Scuba diving wetsuit maintenance - Tips and techniques on how to care for your scuba wetsuit by hkksew3563rd


									Scuba diving wetsuit maintenance – Tips and techniques on how to care for
your scuba wetsuit

Diving wetsuit manufacturer care is essential if you want to prolong the life of your
wetsuit. A well cared wetsuit will last you for many seasons. The most important
factors are rinsing the suit after every dive and storage. Both these factors will
determine on how long your diving wetsuit will last.

After each and every dive, it is important that you rinse your wetsuit in freshwater. I
usually place the diving wetsuits in a bath and also add an antiseptic liquid to remove
any salt and other organic residue. Using a wetsuit shampoo should also help.

After rinsing, turn the suit inside out to dry. It is best if you avoid drying out your
diving wetsuit under direct sunlight. Exposing the suit for long periods under the heat
of the sun, may deteriorate the neoprene.

When storing your diving wetsuit manufacturer, it is best to place it on a wide hangar.
Try to store in as cool, dry environment, again preventing exposure to direct sunlight.
One thing to keep in mind is to avoid folding the wetsuit suit tightly or leaving it
folded for extensive periods. Doing so will permanently damage the suit. What
happens is that the cells in the neoprene to collapse at the creases therefore reducing
their ability to insulate.

For additional diving wetsuit care, once your suit has dried out, I recommend that you
lubricate any fasteners and zippers with a silicone spray or some other non petroleum
lubricant. This will reduce the likelihood of your zipper getting jammed due to a build
up of salt crystals. Any minor suit repairs can be easily made by yourself. It is wise to
invest in a neoprene adhesive and some seaming tape.

By taking this extra little diving wetsuit supplier care and attention, you can be
assured that you will extend the life of your wetsuit and should last you for many
scuba and snorkeling adventures.

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