Scout Patches A Symbol of Memories That Last A Lifetime by hkksew3563rd


									Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and their younger counterparts Brownies and Cub Scouts,
are part of noble organizations, with traditions dedicated to the physical, mental and
spiritual development of young people. One of the ways they commemorate
accomplishment and milestones is through the use of scout patches.
  Scout patches or merit badges signify the young people who have earned them have
achieved goals and objectives to meet the requirements to wear them. Scout patches
are a visible statement an individual has accomplished something worthy of public
  Scout patches have a long, distinguished history dating back to the founding of
Scouting. Girl Scouts could earn more than 25 such patches by 1920. Today 鈥檚
Boy Scouts can earn merit badges in more than 100 categories. Adult Scout leaders
too can earn Scout patches for meeting training requirements.
  Scouting organizations award merit badges after a Scout completes the requirements
for the Scout patches, which will vary depending on the individual patch requirements.
The Scouts study areas that interest them to earn the Scout patches and work at their
own pace.
  Many Scouts, both past and present, choose to collect Scout patches. For many
adults, it 鈥檚 a way to relive their own Scouting adventures, recalling the excitement
of earning Scout patches when they were young. For Boy Scout memorabilia
collectors, one favorite aspect is collecting 鈥淥 rder of the Arrow 鈥?Scout patches,
issued by the Boy Scouts of America honor society.
  Collectible Scout patches can be a business or potentially lucrative hobby. One
website has claimed collecting Scout patches is a multi-million dollar industry, with
classic Scout patches selling on eBay and other auction sites. One particularly rare
Order of the Arrow Scout patch reportedly sold in 2009 for $30,000.
  The most common way to attach Scout patches to uniforms is to sew them on. Many
suppliers offer iron-on backing as well. Iron-on backing alone is not generally
considered a durable way to apply Scout patches. However, the iron-on backing can
be helpful in holding the patches in place as they are sewn on.
  When it comes to creating Scout patches, good patch providers will use
computer-controlled, state of the art embroidery machines to produce top quality
patches. This guarantees the Scout patches will be produced with clear, vivid detail
and will grab the attention of others.
  Today 鈥檚 embroidered patch companies can design and create much more than
just Scout patches, of course. The same providers also can create designs for
firefighters, military units, bands, businesses and just about any other organization.
The professionals who wear these patches on a daily basis expect nothing less than
top quality patches as well. Like Scout patches, these patches too must be
embroidered so well that the recipients will be proud to wear them every day on their
  Both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have many hallowed traditions, of which Scout
patches are among the most revered. These traditions are likely to last for many years
to come, rewarding Scouts and their leaders for the foreseeable future.

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