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					                           Creating Approval Records

1. An upload is converted to a Project

Default information populates the Create Project screen

2. Create the Project
The default Approval Team Members are assigned to the Project. Preferences are set in
the Approval Preferences

Additional members may be assigned.
Change assigned members in the Project Details tab

3. Select Item View
4. Select Item Time Line
5. Assign Work Flow and Approval Type

To verify Approval Team Members select the Approvals tab
              Roles are assigned by preferences.
              Use the pull down to change if necessary
              Select the Manage Team option to edit the Approval Team Members

Select a User to                                                                Select a User to
Add to the                                                                      remove from the
Team                                                                            Team

                                                 Use the pull down to
                                                 assign another
                                                 Employee or
                                                 Department to the
Working with Approvals

An Approval status can be changed in 2 places

Approvals Tab

1. Select the Add Approval option.
2. Set the Status and enter a note. The note is optional

Item Time Line

1. Select Done to the last QC task.
        When it is the last QC task the Approval Status screen will appear
If the item is Approved the option to create a Customer Approval round will appear

In the Approvals tab this submit now has 2 Approval Rounds
The Approval Records are viewed from the Select Approval screen

                                                                                          Use these
                                                                                          search options
                                                                                          to find the

                                                                               Select the Notes
                                                                               option to view the
                                                                               Approval History

Customer Approvals

The Customer enters the Approval Screen through Digital Xpress™ or directly through
the web pages.
The Item should have file(s) posted to the Virtual Workspace and must have a Customer
Approval Record
              - Brings up the Approval Status screen

By default the Customer will view only Pending Approvals

Use the pull down options to view upcoming Approvals by switching the Customer
Approval to Internal
View past Approval/Rejections by using the Status pull down.
Notice that the Status has changed to Changes Requested
Use the Notes option to view the Customers notes and again, the written history of the
Approval Process

At this point another submit could be created and another Approval Round assigned.
The Approval process starts again.

Email Notification.

Action                                      Recipient

Upload Files                                  Sender
                                              Notification email set in Customer
Convert the Upload to a Project               Sender
Add a submit                                  CSR
Employee enters an Approval Status            All members of the Approval Team
Customer enters an Approval Status            All members of the Approval Team

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