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									                                                                               a motivational workshop for
robinbanksandassociates                                                        the south african workplace

                                                                               victim                                                               victim

                                                                               to victor                                                            to victor
Robin Banks is South Africa’s leading authority on Mind Power and a
highly sought after International speaker. He has spoken in Asia, Europe,
Africa and in the Middle East. His ultimate desire
is to empower people to take charge of their
lives and create a brighter future for them-
selves, their community and their country. He
is a prolific speaker and presenter and has an                                                                                                       a motivational workshop for the
                                                                               These are a few of the clients that have
amazing ability to combine solid content with
                                                                               benefited from Victim to Victor:
                                                                                                                                                    south african workplace
a humorous and dynamic presentation. People
from all walks of life, from shelf packers to
                                                                               • Airports Company South Africa   • MTN
CEO’s, have been transformed and inspired by
                                                                               • Afrox                           • Old Mutual
Robin’s presentations.
                                                                               • BOE                             • Pick n’ Pay
Warren Conradie is a phenomenal people’s person and tremendous team            • Coca Cola                       • SABC
builder. He started his career in the field of outdoor and experiential         • Eskom                           • Sanlam
learning as a participant on an outdoor youth leadership training pro-         • First National Bank             • SA Post Office
gramme more than 19 years ago. Since then he has moved from /instruc-          • Freight Dynamics                • SARS
tor to Director and finally to owner of a Training and Development Con-         • Gillette                        • SPAR
sultancy. His skills are vast and varied, ranging from conflict mediation       • Hewlett Packard                 • Standard Bank
to advanced emergency medical care. Human                                      • I&J                             • Sun International
development is a key priority for Warren and his                               • Investec                        • University of the Western Cape
expertise ranges from youth development to                                     • Liberty Life                    • Woolworths
corporate teambuilding. Warren’s strength lies                                 • Makro
in being able to connect with individuals from                                 • Metropolitan Life
all backgrounds and aspects of society on a real                               • Multichoice
level. This allows people to see his genuine inter-
est in them and gives them some insight into the
gold he sees in each of them.

Mzwethemba Dlutu, better known as “Shakes”, is a motivational speaker,         For further information about this course,
youth group facilitator and life line counselor. His personal mission state-   please visit our website or contact us:
ment is to “constantly add value to people’s lives, by empowering
them to believe in themselves”. Shakes is a natural and gifted speaker         tel          +27 21 434 6036
whose positive attitude and passion for life                                   email
is contagious. His energetic and humorous                                      web
approach makes him a consistent favourite on
the speaking circuit. During his seminars and
workshops he continues to dazzle his audiences                                                                                                           victors believe in themselves …
not with complicated theories, but with real life
                                                                                                                                                         they are powerful change
examples. Shakes leaves his audiences feeling
highly motivated and inspired.
                                                                                                             robinbanks                                  catalysts in any workplace
transform your company
                                                                      I’m now able to reflect, plan                            workshop benefits
                                                                      and act on problem situations
                                                                      workshop delegate                                       •   Participants will be given tools for self-empowerment
                                                                                                                                  and taking personal responsibility
                                                                                                                              •   Employees will be challenged in their current
                                                               workshop focus                                                     mindset.
                                                                                                                              •   Employees will experience the positive power of
                                                               South Africa in the World – When comparing the                     individual and collective mindsets
                                                               South African mindset with the American mindset it             •   Employees will develop action plans that will become
                                                               is clear that we have a negative mindset which affects             part of their daily working lives
                                                               our global competitiveness. The media, politics, our
                                                               upbringing, our past and social structures play a large
                                                               part in creating this mindset; however we are unaware of
                                                               the part we as individuals play, by constantly focussing              Victim to Victor was very
human development                                              on the negativity in our personal and professional lives.             impactful and made a real
                                                               By becoming aware of our individual mindsets is the first
                                                                                                                                     difference to Pick ‘n Pay”
Human development can in certain aspects be compared           step towards change.
                                                                                                                                     Steve Macdonald,
with an iceberg. The behaviour we see reflects the tip of
                                                                                                                                     Regional Director, Pick ‘n Pay
the iceberg. The tip is the smallest part of the iceberg       The Victim mindset – The Victim mindset can simply
and the biggest mass is under the surface that guides          be described as Accusation, Blame and Complaint.
the direction of the small part we see above the water.        Emotions that arise include lack of control, anger,
     Often training and development interventions are not      frustration, blaming others and not taking responsibility.
effective, as they simply address the tip of the iceberg       “Victims” have an external locus of control,
while leaving the more fundamental mindset untouched.          unconsciously disempowering themselves and spending
We believe that if a person is not made aware of what          most of their time complaining.
lies beneath the surface, no amount of skills training can
be effective.                                                  The Victor mindset –The Victor mindset by contrast fo-
     Victim to Victor was designed specifically for the         cuses on Attitudes, Beliefs and choices. Typical emotions
South African workplace and it empowers individuals to         include feeling in control, personal responsibility, feeling
take control of their lives and take personal responsibility   motivated, having commitment and positive attitude.
for their actions. The workshop has a powerful catalysing      “Victors” believe in themselves and are powerful change
process and addresses the negative and resistant               agents in the workplace. They have an internal locus of
mindset present in many South African organisations.           control and embrace change.

for more information on victim to victor visit or call 021-4346036

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