hidden agendas
of self exaltation or gratification.

Messiah did not say that we would know His sheep by their words, or by outward
religious actions, but by their humility, their love, their kindness and gentleness,
by their selflessness in serving others for the sake of the Master. It is by their
―fruit‖ that we will know them. The ―fruit‖ of the re-born spirit is found listed in

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part, in Galatians 5:22-24. The true remnant has died to ―self‖ and only lives
for Him. These do NOT complain, gripe, whine or balk – they do not act like
three-year olds – they are mature, disciplined, grown up, tested, tried, and fully
responsible to their King.
I am so tired of the complaints, the fearful, the whiners, the babies who refuse
to grow up, and the prideful who think of themselves as big-stuff, but who are
silly children. I write to the mature – and give the mature information to pass on
to others who are becoming mature. I do not give ―the milk of the Word‖. I long
to see mature people that don’t gossip, don’t slander, don’t character
assassinate, are not into jealousy and competition, who don’t talk behind other’s
backs--but who walk like the Master Yahushua.

If you are born of the Spirit and walk in the new creation-nature of Messiah
Yahushua, guarding the Covenant of Yahuweh, living in His Presence with purity
and set-apartness, there is no reason why you can’t hear Him. There are forty
ways that He speaks to His people. (Refer to the article: ―The Forty Ways Elohim
Speaks to His People‖) Why should you be an outsider with the coming King?
He is no respecter of persons. Just know that submitting to Him will cost you
everything! For ―unless you forsake all, you can’t be My disciple‖ (Luke 14:33).
Between Luke 14:25 and 14: 33, there is a passage calling for you to carefully
and honestly evaluate whether you can finish your course, or not.
Mediate on this…
What do you see? What is He showing you? What are you hearing FROM HIM?

Walk in His love, walk in His peace,
February 2, 2010

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