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					As the trend of purchasing goods and using online services is growing, fraud and
security concerns associated with them are also found in one place. Technological
progress has given great impetus to electronic commerce and other concepts that
revolve around computers, and most importantly, the Internet. The concept of online
shopping is no stranger to anyone in the world. Millions of people go to these
shopping Web sites to shop at a practical matter. I do not understand, however, is the
fact that they are compromising their safety by not meeting standards for safe online
shopping. With so many issues of online fraud coming to light every day, it's amazing
that people continue their shopping spree online, without paying any attention to their
own safety. Read more about online shopping trends.
 Tips for safe online shopping
 The online shopping fraud is a broad concept that includes a series of activities from
hidden fees and phishing scams to credit card and identity theft. Here are some simple
precautions, but effective, you should take when you opt for online shopping.
 Conduct their transactions from a safe PC: You should make sure the PC you are
using to make purchases online and related transactions is up to date with security
measures such as antivirus and firewall software. Being one of the most important
point about safe online shopping is concerned, this will help in keeping malware from
their transactions.
 Being well versed in web site use: You must ensure that the website you are buying
goods or services building is authentic. Never go through the search engine results
that offer random sites you've never heard of before. We must understand that - most
popular web site, the less likely you're stuck in some kind of web of deceit.
 Never give your personal information: You will need to provide some information
while shopping online, but it is necessary to ensure that this is only general
information, such as your name or contact number. Never give out sensitive
information such as social security numbers, web sites online shopping. More
importantly, never fill in any type of information in the pop-up, but trust the web site.
Maintain privacy while online shopping is a necessity, as to present confidential
information may make you vulnerable to problems like identity theft.
 Go through the privacy policy of the company: A web of trust is required to have
their privacy policy, covering all points on the web page they are legally obliged to
keep personal data confidential, and delivering this information to the third party
would breach of contract, with possible legal consequences. If any site has no privacy
policy in place, it is best to stay away from it.
 Pay by credit card is wiser: always use a credit card payment options. Although
many of us prefer to use debit cards for online purchases, not have all the security
features that credit cards. More importantly, if your debit card number is stolen, it will
give hackers full access to your account, and result in more difficult situations for
 Before ordering the product: It is necessary to ensure that transactions are protected,
and the company's maritime policy is in place. Cross check the actual product price
and shipping with other companies, can help you get the best deal. Make sure there
are no hidden costs in shipping. You have to take into account the actual price of the
item, and the cost of shipping, handling fees and sales tax.
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