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Savoring The Gift Of Being Single by hkksew3563rd


									Being single doesn't mean living a life in despair. It may be true that having a partner
in life can add up felicity and contentment, but this happens only if you find the right
person that perfectly suits you. In understanding singles better, it may be helpful to
consider these great advantages:
  Able to control time
  When you're single, you can plan and make decisions without talking it over with a
mate. You can have better time playing your favorite sport, watching movie, and
doing your other hobbies with your pals since you are able to set your schedule. Also,
you always have extra time to pamper yourself through relaxation and hanging out
with your family.
  More freedom
  Being single allows you to embrace more your freedom and independence. Also, you
can have a much better social life and healthy camaraderie. You can simply go
wherever you want and meet new people with no worries at all. Being unattached
gives you the complete freedom, you can grab the opportunity to improve yourself
and have lot of fun by spending time with the people you want to be with.
  Able to live and work according to choice
  Singles can do whatever they want without consulting their partners or spouses as
married people do. When career opportunity comes, singles can adjust quickly and
easily and can focus better because they are more mobile than married people. The
absence of intimate relationship makes single people to devote more to their works.
  Decreases stress. This is also considered as one of the advantages of being single
because you can avoid negative relationship which only creates all types of problems
that will eventually leads to a more stressful lifestyle. For some people in a
relationship, being single means that you do not have to worry about dealing with
intense and emotional roller coaster ride just like most couples do. You can easily kiss
your woes goodbye and approach a much fulfilling life without going through a
heart-wrenching breakup.
  Singleness does not mean living a dull and gloomy life. It has its own brilliant and
positive side, you'll just need to learn how to spot and savor it. Don't hurry. Always
learn to live your life to the fullest. Being single makes you appreciate more the
absence of compromise and help you enjoy your liberty.
  Mike D Riley is an experience an editor, writer, and a webmaster of various sites. He
has been writing for the web for 5 years and his posts about building relationship are
already broadly published and reprinted.
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